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The Klamath News
Shop Early t
Only 8 Days
Until Christmas
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klanialh
Vol. 5, No. 27. h ice Five Cent
(Every Morning Except Monday)
New Tax
Cut Bill
By House
Passes By Big Major
ity; Move to Send
Bill Back to Commit
tee Quashed.
(U.P.) The new revenue
I ill. carrying u 1289.000,
000 tax reduction, passed
tlio house tonight. A move
tu recommit the bill to the
ways uml means committee
wiiH previously defeated,
301 to 03.
The final vote wim 3C0
to 21.
Thci bill an II loft thn ways
and mrniiH committee carried tax
reductions totalling only 82.13.
000,000. However, dcmot-raln
managed to ninth certain provln
tons on tho floor of the houm
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Revised Prayer
Book Defeated
In Parliament
OverirliclmiuKly approved by tho
noun of lords and regarded an
certain of pannage In tho other
houno of parliament, tho revised
prayer book nieanur.) wait tin
fiat'd lonlitht by tho houan of
couiiuonii, 24 7 lo 205.
I'rlne Minister Stanley Bald
win hud spoken In furor of tho
measure; flrnt lord of the admlr
nlty W. ('. Ilrldgeman. who In
troduced tho motion In rommunn.
had nlroncd tins nerennlty for
niodoriiUniloii of tin book which
had not been touched since 1662.
In tho, houno of lord, tho arch
bishop of Canterbury, head of the
rhurt-h of Lnglnnd. had urgently
asked Ita pnnnngo declaring that
fnlluro lo do so would moan "re
newed strife."
For a score of yearn Ihln re
vised book hnd boon tho auhject
of heated dobato. The hlnhop of
Norwich, chief opponent atnontt
tho lords spiritual, had charact
erized the book an n "loap l:i
the lark."
Gin Marriage Law
Reduces Weddings
HA(,UAMKN'rt.1('allf., Dor. 18.
(I! 11 California's now "Kin
marriage law" which requires
threo doya notice before mar
riage licenses .nru InKiied has re
duced marriage In. Iho stnle
moro that 1.01)0 a month It was
revealed today whvn figures for
tho flint Hi roe mom hi under Iho
new law worn announced. i
The Inw took effort Angus! 1.
In the three months period, Ann
lint. September and October, In
192(1 titers wero 15. S08 inarrlnite
license Innued. In tho anmu per
iod Ihln year, when amoroun
nwatiin and mnldn wore required
to think it over for threo days,
there worn only 11,013, do
crenne of 3,363.
Many Homes In City Face
Cheerless Christmas Eve
Whllo most homos In tho
city tiro nhlnzo 'with light on
Chrlntmnn evo; when most homes
nro radiating warmth and seem
ingly bounillons Yuletlde cheer,
thero will ho many dwelllngn
hero without even the necessi
ties of life unless a greater ro-
nponne tn shown lo pleas for
funds for Iho Christmas Com
munity chest.
Thin, In .uhslnnce, wns the
report from tho Iter. J. Henry
Thomas, chest chairman, lent .
night when It wns revealed lhat ,
there In a great need for both,
men nnd money In the drive.
Unlike the arerngo fund drlvo
for which rltltena are solicited,
tho Christmas client Is an In
stitution which carries food, fuel
nnd clothing, Just tha bnro nee-
canities of life, to Iho poor of
Iho city at a time ot year whon
Iheno thinks are most needed, It
wns pointed out,
' Tho Christmas chest does not
Attacker I Found Guilty)
Will Probably 'Get
Life Sentence
PORTLAND, Ore Dec. 16. (U
l'( Nine men and Ihri-o women
ot Jury ton'glit nulllfli'd Hi"
pardon of a governor and ruled
Hint John A. IVndur. convicted
hatchet murderer, mutt ruturn
to the (tutu penitentiary.
After 10 minutes deliberation
Jury found I'mu.T guilty of
aaul( on Charlotte Crawford.
Ili, lunt October. Only onn ballot
wun necessary to di'rldn that
tlio imrdon lioiued tu Pender In
Kepti'inbcr 19:1 by Governor Hun
V. Oh-olt muni bn terminated.
1'ho verdict and the Hliort tlm
taken to reach It wore lint sur
prising, even to Pender. Tho
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Frozen Ground
Speeds Up Work
Says Witchell
Ifllrungcly enough, nuow nnd
cold weather havo aerved to
rpied up grading work on tho
Great Northern terminal hero, A.
