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Speedy German Runner Arrives In ! U. of 0. Alums To
New York And Almost Is In "Dutch": Probe Losses Of
Football Teams
YORK. liec. (l .P I : nallKI. who had olitalneJ Irout
The world's greatest middle dist-1 I'ellter mi etclnslve phot, graph
anee ' runner, mil. mueulr, of th runner practicing on the
Monde young llermau. stepped deck of the liner, offered It for
horr from th liner Berlin to-'sate for fJO. according to other
I day and very nearly walked right reporter present.
County Team Divided
Into North and South
: Into jeopardy ax far aa hie
: teur statu was concerned.
I Or. Olio Peltier, a solemn
Ylsagcd student and school teach
er whan not about the bualneaa
of establishing -rld's records.
was quite unaware of the' dan-j
Now had the transaction been
condnded and had Peltier. ho
confessed to l-slug rather " hard
up" profited indirectly from the
rale, he trculrt hare become, su
tomatlcally. a professional.
The offending Herman journal
time. Mr rather worried manner ' the dancer to which he had cs
miRhl have heroms more to. , f wed the distinguished visiting
For lr. Politer not only had athlet
a narrow escape, but a.' rather , , "I didn't offer any picture foi
flat reception. sale, and anyway. Peltier knew I
No amateur athletic union of- nothing about it." '
ftfial in high ailk hate and Why all he talk over one :
ribboned rutss.tye met him at m a 1 1 phoioicraph. especially'
the North Oerman Lloyd pier in when It was "not even offered for
Hoboken. tor the runner la with-' salt. and Peltier knew nothing
The arhedule for the' county
baaketball league which will he
played out during January and
February haa Just been com
puted by Fred Brooka. manager
.. ....h nf .ha Polt.-.n H.V
baaketball team.
Due to the fact that there are
ten teams interested in ine iraaue
: thia season making it impossible
for each team to meet every
oher team In two -games, the out permission from his national a
county has been divided Into the , sports-roverntng body to compete
northern and southern divisions and comes as a private citlten.
Teams in the northern division Much as the A A V. crowd
are Pelican Day. Modoc Point, loves to don Its high silk hats
Chlloquin. Fort Klamath and the; and ribboned cutaway, it has no
Agency. The. southern division concern with, private citliens.
is made up of Hmnxma. Merrill.;. Peluter. wb peaks no Eng-
lieniey, ine Kagies. aua tne mn, rery nearly was placed In a
V American Legion of Klamath position where the A.A.T. would
Falla. ; have investigated his amareur-
At the eud of the schedule the fm however. '
" leaden In each dlvUlon will play ; nurlng ,h, customary ship
.'for the county championship and . nfW, interview.7 a German Jour-
V. au-MAMlnK Af film .il.-r IM. i
Ifud he kaown of It at the.Ust said later, when' appraised of
ronTI..'n. irpi
Alumni of the I'nlverslty of Ore
gon will meet here Friday and
I try to learn why the football
i teams of the school have been
'losing a majority ot their game
in recent years.
rantain Johns J. MrKwan.
I roach of the' iiulversltv. has
served two years of a five year
coutracl and some graduates
have -expressed displeasure over
the results of his leadership
i while others declare he Is not at
i (:u ll.
Doctor Held For
Manslaughter As
Result Of Mishap
bout ii?
Well, the German runner tan
ien a halt mile in 1.51 for one
thing, and look from this dl
tano like the likely winner of
either the' $90 meters run or the
130 meter run. or both. At Am
sterdam next mimmer.
The athletic tinpe ot several
nation and Individual, includ
ing Paaro Xurmi. Edvin Wide.
Lleytl flann among others, hinge
upon the amateur utatus ot Or.
Otfc Peltier.
the possession of the sllrer tro-
i phy now In the hinds of the j .
SrslSi Hairy Thaw Lands m holly wood
' Legion, known lost year as the
Klamath Cardinals, who are play-
, ins In the Legion hall, and the
Ragles, who are using the ex-; HOLLYWOOD. Pec. . (V.P.I Thaw took care of the latter
hlbitlon building, at the fair Harry Kendall Thaw, the Pitts-' situation, but he showed a start-
PHOENIX. Aril.. Oec. s l
P.) -Dr. J. Lugo, of Phoenix.
as arraigned here today on a
manslaughter charge, following
the verdict of the Imlueit Jury
in connection with the death of
Frank S llaiid. of Phoenix, last
Balrd was fatally injured Ut
Thnrlay xheii struck by a car
driven by Lugo. He lived until
Saturday. The inuueet Jury re
turned a verdict charging Lugo
with reckless driving at the time
of the accident. .
The defenduiit was released -on
;t) bond and Is to appear r
preliminary hearing Monday.
With Tw6 Stars, Seeking Titles
At The Pine Tree
mmm .
jbv MART. i;r.icoltil, luxi
OuLLinJ All-Aiiwri
J c!ivni-"nt witness tc
Sport Snaps
- Vtnce Dnndee. brother ot the
welterweight champion, won t
slow 10-round decision over Baby;,,,,,,, , of moyiedon, and ai
joe bans. J.egro, nere tonigat. .... indicated be would get
. Dundee took four rounds. Gans
three and three were even.
