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II , j r e
Valley Griddert Defeat
' McLoughlin Eleven
? By 44-0 Score
,;' M 1 1 TO X -F R K K W A T K K , r.
er. A: A hjtrrilnjr wrlcw
vt playii from regular form
lkm with Occam in oai long for
ward pAKKCft, ie re Mclford
fciffh school m 44 to O victory
ovnr Mrlsoaghltn high here
"today la Oregon's firwt hi;h
' school Mchamplonhlp foot
full gime. Modfocrl scored two
touchdowns In each of the
flrt, second and third periods,
and one In the final period.
''.While the same wai not rec
ount zed as an official champion
palp contest It assured much of
the Importance of a title tilt
.Medford was never threatened the basketball schedule for coun- from the atands that has ever
seriously by McLouirhlln. except ! ty schools so as to include Fort rocked the coliseum at foot
in the first period when the1 Klamath. Those on tlie com-, ball icame.
locals pushed the ball oyer Med-:
ford's goal Una. only to hare I Hendrlrkson and Dwight French, i last half after terrific drives the
Referee Orion rule the play a I The basketball rup which Is to 'entire length of the field. Line
tnmhled punt. In the thlrd.'and be put up by the American Xa-' plunges and passes were Inter
final periods Hufford and "Krei- tional bank for sportsmanship mixed to send Carrll over for a
Iter were .successful In pushing : was discussed, and It la to go to pair of touchdowns.
Ike ball Into Medford territory. ! the school showing the ben ! Washington, blocked in straight
but the advance carried little i sportsmanship among the team lirn nlunrlnr made m lallmt
Five plays from
the klckoffl
found Medford crossing the goal I
line with the first score. Harrell :
went over after a 45-yard ran;
to the McLoughlin five yard .
line, utter Harrel a cored again j
after Moore bann 40 Tarda thru
la broken field before he was :
overtaken by the fleet-footed
In the second period. Swanson
printed 3 yards for Medford-s
tklrd counter, and lale In the
1 .
The most Important points for
any one to consider when bar
ing any kind of dental work
done, are:
1 Restoration
to look as na
tural as pos
sible. Pleas
ing to the eye
2 To be fin
ished as rap
Idly a a pos
sible, consis
tent with good
3 To be per-
fnrmart with
ss little dis
"' comfort to the
patient as practical (during
and after operation.)
4 Price of the work and the
length of time It may be ex
pected to give good service.
1 "Dentistry With Written
Bugarmaa Bldg.t 6th and Main
II - , X
mi x y . nmn in
anMHT'Ili. JbLJJfa,
What Kind of a Foundation
Are You Building?
Banking houses are established to meet the
needs of the community throughout the
years. Strong foundations, by wise invest
ments, by sound loans, and good service
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Like a bank, every individual has that op
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The officers of this bank will gladly ad
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The First National Bank
Member Federal Reserve Bank
A National Bank Under National Supervision
Tt Dai"eSM SAid j
To Play Medford
MGOPOKD. Uec. S. (,p The
Dulles high itrhool football team.
1 vigorous protectant of Medford
j high school'! claim to the state!
(championship outside of Portland. j
has beea extended a telegraphic 1
invitation .o play m game in this
city next Saturday, lecember 10. i
H. B. Conkle. principal of the
local high school today tw-ued a
i statement In which he resented
the charges of The aDUen, that; .
! Medford was unfair In its nego- 1 (Continued from Tajte One)
jtlations with Mclaughlin high. !
and disputed the claims of The ar's most sensation, open-field
; Dalles, that they were a logical running on the Pacific coast. He
: contender for the slate champion- ran 25 yards In the second quar
'shtp. ter for his second score, and In
The utate athletic board has
been ackri la tun Minn th riitio
If The lilies accepts.
jHoop Schedules
10 DC iieWSeO
At a short meeting of the
county athletic association held
at Ltnkhaven last nif;ht a com-
mittee was appointed to revise:
mittee are Andrew Street. II. J. j
and the students.
