The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, December 21, 1927, Page 8, Image 8

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Scene of Brutal Murder Described
v .
Girl Mutilated To Strains of Jazz
Cutting Christmas Trees Right
I.OS AXOK1.ES, lire. 8". iV.
P.) Little Marlon IMrkcr proli
ably was murdered ni.d k'r body
mutilated to the strains of
"jaw" -record played In ntar
mvnt S16 of the Heltcvuo Arms.
liar death most HKly occur
red Kilday. t hours before 'the
'Fox" turned her rmair.s over
to her father Hi exchange lor
Definite Identification of t!ie
apartment ! the prison of the
achool girl was mute tonight
through i ompnrison of Ltiscr
prlnta of "the KoV an,"; t Hose
found in the suite.
Tn fingerprint which oat
llhed apartment 315 as the resi
dence of the flayer came from
his phonograph which was open
and which, aerorrtlng to neigh
bors, ran almost continuously
Blood splotches f.mnd on towels
are being analysed tonight In an
effort to determine whether the
murder was committed in the
room. All evidence points to
that end.
A spool of the black thread
used to sew open the eyes of the
girl after death was found In
the bathroom of the killer's Itlnodstalns Were discov
ered on the walls and a shirt
with the nam; "II. . C.erber" in
t neck hand was picked up.
Similar marks were found on the
shirt which contained por'lou
of ire dismembered body of the
That "iltc Fox" left the apart
ment in a hurry after he found
the H, llt'vuc Arms was under sus
picion v;t evident by the d sor
d.nd room. Newspapers, telling
of the crime, and natty clothes,
said to belling to Hickman, were
scattered thriiuch the suite.
Tie janitor of the apartment
house s-'t Friday as the due of
Uia murder atid mutilation, when
he reported to police he
"the Fox" carry a cumber of
newspavM r-wrapped bundles from
the house that day and later saw
h'm cleaning tie seats of his au
tomobile. Members of Marion's body
were found wrapped In I ipera.
Suspicion was directed to the
Mellevue Arms by the mark on a
towel stuffed In the girl s lower
torso after sha hd been dis-emboweVd.
Hojgate's iMother
Asks For Letter
A letter received by the
American Legion post yesterday
from the mother of Lotus Hol
gate, urges that ll.ilgata com
municate with her at once.
Ilulgate is believed to be in
this city, his mother's letter
ilated. and as she has cot had
uny word from him tor weeks,
she fears some harm may have
befallen her sou.
t lly , I'nlted Press I
lleforo they ceased signal
ling, the six men In the 8-4'a
lull i do room slowly 1 lapped
uiti against the hull the names
which It seems certain uow
will lie added to the Hat of the
nation's, heroic dead.
They were:
tlrahain Newell Filch l.t..
I. S. X. of New London, Conn,
and Los Angeles, Calif. I
llus'sell A. tirabb t torpedo
man. San lHcgo, I'allt t
Frank Sttlsek (torpeda man.
IlliUefleld I'ark. N. J I
t;eorge Fclnar tseaniau,
South tltnaha, Nth.)
Jtutrpn L. Stevens tseaman.
Providence. It. I I
Roger Leslie Short (torpedo
m.iu. ItiMinevllle. Mo.)
Dee; I". The mortal remains
of Benjamin F. P u r n e 1 1. self
styled 'seventh messenger" were
removed from the house of David
Coloney this afternoon and pre
pared for burial, the resurrection
predicted by hta followers bavins
failed to materialize.
t 1 "
Every Day This Week.
p; m.!ket
Phone lfl Pnone 101
Walnut at Oth
At The Liberty
Shirley Mason, lately seen as
the heroine of "Sweet Itosie
O'Grady." the comedy-drama, has
deserted the lighter roles of
filmdom f-T her new picture. She
'has a highly dramatic role In
"The Wreck." the new picture at
the Liberty theatre. It la that
of a girl whs Is fo:led Into a
false wedding ceremony, finds
she is married to a crook, and
tried to rnn away only to find
. her&elf the heroine of a train
j wreck and the supposed wife of
a wealthy man. How the com
;plica:i:ns are romantically nn-
tangled forms the plot cf this
melodrama, wbirh was written
by Dorothy Howell.
. Co-featured with her Is Mal
colm McGregor, who finds him
self a widower when his wife Is
killed in a train wceck. and yet
finds a lovely girl in his home
whom his mother believes Is her
new daughter-in-law. It Is an
engaging role for this popular
leading man.
All modern facillti In the
alleviation of hioian sntfcr'ng
have been installed at the Klam
ath Valley hospita.
