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To Lost
Two Tiny Girls Found
Aaleep in Sagebrush
After Being Gone
For Hours.
A doir. I'onNtnut conipun
Inn of the two little tots, at
tracted n ' big itearching
party to tho clump of wige-
l.runh beneath which Brtty
unil Kileen Lynch, aged five
and three, were
nfter being lout fur mnny ,
, ,. . i , ii
hours on theT outskirts of!
Ijtkoviuw yesterday.. Ili'-j
COrdilltf to a long distance j
telephone communication to
the News at 12:30 a. m.
The two Utile glrla, daughter!
nf Mr. and Mr. DayHo Lynch of
Laacvlew, wandered ayay from
home ahnrlly before noon yeater
day. When they had not returned
at I p. m. yeaterday, a aearrhlng
party in organiied.
Tho party Included virtually
every able bodied man 111 Lake-
lew and formed tnlo gang!
10 lo U each. Iho men atarlcd,
combing the hill and creek bot
tomi adjacent to Lnkevlew.
llear Itarklnif'
Fhnrlly before mldulghl, one
group wua attracted by the bark-
ma ui uo. i n !
oi. nog. i,,,nmng up .,..e, tlclBl, Mitta inlKl.l that they , nlR , .rvlcc to ,w .,; jh,n 77.8; HoU nth potatoea were eerveo t ,h
Mdc they found the two tiny ; ,rt ,,,., t.p..t M..x-,ho .rm,y,rnn church next , lidny tpaxleurixed) 75.9. m " iVi
1.. Im ked In embrace and ,,.n rebellion through the aelt-! od ,, ' ,,. U " haml dr memhora an.1 on .Noem
cep beneath a protecting clump h . ,.0n ro,,,,,,. f fi .?'a"'T.L. 'JJ." .. . . - . ber 111 60 portion, were !erved
v..ih... mm n.M sii
v. uminm-u i..
1'7 ' .
Knrnh la I.inKPn
With Smugglingr,:;
. i
c iv pnivcigcn v.v i IV,
. - '"
j I .vtnim ' jnon meunnrifinui
prealdcnt of the Pacific Ann!;l,,m , nn,.ale a( ,,, port 1
company, allll eluded rapture to
light police held new evidence ;
innicaung mat inn nrne. I,,nH 1
gling plot or wnicn . ne in ac
riiked may reach fnrther than
find aunnoited. !
Keliure of tliouannda nf round!
' 1
of ammunition aboard two """"'"lary general. Felix Dial, was '
at New Orleans was reported to h-, ,,
pnllro to have possible con
nection wllh the arms plot mi-,
covered yestorday when Manner-)
stum's east-bay house, a veritable i
uraenal, was raided.- '
The ammunition la hollered to
lave hr.on Intended Tor Mntlrn. I
I tr. . 1 . 1 Kv U ......... lMIIInt I:'
,'.. .... ,!; oi iiiiiiio inn. rwj .nn ,
either Mnnuerstam or (I. Hojasn j
Jr.,' added mystery to letlerj
aildressed by Mnnncrstain to Ito-
inn nt New Orleana. Tho letter
read In pnrt :
"(lo wllh your lawyer lo aeo
Senntor Ilnrnh. lie Is. a friend of
mine. Ask litm'to use' his good
c I flees In helping you and me.
Please remember tlml in less Ihnn
two months our trial comes up
In Los Angeles."
Raiding "Prohi"
Mad About Lorena
LAKKVIEW, Nov. 18. (Spec
iii Thai r it .elf.
atyled prohlblllon officer who !
rnlded" a houso party in - Ttiei
Dalles, at which Lorena Trlrkey
was guest nf honor
night, la Infatuated
lodeo qucvO, was divulged by
Khoriff K. A.. Prlday her. today.
Ilrad. according to Ihe sheriff,
followed Lorena and her brother
to The Dalles, after Ihe Lnkevlew
murder trial In which Mia.
Trlckey was cleared nf (lie charge
of murdering Slim Harris.
"Ilrad was crnsy about Lo
renn, tint she spurned his alien-!3"0 rmh' nrt",d lo ,ls"
Hons," Prldny said. "Ilrntl was their Influence to prevent im
nol. Invited lo Ihe party given In ! penchment of former mayor John
I.oronu's honor, unit In Jealous;
rage, broke up the nrfnir with
n fnko raid, saying he wns look
ing for liquor."
