The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, December 16, 1927, Page 5, Image 5

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MuiMlug Today
Ait'nrlrn'a mnal itl.tliigul ih
nl alar, In
K peel urn l r . rlotiaat Inuu I ,
dripping, Thrilling Drama.
(ViiiIhh Hnliinliiy ( nly
ItlCIIAItll t In
MAI lilt K lilNHkV
HI bo hro mm
Watch fur limp
l..HT HlloWINt; TIMI.W
Puullm mill Ciillcti
' A alory lit Circus Life.
Oniilng KtTI'MIMV Oiilf,
mi-miai. attu.uth.n: ,
The 'MiiHafliliitf 'l.fervl',
In M'rMiat
The Golden Stallion
wllli"Whllr Fury" ' 1
(king t florae.)
Htrrln i.MTV KI.VNS,
ami Joi: lloN'iMO
(world's fA)rfK t strong
iimii I
linn' Mloa ThU Tint
Tilt rVMlun Picture la
Wll I.I i I Alll'l WKS In
We Have Them
Just received two big shipments of
Galoshes for women and children.
We have an unlimited supply to drew
from. Why look elsewhere?
. Footwear for the
They buy their Xmas presents at SHAW
MACREA'S. The store of quality, ser
vice and courtesy. 620 Main Street.
Klamath Falls, Ore. Phone 602.
Many Homes May
Have Drab Xmas
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ini'n In aid In the ilrlva mid urge,
everyone who run possibly du
voln nn luiur Ar two to ihi work,
tu report nt niiro loat Ihn cheat
bo cloned, hulf-fllled, and lira enn
triiita provlilu only fur n few of
Hi. ninny.
Ilriiilii'uarlora for ' tlio drive
hnvo been rslahllahed In llm Leg
lull building whom workera will
bo foil Mil from II until 6 o'clock
enclf ilny. Thoso who would
aim ro lo aoino cutout 1 1ml r Yulu
tlitn hupplne.a liy giving a littln
for I ho poor, nm asked lo cull
at t ha hall during Hies, hours.
I'OltTLANI). IH'C. 1C !n rwon
i nliluii of tho wldi'Mpn-nd pupil
. Iiirliy n( A lnml llur,Mr
uul Vliintfr(l H. llnrpiTi tht
wt'lt-kimwn 1'ortltttid suthortt,
whiiio new honk. "Kl.nrli.ii OoM"
wu ptilillnlitiil rcronlly, ilio J. K.
('uiiiptiiiy Hp4tiMur(t a novo,
hook rt'vlt'W ion tout miiunit I'ort
luinl tilnh wtiiHil hi ud 't. Tt-.rt t
ntwh prlir wr n ward hi) for lh
bent rvvlew itf "Klhorlntl
wliirh U it atiiry of minliiK adven
ture.. In fnr'UMHli'rn HI her hi.
Th HnrtHTB have Kvwl in
1'ortlind fur a nuintwr of year
rniil during thonu yvnr huvo
tcomi nnl thumnelvt-ai chiefly
with their wrltlmc and with
Kirl' nd boy it' ncllvllli'8. Mr.
JIurpfT, In fuct, l known an
"the Father of ('a nip Klrw" on
'tho l'aritic Coiutt and I In de
mand wherever Cnliip Fire (IlrU
mrt'l. Iln U e unity popular wtth
rtiton liny Krouu and n;cnt i
liitui part of ttm pant Hummer at
Hoy Ht-out t'ttmp.
Mr. Ilurr U a Nfw Zfalud
rr by birth. Fur many year ho
u a tnlnlnx otiKlnerr In Si her In
by profenUm. Klnre 1914. when
ho took out hlH f I nnl papvri ut
MrMlnnvllla, hn hn been jd Am
Jcrteau t it lie ti by rholi w.
Entire Family
I Ukelele Slayer
! i :r t
HAN JOHK. Hit. IS. (UP),
Prmlrrlik (lalloway. 1.1, lha
"uki'hdtt nuinliTitr." waa ami.
fi'ni'cd to l.d lmprUonmnt In
Hun Queiitln prlaon In anpurlur
rcurt hum llila u(lirri:n,
(lallnwuy wua ronvlrtcil a witr'i
ntto o( Ilia alnyliig of Anilroi'
I'smIiiiiii. Tint Jury riirijinniHndi'il
t lid IniprUotiiiii'iit.
I Thn .laid I'lulmi'il Unit Oul
lowuy kllli'd I'anbiito. a wand
tror, to olitnln III. dtdiiildiitail
j uutiiniiihlli- nnd lila ukululo.