'. For reanlts ttsa News Ctaaa Ada
j disemboweled led to the dtscov-
I cry of the room.
j Find ftcatli t hamlx r
pieces of black thread, a shirt;
a!, nut, bltiodtaln and
other cluea led police to announce
definitely the finding of the death
chs in lier.
It was In apartment SIS In tho
Pelleruo Arms where Mnrtoii
Paiker was heltl captive three
days, where her ktdnnper wrote
and slgued "The Fox' to rausnnt
. Botes and where, the schoolgirl
was finally killed and then dl
I nicmbercd. police said.
Port Warden T. II. Tert. nf
Sun Peitrn. tiilil luillen tlnil thi
There is a right way Ij cut Ohrl-tmas Ireca end a wrong way., pri:,t,.j picture of "Tttie Fox" r
according to the I'nlted States forest service. The service condemns ; sembled the youth who Inst Wed
the wholesale cutting of young trees that would !. more valuiblv; nr-ulny sought a berth on a liner
If left to grow. In this picture, however, showing trees being cut; for Honolulu or the Far Fast,
in a national forest, the stand is merely thinned cat. a.-tually Im-: Th1 youth gate Ihj iiti of
William Kdwaru Hickman, lor
j ry said.
i A druggist on a corner near the
p.icrue Arms announced II was
I "The Fvx" who on the night
vD3a -
proving the forest.
Navy Men Hold No Hunters Hot On
Hope For Rescue; Trail Of Killer, Sr."" ZX
Tk a.J -1 1 !-
ueseriea MWRiri
Seeks "Hell Bent
U"P) tlenuvleve Harris, pretly
1 H -year-old cowgirl, stalked Into
a police stut Ion and dumandvd j
that the of fleers "round up every
maverick In town" until they find
her rodeo partner "lle Hem" i
Harry Cody, a nephew of "llnf-i
falo Hill.'; i
Shu and Cody played 'lliol
rodeos of the west together all
season and came l Indiannpolia
for the wlnts'r. Yesterday, ahe
told police tearfully, he left her
to look for work. He did not keep
the reudeivoua set for later In
the day.
"Ho was too stiunre a ahooler
to desert me," llenevleve said.
"Something has happened lo him
and you fellows have Just got to
find out what II Is."
j SAN' PKDIIO. Calif.. Dec. 20.
jtl'PI Battleships ami Ueslroy-
era of the batllo fleet based here
;r leading the navy in gunnery
and engineering records so
: this year, according I an an-
: nouncement here t day. 1
Destroyers of the fleet have
, won the first flvor pHres In
hurt range firing practice, with
the'!'. H. S. Farragut boasting
1 1 ho best record. The Colorado,
f West Virginia and Pennsylvania
: follow In the order named. I
j The New Mexico Is leading th
battleships In the engineering
testa. The Arlsona Is second. Ten
j.ueasee. third, and tha West Vlr-
glnla fourth. 1
j The destroyer Meyer has lb '
I heat engineering scr for vessels
! cf that class. j
Floweis for Christmas
from our greenhouses
rrihi.DMea .".
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Christmas Centerpieces
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Send for one of our Rift boxes of flower.
All Trices, Carnations, Ton Pons.
Violets, Chysanthemums, ami
Hill's Flower Shop
120 North Seventh Street
(Continued from Tage I me i
(Continued from rage (ue)
of chloroform.
The man who carried milk lo
I'm afraid It's too late now." emboweled form to her fath -r lu ; the llellerue Arms added the In-
Ftch tor'uauoo mai uiMirtuieiii iu
" I had ordered a vquart Instead of
:'a pint delivered starting last
I Wednesday.
Student Arrestetl
Belief . that ho may have
iBrumbly said, soberly, anaking . exchange for 1.500.
' his gray head. i crossing reemed to bring
I Last' Wonl At 6 A.Jll. j " nearer to the ground. j
' Brumbly said the last that The seeming closeness of tho t
... t.n,ni ik. .i . . . .. end of thi crime career of "The Be.lef . that ho may
nljinnpH In aiil Hickman to M-
6 a. m. today. . " brought tne import-,- ,
boundary line and that he had
cine across
nrumhlv's fac w:i drawn ami nnt question OI w nai was IO DC ,..,-.i
gray with f ttlgue chiseled by the dm,e "i' h, "PPhended. I ald;, h, niur(ler , ,. p.
day'and night battle with the! ,. f,,,r '"" di nee , )1(.e moTem,nt, ictj 0 the arresl
: day and night
North Atlantic for the lives of
' the trapped crew. He is a thin,
crisp man of about 6j years.
