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Mike Daly Will Appear
In Semi-Vindup
Larry Holman. Bend heavy-
' v?.z? JZ i
: Nail Gorman. Hood River ring
1 terror, In the ten-round main
event at Chlloquln tonlitht.
J ..The card., which offer SI
round of boil nit. la to be ataged
in the Chlloquln arena, acene of
many an exciting fiKht racket
during the pan yoar.
Holman , la well known to
Klamath county tana, having
made several appearance here In
the past, uaually against Klam
ath leather puttier. Hi event
with Oorman has whipped up
conaiderable interest among fan,
a tha latter la a new flash In
southern Oregon rings.
The ever-popular glove allnger
of the Pelican City, Mike Daly,
la elgned to go aix furioua rounds
with Billy Huff in the eeml
wlndup tonight at Chlloquln.
Just home from Medford where
last week be atole the spotlight
from the main event fight. Mike
la In excellent trim to put the
glove to Huff In their fight
tonight. The two boys fought a
draw recently In one of the best
bouts In Chlloquln' ring history,
and their match thia evening
should be quite a exciting as the
last one.
. LONG VIEW. Wash., Dee. S. (C
P) Fred Zeike, former resident
of Klamath Falls waa named in a
warrant Issued here today eharg.
ing mm wun leaving tne etiy!tlre1 ln pMa brown dresa.
with flS belonging to the stcre;Drown 0XfOrj shoes and brown
with whom he waa associated woo rtbbed hose. From the back
here. The alleged disappearance her Ugbl brown hair ha the
took place. Saturday. I appearance of being bobbed but
1 ! hr itmim are slill Innc Mr.
Mbta, uec. . tin Lnarie .
K. Miller. Portland lumberman
and innmmiii. waa annnlnted I
and aporumui. waa
- I
state game commissioner today
by Governor I. L. Patterson. He .
will fill the vacancy caused by ;
the death ot I. N. Flelschner of j
Portland recently. - .. 1
" 1
This Man Can 't
Catch Cold!
If aneeteor sniffle says
you're threatened wllh a cold,
you can head It oft every time
without "doping" yourself, or the
least Inconvenience.
Everyone has suggestions when
. i ..... v t
k.t ..v.i u.'-... ,-ia t-
Hape i
tablet. Kven when you've let ai
cold get into throat and lung Balm from vour dri.aii.t Production." ! with playing a one string Instru-
win'inockTou.0 -'""iTil'X-i " ' ', and a b.ackbottom at the
Why dally with a slirht cold rant- "laeptlc. healing cream in lon'1 f lhe McXaryJIaugen bill . same time Is worthy of special
or suffer from one that U aerl--vour no"lr"- penetrates : would allow the farmer to pay ( mention.
oua, when the smallest drugstore ' "lrouRn eTfry air passage of the the cost of operation of govern- Nuts from the Desert, as Intro
ha' this real relief for thirty-! nead- soothe the inflamed or merit machinery to save him ! ditred by Kddle Rogers Is a corn
five cental j swollen mucous membrane and from ru geasons of farm hinatlon of stories, comedy hits,
i relief cornea instantly. i product iirpluses. song and dance. A versatile of-
' 1
A Cross, Feverish Child is Bilious,
Every mother realizes, after
giving her children "California
Fig Syrup" that this Is their
Ideal laxative, becauso they love
Its pleasant taste and it thor
oughly rleanaes the tender little
stomach, liver and bowels with
out griping.
When cross, Irritable, feverish,
or breath Is had. stejiach sour,
look at the tongue, mother! If
mated, give a teaspoonful nf this
harmless, "fruity laxative," and
In a few hours all the foul, con
stipated waate, sour bile and un
digested food passes out of the
bewola, and you have a well,
playful child again. When the
little aystem I full of cold, throat
aore, has etomachache, diarrhoea,
Indigestion, colic remember, a
good "inside cleansing" should
alwaya be th first treatment
Million ot mother keep "Call,
fornla Fig Syrup" bandy; they
know a teaapoonful today save a
alck child tomorrow. Ask your
druggist for bollle of "Cell-
.S.C. Mentor To
Be League Leader
P Sam Crawford, former big
leaguo star, now head baseball '
coach at V. 8. V. was chosen ;
president of the California Inter
collegiate baseball association '
here today. Al Masters, Stanford i
graduate manager, waa elected 1
secretarv. !
a schedule calling for three
game, between each team and a :
. .... I A i r . ... .... , . A.,.K 1
mas drawn. The Schedule opens:
Fuehruary 18 and close May 6 i
Paohno May Yet
YV T rp a ,basetiall fans or the nation, ap
jTlJJUre in leXS peared tonight for the official
w-ii j ' Ty m ioPeuing of the gnnujl meeting of
CilllTlinailOn IVUn the National Aasoclatlon of Pro-
' fesslonal llaseball leagues tumor.
