Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, August 30, 1900, Image 1

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K LA M A i’ll
’ rl
Buraia won the $16.000
•takes at Rtradvllla, Maaa.
t'arlleulars of the Aasault on th« Samar
Manila, August 28. —It ha« been ex-
I'h«« Russian «xpedlllon Vi China
that some of the 275 garrison«
Epitome of th : Telegraphic oonateta of »76,000 tr<a>p«.
Tornado Burst Over Town tin» United
State« maintain iu these Li Hung Chang’s Peace Offer
News ol th# World.
Wlacoiialn Itemocrata and Populiata
of Sheboygan.
islands would s<xm«r or later be sur­
Not Accepted.
I use. I on presidential eh« tore.
rounded l>y the enemy aud attack««!
Eight thousand Boers, with artillery,
with such determination aud advan­
are aaaombh-d at Machadodorp.
SWEPT AWAY ALL IN ITS PATH tage in point ot uumlmrs aud ground NO
that the American soldiers would i>e
• aides are reicive-l auuoonoing the
poweileae to resist the onslaught. This
«afety of missionaries at I'ekili.
lias liappeimd at Catubig, ou the Island
Waa l-rarada.l liy An Intense Ural Thai
• arl Smith, the well-known Ameri-
of Hamar, ami the detachment of the
N«* On» Warn Kills*«! Hrriua At*
. nan sculptor, died at Copenhagen.
Forty-third volunteer infantry, the
moat m Mirarle.
trixqa in question, lost 20 of its 30
I wo |H-raoiia were killed and many
men. No one is surprised at thia re­
wounded by a mob at Akron, Ohio.
Conni von Waldnraee starteli for
Milwaukee, Wis., August 32.—A sult, considering the cricumitauces;
Washington, August 23.—The cabinet
special from Hhebuygan, Wis., says:
■ but surprint« is manifested that a aimi- session today practically op-ned the
A t< rrllic wind storm struck the city lar fate lias not overtaken other small consideration of tlie momentous ques­
Rouinacla aud Bulgaria are on th«
I lie I ntt«-d tat«« reply, rejecting this afternoon. The storm came very garrisons in isolated towns. The off!- tions grow ing out of the capture of
verge of war.
the < hlUtno offer, was Belli to Li ilullg suddenly from the north, Kight laig*- < ml report of the • atubig incident in an l'ekiu ami tlie war in China.
The emperor aud empreua dowager < 'hang.
buildings were completely wrecked and i follows:
hare lell I’ukill.
"In the <'atubig engagement, in has I »ecu the ►afety of Minister Conger
Ia>ula «>. Bohinrlch waa nominated 200 small houses were blown flown.
Ho’talor Stewart, ol Nevada, will for governor of Wimxmalu by the Dem­ The |is<s will ls> more than $300,000.
which the insurgents uuiiilierwl al«>ut and the iegationers in I’ekin.
rapport McKinley.
At noon it was dark as night ami in­ '¡00 men with 200 rifles and one can­ however, that has given place to prob­
tensely hot. A few momenta la-fore I non. our men gave an heroic acoount lems of a moi« intricate and far-reach­
A tornado did great damage In
The population ol Philadelphia, ac­ o'clock the storm broke, increasing in of themselves by killing more than 200.
ing character, touching tlie existence
ersi Wisconsin towns
cording to tlie I lilted State« census, is force until a tornado was blowing
Our loss was 19 killed and five of the Chinese empire and the part
Ks-Seiiah>r John J. Ingalls loft au 1,293.697.
Persons were thiown down and fence, wounded. The detachment was at the which the American government is to
estate »slued et $260,000.
Three ¡a-rsoiis weie burned to death ami signs hurled hundreds of feet. Tile time quartered in the convent. At 5 j take iu the reconstruction of that <xiuu
Jspsncse are Imglnning to diatruat at Denver from «’(Torta lo kindle a tir«* storm raged for some minutes ami A. M . April 15, almoat simultaueoun- try.
the Continental European«.
w Itli coal oil.
passel off to the south. The storm Iv fir« waa opened upon it from the ; The meeting today was devoted en­
in the western part of the city, hilla ou both aides, as well aa from tirely to the Chinese situation. Secre­
Chicago'« population as shown by
An anarchist incuti n# hw'd In Bi rilli
the United Stab's census, is 1,698,675. was di»|M-rsc<l by thè ¡Milieu, wbu ar* near the cemetery, ami swept.down on every available part of the town. It taries Hay and Root, who have been
to the south side ami off into the lake. coutiuued all day and night, aud was most active in directing affairs, were
More rvlrela are rr|«irlod to have sur- VeBtwl the speakers.