J. Witchell. chief engine -r of the
Oregon Trunk, declared yenler
, duy. Witchell npent yenlerday
, hern Inspecting the work. He
. wan accotnpauled by Charles
Hurt, attorney for tho railroad.
I "The work la nhowlntt mirkod
' proRrenn." tho engineer ntnl h1.
"Tho eontrnctor han moro than
I a dozen truck on the Job and
1 nn the ground wan soggy and
noft before cold weather, tho ma
chine had hard going. With the
ground frotcn, however, tho
, trui kn are able to mnka good
llmo between the gan nhovol and
the grade dumpn."
I The two reprenentallven camo
down from Portland yesterday
-and wero expected to return
north Inst night.
Weds All Three
Sisters To Find
Mate He Desired
VIIKilNIA. III.. Dec. IS. (f.P.)
Warren Kplllcrs of Frederick.
I III., believed that his fate and
happiness aro bound up with the
, Itesman family. So he married
, Into It. taking one ot three
j daughters as Ills bride.
. Tho flrnt romance ended In a
divorce court, but Wnrren wns
not dlnrouruged. Ho mirrled his
divorced wife's sinter.
, Again ho found it necessary to
. dlnnoive the union and the courts
lobllKed him.
Today Splller was married to
'the third Itcrmnn nlsler. Annie.
'and this time ho thinks he hus
tho right one.
Four Killed As
! Train Hits Car
IIHIGIITON. Colo.. Dec. 15. (C
IM Four persons, three of them
children, woro killed today when
a l:ulon Pacific punnenger train
struck a small closed automobile
ut a grade crossing hero.
Three of the five others In
jured were hurt so seriously that
they may not live.
The train atrtick the antotno
bllo broadside, none of the car's
occupants encaplng death or in
jury. Onn of the children killed
was carried a block on the pilot
of the loromotiVQ beforo the
trnin could be brought tn a stop.
provide toyn and prcHontn for the
needy families; It does not bring
Into theno barren homes the
tinsel and pretty colored lights
which children ot the more for
tunnte families accept at Christ
mas time as a matter of course.
Tho children of poverty must
enjoy Iho pretty things of thin
season only through the pluto
gluns windows of tho,. shops.
Not only will tho poor of thin
city be without Christmas cheer,
but they will go to bed cold and
hungry unless the chest Is filled
wllhln Iho next few dnys. The
needy nro numerous hero this
winter and each day the group
ot 20 women who nro Investigat
ing conditions for tho chest
donors, report many additional
families who aro arlunily suffer
ing for want of food nnd cloth
ing. C. S. Kohertson, head of soli
citation for tho chest, needs many
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To Seek
Mussolini Ready to
Meet French Minis
ter in Interests of
ROME. Dec. 15. (U.P.)
Benito Muiwolini told hi
cubinet today that he would
be willing to meet Foreign
Minixlcr AriHtido Kriand of
France to pave the way for
a better understanding be
tween tho two countries.
II Dure'a announcement wan
greeted with unbounded autlnfae
tion In ltome, among fanclnl lead
era and diplomatic reprosenta
llven of many roitntriej. r.nd was
legarded an tho mont linportuut
Italian dlphniillc movo In ro
cent history.
F.viect I'roiTu
There are several outntnndlng
quenllona to be nettled between
tho two rounrlea which. In view
of Iho evident good will of ihc
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VarmerS At lUle
Lake Have Shown
Unusual Progress
Klamath has aguiti soared In
to the limelight of national roc
ognltlun through a rouiarkahl
rt-ord net up In honiextend'nR. by
Ihofe who settled on government
lands here In 1V22 when tho
flrt Tule Inke nectar ot home
ntead lands were opened for
Of the acreagj opened m 152.2.
exactly 92 per cent In now, at t!ie
end of five yearn. Irrigated an.1
regularly producing crops, II. I).
Newell, project superintendent
for the U. S. It. S., announced
Out of 3,158 acres opened by
the government, 2.918 acres are
under cultivation, Newell slated.
"Thin is an exceptionally high
percentage for any project In the
country." Newell said, "and the
progress shown on the 1922
home area la highly gratifying."
Asldo from being an unti'uallv
high percentage of honiTjlond
land to be farmed, progress has
been noteworthy In view of the
fact that It ordlnurlly rjifulret
twice as many years for home
stead development to roach the
point attained on Tule Inke ln
five years, Newell pointed out.
CIIICAOO. Dee. J5. t!P) A
second world'a fulr, which will
mako the orlglnul Chicago expo
sition 36 years ago seem i small
undertaking, has been planned
for 1933. In organization of the
project, ohnorvera see one of the
grentent coups for Mayor Willlyn
Hale Thompson In his kaleidos
copic career.