Thn "prohi" la under Iwn In
illclmenl! nt, Lnkovlow charged
wllh impersonating: an officer. He
la nllegeil In have bilked, two
women nf.the underwnrlil otft
of f 4 SO la "huih" monoy,
Ruth Remus
flNCIXNATI. Ohio. Snr. s
l . It I It .1.. It .1 ........
asleep,,,, of i,rox iicmu.. by hi. first I
". who divorced him. rami, to
court today In attend her faili-
trM flir .irin hi, wife, u,
former lonigcne Holme, of Kirim- !
"''The're". an endearing arena.
she 'threw herself Into her
. ......... - ' mnu .......a....
; k'",,,J h"n'
DiiCOVCry of Biff Gun
' viuji
Shipment May stop
r-K' Revolution .
NKW OIll.tlANS. Nor. tH.
II'. I'. I t nileo sinira ruatom! ot-
uciala neiiarea lonignt tnai tney
1 ' 1 ' " '
laniniunlllnn aboard two ateaniera ,
;)"' aa-thoy were about to leave
f"r f1'0-
.Linked wllh the mid neon s
rieiinl In Albany. CW.. .
rued up document! of- j
f.irlne mnehlne rttn. mntt im.l
. r . ..
munition for export through New
: Orleana, Ihe local
again haa become . hatching j
si of civil atrlfo in litln Am-,
Although hi. pn-aenl whore-'
tahotita are unknown, Iho name.
of (iulllenno Kosaa. former sec-
retarv In the Uiiliin r.viilnllnii. !
brougtit into tho Investigation
by custom! agent!.
A letter found In the raid on
the California arsenal had been
addressed In Hos.ia, Tho letter
said the writer could furnish
Knsas with 500 machine guns,
50.000 , rifles and 60,000,000
rounds' of ammunition.
"This I mention." the lellor
concluded, "knowing I lint you arc
always Interested In good arms
and good ammunition."
Labor Party Now
Controls Canton
19. 9:50 a.
m.l (CP) The labor party has
gained control of Canton, former!
-t renter nf the nationalist move
Following tho departure of
Cennrnl I.I Chal-Hum, rnmmnnder'
I of the Canton garrison, for the;
rcen wnicn were in rommnnn
Wongl Klil-t'hiing and took
ron,r"1 oMhB Hovernment office!. .
"estln a number of officials.!
"".'iCouncilnien Are
; Under Suspicion
P) New Indictments were re-!
turned lodqy ngnlnst four mem
bers nf the Indianapolis city
council, charging thnl for ruu-
sideratloua "between $100 n:i
Twb counellmen, Clmido N.
Negley, president of tho body, and,
Dr. Austin II. Todd, wore noli
nun,.l l. H.n,lA. l,U.,lM,.nU '
Waller It. Dnrsctt and Iloynlon
.1. Moore, also Indicted today,
have been nccused of bribery 1 1
connection wllh passing of lonhm
, '
fl D em u o!
Mr ! rn !
W antS 1 Oi
Use Fists
In Trial
' :
Alleged Murderer
' ,
Says Assistant frOS-
ecutbr "Drank Much '
r j n 1 i
Ot MIS WhlSKey.
i ,
. (U.r.) The George Kumun
mui'dcr trial reached a vio-
leilt Climax today With Re-j.
i '
' mils chhlleilKing Prosecutor
; Charles 1. Taft. to a fist
fight, and Atwixtant
cutor Curl E. Dimler threat-
, . . , .
onmg to punch the defend-
uiiI'm nose.
I'erwmal vlllltl.-ai ton resounded
through Die marble hull) of the
()n rouriiiouae wnue a rrowuen
'courtroom astonished lit Iht
eitreniea to which Judge Chualer
It. Hhook permitted Ihe wringle
n he carried. '
Oh, If I only had
you out In
the hall ao I could wreck yonr 1
k." Itcmua ifliouted at the aon
he chief Justice of the Vnlted
Htatea nupreme court.
j "(Set back there or I'll punch
(Cnnlliiuril on 1'nge Five)
i Union Service Is
Trt Ro tfxl1 Tfafxx'
M.V IJC 11CIU Aivicnnlry for tne pat two mnnina
" . are Mountain Dairy 9. 2: (Jrater
Churchea of Klamath Kail will ( Lake t panteurlxed I 91.1; Lopt
,..... Ti.,
Day with i
v.mher. of all he eltv-. vrl
0 churchea will gather at si
!P. m. to Join In the community
. k. ... Ti...b..i ,
The llev. V. K. Allison of the i
Fn,t t hrl.tlan church will dellv-
.b Arn.AH ... .1. ........ i ..
' " " .-.m ... ...v,,..,
while uncial muxlc lo be
given by the choir of the Metho-
dli-t church.
Othr ministers of tho city will
nld wllh the program, which
has becom. an
annual affair In
Klamath Falls.