XEW YORK. Dec. 5. tl'P)
Paulina I'icuduii. the Spanish
neavyweignt. will get anotner ine most pan. in groups f cly- ,as been uppointed f Accordliig to Information re
chance to return to Tex Kick- hotel lobbies, in giiet of new lo take the entrance examination ,y the shrine committee
ard'a heavyweight tournament, players for their debut In the f1)r Auimpolls. it nil learned charge of the game. It Is
Jess McMahon. Madison Square managerial role next season. yesterday. doubtful If Tesreau' Injury will
Garden matchmaker, announced There was Hilly Kvaim. who t Appolntmeut to the naval acad-, , healed In lime for him lo
today that he planned to match haa quit umpiring to m inugo the om. csm(, through Nick Sinnult. 1 Htii--Iuiio In the game, and his
roatino wim tno winner oi me
Rlsko-Scotl bout In Cleveland
We.luesday. McMahon plana to
stag, the bo... on January -0 or
Risko recently dimmed Paul-
lno' bright future by outpoint-
Paollno. bat th bout was called
oft when the basque Injured his
back doing a flip-flop In training.
Parents Help In
School Walk-Out
(Continued from Paice One)
"old fashioned' as the term gen
erally Implies these days, the
claim her
T , .
actions and Idea are
contrary to the freedom of
modern youth.
Today Mrs. Halleck . was at-
Halleck'a skirts were about aix'
or lnchea bore ,hf. klM.
, i .. 1. . ... . v.
At The Liberty
Mae Busch. the talented star ;
In "The Truthful Sei" which ,
opens at the Liberty theatre lor
two aaa commencing tonay. oe-
lieves that phyatral ftthe. s
equally as essential as mental
alertness In her particular art.
In the Truthful Se Miss j xhe ,.onsUtution of the Am
Busch has a difficult role of m .-, ..i,,in -., rtffd
young wife whose marriage la
' " - 1
smashing on the rocks of soph Is-
tication and boredom. Huntley ;i n chmnse ma(le pr0vldes ; program that U slated to appear! To faciUut tba proper hand
Gordon has the masculin lead , th.V no club J j!; fm. : at the IMue Tree Tuesday and l og of broken- bone K araath
as her modish huBband. In .he TntU ahe iJiorS. ! Wead.y bids fair to bold 1.. ; U
supporting cast are such notable , ,, -.,. ,, hv fh- .,.. .own with any previous array of 'i-..n.m-
players as Ian Keith. John Roche,
Rosemary Thelby. Joan Meredith.
Richard Traver, and Billy Kent
opens up nostrils i
Ttflla How To Get Quick Relief ' ,
from Head-Colds. It's Splendid!
In one minute your clogged
nostrlls will open, the air pas-
sages of your head will clear and
you can breathe freely. No more
ii n . uuiiiins. uiowiuk.
ibeadache. dryness. Xo Strug-
gling for breath at night, your
. lau,rrn, w"' oe K?nV .
,J , ' ,.L ,1l "ay "lu,'l
Iea-UD With B Ciiln or .
1 fed-up
tlf'li-Relltl comes so quickly. '
Syrup." which bas
directions for babies, children of lh) uric acid poison of rhouma.
all aces and grown-ups printed ' u"m. reduces pain and swelling
on the bottle. Reware of coun- restore run-down condition,
terfeit sold here, so don't be i SoM on a money-back guaran
fooled. Get the genuine, made tee nt 11.50 bottle by the
California Fig Syrup Com- DRJQ
Managers National Ball
Club. Convenine in
Dalits, Texas
DALLAS. Tex.. lec. &. (IM'.l l
Many uew facea in the manager
ial ranks, but familiar to Iho
They spent the evening, for
i leveian.i inuians. r.ians is .
meet Trls Speaker tomorrow. The
veteran Tria has boon visiting
home folk. a. Hubbard City.!
With Kvans was Clareuce How-
land, who also attempted man-'
' w-.r -- - .
given that up to become an
pi re in the same league.
Walter Johnson. Mol of pitch
r. who. has at last bec6m
club mnuaper. is tn search of (
players for the Newark team of i
the International league. John-
son's search was postponed to-!
night, however. . when he met !
Gabby Street, another major lea-!
battery partner.
Street Is still catching the fast .
on,Dl, Mlda8 he dia !
