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    The Klama:
the News
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath
Shop Early !
Only 17 Days
Until Christmas
Vo. 5, No. 18. Price Five Cent
(Every Morning Except Monday)
Plans Are
Given Out
For Lodge
Masonic Temple Site
Purchased and Fine
$50,000 Structure
Is Projected.
Plan, for the erection of
a handriomc new Masonic
temple, to bo erected on the
corner of Tine and Fifth, a
Kite recently acquired by
tho Maitonic lodge of thin
city, were revealed at a
meeting of the fraternity
last night.
Thn new Maaonlc tempi In to
runt about 150.000 according to
K. K. Mi-Cee. chairman of the
Maaonlc building roniinltlee. and
If proacnl plane ere consummated,
work will it irt n the structure
by May nt next year.
Plans for the eitltlre were an
nounred at a Maaonlc meeting
held In celebration of the com
plete acquisition of tho temple
Ite which the Maioue completed
purchasing yesterday. The alte la 1
nearly ono-fuurth of blork In
lie. j
The etrurture will be two slor
te high, with full baaemeut. Tho
top floor la to be devoted to a
bin fraternal hill, while the flral
(('ontlnued on Pngw Two)
Barnhisel Files
Suit For Share
In Firm Profits
T. B. Walter waa made de
fendant yeaterday In complaint
tiled In circuit court In behalf
of Howard Harnhlael, former
partner In the real eatate firm
of Walter Harnhlael.
In hla suit Harnhlael allege
that on September 14, Wat tors
Informed him that the partner
ahlp wai dlaeolved and ordered
him to remore from office oc
cupied by the firm. The plaintiff
further allege that at I his tlmo
a largo portion of the flrm'a
huatneaa waa Incomplete and con
tract made by the firm not con
aumated. Ilarnlilaol mate In hi com
plaint that the defendant baa re
fined to ahare with hlrq profits
accruing from much, of thla
Incomplete bualnea. part of
which conalated of securing right
of way for the Oregon Trunk.
Hnuthern Pacific and Groat
Northern railway.
Decree (ought by Harnhlael I
for dissolution nt the purinor
hlp and a complot accounting
ot the firm' transactions.
Jail Indian Lady
For Beating Man
Charged with assault and bat
tery Ktta Williams, an Indian
woman, pleaded guilty in the
Justice court yesterday morning
and was commlttod to Jail when
she could not pay her fine of
fifty dollar.
She was charged with having
assaulted Fred Hchonchln another
Two men paid fines for speed
ing on highways. A. D. Tllton
pleaded guilty to speeding on
The Dalles-California highway
Saturday and was fined Si 6 by
Judge Barnes. Oscar Norberg,
who was arrested on the Ashland
highway He I u relay for speeding,
forfeited a bond of $50 whon he
failed to appear In court yester
day morning for a hearing.
Plane Used In
. Search Wrecked
-The army transport piano
which was dispatched to search
for the Ilray-rathe Colorado river
party was practically demolished,
when It criwhed to the ground In
Pine Forost about 15 mile from
Orand Canyon, Arltonn, It was
learned today with tho roturn
hero of I.t. Doan Farran, radio
operator. . 11
Whon the Bray-Pathe expedi
tion, thought lost tor it days,
left Lee's Ferry, Arltona, to con
tinue down the river, the trans
port plane waa ordered to San
Dingo. ,
Traffic of All Kindt Halt
At Snowt Pile Up in
Eastern Citie
NEW VOUK. Doc. 5, (AP)
A snow and sleet blanket over
the eastern etatos followed by
rain made trouble fur all forma
of truffle today.
Hiding a northeaet gnle which
at some place reached a velocity
of more than to mile an hour,
the atorni. which came with the
season's first cold wave, result
ed In at leant five deaths from
traffic accidents, and delays to
rallrond and oreua-golng ship
ping In greater New York.
Incoming liners bearing many
passengers and heavy shipments
of Cbrlstmss mall were soveral
hours to day behind their sched
ule!. There were sero temperatures
In New England and northern
New York state with snow and
sleet ranging from two Inches to
several Incbea deep.
Eighteen thousand men and
760 trurka were given the task
of clearing New York City streets
of two Inches or more of snow.
Eastern Pennsylvania, south
ern New Jersey and Delaware
were covered by snow.
Bis Christmas
Opening To Be
Held Wednesday
Tomorrow evening marks the
Initial attempt of Klamath Falla
merchants to stage an organised
Chrbitma opening and from pres
ent Indication success of .the
gala occaalon is virtually as
au red.
