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Breaks Old Custom By
Putting Other Start
On First Squad
NKW YORK. Per. ' 1 tl'T.)
Sum from eleven different col
lego are named on Granlland
Rice's all-Amertcan fool hall team
which appear In the current l
ue of Collier"! weekly. In ad
dition. Rice plck.1 other atar
player for his all-Amerlcan
The first team picked la:
' Knd Coalerbaan, Mlrhiican.
Tackle Raskowskl. Ohio State.
Onard Smith. Notre Dame.
Center -Oharlesworth. Yale.
Guard Crane. Illinois.
' Tackle Smith. Pennsylvanla-
End Nash. Georgia.
Quarterback Drury, Southern
Halfback Cagle. Army.
K Halfback Welch, Pittsburgh.
Fullback Joesting. Minnesota. It is great fun trading boy friends, deceiving college .-ofcosors
Departing from the usual cus-! and generally doubling for each other, declare the nnljiitt twns at
torn of selecting a aecond and ' tending Junior college al Santa Ana. Calif. Kvcu in the Intimate
.., ,i.,j the disclosure of bathing suiia they defv anyone to tell them apart
third team. Rice nominated the on
following all-American squad of and ,ni oIhej. Ls Ra(h
other player including: ' i ;
Enda Shiver. Georgia: Ion- 1 t ' ' 1 n -a a- r-
ibVUo ArmyjBowI Prepared Pyle May Start
Z1i For Bike Race Hockey In West
Washington , 4 Jetted ' d a'D- MONTREAL. Dec. 1.
Coltrin. California. .. . . . . . .
Guards Hanon. Minnesota;
ka, and Woerner. .Vary.
Centers Bettenconrt
Marys, and Reitch. Illinois.
Quarterback C o n n o r,
York university: Spears. Vander
bilt; Mann. Southern Methodist.
and Hunt. Texas A. ft M. ! w"h Reggie McXarmara and:
Halfbacks Presnell. Nebraska: diminutive partner. Georgettl,
Marster. Dartmouth: Scull, Pen- once more top-heavy favorites for
nsylvania, and Koepke, Penn',0P honors in the long grind. 15
State. 'teams will answer the starting
Fullbacks Amos. Washington : Pistol, as fired by Xew York ;
& Jefferson, and Mile. Prince- , state' light heavyweight cham-
CHICAGO. Dec. 1. (UP)
Coaches and other members of
big ten universities will meet
here Friday for the annual ath- 1
letlc conference, and schedules ;
will be perfected for all Inter-
collegiate s aorta of 1928. j
-Football schedule have been I
tentatively agreed upon, for the
most part. but date for the
contest mnst be fixed. Schedules
must also be drawn tor .baseball. .
basketball, track and minor
Nerves that
Nothing is quite so maddening as ' riubert Kruse. local wrestler, de-
those spells of "nerves" that1 f(,a,e) jark Woods nf Texas two
make you feel as if you could f Q h , . , ,,
"Jump out or your skin". They j
pple1:ndrUr,heUhmTkertthemi PHILADELPHIA. Dec. 1. ,1"
invalids for life. Most cases of!P Jack Gross. Salem. X. J..
nervousness are due to a toxic or , heavyweight, scored a technical
poisoned condition of the system. , knockout over Homer Smith of
the result of a half-dead or slug- Kalamazoo. MWblgan. in the fifth
glsh liver. When the liver goes ronna Df tnelr srheduled lv-
limp . as it trequentiy does un-!