, ..... : ... .
loc me iik o. .uiy jrai. iku.
Street played with August last j
vear but It is rumored thit he 1
.,..., . !
"S?"1 Z '.,
traae waa in prospect to oring
ij .uuu am. . . is oiraivi-i .u .uv
Giants next season.
The new Central league
organized this afternoon, wllh
Pre - Men, iiarrv Smith of Colum-
bu8 presi,iinK. cib . the new
i..,,, wiii ., nvt
on. Akron.
( anloll Younssiown aud Pprlna-
nwd , ohU) Ru;bmond and
Fon wne. In.ttraa. and Erie.
nd ,iptel at a meetlng of the
ana aospiea ai a meeiiDK oi mc
Ll(. 1
Attendance at the meeting al-
., .. -.. .. i . v. , l .
,rrlylm5 tomorrow .' Chattanooga.
Tenn.. wa the first city to enter
It bid for the 1958 meeting. !
i-i n j
Farmers Promised
Form Of Relief
(Continued from Page One)
BO government subsidy, either dl-
rect or Indirect. We want to
avoid putting the government
in buslnens and therefore In-
.1,1 on a aw tnat will
marketed unit of the com- i
modiiy to pay Its share in the
cost of Its own stabilization and
Mr. Wlamng Oat
rThnmnant. narlail Ih.l all
; economic interest of the country
1. .... 1... i. wi.k .nui.i. AfiSOUineru rac.i... . u - . - imu vn.i uii'iiiiin. .incs n : . ue
, , , . a Pl Keenan wa clvcn Per- M lf phtir i li urn th- nkiu. while ini-n-
ern association and may succeed , A- lhe Davcment at With Tesreau out of it. the thol heals the -ore and br .k-n
Clyde Milan a manager there I and7heC vy WOfh ia lh tatfkM'W wl" ' lsiue. Twofold n.1(. f.,r p.-r-
Dick Kin.ella. New York Giant ! "ia Orem lower company wa l i-nil... a. he evi-n fli-rv itiom-
' were slowly being won over to ' bell" Is a comedy crosstalk of
;the principle of government aid ' frlng wllh Colt a cinema re
t flrHt advocated In the middle ! emit, offering several of his I
west. " j well known character studies. j
' "It Is a mistake to assume! "At the Party" with Art
I that the effort to secure a law j S. Springer Impersonating an old !
'for the stabilization of agrlcul- j
ture I a contest in which ag-! ready humor and llkenhle mo
rlculture Is lined up on one side; men!.
'and that all the industrial forces' On 'he screen "levers" Starr-
of the country are lined up on the'
other." he explained. "This was!
' practically the altuation five'
y?ar8 ato, but lodajr many of
'the greatest industrial forces of
our rountry are ardent .supporter '
of the plan."
j MIAMI niCACH. Fla., Dec. 5. ;
j H IM A Kpeed boat capable of ;
nklnimttiK over the water at AO;
oiilen an hour will be built by'
Oar Wood of Detroit, for entry'
1 fn the racen here March H-17,
hi; announced upon hfn arrival;
today. i
from Rheumatism, Neuritis.
Lumbago or any rheumatic con-
dltion. Casey' Rheumsllc Item
cdy and Ulood Tonic drives
Red Uhlan Wins
6th Ring Start
CIIICAtiO. IW & tl l'l -
"lied" I'htan. filiform middle
weight 'n lil straight, flaht j
when he knocked out Low llies-
nf Philadelphia III the third
round of their scheduled 8-roiiiul
fight here tonight.
Young IVnlio, Filipino, lust an,
K.rtimi.l il..i-lKltiii to Kruio Peters. ,
Chicago lu the aemi-wimiiip. '
liters weighed ll. pouuda.
his alte enabled, hliu to heat
IVucIo In the lat thro round.
....... I ... Ihml Ha ttll..ttli11. HI...
Local Youth Is
Appointed For
Tovil AfiHpniv
licit ell l UUCIIIT
Robert Henry, aged about IT.
,,m f Mr ,n, m. j.;. 11. Henry
congressman from Oregon, and
. n cherished ambition of
th volllh. i
;nry , ,.ke hi. entrance
rwuiinnin,. w. mi
,urrr,(ll ths will go to
Annapolis sometime next year to
! m KiBiiiiHiv " oiai- ;
uin-j,)rl. California high school
iCity Council Has
Business Session ,
CCmtlnnM from rag One)
partraent during the month of
Th. Prtrt.p I'nn.trii.tinli
rr". . " V. ..n '.i,
on Kl.niath Avenue at the end
. in order to
K ... snur it
unload sand and grave into a
roP f" "der the track ot tne
minted Dernitsaion
Pavement In bio. k 4 to put to a
iiani Dole. . . ... ..mi 1 11
; Mrmissiou .0 n " cirv.,i.
sign at 310 South Fifth street
nicn a
ln Inspector. On the rccommend-
lion of the street committee
i..n..i llvlt. lu in IikI nti.iled
. . .
