The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, December 25, 1927, Page 9, Image 9

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Chrysler "Imperial 80"
Scores Again in Pub
lic Favor
Popularity of nil Chryalnr rum,
nlreudy ralHiiit fur uhovo any pre
vious level liy IIih new Chrysler
"61!," "62" nml models, haa
hem mill further arrcntunted liy
the new Imperial "to." accord
ing lu advises frmn llelrolt 10
M llnwln, local Chrysler ttsnler.
Chryalor executives, III ad
vices any. attribute I ho exception
nl Internal III (heir newest niodol
lo Ihn furl that It la "Amer
ica's moat powarful motor rr."
mill Hint It grtatly enhances the
Iraillllonul prestige of (ha Chrys
ler Imperial "" of being "A
fim a money ran build."
"Thn hearty welcome which has
been accorded thn nrw ImporUI
' In auih metropolitan renters
u ,i'W York, Chicago ami Phila
delphia, ami tha fuvorulilo ver
illct of buyers there, waa confi
dently expected by tha rar'a erra
tum," uy J. W. Kratrr, Chrys
ler unlet manager.
"Ono phase of tha new '80' In
I rod ik l Imi whlih bis bwn par
ticularly plcaalng la th confir
mation of thla vordlrt aa cx
jiriaaeil In sales closed at tha
flrai showings In tha smaller
rlilna. It hna boon eapeclally In
teresting to nolo tha Inrga num
ber of orders fur tl sedan lim
ousine, thn highest priced of thn
Loily types ruatom-bullt by Chrya
lor, coming; from very email coin-
"Wo liovo abiimlant evidence
that 'Cbryalcr'a finest' has al
ready won a host of ronvarta
ulnng a thousand Mnln alrects.
n a well n on Klfth Avenue anil
.Mli hi it n n lliiulovard, and thai
tlit-y aro In poaltlon to gratify
their preference for tha new car.
, "Telegrams from dr-alcra In all
pnrla of I ho country, seeking pri
ority In shipment and urging ac
crplauco of ordera addlllonnl to
rfhiluled commitments, h a T
piled up until wo find ourselves
oversold on the new 'DO.' Of
Leave It to Deaf Mechanic to
Locate the-Squeaks
V.. I', ( 'Imi he, of .utln. Ti l.,
iHii-nka aiul rnllli-a In rum, as the
Al'HTI.V, Tax., IH-c. 24.
When Iho milomohlla owner of
Austin Irndo torrllury haro au
evaalvo aijueak or rnttlu in their
car that all other mechaiilra fail
to locate, th.'y take I heir troublra
to Kugene K. Clarke
Iho deaf
Tuning horns and other aim!
llnr work Is Just a part of the'Jurt aa he would trace tha route
usual day'a program with Clarke, ion a highway map.
I Although Clarko has been deaf! Tho eame principle Is uned la
and dumb alnco an attac k of scar-1 tuning horns to tho correal not.
let fever when four years old, lm. Clarke drives all makes of auto
Ma considered Ihe best hum tuner : mobiles, and although he can not
lu the entire employof the tStudu-
baker force of dealers, lie lias
rourae, production schedules have
been stepped up to meet I hla
situation and to assure reaaon-
ably prompt delivery to the grow
. lug number of people who are
j Inspecting Iho new '80' dally for
tho first time and becoming cap
Jtlvatcd by II.
"Among the many Imperlul '80'
features which nppeil with par
ticular effect, according to our
idealera, are the nirlmnlcal In
novations In the new 112 horse
'power 'lled-llead' engine, which
i puts at the command of Im
To Packard and Star Owners
, . . . , THE SPIRIT of good fellowship comes to full
flower of the traditional cheertime of Christmas and
the New Year. O, Happy Holidays! They give us
opportunity to acknowledge an unpayable debt of
gratitude for the fine manner in which you have fur
thered our progress in this community by going "out
. of your way" to tell others of your satisfaction in
dealing with the Hamaker Motor Company.
