The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, December 14, 1927, Page 3, Image 3

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New kuunlilfr Tu Mueller the Chrlalmaa hollduy. with hor
Mr. mid Mrs. 1.. C Mueller are parents,
llio hnppy parent, of daughter
born nt III. Klamath Valley ho- HIo..l.. I.,,.. Kurt Klamath
1,11.1 Wtiy mi.ri.kK. The , .M.,. liry Uunloit was .Imp.
I.nby w.lnhod 7 1-4 tfi , ,h ..n ... r...
runilllloii li)iruvltt(( ('milulii
Apploaato .tated ye.terdiiy ilmi
hi. brother-in-law, M. L. Alford,
illy recorder, of Modfnrd, wliu
recently underwent . .nrlou. op-
' oration In Portland, Is
eovcrlng and l. returned la l.U
Inline. A I lord I. a brotliur i.r
Mm. Luvl Willi), at thin HIV.
'who recently t returned friitu
Portland. , , ,
Great Millinery Halo At Cert-1
I her home at Fort Klumuiti.
i llailliiiur ( hut- He thn rail
I tut or cover. - I hut Hull llyun'a Tup Hhup puli on ynur car
I fur ll.f.O adv. IMI-ir
' A
I'lipl. Api'li'Uulc IC'I 111 na Cup.
Inln (I, ('. Appli'Kutn, who wa.
culled In Jarkxinvllln, Oregon a
In week, una on nrcoiint of thn
aerlnu. nines. U( hi. slater, Mr..
II. If. Hemnni, relumed Monday
evening to hi. Iinnio In thl. cltv
Suit For Half
Million Result
Of Allegations
John H. llorgur, reputed Lit. An
golua, California, eipo.ltlon pro. now
motor today filed tult (or 1600,-, prou(i
;uu uunaae. agu.n.i marie, v.
Tnft, II, Hamilton proao
culiir, for allegation. In an In
dictment charging Horgor par
IJnrcd hlm.ilf ii. a wltncan (or
Hleorge Iteniuif on trial lor mur-
dur. '
Tho .tilt til. o ta.i'd upon
llorgor'a ullegulluu that In an In-
At The Liberty
llulnx Hi. smallest .tur of the
i-rvun I. a dl.tlnctlon of which
Hhlrloy Ma.on, Krji-rful lltllo fern
Initio lead o( "Hkh Men'.. Bona," 1
at the Liberty theater I. '
rutin'.. 611 Main HI.
hall price. adv.
All hat. at i r"l'"rt tliut III. nlntrr la well
JJ-lUt "n ro'l recovery,
Hhe ha. no wl.h, a. have ao
many email women, to he t tall
and willowy blonde- hut I. en
tirely commit to remain a. .he I.
a petite brunette, four feet
eleven and oae-quartor Inchc. In
height and about iili.oty-.lx
pound. In weight.
I .ram Car Kiwi Mr. and Mrs. 1 -Indue IMinle J. Parry Wella.
I.aac Larkey and children have ''"' eehool .iiperlntenilent. and
l.ri t.w f... V...HH . I I'lllll T. Jllt'kann. Iirln,.iinl ,f III.
,.- . ,u,u III, IIUII-H, . ,,,'1 . - " - ... ..... -
they will .pimd the coming slv ! Klnmath eiiunty high school, mo- j U Ei A T H S
week, vlaltlnx relative, unci : lored to Mnnanta la.t nlxht where I
friend.. They nro making i't( I hoy acted ft" Judxe. In the de
trlp through California. '' between, llonnnia and Hen-
ley. Fred Peteraon, rounty arhnol
Iti'lurim Home Mr a. Kil lluyt ' "Ul'erlntendent. and l.loyd Kmery
of Fort Klamath returned y.-"' 'he Klnmath rounty hlxh
' lerd.y from Portland where aim ' acted aa Jmtgea at Henley
ha. apent the pn.t week with 1 arhool.
rnlallvee. Her innther. Mr.. Ilnw-I
lilt, of Mcilford al.o acrompau. j l'"rrt Keroril Allium A band- j Idaho are
led her north. "' ;'! jaume Chrlaima. album with ll.ree'1""11
,... i.u iof nmrq record piircha.ei. Aak
Xinaa Ulfla Lovely dlaplny. fr It anon before our aupply I.
Kee our wlndnwa. lurnliarfa. ; all slvou out. Karl Bhcpherd
McCarthy tilde.. 118 North 7lh!ndv. 13-31
8t,J-dv. 7-l ...