It was two miles wide ami wrecked vigorously resumed at 5 o’clock the absent from tiie city, so that the attend­
render»! iu the l ulled I,tales ol Co­
Captain II. J. Reilly, of the Fifth everything iu its jmth. All was over following morning. At 8 A. M. the ance was comparatively small, the pres­
United slates artillery, was killed in in 10 minutes, although It seemed hours cannon I>eguu tiring nails, pieces of ident having with him Secretaries
A drunken Kansas ilia Uir klllml three tile assault on I'ukill.
to the panic-stricken ja-ople.
chain and iron «craps. This sort ol Gage, Hitchcock and Wilson snd Eost-
persons, an i was shot dead by a shor-
The naif of the largo warehouse of attack continued until the third day, master-'General Smith. Several ques­
United - tales Consul Fee, at Bom­
ill’s sou.
bay, India, repmta to the state depart­ the Crocker Company was blown off when a large numle-r of the insurgents tions were awaiting attention.
and thrown against the large factory. got into the adjoining church. With !
RCarl Ll'a Offer ICrJert«*<i.
William 'I. Johnson, ot New Jersey, ment that cholera la raging there.
socceels I't-rry Heath as assistant
United Stales Marshal llasey, of The building was wrecked and a large . 10 volunteers Sergeant G«x>rge charge-1 I First of these was the application ot
stock of chairs was left without protec­ on the church, killing a large number Li Hung Chang for the appointment of
prstuiaster gr-ueral.
Ketchikan, Alaska, «hbt and killed
tion from the ruin, which lell in tor­ of men. but he could not h<dd it. From Minister Conger or some other commis­
lami Rola-rts Is.und a proclamatine Dan Robinson, a cannery bow, while rents.
the w indows of the same the insur­ sioner to negotiate for the cessation of
prescribing set ere |w-ualtloa lor Boere the latter Was resisting arrest.
The street car barns were wrecked,' gents threw- a quantity of hemp satu­ hoBtilities. The decision arrived at
who violate their oaths.
I The test makers of New York city and street cars were aniashe-l to pieces. rated with kerosene aganist the side was to reject the appeal, and a reply
Estimates of the shortage In the hate won their strike (or the union The electric wires w ere all blow II of tlie «xinvent, and thus set it on fire. of this character will be sent to Min­
I'sclAc coast salmon pack vary Irotween scale of wages and the ID-hour Work­ flown. The r>sd of the malthouse of As this building ««sin became unten­ ister Wu, to be forwarded to Li Hung
ing day. 'Die strike affected 2,066 the Keueid-Schriver Brewing Ixnnpany able. the detachment attempted to es- i Chang. The mewing cause for this
400,900 ami 1,000,000 cases.
men, women and girls.
was lifted from the building, carried cape to the river aud cross it; and here action is that this government is at
A pueortbe employe killed a Kansas
Fira in tlie immense elevator of the over 160 yards ami thrown into the occurred it« tirst considerable lotses. preaent very much in the dark as to
City woman and wounded her husband
American (’«-real < 'oiiquiny at Akron. street. It was carried over the huge All ol the men of the detachment, ex- ; whether there is any existing govern­
si a result of a quarrel over rent.
The cept Sergeant Hall, Corporal Carsou ment in China. With the capital in
Ohio, damagc-l the plant $75,000. A ventilators of the brewery.
Ihe Chinese government asks that
hundred and fifty thousand bushels ol American Folding Bod Company's plant and 15 private« attempted to get into tlie hands of the allies, the emperor
Conger «r crune other American ire ap­
was demolished and the shells in th> a boat, and in so doing they wen- ■nd empress dowager fugitives in hid­
* grain were ruined.
pointed t<> o|>en |a-ace negotiations.
