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,. '1,r"!','"l"K" V1,,t -Mi liimlieuii will not bo Iu0l. but
' "; ('l"'l" iilnn nii.l ,n and Ufler a shot t business mooting the
... mil i urn n ii l liar mm of I c u win 1 1 i ih..
I.'H M il I I II ii . t'lilltiirnlu
l iM'ili ill III . Iiuinii i,l J!,-. ,,,!
Mm. V. i:. Perkins over I tin
Christum holidays. Mm. (,..
ileum In i hi. iniiiln r nf Mrs. Per
kins mill u former re.O,l"iit
fit )hl
l.euu. fin- llnuip Mr. niiil Mrn.
A A. McDonald of Kiihoiio, friii
i mnungora i.( Hit. H. A. Pllchor
rfi of 1 1, 1, ..ft .t K,.
Vv their Ik.iih, tl id,, valley, after
i i'.'ii.iihk ii Ii,,,y4 Wlth ili,.r
ililldieii lit home mi Cres-
i'-tlt nVctt.
matinee lit
Dm Pino Tree I lien tor. Mm.
Klin Mi.VMIInn, president, will
prosldo nt Hie mooting.
From t'lilliiiiulii II, 0, Hwirt
ot C!illiiiiilii was a visitor In the
I'll y yesterday, t ru uia t Inic business.
Secretary Says No Moro
Ships for Sea Searches
Until Get Plan
m.i.; in roi'.'jt ..I.--: M'i.i.i'h
I i'litiidt are rvtfpci tfully invlt-
oil lo attend the funeral services
fur I ho Inti, Nelllo Myrtle Honors
to bo Ii' lil thin afternoon at
; a : 3fl o'clock nt tllO Ear! WWt
lock Funeral Homo, line avenue
ut Hliih street, with tho Iter.
Frnirk Wemett, pastor of the
Flrut Methodist church offlclnt-
. Ijf. I nt i rni-nt will Ix, mode In
. i Noted California
FRIENDSHIP ! Lawyer Succumbs
Tho (nnvy will rcfiie to con
duct futuro Iniiiln for lout air
planes unlers lli rilom coopuruti tho family plot In tho I. q. O,
by furnishing advance Informn- ( cemetery.
Hen an to their (iluna, Secretary I
cf tliu Navy Wilbur declared lo- ToIiiko flniVttx-
! lVUl.Ilt.Ii9
Crcater Co-Operation Be
tween Two Nation
Is Heralded
Itllilililiillo Hull All Hi In week
All k t ii d of goods, Many good : day.
things riven awuy freu to poor. I Tim sot -rotary' ilorr'-e rmnn
Colli' baby piiia rood homo. C. ' "or tb giant dirigible Lo :
, Mli k, 120 Mnln. ailv, S &-3 1 ' Angeles mid two naval destroyers
. ! bnil spent many hoiira of futllu :
' tin Itii.liicu. -(' I I n t fotikll'i ' ai'iirrli for Mm. France Wilson
was transacting business In Klam-; tlrayaon ami her three rom pan;
Kiiirilimiii flat Will he or-!al, .-,,, yosieriluy from hi" 1 bins, missing slnco early Saturday
Miiixnl mi January 2nil at both t hnnia In Merrill, 'in Iholr plana tho Dawn.
"lay ami iiIkIh sessions. Klamath ... The naval craft ami an cn-
liu.ln.'.a College, adv. S'J-t f tiumt nt Miulli-y llniur Mlaa j tiro (llvlhlon of i ml Kunnl ni- .
! Ili.tty J a no a ami Mlaa i'nultiio , troyi-ri rnycrnl the rouln from ;
I r iio Mrn-lll -Ktmor K. Mr- nrai,r of Mt ilforil aro tho houit" I fnpo t oil 3 Haliln llnnl. off
r. it. piiniitir nt Morrill, wua a ; uf u.-rtrmlo l.linll iy . ; N a Krolln. without flinllnn a
I111I11...H vmitor In tho i lly y-i Th.y plan to romoln auvi.ral ilay. lr of tbo amphibian piano.
lrr(,n1' Ml.a lirunHAr l. n Mfit,l..iii ui ili1 Wlillo Wilbur wa4 annoiinrlna
I'nlvrmlty i,f Wanhliiaton unit In ; tbo fuiuro policy of tbo ilopnrt
l.i,mo tor llio holl,la. immt. IIitIktI Jnrylno llrowni-.