Merchants were busy yester
day with the window decorations
which are to formally usher In
the Christmas holiday season In
this city. Fin merchandise, at
tractively displayed.' will glow be
neath special lights when the un
veiling occur at 7:30- Wednes
day evening.
Hsnd music will pep up the
crowda which are expected to
gather In the business district
for the big Chrlalmas opening.
The municipal band will play
from each corner along Main
street, from 7:30 until late In,
the evening.
In connection with the open
ing will be the firemen and Po
llecnien'a dance at the Wintor
Harden, proceeds from which aro
to be used toward financing a
big Christmas tree whlrh the
two department are giving for
the children Christina evo.
State Department
Protests Merger
OLYMPIA. Wash., Dec. 6, (UP)
Contending that the economy
tlrent Northern and Northern
Pacific railways could not be
obtained by consolidating cor
porate Interests, the state de
partment of public works Issued a
formal statement todny protesting
the proposed merger.
The statement declared that In
case the roads Joined together
the benefit ot competition would
be lost, thst tho savings affected
would he distributed among the
stockholders In the form nt carn
itine on stock and thnl one-third
ot the state nt Washington would
he wholly dopendent upon the
Oroat Northorn-Pacltlc.
Railroads Deny
Wage Increase
CHICAGO. Doc. 5. (UP)
Westorn railroads have denied
the request ot the Hrotherhnod
of Hallway Trainmen and order
of Hallway Conductor for a 19
por cent wage Incroaso.
About a year ago a similar re
quest was submitted to arbitra
tion and last June It was decided
not to Increase tho wago of
workers In train service except
In those ot yard men. This de
cision wa to remain In effect
until March 1, 1025.
Bandit Steals
Car And Money
aVOS ANGELES, Dec. 5. (UP)
Police were searching tonight
for a lone bandit who held up a
messenger of the Merchants' Na
tional bank and escaped with
18,000 In cash.
The bandit boardod tho mes
senger' automobile, forced tho
bank employe to get out and then
drove away with automobile and
the money.
Slayer Of
Girl Ends
Own Life
Condon Killer Shoots
Himself to Escape
Trial ; Body Found
in Schoolhouse.
CONDON, Ore., Dec. 5.
(U.I.) W hiTe many
friends of Viola Ray
mond, 20, gathered here to
day for her funeral, the
body of Ray Ferguson, 21,
whose love for the girl
brought jealousy and then
murder, was found in a
school building less than
two mileti from the place
Miss Raymond was killed.
The young man had ended his
own life rather than face the or
deal of a trial before those who
had called him their frleud and
hud respected him. He commit
ted suicide with the same, shot
gun he bid used to kill Miss
Raymond and seriously Injure her
chum, Miss Viola Hultnvy, 20.
tile! Find. IIhI:'
The discovery of the body In
the school building was made by
a little girl. Evelyn Turner, nnd
i-1. .'id a 0-hour search for the
y:uug farm hand by rherift's
School hsd been dismissed to
day so the students could attend
tho last rites of .Miss Hayrcond
Evolyn had gone into the bnl'tl
Ing to scribble "110 schuid" on the
btickboard when she sow Fergu
son's blood stained hat.
White Slavery
Suspect Caught
PHOENIX, Arts., Dee. 6. (U
P) A. Forrest Paige Is on bis
way tonight to face swindle
charges, ell left here today In
the custody ot Detective Sergeant
P. J. Slattery, of San Diego.
Paige was arrosted here re
cently following what Is ho
llered to have been an attempt
ed traffic in girls. He had ad
vertised for Inexperienced chorus
girls and told applicants that
he was going to start a shov In
Ho wss arrosted after ho had
one of the girls cash a check tor
him which he later admitted
was worthless.
We're Trying
DENVER. Colo., Dec. S. (UP)
Difficulties are arising In the
path of a contemplated plan of
tbe Industrial workers of the
world to put their radical theor.
In Into practice In the capital
latlc coal fields of southern Colo
rado. Although
tho Union coal and
eoke company offered tbe 1. W.
W. It $176,000 holdings at prior
for a dollar, with a challenge
to operate them on line proposed ;
by the I. W. W. In tbe organ-
lintlon's fight against capitalism
and the wage aystem. other coal
operator In tbe southern section
may block tbe scheme.
Objects To Wobhllr
A conference between R. I.
Hair, geueral superintendent of
the Colorado Fuel and Iron com
pany, and W. II. Marshall, gen
crul manager of the Union com-i
pany. Is scheduled for Tuesday. I
Hair object to having so-called
wobbllea" on a mine property
noxt to the holdings of bis con
cern. In which John D. Rockefel
ler. Jr.. la a leading stockholder.
