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Need Independent Gang War Stops
Evidence, Ruling ; As Chieftain Of
In Remus Hearing, Hoodlums Leaves
IXCIXNATI. O, Nnr. IS. (A. CllirACO, Nov. L'S. (TP)
V.I Independent evldenr that Ml,nl,.lllllry lllM R,U1! warfare
(.surge Itemus numl was tl iMti
hon h shot anil killed hln wile, ''"-' predicted by polleo lo
in Kilt'ii Turk. October i last. 1 nlchl when II became knowu
would be riere.Hrv before the;,,, a1 ,,s kluim ,
defense could present opinions of ,
my wltiiPMm or testimony eon- Al "Scarface"' Capon, leader of
vrernlng causes. Judge Chester It. 1 1 southstde Hoodlums, hail do
Shook ruled in the former "king t . . , .
ol boullcKiiur.'- murder trial to- . Pr" ' ("r lr, unknown.
Hay. KrifinI said Canone. w
The rulltiK ranio after an hour life was recently threatened by
n't heated argument, -gangster rivals iu a lliireup or
They started when Krauklln I the old feud, feared for his
Edward Kliaw. a timer of rare ! safety and had sone to the north
fcore at various track was ,umls , (l,,.r ,nd bear hunt
called by the defen-e. Pre lm- , ,xp..dHlon .
Inary questioning indttated that tl .. , . - .
he was lu tell .,f the aclioli. of '"er. the drive again:
gunmen eouiinueu unaoaicu 10
, niKlit mttli police canvassing 1
theatres, restaurant, night clubs.
Tightening of U. S. Immigration
Policy Sought By Labor Secretary
oman at various
4 tie Hlatn
'The ronrt f '! that then lias
been a decidedly Inconsistent p
attlon lnken by the defense," as
or ted Judke Shook.
. The court room from the out
net nf the trial ha striven to
force from t he delcnse a state
ment of ltit ioMtiion as to Kemus
tnrntal coudittoij.
. "This condition Ju-t nftt-r Oc
tolier 7 in just dm material a
immediately before." he assorted
at one point in the argument.
' H i finnt rulim? Then
,,,. t hf fii.leiM.n.l..t .vt.m r.1 Their sole duty will be to
prite fights, and even the opera
for Fiifpicious characters.
"We are going to fix It so
that no gunman who is known
to the police, or who has any
kind of a criminal record, can
ico to any amuseuieuts." Chief
of Infectives William O'Connor
The orjrnnixaTion of six new
machine Run quads was also
announced by Chief O'Connor.
itv i.kk ;kiuiauit
I'nited lreN Staff Correspondent
' WASHINGTON. Nov. 88.
1'ivaMire from many sources will
be exerted to persuade congress
In tighten the restrictive Amcr
teau immigration policy this win
Secretary of Labor Ottvtn, lm
miicrutlon Cc mmiMtioiier Harry K.
Hull and ltepreentativ Albert
Johnon. republican. Washinitton.
chuirnian of the house committee
cn iuiin:j;ratioii and naturalisa-
tloa, each will phut before con
fre-yi n-eommendntion- to tijsht
en (he luimiRiation l-t,
J oh n ion will re i u t rod u re hiti
toll providing for depvrtntton of
alienn who have committed crim
inal offense. The bill 4"ed the
house in litJ, but was reject
ed by the senate.
J bnson also is i:pt)norluR a
bill to r'duce by cue-half Im
migration quotas now In effect.
Kecvntly he has ?uHnt consider
able time in California studying
i he Mexican labor question. He
is oppesed to the continued flood
of Mexican workers into the
t'nited States and may Introduce
a bill seeking ta rep;uta:e iiuml
prat ion from that country. John
son will be u p por t ed by Com
mlsttloner Hull.
Secretary Uavis will recouuueiid
,t t ott);rtvHS admission of wives
..jd lultur children of aliens mar
Hid at the time of their entry
jrnd admitted to the I'nited States
.. for permanent residence prior
I.H:I t. '
I Other changes In lutmluratlou
I l iws to be recommcudi'd by Davit
I ijclude:
; I Rxienslon of the non-quota
j status to unmarried minors who
'are children of American cititens;
to the husband of au American
citizen and to an alien born In
the I'nited States who has for
some reason lost citizenship.
