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Sunday, decemkeu is. is27.
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Oklahoma Dealer Flies to Flint
When the BuUk design of the Oklahoma Clrv instance It enabled him to n.aVe the Michigan trip
Branch territory visited the Buuk fcu-torv at Flint re with a minimum at "time out." ili. se i the central
cent I v. William A. Burke, dealer at Okmulgee. maJe ticurc in the picture, the when bci.s WiHUm H.
the trip by air. He U a pilot of IZ year' experience, AlcvrnJcrotiheHuick tactorv IctV .and S.S. I indsty,
arid uaca hi? pUoc constantly in hi buino. In this manager ot the Oklahoma City ttuuk ttianch.
Buick Dealers'
Bis Pro" ram At
Flint Completed
Affluent Is "The Spencer"
FLINT, Mich.. Doc. IT. Rrjecl
iag as too alow the specUl truin
veicjk brought his rel)oBr-Ut'.ior.4
from the Oklahoma City lluh-k
branch terrltorv to Flint rt-.pntly.
William A. Burke. Bulek dealer
ot Okmulgee. Okla.. hopped off in
his fast biplane and beat tl.o
crowi here.
Burke has been a filer about 12
years. He makes constant use ot
his plane in his business as a
Buick dealer. The trip to Flint
a. made in two is: ire, a fri.!nc
acconipanyinff' ll-.irkc to C'.ih-jii.i.
fr. m whieh point Itiirke came on
Aftir tonrtnp tho buiok factory
with S. 8. Llnlay. Oklahoma I 'ty
OkUhoma territory deiiera. Mr.
Ttu k bran.h manaser. and other
ltourke fie to tht Genorai ti:o:--
proving ground near l:!frl.
where f'e visitors sient'a uhjle
dar !nspvtins the faoi'lties r:
thst institution. VU1 thrn do-M'..:-
ed for h:nie la air. with a stop
over in lVtroit.
Burke's plane Is a Travel Air.
cm'J pped wita Wrisht Whirlwia.l
motor. It is capable. Burke sni.l.
of 160 miies an hour. Kven with
out pushing it to capacity, the
1.1'tHi-mile round trip t Flint
w.u ar.-otnpllshe i in a fraction of
the time req.iire! on the gr-n:r. 1.
enabling rt'.irke to reaeh home and
resume business a full day ahead
cf hi c:n-.panior.s.
if !
FLINT. MliMi.. IVc. 1?
UuV.k Motor rompftu t' U iHk
finishtvt tha clnomtp p:o;rtim of
ihj!or er.terf:tiantrtii whUh hus
orcupfod four il.iy t enry wi'tX
siUio tht mhldltf ot StuembtT.
Tlio doalcr; hv lu on romlnjt
to Flint fr. n all .una of the cuu-tp-',
prl::r! 1 T bv n;iecl;.l tmln.
at the rate iih.ut jo a work.
Kach, iar:y ha spoilt o: day ln
pi ii ins tin HuU'k Li. tory and an
another diy at the tloin-ral Mo
tors proviug ground nAr MMfnnl
Thi visit U sj.lj to havp heen
uiuqut. In that the ;rat tu ij tr
tty of Hukk'jt .loalor ort.tnlxaiiou
of mow t an 3. "00 made tlu trfn
Diilck offt.Mal and dealers alike
, have expreMed uratif ii-ution a:
'he vUif results. "Just a on
' opportunity ta et nriutlut ,-d
more thoroujthly with t,hotr pro
duct, the trip was worth while
I from the dealers' Htamlpotnt, anil
1 consequently, from our own." nal.l
( W. Churvhill, Buh-k tfcnvral
sah's ntauaeer.
"For nifM of iho dealers. 1: 1
was an entirely new ex;terieu o t
1 si e m:or earj b lilt. Judsln
fr-ai their rommont. the were n !
lv$jj a:ui:ed ut the .tmrtant test-;
ilia: and inspection than at lha ex- 1
jtrcmi etfiviemy with ilch qual-'
f lty uio;ar cur sre mauufacture.l 1
'today. They could scareely ni'lt
taktnc home a new roiuvptlon of
the product they sell a realtta
tlou that the wUe ninnufa.ttirer Is
n ally strlvins ti rroduee reliable
transportation rather than indi
vidual motor cars. j
"Ju-t ha important a this re- ,
suit of the visit 1 the sense v(
partnership heiwten dealer an;i
factory, which such an event can
not help promoting. This cordi
ality between Ilajek and it larjse
and stable de-.Uer body existed
lonjr before te trip waa ever con
ceived, of course, to a sreat tie
?re. Otherwise the co-operation
of 3,000 dealers In large ua 1
'indertakin; vouli never
been cesured."