'imball A Sons brickyard were blown killed. Sergeant Hall and hi« men ing, aud the entire governmental fabric
King Oscar, of Swralen, has formally down and the debris scattered in evert N-gan intrenching themselves near the paralyzed, there is no evidence of an
The Wlllainetle valley bop crop Is
agreed to act as arbitrator of the claims
river, and there that little band held authority adequate to conduct negotia­
practically out of danger.
The yield
lor compensation for losses sustained
The storm struck the South Side Lu­ out (under Corporal Carson), two days tions and secure results which will be
will la> heavy ami prices, re advancing
j by British ami German subjects ami theran church, ami the steeple was longer, iu the face of moat adverse cir­ final and binding.
Tim state liosr-l ot agriculture orders American cttiseu* in sam«M.
It was stated by members of the cab­
blown >lown on to two residences, cumstances, until rescued. Sergeant I
the erection of 150 additional stalls for
During the last lew weeks duels smashing in the roofs. The Fourth Hall aud two others were killed, and inet that the Chinese establishment,
livestock exhibit al the state lair al
have caused a perfwt slaughter in Italy. ward sclnsd bouse, a beautiful build­ two were wounded during that period. instead of Iteing a government, ap-
halsm, Or.
As many as foul duelist« were killed ing. was completely wrecked, one side
irears to be au enormous headless affair,
The reportml of the plague in Manila in une day. During the last year 2,400 anti the front being blown iu, causing
without knowledge of what is for its
lor the two weeks curling July 17. aa duela have br-«n (ought in Italy, and the roof to (all ami crushing the tloors
Irest good, and without power to en­
Af.In W. are on rrlrn.lly Term. With
just n-|sirie.| to the uterine hoepltal 4so deaths have resulted. Most ol down Into the cellar. The plant of
force its wishes. With the leegnized
Our Late Katrmy.
servire, is seven new cases ami five these coni Hats were l«-twe«i> army th < Ija-ti-nla-rg <fc Sonneman Company
ruler in flight, no one seems to know if
death». Ol th« new casna lour were officers am! t-asr-d oil the most trivial was partially wrecked. Several freight
Storer, at Madrid, informs the state anybody is directing its affairs.
Filipinos and Un«»» Chinese.
cars standing ou the Northwestern rail­ department that a treaty of amity, China is an absolute monarchy, with­
out any executive branch, the emperor
Th« Kansas Citv firemen, in a riant
Tim foreign envoy« are on their way road tracks were biowu over on tiieir commerce aud navigation and general and empress dowager are all-powerful,
rreal- I al lite Paris exposition for |>cld l<> Tien Tiin.
intercourse has been signed, provision­
and practically they are the empire of
That no one was killed seems almost
firemeu, Won the world's champion­
I Tlie flag« of tho bill«*« float from th« a miracle. The wiud wrecked build­ ally, bv the minister of state and him­ China. Under the present remarkable
ship cup. The officers receive«! gold
self. This practically marks the last
ing after building, with the greatest step in the complete restoration of re­ conditions, the United States will act
inr-dals, and silver merlala «ml ilia Pekin linporial |«lace.
money prize, 600 francs, waa divided
Two men went insane iu Dea Moines, rapidity, and there was little warning lations la-tween Spain aud the United with extreme caution in whatever
steps it may take toward a solution of
of the approach of the storm, The |>eo- Statea
among the officers ami men. Th« min­ la., on account of heal.
the pending problems
ister of war. Cenerai Andre, prvaeute-l
Five men were amotbere«) in a coal
In the meantime there is reason to
homes before the storm broke, ami those relations la-tween the two natipns. '
tlie prlsee to Captain Hale,
Portugal mine at l«*ai|iiah. Wash.
who were struck by tlying debris were Prior to the severance of all cominpni- , believe that the United States and all
won the volunteer rhauipionahip.
Fitiimmons re fused to tak«< $106,000 only slightly injured. In the factories
cation upon the declaration of war the other powers interested will keep
American troops sham I in the ae- to lose his tight to sharkay.
with Spain, the two governments were their armed forces on the ground, so
Mult on Pekin.
Forest fir«« caused $10,000,000 dam­ bruited ami ent from wreckage.
under terms of a treaty ne­ that order may be maintained aud at
lira in Wellington, Ohio, causerie
The 6-vear-o|d son of Mrs. Thomas gotiated in the last century, it was least a semblance of stable government
age in Colorado ami Wyoming.
loss of $60,966.