Iln wai I'onvli'tfd u yniir ako
and liti in ' il lo liiinx lint tho
aiiliri'iiiu loilrt (traniiil a nw
iwi Com'MHid,iit
MKIIKII.L. Dee. H.-MrM. John
fiulmnn returned tn her home
! hern lut week after upemlliiK thn
pat few montlu In California
;wfih relullveti,
Tho Senior '1h"h of Merrill
'hlnh itihool pretcnted their play
ut thn Community Hull Ttiiiridav
teveulnK. Thn pluy "When a Fel
! ler NVedit a Friend", greatly
enjoyed by thn lurae rrowd whlc'i
I attended. Tho piny was alo
I presented tu a lurKo audleneo ut
I Mulfn Friday ulfht.
I MIhh HaieJ It. MeClWIund of
! tho rotinty health unit Rpetit nev-
crnl daya In tho Merrill achuols
hMt we-'k. Tho diphtheria toiln
nniltoxln will not b Riven to lU't
f.Merrlll arhuol atudenta until af
ter tho new year.
Mr. and Mr. J. A, Ilrown mov-
ifd from Merrill to their new
'I hnmfr-.tcnd on Tulo I.ako till.
we k.
Mm. 0. V Offield ami riauKV
ter Wlnnlfred. wero ahoppliiK and
Tlhltlni In Klamath Fall 'Ihurn
duy. MIhh Offield Ik ricovurliiit
j from a fmetured ukull and will
'bo ahlo lo reiume her duties ut
jth Amerteun Natlonul liunk : i
I ftrt of the year.
Mm. Storey and dauRhte.'.
IMI ji Mildred, vbtlted with f.lcnt'fl
I In Medford thin pant week.
Mm. ('. J to win nn and daufchter.
Murjorlo, returned to Merrill lu'U
Suttirduy. They hare been atay
ItiK In Central Point wher. Mur
jorlo hni been rerelvltiR medical
attention. Mnrjorlo reKlxtered
Monduy morning nt a freshman
In tho Merrill IiIrIi srhnol.
i Albert Mnrtrlrode ttpent nev
ern days lant week lu Tuioley
vUltinR with relatives aud at
tendlnx (o huBlnetui.
M I'M. Hin ll h of Kliuunth Falls In
I vU'tlniT at tho ltaklnn ramh
with hor noti, H. K. Hmlth.
H. O. Cox left for Anhluml the
InUtr pnrt of tho week. Mr.
T"ox han he;n In Ahhind for two
iwcettri railed by tho tierloua lllncis
l;nd deulh of her atep-mother.'
I Mm. Iel KrtiRer nnd aon ro
ll timed from the hoHpltal Sunday.
I Max Hiirllerode npent the pant
week In Klamath Fnlla an a wit
nen on tho trlnl of Michael Mifr
phy. Ajiioih thoKO from Merrill who
were shopping In Klamath Fnlli
Rnturday were: Mr. ami Mm.
Harold H(Midrlrku, Mm. J. V.
Taylor and daughter. Arletie. Mr.
V. J. Jlnnette. Wllnm Offield
and Maxlno Harper.
Ur Olive Hill, who graduated
from Atihland Normal lest spring
hna returned to tako a Fpeclnl
Mm. M. filacomlnl rocelvert
word Thumtlny of the death of
her hrother-ln-law, James Cin
eomlnl nt his homo In Oakland.
Mlxa Dor In Strickland who
ipent the p.iftl few weeks with
her parents returned to Medford
thU week. Misa Strlekland Ih tak
ing treatments from Dr. Jenkins
at tho Hot Springs Sanitarium.
A largo number of Merrill poo
pin nt tended the meeting held
by Aimeo Fern pie MePherson In
the exhibition building at the
rotinty fair grounds.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Itrueo Hainho
and daughter I.oretia of Kirk
Lliidy Phiis To
Continue Flight.
(fTuntlnuiit from I'aftr )
olMilMunro" Ip (.'harloa A. l.lnJ
hiTith loday n Amnrlra'a am
l.naiador of K'ol will pnid of
(lilnl vlHlta to Ilia I'rnaldi-pt of
llm Iti'pulillc and tho foreign
inlnlhtiir. I.afr ha xumln"d hlr.
uliilun. Kplrlt of Kt. I.oiiIk, In
whlrh hn flow hi'ro fn.m Wuah
ItiKton. Colonel l.lnillicrnh rifnlvnd tli
ni i'liiim of a nation In that rhar-rn-rl'li
ally rului and rharmlnx
inniilHT of hla. Ho upoko for half
an hour with I'r.mldimt Cullni.
with AmliuHrailor iiwlitht W.
