The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, November 23, 1927, Page 7, Image 7

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How to
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Jjg . 1,1 Buy J ,f I
New Menus
raS&Etim T:. V ...nil WSS
ramsarttti J i mn .mil : 9.m
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ARV.TIl ami i('If) rwlurs In '.M.ckmi lo rat nd, Inciilrntatly,
Jff ARMTIl ami ij'Icy rn!urs In
XA H'-'M, lltr lint imw M-irry
w.i.Vnt. ch. Mr n e.iprr to have
tiwir fmfjr, i.i cv r pic, a UMr
Witr'iii:.i; !i K.T' i with t';e
Oim;r if urJunl ivJ ncM i!iat
tvsvl M.l-p. Mi StiivitOi a u
tiic lY;; .n -a'io flfhrv.l in
ihr'r i;r i l;a-vf in f .n'uff ami
tlwtn!: f n!r.c t - iV in ft Atntrir:tu
Voii.Uy. 0:i-r "M 1 t .,r:, (.,!
liwM, Vn1 w rr! S ! i' l!:c
Jlfff h"-''A "p! :-.t!i rf it -:m.
l.inl- ..:. c Ir.i M, n p'-i-c in
jV O-rVul, tl .it! ua t.
the tn y. -Si.-', n (..vrr I'tc
l:wc if 4-r li v. i.n! a;..v. is
l'v . n'rr. I'-.c ju X .v 'm! w U. !i
!ic .i!i K.-.i.i tl'ir H w
urH w.' ! v. i'- r t-n-.il1 V- .r
in-r.t '-r-i t':c I'tiV,-;. u Mm lir.wn
i 1 rr ! . .! h . ; . v. Jl?i:ie
. r!n . t ti'.c '..'m t'f cvrsi .nil
rtir . .1 j- i-i.i h-tl pt.iMrr ! the
ttmi-1 t ti '.i!. (M ;mv-
thwii-c fruiit aii'l (levers v.'.i.h
'IccTaip ih- li.ii!.
lim at4 Enrrgr
:iirxtKniive lli rough tlio use of can
tin -y i t.if r uliiUH- rti -pr V.ill,
. t ' !. i hut ofirn
-n ur;.r! ! i n--, minv Mi lrrnt
. sr. W ; '! mi ! p;jrc I.rrr1f
t ;m. a:vl oi- (;. ; i" r ,i v rr-Ai:rrit
l W tC- 'v-t .-V c fo.-,!- irpWy
Ti" pr i . t , f j, -l, r!mV and t;
..tal ir; i. - -rf 't.: - -T i..
3 nh i' l j t-ii ;i .1 " ... ,
tivit.g ttdccu'jlrj, tin.flc to :
lift! Xooiis,
j An Uytrr Bisque ImM ju5t
irn au'li Un; md is ti"t to licavy i
Ja piilude to tJie fat turkey and is
Jjlitvt iradc nrn you open a rjn
i-i ; tri. Cu:ilerry uurr, ci!er
! -i; 1 'Miti may all be had tn rati. Cau
'urd iwrrt xtatori, tttrrijK and ipin
l fd Iftile atinitton to turn
ihrm in'.D straminc, XKCulrnt diOiri,
'Anil it vnn wmi'd trrvc tvnrral f.w
!.;.;Iard drv:rt, y- u will want ruth j
". i"(f and ptiMip'.in ptr. Nnt only the
ti'lnnr Imt a!v the pie crust can be
ur; it rcady-prerarrd.
0 t(.f Hij.jut
(' Ury Crm kttt Olives
A' 'at Siuffd Ti'rtey
( ' juvn-y .V,in. f - i' .',-1 Cravy
'.milled Sweet l'Moes
;.V'."W Turtfifs Or i .
J'tfjfkfi ', If me.' I it
Vavrf O'irr (r
I .VuiJ Jurf A.Jn:'iij
I l"ir th Oystrr Risqaf v.jc tvvocit'it
j uincc rans oyuer. ore it'iart riiilc.