'j. 4 l 'iT'." r -.. t ....... Sp-. u
; issi . - !NlB-i. feii
! x.:v . . '. A , ; - v I.
'Whippet Stamina Is Exhibited
Again In Long Western 1 rip
L-lYl ' L , i I I. J
With the Whippet murhiR the
end of tta 1 Mh month oi the
niiuket. during whtrh time It ha
net n atuudurd I pel formaitre
(hut ha at never heforu been equal
led lu the Unlit four cylinder
field, roiaea word of number ottl
ntundlnit nl a in inn acromplhh
ni en t,
A. K. Klmore mid Visitor (Hp
ton, tvth of linllniiiipulU, It
that eiiv receutly In Whlp't
iedan, heudihK the linne of thin
Kinart ear tikwardn the I'actde
coumI. The Mtrit v - tuul frmu
the hocitler eupitnl without liny
thtiuicht In tli niniU of either
of hlfokiltK Hy rreord
It wai nit i. t in he n itohh coun
try trip.
II wever. Jki.t 7.1 uml nue half
huut'H of drlv iiiK time were n
iiUfd to htlim the car Into the
-lty limits C I .oh Anict'ten. a dl
tance i( 3.4 i 2 mile In iM. To
avenmplUh thlH tho Whlpit he
dan had to maintain an avengd
Mperd of more than 33 mlhn an
hnut from the mld-westt to t li
ft, r ed 1'iulfle conai city.
"We nurd loy palloliH of ni
line 'r nn nvernKe of 2i milt"
tin hour.' Mr. Klmore aald.. "O n
total oil conumptlu wax nm- und
one half gaUim. AHhoiu:ti
ut ruck koine bail ntretrhet of
road we had ni me har I'nl
triMibte, and u:dde from tlire
punrture bad no Uelaya.
'W lift ludlntmpolla late on
Setutday and the folhiwlii Fri
day we wera In lata A,nKee. Thv
j only atopa mntle were for tnuala
n nd sleep. V kept cloio reeorda
, of (he Kioto I Inn and ull rontump
! tlon and (he attunl runiiltm tlitm,
'lb Whippet hral some of Ihw
fun l train nrhedulei from ihr
. eiiat, many llmea our Whlp(t
ttMidli)K uloiin. uillo after mlltt.
nt U rate f 0 mlM au hu -M
Vn found the r.iada very dtiep
1 with mud, and all lions It we hud
to nkld chalits. e decided to
. ki p k -1 m at: mh. For Zft mllva the
Whippit pln.d thrgunh Iho
( niutl iliat mute up tu the front
, ul ut tint. It regulrlni fiv
hottrv to in litillutn thU hid
Mt.'i.h. llowt'Ver, nt no tlmv
, lit thU hard Kotnit did the Whip
pet fuller, the cosine developing
all thii piwrt iireeaiary t' puil
ihrmiKh the hravy ffjlus "
i t oltitt-d out by the Wlllva
overluitd loinpany, builders of
the liippet and WiUya KnUht
lint of in tor ritra. that this Is
; mt iely auotlnT InHtauce, addd
; in the thoiiftnuds of tests made
, In tin piiMt IH months, that has
marked the Whippet a the fln
fi p.rfornilnu I lit lit four cyltud-
rvd tar ever built.
What you no Winner bav uw
for may be Jut the thine another
la aeektUK. Tbd Klamath Now
f la I fled Ads brine buyers ana
ellrs t.iaether
"The Spem-er,'1 a sparlous, ; TU - por h non-over has real
st-iceo and brb k home with u- . air.- about it Ii'uiisi It
many enm enlencea, aehlevm an utiuvo wall does much ti hide
air of affluence nnrt Individual- Its users from outside eyes,
lty by having Its bin front porch "The Suem-er" U strbtlv mod-
'ern In Its conveniences. An ex
itrn Invatnry downnt ilrs. a clothes
lorfot. a closet for broom, aud
put on at an unusual uncle.
I .
KL'KUI'K.W .M(TtIClSTS u clothes chute nil lessen mother's
steps and make the day brighter.
W Ai?HIN';TON, Dec. 1 7. And it.t cost N modest from
nesplte the ht-avy campaign 1m- j:.,oou to IU.00.