I r.lKllin anil -u. .1 iion? t
At The Pine Tree
THa flTP mrt bill of vaudeville
backed uu by a snappy picture,
" vim j
1 wo ouisianuilia leamim ' '
The Golden Gate Quintet and K
na " """"
'ormer "" miniature re-
OI JUUrill', nuiiK P"u 4m
with piano, saxaphune and vio
lin featured and Florence Bur
nett aud Iris Moore the special
ty girls In the presentation.
Tastefully dressed the act will
please throughout.
Kd Hayes Is a musical come- I
dy favorite w ith a wealth of !
,..mvly experience. Vivian Hayes
'.mrt Frances Chenoweth. the
' ban In girls, have plenty of nov-
e ties to offer ln Lhe incidental Their hi. n Ins are nf a I
special make and are very valu-
able Instruments. Their finish
ferlng with plnety of entertain-
Shari and Colt In "The Iium-
mm character Is chockful of
ing Rnnion Novarro and Allco i
Terry. A man. hl beautiful wife.1
his young friend what a Irl-'
anxle! And what an tinlooked for
'Ifinax. Don't mi It!
Aspirin Gargle
in Sore Throat
or Tonsilitis
irni.r i,.,r,..inu. ,i .h...
,V(, Kir hy rt,vlnK IWO
"Bayer Tubleta of Aspirin
four lahlespoonfiils of water.
Garglo throat thoroughly. Re
peat In two hours If necessary.
Be sure you use only the
genuine Haver Aspirin, marked
with the Bayer Cross, which can
be had In tin boxes of twelve
tablets for few cents. .
. ... ikal I IIWIHIV iuiHca.
Wert' Chances to Win
p .. (M,.,-. I....-
With Loss of Man
I', i The Injury of btg l."il 1
T.. -rem. plunking liulfbi.k of the
I'lilxorsly of WaFliliiKlon (!-
bull loam. Ill Saturday s gunie
AM'""X vv- KM a b,",!
to the hopes of the wc.1i'
blow I
rn n-.
slar team which will meet anil!nui. Meilforil bent McLoiikIiIIii
caMicrn llm ir horo iv ,
rfinbor 3. '
, wl k.-,, i 1R to the al- lKT,n .. f ..,,..
r,.n..v av ,, western ',..' '' , ,. . ,.. fe. berw. laht
..,,.. I hapi iuu. t b. ls. f. ..iberw. Ight
'rlt"n , ,...,. tm'J laK tl
mi only OHO niOre nop. OI ge.-
,1K l0.her a team whU h will
K , lh.. ,.,nt,r.. nf ih ..n.rn
(7 rsin f it 1 1 via nr t ho
te will go before the ronftrcmav '
committee tn Portland thtit wet-a
and a.A that the conference rule
which prohibits any player who
represent their schools j
r or spring sport from
playing In the gume. be ttun-i
pended. i
If the rule in ii"pndi'd tluv
tt-ntn will be hnlMered by the ml-
com-."1"'" m lw"
riiiNt fonlhall h(hnM o r 1 v t
Drury. CS C. qimnerback. and
. iiii, ri si Marv's !
I." Hetten.-urt. M Mar, .
s j
' m i
" - -
Plans For Temple j
Here Announced
(Contlnneil from Vnr On)
ftory Is desluned for rluhrooms
iluii e flour and gi'tuTuI hoc In I
' Uftf.
Tha bulltllnt; committee, be
side Mi-Cee. Is compoed of
M irion HankM. Robert Watten
berg. C. K. Dennis and Omar
. .
. . . m . . . win. n'.i 1 iii.s i.iuji.r ivunr i ., . ., ., . . ,. , .,
iu u. hi. - i .i... 1..
aTftrlPeMWBWajiHWW niMH, ,. r.-s. 'IL '.iillitiliVisi.i I I I itvsv, i.... .
1 jjgjl iiiii"
tike sdDimg Mtts ooo
. . . but watch how other smokers are changing to Chcsterfieldl
Prep Grid-Title.