All the coaches of the county
were present at the meeting ex - -
cept the Henley coach.
same period, pay. from mid field.
mane a Deautitul -0 yard pas to
.McDonald, who made a whirlwind j
dash to goal. The score at half I
( time was Medford !S. McLough- Huskies trailed 20 to 0. They
ilin 0. Long runs by Moore. I"ay!CJme wi,h renewed vigor
! and Garnett were the outstanding n ,ne fin4i periods, and after
i feautre of Medtords play in the Drury left the game early in the'
third and fourth periods of the ,hlrd quar,er. battled the Tro-1
: M"". "McLoughlin high opened j.-, oa baai. each team!
up and completed several short
passes, and at one tima. Hufford
broke away along the sidelines
for a JS yard gain. His team
mates however, were unable to
meet the situation and could not
"e.riuB me ouru?n
of the attack Thus the scoring
chances failed.
The Medford
Hue worked
beautifully on the offensive mak
ing possible long gains by the
bark field. McLoughlin'a best
gains were made on end runs and
one passes. Munord and Krieger :
, , .1, V I r pr,orm-1
era In this work. Hughes. Gawlth
and Garber played Ihe strongest
nne game tor tne losers. The
entire lne on the Medford high '
team played ah outstanding
game, each man covering himself '
., .. , ".
wlth glory on the offensive anl,
on defense '
..' , . I
The day was perfect and the
field fast. A crowd estimated at i
2.000 saw the game.
Willi. K vol' WAIT!
Women's half solos aa low aa
I. OO per pair.
1 10 South Sixth St.
m i
Heat I Handican to
Men Battle for Supremacy; Confer- j
ence Title Under
the third quarter vkirted the
Husky left end for a wide five-
final colleca !
yanJ un to
Stnr Taken tuf
Coaeh Howard Jones then re-
repHns a handshake from Cap-i
tain l"at Wilson, of the Huskies.
also playlnjc his final Fame,
Drury trotted to the showers .
amid the plaudits of both teams
and the most tremendous ovation
Washington scored twice In the
but los'.nr I.oul Tesresu i
star fullback of the Huskies, was ;
injured on the Initial kickoff aud
rarriawl frnm lha flaM Vf.
'forU were madc lo condltloa his :
t,aj iog between halves without
lluskirs Trailing
t the end of the fira half the',nfr touchdown march. Moses
,cor)nR u point, n the last half.
Carroll was the Individual
Husky stir on offense. He pass-!
ed wllh Kreat tacec and made
, of h team-, yardage. Cap -
,ain Wilson bore the defensive
brunt- u ralllna: to his lot to:"" and a triple pjs wound up
burk 'the interference thai
ceded the dashing Drury. The
two captains clashul on many oc-
I The Huskies were handicapped count. Ho tried three ( i
hv Knial ... in th'Oasses. Two were Itirnmnlefe
mi, . ..h,n
Tesreau- ,tar ,iDe poner. w
injured as the Trojans rushed to ; nla In mldflcld. The Trojans
,down Geehani who cauf!h, Urury s;took two plunges at the line for
, klckff (short gains, and the game ended
. , ,..,...
i for Tesreau. the Huskies started
i. . . ' .
Carroll working from punt for-
, , . . , .
mation. Line thrusts worked the
ball to mldfield. where Drury
.. ...... . t
""P""1 l" " nu,K nreal Dv
a flying grab of a long pass from
The Husky line held, however,
and Hlhbs was soon forced to
punt. Carroll again started his
thrusts at the line with great
success and again the Huskies :
came Into Trojan territory, only
to have Captain Drury again
halt their march in the same
manner as before.
Kenallonal Hun
After an exchange of nunts
lithe ball came to I'. SC. on their
own 26-yard line, and Captain
Drury drew first blood with his
sensational 71-yard sprint to i
score. He failed to kick goal. j
The second Southern California
score in the first quarter came ;
after Cook got off a short punt
in the shadow of his goal. U.S.C.
took the bill on the Himky 25
yard line, and on the first play
Drury skirted his right end to
score. He followed with a place
kick for the extra point.
During the second quarter
Southern California took Wash
ington's chief weapon, line
plunging, and made the most of
it. Coach Howard Jones made
wholesale substitutions, and
Mows, who replaced Edelson at
fullback, staged an Individual
parade from midfleld to Iho
Husky goal.