Marshall' letter. In which bt
declsrod thst he wanted to ex-
City Council Has Smooth Session;
Only Routine Business Transacted
Hid for the city garbage con-
tract were submitted to the city
council last night by W. T. Leo,
C. It. drove and E. A. ThomsS.
and were referred (0 the council
as a whole and the city attorney,
far consideration.
There was some debate among
the council whether to allow a
permit to Ambrogettl to ran a
rooming house on South Fifth 1 collected during the month by j group of five, who want guar
street, since close heside it he Is the police department, and 71 (Contlnned on l"ce Four)
erecting a shack which ia a fir arrest were made 46 drunk. 1
menace to the adjoining build-1 vagrancies, C possession of liquor i TJin-ri Wo 4 ctsa HTq It 00
ose heMlde it
ck which ia
9 adjoining
ling 1 in th
Ing. The building is in the fir-
and thr4fluncll does not ' streecated.. z breaking glass on
re It advisable that It sheuK.jthe street. Z disturbing . tho
be erected, especially alnce Am-
brogettl Is putting It up without
a huldlng permit.
I The feasibility of going back
Witnesses Can't
Identify Killers
KOLSOM. Calif. Dec. 5. (UP)
A. the state rested Its case
at the preliminary hearing of the
six ringleaders In the thanksgiv
ing day prison riot, at Folsom
prison tonight, not ono witness
had been able to Identify any
of the lx a the actual muraerer
of guard Ray 81ngleton.
fnon thla noint the defense
111 base Ita greatest fight, at-
torney Kay T. Coughlln an-
nounced at the adjournment of
the little Justice court meeting
In the Knights of Pythias hall.
Out Best to Patch
pose I. W. W. principle as
"asinine, ridiculous and prepost
erous" wa delivered to I. W.
W. leader today and It wa In-,
dlcated tbe latter wanted to ae-j
cept the challenge.
Would Ask Bond
The letter pointed out that
before tbe mine could be turned1
'over to the I. W. W. a bond pra.;"1"""'
teetlng tho company from dam-
axes or other clalma that might
arise during I. W. W. occupation,
would be necessary.
Kalph W. Smith, representative
of the National Surety company
ot New York, aald that a formal
request from the I. W. W. for
this type of bond "would be given
careful consideration." He said
that It was "entirely possible
that It might be granted."
Denver and Weld county
clergymen appealed to Governor
Adams today for an Impartial
peace commission to settle the
strike, now at tbe end ot Ita
seventh week.
Both groups declared that an
impartial committee, such a al
ready I contemplated by Govern
or W. H. Adams, is essential to
to the former system ot heating
the city hall waa discussed by O.
D. Matthews and tbe council. It
Is believed that It would prove
mnch less expensive. No action
was taken by the council, bnt It
will probably be brought np at a
latter date when more figures as
to the estimated cost and savings
can beg Iven. -
A total of $1,640 In fine waa
a driving a car while lntoxi-
peace, 1 Insane, and arrested
1 to be held tor other courts. Three
call, were made by the fire de-
(Oontlaurd on Pace Two I
U.S.C; Tackle Is
Rough With Clara
Jess Hibbs, captain-elect ot the
128 university 01 soumeru Cali
fornia football team, and rated
' ""f lrXT:
ror. of Clara Brparamonnt
rum star, tne exact manner in
i which he stopped off-tackle
: thrusts tnts season.
A a result. Miss Bow. who ap-
parently represented a Washing-
ng -
ton university halfback, received
treatment at the studio today for i
a sprained wrlat.
Him Up Cal
Claims Of
Vare And
Smith To
Be Fought
C -A P ; I
SeaU A Congress" t-dents. who have been 1
- T.iru
-uu-dica, v-xb- Will'
Be Heard Today.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 5.uMed thelr offspring In an Im-
A new session of
rnnc-reiw hum with . -
promise of a career of
cord and political insurgen-;
cv nnp-Art tnrlv with c
, I .. ...v..
curtain raiser in which Wil-
Ham S. Vare Of Pennsyl-
vania and Frank L. Smith
Of Illinois were denied," at
least temporarily, the sen
ate scats to which they as
pire. When they presented them
selves to take the oath of office,
the two would-be senators were
stopped by a resolution presented
by Senator N'orris cf Nebraska
declaring them unfit to sit in
the senate because of scandal sur
rounding their primary cam
paigns. It was agreed to post
pone further action until tomor-
The senate also put off until
later the election of Its secretary
1 and other officers, around which
I another storm Is threatening. A
I w e t e r n republican Insurgent
"fc" .
