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No! Longer Kin
Of Kay So Can
J Sit In Hearing
' KAl.KM. 1oc. 7. (.V) Justice .
O. l'i-'or:how of (he supreme 1
coiut" Is no longer a relative of
i .i;:tiv -Treasurer T. H. Kay and
therefore was qualified to nit In
Uie niato office building cam
v h Ich us before the court yes
t'TiUy fcn rehearing. This was
1M" !rulme of the ccurt. ns nn
ih, unfed .y Chief Justice Hand
liojn tin in nch after attorney
!' r th. Pattern and Western
J.utntvr rompftuy had suggest
i L.'it Jn.liro CoMuivr should not
1 ! allowed to sit. A statute in
t:.c code was cited. i
t. hn f Justice Rand explained
flv.t uliho'i-h Judpe Coshow's
fonr wifo was a lister of Mr.
3C.iv,' if the defendants in the
Mitt, her d ;ith occurred prior
to t he I'l'KUiiiInfc of the suit
J o tii .t n la?ion::-hip no longer
'. ; Kay is one of the de
n'f.' in the case by virtue
i i 1 . ir.x a number of the
:ir;:'' hoaid of control which the.
i ..i.-.: r-ru end Western Lumber '
ct pi v pc. ks to enjoin from
lio-fl1!;? the hniiding cn grounds
;!i..t t!n I-:'pi?.tive art providing'
i. ,- it if unconstitutional.
V the supreme court sev-
.1 ttiinilis apo handed down a;
ire- in favor of the plaintiffs
ii -:r iii opinion was written
! - ;ti, who contended that
5h" firliiir.? art was legal. His,
ti.' :: w: concurred in by Jus-;
i;. McRrlde and Ilelt. The
j; .. i:,:;: opinion was written hy
'. 11: own and concurred in
! j;-irn. tt, I'er.n end altnd.
; . t:i;n Justice Rurnett has
i.U-d ::nd J notice Rosstnan has
nt-.rv! d htm. which make n
1 o: -bl that Rossraan may have
tut Kcicir.u vote tn the case.
Japanese Beat
Anti-Alien Law
When Folsom Convicts Rioted
im iy ijfmijB jj jj,u u ssmjuJLJUi li a. ii ii i ' 1 ' m' ' I
1 9SJidSsnSS'i
" t 2-h- kill' pi f " - ' "f'.VYi'
! Negotiations Are
Underway bor Big
Theatre Merger
KV YORK Dec 7 (IMM ' '',T,,e "l"i.y ivuit In,
v .,,'.,. . .7 l.llH"iHllil miir.l..r lilul nr-'
Nt'irotluiloiia or nenrlitK i'om-i . . , ....
... , . .,.,,,.. ..a! ... ram a vvrilU't ot mimlur In tlin I
r i t (Ii Ki'lth-Altwo mitl Or
lihpum vbihU'vIIIo 1'lrcuitn. which
will liilng umlcr una control 634
thcnlM'. nccordlnit tu n nil
Hounn'iiiciit hy Mnurlco donil
ui.m. iicncral ciMinnct for the
kellti-Alhco corporutiun. Cootl
man sntit hr vxpcclctl the rnvrncr
(o be ctitntiW'tctl beforo (ho end
ol thi week. 1 I
The mcrieer, It w nlil, wnuM i
(Irat ileiree k-IiiI the willow u(
tho victim mill her clilerly ml
in I re r. l'roaerutur II Ink In iiamirteil
lu hl ummutlti to t ho Jury
Illuklo uttlil ha fully evpocleil
uch a venllct with peuulty ui
either dentil or Ufa liiiprlnonment.
lie then begun reviewing tha
tentlmotty of gtntc'a wiuiemiei.
"If Wlllla llech llltl ro in in It
thin muriler", lie anlil, ".Mumarvt
or ... t to b. bookeil 400 wc,Us ;IH'-'''. thera. knew
In hi time hou.e, without . ro- i " "ni1 h,7 "",r" ,,B '"
......,., Ail.,....- far.'"1"0' " '",0 "" ' "My
K.ltt weeks lu oma of tho ml-'
ler lioiMeM. nopulur acta coul.t j
piny for four yenr around the
lountry. !
Lowered coHta, expected to ro-1
milt Irom tho mentor, will b ro-j
flecti'it tn lower admUHlon prices ,
throitKhout tha I'ulted Stules.
UiH.iluiHn snld.
This is the appearance of the Folsom (Calif.) prison library ami theater nfter
rioting convicts finished venting their anger on inanimate objects surrounding them
when they could not force egress from the prison in an attempted break.
Dog Team and Hardy Drivers Win Deserting Member
Race With Death and Save Youth Is Denied Place
..',NTA TiOSA. Calif., Dec. 7.
fl'.p.) That the purchase of
I.r3 In the name of minor Am-'
ricr.n-bcm Japanese children to
a t :)T.'.rrfi;pe to pet around the
faliiornia anti-alien land law,
was cpntrr.ded by District Attor-'
r.ry :.rl Uarnard in a suit filed
an.- A. T. Sujita, Petal u ma
r.iiK !'.er. today.