... i on-iin'ilftclKt. 'torwaril.-it a
If Ja' k A. Ki'hulro will rom-! aumoatlnn to Horrotary of Cm
muiibato wllb tb Klamath Hard-1 nii'i-co Hoover lo hrltiK alrrraft.
will bo biMic- iniPniliiiK ri Ik Ii I at tu'abl,
For Annual Meet
I 'OUT!. AND. Ore.. Dec. 28. IA.
WASHINGTON. Doc. 2H. tt'P)
-Friendly cooperation U rap
Idly rnplHi'ltiK aiiHpli Uua aloof.
iKina In Hin rclallona botwoon
Hie United Htutoa and Moxlro.
Tlila Korcrntnont la relaxing
Ita cmbarxo) on the uhlpment of
alrplani-a lu Mexbo am! Ii con
aldcrlnK tho ritiontion of modl-
fylriK cr ahollthlnn llio Hmbarno rharno, and waa chief counsel for
on arm and ammunition. ThejCnarka Chaplin In hla recent dl
atuto department already hai vorcc case.
arnnted an export llreniio on the 1
BAN, FllANf.'lHt'O. Dac. 2. ft.
P) tiavln McNab, . on of the
widest known lawyera In Cali
fornia, died suddenly hers today
of a cerebral liemorrh&Ke.
McNab. who waa a democratic
political leader In thla atalo for
many yeara, gained national
prominence whn ho defended
llomoii "fatty" Arbuckle when
the latter waa charged with
maualatiKhter In connection with
the death of Virginia Ilappo at
a parly at the 8t. Franrla Hotel
here. Ho alxo won aculltal for
Ja'k Dempuey on a draft evasion
final tribute to Senator A. A.
Jonen, who waa burled here with
itlmpla Manonlc rltca.
itliiliop Jlowden of tho New
Mexico dlncene prealded at the
aervlcra. Senator Jones died In
WanhlnKion iuat before the
ChrlKtrana reccas.
plane which carried Mra. Evan- I T C Will Rpflinfl
Una I.lndberxh to Mexlo City ! J II III IVC1 UIIU
Illegal Tax Cash
... 1
l.'nniuti- to M.1111I,. . Knlhrr Mr-'
l.eaiin of Hiinniiinir, t'allfornln.
an In lil, nun Ml Kall yiftcrdjy !
vuitliiK whit relative etirouto lo !
Hcottlo v. hro olin will ent.r I'm '
t llHclHy i,f V hlllKlnn. :
... I
Itaillaior Cover Hco tbo rail
l.ilnr rovera that Hob Ityan'a
.uio T.;i Hliop puta on your ear1
t.-r ll io adv. Dll-tf
I1.) .Moro ttiau two hundred
ochmd tfiahera of Oreaon, ac
credited delexitea to tho 2 ti I It an
nual convention of tho atate r,.renlly. enabllnn the Mexican'
lencbert aaanrlntlon. itathnred ! government to purchase the plane :
hero today tor bualnvas and coin- a,H treasure It.
mlttt-u mcitlnK". Tomorrow when Alino.t ut tho Inntont thla be-i "WASHINGTON, Dec. 28. (API
tho cotiveutlcn formally opens. ram0 known at the While House I Hefundinic of lllerally collected
It la exported Hint moro than j n, ,he state department. lole-itae totalling I103.85S.6S7 and
2.000 teachora will be present. ,ra)n vir wero brlnafinit (rom ll,'tll approximately 240.00(1
Today's meetlnifa were chiefly : M,.,l(,0 w(m that President Persons, were reported to con-
occupled with committee reports. cam., nad .ponaored a bill fxa 5r- by Setri-taai-jr Inllrn.
Kin Hon of officers la ached- ' ,i, eonirreaa fo modify I Tna treasury departmenfa re-
At the Pine Tree
Our vaudeville bill
this week is so good we
are holding the entire
five acts over an ex
tra day.
Do not miss this bill.
-At The-
Today and Friday
I'o'jihIIu' TlirJIa of
Mo-.inleit West!
IN ,. .
