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K f g rrrl l rnnr
$10.00 Cash Prizes Each Week-$10.00
l: VAnkeny Ranch Subdivisions
We offer 20 and 40-acre Farms, 1U miles south
of Altamont Auto Camp.
Rich soil, perpetual FREE water.
Prices range from $230 to $300 per acre; easy
terms. .', :. ..... , .
Positively the best buy in Klamath County today.
Let us show you this wonderful ppportunity for a
luburban farm home investment
B. A
Phone 909
If yna hare u; work which comes andcr any classification list
ed kelow I he FORDSOX wlU do U oa a profitable basis:
Hawing hay - .
CalUesutag potato
Digging potatoes
Sewing wood
Discing '
Hauling 7 out of tleld
Land leveling
27 Bth aad Klamath
MM Uala 8b
' N
Poultry Feeds aad Remedies Bee Supplies Rabbit Supplies
Fertiliser aad Punt food Dec Feed and Remedies.
Klamath County
Needs more farmer like those we already bare. Call or writs
to us about land opportunities In oar wonderful country.
Real Ksiale, Loans, Rentals. Farm Lands
rbone CA Klaniatb Falls, Ore. 727 Mala St.
We Deliver to Homes
Milk and Cream
WE Guard Your Health
with rich quality snd most
perfect sanitary precautions.
... Wbolosalo snd RetalL
TTIgaest Cash Prices paid to
Farmers for Milk snd Cream.
14 4 8
McCormick-Deering Farm Implement
McCormick-Deering "Primrose" Cream Separators
We Invite You to the
Klamath Billiard
- & Card Room
(Over Golden Rule Store.)
You'll find thing you need
Billiards,- Pool, Cards. Barber
Shop, Restaurant and Sleep
ing Room.
' Finest nnd Cleanest riace
in I ho Stnlo.
623 Main St. Phone 1127
Klamath Ice and Storage Co. '
wiirru PELirAx .mixk.r u, springs rottlixo works
ill. Spring HI, l' 08
i . . t
126 South 7th St
Grinding feed
Pumping water tor lrrlga-
Belt power ot gay nature
Threshing grain
Ensilage cotter
Pallia stump '
rbone 87
The Home of the
, White Pelican
We Bay ana Sell Potatoes
and ' Other Farm
Klamath Broker
age & Ware
house Co. .
636 Spring St.
Keep Going; by Stopping
Gas Oil Greasing
Teed & Nitschelm
6th and Walnut St.
A vital present need of Klamath County is intelligent
settlement upon our vast arena of untitled lands. The
Klamath Daily News believes that the best way to se
cure such'added prosperity is by setting forth in printed
form what our present farming communities have done
with the land, and are now doing. .' . . ,
Human interest accounts told in a spirit of helpful
ness towards others who may become our neighbors, Will
do more than anything else in solving our land settlement
Hence, The Klamath Daily News, in co-operation
. with the business and professional interests whose adver
tisements appear on this page, offer $10.00 in cash prizes
each week for the five best stories of farm life in Klam
ath County and environs,
One story may tell of a farmer starting a few years
ago in a small way and of results achieved. Another may
Dairy Display
Feature Of Big
Portland Show
A display of milk and scores
of Its products was a feature ot
the exhibit of the Western Dairy
Products show at the Pacific In
ternational Livestock exposition
in Portlaad. This display In
cluded all the products made
from milk and all In which It or
any of Us constituents are used
in preparation or manufacture.
Butter, cheese. Ice cream. con
densed. evaporated and powdered
milk are some of the principle
products of raw milk. The ice
cream display Included a to
cabin, a cake, a foot bleb, a pie.
and a variety ot fancy pastry
decorations. -
Casein, a by-product of skim
milk which ran be made Into - a I
variety ot useful articles snd
were displayed with a large array
of finished and unfinished prod
ucts collected, from "all parts ot
the United States. Artificial
Irory. linoliura. cigarette hold
ers, sprays, artificial silks, bene
material, glue, paint and foun---
tain pens sre a few ot the many
things made from it.