The proposal la to eonntruet
the Jalr bulldlnga on, a chain of
artificial Islandn along alx miles
of lake front. Mont of the "mado"
land on which tho structures will
rent has to be filled in within
the next five years. Construction
cf the fair buildings will come
The rastnens of the project
would discourage a person lens
bold than Mayor Thompson. It
woutd probably dlncourago Big
Hill If ho were mayor of city
Cabaret Oueen Sought Cop's Pistol
To Shoot Few People; Goes To Jail
By KDWIN L. HECKLBR , Sergeant Houser'a fltm "no"
t'nlted Prenn Staff Correspondent angered Clara. She Informed
CIIICAOO. Dee. 15. (VP) him in bngnhoremanese that she
This I) the story of llttlo Clara i would Just as soon shoot a few
llarcq. a misunderstood and mal-! policemen: that policemen bad
treated young lady, who be-: never attracted ber especially
came Inrolved In another of herlanyway.
bi-monthly brushes with the no- j ..yoa better walk In there."
lice t-:day and emerged -'settinl Houser told her. polnt
ncratched except for a slight dent j lnK ,0 ,he ce rooIn we I)
In her case-hardened dignity.
Clara, offers an example of
i1"" ood mur,cr ,rlal can
do for a g'.rl In Chicago. She
was tried two years ago last i
July fjr killing her mother. The'
evld nce wasn't very conclusive ,,slld merey ,a, be was sleepy
In Mho minds of the Jury, and , Knen ha was officially informed
Clara was acquitted. So waa ' of hr niigi,,. 8he went Into
her husband. Albert Harek, and court today on a disorderly Con
nor stepfather. Arthur Holt, who duct chargl) ,n(1 WM dismissed
were tried with her. tc. be free until she la misun-
Tho trial took place ln Wan-; Uerilood Bgan.
Kog!.n, in., wuicn is. jusi outsiae
the Chicago suburban area. Whenmar f-v XT -i'
she was from custody j)llSS LlOran iNOtC
tu I.nko county. Mrs. Harcq re
turned to Chicago and proepered
in her ehesen vocation of cab-h
aret entertainer.
The more Bho prospered, the p ) Frederick M. Schlegner.
more often her name appeared Stn j0e business man. found a
on tho police blotters. bottle burred In the .and ne-ir
Last night. Clara fluttered into his duck hunting lodge at tho
the west Chicawj avenuo police mouth of the Sallnis river last
station. I Sunday.. In the bottle was the
"If you please," she said to following note: "Landed near
Sergeant William House, "lend Molokai. (signed) Miss Doran."
me your gun for a few minutes. juj)u Mildred Doran left Oak
There are some people I would iand airport last August in an
like to shoot. They insulted me airplane ln tho Dole flight to
and " ! Honolulu. T he plane was be-
"I don't think you know what Hered to have been lost between
you're talking about." Houser Oakland and Honolulu,
told her.
"Well, you ran come with me LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15. (U
If you wnnt to," Clara retorted P) Boxes thitt flew from a
reasonably. "My sedan Is out Chrlstmaa delivery wagon when
In front. It won't take a min- It collided with an automobile
nte." . Just let mo hare your struck down and fatally Injured
gun. i Gua Booker, 55, here today.
He's Changed His Name
older than Chicago. But he is
looking upon the project as a
matter of course and calmly
points out that Lake Michigan
"Is only 35 feet deep (or a mile
out" and ran be filled In many
places. Hundreds of acres of
lake frontage hare already been
reclaimed In this way over a
period of years.
The cost of the project can
not be estimated. The most
talked of figure la $20,000,000,
but many persons connected with
plana for the fair insist that
thla would be merely a atarter.
Twenty millions will be necessary
to complete the preliminary fi
nancing of the exposition and all
of It must come from Chicago.
The Routh Park hoard, a state
organisation which constructed
the Sollder Field stadium, will
build the Inlands Independently
of the fair project.
have to tie yon down."
But V3U can't arrest me," the
" Hounded girl commented. "I'm
Clara Harcq.
She spent the night In the po
lice station because her hus
Found In Bottle
SAfj JOSE. Calif.. Dec. 15. (A.
Views On
a i
Aired By
Macgruder Testifies
About Red Tape and
General Navv Tnef.
vjenera. navy iner-
ir A citivptavt n. i-
(U.P.) Rear Admiral
Thomas P. Magruder stood
n .on;tl nil ,t
J"v" J
defied the naval disciplin
ary thunderbolt to strike
him down.
