The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, December 15, 1927, Page 4, Image 4

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The J Klamath News;
11mlay by Th Klamath N-wa lJub
ItHiliiaT Cnrtiany at inj-12! Kouih
Kiflh air- I, Ktainath KmIIh, Orriron
Olflrlnl lpr f rilr f Klanatk
CUT Kdlt
A4. Mur.
lvlltrn-a fc rnrrlrr. I.Mr Z- . I
UriKrrra fcr maii. rr . . .
g-i. . . .u. . -n -wvvw .-j i-j-r1.r.n.l-L-i -j-uw i
Kntrrrd kr cond ci matter ai !
ili poatome, at Klamath,k ,m to alve all the children
a:r i.Vch i. i:. j
' I
T.l.paaa. STT
Colonel Lindbergh, that
e 1 j u i
paraxon of birdmcn, whose
intrepidity and unassuming
, , , . . , .
modesty have enshrined him
in the hearts of all people
Wh0!ire familiar With his
surpassing prealness, has
(Ktablished another air ree
crd. f
Big how insignificant is J," W,h Jpsu, ripase. dear Santa,
the mere breaking of ret-' we want ail of the .ini. beys
ordain the light of this!"1"1 ".' ,to r"mt"r lh' 7
j , , . have (hrlstmas because It is
wsndcrful young mans per- Jesu,- birthday.
s?nalltv. Other fivers have Huby Onldsworthy
ped,tVouh space to write j
the word achievement across
the pieavens, since Lind
bergh first flew to undying
fame, but have we remem
bered them? Only for a
-e ' are happy
thaqthe daring Lindy has j
.successfully completed an
othtS1 'magnificent non-stop
flight, for if we ever doubt
ed, now we can be sure that
the 'flying colonel's fame
wasnot the gift of a fickle
lady.luck. A clear, capable
Ji . . . :
lira E , mid the hands
v- v. i .u imOSt "s"n8ulsnea 6!ar- aa " ponder who Is call, d one of the
Whljh manipulate the con- jpponing east of popular and stn.-, mMl notorious convicts,
trola of the "Spirit of St. j competent players will arrive by nialimlncd the same dreary look
LouLs"; a Courageous heart the celluloid route today for a that has teen on his face ainee
sustains the nation's idol! two-day appearance at the Pine r!r? 'w" ?;
hts of dis-i- s-rao!' n -
mal'blakness, fog and ad- ' F.rckmann-Chatrian stage classic. : room details.
verse head winds. j"The Bells." ! iWatTtsi
m,,,, f y,a ..u f "The Bells." which provide Sir ! He even refused to turn lus
ituiy tne joutn lor ne ! Hpnry hylng one of (he rmtfBl bead Uon lac courtroom doors
IS lip.19 EiCre than an en- iaetors,of all time, with his out-1 were thrown open Hi s afternoon
thuaastic, unassuming bov sstandlnrr role of Mathlas. which to a crowd of several hundred
i7 tvial flvpr MavhU'P" Barrymore essays In the people who had boon waning two
la great Iljer. Jiay nis . TerS0n. ls an immortal : hours to get a seat in the room,
v.-hole life be one Of breath- ;stage classic. Produced first In' "What are you. a bunch of
takfeg exploits in the air, the United States by Irrins. who . hor?" the baliff cried out in a
atLmay every undertaking ;8Cored hl ate.t triumphs m loud voice as the prospective
a.-umay eery unutridRing n ha j)nce serTe(J aj the Te cta(orJ lramp:cii over each
be eminently successful. ! hide for several of the most aris-'other to pet throuph the door
j)art from all this, how- jtocratlc of the stage elite. After ' way. but l'cnder did not teem to
ever, shines Lindbergh's in- ma,nT "I" ln bo,h jhrr,bHim- rnr . h,lv
J i cities and most remote hamlets ! Both sides scored nea..i
comparable greatness as an l0f tne country. "The Bells" was throusho-it the testimony of Dr.
American young man of: most enthusiastically received Cathey.
i ji.... fwhen It was revived on Broadway I "He has the intelligence of a
crgjr and the will to do that 1
wheh he likes most, better ,
than anyone else in the
world. His ready r-mile, un- i
studied poise and admirable '
frankness have done more
to .make him America S
ItadilJK ambassador and
' . , .... ..