Farm Hints
Plow bottoms will rut in damp
Oregon weather if it is put swsy
without protection. Some farmers
secure this protection by smear
ing paint on tbe bottom and tak
ing It off In the spring with a
strong lye solution. Others use
axle grease. Careful farmers also
grease the binder knotter and
similar parte when they put tbelr
machinery In tbe Implement sbed.
Tbey also remove belts snd csa
vssses as these would either
stretch during the winter or In
jure the machinery.
Carrots are fed to laying bens
by msny successful Oregon poul
trytnen. They are high in vita
min rn and tend to keep tbe bens
busy. Tbe general practice Is to
bang tbe carrots about the chick
en house at tbe proper height.
Fall grsin In Oregon sown Iste
is done st a thicker rate in order
to make up for lack of stooling.
Wheat is sowed at not lesa tban
two bushels sad oats at not less I
than three bushels per acre. Deep
sowing at this time is likely to
cause rotting of the seed as th"
soil Is getting rather cold and
wet. advises the experiment sta
tion. Fall harrnwine nf winter train
In Oregon Is generally not ad
visable evcept where the grain
Is well established and young
weeds are starting In considerable
abundance, according to experi
ment station specialists.
' The disorder of fowls known
as crop bound or imparted crop.
Is an overdistended and paralyzed
condition of the crop, generally
caused by overeating or by swal
lowing coarse and Indigestible
substances, such as feathers or
tough vegetal ion. Sometimes the
contents of llio' crop 'may be re
moved by forcing the bird . lo
swallow a teaspoon , or more of
sweet oil, then massaging the
lower part nf the gullet. If II
contains food, or, if not, the part
of the crop nearest the gullet,
until a part of the content I
softened and pressed toward tbe
head. This Is made easier by
holding the head of the bird
downward, fly continued man Inu
la' ion. the greater port ol the
material inny ho removed. Tho
bird should not be permitted lo
eat (of several hours after1 It Is
relieved. t ' 1
111 ' W Manufacturs Your Cream Into Craler Lake Dairy Products.
" '.'. ; !'Whon Yon Need S Favor Call oa Vt." , - . . .. .. ..
Western Wools for World Markets
- J J y V J.
Owned by ML H.sgi" Land A Livestock Co Montana. Grand Champloe
, Ram, 1B2e Pacific International LIvtstocK Eaposltien.
This Ram was the outstanding
animal of the breed at the li Pa
cific International Livestock Ki po
litico. In addition to achieving
this distinction it also won the
same swards st tbe l:s American
KoysL and Chicago International
Shows. It will probably be shown
in the flock being tent by the Mt.
Huggin Land and Livestock Cu. to
the 17th Annual Pacific Interna
tional to he held at Portland. Octo
ber 29 to November 5. Inclusive.
Tbe Sheep Snow at the Pacific
International will, this year, as in
the past, be on ot tl) beat of Its
kind in Anierlrs. Some of the most
noted Judges In tut- country will
place the swsrds. In connection
with the Sbrep Show new depar
ture Is being added. Cnder ti d1
recttnn of tbe Pacific Co-opratlve
Growers Association a ioa-
All old alfalfa meadows In Ore-1
goa are fed or rlipped off before ;
tbe winter sets la- They rsn bo i
renovated and sown , to grain;
crops tbe latter aiding In keeping
dow tbe grasa In the winter, also,
making tbe first cutting next;
season largor. .
Cooperative eggs and pdultry
Interests of the West coast have
developed a method of scaling
egg shells with paraffin oil to
safeguard tbe contents from de
terioration and tbe absorption of
undentrable odor.
Thus protected eggs have been
shipped from Seattle to Alaska
for distribution In Nome, St.
Michael. Teller, Golovin. Akutan
and I'nalaska..
Paint never should he allowed
to dry on a hrusb. While still on '
a Job keep the brushes In rsw '
linseed nil between Intervals of
work. Kerosene nil is belter f..r
brushes used wilh paint.
Hanging brut-he in nw lin'ce-l
all over long periods of times will
keep them In good condition, or
they may lie wished In turner.
tine, keroseie or niinernl spirit
and then wilh sonp and water,
dried thoroughly nnd coven J
with wrapping paper.