!w tjMrnioom builrr. sj!t. peprer pipiika. iJrain ctrrs and iatc
li'jur nvrr firr, I-t it roir.c to a
;tHi-I. Staid milk in ciHrj'.tf
tpan, n1il to ovtcr jui'C arid put i:t
.the Imtirr. Add oystrrs and tir tin'ii
. ll iroughly heated. Serve with crock
I For a ten.pourd turkey, m.ike s!i;:?
intr rf is ri p a h-rad rr.'.v' ,
n:p Ir't'-r, nrr-h If enp mi'' ,
I' IrM'-on e;irh v p u'tiv $r;.
-.. ad c hepped salt ard
:.! cr t tate, .frlt tuttrr in milk
Six Cars Turks
Shipped To Marl
nOSKIll HC. 4)ro., Nov. L2. I A.
p.j six criidrt of tuik H. r-p-rcariilttiK
lean than om-fiurth of
tho total rrop. hnvo hr.-n rdilpprd
fmm DoiiKlas county for Iho
ThnnkvKlvliiK murkt. Tho hulk i
of tho rop t hrlnK hrld for 1
ChrlHmuH, nheu thv hirdn will
he. nior matun- -and will brim;:
iH'tliT prirt-M. Tho i;rowr wru
paid from tn 4Tr pi-r pound.
mnkiim a total of morn than'
$ro,on rnt-rdvrd for tb hnln I
delivere d for ThnnknuUliu; sale.
The turkey Industry ia IhumhiK j
county Ih HhonluK tt Kmil revival
and It in cxicct-d that it will
roach Iutkp proportions in the
future. Many growers, pari leu
Inrly drvenl new coincrx, am
toIiik lulu tho turkey rnishiK tn
dulry on u hlg sralo nnd lur:e
flock d nre hoeoiuliiK tho rule
rather lhati the oxroptton. !'lnn i
for an ornninilon for cradlnK. !
luurkiMltiK and ' mivi rtiniuK an ,
nfw helur dlsruwed. Stand ird ;
fcr.tditiK'M and uppclfirnilonit (
wnr adopt. t this your for thu
flrHt lime in hiMtory nnd It hi
expected thnt In-fore next wtMon :
a definite organization will ho
firnicd. ,
and pour over crundis, add ?fam-
inxi. Mix thorut(hiy and H;!t, then
irw up the bird, rrj-ly for the oven.
Kuait two and one hail hctirs, ba ti
me frcqurntly and remove turkey to
platter. Make the gravy in th- pm,
browning t tahlesi'xjnt tat unih ix
lahlcjxi'jns (ionr. i'onr c.i ff:ath:ii!y
three enps tork in lnrii fa!rt3 li.ive
been cxtokerl. hod live i:i;rjt"i. i; n
and add Rih'ct fi::rly fifnK-l.
For Candtt'A S :'ct I'i tators, uc
one o. 2'',- can nwt t p rfaus,
tabletpfns b.t.icr, one nip hrnwn
K-ir, alt. Mir;- p'liatoej 1'-:it;th v. isc.
place tn hnturr'l h4:.:n dh. rover
with M':ar, butter atul jprmUirT of
lt Add two t..M: sM.n" lv-t wt- r,
c 'vr inn cn -k I:M ,r;' t
ca::dy. Creams J Spi rc.i t: : l"h-;i
errni cr.W Nil, J' sic r.n i;-iiu;'h hi",
lint in whi'.e sauce, sca$t-n u ell '
vi;h salt, pepper, pannk.-i ;.n. a ti:y
p;n-.h of mace. Mushed Turnipr:
lirat ro:itc:it N. 2' i .lie rat: tv.pii;n
ia ' Wn I nunr, drain, nias'i a:; I z .l
'one ta'tK-'-poon better, sa't r.d "?-
I'ftf tun rur;f-kin Pis, V.i tlirc
ci:p raiin-d pumpkin, one a-. I o:ic
j third c;;ps brown tiu-ar. two t -a;pr. ns
, c :j:!1":t:'-.:i, nr.r teap ea--h ;:::.,:cr
)..:'( "T!t, fo:T beaten 'hicc c::;s
4 ".'TiUvd mi" nut' ir.TH'p of errvri:.