The five set hill of vaudeville
btcked up by s snappy picture
burgh millionaire, who In l0f ling disregard for "the dear pub- program that Is slated to appear
shot and killed Stanford White, lie." Furthermore he reversed at the Pine Tree Tuesday and
noted architect, and who has the conventional manner of , Wednesday bids fair to hold Its
been on and off newspaper front speaking of southern California, own with any previous array of
pages ever since, arrived in the declined to herald his produc-'talent at this popular playhouse,
colony today to take his place as tions as "masterpieces" and; Two outstanding fciturea are
a motion picture executive. i worked throughout without bene- The Golden Oate Quintet and Kd
- Five minates after he reached fft of a "yes man." ; Hayes and His Bsnjo Girls. Tho
I. .r.t. i. former offering a miniature re-
Los Angeles?" Thaw began ab
ruptly. "Nobody had a cent
when I was here In 1905 and
again In 1913."
Thaw used the entire -otiser-
vntion ear of an extra-fare train
the heart of the screen industry,
he had broken most of the rar-
them all fw time.
i' Firstly, be carried with him
. two beautiful girls who hare
P) "Wildcat" Carter. Everett .,H ' . , to move his tarty from the east.
C featherweight, knocked out Enrl-' "Vf ""eTI the- 'Th'r tM m tbr h,,ky
'one Rosale, of Mexico in the third l" X " b -,. ,,
ronna 01 a scneanieo iv roana , .... . . . t oener up norm, ne coniinuea.
' main event her. tonight. ! , corty-hmlred ( nd ,hra ,iwd direr(,y
Carter knocked Resales to the A",U tv,'r, wu,d " his motion picture production
that K vss from Vw V nrt
canvas once In the first round i . . . ., 1. . - episode.
wnd -three
f frame.
tkM i
thtr-third t4nd the a",lu blonde.." Susan j
; riugnes. srmea npr nxinip "uej in
1 Lexington. Kentucky, and re-
"It's an altch of a Job Mnt h-
I Ing ' pictures. I can't get any
- . . L - isnltlne ttrlM . THIins- U thp
rtncrrkV tw a id tk . ruseo to maxe any tunner state-1 - -
BOSTON, Dec. . (I Pi The i ... .- hardest part, you know. Some
Boston Bruins and Les Candlens meI" . lh. h. .. ,h.
ii is J 171 it 11 'got to be. I don't know whether
Medl Ord rOOt Dal! Imy picture. .Ill make money
Team Is Finished '
"I'll be here about aix weeks,
- maybe longer. I haven't made
MEDFORD. Or.. Dec. . (o, , ..ndlo. ., . ..
of Montreal battled fhrongh three
regular periods and two overtime '
periods tonight to a I to-1 tie -In
a national hockey league game.
' For results na News Class Ada.
vne of music, song and dance
with piano, saxophone and vio
lin featured and Florence Har
nett and Iris Moore the specialty
girls in the present Hlon.
Tastefully dressed the art will
please throughout.
Ed Hayes is a musical comedy
favorite with a wealth of com
edy experlnre. Vivian Hayes
and Frances C'henowith. the han
, Jo girls, have plenty of novelties
to offer In the Incidental mitsl.-.
'Trielr banjos are of l special
ranke aarl are vesy .valuable -kn-struments.
Their finish with
playing a one Hiring Instrument
and a hlackhottnm at the same ;
I time is worthy of special men
tion. '
Nuts from the Desert, as Intro
duced by F.ddie Rogers Is a com
bination of stories, comedy blta. I
song and dance. A versatile of
fering with plenty of entertain-
Body by
uxunous the
ican Six hears
viucnt witness to ine irauty
anJ tlifccniloi t built intocvery DoJyby
Fi-hor. It s-trikinfily lllttutes, too, the
unmatchfJ ability of ?Act to builj
MiprcW value into a motor car body.
You will not finJ a greater motor car
value in America than the ( Xikland All
Amenean Six. Part of tliat value it in ita
chais with its big motor, its bull-dog
MurJine-w and ftrength- and part in the
attractive, coml'ornble and extremely
durable IVxly by IVher. That General
Motors is able, to olfer such a carat such
a price is still further proof of the benef
icent result of Fisher resources, Fisher
efficiency and Fisher craftsmanship
M . . I vfjyTV M O T K . .
Those Dizzy
; Spelh
t They're something to lake serl
fOusly those dlrxy spells and
floating specks. They usually in
'dicate a serious poisoned rnndl
Ittion ot the system which may
Uend In kidney or hurt irnuble
and high blood pressure. It all
,jltarts with our ubnormal living
habits which put too gnat a
strain upun ibn vital organs, es
pecially the liver. The liver be-
coming "limp" or sluggish falls
Tto cleanse the blood of toxic
t-poisons formed in food waste.
'Then a toxic condition of the
?ystem which results in serious
,. disease ot the blood, heart and
', . blood veeseis.