I Ollt TTnttlfprV FIt!
."H.Trrr .4V .'7
The' flch hatchery at ' Cherry
F whlc,hvlw" ,0 .hav8
ir'JLl" kPty. "IT
er ot Cherry Creek haven, will
now be delayed for one year
' due to tbe breaking of a dam
which was to have supplied the
j water for the hatchery.
A heavy rain and snow fol
1 lowed by a chlnook wind last
, veeK
were indirectly responsible,,. . ' v .... .
cVrrCr1 A Uura?S,dam
Cherry Creek. A natural dam
"-y driftwood, pine needle,
?Z d';i "V'A JL
nea(je(j tne mala force of the
gwoUen waters out of the lead
! ditch and against tbe dam, caus-!
ing rise in the water which
1 " " uua, ' ' -J
' nroved more than the dam could
proved more than the dam could .
The loss was estimated at
12500. The fish eggs were to
have arrived December 16, and
since .they can be secured only
ai spawning lime, wuiru is De
cember, the hatchery will have
to be delayed.
Deluge Of Bills
Seen In Congress
When the stroke of noon opened
the new session of the house It
also opened the flood gates of
Into the legislative hopper.
Clerks, wearily numbering the
offerings of the various mem-
4.5oo nd 5.000. bills were in
uuuuicu luuur.
Oddities in the
Day's News
(United Pre)
God wr.s the first prohibition
ist and the Devil tho first
antl-prohibltlontst, Senator Mor
ris Sheppard, Texas Democrat
said in his address before the
Antl-saloon Lcaguo convention
here tonight.
"When God said to the
first human beings, you shnll
not eat the fruit ot a certain
tree. He became tho first pro
hibitionist." Sheppard said,
"then the devil, more subtle
than all the beast of the floM,
began his successful tempta
tion of humanity by calling
attention to the fact that tho
command of God had begun
with the prohibitory words,
'Ye shall not.' Thus he plant
ed rebellion In the human
soul, became the first nntl
prohlbltlonlst and has been tho
logical wet leador ever since."
Many Walk Out in New
port Strike, Protest
ing; Principal
NEWPORT, Ore., Dec. 5, (UP) ;
Striking students ot the New-!
port High School will not nnderj
any circumstance resort to- vlo-
lence to accentuate their demands j
foe man nrlnrlnal. narents of
'supervising - tbeir
said tonight.
When the bell of the high
school rang today for the start 1
of classes, parents of 37 students
.pressive march out of the etrnc -
' ... J .-.
I -ai rrtaA r-is far main nnroa rhom,
'" unoer lne,r r
dis-jtetrr aprons and other personal
T"re are ordinarily 5 pupil
In the school but IS failed to
this morning, so after i
; appear
the demonstration of striking
J"a" and their parent, only
1 3 rpmnlnoil lnwal in Mrs T)aiT
Thomas Halleck. the principal
whose "generation old" Ideas
have riled many persons In the!
the woman principal is not as
(t on tinned on Page Two)
Opening Day Of
Murphy Hearing
Nets 11 Jurors
The opening day of the trial
of Mike Murphy Malln rancher.
charged with manslaughter,
dragged through Its Initial stage
of selecting a jury yesterday,
with the Jury panel exhausted at
3:30 and a call issued tor ad
ditional veniremen.
When tbe session closed, 11
jurors were in the box and Sher
iff Hawkins wa Instructed to
subpoena 10 extra 'Veniremen
from which to select the 13th
Juror. -It-IB " expected the Jury
box will be filled before noon
today, when the trial will get
n' l, 1 1.1.1. K.MlrA kA
courtroom for th. first stage ot"" he come, here In company
the mansaughtler trial
which the state, represented by
William Duncan, district 'attor-
nev. will attemnt to orove that
alnrphy fired the two bulleul Accompanying the governor
which killed Love Chandler, also"" be General George White
u.11. iv.... a !of the National Guard. Colonel
H-. ot both '0 state
, . . . , . ...
unprejudiced Juror, In 'th. box.
JlurPn 13 repnratjnie- or nr
ace Mann'n-
. .
: M nth M KarJUTlfilir
Murder Suspect
m Xfex. Vtt. Tnvora J!t
, m0',her of ((JUr chlldren ,nd j.,
man and alleged paramour of
Mrs. Jowers. were charged today
with slaying J. E. Jowers, 66,
stnrekeeDer and husband ot Mrs.
j Jowers.