. Becniie- of .-vcru1 small out
breaks of grasshoppers in the
Willamette valley and In eastern
Oregon last season, serious trou-!
ble may bo expected next sum
mer, says the entomologist nl!
the experiment mutton. A sur
vey to locale th egg bed of!
grasshoppers this fall will enable1
farmer to know where to put:
nut the poison .halt next spring.!
Tlregon hop kilns or prune;
dryers are convenient this time1
of year In drying seed corn.
Where reasonably well matured,
corn will stand a temperature nf.
ISO degrees K. Nothing Is gained;
by extreme drying as It will ro-J
absorb moisture to some extent, j
Drying In thin layer la most i-r-fecllve,
as when attempts are'
mads lo dry It when spread,
be about experience with milch cows, sheep, cattlo, hogs,
poultry, potatoes, alfalfa, bees, rabbits, etc. Exper
iences of farm women, and children looking after put
ttock, always provide Interesting reading. -
All readers of The Klamath Dally' News ore Invltod
to compete, nnd are eligible for the cash prizes. Prize
awards wilt be based upon what is told, together with
tho neatness and legibility of manuscript The stories
should not exceed five hundred words.
lst $5.0O 2nd., IZOOi 3rd,
Address all communications to Farm Development
Editor, care The Klamath Dally News. Prize awards
and winning submissions will be published on this page
each Sunday. Got your stories in by preceding Thursday?
Get busy folks, let us have more neighbors when
they hear the real facts they will come. After reading,
mail this copy out of coinly
prehenaiv Wool Show will be held,
st which commercial fleeces ot aU
grades will be exhibited. .
Splendid showing aro promised
again this year In every division of
the exposition which Includes great
Livestock ' Show. Dairy Products
Show, Land and Manufacturers'
Products Show. Northwest Fox
Hbow. Industrial Exposition sad
warldn-nowned Hone Show. Tbe
Hoys' snd Girls' Club Work Exhibit
this year will be one of the best ol
Its kind in tbia part of tha country.
' Million of dollara' worth of the
country's finest Pure Itred Beet
. and Hairy Cattle. Horses. Sheep
lings snd Goat will compete for
j tho f lnu.u-M.ov offered In premiums
I The leading railroads of the Weal
co-operate by offering special far
and one-ihlnl rati s fur those wb
lh In an-
more than a foot thick moisture
gefs away slowly and the corn
sometimes sprouts, experiment
station men have found. Vales
there Is a forced draft It does
not dry satisfactorily when more
than two or three cars deep.
; Oregon potatoes have been at
tacked with blight In some sec
tion affecting tbe tubers seri
ously. Serious rot 'often develops
In tbe bins and 11 la bent it the
pots toes are stored on slatted
floors vlth good ventilation up
through the bins to dry them
oft and cool them' as promptly
as possible. The blight affected
tubers are sorted out a soon a
tbe rot Is detected.
MR. FARMER Make our place your 'headquarters
when in Klamath Fails.
Your, truly, THE MECCA
Phone 153 HAMM & PETERSON S31 Main St
A Good plnce to live, fine climiate, pure water, good
. schools. ' . , . " '.
A Rotter chance to get a homo than anywhere else.
The Kent opportunity for farming, under irrigation,
abundant water supply, cheap, good land, good roads
to market. ' -.-;:' - ; . ,
You should see ' ' ')
, .. . V . v THE BONANZA COUNTRY . ,
This ad Is furnished by: J. 8. HORN, A. J. HICKMAN, J. T.
business men of th Town ot Bonanza,
I ' - ' ' -
For further InformnllonT'nddres - ' i
AM, F, IJ, CIl.tHF,, Hccrelnry Hom-fly, Irrigation District,
Ilonanui, Oregon
f l.BOi 4th, $1.0O 5th., 50c
or state. '
I New Zealand Is trying bard to
I Introduce and popularise Its
! honey Into Its mother country.
Crest Itrltala. This Is part of
Great llrttaia'a attempt to pupa
larlis Empire products In the
hope that Britlab' consumers will
sccuntotn themselves lo native
produced commodities snd thus
create an active demand for Em
pire manufactured Ioh1.