;Mi-; iiw rodtrnt'er in the'r.-r L:v. n. an T i':r v-K S:r: r.
'r'.i a t-e p"o T"i wYt pto r-d
b.ik a r; !:: o-.-cn (37? F.)
'- 'a I ur or n ;1 rrt.
.'('.' Vis f; (vn efrr n
r' ' :i ' -rrir- i
f . r j- a p fii-i :t -1 u.
c rr ;-h a i ;;rd b...o -
a h i oen i:ril b:..v.. .
JtreitkfaMt -Hiewed pruneniwlih
lemon, cereal, rreum, ort tnk-
ed ckkh, rrb p loui.t, milk, jeof !
ice. , '
1 Lunch' on ('ream of jtpllm h
i noiip, rrouloiiH, roitaKo cin'
t nnt! y;U hen. iippln tapl(H- pnd-
dime. milk. (ea.
I nit tier N'oodh no up, brolbd
ham. r! tiffi d imiIoiih, head h t
; Hire with It UHxhi u dryvniiiK.
j pumpkin pie, milk, coffeo.
Hturrcd onion
Four medium nUed Bpani-h
onloiiH, 1 nip mahJu'd pitatotH,
3 labh'HiKioiiH rich milk oi
cream, 1 cup MfttinvQ moat,. 3
ti atipduu Milt, 1-4 "Tea h poo n pep
per. 1 eK, 1 cup beef broth.
I'ee) onlonH and cut a I f
from "top" end of eat ll. Urop t
Into 4 eup of holltiiK water cm-'
'. tnliiiiiK 1 tcapoon Kali, boll 1 li
mlntJtyH. Dtxilii and drop Into
cold ntcf for one inlmite. Drain'
am rcuop nut' iuldo of ea h
j ScaHon mushed potatoen with
Halt and pepper nnd bout In
jcrenm. Mix lhoroti(hly with suu
- fUKe nnd udd okr well beaten.
' Heat well and fill ravltleti of
lonloiiM with mixture. I'tace in a
j pan JukI lurne enotiKh to Indd
j tin- oniinM without touchltiK
; each other, udd beef broth and
nimmcr until louder, about 40
min u ten. Serve aurroundlnR
turn to Hit fire. (tub flour
to a htiiooth pax to with a Utile
iv, '( w iter and Into bollinx
roup. Cook nnd t I r for five
in In ill:'. Kervo Ktirnlfhed wll h
idJi-oH of bard molied HK and
upriiiklinx of vn .m.
rlKp, brown, buttered p'jp
i or li sprinkled in mnoll uanllty
on top of f re a ra of m r n mi 1 1 p .
aldM an appetizina touch.
Hultered heeiH mak one of the
lovclit'M KiirnlKluK In tho world
when idlei.d In odd fdvtpeH wit h
:)im of the fancy potato vUcvrn.
ll'ltOV i; SI.X-VKAK TUtM
MKXICO t'lTV, Nov. 22. Ill
!--ThP chamber of deputies has
approved unanimously the pru
poKal to extend 'the proldentH
term to nix yearH. The present
term hi four.
The'meamtre. which wan panned
unanimously by the wnuic, two
month bko. munt now b pasned
by two-third of the giate legis
lature. Although mt reaarded an rer
lain, ft Jn Indicated that pannage
of the measure would mean that
I'renldent ('alien would remain in
office iwi more yearn.