Inn waned by European automo- i The sume cenerous nrovlslon
for comfort obtains upstairs.
Every few months It is well ti
trace the heav cable from the
battery to th? star!er-moor, mnk
inRinK sure that It A not rubbln?
uRainst the floor boar 'I .s or ttny
metal parts. This precaution -w lit
save much trcuble and ex pen-.
tile manufacture to Induce
Kuropeaua to buy Kuropean cars.
American-made vehlele sales in
t hee count rien liu Inc. 'eased
21 pi-r cent duriitx the past sl.t
The value of these sales
m.arly $22G,Ooo,ooo.
- In many weetlons of Europe,
marked preference is shown for
Am' rUan ran . Australia, for In
1 tame, Is buy lit; more American
Kurh bedrottm has Its closet aud
un fxtrn linen c U met n)riis tf
the hall.
For further Inform uloii nbout
: "Th Spt-nctT'' write the Sland
nre ard Hotnrs company, FoIoradt
building. VnnhltiKtoii. I). r.
Roiirethinff for the car for ChrKtm.-is is not onM" ?--ure to oleoso thf car owner hut -will brin
equal pleasure to everyone who uei the rer and will bo a reminder thrmiirhnut the year of the'
donor's though trulnev. Above rdicto !Iiohs the Western Auto Supply (Miiuin s conception of the
activity in many families on (litiMmas morning. i
With the automobile a prized baying accessaries and Christ- rervice to Cl:ri.tnjaa choppers ad-i
possession in most families. It mas is the time to rive them vies L. H. Hiatt. the I:cal West-1
should be an easy task to pelect the needed ones. 'rm Auto ma nag r. Accesori?3
an appropriate Christmas pift for Accessorif-s are easy to select purchased here may be mailed!
the entire family In the aut:mo- too. just visit y:nr nearest ac- to a car owner any place tn the!
tive merchandise line. cessory store and look over th" west and with the Western Auto I
Nowadays almost every family attractive displays. You'll find sift exchange card in the pack-'
has a car and most every family something for practically every- a-e the receiver may txrhanire
wishes for accessories to beautify cne you wish to malre happy. the pift ax his local Western
it or make driving safer and more : The Western Auto Supply c:m- Auto store in case it does not
comfortable. Most folks put off pauy stores are offering a real fit his car.
comparatively brief hfitory, this
attendance record at Its private
shows u regardod as hixhly site- rnr anJ trucks than flritlvh pro
nlficant. As the manufacturer ducts.
points out, it reflet's tho pen-
eial appreciation of the unique
Chrysler advantaes which has
quickly and firmly established tho
ccmpany in the front rank of an
te mobile manufacturers.
For results use News Class Ads ,
Cuba has cotitra tel for t hRh
way proJet of 7)5 miles cost hit;
170. 870.000, i, r $ 107,465 a mil j.
Of -oure the motorlit will pay at
the rate of a 10-cent tax for each
gallon of gasoline he buys.
flirVlpr Will hSS b?en occupIod by oner pro- to the former displays will be cx-
VlllJOlCl IF 111 ducers in former years, has been ceed:d as a result of the inter-
pVionrp FiJcnlaVG served on this occasion by the est aroused next January. ,
.LiiliaiC XlMiajS , Chrysler corp:rution, and it is As aa indication of the re-
At Alltn mfiWC exDertp lhat eV(,n the tremen- niarkable popularity which the
XXt nUlU tOitUnO dous thr:nps which flocked daily Chrysler line has attained in Its
V Con tinned from Paee One)
dealers and retail buyers and
which possess sales advantages
peculiar to those particular body
dealers and retail buyers and
which possess sales advantages
peculiar to those particular body
models alone.
Accordingly the Chrysler cor
poration has made a practice of
holding private eho wines at ho
tels In the two principal national
show cities, the Hotel Commo
dore In New York and tta Con
gress hotel In Chicago, tn pat
years these outside Chrysler dis
plays have ben to e mpr. hen
si ve as to amount virtually f
complete Butoinobiif shows in
themselves aud th" attendant
baa been o la re tint in tn: fi
bers it has probr.biy -x( ? !.;u
the totals rep!:-t'rfd :t ma:: y
metropclitan eho wrooij: (n a;:
entire year.