Atkina lied a remarkable esca|>e The very cumbersome, and in some respects brought out oi the existing chaos.
Seven persona were killed in a freight
Frenchmen arcus«« England ol dupli­
house wan torn into shreds and scat­ wholly inapplicable to existing condi­
Fr.l«ht Train Cnlllslon.
train culhsiou at Keuacio, N. Y.
city at Shanghai.
tered almut iu the roadway. What tions, one provision, Jor iustance, relat­
York. August 23—In a freight
The new treaty with Spain lias ln<en wan left of the house was only alaiut ing to trade between the United States
I nirrigatcrl rropa in Idaho are Buf­
train collision at Keusico, N. Y., to­
signc<l by Minister Storer at Madrid.
fering (tom drouth.
tluee or four titnl>era where the build­ hui I Florida as a colony of S|>aiu. Sev­ night. seven persons were killed and
The l’nite-1 states government has ing stood. The child waa buried in the eral efforts were made to remedy the others are missing. Kensieo is on the
Another attempt waa made to aaaas-
rejected Lt lluiig l hang’a |>eece terms. ruins, and when found waa standing in defects, but only one was partially suc­ Harlem division of the New York Cen­
•inate the shah of Persia.
the corner, with timla-r piled in front cessful, the adoption of the Cushing tral railroad, alsmt 16 miles from New-
Ih-niiH r.itie pii|«-r« demand the with­
Tim Typographical Unirm has tefusrd
of him ill such a manner aa to shield protocol. Th<- last attempt was made York. At 8:30 tonight, while a freight
drawal of Anu-rtcaii tn«q-s from China.
to enter the political fluid.
him, and he escaped with only bruises. when Mr. Olney was secretary of state, train was standing at the depot, a sec­
Two persons
killed «««
in rati
an nvva*
acci- I Six men lost tiieir lives by tho cav­
Four box cars in the Chicago A but the strained relations growing out ond freight dashed into the rear end of
— were
•• ’•-**• ~«««™«
ing iu of a well at Guthrie, Oklahoma. Northwestern yard wen- carried off the of the Cuban affairs caused the effort it. The engine of the second train
«lem at the paria exposition.
ChiiMM« viceroys ask that no indigni­ track and stoml straight ou end. Some to f.iil.
Ths population of Greater New York
sii>ash«><l the calaiose of the first train
It is understood that Minister Storer and then turned over. Reports from
!• shown by th« cenai» to be 8,487,202. ties lie shown the emperor aud em­ of the bricks from the Crocker Com-
pany’a warehouse were thrown with negotiated with Dupuy de Lome, ex- the acene of tilt* accident say that the
lour deaths and 15 prostrations as a press.
such force against the adjoining build- Spanish minister to the United States, engineer and fireman of the second
Intense heat killed four persons in
Nsult of another hot wave iu Chicago. I
iuga that they passed through the aides ami now uuder M-cretarv of state, who, train are dead under the wreck, and
’>‘«'1 milla at Wilmingtou, Dela­ St.Lonis, where tho thermometer regis­ of the buildings auil yet no one waa in­ of course, is thoroughly conversant two others of the train crew are burie-l
ware, Shut down, affecting 1,600 mon. tered 1)9 degree«.
jured. Other jKirtions of the building with all the conditions of trade likely in the debris. So far as can be learned
The transport Sherman left San Fran­ of the Crocker Company were torn to to arise.
The Shanghai muddle ia beginning to
the accident waa caused by the engineer
Although the general provisions are «if th«« second train running past a
••s.un« a aerimi« aspect, international cisco for Nagasaki with 1,600 othcors pieces. There is scarcely a whide pane
of glass left in the tornado district.
not known iu detail at this stHge, it is block signal that had been .et against
troops being landed.
Telephone, electric light and trolley understood that the instrument pro­ him.
Queen Wilhelmina, of Holland, b
1‘uget sound salmon pack lor this
ol wires and poles are torn down, and a vides the usual facilities for intercom­
"'•«ui a shout 1911,000 caaes, compared engaged <" Prince Frederick Adolf,
Minnraota Butcher ('aught.
street car has not run in the city since munication, and pmliablv contains pro­
W|!h «.8,000 for 1899.
st. Paul, August 23.—An Arlnig-
the storm struck. Sidewalks and trees visions which carry out those relations
St. Paul’s population, according to were carried away like chaff.