Tiro suit asks that the property
:irjt to the state. Sujita
l.ouni't rix acres of land In the
i;: met nf his four minor child-;
ru. of whom are American-
; Eia ten eleven;
MeCAI.L, Idaho, Pec. 7. t A I1 )
A two day dash of three men
and a dog team across 100 miles
of snow laden mountains has
ended and the life of a 20-year-
old youth marooned in aa iso-
lated cabin has been saved.
The race with death whith
stretched over an 11,000-foot
summit, be an here Sunday and
ended yesterday when Dr. Don
Numbers of McCall and John
Houston, father of the boy, ar
rived at the cabin in the Isolated
mininfC camp in western Idaho
and administered medical aid to
the youth who was dying of in
fluenza and hemorrhages.
A team picked from the best
racing dogs of this section began
the dash through six feet of new
snow, after a hurry-up call for
a doctor .had been sent by tele
phone from the mining camp.
Driven by Roy Stover, crack rac
ing driver, the party made the
first 75-mile stretch westward to
Warrens, in the Thunder moun
tain country. Here the first team
of dogs was abandoned. A sec
ond team was quickly recruited
aud the dangerous climb over the
11.000-foot Elk summit was be
gun. The fresh team made the
last stretch in 11 hours.
nous HAIK -AT IM
FORT WORTH., Texas. Dec. 7.
( AP) Mrs. Abigail Sadler, a
Texas pioneer, had her hair bob
i Uv! two days before her !Sth
"I am going to curl it, just
like the flappers do." she said.
'ilraadtup' Sadler hopes to
ride in an airplane before she
i lor
! "If frivolities of yotins; peo
ple settm more conspicuous now-
' adays." she says, defending mod
ern youth, "lt3 because there
are more youns folks."
; l.KTTKK n.iiMM;s
Your letters to your friends
will be more interesting If you
'keep an index ino which you
slip clipping?, note or other
i items to retail to them.
Refusing to forgive and forget,
bouse republicans Unlay declined
to give the chairmunthip of the
house invalid pension. committee
to Representative John M. Nel
son of Wisconsin, who in l'J24
deserted the party to adhere to
the LaFoIIette independent prest
deutinl movement. Represent a
, live Tilson of Connecticut, the
republican house leader, was
among those urging the election
of Nelson who Just two days ago
joined with other republicans in
reelecting Speaker I.ongworth. !
, The chairmanship probably will
go to W. T. Fitzgerald of Ohio.;
as Reers of Pennsylvania Is ex- ;
peeled to take the chairmanship
of the printing commission.
Representative White of Maine
was selected chairman of the
merchant marine committee.
Other assignments included Ko-
rell, Oregon, tu the foreign af
fairs. Old newspapers for sale at the
j News office.
the other Is guilty and we believe
the state has made Its case,"
"Thai Is all," he said.
Ho had been speaking less
than five minutes,
j F.dUon Hedges then began hi
'summation for Ueach.
j Hedges naked what the motive
vcouId possibly have been for
I Iteucli to have committed the
, crime with which he In charged.
"The only motives could huve
been money or lovt," he said.
"And the state has established
neither of these.
I.KT1I HRIDtl K. Alberta. Iee. 7.' "No "' I" Involved and
t A r The death toll from Mou.v fetched notion In
flaVs hlUzard . placed at n0'lnl" caMV lt, ai " 1,1 married, lie
toUv when John Huculak. Coal-, n ft ftully. All the members
hum school teacher, was given ' of tnt fttnily "" com" '
up is lost by searching parties ! nPtrl here. Does that Indicate
which hunted !nce Monday noon.itl,llt !utt, n Wft9 Imilnat lo rast
Severe cold continued to trtptofr hi wifo fnr "' uman?"
the prairie provinces as a cold .
w.v. from the north pulled the" TO -AIIAMKIX KI.KiHT
mercury down. Kdmont.m ro.? fA KIIA.NC'IS.'O. I'ec. 7. Ml
ported 36 below, the lowest In I '"T,li,nn w run
Death Toll Of
Storms Is Five;
thin province while Lethbridgo .
and "all In." Cupula Frederick
h.,l 5? helow n.l Alberts !l he- ! ll- Planned a Sun Krail-
low. The soiirco of tho wintry"'1"'0 '" N,,,r Zealand fllKht In
wav,. silll had tho colde.t weather I "", "v'" ''Plane. Wanda. on
! with Forf Yukon. V. T .vreportlnn ntmnced lata today that ho would
4 below. Tho thermometer ilmm,on further attempt, to
j reached 22 below ni Vlniilieg. j make Ihe flight. III. backer. V.
i I II. U.mewurne. cf Detroit, will
IlilC Men of Ylo ' probably find unolher pilot to
I Nine of the eleven men re- n.uko the attempt. Captain (illea I as regulars at Yale arcs.ild. The captain added that
( more than six feet tall. I he would take a long rent. '
( . "
Trmce tylorizel
"With His 9u
... . Bohemian
"vo fl Q'Vn' itc"
Try News Classified Ads for Results
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of yidrtan and Welih of Pur
duo wero ben liked. It ii rather
ir.tcruotinR to note that of the
fur halfbr.cks named on the
fir t aaff 'second teams, Purdue
v, is honored with two of them, '
t'.e brill iant and roliabie Captain
V.':! i,x r.nd the sensational Welch,
who uid Ins best siuff in Pur
tlirii'di ci'-:va defeat of Harvard.