Morrow ut lila aldo, ImuniluK "
thoiiKtl "rlllll" wero hla own aon.
Ilu waa KiithUHlunllrnlly Krotd
by forclxn nilnlKtur Hcnor Kutrad i
who uxliauiiti'd hla atork of tiipur
IoIIvm, In pralaltoK hla capltul-to-rapitul
Throo hundred iiuployjH of the
mlnl.iry Kave III in a ruining
rlioi-r. which would huv dun
rredlt lo an Am.rl.on ruling';
rrowd at a iilK fool hall nam". .
... l.liull-rKli found II In H-rT.l
In hla room at llm Amirlian
i mlmy a plln of 3uu .tii'r nnd
Uli'Kraliia from all puitn of Ihn
world atti-atrd lo "Hllm'a" pop
ularity; thi-ro wero Invitation,
from Ontral Amrrlian republic,
to fly lo tholr rapltaR
l.lndlicrich altpt IS hour, to
rtcon-r front Ilu failRuluo; lonii
ditanr fl'.Kht. Mo waa r
frexhed In the mornlni:.
Lindbergh's dny atarted wl'h
a aiateincnt by President Callea.
"The rompliHIon of the ad
mirable non-Mop flight lo tliu
ilty conniltiit-K. in my opinion,
and arronipl!hnn'nt not Inferior
In lethiiluo to thai of flylna:
from NVw York to. Parla." aald
t!;o prcildent.
Ht-I New lleronl
Mexican aviator, raid Llnd
brrch had created a world"a rer
ont for a non-atop aolo flight
over land. Thay cakulated hi
mu.t have :own 2.5U0 mllea.
Illunhlnir, frlrla and excitedly
i liiittiTlns men fouaht for a
c'.iance to aen the human half
of "We." Kvurywhtre he went
rrowda gathered quickly, n.
though responding to an electric
Lindbergh waa greeted by
m'niter' grand reception room.
Sinor Eatrudn In the foreign
minl.ter'a grand , reception room.
He told the foreign minister tna;
hi. reception at Valbuena field
waa tho moat Impreaalve of any
bo bad ever received. He nald
i hla remembering: Ihuae remark
able deinnnatrationa In Paria.
London, llru.sela, Wasblngtou
and Now York.
Wouldn't Tako Brink
There waa n champagne toast
to good relations between the
rnltcd State, end yexlco. Lind
bergh sipped from tho rim of
hi. glass, the tlnent little nip.
The cameras ground away. Am
b.iiuuidor Morrow, who usually
shies from a camera, smiled:
Lindbergh smifed; so did Ks
t radii.
From the furelgn office Ilu
two American ambassadors went
to tho presidential palace to tee
Lindbergh was fit. apparently,
(or another epochal Jaunt. His
eyea were clear. Ills cheek, show
ing a wind-blown pink above the
tan of the sun.
Accurately speaking. It was
Lindbergh day from the breaking
of dnwn to the Irish theater con
cert where American sours were
sung In hi. honor.
spent Sunday in Merrill visiting
with relatives.
Mrs. J. E. YVhltlatch submitted
to a major operation nt the
Klamath Valley hospital Friday
morning. Ir. (1. A. Massey pcr
(ormed the operation.
Mrs. N. K. Woodhoiiso has
taken nn apartment In Klamath
Falls where shj plans to remain
nboiit three months. Mm. Wood
house Is receiving medical atten
tion from Dr. Mather.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Morris and
Mrs. Fern Dnhl of Itedmond. Ore
gun, spent several days visiting
nt the home of Rev. nnd Mrs. E.
L. Moore this week. Hov. Moore
was pastor of the Itedmond
church before belns called to
At the Orpheus
An appealing love story, plenty
of excitement, good comedy and
nn unusual plot feature "Straight
Shootln'," with Ted Wells as its
star, which Is now being screened
nt tho Orpheus Thentre. Wllllum
Wylcr, who directed tho picture,
lias given It plenty of speed and
action. The cast supporting Welti
is nn excellent one comprising
Lillian Olliuore, Ilmk Connor, Al
Ferguson, Wilbur Mack nnd
LOS A NCI ELKS, Dec. 13. (V
V) Inquest will bo held prob
ably tomorrow Into the death
of Allan Purvis. 37, former gen
eral superintendent of the t'ft
nadlnn Pacific rnllway, who died
a few minutes after he was found
unconscious In his room in a
duwntown hotel.