Twelve yards, ten yards, four
yards at a clip, Moses tore
between flonamy, center, and
Hill Wright, Husky guird. fre
quently mentioned for all-Amerl-caa
teams. He scored from the
(one-fool line with a swan dive
over renter. Elliott place-kicked
to make the score Southern Cali
fornia 20, Washington 0.
The half ended with Ihe Ilus
i kies threatening through long
passes, several of which lacked
completion by scant Inches,
i I'sc 1'lrst String
j The first string players of both
teams started the third quarter.
Helaer kicked off to Carroll.
' Carroll mado a first down, but
was stopped on two thrusts and
punled. Led by Drury, the Tro
juns started a 67-yard march to
the five-yard line, and Drury
I circled the Husky left end for a
touchdown after Moses had been
held on a line plunge. Drury
failed to convert.
I Washington a third quarter
scorn catno nfler an elghty-ynrd
Huskies As Football
Three-Way Tie
march. Including a beautiful 43
' yard pass. Carroll to Douglas, on
the two-yard line. Carroll
plunged the line to score, and
I Wiliton converted.
) A forward piss. KUlott to
: Saunders, accounted for the final
TriB touchdown in Ihe fourth
quarter. Tht heave was pood for
-5 vardn. anil Saunders trotted .
, ,hor, ,WHr , ,h Boal .
.i.,....,i t'ni.iii r.,..,ri...i
Washington, evidently rejuven-
lated as the Tilling shadows
brought cooler weather to the
playing field, took a brace and
started the offensive that was lo
bring them another six points.
1 The Huskies took the ball on
their own lT-yard line, and the
' passlng-runulng-Carroll was again
! called upon. He plunged thru
the Trojan line for aereral aub-i
stantial gains, and then tossed a
!S-yard pass I
was nailed on
yird line.
o Douglas, who
the Trojan 36-
mormon maae nine yarus and
Carroll passed to Geehan. who'.
w" downed on the Trojan five-
,rd m!;rk- Thornton smashed
tne line lor a yard. Carroll made i
two and then plunged over on!.
"other try.
Brix failed lo con-
,erl -
The Trojans took tho ball and
started what appeared to be an-1
Plunged the line for good gains,
E'Hott placed the ball on
tne Husky eleven-yard line with
Pa 10 M. Cislln.
Mow Kunil.lcs
Moses fumbled a had pass from
, center, and Jessup r.-covered for
' Washington on the Husky 17-
Hne. Pulver made throa
yards, and farroll muile It tirst
' "" on his own St-yard line.
.Carroll made two through cm-
I In I'ulver's hands.
lle rnn to
(the .19-yard mark.
With threo niinulea lo rliv. i
Carroll made a last effort to
and the third fell Into the arms
of Bonham of Southern Callfor-
! the nest niav .in,t
The Trojans wese victorious In
a game that was vital to the'.,, cartako of a little shade
somewhat garbled championship
statistics of the Pacific coast con-;tbo
rcrence this year. Southern Cali
fornia and Stanford are undefeat
ed with a 13 to 13 tie in their
annual game, and Idaho has a
perfect record at the expense of
q 1! a f J sL
smallest lirand 111 the
dfrllKht u the eye nnl Iho i-ar. i
The firt touch of your fin
gers lo its keys makea you
want It.
Our terms enuhle you lb con
sider this one for your homo1
Christmas Eve,
other plunos accepted as part
Earl :
World $700 - - See it.
Irliill ! m Irl
i r t it - J !
A Christmas Gem
2, 507 Alain St
Pirates Send Two
, To Texas League.
ITTS.U'I.UII, Iec. 3 il'.lM!
lreyfus, prwldent of the
burgh Pirate, tonight an-
(nounred the release of Mike
OvetiRroa. left-handed pitcher,
' n.,!Blnf .lth.r- ""'
iwii - niin rail club or tne Tcuna
i It i Kail a, the Pirate completed
a deal which brings Kred K-maell.