"" " H'"1" man
Sill Ills sunerb flvinir.
These e p o c h 1 1 fiiphts
elj people know him, but
help people know him, DUt
it is Lindy whom they love
not his records.
i o-
At The Liberty
rlfery person who ever thrill
ed at the niiisie. the flown, the !
rre:kH. tne animain om tne stnnis 1
pertormed in the nawdtut rinp .
oi a circus inouia visit tno
er(jtheater today and sir he c!r- '
cushiotfon picture. Thristin1 of
the.Jllf? Tops." Ii is hitih luss ,
cDtartaiument which hands the
audiences a wallop v.lw.n the
maih circus tent collapse? durinK .
a storm, kills the -proprietor,
leaven i; prettjr Christ i no, t he
lrapze performer, free in:trTy
youiK Ir. "Boh" Hptinr nit r ,
lie fans saved her lite through a '
surciiul operation so d li"ate that 1
it f.&ms miraculous. t
. I
' KOI'IIIA l'.Al'I.V.
Taw funeral rorteco of the
lntMMrn. Hoplna I'anly trill leave
the--,Towey Mortuary on Thurs
day morning at 8:65 o'clock and
prolji-ed to Sacred Heart church
whom a reriulcm biKh mass will
he Offered for the repose of her
houIj t. onimeni-lnp at 9 o'clock
Het Father A. V. Lovaer will of-
tltiaie. Thin eveninK at eiKht
(iVIoik, Ihe rosary will he re
cited by father Loener. Friends
are Invited to attend both serv- .
Ire, Interment will be made in
the rnmlly plot In Mt. Ca'vary
Hear Sunt t'lutu l hop It,
Isn't loo cold for you and Jack
Front will not nip your toe and
flniera when yon come to Klam-
nth Falln. We ued to live In Mln-
nrsota where It la murh colder
It la here and I Ilka the
inow because I have
Fiver ilcil. Do you suppose you
could talk to chief ambrose and
In Klamath Falla place to allde
o we wouldn't act hurt. That
would be nice present for every-
body. I am a years old and the
thlnca I want the most for my
tself art a wrist watch and a beau
, j tif ill baby doll. I'd also like some
'alius to have fun with.- ' ,
! Mary lVnnts,
70S Pine.
IWr S-inla ,Maus-Mv Mamma is
1 wntin this letter for me be ;
i cause 1 am only 5 years old and
!JO not ,. , Slhwi vet. My
j brother. Hale and 1 have been
wantin a Itlble so that wo miKht
take It to our Sunday sehool
.claa' " ' 0,1h,:r c,1,lr"
in our Sunday achool do. Mamma
(promised us that we nilpht have
;one at Christmas timo. lut n.iw
t?t iIita l nid t.r IViIrt
Morrill Home.
Hear Santa Claus I am 5 yrs.
old and In the 1st grade I will be
6 the day before Xmas I ' want
a little caterpillar so I can lo
land a sled like David It sayd
I Snow Kinx on it I have 4 cnte lit
tle pup his name Is Jack please:
brinit him a tedy bear he hasnt !
ny thin to play with only but
You must be busy to risit
many boys and cirls.
Robert ruckett.
At The Pine Tree '
1.111111 I 1JJI I U1U1C, a-wUIITalLaO
this season.
At the Orpheus
"The Broadway Drifter" has
plenty ox romance, mutn more
than previous waiph pictures, in
,"ct, there is much more uy ;
imo.p ncre an arouna. . ne ca
13 eiceptional; prictlcally
prcry member Has been lurea
Ifrom some Broadway :are hoc-
c?s or other. Beside Mass Hall,
v.'alsh the following: Georee Of-'
fernun. Jr
younester who aU
ways is in demand for boys
roles on Broadway; Arthur Don
aldson, Nellie Sivace. Glady3 Va
lerie, Bigelow Cooper and Paul
Doucet. It I a good picture and
yoa oUKht to see it.
IUU Clllll IHI J" -( ..
tne quality of an "'gj
apple t- us sKln.