It Is agreed that occasionally
f'the liver needs a little help.
, Nothing better for this, ss medl
t'cal men have found, than a little
vox gall. Ox gall la a remarkable
-natural stimulant for the human
, Jiver. renewing and restoring it
so that It can properly perform
On function of purifying the blood
and keeping the system clean
and wholesome. But yon want
,to he certain of getting the gen
uine ox gall. This Is sssured by
asking for Dioxol tablets, each
nf which represents 10 drops of
pure ox gall in dainty and taste
Jess form. Dioxol tablets come
in a plainly marked package and
i ost less than 3c each at good
(API The Medford high schoolnoi ,ure whMher ,,, m,ke fms ment.
football team disbanded today lcr , Main , wan, mlM for Shari and Colt in The Diim
Coilowing the action of the school i thoii). , havf bell Is a comedy crositalk of-
juthoritles disapproving of any! ..Th... ... th. , th. . ' ,erinR '"h ioU -lnem? IT
p.tme with The Oallea. Ore., on I .Th , I 1 ,X " !l . crn,- f
,r - ,u.....v .-.v .u . well gnown cnaraiter studies,
two are sort of comedy things." A, ,he Party" with Art S.
he explained rather broadly. Springer Impersonating an old
.Miss Kivers and .Miss HugnesT
Oh. they're wonderful. Walt till
you see them in my pictures.
Hiw old? Well. thy re both
muddle. Medford would gladly j Thow o (liM.nn Mn
play. Toe school hope, that next.; tmnn Evelrn SMMf nor
year some system can be evolved j n roc.nt e , h SeK
Iwhereky the football question, j y ,
will be settled on the rrlillron. I
Instead of In long distance de-j
bates." - . '
The Hertford team Ihe past
season scored points to Its
ij.ponents' 30..
the grounds that The Dalles had
bei-n defeated and Its record was
not clear. ;v
"Fuch a game would settle
nothing." said Principal n. H.
Conkie. "If it wonld even help
to -unlaogle the championship i
man character is enoexnu ot
ready humor and tikeible mo
ments. On the screen "l.nrrrs" star
ring Ramon Novarro and Alice .
Terry. A man. his beautiful wife. .
his young friend what a tri
angle! And what an unlooked ,
for climax. Don't miss It!
At The Liberty
Wyeth Cn"ln,c1 p-c "Test
S7S Msdlson Ave..
New York. Dept. F-J9S.
Mali me Free fHoxoI Samples.
From Bannister Court to Holly
wood In a single stride which :
' passed opportunities in law and
in letters, was ths step taken
by yonng Huntley Gordon, who
Is appearing In the lead In "The
Truthful Sex." at the Liberty
i Theater today.
Gordon, of course. Is an Eng
lishman, with all the traditions
'of that nation in his veins, but
! like nearly all subjects of the
' king, he trjveled extensively. In
'England he took merely a casnal
Interest in the cinema, but when
the reached Hollywood, his In
terest hMcame active' and he de
termined to try for screen honors.
Ileiug a young man of more than
'personable appearance, an ath
'lete and possessor of a latent
'talent, he soon realized his am
bition. I In "The Truthful Sex," Gordon
'has the part of a young husband
whose wife is caught In the dan
. gerous social whirlpool. Mae
busch Is the girl. The supporting
'cast Includes Ian Keith. John
; Roche. Rosemary Theby, and oth
ers ot eiiiuil note,
i Richard Thomas. "Ihe silent dl
1 rector." produced the picture
i which' Wis based on sn original
screen story written by Albert
Shelby Le Vino. The story tells
of a couple who had commenced
to drift apart and were rennit'.'d
by tha hlrth of a son. only to
break again. A burglar h) un
knowingly the Samaritan who sal
vages their wrecked love. There
are romance, action and suspense,
with sufficient humor added to
soften the first tragedy.
Welcome Gifts for a Merry
Christmas at the
Ivory Pyralin
For her dresMnn table. Ivory
flock of graceful denim, can
dle Mirk. Photo frame, hud
vasfts. Jewel canen. perf 11 me hot
Ilex, pulf and, cn-ara hove, and
a hut of other fltnrlc items ut
50c to $15.00
Manicure Implements
Of great - Tariety may be pur
chartcd alnicly or In Bt of rary
inn rompletfne at a very mod
erate price.
Electric Hair Dressing Sets
May be lifted at home or whilt traveling, nan drying rcmli,
marcel waver, and waving rod
$1.50 to $2.50
First Aid Emergency Kit
To rarry In car or for une at home. Contain! Iodine, gauze,
bandage, cotton, adhesive tape, nlrtnore, with tin box to carry
$1.00 to $3.00
Konr nip and eight cup of ruffe.,
r.uaranteed one year.
$3.50 and $3.75
gaaw - -v 'j
' " ,'
Kg' ;
' if
.. t .,
; ' i
ti n
- '!.
vll Aesteriie
smokers don't change
with the moon . .
but Watch how other smokeis
are changing to Chesterfield!
' 7'i
if'.i'f fdC ilnr-w
a " a
r - ;. . S .....
. aa