Hurled treasure -Altec rulna
towering mountains y sat
dcert fierce p a a a I o n a
I mlfthty conflict Hldln-, FlKbt
1 In'. Tearln' Demons nt the
j Mounted West!
i For results use Newa Claaa Ads.
to modify
ware Cotnjiany lie
ralern Htnr McrlfiiK Mom
bera of tho Aloha Chapter of
! I'.aslern Klar are urxrd to attend
a mcoiliijc which will bo held this
afternoon at 2:30 nt the Mmtotilc
I ball.
the ter
ritorial llrulta of the I'lllted
States, within the Jurl.i.llctlon cf
llio navigation act.
This would require the plnne
to tu.euro c'caritnco papers prior
to a lonjr over-water fllRhl.
Railroad Merger
Murrnia Invilus -Mr. anil Mra.
J Murray who have been lilt. j ... I
In city fur tho pat aov- ' ir rnnay iwati , r . . . r
tial rta will return lu; "rown. tno son 01 .vir. ami sirs. 11 sjj i, JUill, tfj;C3
11,1,1 ii. Jay. Wlillo hero they 'f l. Hrown of Wllllnmr.on lllver. I
r at Hi,. Wlllard hotel. I'WlH leave FrUliiy fur I'lirilund9 poliTI.ANI). Doc. 2S. (CP)
Mik crao Ci.iiln.y. formerly ad-ih,,r" bo will spend several days ! ,.rilVllllu unification of th)
teriialui; inaiiarer of tho Kvonln betino reiuriilnK to tbo I nlverslty onhorn Pacific and lireat North-
:of UrcRon 10 resumo Ills aiumea . ... riir,..,i, la annr;ved by tb
: interstatn conimerco crnunlsslon
M Wemett l.enre Miss ,h,.r w,,i i, ao ..rlou econom-
Dorothy Wemett. dauKhter of ,,., u,tlirmnr0 nillway pay
i llev. and Mra. Wemett. hat left . .,,. i.ih 11,1.1,1 nrealrient of
; for Porilend where she will spend '. h. ;;r,.. vorti,orn. told the SI.
and ! ...Mi fitv nimi-ti turiav. accord-
been I , ,- ... Tnrm.r. ori-sldclit
tiled for this afternoon. H. K.
Inlow, superintendent of the Pen
dleton schools, and vice presi
dent of the association, auto
matically becomea president.
Tho real contest la over tho
vice presidency for which there ; tlon to the favorable reception j
are five candidates. Two trustees ' iVAn . m i.tnrtiM.r.h nn,i hlsi
will also bo selected. ! mother, have created a feeling amoun,cd
Action will also be taken thla 0f cordiality between the two
afternoon on a number of roso- j governments such ns has not
Itt'lona submlttej by tho rcsolu-! existed since Madi-ro waa over-
port covered 12.13.1 typewritten1
Mexican congress
11,,. ,.ll Ln,l l.u Uv i.Ti-llshlnz 5
tbo alleged retroactive conf is- ; PaM and 'eluded refunds rang-
catory features ao bitterly fctiRht ,
by the I'nited Btatva and Am-:
erlcan Interesta. '
These developments. In addl
ing from one cent to the millions
of dollars. Secretary Mellon said
the credits covered the yeara
1928 back to 1925, inclusive, and
'prior years."
Refunds made for 1928
to 168.388.863; for
1927 they totalled' $34,751,602;
for 1926 they Wo.e 1054. 691 and
for 1925 they were 163. 52S. i
Hons committee. Among the reso
lutions was nno endorsing free
text books In all elementary
thrown 15 yeara ago,
ImlinB.ifliiF Ulnrr.-.w nnif . trwt r.ll.. nr tnnTt t fostln the' Charles
American . ' imon ice larger rciunus were
Ti!t, Cincinnati,
li'Tnlil. will accompany llm
b has ncce'.itrd a position
Hie Malalltleld paper.
achools of the stale. Another re-1 most friendly personal feeling
Iterates the stand of the ossocla-' toward each other. It la all In
tlon for a federal department of 'contrast to the attitude wliich
education In tho preildent'a cab-' prevailed a year ago when secre-
Meet I iib; of Past Matron, Mr 1
II. ti. Wuttl-y will lie bixtosa to
ttio lueiiibei-s of Hie past matrons
lub at In-r hoitto Friday
lioon. nt 1 o'ttoi-k.
a (orlnlKht with rcluilvps
tiNiuil ! rn.iiifcUd Willi llnriiharl'it.