Neither can tht
m it ,&
' early stage-.
Your Dentist is
the man wtio ran
diwover p urrhea
and hy little
treatment ch"ck
it and t hu in
lire your pood
TelitlMry' with a Written
Sugarman lililp. Clh and Main
l i.r Coniplele 1.1 1 of ;ifn
anil llest l1ace to Huy
rice Vnw Three
ivr Santa Clam Thin la the
first year I have got to rito ti
yoa ran 1 am only year old
and till" la my firm year in mhool.
1 know 1 ont set a fritv hut
Santa Claua If you have plenty
of baby doll 1 would be chid If
you. would h ave one for Vie bin
if you don't have enough take my
share to some one that need it
wors tns i ao Santa ('Una 1 am
,rry tor little boya and sirl
that don't have mamma and Nipa
tl, lau, 10 them about you. You
-nr, mt a whiatlo, the other
nlsht down town. I ve had lots
cf tun wlili It. I no to Suu.l.iv
sihool nearly evry aunday. and
like to learn about the babe born
In the ninumT.
Willie J Floyd.
Kt. 1. Hex '-'
IVar Sania I'luas I want yon
... ...... ih. utile alrla and boys
presents for I know
' , hear.
yu C" ,'ir r,,lluleer would Ret
'""'k. i would have to ,ome and
' ,
Dul1 " 1 ' cvslwrs. s.
1(1. I, I'ox 15o. roil ixl.l.
Hear Santa 1 rupposc you are
pettinK your reindeer ready to
come to Klamath Falls. 1 would
like you to please put a new
dresa on my doll. H 'ou will
brins her a dollhouse and a bod
1 will be pleased for this Christ
mas. It Is so cold I will leave
one of daddys amoks under the
tree for you. 1 foritot to tell
you Sama I am six years old.
ilox 10T7.
Tnr1rvrpn KlUOf
A awv-w
Subject To Fits
(Continued from rase One)
of mental disease mlnht apiear
at Irresular Intervals over a Ions.
period of yea" he saiJ
While this testimony was b in?
iren ond Pi("tur,'s o( hiJ 1,eaJ
" ... 1. i .. ,.
were beins displayed to the Jury
10 or 11 year-old boy." the phy
sician said, and Feno:a Kouts.
defense attorney, smiled broadly.
"A rer.-on may have a diseased
mind as shown by the X-ray.? of
Pender's head and -t be Fane."
Dr. Cathey related a few minut1
jutcri and a iuolc of p:eniir
flashed nto the eyes of J- L.
Hammers!, thief deputy district
Th(, dt.frn5e res.0j 1;r.
Cath -y finished, and final ar;
mcnis are i xperted to lake pla -e
tomorrow ciornins
Deal With a Reliable Firm Which
Represents Old and Estab
lished Companies.
P. 0. LANDRY, Manager
Insurance Department
Wilson Abstract Co.
Across Street from Court ilousa
NY nrsiH
Veru Cumoron t as-
Mutant t Jfiry .M.n-klMi. ttm n-w
rtveriisin: n..nt;. . r vt IVu'h
l.liuun oiuMU
Tho ftr-ii day sh" li hi r"
fit i lu hit i.,'.'n 'n u-tli'
so ho mo if t ran-twii m: :iu h. r. with
ihi aid of IVaoU H.ttitm o-ml! ,
lino a boattty "d u-tuit hi-r
jhoio:rap:i in tho wmp-inv ad-vorii-!i.;.
or;. iMlUn.un!v to
fusos. but rootriiilfr w lion in
tht !ovaiir j:oi'. ttov n to lunoli
sho Ft and 1 ilS in :;'Ulv m
l.tvo :i rim; wIiotu !w hoirs
rallod S hrnl.T. al h-trs
that h H K'i'i ti l.nKo Mtnno
tonka in Junv Uts aunovi'.noo i:i
rouirnu.s hor Mint whl.'t fho
lUMvoU drops o;' It r to o
in-onipr.y bark ttt Jorry' offioo
;-nd t.ll h.m so fndon-.o
tli oxori:nt :it;anv!htn. she XvWs
herso'.f. to lt b.Mutitul in liuic
for tho Mlntut'MiK. in Juno.