Sincerely, cordially, and heartily, we wish you
merriest Christmas and good fortune in 1928.
-tJt '
la bill Ilia Job la to liM-ale
pbolu ah'a.ta.
boon wlih the Auitlh Stndebak-
cr firm for Ihe past 13 years.
A hlKhly (livi'li)icd senso of
tourh makes it poaslble for
Clurko to trace the allghte'st rl
biatlun. Hqueaka that kuop other
nierhanlca guessing are tHrned
i over to Clarke, who . does not
igueas. Ills flatters locate tbe vi
bration and seek out the trouble
J hear be never racea hla engine
while starting or shifting gears.
perial '80' owners all the new
performnni'O capabilities and plea
siirea of high rompreaalon mo
toring; the sinking new lines and
color combinations, and the nu
merous new Ideas In uiihnlatery
and sent construction which help
lo make rostful riding In these
curs, as many express II, 'like
floating on air.'
"In appearanro tho Imperial
'80' cara make a remark ible ap
penl, due lo Ihe fact that Miey
iare all custom-built creations of
America's finest coach-builders.
"In appearanco tho Imperial i thin by applying water from a . . V VX 5a . at ar . - a' tmM J .
folidavs i : -of- I V
run.:-: miKT Tii,n cf '
, AI'TO aw.
M:. Krrvli'r.
HI'OKANK, Due. If. Tile
Invention of the uulomo-
bile may bo comparatively
nw, but It waa flrat herald- 0
ed In the lllble. -
For proof, acan thla ex-
cerpt from Nahum, II, 4:
, "The charlota ahall ran 0
In Ihe streets; they ahull 0
Jostle one against another
In Ihe broad waya; they 0
ahall aeem like torches;.
A Ih.if ahull run Ilk llht.
W nilia,
And thla from Joel, II, 9.
"They ahall run to and
fro In the city; they ahall
run upon the wall; they
ahull climb up upon the
houaei; they ahall enter In
at lha wlndowe like
noma from our own new plant.
and othera from the workshops
of such famous speolal-body an -
L,ocke, lyeuaron ana
"The Influence of the Imperial
'8U' is being reflected In an In- I
creased demand for our, other!
models, aa well as In the large j
volume of orders for the newest
mMs. Deulers tell ua that many )
interested visitors who feel mat
they cannot make Ihe .ve.t.
menl required for the purcnase
of an Imperial '80' turn with
pleasure and aatiafactlon to the
' Illustrloua New '72.' This feeling
jgoca all the way down the line
to the new 'C2' and :t2' models,
which, through operation of our
manufacturing policy of standard-
ilied quality. Incorporate many
'features of the more expensive
Use Pressure When
" 'r.
leaning lnuSSlS
. . . . 'a stranrer and the car waa aelz
WMorlsts are advised not to ed .hUa .,, frtend or stranger
uo a hlgh-presauro bosn on tho ;,.,,,,, , ,,ask c011talnn(t ln.
bodr of the car wJen washlnx. It I tMXf.atlnK nnaor. Would their
docs not follow, bowever. that canl ibe Mi D(, t the
the name exemption ahould be ex- j ,50vernm(nl
tended tj the chassis. It a gr?at
deal of. mud has been allowed to
accumulate on the car'e running
j coar. there la no better way for
j the home car-washer U remove It
thin by applying water from a
high pressure hose. I)ie:oiirage
ment too often marks the uso of
t-'e other methods generally available.
- ' Wtt V A -rf ' 7 UwVVW;
1 I . " U
I .'' .. 1 WlSh . ft l . K. i
. The
. l . -
- . . a
Thla Is a photograph of the clf -
max In an argument oa the right
;f way. It happened In ClereHnd
re-wntl, but-might happen an; -
. where else.
It old not matter thit one atreet
was apeclflcd by local ordinance
as having priority over the other,
when matter of right of way:
came up. It did not matter thai j
the same law provided, nnder pn- j
ally, that drivers along the see-
i 1 M n
Investigated by
j The question liai often been '
raised by motorlsta as to their!