The regular church dinner ofishow a derided Increase over
the Presbyterlnn will be post- those of last year, drain and
nniiMl ttnfll ih. rlln-.ln
due lo (the union services. It was'
.w.r i i !
And : Si&ik,
THIS .:TOjWp,: I
wL. 1 1
. . . i . . ,
Thai another new Industry for
Klamath farmers may be added
ID a few mnntlia to the fust grow-
ln riHorslTicalion which In on-
tntillshlng Klamath sericulture on
a sound and profitable basis, la
prmnged III a communication
from Hie rumornin rn. Kinn lor-
V0"0" lnal "rm wl"
,cnd a reprcnenlallye here in lh
near fumre lo InveHtlMte op-
,m rowlnR "
The rnmmunlralion. received
;wloTdjr by County Axeial r. A;
j llunderaon. follvwa corrmpond-
" bl',""n ,,','",,,r''00 na ,n'
pu.ama iiira
uhlih the county accnt fiirnlhet
li-formatlon on Klamath banln.
"e inve.lleatcd tlicp o.,lbllllhrj
for (rowing the profitable oeed
rrop nere ,nrt reported b;
'. UndliiKu to the packing corpora-
tlon. which found them highly
fiivornble and decided to aenrt s
man here to line up acreage for
Mountain Dairy
Leads In Tests
The dairy rating! for N'ovem-
ner were announced yeeterday by Craft, dairy Inspector, when
the reeull! of the milk xampie
teat! examined by ti. V. Clopnon.
lirofeiwor-of the Inbrnlory at O.
A. I ., arrived.
The rating! for lhl montn are
follow!: 1
Mountain Dairy. 96.!; Monern
US. I; Lost Illvcr 94. : Crater
Ijike (pateuriied 94.1: Per-.
fectinn 9 : Juhnxon CI.J; llol-:
llilny (pn!teurlledl Cl.:lj
Th" ver,,!,, ' :'Ki.l(.s, Iimm have to get in
Ktver 92. 3: Manern 90.7; Pcr-
W U Jr W KiioinAPd I
kSaJL vay iw uuiiiVUiJ
Show An Increase
PORTLAND, Nov. 1. jr.p.t
llttilnes! of Iho Spokane. Port
ladn and Kcnttle railroad Is
aiibstantial Increase
over last yojr. - W. K. Turner,
president of the railroad, derlar-
ed here today.
The S. P. i 8. ha. had . very
satisfactory year," Turner de-
rlared. "Our fruisht earnings
!l.,mt,n mnvMmunta h,v. l,i , It a
isource of a large volume of these
.. ;
,.-. mii.
Who Said He Couldn't Come Back? H
an experimental plant next year.
fnder presentp Ian, iiitereite.l
tHrmnn o( Klamath county will
, fUrn Uhoil seed lo plant a total
j Irm 60 to i00 ,rreM , pcB,-
h . be returned lo the
company when the crop J har-
reni.-d. Thla acreaKe, would be
for experimental purposes, al-
thonirh the farmera would be
,)ar a-atlrmlated price for the
" na venture prnrea ucceM-
f. the company would make ;df
Klamath a pe need supply boune
,aM) uch a In now' iuccefull)i
opernied with the farmer of lda-
no. Jlenderon bellevea the crop
to hlKhly profitable and Klam-
th m to be adapted to produc-
in. Ihe blab grade pea. delred.
Kuccesa of the experiment next
tear mlRhl lead to many hundred
ol arrea beJng cropped In thla wiy
In a few yeara. It wax predicted,
Interented farmer! are asked to
communicate with Ilei.deraon.
'Klamath Potato
Liked In South
I'tteT! were received by the
chamber of commerce yegterdny
from the Portland and" I.o An-
:we chamber!, regarding the
Klumnlh netted Renin, which they
wrred at their luncheon! re-
rently. .
At the luncheon In Portland
when . the baked potatoea of
Klamath were featured on the
. tnn (Knr(,s wcre qnoted of
Ihe ngricullural reaourrea of
Whnnath county and the rplendld
nniiortunltv that th. ldlJ
, ,,. wtlh Klamath and it! cltl-
.n waa brought out.
n Ante'ea on Voremh.-r
10. over 400 portion! of Klam-
ito the, round-table
to tne. round-tsblR nf tho l.i.n
.ngeic! ao ciun.
rndcr protest Captain Fred
erick dllcs today delayed his pro
jected San Francisco-Honolulu
'"", of ,?B,.on
"""" "" '
n'"Bi ' ake nis neavily load-
" "n'P through the Colden Cate
' height of 50 feet. The fog
nreretiteH thla.
