The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, June 05, 1941, Page 6, Image 6

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"policy of confusion" which
seems to have characterized
moves to active the problem of
German and Italian airlines In
South America will in all prob
ability be continued until the
department of commerce, the
federal loan agency, and the
Rockefeller office for the co
ordination of commercial and
cultural relations between the
American Republics all of
which center around the Hon.
Jesse Jones can decide exactly
what they'll do.
The confusion began when
Loan Administrator Jones let
allp a remark that he might want
to establish a government air
line between the Americas. That
was followed by surmises that
maybe the United Sates gov
ernment would want to take
ever, own and control certain
airlines in South and Central
America. These remarks could
not have had a more unfortunate
It made the South Americans
ore because they figured this
was Just more Yankee imperial.
ism, instead of good neighbor
cooperation. It upset the airlines
In the United States because it
was another threat of govern
ment competition with the priv
ate airlines. And In some quar
ters It was interpreted as an ad
ministration slap at congress.
Too Much Talk About Talk
Instead of clarifying this mesa,
however. Secretary of Com
merce Jones took the position
that tinea it was already confus
ed badly enough by too much
talk, more talk wouldn't help,
as the agencies concerned didn't
know exactly what they would
do. Therefore things would have
to stay confused till they found
This deliberate distortion of
tha remedy only brings into
harper relief the definite
symptoms of what alls the South
American aviation setup. Of the
44 commercial airlines operating
in South America over 97,000
route miles, 13 are American,
30 are local and nine are operat
ed by German and Italian sub
sidies. Furthermore, on the 20
lines operated by South Ameri
can companies or republics them
selves, German and Italian
equipment predominates and it
la operated by German and Ital
ian pilots.
It is the liquidation of this
axis control that the United
States is most interested in as a
measure of hemisphere defense.
Cash Might Clear It Up
Solution of this problem will
In all probability not come from
starting any U. S. government
operated airlines in competition
with private companies now op
crating from the U. S. to South
America or within the Latin
American republics. Instead, the
play will help the South Ameri
can republics finance purchase
of axis-controlled airlines. Due
Spring Arrives for th Folic Department
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J P:
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-1 ft i ri i i i
l " .? Sr. l
3 O O O O - O O u " CD S;MA'U-
Resplendent In their new summer shirts of powder blue with navy blue trim, members of the city police department and a
group of junior police pose in front of the city hall. All members ei the department are not present. Lett to right, front row.
Bob Mocabee. Jack Eittreim, Bobby Steinseiier. Sheriff Lloyd L. Low, Chief of Police Frank Hum. Norman Knloht. Hans Ten.
neios. and Donald Eittreim. Second row. BUI Wilson. Donald Davis. Jack Llnkenbach. Assistant Chief Earl HeuveL Frank
Blackmer. Bill Meade and John Foster. Third row. Glens Proctor. Donald Erickson. Esrl Kennerly. Hal Eittreim. Clifford Mil
horn. Scott Reed and Stubby Ringstead. Fourth row, Walter Bethune, Howard Ball. Odell Olson. Clay Sample. Jack Breedlove.
Syd Herbert, Jack Lawson and Gene Peyton. Back row. Officers Bob Elder. Archie Huff. Al Kennerly and Orrllle Hamilton.
to the pressure for military fly-
lug equipment. South America
got only 1.3 per cent ot U. S
plane output in 1940, and that
must be increased.
The fact is that some time be
fore the Jones departments of the
government took this project
under wing, the Rockefeller of
fice had been working on it
Some of the bright young men
of that office with a knowledge
of investment hanking, aviation
and South America had been as
signed to the Job. They will
now probably be taken over by
the RFC and gradually work
out the program of eliminating
the axis finger-tip hold on the
tail of South American aviation.