I I'oe Miillrnl Al trillion Krank
Keller leaving Irvlnx Keller I lnbrle on a a vlnltnr In Klamnth
will IVavo thl. niorulnx for Clnf- Kulla yeaterdny from hi. homo at
Ion, Kana... whero he will muko Hwnn Lake. Ilia wife arrompnnUd ( (n
an jnueiinua visit wnn relative. a no u. laaeu to ine no..
. pi Hi I for medical attention.
lervlow to aome new.papurmen Miaon polnti lo ine ia
Taft repeated the allexallon. of m"l o( women of hl-
tho liidlrlment which Included n"1""1 ' "lelr chafta wero
the .liitement ibat llerxer had "mail. Mary. Queen of flcot.,
been lonvirtvit ol a felony In!1"1 arcordlnx to M U Mawin,
Mliiiie.utn. j would have bcu.n tho greateat
llerxer acted lor hloiaclf In fll- acreen alar of nil time, had "he
lux the auli In common pleaa . iivvl ' 'ho """ ot motion' plc
rourt, but eald he would employ 1 'uro ani n,t u0" " queen,
a half doien protnlnei.t attorney, j ' ' b "m bolght and ,
from ull over the country. j welxhl aa tho Columbia itir, oc-
cording to historical record..
In "Itlrh Men. Hon.." Mia. Ma- ;
.on play, oppoalte Italpli Craves, :
who. I. lx foot one. Tho ron-
traat I. further enhanced In that
. , m w ma 4.fM. uMif
0 ViW
the Boys
at the
Christmas Store
Boy's Shirts
A roaarv wll I be reilled a'l ih.!"1?" M." 0U'"! ,or'olr I
Towey Mortuary on Pine and ; " ""' "e manaxe-:
Klxhih for Mr.. Huphla Pauly on : n,l?,lt uf bl,r father', ateel mill, i
WediiKMlny eveiilux. Uerembor 1 1 j while Crave, la a younx wa.ter
at K o'clock. A. yet no definite :' disinherited by his rullroud max-
arranxement. (or the funeral ; nate father becaueo ho won't
ntve oeeii mnilo. Relative, (rom i work
expected within the I other member, of the caet In-1
Hoy., theiie are the )acknlfe boot.
jacknlfe fit. In pocket newed on aide
of right ahoc. Air leather top with
compoaitlon eolc. An Ideal xlft for
the boy who enjoy, the outdoor..
Flannel Trousers
Jut a Rood pair of long pant, suit
able for school or dress-up ocoa.lona.
Finished with belt loops and cuffs.
All axes. Large variety of colors and
patterns to select from.
elude Robert Cain, (ieorxe Kaw-
been transferred In Serve with t Krences Itaymond, Scott Sea-
the Zellerbuch Paper company of i Wol"'r Jame n(1 Jhnny
Hcnu I Vox. ltalph Craves directed.
and (rlcnils.
le. Hbamliart Hc.nn Mra (1.
. Shamhart roturned to her
.Motor To llr
A. Henderson,
iy Mill Mra. C.
county mualr
Lome In Merrill Saturday after teacher, and Krank Helton, cnun
vl.ltlng lor the peat two nmnthaity boys' and atlrtia club leader,
with relallvea In tho Wlllnmcttu ! motored to limy Mill yesterday
Half IVio Balo now on at
Gertrude's Millinery, 619 Main
St. adv. 13-101
I'lcilge. Alpha XI lleltn Word
haa been received here that Ml.s
Allsa Maaeey, dauxhler of Dr.
and Mrs. (I. A. Masney, ha
pledged Alpha XI Helta at the
i'nlverslly of Orexon whero .he
la attending school. Miss Allan
will arrive home Friday to spend
where they visited arhool..
Must ' Itcilure Our Immense
stuck of millinery, ao every bat
In the .tore will bo exactly half
price from Hutu relay until Christ
mas, tlertrudc'a. adv. 13-lut
Will Arrive Twin)' Mrs. Ca-.
brlol. president of tho Oregon P.
T. A. will arrlvo today and a
sieclnl meeting of all Interested
arent Teacher, activities will
be held this afternoon at 3130
at Kromont auditorium.
Chinese At War
Over Rich City
(Contlnttrtl from Pajre On)
i he actually had nwH the radical
; force. , Many building wero
II. Norkct hww Klliuliuiton . Aflame durln Rlho day. -
119 50. Karl Bbepherd. adv. The alluatlon wan described by
1 3-3 1 ! (tuvclurs aa chaotic.