Household Suggestions
ItlK blue Oermait pi it ma, called !
"prunen" make .a mont dellcloui
naiad whi-n niuffed with cheene, I
nut and pimento. Serve with !
French dnnltiff. I
find ft eanler
much firmer. ,
to work and
If you keep your aayly col
ored cam lies in thu ie box :or
neve rot dayn bufore unlnit, lliey
, will not bend or drip an they
' burn.
XKW ltlt(MM
Waffle irona and KrlddhM
Miotild be fcreaned thorouKhly
flpd healed through, nlowly, be
fore ur.lufr. Never wanh them bu
wipe with oiled cloth.
Melted honey, added to borer
Hgea for nweetenlng, gives a
smoot pleasant taate that 'm- j
proves ine conslntency ait well
ai the flavor.
fOPFKK HM'i K f A new broom ahould have Hh
A thin wft ' coffee ' rtwturd i 'raws tled tightly and then
makes a delightful aauce for i akod thoroughly in cold water
brad, rice. teamed fruit, tapioca and drled ht,fon il 18 eTcr ud'
and other puddings, t "
. ; ('M)VHR KOU.S
When baking hot bread roohc,
put three tiny balln of dough in
each compartment of the muffin
tins end bake. They aro clover
shaped when done.
Kerns that aland In glazed jar
dinieres should bo rained from
the bowls to secure good driln
age by putting pebbles under the
pot they a rep (anted in.
Ironing toard covers should be
cold starched when laundered.
Their glons ft cilllles Ironing
other articles, especially linens.
Pearls and other beads which.
1 because of their weight, have a
! tendency to break their strings
; should be strung on either a
violin string or dental Hobs. .
If you are sewing large but-!
tons on fine material, for fas-;
lenings, use a flat button on
the inside of the material to!
prevent tearing a hole.
When making eyelets to slip
lacings through, outline the hole
before punching and you will
A good shoe rack can be built Sliced, hard-boiled eggs, en
into your closet by slanting the ' tirely surrounded with boiled
baseboard outward and putting a spinach and covered with white
cleat on It high enough to hold Isaucn and bread crumbs make a
the shoes. . delicious baked luncheon dinh.
Urea k fast Orange juice, cer
eal, cream, creamed dried beef,
bran murfinn, milk, cofee.
Luncheon Jerusalem arti
choke soup, crouton-, broiled
lamb ehopn. baked potatoes,
sliced tomatoes, cookies, milk,
Dinner Short rib of beef
browned with vegetables, stuf
fed sweet pepper salad, squash
and' ranin pie, milk, coffee.
JcruMih-iu Artichoke) Soup
Three cups sliced Jerusalem
art If hokes, 4 tnboHpnons butter.
4 tablespoons mined cooked
buxou. 1 thinly sliced parsnip.
1 onion minced. 3-4 cup diced
celery, 4 tups veal or chicken
broth, 1 teaspoon salt, 1-4 tea
spoon pepper, paprika, 2 table
spoons flour, t hard cooked
one,' 2 tubU-hpoous minced cress"
Melt butter In kettle and add
vtgctables and bacon. Cover nnd
cook over a low fire, stirring
frouently, until tho vegetables
aro broken and soft. Add broth,
snlt. pepper and paprika and
bring to tho boiling point. Hub
through a puree slove and. re-
Klamath Falls
7th and Main Sts.
Extra Fancy Fresh
Fruits and Vege
tables You can get the follow
ing at Rock Bottom
.MANILA. P. I.. Nov. 22. (fPt1
I.lmitviiiint Matihi'W K. Klnn. I)ls-!
trirt tif Cnltuli:i. was itutui.tlyf
klll. il wlirn I.Ih piirnui! plane !
wrnt Into a noHM dive at un nl-;
lid. ilo of Jlun fi'(. ne ar here dur
ing army jilntin maneuvers. The;
Plane wuk iravelliiiK hi n rale !
ot I in mllen an l.nur when il
Htr.iek Ilie Kruiuxl.