Tho captain said he would take
. .
;oii a I io urn ie-ur uiumriii.
FOUr Die'l
In Chair
To Atone
I ar 'i w
muraerers raymasier
Are Executed. While
i: : Protesting Their In
nocence. TREXTON, N. J., Nov.
,18. (U.P.) Jersey claim
I ed four lives forne to
: night, when the bandits
con vie ted of murdering i
; George Condit,' paymaster '
' of the Reid Ice Cream com
; pany in Newark last year, '
j were put to death in the
! electric chair.
Joseph I Big Joe) Jullano waa
Ihe firl lo die. He came Into
the death chamber ,at 8 p. m.
end fire mluutea later waa pro-'
: nounced dead.
j Then, .with the characteristic '
; precision of there grim event!.
tame Chriatnpher Barone, Xich-,
olaa Il.ltlle Joel Jullano and1
TLouia Capotxl. They were elec-
: trocuted In that order.
, Although It had taken the;
.slate of New Jeraey nearly 12 1
Continued! on Page Five) 1
nnrrcmon win
SpWlfellien . J? HI r -
Flan IJuck f eed
Arrangements for the annual;
duck and gooae feed of the Klam- ' .Modified reforta of the "attack
ath Sportsmen'! association will , by Mexican rebels upon a Jnarex
be.made at the regular meeting ' Medico City passenger train, ro
of the association .Monday night, j celved here tonight by El Con
when ways and means of obtain- : tinental, Spanish language news
ing the vast number of water-' paper, state that the commanding
fowl to aerve at the banquet will officer of the train's military
lie discussed. escort was ' killed and all. paa-
which last year waa held In the j
i Moose hall with unqualified sue- ernoon had stated that 44 per
cess. both from a standpoint of sons. Including 24 soldiers and
'attendance and menu. lis passengers, had been killed
! A delegate to the State Sports- during the attack, which occurecf"
men's association convention will ! Tuesday night, near Palmiras.
be elected at the meeting. It was-1 The battle between the bandits
! statd. The convention will be and the: military escort raged for
held at Salcm Dectnnr 2.
Non-Stop Flight
Plane Is Wrecked
. l.KMnKUC. Poland. Nov. IS.
(TP) Two Kngllsl) pilots whose:
lane crashed at Mazana, ten ,
miles from I?mberg. have been
; identified by ihe mayor of Pod-'
hnjee. as Captain II. H. Mcln-
! rrah and Bert Hinkler, who has'V
not been heard from since Tues1
day afternoon, when they began
a non-stop flight to India.
The mayor said their plane had'
landed Thursday morning, due to ;
fog at Illaloklernlra, and ha
hopped off agala-the next morn-'
ing. While he was not sure nt j
first of the fliers' Identification
later he said Mcintosh was one I
i of them. i
A few hour! after taking off
from llialoklernica today, the,
machine erashed at Mazana.
pilots were uninjured hut two
farmer, vera atriirb hv thn nlnne
and seriously hurt.
Enforce Or Kill
Dry Law, Is Plea
CLEVKLAND, O.. Nov. IS. 1 1'
D If It ever beromea imposaiblc
to enforce the ISth amendment,
that Amendment should be re
pealed from tho constitution.
Senator William E. floroh of Ida
ho said tonight in . speech before
the National lirange.
Borah pleaded for enforcement
nf constitutional principles. In
cluding ' thn prnhiljjtlon amend
ment, and emphasised that he
would not compromise upon the
luhject In any way.
J "Hut if the time ever comes."
! he added, "when It is apparent
that the people do not propose to
enforco It, then I venture to say
they will take It out of the con
stitution, as they ought to." '
Ilnrnh pleaded for party and
political' fidelity to the constitu
tion and Siild" lie '.helleved "1he
prohibition amendment could be
enforced. - ' - -
Has 5-Year PlanVi C t m
Charle. Burncil of the'aealnr iNoaft ton.
court of ioa Angeiei ; about 56, a victim of deaf-v
that "marriage be an- ness. walked steadfastly in
for five-year period
with option! of renewal. - Judge
' fturnell aaya bla p'an la merely
Ito legallre current marriage ens-
toma. aaaerting that 75 to 80
per rent of divorce! are obtained
by agreement of huaband and
wife, although the law forbid!
ench an agreement..
r M...Jm;
; n u'n,e Murdering
- or44PerOn'; A1I
Are Robbed
KI. PASO, Tex., AovAlS. (UP I
Earlier nports' durinfe the aft-
; nearly three hours. Many pas- jr
sengers were wounded, tne ex-
! press car was looted and the pas-
sengers lined up and thorough
ly searched.