8 Kxemption of nil North
American Indians Unc hiding na
il ives of adjacent nations! from
! the provision forbidding aliens
j ineligible (o citizenship to euter
i this country. ,
3 Preference for "contract la
borers" within quotas which (may
be authorized to enter.
4 A new procedure for grant
ing preference within the quota
to aliens "skilled In agriculture"
and their fumilles.
! Details On New
! Ford To Be Let
! Out Here Friday
diseased mind introduced in fHn gangsters aud hunt them
this case In view of the develop- : down, he said.
ment of the case and opening j
statements of counsel and ihe In
terrogation of the prospective
Jurors. I caunot anticipate the
testimony, gentlemen: "We donl
Mt up any pinicular kind of in
sanity." asserted Charles II. Hi
lton, co-counsel with Item us.
- 'I say it begun as long as two
years and continued whether it
ttill exists, I don't know.'
Rlston dented that he was
Students Want
College Movies
To Be Accurate
Pltl.VCKTON. X. J.. Xov. :s
t V I. I Indisnant over the man
ner In whirh rnllere life
jKlna to develop a ctetense oi bfen ifpicted 5r lhe movi,
lh unwritten law nv ilealinr
la subterfuge.
Arctic Brotherhood Enters Limbo
As Members Scatter Over World
Lindy Snapped In
Princeton students today preseot-
;ed a petition to the xnanacer of
ia local theater, reguestinit that
he present "a true dramatization
4 .l!nH f.r rtl rt cf the American college, or no
iVLlIUIl JKl JUdlVC college pictures at all."
j Princeton students objected to
A picture of Craler Lake show- Horatio Alter plots enacted by
ins Colonel Lindbergh and the 4u-year-old Juveniles In Uxford
Spirit of St. .ou(s flyinc over bass and futuristic blazers."
Was received by the chamber of , Hoots and nuffaws have creet
enmmerce yesterday from the ed every college picture shown
Kiser studios. here recently.
'The picture was taken last
September when Llndbereh and, XEW YORK. Xov. SS. (V.P.I
his plane were on their way Motion pictures produced or di
down the coast from Portland tributed by the -Motion Picture
and flew over the lake enroute i-odncers and Distributors of
to Medrord. It was snapped America and dealinc with Jewish
from the studio as he flew out ,ubjwl or containing- Jewish
over the crater. chancier i'.l be filmed here-
after !n co-operation with the
ApflltrJlf lfkTI TS Jewish fraternal order. B'Xai
AlUtliailUIl i3 .RliU. It was announced today by
On PYiT l?Qll Afon Alfred Cohen, president of the
. va. m. wa aa i.ivii oro(.r Cohen , ho had made
isuch an arrangement with "Will j
H. Hays, president of the motion
four oilier members, two repri.- picture organization.
venting the railroads and two the ; :
firemen. ! A maion To I InrJ
The firemen'. ilem.mtls are illllCmail (lailCU
hfaded by a petition for a sen
eiral Increase of $1 a day in
wages. Kour other demands are
lor Increase for special group.
The number of men affected
by the negotiations is estimated
as high as 55.0VU. The rail
roads concerned serve generally
all territory wet of Chicago and
from Canada to Mexico.
. (Continued from Pace One)
Her la the solution to the
LETTER COLK puzzle on page 4.
We Know How
See Me for First Class,
Economical Painting
and Interior
"Interior Decorator of Pelican Cafe"
PHONE 575-J 323 S. 6TH
WKAXliKI.L. Alaska. Xov. SS.
(IP) The Arctic Itrotherhood.
founded by men- who took the
Kng trail of "SS. ou the creeds of
the sourdoughs, has taken its
place with the past.
Sixten remaining members of
the famous organization, which
at one time included presidents,
a king, members of parliament
and noblemen on its roster, were
insufficient to csrry on and the
organization was disbanded to
day. This unique secret order was
founded in the d'nlng salon cf
the Steamer of Seattle by It
sourdoughs returning to Skag
way In 1399. "around the flow
ing bowl."
Champagne corks designated
officers and beer coiks were the
badges of members. The initia
tion fee was ll.Otf. then the pre
vailing price of a bottle of beer.
The organization later perfect
ed In Skagway. the mother camp,
an inspiring nd picturesque rit
ual, symbolic of the rigorous
l.i nd north of the 54 decree.