der modern living habits, ft fails
sons formed in food waste. Then I Martono of New York. 12. won days thereafter I was sailing on
a poisoned condition of the whole a technical knockout over Frankle gossamer cloinlj of Joy. for. after
aystem. with heart, nerves and ; Monahan of Montana. 1 59. in the all. I was but a newcomer to
blood vessels affected. The liver fifth round of a scheduled lo-'the screen and to hnve such trust
occasionally needs a little help. ; rol)n(j jKMIt -'imposed on one so inexperienced
Nothing better for this, as medi-1 ' histri il ally was indeed gralify-
cal mm know, than a little ex t . . . . ing
raSatur4.! a?, ,Zne , waVdLt. V,;,c pcn, ,. . wii, make many,
liver nnd therefore for health of th' amateur athletic uni n and raa"' pictures with the passing
In general. The genuine pure ox 1 one of the backer of the first r lhe years. I, do not know what
gall Is to be had. dainty and ' east-west tournament of roses adventures, what experience or
tasteless, in the form of Dloxol , football game, will be burled here ,h:l1 "'""r 1,1 tnn are In store
tablets. Each tablet represents ! T)nlrg(. . 01(.j Tuesd.iv for "b'tt no matter what be
10 drop, of pure ox gall and . ;.,, a 1)rlf ..,, falls me I doubt very much If
.-osis .ess man ic eacn at good
umggisis. to oe sure or getting
the. itenuine, look for the name ;
iMoxoi aun picture 01 ox s neaa
on the oackaee. i
. :
?oTincChemlral free Test
678 Madison Are.,
New York. Dept. 1-295
Mail me Free I)loo Samples
Twins Delight in
t & AM i
f Lin -
V. -f ! , . NQMl LIFE
I f ! r --.f,i
j 4... ve t w'-Vfyi' - '.?..1C1S' ,M.'iv A&jUtJMi3b&l3fc: &sLiji3
uv itu Ms usununs um "
shrill complaint of saws sound-'
ed tonight in Madiscn Square
""" "
a big pine saucer around which
,e ae.m-.nuu.. a.-o.j ..e race
' will start its monotonous whirl
, Sunday night .
! With Reggie McN'armara and :
' pion of the world. Tommy Lough-
i ran.
In addition to IS American rid-
to 15 American rid-
I .
1 pe:gians. mur
Italians and a smattering of
Frenchmen. Dutchmen. Germans.
Australians and Canadians among
the pedallers.
CDftnT TI CT-117Q
OA Ulvl r LiAotlllttJ
P) "Cowboy" Kutsch. former
brilliant football plaver of Iowa,
who played with the Olympic
club team here this yar. may re-
turn t? the University of Iowa
i next year. Kutsth taid mends cneit anorcca out uanny mc
(and members of the Iowa alumni Ionald of New York In the first
are urging: bim to return to the round.
'school and he I seri-uMy consid
ierlng It.
P Johnny Prision. Honolulu
welterweight, knocked out Billy
Adams of New Orleans. In the
sixth round of a scheduled ten
ronnd bout here last night. Pan-
lo Dana. Filipino flyweight -took
an easy dcirKn from the veteran
Frantic Murray in the semi
EL RIO. Calif.. Dec. 1. lUP
nirfc I'hiin. -.t-nsational lion-'
lolulu Chinese, lost it close four-
: round fight to Dannv Florts. I.s
! Angeles flyweight. here last
night . The decision went to
Flores on his infighting, although
i spectators thought ( hang earn
led a draw. Rir.giders gave
Flore a slight edge on the first
two rounds, called the third
'even, and awarded the fourth to
POHTI.AXD Dec 1. (IT i
. . , . r ... ,,,. ,-.,
weighed 194. Smith 'l'J. llany
daiv TrnrM rf A xttc
AliiO. Iit-c. . ilpi A In to fiiii li. For months I was
the f .i miliar tilljlltan v-rioti. up- riiHrmalne, the 1 i t f I French pirl,
per Kfiypt hai he-n Invaded hyjtorn. ljtween two rrr-at love?,
a v.-it army of locusts. Modern nnd not Dolores Del Kin. the ac
sclencp, however, will help annl-' trev. I'orhaps It Is due to my
hllale lhe army. Th royal air lack of movie experience, but I
force airplanes w ill be used to ; threw myself so heartily into
spray poison from the air In nnilhe role that there were limes
effort to combat (he invasion. ;hat I forgot I was anything else
jbut a French girl in a French
For result use Newt Clas Ads. 'village luck of the lines.
Fooling Friends
a. rye. Digression.!
!he National Hockey league.
Pyle. it was understood, is
con8 jl1erlnJt oreaniling a profes-
;1 v,.,k,- ,., ,..,,
nJ wished i aideI.-s tdri. .
Reports In Montreal said that
Reports In Montreal said that'
while Pyle had control of the
be-t hockey rinks en the Pacific
coast. Willie Ritchie, former
lightweight champion, had most
of the good players' under eon-
tract, and that the two had been
unable to get together.
Tl Tv a T
npnnv i imcnn ic
Avtuij oiooci aj
1T.IJ T i T
TACO.MA. Wash. llec. 1. (CP)
Pico Rsniies of Los Anceles
fonght a fix round drsw w'ih
nny Doison. A.-rdeen, here to-
The fighters were even when
they started the final round
and they both went through that
frame so fast the draw derlsfou
was a fair one.