*'Mllp Koenigberger, a New York
growing out of the territorial condi­ ton, Minn., special to the Dispatch
says: Wallert, who yesterday butch-
deah-r. cut hia throat in a bar- tho United States census, is 163,632;
The principal sufferer is the Crocker tions resulting from the war.
that of Minneapolis, 202,718.
ered his wife and four step-children
w «hop in san Francisco.
Chair Company, whose loss is $250,-
A Nurse Browned.
and seriously wounded another 16-year-
t>li.'nLb y"7"r" WM" ‘•<>nvt«*t«Ml Ofcom- I
Several lives were lost and touch 000.
New York, August 23.—The body of oid step-son, was captured thia morn­
Three llwthera Drowned.
sent " i 1,1 ,*1"
murder aud pioimrty destroyed by terrific electrical
Mias Bertha M. Hunt, the nurse who ing iu a barn ou the place of hia sister,
»«'«Ml to life iiiiprisoiinleiit.
i wind and ruin storms in Marylaud.
Cape May, N. J., August 22. — Ellen so strangely disappeared from the city Mrs. Steinlairn, aiatut two miles from
Colonel Marchand, of French Fashcoa Young. Salina Newliouser and Albert hospital ou Blackwell’s Island, where the scene of the crime. He was hid­
fame, has been appointed to tlie general J. Schwab, all of Philadelphia, were she was enipolyed, on Thursday night, den uuder a manger. Wallert made a
'«"■l-r in-chmf of the British army,
staff ol tho China expeditionary force. drowned In the surf at C h | mi May point was found yesterday. .Miss Huntcauie somewhat incoherent confession, but
today. They were bathing mid got be­ from Chatham, N. Y. She lived with became more confused under question*
a lrr*r '''(JJ1'11* C*°*e*’
°lo«ing of
Ono fireman dead, (cor injured aud yond their depth. Schwab made a other nurses in the training school. ing. When Wallert, in custody of offi­
h ÍT ooo 1
Me., throw. $30,600 worth of property destroyed is noble effort to save his companions, On Thursday one of the patients, uuder
hmidi out of vtiiploymenfc.
I the work of a firebug iti two Urea nt holding their unconscious laidies above her eate diml of epilepsy. This made cers, passed through where the bodies
of the murdered family lay, a hastily
Peoria, III.
the water lot some time. Just as a a stroug impression ou the nurse's organise,I crowd attempted to lynch
•mount * " "r
Operations have boon resumed nt nil boat, which went to their rescue, mind, and when she returned to her him, but he was taken away iu safety
■ “Pproximately, to $7,600,000. the factories of tho National Glass reached his side, he loosened his grasp loom she was in quite a nervous state. by the officers.
The resump­ ou the women and sank out of sight. She told her roommate that she would
»° h*»’ I Company nt I’ittsluiig.
Woman Killed by a Burglar,
The women were taken ashore and, go down to th« river to get a pitcher­
'■ro-idsnt m '. l
“""•«"inetw tion gives employment to 4,000 men.
l’ittefleld, Mass., August 23.— Min
although the usual methods for resusci­ ful of salt water, with which to bathe
•* N«w Yiirk 11
Mre UUl'er ■rrM*
Sol BliHitu, a music publisher of Chi­ tating drowniug pimple were resorted her head. She was not agaiu seen May Fosburg. the 24 year-old daughter
cago, has brought suit for $25,000 to, they could not be brought back to alive.
of R. L. Foslmrg, a contractor of Buf­
falo, N. Y., was shot and killed early
And""’** wh° damages against the Union restaurant life.
Chicago Plumbers* Strike,
'"»Muel,, ...
" th." Pr«»*'l«noy ol and hotel for refusing to «e»vo him
Chicago, August 28.—The Journey­ thia morning by a burglar.