I "People don't realise how hard
: it is to put down a direr to at
i tach a-line to that ship," he aild
' In his sharp. Incisive voice. "It
is too runght out there to en-
Various suspects arrestud gave
a Gift
like this
ctmTv. sir
eidence of what might happen
bm "The Vox" 1 trapptMl.
Major derelcipiurntu following i
announcement ot lileralty of tU-i
layer includej bla appeoraucy
and subsc quont rhie.i In Bcveral '
sections ot the city, .apparent dis-
. . ... (Ka asn.m In ssvKl..K Ka
danger. the men by puttng them , ,,ark(.r fM mm bll.hert.d. the
j arrest of a university student
Navy experts pnned their last !
charged with complicity In the
crime and almost serious out
break of citizens socking to re-vi-nue
the brutal m unlet.
That '"The Vox" previously
thought to b a seasoned and
veteran criminal was Instead a
pleasant faced youth was first
.hope on the air in the torpedoes.
A ton of compressed air Is con
tained in each of the four tor-
, pedoes supposed to be in the
compartment, and If the imprison
ed men were able to tap this
supply they may hare prolonged announccd Bhr,,y ,H.fore dllwn
i ii fir utra urjjuuii iii iimu omer
wlse possible. I. lout. Giiham N.
'Fitch of Ni-'W London, apparently
in the room with the five enlist
ed men, is thoroughly familiar
with torpedo construction, and
would be able, naval experts be
lieve, to release the air frcm the
FMaMLth Mrn!.ty
Callins weary detect ivo cap
tains and newspapermen to his
of fit o. Chief of Detectives Her
man Clfne, sleepless for three
nights announced the Identifira
tin. "We hare established without
a nnuJ)ta tlr.iiht thnf d'flviirrl
The navy bureau of medicine H(.kman i:t -The KoxV Clino
of Milton Jackowsky,. a unlver-
. sity student.
NeiKhbors testified that a roan
rosembllnic Hickman had been
seen at Jackowaky'a home. It is
said that Jackowsky and the sus
pect were friendly and that th
kidnaper had picked up the word
'sulo" uied in death mcsaacen,
from Jackowsky.
"Solo" ts a favorite term of
' aviators, and Jackowsky ts an
aviator. This development alio
led to the belief tbil tho kid
naper mljtht have been platiuimr
to escape in an airplane.
Hint Quelled
The apprehension of Jarkow
iky and of a kidnaper suspect
j led to minor rioting. In the case
of tho former the mob of cltl
lens around cent ml station was
i subdued when told of his appir
, ent connection with the case,
j However, detectives were forc
jed to draw revolvers and threat
en the crowd when they brought
the suspect Into the station. He
was able to e3lablih his Identity
district attorney's office formally
char ml Hickman with the kid !
naplnx and murder. This was a!
j mcrs formality. It was explnlued. '
S. Three druKKlsts, all of
j whom have stores near the
levue Arms, doc la rod to police
, lonlnlit that Hickman had hi l l
them up recently. In rich rao
: he took small sums of money
, and druxs and chloroform.
S. Chief nf Itatectlvea Cllne
rucelved an offer from the Am
erican I-ckIou to turn 1 J.ouo
mem tiers of that oritanliatlon
Into the search for the killer.
4. A fire which lulled a
bu'ldlnic next to central police
.station, and In which somt pn-
j lice rocords were kept, burned
some of the reports of Inventus-
.tlon In the Parker cane. It was
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time. That's why a gift like ths
Brunswick Panatrope is most
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since the piano. The clear, true tone
and marv elous range and volume built
into this amazing creation assure the
family the fircst kind of musical en
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be glad to demonstrate.
and Eurgery reported to Seen
tary Wilbur that they e-uim.v,el
that the six men could live from
60 to s hours without outside
lir. FlBcrini! from the exact
tlmo wh'-n the submarine was
hit by the cca:U guard destroyer
I'auldini: the maximum of so
hours exulred at 11:37 o'rlock
raid. -Every mnn on the forre is " .u ...
, . if ,,, t . , ,,, This Incident led authorities to
ordered out. Iliikman Is In the' . A. . . . ,.
, ... . . i. . ti . order three hundred pol e sta-,
cltv. We expect to have him In' . . . . .
.tloned around headquarters.