The militant old "sea dog"
with a long and faithful service
record behind him had been
called before the house naval
affairs committee now engaged
in considering President Cool
Id ire's 1800.000,000 naval con
struction program.
Calmly and ?uietly he stood
before the committee members
and repeated his charges of naral
waste and Inefficiency, which pre-
"'a iransier
(Com lnuel on I'ntri Flv-
I.O.O.F. Affair
Here Tonight Is .
Attracting Many
H . r , ... ., ..
Odd Fellows from all parts of
aou hern Oregon will assemble
7.,n f' .
night at 7.30 for one of tho
who have been actively connected
with the order for 25- or moro,
snip jeweis to zs ioqko zueniDers
All the- old guard of thi. city
Is urged to attend the ceremony,
which Is to ba followed by an In
formal banquet. l.Taborate plans
have been made during the pas;
several weeks for the event, and
. ,.
many lodge members from the
valley, as well as all points in the ;
county, will be on hand for the
Among the state officials who
, . 1 o. . Z. . j u
bcuuiuuub .1 e omitj urtouii .Pias
ter Porter, and Arthur Mickey,
editor of the Pacific Odd Fellows
Oddities in the
Day's News
BRROKLYN. N. Y., Dec. 15.
(U.P.) Hearing his mistress
call his name. Vol. a police
dog owned by Mrs. Bertha
Turner, unhesitatingly leaped
over a parapet on the roof of
a five-story apartment house
and was killed by, tho fall to
tho street.
Mrs. Turner wept because
she thoughtlessly summoned
the dog from below.
LOS ANGELES. Dec. 15. (U
P) Marie liars, Portland
acrobat, was arrested here to
night on complaint of Oregon
authorities who said she drove
au automobile right out ot a
salesroom without paying tor
Her assorted chauffer, Al
Webber, was booked with her
on suspicion ot violating tho
Dyer act.
Miss llnra asserted she had
bought tho car from another
Second Wife Cost
Rancher $10,000
WALLA WALLA, Wash., Dec.
15. (UP) The second wedding
of Oeorgo Drumholler, owner of
race horses and wealthy rancher,
will cost him $10,000. according
to the vordlrt of a Jury here.
When Drumheller married the
rook on his Touchet ranch ho
brnko n promise to wed Mrs. Mao
Kelly, widow of Bert Kelly, rodeo
performer, that was made short
ly after the death ot his first
wife, the Jury decided, and Mrs.
Kelly should bu compensated for
her broken heart with 110,000.
The widow sought 8100,000 tor
the heart pangs.
RrLindy To
Little Orphan Is Heroine ' ,
"SLZr Southern
QUEBEC, Que.. Dec. 15. UT.
P.) from the froxen debr'.a that
ii few hours bef..ra bad been tho
i flaming hospice ot 8t. Charles. '
'an ancient death-trap for many
had dragged and chopped free a
to al of 37 bodies,
Th . .u.ItY ., ln tn '
: most disastrous fire In the recent !
history of Quebec seemed likely
to mount to nearly 50. Twenty-
'three of the children, most of
them bttween s nd , year oM
nnd all of them under 17, were
""counted for.
I While firemen and police hack-
ed l the lce-encTtmted
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Delinquent Taxes
Reach High Mark,
Report IndlCateS
, i nun leu uiiutunu, uu ma
U926 tax roiia toui 1240.197.04,
j It waa revealed by the county countries, including Hon
.collector. Garrett Van Hlper ys-ldura- gan Salvador and
I tarda v hon MmnUtwl flvnrM
' ,howed an aggregate of $1,219,-
362.53 collected up to November!
5 on B5t year's rolls. I
Outstanding in the report was
the statement that assessments '
on Irrigation and drainage in the
county show heavier delinquency
than any other Item on the tax)
roll. More than. 34 per cent of,
the taxes on this property remain
tn lw entlM-teri Van RlnAri
' DroDertr UIM .ho.
much heavier percentage of de-
thu th th
n ,Le a. S per cent of the
P" the rolls .re
nPollected. VmMr de.
louencle. are hearier. tt wan
NCW Cold WalVC
. .
Advancing Uoon
"TXl, IT C!
llUllUCnXal Jm k3
CHICAGO. Dec. 1" The np-
, ' ,K .j.