' In both citi' s ': ti Wo a 3 "
tlnns are In pr-iv. ration ' r
192S exhibits whi-.'li. it i.- . .;.
will make th:;i ev n ir r i:,
formative arid plra: vi lo th-,-visitor
than in-tli ! i,a:.i.
tSpaco in the nvo h )' M v bi h
Don't Trust to Luck
Consult a Reliable Abstracter in every
real estate transaction.
Klamath County Abstract Co.
(llfliaiile Abstractors sine l'.'Uj)
111 South 4lh St. Phone 186
o-- - o-' :
Howard R. Perrin
Designs and Plans
Honk, llik (hi.llr i-Ml-J
Cold Weather Coming!
"Let Your Glass Troupes Be Ours"
All Kinds of Glass for All Purposes.
Estimates Gladly Furnished for Sash,
Doors, Frames and Cabinet Work.
aiOHija cvo
aclison's hire
a painter . .;
'His bid was Iciv" they thought
AH they asked of the
painting contractor
was "How much for
the job?"Didn't think
to ask:
"How long will it
last?" " What assur
ance have wc that it
u-on't crack, peal or
fade out?" Paint was
paint to them.
Hirinf; a painter on a
price basis is the most
'expensive thing you
can do.
Wc can put you in
touch with painters
who use 12 Tli.ST, a
paint that, because of
the use of costly in
gredients and care in
manufacture, covers
one-third to one-half
more surface, lasts
three to five times
longer, and hides the
old painted surface
bcttcrthnn anychcap
cr paint that the 'low
bid' painter miybt
Believe us, for econ
omy's sake, let us trll
you what painters in
town use 12 JEST.
They know colors,
too. So for beauty's
sake, hire a 12 TEST
painter. Phone or
come in for their
C0FER BROS., Contractors
I'hone 380
220 So. 7th St.
See me for
First Class,
Painting &
L. B. Sheehorn
"Interior Decorator of
Pelican Cafe"
O-arro truck purden. fully eo.u loped ; good estab
lished hutltienH. Kin (i-ronm bouie, double connirae
tlmi; modern'int. city UkIiIm, telephone and
cliy water, (imxl bunk hot, .. miitrhle for eij;ht men.
Wh'iii, well con fir m t, d hu v and tv k baru. Wry
large nrking fit-d. AU li.rRe Itntdrment shed and
utorae room. Trai tors, tods and in: plniients eutitiKh
fur three times un mu h ground, hundy orchard next
to tho ho tim. .Nice lawn and nhitde tree itlxi about
the houo. A snap to the right party, Heasrm for
iM'llltlK U lOtr heiil'll. TdU pbt'-e ulluiited Jilit oil! nf
the city, and on The lull.C.tirori.ia highway. Kln
ett ground In Southern (
A mont wmtderf ul roourng hotter In the center of
the hii'iiuf dlHtrlrt. Al-o idjntnt to mills and fac
tories. Kull all (he time, ran b made to bring In
fit'Mt a mntrlh. A going huslness. Also a place with
a ipi lb fi name, lu nu A No. 1 neighborhood. I'lneo
It fHt-e!jKrt condition. Property advancing every day.
MuM he seen to he u -precluded.
Dandy four-rot m house and two lots on Kasl .Mnfin
St. Coed yardage. Wood. lied. IMumblnn Just Install
ed. 4'nn : i m he you an htlineilve proposition on this.
Two flno lots near Fremont hrldg on 8hlpptnRton
road. A very good buy.
A few It-arts left In Cirennon Tracts. Wonderful
poll; well Irrigated. cultivated land In Klamath
County. On tho hlchwuy.
Also a few ncrea to trade Jut off the highway.
Theso plees of ground are f the same fine ronntrtir
tlou as t.reunon Tracts, hut are segregated. A snap
oil theite.
Home choice lots in Hot Springs Addition. Theso
are dandy and are going to move.
Five-room modern aturro homo tn Mills Addition.
Dandy proposition.
fiure I'll trade. But not for a stack of unpaid
bills. Co mo In and see me.
0 X(I I'ltOI'KKTY 111 T MY OWX
1 !
i'iionk n7.vj. iiii s. mil j HI
i Paving Petitions for the 1928 Paving Pro
gram Should be Presented to the
Council Immediately
Specify Concrete Pavement in Your Petition
H And Obtain a Permanent Improvement.
Dunn & Baker
Pelican City Road
Phone 952
lllh &. Pine
Phone 477-W
; i CalUmuhi V"pantc3 Paint Co.
ry , I Wnuaca,w SBEST Sine 186