Irving H. Taylor, manager of
trade development for the
aeronautical chamber of com
merce of America, has estimated
that there are today about 140
transport planes below the Rio
Grande, SS of which are of Eur
opean origin. To replace these
planes with American equip
ment TvilL he believes, require
an initial outlay of nearly $10
million, while the ultimate out
lay to completely Americanize
the air over the westren hemis
phere, will require an eventual
sum of perhaps $100 million, ad
ministered on the same basis that
the lease-lend program is admin
istered for aid to Britain.
Such a program would insure
that the feeder lines operating
within the 20 American repub
lics would be under domestic,
South American control, and
furthermore, as aviation devel-
Two War Aces Among RAF
Pilots Recently at Tacoma
TACOMA, June 4
Among the 40-odd British pilots
who visited this city to ferry
Boeing four-motored bombers
from McChord field to England
were two famous war aces, each
of whom had shot down IS or
more German planes.
Now that the ferrying proced
ure is completed, or ceased tem
porarily, at McChord, air corps
officials have revealed that
Spencer Ring of the Royal Can
adian air force and Tom Purdy,
royal air force, were included
in the number of pilots lodged
in a local hotel here a month
ago. .
Ring shot down most of his
planes over Dunkerque. He re
ceived the distinguished flying
cross from King George early
this spring. Purdy was well i
over the 15-plane mark, having
brought down a number of Mes-'
serschmitts in England and over i
Norway. Cameras are Installed '
in all fighter planes, they dis
closed, automatically photo-
graphing the destruction of !
enemy planes.
Purdy, who was also award
ed the distinguished flying cross,
made aviation nistory in the Pa
cific Northwest. He arose one
morning at 4 a. m. to fly a
Boeing comber to San Diego.
There he turned tail and flew
back to McChord. After eating
lunch, he again made the round
trip to San Diego and back.
"I wanted to see how these
big busses stand up for a long
flight," he said, "and I certainly
learned they're all right."
Pilot Purdy had a son born
to him In England while here.
He said he would name the
child "Tacoma" if his wife would
agree when he returned to Eng
land. There are no English pilots in
Tacoma now, McChord officials
There is no escaping our des
tiny. Either we shall lead, and
lead Into paths that we have
found worth while, or we shall
fall and sink into oblivion be
cause we were not equal to our
destiny. Commander Robert C.
Lee, Moore-McCormick Lines.
Texos Students
Visit Klamath, Go
To Crater Lake
Seventeen high school stud
ents from Balmorhea, Tex., paid
Klamath Falls a visit Monday
land went to Crater lake Tues
They are traveling ty bus on
a trip financed by their own
earnings. With them are Sup
erintendent and Mrs. M. H.
Greenwood of Balmorhea high
school district, and Bus Driver
and Mrs. W. C. Kountz.
Youngsters in the party were
Merle Glass, Delton and Betty
Seward, Ray and Ann Pritchett,
Frank Davis, Fanny Lou King
ston, Bill Bates, Nola Rae Stock
ton, Ruth Bayless, Ruth George,
Ruth Marcy, Clemence Pittman,
Cletus Grady, Taylor Hogan and
Viola McCarty.
oped In these countries, it would I m going to do it the hard
provide an outlet for post-war way, which Is the democratic
production of U. S. airplane way. Treasury secretary Mor-
manufacturers. Igenthau on defense bond sales.
When the war Is over and we
breathe freely again we shall
begin to build a fairer Britain.
Arthur Greenwood, British cab
inet minister.
PIT LIKC MIWI Drrrrer-Exe. rt new
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comforublf for weeks. Sttm pwdir- m4
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HARTFORD, Conn., June 4
(UP) Given adequate material,
the American airplane engine
industry will double Germany's
estimated current production
within 1 months, F. B. Rents
chler, Pratt and Whitney chair
man, told correspondents who
toured the company's plant Tues
day. Rentschler said Germany la
believed to be producing 3.000,
000 to 4,000.000 horsepower of
engines monthly for combat
planes. This number would
power about 2000 planes.
Pratt and Whitney's current
production la about 1,400,000
horsepower per month and be
fore this year is out will reach
1.000.000 horsepower with the
completion of a big plant addi
tion. This la an average of 1400
and 2000 engines monthly.