Mrs. Jowers has confessed, ac-
I cording to W. D. Goff. district
I attorney, that tin the night of
VWluwv, ,1, Bug Udlu luui), -mio
Swift, using a sledge hammer.
struck and killed her sleeping
,,, M that ulclt iOT.
affair between the two conspira
tors might be continued.
(jarence Darrow
! Will Aid Remus
! CHICAGO, Dec. 5. (UP) Clar
ence Darrow, Internationally
known , lawyer, . will aid George
Remus, now on trial for killing
his wife, it waa announced today
by John S. Merger, Los Angeles,
a personal friend of Kemus.
Five other prominent Chicago
attorneys also will go to Cin
cinnati to testify for Remus.
Remus waa a member of the
Chicago bar before he made
millions ot dollars by controlling
a huge bootlegging syndicate.
Lindy Cracks Up
In Spirit Plane
HAsnnovcK heights, n, j.,
Dec. 5. (UP) Col. Charles A.
Lindbergh had one of his rare
airplane accidents today when the
lift wheel of his monoplane
Spirit ot St. Louis struck a rut
as he was landing after a flight.
The plane wa pitched on Its
nose, bending the metal propel
lor. Lindbergh was not hurt and
tho plane will he repaired within
24 hours.
Want Aid
In Price
BuieaU Leader II O-Tl-
jses Farm Relief
Legislation in Pres
ent Congress.
CHICAGO, Dec. 6. (U.
p,) Farmers of the nation.
convening here today ; to
formulate their political
policies, appeared unani
mously in favor of govern-
ment legislation to control
nrice of croDS.
;,n th keynote lpoecn oi tne
convention, Peraident Sam H.
Thompaon of the American Farm
. M,i,, .0
' , ,!the McN'ary-Haugen bill and rep
tile appearance of ,.,.,,.. , ,, 1n, ,..
present cheered him unanimously.
It there Is any support within the
convention to President Cool
Idge's attitude on the agricul
tural question. It has not been
expressed. ,..
Fhomlses Relief
Thompson assured the dele
gate today that some legislation
providing a government revolving
1 fund to regulate sale of crop
' aurplsses In emergencies wonld
' enacted Into law.. ""
"we want no government
price fixing." he suld. "Wa want
(Continued oa Pago Two)
; - f
Governor Will - T
Be In Klamath --As-Guard
Governor Patterson will be the
guest of various organisations In
this city December 13 and 14
with Oregon National Guard of
ficers to review the local .Na
tional Cnard company. It was
' announced yesterday.
It. S. Rllea. Hal White and Maior
CowgUl. The party will formally
review th. local cnardsmen on
Uhe evening of Th. 11th.
I For the opportunity of feast
Ing on Klamath ducks and geese,
the governor and hi party will
remain over nntll Wednesday
1 n phi lluumlu, 1 4 tft Bltntir
I night, December 14. to attend
.h- K.nn. f h vi.m.
ath Sportsmen' association. The
group will also be guests ot the
Klamath county chamber of eom-
E. merce at a luncheon Wednesday.
California Fire
Is Under Control
P.) (Southern California wa re
covering tonight from forest firex
land a dust storm that caused
millions ot -dollars in property
, -- '
All the bktzes were under con-
; trol. but still burning. Riverside
county was digging Itself from
the sand deposited by the duster.'
and an earthquake telt In part
of San Lnla Obispo and Santa
Barbara counties caused little ex
citement and no damage.
Damage from the most serious
flames which awept Tuna, Tujun
ga and Sunst canyon was esti
mated in excess ot $1,500,000.
More than 100 residences wore
destroyed, as well as some 8,000
acre of valuable watershed.
Officers Named .
For Church Here
A large barn In Mills Addition
la to be remodeled Into a chapel
for the Congregational church In
order to have adequate room for
the housing of the Sunday school,
according to an announcement
made by itov. N. F. Cole, pastor
ot the church, yesterday.
A meeting was held Sunday
morning when the loaders ot the
church chose officers and a board
of directors. ,
The officers chosen were Mrs.
! J. E. Ilcnders. president; Dr.; A.
! A. Snnle, vice-president: Mr. N.
F. Cole, aecrotary; Mrs. K. D.
Jones, treasurer. Director chosen
were T. N. Case, D. L. Vance,
F. W. Cole, Mrs. E. L. French,
Mrs. France E Boyd, J. W. Par
ent, George C. Ulrlch and I J.
I Orres.