Imutihpitw, to the major leagues
for the second time. Funnel I
played with the Chicago Cutis a
few years ago,
Several months ago the Pir
ates opened the deal for Kussell,
forwarding monev in Hie Wichita
V.IU i'luh wifh Ih nrovlatnn
Ih wo pUfr wmUll r,.e,. 1
ed later.
Sport Snaps
ATLANTA. Oa . Ifcc. 3 I IT.
!M -Ceorgla Tech humbled the.
hitherto undefeated fnlverslty of j
t;eorgla eleven today
eleven today before a
record crowd of 38.000. The
score Wis 13 to 0. Georgia, con
queror of Yale, was unable to
stop the onslaught of the power-
iful Tech team on a muddy, -lip-
pery gridiron.
,. , Tue .,,,, ,cemy learn de-
j o.-.- t ,u..i- .-i
L . h. , i
Th --., ,h iniercnllealate
socrpr ,, to Prncou on ,r.
Navy and I'enn State each ,
booU.d ntt , ,ho rinal quar-,"'
Iter, but two previous goals scored
),,, Navy gave the middles
decisive victory.
i HOtm, r tne weaker eonfereure
I mf m!iers. !
Triple Tie Now
I nad ,he Thundering Herd
Idmpped today s conflict they
irt have been unshle to base
cams to even a triple tie. aa '
apparently exists. (
The Huskies were handicapped
liy Ih( awterlng heat of a day
,ha, would bc midsummer lu any
climate ,
The Washington players and
Uielr coach. Knmh Hngshaw, had i
hones for a cool dav. Thev were '
......uj lih snnnr-hnt one. I
i-" w- ' -
and although It was apparent the I
Huak'es . wouldn't havo won In
. . .knw .. . n .1..
iki k.hi..'..i '
Husky Souulil Sliaile
An Alaskan husky dog, brought
along as a mascot, started out
full of pep with a dash around
the field, but soon gave up and
crawled under the players' bench
sixiy thousand people were
Pasadena 1.1. St. I. mils 7.
C. of Tuba 23. Ilakell 14.
Monrehnnse 14, Klsk 13.
ir.SC. 3.1, Washlngion 11.
Cleveland Hull dugs 20, liu
luth Eskimos 0.
(ieorgla Tech 12. (ieorgla 0.
Vauderhllt 14. Alabama 7.
Oglethorpe 1.1, Miami 1. 0.
Michigan Ag. 0. N.C. State 13
Maryland , Florida 6.
Loyola 0, Qnnntlco Marines A.
At The Pine Tree
Clara How, thn "flpmlnn-haireii j
mad 'TP of tho nrrocn'f In about to
nourtfemcnt today that her lut
"niadciip" again with thn nn
cut prod urt Ion "Hull." will open
at lh I'ino Tto Theatre today
for a two day rtin.
"Hula" according to tlioufi who
have iwn the latent jtrcnentatlon
of Minn Mow, In one of the very
jnvt piiture offered tho motion
picture! thin year
Ihe "lory Hue If In an adaption
of a populnr modern novel which
rairkn the title and which
coiwh frnm tho pen of Armtne
v,,n Tf?n,P1,kI-
The poHfr.NMur of "It" preenta
a proaf tfile, a great a lory, a
great dirertor, great entertain
ment and. wpII nftnr all, there's
only ono Clara How, "Hula" pre
Nentii Clara at her heat.
For renu Its uae New CI ana Ad
Here n th aol u t ton to t h e
LETTER- GOLF pmile on page 4.
Squad of 34 Men Will
Heed Wert to Play
IV) Tim entire I'nlvcrslty of I
I'enncsylvanla football miuml of
31 rlavers will make tho trip lo
the Pai'lflr coait for the post-i
season Kama with the fnlverslty
f I'nllforttli at Berkeley on lec
31. roach Uni Young announced
The team will leave on Iw-
cembor 17 In special coach that
will run aa a second section of
the regular Iraln and carry the
l"'" trom ro' lu CM'"
Tl"re practice en-
" ' . ,7
tltteii up ror niacauoam onus.
rrartice here will start Mon
day afternoon and will continue
until the day the tram departs.