In the semi-final Harry Ket-
Medford Football ;
Team Goes North
WAI.LA WALLA. Wash.. Dec.
1. fUPt Medford high school's
football team, one of the strong-
t intersi noiastic aggregations
in the stale of Oregon, arrived
here tonight to finl-b prepara-
:ion for It? same with Mr-Lough-
lin high school at Milton-Free-
water. Oregon, near here. Satur-
The Medford eleven has made
reservations at a local noiei ana
"lans a light workout on a field
"ere .omorro..
At The Pine Tree
Sinre my debut on the screen
I have had manv thrills, hut the
biggest thrill of mv life came
Jhen I was engaged to play the
role of ( harmaine in the cele-
hrated Mage play. "What Price
r;ry." now playing at (he Pine
Ho many brlMi.n. screen ac
tresses have been anxious to
translate this entrancing rharar-
tcr to the cinema that I had
hardly dared even dream of
aspiring to the . part. And yet
l0od fortune smiled down unon
me. for 1 was selected. 1-or two
,1 will get (he experience in
What Price Clory" fraught with
tuK'-nture. t-rlnus and humorous.
. ...
re "uoutth to keep me Intently
interfj-ifd nnd exdted from start
jjJ J J flAtlUE
Next Year's Games Now
Lined Up; Expect
Few Changes
riTTsncKuii. uoo. x. rp ,
Cm dieting th com piling of
the major loaicut InmIuU at lu J
"Irs In record time. the jot it t
:omn.Hle:? corniced of J o ti D
Huydler. Harney Jlroyfusa. K. S.
Ilarmird and William HhitIiIk
today announced that tht 1 9 2 8
ftUiim will start April 1 1 and
rk o September 30.
Tin TollowluK opening; unmet
wort arranged
A merit n l-exue
CleveUnj at C'utcago.
Si. 1-om.j at iVtroit.
Now York at Philadelphia.
Was .tin. on at Hoslon.
National l.cnuue
IMttshnrph at St. louls.
Boston at New York.
Chirac at Cincinnati.
Philadelphia at Urooklyn.
"We cot thrciich more quick
ly than -ever before." omtpent
president Heydtor of the Na
tional tftur. 'The ahedulna
ulU Ih presented at the annual
cieotim of the Major leupues In
New York later th! month, and
we expect bat a few minor
ch an ices. ;
The arhedulea should be
ready for publication by the mld-
Oregon Coach Has
Plenty Lettermen
KCGEXE. Dec. 1. (Special!
When John J. XlcEwnn. Oregon
football couch, begins prepara-
tiona for the I92S Pacific coast
conference grid season he will
have at leist one letterman for
every position on the team as a
nucleus around which to build
ThoiiKh some of the lettermen
may not make the team next
jcr.son. the fact that they are In
uniform will speed up rompet-
itlon and considerably brighten
the prospects of the squad.
Were the tesn of lettermen
to l'r.e up. it wnnld probably he
composed by Frank Riggs, left
end; Harry Wood, left tackle;
flagan. left guard: Geo.
Stndelman. center
Kobt. Keeney
right guard: Kveretl McCutchan
right tackle: Ted Pope, right
end. and Charles Williams, full,
Canzoneri Wins
From Filipino
X. Y., Dec. 1. (UPi Tony Can-
zonerl of Brooklyn, leading con-i
tender for the featherweight ti-1
tie. tonight won the 10-round'
Judge's decision over Ignacio Ker-
Dander. In the fourth round. Fer-
nanuet naa lony Hanging on tn
ropes, suffering from a stiff Inft
J.-lt to the body, followed by a
right to the head. j
Canzoneri weighed 125 pounds,
and Fernandez, 124 3-4. I
U ll.t. .NOT KIXK ' I'IIOTKst;
PORTLAXD. Dec. 1. (IPi
liecause the football game be
tween Medford and .Ml.oiighlin
high schools at Milton-Freeware r
next Saturday will not give elthr
team any special claim to thu
mythical stale interschola.tic
'hamplonship. the state board of
control will not rule on the pro-
"""t from The Dalles high school
against the game. Hoy Cannon.
board president, said tonight,
" have granted Medford and
'Mclaughlin permission to play
' with the understanding the game
will have no bearing on (he
Mate rhampi?nhln, i annon
said. "If It were a semi-final
game for a state title the claim
of The Dallus would be Just but
it Is only a post-season contest."
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v ft?