Caker Dance Studio
llotlrtMim anil ataife
Private lesnnna by
Class Tlitimiluv, N p. ni.
Lady and gent lemon
Itl'J Main HI.
" IM e H.H"-! "
l'rt-H b,Ml Chllil Htmly Klllli-i
liiatlun of Children's Feara" will,
bo discussed at the mooting of the!
A. A. t'. W. pro-arhool child '
litiidy group Friday aftornoon. I
Do-ember 30. at 2:30 o'clock.!
Mm. II. II. Oglo will havo charge
of tho meeting. As a special i
featttro Iter. J. Henry Thomas I
will talk on various psychological j
beliefs. Anyone Interested In!
child trn.fiiing Is Invited to attend
this p.eetlng, which wilt lu hvl.l
1 at I homo nf Mrs. T. D. Caso 1
1 ' nt 013 Washington street.
4"H'-l-H"H'tsV-t-t.sV4-i-i.'i'.'s.'f 1 1 H H 11 III l-H !
of the Spokane, Portland and
Seattle railroad here.
Arr:rdlng to Turner, who w.-.s
officially advised of the address.
11 u dil said he had been authorized
to ninko tho statement by the
stock deposit committee repre
senting "5 per cent of tho stock
holders of tho two railroads.
Irrigation Men
. Holding Parley
" I'.Kr.KKI.KY, Calif.. Dee. 28.
(Al I IrrlKxIloulsts from bkiI-
i cultural experiment alallons of
California, Colorado. A r I x o n a. ; dinner guests at the tlone
P:awn'' hilt)
Shoci '
Bvovvn Sr Slioes
fjl (irWOMEH
Big Clean-up
Montana. I'tah and Oregon gath-1
ered hero today for tliLlr second
tlirco day cooferenre on Irriga
tion problems. f P. tlllletto, ill
rector of the Colorado experi
ment atutlon. presided nt tho
meeting which was held at the
agricultural college at tho I'nl
verslty of California hero. A rep
resentative, of tho federal Irriga
tion Investigations offlco of the
United Slutes department of agri
culture, was present.
'Tho Duty ot Water" was the
topic of the day..
Utility Service !
tj Must Be Improved!
liUI'.l, K. KMIT1I j
News 4'oms'Minileiit
MAMS', Ore.. Dec. 28. Mr. I
nnd Mrs. Thcmaa Selgel enter-'
.tallied the following guests, at !
I dinner Thursday night at their
1 home south c-f Mjlln: Mr. and
Mrs. A. K. Street and Francis,
the ' Mioses Gladys Anderson,
i Tiiclma Parish, Helen Honilk. J
Mesrrs. Paul Menegat, Carl Slog
! el and the host and hostess.
1 Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Smith nnd
j family und H.iy and James Gar-
lick enjoyed Christmas dinner
j with tho Martin A. Mann family
! and tho Nnrirnn A. Mann fam
ily. In Klamath Falls.'
Miss Itnrbcl Siegel Is home
fiir the Christmas vacation.
The A. Duncan family were
I tary of Slate Kellogg was rnak-
Ing public assertions that Mex
j lco was a breeding spot for bol
, shcvlst attacks on American ln
1 stltulions.
Sliopplna; From keno Mrs. F.
K. Dollar and Mrs. B. A. Itusseli
of Keno wero shopping In the
clyt yeuterduy.
J56.900; William Whitman Com
pany. Inc.. New York, 6696.273;
Posey Maufacturlng company. Ho-!
quiam. Wash.. 111,079; Kerr
Clifford and Company, Inc.. Port
land. Ore.. 118.604 and the
Clarke County Timber company.
Portland, 123,371.
1 1
rui:s .MI.X.I.K AT Fl XKltAI. I
2S. ICP) Political foes of a;
balf-rentury mingled in an at-'
mosphere of sympathy today in
A Dish of Spicy Entertainment . .