Anyllilnj: you wish lo ioll? Or
lo buy? Tell all Klamath Fallal
about It la Iho einnomlcal. er-:
flrleut way tl.ronf.-U a little
I ClnHA All 'p tho Klamnth News.
the man's flavor
- the vvoman'sPreference
0 -
Mm full-flavored coffee
Li - .. . m
vacuum packed
TRC6 TtA Orange Pokoc docs nut
cost so much as you would expect
to pay for tea of selected quality.
But that isn't why we ask you to tiy
it. We aslc you to jittlgc it solely as
a more delicate, fragrant and finer
tea than any you've ever known.
It's a luxury without a tax.
Try Tree Tea and see!
Eureka Soft Shell
Buttered Walnuts
Soft Shell Almonds
Fresh Dates in pkgs.
Fresh Dates in bulk
Emperor Grapes
Seedless Grapes
Tokay Grapes
Sweet Oranges
D'Arzon Pears
AH kinds of Apples
Golden Bananas
Cassaba Melons
Arizona Grapefruit
Florida Grapefruit
Persian Melons
Fresh Head Lettuce
Brussells Sprouts .
San Diego Tomatoes
Hothouse Cucumbers
Sweet Potatoes
Fresh Spinach
Fresh Parsnips
Egg Plant
String Beans, fresh
Green Peppers
Chili Peppers
Green Onions
Bunch Vegetables, etc,
"The well known
Fruit Store."
Put their faith tn the (lour
the use.
This, combined with skill la
mlxiDg and baking, tells the
story of success,
Is the laeky brand. .'"
Klamath County Product
Made Br
Martin Bros.
Special One Dollar Turkey Dinner
.MENU: Turkey with Dressing: Mashed Potatoes and
Gravy; Sweet Potatoes: Cranberries; Salad;
Pickles; Olives and Celery: Choice o: Mince
Pie. Plum Pudding or Fruit Cake; Coffee,
Dread and Butter.
A Special ltut Chicken Dinner will a Iho be served at
the popular price of T.T cents.
Thanksgiving dinner will start at 11 a. m. and serv
ice continue until S p. m.
LES SAILING'S ORCHESTRA ill play during the din
ner hour frm 6 to 7.
The general public Js cordially invited to try our good
eats and .prompt service.
ISM Main St. Opposite Court House
"We use ,
A. Home Manufactured Product.
jiiiiimiiiiiiitniiiinnnnnmmii uim
' - Wednesday Only
Creamed Cottage Cheese
1 pint .....15c Vz pint . . . .10c
The best to be had in town.
All markets loyal to their home town
have it to sell.
Um n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in i n 1 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 1 mi m t i
Tor those who prefer
Gruln tea, there's
Tube Tba Japan
f Kraft 1
Say Thanks to. your Host and Hostess with Klamath grown
' Flowers for Thanksgiving
Chrysanthemums, Large, Pink, White, Yellow and Rose
35c each 3 f3r V..00
Chrysanthemums, Medium Pink, White and Yellow
25c each 4 for $1.00
Pompon Chrysanthemums for Tables, in Yellow, Gold
and Yellow, Bronze, and Pink, large bunches 75c each
Roses .' $2.50 to $3.00 per dozen
Carnations all colors $1.50 per dozen
Sweet Peas 75c per bunch
Calendulas 50c per dozen
Violets : 35c per bunch
Potted Cyclamen .. .75c, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50, 2.00 and $2.50
Potted Primroses .... 75c, $1.00, $1.25, $i.50 and $2.00
Begonias .'. 50c to $2.00 each
Poinsettia Plants 75c to $4.00
Klamath Flower Shop
O. R. MOELLER, Flori.t
PHONE 589 834 MAIN ST.
We telegraph flowers to all parti of the world in a few hours time.