Forty subordinate camps
throughout Alaska, the Yukon
Flapper Fanny Says:
By German Police
.Continued from Page One)
the Chemise he Zettung for "a
chemist experienced In producing
and utilizing modern ' accelerat
ors." j The had of the German dye
, stuff trust's Investigation de
partment answered the advertise
ment under an assumed name. He
; arranged to meet Meisel in Easel,
! After a second meeting In I)u-.
t yeldorf, Meizel was arrested, and
charged with improperly buying'
secrets from the German chemists
Schmidtnagel and liunbrock, who
are connected with the dyestutf
' trust.
Meisel frankly admists pur
chasing the secrets but denies
any knowledge that they were
Improperly obtained.
The police have refused to re-
leae him on bail.
The well equipped XKny lab
oratory at Kiamafh Va;ley l jh-
1 pital In indispensable in IveViUa
tin? difficulties of ths cbeit and
The noe without powder in n
diining rvnmple.
territory nnd northern llrltlh
Co'umbia were chartered.
I , Membership war open to- all
i. asses of men. of all natlonall
t'es. Six months' residence In
il.c ncrthland wa the prime re
quisite. Fifteen tiouvind former mem
trs of the t-ruer are now scatter
c! In all co-per of the world.
Former President McKinley
and King Edward VII were made
honorary memb'rs. President
Taft was Initiated lu Seattto In
Obligations of the order for
bade members to "kick a dog or
wcrk a ho rue with a sore spot
on his back."
, A custom in all camps was a
Chrbjtmai tree entertainment,
given for all children In the dis
trict. The hearts of many sour
doughs were warmed by Christ
man Eve celebrations with the
: children.
The Arctic Urotherhood was In
strumental In obtaining a dele
gate In congress for Alaska and
was devoted to Improvement of
educational and s:clal ccndl-
A motto of the order was
, "there Is no boundary line here."
and the crossed flags of tha
: I'nited Stales nnd Canada were
'prominent at all gatherings.
Wets Want Plank
Put In Platform
(Continued from Pagt One)
' William ii. Stayton. chairman
of the association against pro
hibition amendment, was Intro
duced as one of the speakers
and reported on the results of
the campaign of his organization.
Need .Million
Three million dollars, he said.
, would be needed to enrry the
fight to the entire country dur-
; ing the next few years. pro
posed that p ress tl re be brou g h t
to bear on both major political
parties for the. Insertion of
planks In their plitforms calling
for a nation-wide referendum on
prohibition similar to the one
which turned up ao much wet
sentiment In New York state.
For results ns Kwi Class Ada.
' The full stoiy of the new Ford
automobile, described by Henry
'Fold as being "superior In d
sign and peifurm.uiee to any now
'available In the low price, light
! car field." w 111 be told first til
Klnmath Falls next Friday, le
cemher 3. according to announce
nieut today by local dealer.
j A public reception la to be
held here simultaneously with
similar gatherings at every Ford
dealer In the I'nited States, thus
coiiHtttutlng a part of the great
est automobile show lu the his
tory of the Industry,
j While no detailed description
,have yet been given out by hunt
dealers, tho Ford Motor company,
from Its headquarters In Octroi),
has attmittiicvd that the new Ford
car will be ns far In advance of
' present public demand for speed,
! flexibility, control' in traffic and
'economy of operation as the fa
mous Model T was In advance of
; public demnud wucu It was In
itioduced In 10.
pealers have not yet been nd
'vised as to the prices at which
itbe new Ford line mill sell, but
dt'flnite assurance has come from
ivirult that the prices will be
entirely lu accord with the poltcy
, of the Ford Motor company to
provide the best possible automo-
j bile at the lowest possible price.
I Elaborate arranRemrnts are be-
t lug made fur the public recep
tion here. City offMnN and
prominent business men of K'am-
. nth Falls aud vicinity have been
Invited and preparations hntv
'been made lo give every caller
al the show a thor:ui:h under
; standing of tills rwr ni- b is ev
pt-ctcd to make a new chapter In
: automobile history.
i NEW Oltl.KANS, Nov. js. if
1 r i Fifty dry agents, many of
j diem from out of town, today
1 raided .New Orleans botlcggem'
: haunt and cabarets and by early
. tonight more than &U places had
j been padlocked. The dry agents
; started their work early in tb
(day atmed with 131 warrants.