Cattleman AssMSsiiiMted,
brother, E. F. Fosburg, was badly
c'«ro th.
by Cipriano while ho was dad in a shirt waist aud
A ' h Proeent incumbent, 1« dead. minus a «'oat. The manager of th«» res-
Wichita, Kan, August 22— Mr.
general strike to take effect nt once. beaten by one of the men, whom he
^yotnliw'V "'T l‘"Mr Rno«n>P'«"nt, taurant when questioned regarding Huff, cattleman aud farmer, was shot The action was taken at a protracted tried to capture. There were three of
*“ h’" homo in Custer county,
"l«ht by l’Ohnrt, "T °V"r * *”rr“°rr the rufuaal, said that patrons wearing'
meeting, when it was determined to the burglars and all escaped. Mr.
IhrsatenJ „
•xtnu‘ «“'I now ahirt waists would only bo served at Oklahoma, Fiiday night by someone, put an end to the dilatory methods now I Foyburg is living in this city while en­
tables adjoining tho main dining niom. I I“
1”' lired through an >"
“>■' -1...I«»
gaged on some work for an electrical
'htep «nil
l"wu"- Two thousand
The hold there is said to be the cause taring used and begin an aggressive company.
"I““ ‘•VB pwiebed in tho No person would bo pormittixl to enten I of the crime and more trouble is feared. tight on the contractors.
tho dining room unless wearing a coat.
Welcome Rains Ln I nd In.
Trninnirit Killed In m Wreck.
Loudon, August 22.—The vicoioy ot
foot« u/’i?00 l(o,,II'anian Jews are cn
Mrs. Samuel Swartwood. wife of i,
H«r«esnt ■■lluek** Taylor.
Tazewell, Va., August 23. — A wreck India, laird Curzon of Keddleston,
The "'«Jority are railroad engineer living in Wilkesharie,
Washington, August 22.—.Sergeant at Maxwell, six niilea from here on
telegraphs that the heavy general rain­
I Pa., has just given birth to bur 26th "Buck” Taylor, 42. years old, known the Clinch Valley division of the Nor­
''"Ruga'"111 '*,lRl,,l<'y and the king of baby, 20 of whom are living.
ns "King of the Cowlsiys,” a dashing folk Ar Western, orcurred yesterday, re­ fall has continued in most of the af­
fected tracts. The crops promise well
Lewis Wilkins, a farmer near SI. cavalryman, and one of the best-known sulting iu tlie dentil of two traiumeu in the central provinces and Berar.
'"’"•«os ove. .J*"“'"’ «»igratulatory
Paul, thinks he's tho tallest man oq of the Rough Riders, died at Provi­ and the wounding of seven others. A Sowing is active elsewhere, and the
r th‘’ 'row direct «able.
In th ''o, W1’1" washed out the lint earth. Ho was six foot when 10 years dence hospital today of consumption, light engine was running west at 40 necessity tor free kitchens will shortly
the result of illnesa contracted during niilea an hour when it metiu-acuta
old, nnd is now 8 feet 11 *v inches.
disappear. l’rieea, however, are still
F-" •»«•»•
the Cuban campaign. Taylor’s correct freight drawn by two euginea going 30
Kt Uustef City 8. D.
very high everywhere. Cholera is pre­
name is said to have been Berry F. niilea an hour. The crash waa terrific.
valent throughout Hyderabad and in
A«'-bow th<T?,‘,"'‘ l,y
'‘»“WM that American railroads are over cap!-
1^'000 mil«. .
,!O,*'I*“tos control ' tallied, and says every husineaa iu the
Pittsburg will apeud $7.000,000 on Bombay, There are 6,688,000 people
| United States is healthier than ever
I receiving relief.
I before.
Americans Alta text the Imperial
are in Pekin.
London, August 24.— "Today 1,500
Americans attacked the im|«rial pal­
ace," says a dispatch to the Morning
Poet from Pekin, dated August 15,
“an-1 captured four ot the courts. The
Americans (lag is flying over the im­
perial granary aud the imperial bank
has been looted."
Describing the relief, the Daily
Mail's correspondent cables:
"August 12, the Taung li Yamun
req nested a conference with a view to
No armistice was granted,
however, and that night we endured
the longest fusillade of the whole siege
It lasted 12 hours. August 13 th«
Taung li Yamun begged to be excused
from any conference, saying that th«
members were too busy. Later they
wrote that they had forbidden firing ot
us and would court-martial any wbc
disobeyed. During the evening many
shells fell in the legation grounds."