!.al.os felt the advance of an-
?her cold wave tonight.
t temperatures 01 oeiween 0
and 10 decree, above xero for A. Boone, contend that the pow
Chieago tomorrow morning, and ers of the board were not term'.
accompanying .now Is predicted
Minnesota, the Dakota.,
Canada felt the first of the cold
wave today. Heavy .now. delay- lo western firemen and enslav
ed transportation In these re-' men. - ,
1 gions.
H'gh schools and
; schools at Fargo were closed to -
! day. Temperatures there were 4
degrees below xero and the six-teen-inch
snowfall accompanied
by a 22-mlle wind caused drifts
which completely blocked road,
in all directions.
.Girls Freed From
lT..nMA.. il
VagranCy Lnarge
LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15. (UP) present at the meeting a. guests.
Charges of vagrancy preferred' Those Installed tn the elective
against 27 chorus girls of the . office, were: Maryellen Bradford
burlesque "Hot Mama." were queen; Alexl. Lyle, senior prln
taken off the calendar today on cess; Jeanette Shultx. Junior
motion ot city prosecutors whs princess: Faye Grtxxle, guide; Na
nald conviction wan unlikelr. I dine O'Ftahertv. marshall.
! The girls recently were ac- The officer, were elected two
' quitted of presenting an obsene weeks ago at a regular meeting
production although four male ot the organisation. A number
: members ot the cast were found ot appointive office, were also
guilty. filled at that time.
Hearst Discusses Mexican
Scandal; Senators Named
William Randolph Hearst was
the first to come forward todav
in the senate Investigation ot
Mexican documents published tn
his newspapers and assert his
strong belief in the lnnocense ot
the four United States senators
mentioned In the documents as ,
having been designated tor large i
I payments ot Mexican official
funds. He said he thought the
senator's name, were used a. a ,
blind to set up a secret fund ln
the United States. I
J Henators Involved
1 The four senators, Borah of
1 Idaho, Norrls of Nebraska, La
Follette of Wisconsin and Heflln
of Alabama, ln sworn state
ment. Indignantly asserted that
1 they had neither received any
1 money nor heard ot any such
funds being distributed.
All member, ot the senate com
mittee were equally emphatic ln .
expressing their belief that th?
Air Jaunt
Flyer Accepts Invita
tion to Visit Guate
mala; Mexico Fetes
Air Hero.
(U.P.) Charles A. Lind
bergh has accepted an in
vitation to fly from Mexico
City to Guatemala, it was
offically announced tonight..
He will leave the capital
some time after Christmas.
Although it has not been
definitely announced, Lind
bergh probably will also fly
, .
, to other Central American
MEXICO CITY, Dec. 15. (UP)
All Mexico "bowed and did
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Board Trying To .
Settle Railroad :
Wage Row Differs
DENVER. Colo.. Dec 15.. (UP)
Disagreement between Jodge ,
h. P. Bnrke. chairman of the
special railroad arbitration board
named to attempt end adjustment
of wage dispntea on 4 western
railroad., and th. board, two
union representaUTe. wm in-.
Burke declared that a meetln?
Saturday between himself.' Paul
A. Sinsheimer. and two renre-
sentatlves of the brotherhood of
locomotive firemen- and engine-
men. would not constitute a re-
I convention of the - arbitration
board which recently admitted !(;
a '' .
auard. j.
The two brotherhood repre-
sen'atires. Atoert fnittips ana .
nated by Its members' disaKrtr?-
' mont and want to continue nog -
tlatlons for an increase ot par
I Bnrke and Sinhehelmer - ar-?
' the two neatral member, of. tb?
' beard.
Daughters of Job,
Install Officers
Installation ot officer. . wai
held at the meeting of , tho
Daughter, of Job la.t night In
the Masonic hall. Members ot
tne masonic nan. Memoers 01
the order ot DeMolay. Masonic
and Eastern Star ' lodge, .were
senators were completely Inno
cent of the .lightest knowled
ot the affair. '
Coolltlge Disinterested
Hearst told the committee that
hi. representative had taken thn
documents to President Coolidgn
at Rapid City last summer and
that the President had Indicated
he was not Impressed by them.
Secretary of state Kellogg was
asked to examine the doenmants,
Hearst representatives said, but
refused to do so. ' "
Part ot theme were shown to
Jame. R. Sheffield, while he wai
American ambassador to Mexico
City and he Indicated, according
to Hearst representative, on tbo
stand, that he saw nothing wrong
with them.
Urges Proeeratliin i
Senator Norrls wa. Ill In bed
and Senator Hiram Johnson, ot
California wa. sent to hi. home
to take hi. deposition. Norrls not
(Cnntlnoed on y"ir lyntv-