Buckwheat ha a characteris
tic, hard, black bull ot practic
ally no value as a feed, t'nsdul
teritted buckwheat middlings,'
which aro dlfttrult to obtain, are
made from that part of tb kernel ,
Just beneath the woody hull and
are very rich la protein. The
middlings usually are mixed with j
lh balls and sold as buckwheat
feed or buckwheat bran. This
product ha t lower feeding value
than wheat bran. - '
- Science has placed the gape
worm, or nematode syngamus '
trscboall. la it rogues' gallery.
Turkeys will harbor the worm !
show no III effects, but If the
turkey are raised nesr chicken
mortality from "gapes" among '
young chirks may run very high.
In winter farmers sometimes :
add to tbelr Incom by trspplng. )
The principal fur bearers In this
country are the muskrat. skunk. ,
racoon, opossum, mink, marten, I
fox, otter, fisher and beaver. Tbe j
most valuable from the aland. '
point ot financial returns ar tbe
four beading this list, although
the pelts of soma of the others
have a blsbrr Individual value.
Muck soils that are underlaid
with marl or some form of mater
ial bearing calcium carbouat ar
considered best tor celery grow,
STILLWATER. Okla.. Nor. (.
Cows here are consistently ful
ling the palls and ringing tho
bell above tbe (00-pound butler
fat production mark this sr.
j. The newest members of tbe
'record'' claas are "Fox's Jolly
jOlrl." 15-year-old cow at the
'Oklahoma A. and M. cortege.
Jwho produced (17.0.1 ponnd ot
bntterfut during the Inst year. .
; mo
Main St
i tJ ,
' All For You
In all that we do here, your interest!
are kept first in mind.
' ' i '. ' .... ....
Because, we know that what profits
you is sure to benefit us.
First National Bank
. Rhode Island Red Baby Chicks
For delivery beginning about September IJ.
Tb Cockorei make tine fryers and brlug high prlro during
winter and early spring scarcity, pullets begin laying In spriag
snd lay through summer practically nun atup and broody fro.
The full moult and wlptrr.
Drive out I ml In wet ot Keno oa Ashland Highway,
u-su. Ore.
J. N. Bramhall 8C Sons
Hay, Grain and Potatoaa, Bought and Sold
Burlap Sack, Twine, Etc.
Office and Warehouse t 305 Spring St. Phone MB
P. O. Box 403 Agents for Tacoraa Brew
W specialise In Phntnarsph
Ing and Knlargouient of
Prise Farm Stock. Farm
Product and Bceni-a.
Kodak Finishing and
Phone lion 83.1 Mxln Ht
"A Good rinee fnr Farmer's to Trad" '
Sixth Street Lumber Co., Inc.
Yards at Merrill and Klamath
Waller Nelson, Prop.
Quality Groceries at
Right Prices.
Chicken- and Slock - Foed,
. Halt and Hops.
Highest Cash Prices Paid for
Hides and Pells.
Ilwae 8.lf ' S3 So. 01 II Ht.
W hare a llmllrd number of Inp-nesl pedigree While Leghorn
Pullets for sale. April and early May hatched, silo. ted for
vigor and starting to lay.
For nulck sale nt tl-CO each. Wo offer 'these at a bargain as
we must moke room.
Lewis Farms of Klamath
Washburn Way nnd Gnnlea Streets " ' (
Potato Cellar Lumber
Cedar Irrigation Lumber
County I'nlr KcptrnirK-r 2-5
8tat 107
"If Storeable,
J. W. Kerns
Farm t m p le m e n t . Cream
Separators. Mllklag Machine.
Fearing, flay, tiraln. Feed
aad Seeds. Combia lUr
vestcr and Thrasher.
"Cletrac" Tractors.
1405 S. 6th St.
1'hosU MM
A Small Dslry nick In
Strictly Raw MMc from our
Own Cows,
Perfection Dairy
- Prompt Home Delivery.
' "- Phone ISflO,
Cash Is King!
So Wk V t Si ;Vh Iv0,K,
Th Having Is Your I
' Overslies: . '
tntl.40 Tire anil Tube aiO.ofl
Mtx.'lJt, Tire anil Tuba JtMMI
516 Klamath' Ave.
Phone 1277
Bonded 1D14
We Store It"