Still In Doubt
TUB DAI.I.KS, lire. Dec. h
It'l'l Possibility of a hlU'i
school football gllllie to deiiilo the
stum championship remained re
mote tonight despite the Intere-ii
evidenced by of Mr! lis of The
Dulles blah school for a title
lilt with Meilforil high, school
The local school's officials
name three conditions which iiiuhi
he agreed upon before such a
same could be plaveil.
The provisions ure that Med-
ford will extend an Invitation, the
i il hoard of control must recoil
ulsc the kuiiio a a chnmiilonnhln
'contest and the Meillord coach
; have to tliuke ubllc his
' u pinion f ih relailve ntrcugiii
f The Dalles aud McLmighllll
tiluh schools after tha proposed
strong rival of Thv lUltt'H, i I lo
i) lust 8iurluv.
Sport Snaps
here tonight. Cbiipiiiitn was cretl
In 1 with all but one round.
M;l(t AiKii nf Philadelphia de-
fe.ited Jop Monte of Ibmlon tn
a lu-round bout here tonight be
(ore t.5M Kpeitatnr AdKle
weighed 17 5. Monte 1TH
NKW VOUK. Dee & (ll'l
The Kiheduled 1. round Inint 1-
m i on KIhk Snlnmon, Pans ma
lies vyw eight, and Hubert n Ho-
W Hi Ml Van
Try Hie t h t it r
tllJT '" r.ll works
that u. t ii,. II y cl.-ar
up the skin uml leavm H smooth
81111 white Sulphur In couibln.
Prove t fnn!
Free Proof.:,-; :f;z
Writ today
1h nf Mi'iiibo
Sulphur and ne the rtinua in
otir oklii In 'i hour. Then net
a full Jar and Hear tip I lie klii
right. Kull Jar at yuur druggiHi.
67H Madinon Ave.,
New York. Iept. M K J9&
Mall tne Free Sample of
hortl, of lialv. at the llroailwav I
iieiui liHilghl u iiiisipoited be-
Inline of an Inliirv io Solomon
. i
Hlltl VI I II, Kh.iOTS NKI.r
CANIIY. Die, Dec 5. lll'l
Cunoi Meeks, 1 ft. ho iii ar
leHled SiiikIiiv it Ik D 1 on a i Inline
Rundown and Nervous
.r h uff. r ev i inn I- 1 1-. M.'H'"
ei i
t in i
a imim
'nV li
.r i.
i. '!
it-J. I 1 1 1 it I ! ln".
r n. mil n- ! ri"t. ntt.tuM
ii Mi i;m tt i.ov i n. t-i
, KHtl.tH Mti
- iilli H Kit I-:!-: uti.l u 'lit-
hai j.- it llt- hi'iiihrr it. if '-r
i rlll.Hl hnit in( Iim. i I I i
n.l .ith.-r t.iu'H khv ''
K-iuIlv ftl. ,. tl Biuill ir Hot Il
ti hm.i
lh. .. I h It a f 1 1 1 1 .il.i. I. la ' I fii. 1
pi ,!,.,. t n imIm
itMV1 " 1 "' lmr,lv t-ii. v..
i tni'ii mm wmir ii'iuvrnii it-iu-
ott ti.t ilon. Miii. li r..r m.
' In mifh n nlmrl lln. " Writ. ,.(:
ThH ,tih i t nllrl fr.f in mi I.
sh. ii.tu iMtiliinii to in' II ut '
Welcome (iifts for a Merry
Christmas at the
Shari Sets
Shari t o plrce roiiihln.i
Hon set t 'Hi t tilr und
fare pnwiUr
Shari Vanette
Twin vanliv run, UpMdrk fjt
ami pvrf utile
Shari Perfume
III Stttln covered gift lio. hull inline
Cara Nome Vanette
Cura Nome Vanette face powder ronipin-t. Iipsilck. eyebrow
peiull and rouge, with itlu-r ca-e
The Ijferr'jtl
ewffla ,
of Inloxli ailmi. waa fiiinid In lilt
lin here lo.lny wllh a hullei
noiiii.l Ihrioiith his nhdiiiiieii ami
n mill lleerb) II Is believed In.
iv 111 liinver. tltfliliilii lliive llttt
ili'lelinllieil whether the shouting
K.i'i uiililcllllll or Intentional
Thursday Night,
Decertvber 8
rroiei-ibi go lii mv extietise of
Winter sport Carnival
Klti runt li Kails people ami all
Hi., county lnvlleil
X-TJ rutin
Cara Nome
3-Piece Sets
I'al.-uin. fac powder
and perfuinn
Electric Flat
A sturdy lb. Irou.'
cunrHiitefil one year
-a. .a. MT I