I A Jup-anpitu nt earner ai aaid '
In Hnn 1'VnnrlMco -Word has to have also arrived at embattled J
hern rpcrlvod that Albert May. Cunt on, currying 1000 comnun
ronnerid with Moe'i Store of , 1Mb.
thin city, In a gurtit at the Hotel! Would Hlnk Slilj
.Manx at Kan Kranclnco, where: It was reported that Torelun ,
ho la makltiK a biialnou trip.' j xunlmata, Including those from j
i tho t'nliod Staloit. tlrvat Ilrilaln ,
IliirKuliift Come nd aee ttu and Franco, threatened to 'nlnk
. i . .. hhiuii in lima tti uciuuun in-t it um iiiuhijib u
. 7 Z n"7? .le.-dv. U-lOt landed. (
Mr., t harlea I oxue of this city , ... A dispatch from Canton said
Plan to leave for Keno. Nevada. ,, To uTh i thut radical lead.r.. In a procla-I
immediately after the I hrlslmy lor the dance which ma.lon. had ordered 'oxterraina-!
Boy's 0'Coat8
Imagine the amile that will come ever
bin face when he opens the 1 argent pack
age on Chriatmaa morn and finds what
every boy want a real overcoa. Some
thing practical ts always appreciated by
I'oyn. Theae coats are in all the wanted
styles all weights lined and nnltned,
Jarge collars and in blue, brown, gray
and plaids. Boys take peek at these
and you'll have one more item for Santa
to bring.
Dretw shirts that are always needed
they cost so little, yet will receive a
joyous welcome on Xmas morn.
Boy's Shirts-Wool
Warm, beary weight shirts that are
almost a necessity for cold weather.
With porket, well fitting collar and
button cuff.
J Up
Boy's Suits
3-piece, long trousers
A suit cf tailored clothes for Xmas no
boy would expect anything nicer, and we
don't know of any place where you'll
have a greater assortment to choose
.from. These are the suits for the boy
that's hard on his clothes, and for the
i boy who desires to be as well dressed as
the rest of the fellows. The outstanding
.features of our boys' suttx are quality
and price a price so seldom found with
in easy reach of the average pocket'jook.
being sponsored by the Wo-ltlnn" of lundliirds, destruction ol
man'a Library club will be Issued ; title deed, to property and con-
i today. This event will be held ! flscnt Ion i t all land, and nouses.
Genuine Le Mur Permanent
Wave, 7.50
Phone For Appointment 830
! Wednesday evening. December
i me. exniuii ouiioinx. wun Mai
Ularkburn's Hand furnlahinx thnj
music. About 600 Invitations will
be Issued.
. .
Xniaa lilfl. Lovely display.
Boo our windows. Barnhart'a.
McCarthy bldg., 118 North 7th
8t. adv. ' 7-1 6
Music .tsMK-tiiilon Meeting
A meeting of the Klamath Coun
ty Mualc Teachers association
will ho held Thursday evening at
tho homo of Mrs. K. T. Hunter
on North Sixth .treot. All mem
bers nra asked to be present.
j for results use News Class Ads.
' Leia&
I it
C "
Boy's Underwear '
No better and no finer underwear has
ever been sold ever a counter at thi.
price. We Just ask you to come and
nee It. Medium welxM. strongly
made all strain point reinforced and
In natural color. Long legs and long
Ages 2 to 8 95c
Ages 10 to 16 $1.25
Wool Socks ..49c
Belts 50c
Ties ...... 50c
Mitts 59c
Dress Gloves $1.35
Boy Scout Clothing
If he is a Scout nothing will plea-se
him more than -to have a completo out
fit or addition to it. The Golden Rule
is the Scout Btore If It's not In stock
we will gladly order any Item.
Bradley Sweaters are for the
boys who like to "rough it."
Coat and alip-on styles heavy
and medium weights wool,
wool and rayon end cotton.
In fact, the assortment Is so
large you may easily select
Just the garment you like best.
In every Imaginable color end
Heavy weight wool blazers
that are wonderful values at
this astonishing low price.
Mother will easily recognize
this a a real price compare
it with other blazers and
prtcesr then note the differ
ence. A garment any hoy
would be proud to wear. '
Only a few of these handsome
garments left heavy welgh.
all wool finished with large
collar, pockets - and Is our
greatest cold weather coat.
Just the type shown In the
e$4-35 $8-50
NO TIME to wosle in bar
ber cliairs. This nrtisfpa
triarch spends his days wan
dering through the mountains
of Glacier National Pack,
painting scenery.