The Daily Chronicle publishes at
interview with the Japanese minister
in London, which i«presents him at
having said;
"The empress is the heart and mu
of China. As long as she lives, so long
as she remains in China, whether the
supreme power is taken from her oi j
not, she will always be the greatest
force, the one above all others to bt
reckoned with. The difficulty will I m
to get any one who can s|«ak for her.
I fear that the powers must come to a
final understanding quickly. Riots,
anarchv, bloodshed and misery through­
out China will be the inevitable result
of the policy that does not immediately ,
disclose itself. The government must
be re-established."
The Jaapnese envoy expressed hit
approval of the reporte« 1 American sug­
gestion regarding a conference of th«
power« and said he believed that satis­
factory pecuniary compensation could
be secured, despite the fact that th«
revenues are pledged.
Field Marshal von Waldersee, ex
presses the opinion that his labors it
China will be of long duration, "at
pacification will be a difficult uuder ’
Three hundred and seventy-fiv«
thousand Russian troops are already it
the far East oralready on the way then
by land and sea and under orders tc
No More American Troops
Will Be Sent to China.
About 4,000 A ta on the Way to the JTsi
East—No More Fighting
ported In China.
Washington, August 25.—The import­
ant developmemnt in the Chinese situ­
ation today was the decision of the
government not to send any more
troops to China. All the trixipe at sea,
amounting to about 4.000, together
with those under orders for service in
the far East, which have not sailed
amounting to alstut 3.000 more, will
be sent to Manila. These troops will
sail on the same route, and, upon
touching at Nagasaki, will go to Ma­
nila. unless there are developments in
China not now expected which will
make their presence in that country
necessary. Secretary Boot said today
that no more troops were being sent
to China, liecause they were not needed.
With the arrival at Taku of the Han­
cock, and the troops she carried, Gen­
eral Chaffee, will have 5,900 available
men, which is deemed sufficient for all
present purposes. The decision of the
department waa not based upon any
recommendation made by General
Chaffee, but upon reports rceeived from
him, which made it apparent that no
more troops were needed.
The announcement of the diversion
of the troops was rnad.e in the following
bulletin, which was posted at the war
department this evening:
"The government has decided that
unless required by future develop-
ments, no more troop* are to be sent to
China, Orders bate accordingly been
cabled to Nagasaki for the Meade,
which is due there today with four
troops Third cavalry, four companies
Fiteenth infantry and company E. bat­
talion of engineers, to proceed directly
to M nila. Similar orders will lie
given to the other troops which are un­
der orders for China via Nagasaki.”
It was stated at the department that
the encouraging condition in China
was the main reason why the orders of
today regarding the troops were issued.
Kight Thousand of Them Are Gatherer
Beside the troops on the Meade, there
at Mli-hadodorp.
are now at sea the Warren, with two
Twyeelaar, August 24.—Througt squadrons of the Ninth cavalry and re­
secret intelligence agents, the British cruits; the Sherman, with one battal­
authorities learn that General Louii ion each of the Second, Fifth and
Botha, the comuiander-in-ehief of th« Eighth infantries.
The Logan is
Boer foe res; General Lucas Meyer,] scheduled to sail September 12 with
the co nmander of the Orange Fre< two battalions of the First and one bat­
State forces, and General Schaikburger i talion of the Second infantry. It was
vice-president of the Transvaal repub said at the department that 6,000 or
lie, with 8,000 Boers, have aseemblec 7,000 troops would be affected by the
at Machadodorp (generally understood order.
to be the headquarters o‘ l’residenl
A dispatch was received from Gen­
Kruger, on the Pretoria-Delagoa bay1 eral Chaffee today, dated I’ekin, Au­
railroad), with the whole Boer artil gust 20, which was not in response to
lery, including the heavy pieces form-' the request sent him a few days ago to
erly at l’retoria.
report the conditions and requirements.