Pete Herman, former well known
prixe fighter, who recently com
pleted a prison sentence for 11
quor violations, was one of those
Dealers Banquet
At Willard Hotel
The first baiiiuel for
the southern Oregon d'-ulciH of
Ihe tiukluud mid Pontine win
hel.l Inst li Ik III lit the Hotel Wll
ttnt. when detllers ll'olll .Medlol'd,
Koit Kluimilh. I.akexlew uml tins
rliy met for the purpose of get
ting belter neqiialllted.
1'hiise present Included: Mr
and Mrs. Krauk II l.acy, .Mr and
.Mrs Hoy l.aPmrle. Mr. and Mis.
Kex LePrarle, Mr. nnd Mis
l.uwrenre Priest, Mr anil Mrs.
J. V. Ilrcwbaker, Mr. and Mrs
Onirics Kkdtihl, Mr. mid Mrs
:V.II IVal. Mr. and Mrs. Carl
lie!, Mr. and Mrs lliirolil
Melioli, Mr and Mis Jack lii
eoe. Mr. and Mrs. I.. K. Snod
grass. Mr. and Mrs. I.lovd llyau.
Mayor luid Mrs. T II, W.itiers.
Mr. and Mrs. Iiurrel (larrett. t ail
Itobley, Krnnk llrlsi-oo. Miiyuie :
.Peterson. Wllllalll lluviuollit. M
It. Amlerson. II J. Kctloc, llelene
iK'iinls Itreitensttiu, t;nu-e I'un-
.'. - - - Klgurvs don I he
Tor results us Nw Cl Ada , liaures do
wiiii.k vot w ait:
Women's half tMilin aa low as
Sl.fM) per pair.
I ID Soulh Slvlb St.
The most important points for
any one to consider when hav
ing any kind of deutal work
done, are:
1- K.-storatlon
to look as na
tural as pos
sible. Pleas
ing to tho eye
2 - To be fin
bhed as rap
Idly a a pos
sible, consis
tent with good
3 - To be per
formed with
as little dis
comfort to Ihe
patient as practical (during
and after operation.)
4 Price nf the work and the
length of time It may bo ex
pected lo give good service.
"Ihnthtry With m Written
Sugiirmun Hide., 8th ami Main
Christmas Shopping has
Surely Started
Customers are paying deposits and having goods laid away. -
Do not wait until the last minute, take advantage, of our
wonderful prices while our stock is complete.
Buy at home and your money will go farther.
All packages packed for mailing to ship anywhere.
-We are glad to show our merchandise whether you purchase
or not.
Glover's Jewelry Store
"The Home of the Big Street Clock"
Cant DodKc 18th
Amendment Issue,
Says W. K. Borah
Ni:V II.WKN. t'oiui.. Nov.
; I I PI leille cNolls ol
bolll parties In doilue III'1 llle,
I lie 1Mb nuiellillllellt tvlll be ill
the l;'S liolllliill 11 re li ii. Helinlor
Wllllalll I-: llonili lold III" l.'oll
lieitleut Woiiell's law elifiuve
nienl leuKlle lolilaht llortih lie
ilared Hint ire-bleiilliil
diitea would be l nllipelled to
deal Willi Ihe ilulllb:iloll lUes
tloll. "I make the iredlilon no-
lull whatever the iiinvenlloll
ll-.'s replllilli nil
durea. Ike 1Mb llllleilllieul aud
whai 'We khotild do 1lh II will
ha III the next caitiluilun
"Kvery eaiiilliliiie from eoiiHin
ble lo i'elilellt will have to
deal with II. The press
iis they are prepnt-lnit to ileiimiil
Ihe repiihllcuii Marly mkti a dsn
ulle position on the I Mil IlllleUd-meiil."
but snltie
j' Nel t tl I ll at espeel In aea
a slxti readlnn "V Hid I ndi.r- 4
1 11 1. In It Hllol pe."
Standard Dyers
and CIcancrt
l or Heller .Mieiiriiiiia
thiol less t li lllllliU
(I lie-1 III) Hel-vllO
l:JMrt H)elli
1409 Esplanade St.
Phone 825
Kor reservations Phona IvKII
' ruler to urlvala parlies
aud bun'iuots
Olene Hot Springs
Chicken Dinners nnd
M Hour
Ten lullea out
at old Oleua
When young fellows get together
At the game, on the campus, in the of
fice, young men are showing a decided
preference for the suits we are featuring
this Fall.
Good Clothes