New York University has been
dropped by Nebraska on Its 192K
football schedule.
Views On Navy
Told By Officer
j (Conllnuerl from rag,1 Irrte)
at commandant of the Pblladel
j plila navy yard to on obsrure
I link lu the l-ivy department
i here.
I lie branded (Secretary of Navy
Wilbur's reply lo hla charges as
a "calumny."
I "I could think of a stronger
! word." Slagruder smlt-
iiiKly told the committee, "but I
i think 'calumny' covers it."
, Xnvy OvcT-Oriiiiiilwil 1
lie i hiirged that the navy Is i
orir-orgunUcd : tbut It has too
Iminy bli;b ranking officers; that,
'it spend, thntt.andi of dollars In
maintaining u.eli.iis navy yard. I
'along the Atlantic coast; that it
jdoea not a alnglo base along j
l lie Atlantic which could be used
i by the entire fleet In time of
iwnr; lhat Lie na,y waa apending
more money tl in was nccoisary;
mud that the navy department
: had attempted to put him lu c
I "false light."
j He retury V,'llbiir refused to
comment upon the admiral's
atatcmenlH. (
' "If he hna anything to say, I
: ahail bever y glad to listen to .
him." was tho secretary's only
reference to M iKruder.
I Too Mtl'li ltil Tape
The admiral pictured Ihs pres
ent navy aa bound by the red
tape of a "paper system," failing
.to demobilize after the war and
'maintaining ship, that should
have been scrapped years ago.
Out of the seven nJvy yards
along the Atlantic, not one could
be used to bare the fleet during
lime of war. be declared., I
. "In fact there Is cot cow in
prospect a provision of a proper
(bare f:ir the flcyt." the admiral
'continued. "In the case of a
campaign In the Atlantic, the
'fleet must go to rea from time
to time. The ships of the fleet
must operate together,
j "I'nder present conditions they
would undoubtedly have to sep
arate. The same thing applies
In the Pacific. Fortunately, how
ever, we are establishing a naval ,
base In Hawaii, which will be
able to care (or the (lect, and
does away with the necessity o(
having another creat base on
the Picidc coast.
; rliaili-Hton llase Vnnecosiwiry
"The navy base at Charleston.
S. C, is nut needed now nor Is It
likely to be nerted In wnr. That
yard Is kept for some probable
use in the distant future that Is,
in my opinion, unnecessary."
iiau .kiiu,a.'uiuj,jr'
;. The
; Panatropc
How they will .11 .nloy thi. marvetee.
niustciil Inttrumrnt with It. hrnuti
fill, clfjr tont . . . rangr Ih.t incluJc.
oil mu.ic . . . cnlrrtinnmcnt from the
perrlc ltrunwlck tlfvtrical Record,
or mv othrr m.kc. A drmotvM rut ion
will Amvnirf you that here I. the ap-rs-uiiaia
Cluialiuaa OiXt for yuur
! Gift
fiOT 'Main St. Phone 282
eacon Blankets
Know the Source of Your Supply!
The WOMEN'S STORE has secured the exclusive right to sell
Btacon Blanket3 in Klamath County.
" .1 1 . . 1
The Agency
for Bcaccn Blankets has been confined to the Vcmen's Store,
and if it i3 sold through other channels the W omen's Store
cannot be held responsible for the prices paid to other dealers. .
If you contemplate the need of blankets, we kindly invite you
to visit cur department where you can get first-hand informa
tion from a reliable source.
Built on
507 Main St.
r .il g.Tfcr' Xr 1
H V . it M . I
mm UM
Model 14-7 , j
Model P-U
Jy The New
'r5!77 Portable
Beacon part wool $150
style P-66x8D . V.
Truth in Advertising;
1 1 h i'1 fii 1
MVk. 4:in 1
Shepherd Co.
Phone 282 '
Growing on
i "TV will
! 1 ''
4-- m
For Ten. Days we give the1 "
best terms in Southern Ore-. J
gon to responsible folks,;,;
The Four 'Leading Makes
from which to choose. "
For instance: -$165
models come $8.75
monthly Others for less
t? iik i
and as low as $4.23 monthly
but look them over and make your
deposit today. s
Why wait until after payday when
your favorite model may be out of "
StOCk? . iln
Remember, we are one of the few.'
firms who do not "sell your contract."' t
Be sure your dealer is financially re- ',,'
sponsible, or your guarantee is worth ;
just the promises to get you to buy.;:;
Portables $17.50 with 2 Records. ':
Others $25 $27.50 $35 and .
$50 cash.
t i-i