Curtis Wright is producing ap
proximately at the same rate.
The Ford, Buick and Chevrolet
companies, making Pratt and
Whitney engines under license,
are expected to produce between
them about 2.500,000 horsepow
er per month by early next year.
The Allison plant of General
Motors at Indianapolis will bring
the American grand total engine
production to approximately 10.
000,000 horsepower per month
by next May, Rentschler said.
President E. E. Wilson of Pratt
and Whitney said the company
waa abreast of schedule on com
bat plane motors of 1200 and
2000 horsepower each, and was
1000 engines ahead of schedule
on 400 and 800 horsepower
motors for training planes.
About SO per rent of the parts
for Pratt and Whitney's engines
all air-cooled are produced
by sub-contractors located most
ly In New England.
Rentschler said his company
and the Wright people together
would produce during the fiscal
years 1941-1942 80.000 to 80.000
air-cooled engines. These engines
will average 1000 or more horse
power. They will power approximate
ly 20,uu0 planes, when multiple
englned craft and replacement
engines are considered.
It will be a long time after
peace is restored before profit
able markets can be re-established
on the European contin
ent. Frederick E. Hasler. pres
ident, Pan-American Society.
200 Organizations
Indicted for Price
Fixing in Foods
Nearly 200 organisations and
persons In six Industries were
accused today of fixing I"1""
and of other monopolistic prac
tices. In the greatest mass of In
dictments ever returned hy a
special federal grand Jury hero.
Five food Industry groups ami
one so-called nations! defense in
dustry were Indicted. Those
charged Included 14 Industrial
associations, 89 corporations and
partnerships, and 01 officers and
directors. Ball of the Individuals
were set at $1000 each.
In the food Industry Indict
ments were returned against
fruit and vegetable dinners,
dried fruit packers, evaporated
milk companies, the rice In. I
dustry, and tha sardine Industry,
The defense group Involved
the manufacture and sale of bat.
trry seiaratnra, wooden parti.
I Ions between battery cells used
In automobiles, airplanes, tanks
and submarines. M. 8. Huber.
man. In charge of anil-trust pro,
rrutlnn here, said this monopoly
was nationwide.
Yea, It la a bit better (In Italyl
In (lermany they had Illusions
nmi lust than). Here we had ne
Illusions llenrdetlo Croce, ItaU
Inn historian, In a reported Intes.
view In Naples.
Investigate the libels, untruths,
and general isolations which
make otherwise fine Amerlt-an
homes the breeding grounds of
intolerance. Dr. E. R. Clinch,,
director. National Conference of
Christians and Jews.
Special Shoe Demonstration
La ttha
1. 1. Stewart
Mr. Iral I. Stewart
Factory Representative
Ground Gripper
, , . will be In our store for consultation ond
showing the complete line of Orthopedic and
Dress Footwear, Including styles for fall.
Mr. Stewart will Orthogroph your feet, and
onalyie your shoe problems.
2 Days Only - Fri. and Sal, June 6-7
Chet Smith
Invites You
To See The
600 Pairs
of Shoes that Mr. Stewart
will bring with him and
have for sale during this
two - day demonstration.
Chet Smith
Stewart -Smith
"Shoes That Fit and Are Tit to Wear"
I2T Mala
out-opdoors rr
: 1 ShoweoboveoreRmld J r . yJy X
J Keogon ond Jane Wymon, famous S- f I
1 movie couple. He is starring soon in Nnj ' f e " "' ' x Z )
I "FUGHTrTOl."shelo-AONO " , J" t '
I . . ... . z v C-Ji , , W '
a B (Missouri. Dom TOT nomfr eras. t - " c f .
Smokers everywhere like their
. With outdoor lovers the
country over, there's nothing like
Chesterfield for a completely satis
fying cigarette . . . they're always
Cooler-Smoking, Definitely Milder
and far Better-Tasting.
A Chesterfield's right combina
tion of the world's best cigarette
tobaccos is the big reason for their
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