! responsibility If their automo-1
j b" atolen and used In the j
i transportation of Intoxicating j
! liquors. Would it fee forfeited
to the government without re-
gard to the rlghta of the owner?
Motorists hare also been de-
slrous of knowing their respon-
!,ubl",y " ,h0'r 'oaoed tnel'' car
la B (..nj or illXe a -lift" to
The Oregon State Motor asso
ciation ln investigating the
vM unmaH raAMK armpit, .
v '.xk.w.xw' .aav m. " - m m aw m m av m j m m n waw s
of iteReadew
Helpfulness of Right
onlary atreet at Dp and look be -
fore crossing.
. What did matter was lust wlmi
; happened. One man waa sent lol
;the hospiul with a fractured
skull Another "escaping"
Just braises.
One man, of course was at
fault, most likely the one who!
failed stop aa tie law required.
Hut deciding on the guilty person '
doesn't heal 4 he broken bead or
n n
Motor Association
above question, finds that the
best legal opinion holds that the
federal government has the right
to demand the forfeiture of any
vehicle aeiied by its agents while
being nsed to transport or con
ceal Illicit lntoxlcatng liquors.
It makes no difference, ia law
at least, whether the vehicle is j
i an automobile, wagon, boat or 1
bicycle, nor whether the person
. In control la the owner, l-jltee.
conditional vendee or imet. . i
The statute giving the govern-1
ment this unlimited power Is
known as Section 3450, Revised
Statutes. Under it, when liquor
Is being carried or concealed, the !
vehicle becomes "tainted with j
the crime.." and may be forfeit-
, repair the damaged cara. Neither
I does It absolve the innocent Tlo
' t lm from natn ant moturUl Inmm
In fact, the man on the primary
street mlrht be almoat aa mnrh
' at fault aa the other In falling to
! be cautloua and prepared for lint
such an event aa thla.
Right aa we may be, that right
Isn't worth a pintle nickel If we
fail to defend It with our own
cautLn and foresight.
ed to the government through
proper proof In a libel action.
Officials of the department of
Justice, however, claim that they
have never allowed a federal
prosecuting attorney to libel a
3450 when the person claiming
Just a minute, Sister! If your Battery don't Bat,
if your Motor don't Mote, if your Radiator don't
Rad, if your Generator don't Gin then bring the
.Old Car over all at one time or one piece at a
time to the Official Troubles Headquarters.
We Guarantee Our Work!
Shasta View Garage
South 6th St.
to bo tho OTnar could offer raa
aonable proof that It waa atelan
at tbe time of the aeltur. Fur
thermore, the U. S. aupreme
court baa teen aakeil to rule oa
the queatlon In aeveral recant
caaca, but haa dlapoacd of the
caaea on other irrouuile without
committing ltaelt.
The department of luatlca an
I peara to aenae ihe danger of too
I drastic enforcement of prohibi
tion. While It la bellered to
hare tbe right to forfeit atolen
eara, It pr'efera to exerrlae aome
degree of common aenae In an
effort to maintain puhllo. sup
port. With r aspect to aolrure
of "liquor" cara not stolen, fed
eral proaeentora may elect at
will to libel the automobile or to
prosecute the person arrested.
Aa tbe situation now atanda.
the government may have any
vehicle forfeited If it can prove
that at the time the vehicle waa
seised It waa being used to "con
ceal or deposit" Illicit Intoxicat
ing liquors on which the proper
federal tax haa not been paid.
The statute applies to every boot
leg liquor case whether the In
toxicating beverage la In a con
tainer or In the pocketa of at
person who la In the ear.
The automotive induatry dar
ing 1828 nsed 14 per cent of the
iron and ateel produced In thla
country, 50 per cent of the plate
glass, 63 per cent of the uphol-
jstery leather, 11 per cent of the
I hardwood lumber, 25 per cent of
the aluminum, 13 per cent of the
'copper. 85 per cent of the rub-
(line. , i
Klamath Fall I