Jerry oalU in .Mis .'motor, n
prrtfsslaal d-ri -Tst r.ior. mid
they nriko an invonforv ut Vora.
Shir hoars thorn di-.-is b-lliinK.
tioimanont ;iim, f.ho ihyIIh.i;,
hair lints and ro.ilisfv llu iru-o
sh must pav Jorry pi dn.
from his sU-fk a fur-oolor.d Sun
d y suppU'tnont iU i'.in of a strik
ingly hnndsomo wtumiti with
croon yos and a dtinoi.vo bob.
Miss 1'roitor tH Ji-rry s!io bo
liovos sho tan mako Vora a di p-lb-ato
of tho pu-tiiro. Jo-rv f;ivs
Vora's M-a-Kro-n oo romlinlod
him of tho pt.-niro. whbh. wlnio
it has nn nption. he hol!-vo to
be of sonio movlo star. "ora do
oidos to "share Miss rrootr s
apart mont with lur until aftor
ihe exiHr!nont is ovir. Site I.
sti!l hnmil'attd over the s.-K-m,.
but her need li be h.antifo; by
Jone towers ujU' ev-.rt air.,;
When Vera la moron rot arm
to the apart mont that evi-nlns.
;he found Kbua tmvr:Kht do-
TO tod tO tho S'TiOll ' btlsun-?4 oi
d res.-ins ft t .in tvor.fmt oit.
"Hollo. Voo-Vifii darllnc. You're
jut In t:n;o to powder tr.y b.t k
Slid h--)nldors. litj try to sro-;d
it ev nly. Th:s oTon'n he
turned dry matioaliy upon Vera,
who had laid a"itIo her hat mid
o oa t a nd a r- curd 1 n 3 h r
pro 1 1 y ana: with si t rv.h in.:, 0 a 1 -e-iUtiiiR
cyo--"is one of th?
mo: important eonin-'J in n:v
"Important?" Vet-Voe rai.-ed
her lK'avy brow lni',u:rinly.
"Aboltito!y vital," Flora Cart
wright (imiUd. "IVtiT Darrow U
KoSnir to pro to - tt nio tonight,
and I've pot to tin : s for the oc
casion. V e e-V ce s h h : d d j t o rni i n d
to think of hen elf rn VeV- o
'Instead of Vera Ybtorla. s'li'
her rro'pH-tive rrMrth d maudet!
un eniiroly new outlook upon ! fe
took tho ;r- it f!af:y p r.vdor
puff frm the drc--in-; table and
bypan to dust i-eariy-thiK d p w
d'T upon lur aunt'.s shoulderj.
"JIow do you know h.? is (tolnje
to propose tonight. Aunt VI ira?''
she r.skeil tasnaliy, but hr aunt
wjuld have boon ?:artltj to
know thr.t the girl waa ha:;-"
oa her words.
"L'eca-a.-e 1 !:ave planned f r
him to do s.." Flora I'irtwriiht
In uk lied. "Would yon m ear tho
D"W black chiftun with r!;::i -:tvr.e,
or do you think bl.u k w;!l
remind him I have tv.-j tU-..r
buhoandi in the pravo? The
nymph p;nk pf-orpeitr-. now I
l'i;r ri.nil'U'ie Ms! l:r lil.'l.i
an;l lU t Pl:uf to II:i
Se Vtt"im TUrrp
OD Clam Clastin
bought H Tr th!s M'eelal ooo.i-i
ion, hut I'm f""!n! t. be Jasi a
tiny br a ''Mid of pink. AMrr
all. 1 :n (!ilm i-:tn, thoiikh I'M
slay ton in oobl bl.nni it you dare
toll 1 What would you
to th. ; ni" croon " 1
"An'.t I'irr.i." Ye-Voo Intor
riiptwl in j ton-io, dotoriniued
voioo. "Art' you jioiiiK to marry
I'cu i r. now ? It yo-.i think
it4 fiiiv ?' "Marry IVtor" Flora
i'attvr iwa' tatifih ratiR out Joy- (
ottjsly. : he op'ttod n tiny Jar of,
lip w (!e at: t bouati to r ttuoh
her lip- ' :y dear Veo-Veo. ho
said ;r-.thin: about lunrrylnT
Pi-tor? I uM be w pola to
propose 1.1 tne tonight, aiul bo Is.