General Chaffee did not report further
Pretoria Tlotter Convicted.
fighting >n I’ekin, and for that reason
Pretoria, August 24.—The trial o the Washington officials feel assured
Lieutenant Cordua, formerly of th« that hostile demonstrations in the Chi­
Transvaal artillery, on charge of beint nese capital haveceasl-fl. The dispatch
concerned in the plot to kidnap Gen-' related largely to transportation condi­
eral Lord Roberts, was concluded to­ tions. and stated that the railroad be­
tween Taku and Pekin could not be
The prisoner was found guilty of all used at the present time, as portions of
the counts in the indictment against it had been destroyed by the Chinese.
him, but sentence was deferred unti General Chaffee will co-operate with
the findings of the court shall bave the other commanders in China in
been confirmed by Lord Roberts.
reconstructing the road for the use of
Colonel Godfrey, the judge, in sum- the allied forces. General Chaffee
tiling up, caused a sensation by declar also reported that the telegraph line
ing that a violation of parole was pun which was constructed by the signal
ishable with death. His speech, which .corps from Tien Tain to Pekin is fre­
dilated on the weakness and vaguenea quently interrupted, being cut, proba­
of the prisoners' defense, was listenec bly, by hostile Chinese.
to with profound interest by the audi
ence, which was mostly composed by
American Iron in England.
men of Dutch birth. A period of 4i
London, August 24.—At a meeting of
minutes was occupied in considering
the Bar Iron Association in Birining-
the verdict.
Imin yesterday Sir Benjamin Hinkley,
the well-known colliery proprietor and
Motorman Kenponaible.
St. Louis, August 24.—In a verdict ironmaster, who presided, attributed
reudere-l today the coroner's jury. I the high price of iron to the action of
which has been hearing au inquest ovei the owners. He ridiculed the idea
the remains of Blanche E. Skeele, wh« that the Americans, “who are sending
was l>eheaded in au accident on th« a few tons of iron, iu reality steel, to
Transit line Sunday, finds Motorniat this country," were going to command
W. H. Gilberto guilty of criminal car the trade of the world. Ebenezer
lessuess. Gilberto was locked up by Parks, member of parliament for Cen­
the police. A crowd of South sideri tral Birmingham, said English values
who saw the accident made an attemp- would be brought down in consequence
to lynch the uioturnian Sunday, but h< of the importation of American irou at
present pi ices. The meeting adopted a
resolution declaring that American
Ei portal lone From Cuba.
competition was not .serious euough to
Washington, August 24.—According justify a reduction of current prices,
to a statement made today by the di and deciding that these must be main­
vision of customs and insular affairs of tained until raw material is cheaper.
the war department, the total exporta
tious from Cuba through the port o
Mascots Intercepted.
Havana for the seven months ending
San Francisco, August 25.—Three
July 31, 1900, was $16.698,603, ai
against $16,796,971 for the same period young boys from Utah, who were on
last year, a decrease of $98,366. Th« their way to China as mascota of tho
total exports from Havana for th« Second infantry, were reclaimed by the
month of July alone were $2,287. police today. The youths will be re­
turned to their relatvos. The boya are
Lewis Edgar, aged 13 years; Conrad
Holland, aged 12, and Lawrence Lew-
Dakota Crop« Damaged.
St. Paul, Minn., August 22.—Spe alian, aged 12 years, of Salt Lake City.
rials to the Dispatch tell ol heavy dain Holland, who ia the spokeaman for the
age to property anti crops in North Da trio, made the follwing statement:
kota by severe electric storms. Af "The soldiers of the Second infantry
Nicho son. Towel anti other placet stowed us away on their train as maa-
many buildings were wrecked and can cots, ami we were to go to China. The
lifted from the track by the tier«-« plart was to stow us away on the trans-
The rainfall was over twe |a>rt, too, but the police reached us tra>
soon. We want to go on to China. ”
Boiler Explosion.
Victima of New York Blot.
Glenford, O., August 83.— Mauna
Helsford'e sawmill loiler exploded to­
day, killing Laviga Dupler, Else«
AVinegartner and a man named Mc­
Laughlin. The bodies were horribly
mutilated and blown a great distance
The owner of the mill was seriously
injured. The cause o( the accident ii
The transport Strathgyle left San
Franclsoo for China with 703 horse for
the use of the army in the Orient.
New York, August 24.—The British
consul in thia city state-1 today that he
liaa received 16 complaints from ool-
ored men claiming to be British sub­
jects who statu they were injured in
the recent race riot in New York.
These men claim to be natives of Brit­
ish possessions in the West Indies.
Rudyard Kipling expresses the opin­
ion that, though short stories may be
made succesiful in youth, the beat
novel« must be written in maturity.