S hours. ,..k.t. .... i.,....a i
leaded wltli determined men were
enroutt to every outlet to the
city, pletures of Htekmnn and
puuiphlets desrriblnK his appear-
' inpn werp on their wav to everv
j Ilea l AM Mving ! )aw Pnforein- station In tho state
Anoiner essential, but true-. nd lhe news wtrc, na(j flashed
s..m detail was pomttd out by ,he wora to thousands of
the bureau of medicine and sur- papers the trap was set
Kery in the fact that every one phe Fox."
who dies in the compartment ' llnys G"j;olJne
lmctheni the chances of life for j fr,t tru e of "Tho Fox'
the others. i ranie Just as l.i An--i h-ad
it tne wind subsides, divers lit,,.. ,.rr-ii,,,l f.. n ih;ii he
tnnlKht and at the same time II
was learned that startling results
might follow an Investigation
conducted by the operatives of
the district attorney's office.
While tho activities of tha
county men were clothed In sec-
!nv lnfi.riy.nHnn l.nk.rf Ant thnt
7orjtvo TounK mcn ' Rood families
: h-tve been under survoillanca for
'aeveral days. I
i It wart rumored this paSr wera ,
susj.-ected of havlns; aided "the
Vox" In escaping a police trap 1
.Moreover, this
model is a really
beautiful article
of furniture. The
consolette style
cabinet enhanced
the appearance
of any room in
which it is placed.
Cin resume operations and pron- ,fn jN.n-' f Wrl. He Y i Frlllay B-Rlit. nd perhaps har-
ably pass nxysn flanks and fuod moppeit r.t a (T'Trir' .and ltii
;throuKb the torpedo tubrs suf- ,-aHolino rnd win wnlMp.r ffr .1
flclf-nt to krp the men alive in- nrw btil!i fur n hrndllpM wlirn
', definitely, Wilbur beUerns. ia ronu r n-vtr.y r.ilUd "K .trn!
HIiiKi's on WratluT : KtrinappT IdouMf (! ! "
The wcathtr now holds the ky WChont h-uitntiim a rc-ond lie
to the Fitttatiou. once it i nos- thi-nur hit nr Into Pf.tT nnfl itrrivt.
slblc for the nnder-water work .... th, nra atienriant illwN Sunday after the towel
to he carried on again. It will be called police who failed lo Inter- J bearing lis marking was found
only a question nf hours before cept him. Later the atendant ! In ,ho lor" of ,ne ,,01), ,ne
the submarine can be raised to ' after viewing nirtures said his I Pfer girl.
the surface, it wu3 said. I customer was IM. kman.
I Tactically all of tin netesaary Seen On Motorcycle
.equipment is eur the scene of ; Later he was reported a p-ed-1 i,lrr """"ry examination dls-
Ing a hand In plotting of the kid
No substantiation of Informa
tion. Involving the two youths In
the crime, was forthcornng from
olfiriul circles.
The Iiellevuo Arms was Inves
Nearly, a scoro of detectives
raided tho apartment house, and
I 14-7
Convenient Term
the disaster. The placing and ' ine throttch Maywood on a motor
sinking of tho lifting pontoon! cycle hut he escaped again from
will require but a short lime, the lighttnlng net. Tho atato
After the pontoons are in place, motor vehicle department an
the divers must fasten cables and r.ounred lllrkman purchased an
chains umler the nosu of the sub-j IihI iiu motorcyclo hero yesterday,
marine ond attach them to the I Throughout tho clay and from
puntoon.i. 1 scattered points of tho elly ennt-i
! ; word of the movement of tho
l).l (.IITIIt hIDVtlll) 'slayer since last Thursday when
be kidnaped tho girl, evidently
NEW ORLEANS, La., Dec. 20. ri a gesture of revenge.
(&) fiarence H. Ash, proprietor lie was seen here, he attempt-
of a grocery store at Clinton, La , ed to purchase Kasollno at this
missed It by stating that it had
no tenant to answer tho descrip
tion of the kidnaper.
Hickman Talked lo Police
Thero was a difference of opin
ion as lo whether police Inter
viewed "the Fox" on that oc
casion. Mrs. Kthel Broderlck,
manager of the apartment, as
serted tint Hickman was in his
bed when the dctcctloa enterod,
and that he saluted them with:
"Co ahead, boys, help yourself.
1 hope your catch the damn
On ths othttr hand, .officers do-
Informed polite here today that garage, from tho corner drug
his lu-year old (laughter, Alice More he sought chloroform and
Leo. had disappeared and that: even lo the very room In which
ho believed she had be-n kld-
naped. A search was started for'
twa itinerant stove repairers, name of the ricllevue Arms apart.
who, Ash said, bad been at his meat and which had been stuffed ludedx
(h. me recently. In Marlon's body after she wusi 1, A complaint Issued by the
dared tha occupant ot the apart
mutilated his quarry. , ment had disappeared neforo raid-
One of the towels bearing tha' cra arrived. .
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