( Constance
Oo--la la! Connle'a here! Right from Paris, with a dish
of entertainment you'll relish for months! Kisses a Is mode
for eniree; highly flavored romance for an appetiser; and
a surprise dessert with French dressing! , It's spicy, but It's
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All Shoes
Reduced for immediato clearance Hundred
of pair of our finest Shoes for Men, Women
and Children
You Save Picrey by Shopping Here. ..Many
Shoos cut moro than half. Watch our Bargain
Buster Brown Shoe Store
The Largest Exclusive Shoe Retailers in Oregon
mnnd homo Christmas day.
Miss Francis Wood and Mrs.
Ida Hancler enjoyed Christmas
dinner with the E. E. Itanciers.
MI1.8 Mary West, who has !
Hpent several weeks as tho guest j
of Miss Mamlo Wcrlcw. return- j
oil to her homo In Sams Valley
one day last week.
Rudolph Jlllinek of ManJon Is
hero for n two weeks' vacation. !
Mrs. John II. McCulley and j
children left Friday for Mantka
for a short visit with relatlrea. I
Orvll Johnson went to Mante
Ua fjr tho holidays. ,
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Ilaskln I
:iad ss Christmas dinner guests I
Mr. nnd Mrs. II. L. Wise and i
daughter Krma, and the W.- A.
Layman family. During tho eve- i
nlng both families remained at I
tho llaskin'a homo to listen to'
the radio.
Charles Mnupln and. John Mc-
Culley wero among those who
attended the dunce at Merrill !
SAI.F.M. Oro.. Dec. 28. (P) !
Tho lirwego Uike Water, Light
and Power company is required
by an order of the public service I
commission. Issued today, to es-1
tablh nn adequate water service .
for Ita natrons by April 1. Pnt-1
rons complained Hint the service . Christmas eve. .
was Innde quale. ( 11. E. Wilson and family and j
Another order today denies tho 1 p. jj, KlrkpMriek and family ,
petition of residents of Gladstone motored to Henley Sunday to I
lor a wig wag niKiini 11 1 a cr,.- . ,nv Yiiletl.l rn.ilvlil. .1
I me noinv 01 1.11m nori. 1
j Mr. and Mrs. Martin Christen-
1 son and family and Mrs. Chris-
I teuton's mother, Mrs. A. Turner
I of Loyalton, Calif., arrived late j
1 hattirdny night at the Wilson
j homo for a few days visit with
I rclu lives.
j Mr. and Mrs. Georgo W. My
ers had as Christmas dinner
Ing ot the Portland hleetrlr
Power company there.
j c.m, bciivukrt, sn.
I f.News CorresMndent
! SPHIS'll LAKE, Dec. 28.
I,. Jones spent Monday in Klam
ath Falls doing Christmas shnp
( plug.
j Andrew Folsom Is making Im
provements on his ranch, re
modeling stables and chicken
' houses,
j Mrs. W. Cheyno nnd her sons
j William nnd Lelnnd, left by train
:for Chonchllln, Onllf., where they
will-visit Mrs. Choyno's sister,
Mrs. N. Ilyers.
Under tlto direction ot Miss F.
McPhorson, tlto teacher, a splen
did program was given at the
school Thursday evening, which
tnnny attended.
Otto SchoonfeM was butcher-
Ing hogs Thursday, assisted by
10. Nojl.
Miss F. Mrrherson has left for
I Springfield to visit over tho holl
idays with her parents.
j (A Hnrred by national guards
I men from entering their cham
ber at the state rnpltol to hold
! a purported court of Impeach
ment, members ot the Oklahoma
stnln senate Into today left tho
rapltol building, declaring they
wero gclng bark to the down
town hotel whero they had met
previously.,,,,, ,f;n,. ..-a- ll..lAV . 1
guests Mr. nnd Mrs. John Uallcy,
Mr. and Mrs. John II. Murphy
and Arllne, Nels Fogle nnd fam
ily, Miss Evn Myers of San Fran-
ciscn, and Mr. Heenian and aon ,
of Kansas. '
Kindly attention snd t pleasant
home atmosphere are assured
mothers at the Xlamatb. Valla;
lAMUxT WWtxign aw HT tOUMUkSS,
You will he astosMslied
at the NEW Featwes MEW Beauty
NElW Performance that Gesieral
Motors has provided an this Mew Car
Locke Motor Co.
Phone 49
522 So. 6th St.
5$ () c III