L t. i a of Northwestern, despite
t:;e fr.t that he hai been handi-i-uVi
all season because of in
juries, w:.s ranked nxt to Joest
in. v.i'vh Humbert of Illinois and
Arm'l of Iwa receiving favorable
c-.-ii -liicratiim.
As a concrete i".u ft ration of
wiiit a tcurh job it is to pick an
::r .trani, no one staff of
coiHlTi's r.;i!:ied the consensus se
r -.Mtf. The best showing was
i::;.- T.y cue of the cua' lies. who
r.:-.i:iid in his first team lineup
l::ne uf 1 lie elev-'n player.i select
ed lit li); consensus.
roi.A s simti-;i5.ix.i.-iV
3A!:!S, Dec. C. Pola
rri ui.'.l Mae Murray's pistcr
in lav. ti,'- l'rin:ej- Mdivrr.i, is
;:t w r rk in b'T I' iris s'.udio on
a trM-l'-.v whii h the Inf-rii;:t iotu.l
I.' ;.:;.i; or Aviators will oif;r to
t he w-;t t. ham pi -:i aviatrix
fl. is a slsitjG of a v.-iMtvd wo
te:;' hing a vmhIi. ri-iinisten-iv.
: u .uiioii, to liy w it !t (jreaUT
Hi. I1! Eldr is the only woman
in-r viso h is set u l he statue.
.:i o ,: i'cd thn I'riin c-h' studio
. h:!e hi Paris and espre:-sed
,:r.. v j d i rj.t i on l'cr tlie firnt
"):"ii'.i irit" rant itin.,1 tropliy.
a is to be rrtaintl at hciid-t'-v.:v
I'l of tiit International
1..' ;t i of Aviators here.
!.:.;rs of the trophy will be
':;: t il wii i mi n at uren of thp
' 'Xiii anrl th"ir it;im-s will be
. j. '.. ; a t ( i i-n the orif iinil.
;Cn:i(e it; hereby Riven that at
a i k 1 1 1 : :r ineotinj: of the Common
'ut-veil of the City uf Klamath
iil,t (irt-kon, to be; hehl on Mon-
0. .v, tho :t h day of January,
J' J, 111 o ui.dersfened, Charles A.
1. Viius, will present a petition to
- Common Council praying for
: tt vacation of that part of the
a'1 - in Plock ns. Hot Springs
t.l i'tu, more particularly de
j f ri'M 1 follows:
Ev'e.r.Mii.T from the westerly
Mn rf Lot-i 4 and 17, Block 3S,
f Hot spring Addition to tho
ci;y of Klamath Falls, easterly ;
to K pb.Iiii.Ie. f' (his 7th day of Decem
1., 1927.
lJite (if first pub. Dec. H, 1 127.
Dale of la-it pub. Jan. 6, 1928. ,
1 .v. S 15-22 21. , Jan. 5.
rkjjTTttNiA OtUXOKf
Copco Preferred Stock
December 16
Effective December 1G, 1927, the price of 6'; cumulative
preferred shares of The California Orepon Power Company
will be advanced to
$98 a Share
! - Orders received up to and including Thursday, December
I"), will be filled at the present price of $97 a hure.
Information about oir Investment offering to cus
tomers will e cheerfully furnished by any member
of our organization. Shares may be purchased for
cash or on our convenient monthly investment plan.
The California Oregon Power Company
Mcdford. Grants Pass. Roseburo. Klamath Palls -Oregon ks
Yrcka, Dunsmuir-California i ;
It $ fun
to shop zmth Sally!
"SHOP" is scarcely the word to say she's so assured
and jaunty about it. You love to go along. Her clothes
are quite the thing, as she swings expectantly down the
street. Her complexion is young, lovely. And so eager,
alert, is her gay, clean mind that into this shop she
hastens, then out with a bundle. Into that shop, then out
with another. "Yes, this is the right cold cream," select
ing the simplest of two jars the white, fluffy insides
looking alike, equally fragrant. You'd think her rather
casual about her purchases, till home again she unwraps
the finest powder money can buy. The cake of soap
kindest for Sally's skin. Sheer chiffon hose of wonderful
wear. And they prove the finest powder, kindest soap,
longest wearing sheer hose.
Every shop trip Sally makes is a triumphant adventure.
Out of newspapers she gather the news that means get
ting what she wants, in the style and quality she wants
it, at a price it is right to expect to pay. She never
wishes after she's bought one thing that she'd considered
longer and bought another. For Sally is sure. She has
faith in her own good judgment and taste. Her choice
come from an easy, happy survey of all that is buyable.
Sially reads the advertisements and remembers their
you read the advertisements regularly, you can
appraise what you buy with the clear, calm ,
judgment of a professional. , i
Klamath News Ads Bring Results