)Wiher Prmlmg alt drills will
be held on Krunkltn field.
The squad will bs III good
condition, with the excepilon of
Al Wascolonis. fullback, who
broke acveral bonea In his hand
the first five minutes of tho lor-
n" Kam,, Thanksgiving day.
W ascoionls r-tuse.1 to leave ino
contest, and played all but aeven
lh alxiy ralnuiea
Or. Light, team phrsfclan. x-
r"" Wascolonis will be nolo to
uuy against California. Tne
splint will be removed from his
nnd ,hl" week.
Mlrphy and Johnny Sho-
ber. backs, who sprained ankles
,he Cornell game, are round-
"" ni 00 rc,,v
t P'y-
Tn"' Callfornla-I'enn game was
scheduled In honor of the late
An')' fmlth. Callfornii coach,
Hefore the game a memorial
'"nch will ! dedicated lo tho
memory of Smith.
Tr,f np f lfpnV2fS
rimnis ClMsrlsr
ttiiiii v ww w
" V
I SALEM. Ore., Dec. 3. ;P1
, Of Ihe 245.000 motor vehicles
, now licensed In Oregon the own
lera of lens than 7,000 have so far
applied for 191S motor vehicle
: licenses, said Sam A. Koier. sec
re is ry of state today.
I The receipts from motor ve-
hide llcemes ami fees incident
to the registering and licensing
j of motoring vehicles for 19??
will aggregate moro than !.
It. 50.0111), as against for
the year 1926, Kier said.
"Captain Salvation
It (irlps! It Thrills!
It AnuiuM! .
Elks Speaker
Judge Harris, eminent Oregon-
lull. who will deliver Iho address
' r.isa " '
All Masons and menihrra of
the order of the Kastern 8tar aro
Invited In attend an entertain -
t Monday evening.
it'" t the Masonic hall.
liecentlter I
' "
(IKOItt'.K !. CHI.I.K. K. M.
McCormick-Deering Primrose
Cream Separator
Runs on ball bearings!
Easy to turn Easy to wash
Easy to put together-Easy
to take apart Easy to pay
for! And it's a close skim
mer, too. Ask us for a list
of local farmers who are
now using the ball-bearing
12 Distinctive Features
1. Hall Hearings
2. Easy Turning
3. Slow Crunk Sliced
4. (irenter Caplclty with
l,css lalor
u. Long Life
6. Steady Kunnlng
12 Months to Pay
J. S. Mills & Son
6th and Willow
Don't Waste
Do you know that when you have a
surplus of ducks or geese you can store
them here at a very minimum charge.
Your game will be just as
good New Years or Xmas
as now.
Ice & Storage Co.
Alabama Knds Bad
Season With Loss
lllllMINCIIAM. Al.. Dw. 3. .
li;,IM Tli Vnlrlly of Al
liniun loilny lo.cil iltwulrou
noB.on with mi limlorlou d.foat
I I ho linmla of Vandirhll(. Tlia
oro waa 14 to ?, hut I ha arora
tooa not bnala lo l'll lha dlffor
i'Iiiv lii'lwnrn lha two elnvvna.
Vaiiilnrhlll arorvd In llio flrat
flvn nilnulia of piny oa a auc- y
'i'.mIiiii of iil-tya.
A In ui u ho ralllvil lla ai allnrad
wlta and hntd Vandy arorolnaa for
j I liu ri'iiiiilmli'r of lha quarlrr.
hi:aiv Mill IUTTI.K.
Ilec. S. ( Al'l - Kacllig llralr post
season game on McI.oukIiIiii field
this afternoon, lha fmilhall teams
of Medford high and Mrl-oulilin
I high, were prepared tor a hard
, battle, t oaclies ol tn rival teama
put their men through light
1 workouia yesterday aiternoon. ,
riasalfled advertising la a
morning paper proposition al
ways. I'no lha News
7. Visible Oiling System
g Improve!! oiling
9. Easy Howl Adjustment
10. Supply Can Ixicked In
11. Spun Metal Anll-Rplash
Supply Can
II. Improved Tlnwaro
Phone 9