. A pro sal at l t e ry i
months is ubvoltitely ne. e:wary to
my po.u of mind. It' Toter'n
turn now. and I'm koIuk tu have
a per fri t ly lovely time, listening
to htai toll m. that 1 am faoln
atlut; and yount; and beautiful
anil thit ho loves me m.ullv. That ;
,ill keep me youmt lor another,
prorttms six months, and will do'
the dariieu infant no barm at nil.
j Hut -as (or marrytnn IN lor, why,1
dar!;nK- Id worry in so If tu lo the,
jsruvo trying to keep uj) with hhn !
land to Keep htm from (ir.iAuit out 1
Jth;.t I'm ton years old r than h"
thinks I am. No. ee-Voe. dour,
whi n I marry ai:aln. It wiM be a 1
I nh o. imforttihle, tntil;l!e-aKod
tuan ho w ill adore me bofre
break fir t an well us titulor tho
dinner tabio ei'ttdb v I d m'l !
dar- b t lYter ste rie hi llle
sunlight now
"Aunt FIo-a. how ii you do
lit? Make them i-ropeo. I uiv.111,"
tVoe-Voo iuterrupii'd. sti'i m thai
ten-dt tor:;i'.no t vihv. (
! Mrs. Car'.wriKht uioi;vi her
It an tl -mirror. tratii; to her feet,
and fi'ins h r a: nis a bunt t he
r ;ont h tl r'rfs iiuioh!:n b'dy
"DurUni;! Vou'e in loe! A nd
you w V' u't ri 111; t. ti '.l your
old an 1.1 a word al'Ui: It! Who
Is bo. Vto-Voe? tJ'i. my dear.'
t I'vo s'mp!y prayed for t hl-t day
tO t IJill'1' '
"Aunt F'ora. pi - e don't lie
riiorbiiis! " Vie-Yte p k: ind.K
t:aa:!y but with en1 ; rely tuo
tnueli era; basis to lur
aunt. r. a was vNe l:i tho v. ay
of woito n.
"All ritht. dar!:r:i:. Flora
ku-. d ! tr ir.tMo on both el... Vs.
t!!i t.:rmd b nk t) h-r drrsv.r.;
... vlTfc. ... If Ml
The model
Panatrope c"?'
Ifotv ihry will H rnyry thin m.rvirti
muik il imlrunicnt - with tt rumi
ful, clcxr totie . . . rang? that fnclul-n
all music . . . mtertummctit from tlic
ptrrlt-M Ilnjnvvttk l.lritrtcait KrrorM
or any other make. A drmorW rmt im
will i'(nvim yu that h-raj in th ar
nrriiriale duiaUUu OUt fot yuur
ftunil .
,j$m mm mi
, r.Kcoitns
1507 Main fit. Plione 23
table. "I'll tell )ou how I do 11
when you toll no wh.i it It. tth
- 1 foruet in a k you, and you'r
probably milk Inn bet uuo 1 fr
not- did you n ; your promotion,
dear? ii. dear, whh ti dif
hall II be? ivter huMit seru 1
iho pink, hut bo nald that 1 look- '
ed like n Nalad lit tho green. ;
U be only wen n't o youn - but
toll me. dear; A mil Flora' Union- 1
In, tou won't mind K I y '
wltli tny dro.tHK?"
' Tortainly not. Annt Flora.
Hut It does happen tint I have;
fomo ruiher ImpoTlan! tieWM fori
you. 1 was m,uh a :ant to the
tulvertisiim iiiauac'r today - " !
""I hut iw'i tho podlttim yoa ex
inoted, it It dear? Hut ll sounds
very Important. Feu.o no Co '
on. darllui; l.eFn hoc -Mia! I t I
wear those or hot ? Fin I
n'mast uro I told Pet it thui;
Nleky Kavn them to me for an
aiiulwr mry present. And Petor'd
o sensitive. JunI o liny thliiK
like that might itoare luai oft
os. dor. 1 am liHtoninK," nhe
interrupted herself etintritely. j
"The new n.heiti.-ditK tn.umKor;
h Mr. Maeklyn Jeny Maokl n
Veo-Voe boan valiantly.