Don't Be In Doubt
Every school girl wants a Wrist
Watch and with this in mind we
have purchased a lot of
School Girl Watches
and priced them so reasonably
that all parents can afford to get
their girl the longed for watch
On Sale Now 'at
Glover's Jewelry Store
"The Home of the Big Street Clock"
J ' " 't
1 l l.,.hl.t.l.l.r;'.ll:l,l.l..,.;il.lrl.l.lH,l,-.l,'ll.l;1.l.l,lll '
i ed for
as export business In-
I PORTLAaVD. Ore., Doc. 13. (1
' Cattle steady at 25c advance
' late Monday. No receipts.
Steers (1100 lo 1300 lbs.)
rOKTLAM), Ore.. Dec. 13, (P)
I All grades of eggs quoted n
I cent lower on tho Portland dairy g0od, f 10.26 111. 60; ditto med-i
exchnngo today except medium j Inm (950 to 1100 lbs.) 110.76
extras which are unchanged. lie- 11.60; ditto medium (800 lbs.
celpts are fairly heavy while de-,"n 9B"1I6 a", wolghta;
. , common 7.60 9.60: heifers, good
mend continues normal. Butter (860 ,ba down) 8.259.00:
prices are firm. ditto common to medium 6.25
Turkey receipts have been light is. !5: cows, good7.00 8.00; dlt-
T-Trkiicinn'c! TVaoin ' ed ,he blghest average of the
llUUSlUU S Icalll lyear for individual attendance.
Wins Lions Race; tohokrh isi-w-r HKli
KL, CENTRO, Calif., Dec. 13.
A report on the Intercity Scrv- (i'p Jiauro Delgado, wanted
Ice club meeting, and the general i In San Diego for forgery, was
.....ii.. k.i n ih. i held here tonight for author!-
entire time of the Lions' weekly
meeting yesterday at Llnkhaven.
Tho membership contest and
ties of the border city.
:ii) rtKhi. iiiii'itiiter Kun
Vancuuvei. Ii C, are wear
i"K these lm-cn aabots. ot
(lilts 1 he "boy" pictured ,
here t really Violet Abcr
nathy. 8..
j during the past week end so far
I tho market- has hold firm. Local
I wholesalers expect considerable
i Increase In shipments within a
: few days with perhaps a alight
strengthening In prlcos. Fancy
: Turkeys have been moving mostly
nround 40 42c a pound, al
though a few very choice toms
have brought as high as 45c.
Other classes ot poultry are
Country dressed meats arc
steady with a slightly stronger
tnno prevailing In tho veal (11 vi
sion. Fnncr veuls aro In fair
demand at from 16 to 18c j W.AXTS WATEK SKT ASIHK
A downward revision In Cer-; SALEM. Doc. 13. (P) Water
inany's prune tariff, which will i users on Butter Creek In Cmattl
out the fluty on American prunes ; la county havo petitioned the
I from 11.08 top. Is reported by j state engineering department that
cable from Borllu by American a wator district be set aside In
agricultural commissioner L. V. I their section undor tho exclusive
j Steere. Whether prices In local j supervision ot a water master.
j markets will he affected Is prob-lAbout 75 users are located on
lemntlcnl but an Increase la look- the creek.
to common to medium 5.50
7.00; ditto low. cotters to cutters
3.00 5.50; bulls (yearlings ex
cepted) boet.g ood 5.75 6.25;
ditto common and medium 5.76:
calevs (500 lbs. down) medium
to cholco 7.60 10.00; ditto culls
to common 5.60 7.50: vealers
(milk fed) choice 10.00 12.00;
ditto medium 0.00 10.00; ditto
culls to common 6.60 9.00. .
Hogs steady; slaughter pigs
(90 to 130 lbs.) medium to
choice 8.00 9.50.
Sheep steadyT no receipts.
drive for 100 per cent attend-,
ance closed yesterday with Fred j
Houston's team beating that of i
Waltor It. Waggonor. Lee Craw- .
ford nnd Walter Waggoner show-
Italpli ami Shindy
A sparkling ensemble of
Cmiiliijj Tlll'HSDAY mill
A thrilling circus torj.
.Jack Dorothy
smile"' ;.
You'll laugh . . . roar . .
grin . . . chortle . . . scream
at this smashing comedy hit
Is comliis;. Your liist op.
imrtrnlty to hear him m be
leaves for Now York Jan.
nnry first.