I .v.. t . . I jtl
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I,, J' - A . ...-." Ill
T- - c. IT . Ill
k.' ' "vxiv4 v4l ;" Suiter, presldeiil of the
f -( ju, "5, jti. mT jf-I . aiuornia i ineyarua company:
c7 :VV? T ' Ht and 1. U. Grable.
C Nf vV, ivv '';-'"':t' I i They made no attempt to con-
Mali P r e v o s I. Hollywood ;,,.u,,r j the gnng. William Took
movle luminary, is the latest toW convincingly play hla part aa
appear In court and secure a dl-', hanker, the faiher of the hero,
vorce. Here she is as she tes- j wnr Sidney Hrucey proves an
titled Against her husband. Ken- bjy adequate as a humoroua mem-n-ih
Haran. also of the movies. ' bt.r wf the gang.
U. S. C. Has Final
Football Practice
I.OS ANGKI.KS. Dec. 1 I.
IM Southern California, physic
ally perfec t, but mentally per- !
turbed as a result of the Notre!
Dame game lust week, went j
through Its final strenuous prac-.
.tire session today in preparation
'for Saturday's encounter with
! Washington.
W ishinpinn. rated a bin and
' -tronK loam, and with only a
loss to Stanford to mar Ita nc
ord. will arrivn here Friday
morninK. The HutkttM will work
ut al t::r t hr.tiay alter
noon. By defeating WuHhlnKton,
Southern Catlfornta ran work Hh
way Into a tit with Stanford for
Pacific coast conferrace honors.
j Is N Training- Spot
Ja. k Sharkey, who has trained
In New York for some of his
' fights, says he will never train
there asuln.
-' -
Gliesterf ield smokers
msfcaGwx iiimw.wi . . i 1 1. "J'wwMlrJ ,"1 ' M MJMW1
iswi) , aavawsfc.,. M '' "-mmmttt
""ihsimmo" i "i MMMVJr'' ""-Twai'i niTT ' ' f .aaati
' "j' agajfj;j- TjQ C4 ' m S ' -mmmmm
" ' wmwsawsis. f Jl 4aBB Js7tsM i miia
-". ""te(mx. '5 ?' W' .mi
, "' eV -
! Grape Juice Not
lsooze, Is Killing
Of District Body
INDIANAI-Ol.lS, Dec. I. t AIM 1
Kour Chicago men charged)
'with conaplracy tit vlttliite thu !
'federal prohibition law in con-
ineciton with the sale of unfor-
, metited gmpe Juice, were found i
not guilty by a Jury lu Culled ;
Siutra district tvuurl tuclny
I The four defendant were El- i
, mer P. Nelbuhr. president tit the j
1 1' lilted Vlneyarda' Assm-hiilun:
whlth the fiovcriutu'nt built up
throuKU tvittlmony of prohibition
uxi'UtH and purchaiiera of thv flvo i
ftalloti kept of grape Jutcn which
the 1'ulttKl Vineyard Aot-latlon ;
Hold In substantial numbera In lu
dlana. I
At The Liberty
stirring melodrama against
background of aorlely and the
I haunt of the underworld feature
...... . ....... .. I ........
; fii.c.n ui 7. . ..... ........
' theater today.
j l'rlscllla Dean the veraatlle and
i nl cuturoua alar, givca a partic
ularly atrlklng performance In the
: role of the girl crook. She la
ably supported by Hugh Allan,
as the boy who falls In lor with
her Guslar Von Seyffertitl adda
; another masterly characterisation
to his long 111 of arch vllllan
' role. In hi. lurl nf f-iav. tha
The earthquake
climax, in
which the gang Is destroyed. Is
convincing In Ha realism.
"Minis of Prey" waa adapted
from the story of the same title
by tleorge Itronson Howard, who
as a newspaperman gathered the
vivid experiences which have
been so effectively transferred to
the screen.
We aim to mak th Klamath
Valley hospital contrlbnilve, to
'.Jllc good by etflcleol ear
. of th. ick and Injured.
; jmmm
! 3
IK. I.- Flight Winner
Itareilcill Aviator
dorit chamje with
6s11 HirH ut
S lUlilJl arc
v-..: sf -J .'-c.y A;
.t. ,.f. Vs-,
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Franrlnco nnd l'alo Alio, (illegn and
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slonnl tnlt-nt in the country "choosft to
play" In (his dutrtrt.
The famous "Ited" Oram and Kr
nle Nrvers wilt ho lorn her with an
all-star tram in Dererahor. and Uenay
Frtttlman make his initial wt-
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