"Jerry, did y.u .i, d irilni; ?
There! 1 know It! You have
fallen In Jove! I 'never 1 ould
re tnt a Jerry sort of man my
self. Tell l-i.' ul! ithiMll hltll. :
Vi. or I'll Mtraav.lo you with
Nii k's oiystat ."
"ll. a imv n.o,v t'or.s. Aunt
F'om. iu,d I'm not lu tuvo with
him." Voo e 1 rud tt -i" rately
"llo't potttiv-!y hotuel) ban the
most ntr.uui red hair you ever
w- and iM as blue ;.a
blue rtiai:i - "
"He sound adorable." Flora
Uhd. "1 tiou't b la nut yon a
bit. V."oi;l.l you wear nude or
silver im kla s with tlun Jade
KTeen ilr s ' V
"..tver. vitli your Mlwr llp-
p ri." Vt e-'e UlitW- d de-per-
utely. "i'b'jte is? 1 n n tnlu iio.
A 1,
1 ,r
( f-
,;iljli).i',-j.ui1i. , i n
j I
C07 Main St.
xnF&i dish
Model P-U
Aunt Flora. I'm trylrm (o tell
yon I h i 1 1 ulmll haw tu b away
tor, tit least three weeks on work
for lh firm "
"V!iy didn't you toy wo?"
Flora t'u'rtv. rlKht ileniitinlid with
sbrlil liidlKtialloH. "Three werkti!
Vou kuow yui il and welt If oil
leave me nlune thai lont I'll
t.'nrt )' feoiurouo tu, nhoer dinpera
lloit. I'ulway do! You know I
euu't bear to bo alone. If I
make a fool of niyu lf and nreep!
I'eler when bo propose tunlKl t
It will be all your latill. 01 a
Vletoriti t ametou! Where In th"
world aro you solnit?"
"Out of town, on M-rot lots'
uohs eonneotrd with the ndxei't
Init dopartineiit," Hhe mm i led, k'-I'I
that Kitty lTo tor n tu.illy did
live "out of town"- for If Atu.
I.i tt.iMi'1 "out of town" wh.t
UH It?
"l)f eour-ie, if you want to b
myHtirioiiH," Flora pnuiod. and
observed her eprMlou lu I be
mirror with IntoroMt. "Do yo t
think I urn RottiiiK too old 1 1
pout t-hnrmlnKly. Voe-Voe? of
t (t'oiulimed on I'ncu l-'lvr)
AT Tl iZ
Today arn.1 FriJiy
in his screen t;-;j'.irpicco
The Soul Stir.-laj'- D r.m.i of Lovo,
Gtvi'il and an Avt'nliic Oor.soii-nco
Don't Fcrcl!
I'.'" ill,
j jf'? DON'T DELAY
but look
he New
Shepherd Co.
x . - . Pbone 282
Tor ( ain le(o l.l-t or (tirtu
ami IV-1 Pliuo to Huy
I e p4ij0 Tlueo
At Tho
"Cfcrisline of
the Bis Tops"'itiurlnK...
I'll MM: (.lli iiiiiI
l; .m Ihrllli'il nl I In'
In i . t Iik in tl I t. Ha
f. j'. .i, iliirlnn iiml nklll, Im
lilhll. llro UII lll 111 Till
I. 'T.i ! tl ut llilii iili'lurn
i r irnm urn.
ni:v.s iiml imi:iv
For Ten Days we give the
best terms in Southern Ore
gon to responsible folks.
The Four Leading Makes
from which to choose.
For instance:
$165 models come $8.75
monthly Others for less
and as low as $4.23 monthly
them over and miikc your
deposit today.
Why wait until after payday when
your favorite model may be out of
Remember, wo are one of the few
fiim3 who do not "sell your contract."
He sure your dealer i.i financially re
sponsible, or your guarantee 3 worth
just the promises to get you to buy.
Portables $17.50 with 2 Records.
Others $25 $27.50 $35 and
$50 cash.