The El Continental's late dis
patches were from Mexico 'City
and quoted passengers arriving
on Ihe train for their authority.
IWis Tn Rnilrl
. m m wj n
MUniCipal Hall
Dorrls Is to hnve a modern city
hall with council chamber, clerk',
offices. Jail, fire department
quarters and a police station. ;
Howard R. Perrln, locaW archl -
tret, announced here last . night
following acceptance of his plana
for the proposed new structure,
Tho building will house all
mnnlclpal omces. i-errin - sum, ciflc tretgnt yesterday aiternnivi
and will be of masonry con- from Kugene. so Ambrose !oi--atrnrtlon.
It will he Dorrls' first (tested that he take anotlier
Thelclty hull.
I Bids on the project will be
oneneH tleeeniber X. Perrln fulld.
and coll for them Is to be made
; at once. Cost of tM building
j n ill not be announced until bids
' have been received. It was said.
I 1 .
Mrs. Grayson Now
Wants Paris Hop
PARIS, Nov. IS. (CP) Mrs.
Frances (Irnyson. who had hoped
to fly from Old Orchard. Me..
: to Copenhagen in her airplane
iThe Dawn, ha! made Pari! or
London the objective of her next
' trana-Atlantlc attempt.
' She will sail for the United
1 Statts Tuesday to mnke prepara
tions tor the flight whfh will
; he made as soon n possible,
j ' "I have no Interest tn Atlantic
: atunt flying." she said today, "t
1 wunt to make scientifically per
fect flight."
SAN l.l'IS OIIISI'O. C.-tllf., Nov.
19. ll'Pl Confession lo robbing
an Oakland Jewelry store was
made here today by D. II. Ilrlgg.,
17, and T. J. Watson, 19, both
of Los Angeles, police reported.
To Hear
Engineer Says Man
i Walked Straight
; Into Fast Train De
! spite Whistling. . -
Failing to" leap to safety
iwhen the engineer's bell
j and whistle frantically
.warned him of approaching
to the face of a fast South
ern Tacific passenger train
about eight o'clock last
night. s
Why the man failed to leave
the track when he aaw the h'nd"-.
.light of the apeedlng train, la the
myetery of the tragedy, which oe-
curred a few hundred feet north
of where the railroad . tra-k
.croaaea. the government. Irriga
tion canal, near the hot apring!..
TOTAI.1.V W.XV . v
.That be. wag totally .dea wa
learned from relatives wham Pal
. ton waa vialting here, following
hie arrival in thli lty from Idaho
, short ,. Aether. n
r - aa-vWlnrfed by (ft. headlight and
believed he was not on the miUn
line! orwhether he waa wa(k-'
ing, bend dawn, and simply falle-l
to see. the bright light, will never
be known.
' According to Engineer F. ..j.
Gonler who was driving the loco
motive which killed Patton. tho
locomotive whistle waa coundett
Intermittently when (ionier-fieat
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Oddities in the
Day's News -
. (rotted rrca.). "
A nuin walked in tho door- Of
the police station yesterday and
after Inquiring if he wag In th-r
right place, engaged Keith "SW
brose. chief of police,, in . ipuz
zllng conversation. '
The chap confined In the chff
that the mayor of Portiand'lratt'-'
told him he could find lodging
there for a couple of days until
his money came, but he could nor
produce a letter, from the mtVV.
"Have you .radio?" ask el
he man and when being In
formed that the . police did he
w ished to have tbem broadcaa .
Immediately that he had arrlTcjl.
and also, wanted to know If they'
, hadn't heard over the radio that
' he was -coming. 1
Upon being questioned by Ihe
"chief It was learned that he had
arrived here on a Southern Pu-
freight out. The man left, bnt
In a few minutes was hack. In-'
alstlna thaf Pina lllriiTM. Wds'C!lt.y
Ing over the air to make Ihe
announcement, and seemed pul
zled that no one else could hear
the message. Then he askd Plna
Ridge to speak louder.
At ' this Juncture he was ar
rested and held for Investigation.
Film Comedian'
Going To Jail
, .i
LOS ANfiELES, Nov. IS. il'Pl
Monty Banks, film romedian unit,
three time loer on a speeding
charge, will be sentenced . io. a
In 1 1 term Monday. . He was found
guilty today of rlulating bis Inst
probation. ,' , e
The comedian's license was re
voked last June after a third
conviction for speeding. He was
granted a year's probation at Ihe
time with the provision ho wua
not to drive an automobile.
When ho wan convicted today
of driving his car despite - hi"
probation. Municipal Judge Val
entine said h. had no alterna
tive but in send Banks to Jail
tor troni 5 to 90 days.