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The I
The Klamath News
, Official Paper
County of Klamath
Three Sections
16 Pages .
Vol. A, No. 312. Price Five Cents
(Every Morning Except Monday)'-
On Theft
Alleged Cattle Thief
Furnished $20,000'"""' hn" vlarn w"r" rro"""
Bond on Four Grand
Jury Counts.
Another chapter in tlio
nllt'Kod wholi'unlo cattle
stoaliriK on the Klamath
- bnnin ranjft's come into view
.yCHterdny afternoon when
four of the Hoeri't indict
mcnU which had been re
turned by the grand 'jury
the day before became pub
lie and it wax found that
Charles Walker had been
indicted on four count,
charged with cattle stcnl
injt. lie was arraigned yester
day afternoon nntl placed
under $20,000 bond ?5.000
for each count. He fur
nished bond Jtnd will enter
his. plea effner Monday or
Disclosure Surprising
Considerable surprise wns
' (Coatlaaed oa Pagw tUs)
Wet Welcome Here;,k
A sorry King Winter,. drenched Th British flyer, anslated by
with ruin, cam Into Klamath his mochsnlrs, spent the day at
Falls lant night for th tint snow j Mills field going over his llrss
nf the ses.on. bull ndlcatlons at lllneblrd biplane "Wands. "
I a. m. were that no signs of hlsj Powihlllty Hist Captain C.lle"
call would Im left ' after dawn : m:iy bar a cnjnaetllor In his
today. proposed flight loomed today
The anow began falling nbottl
1 a. m., but showed to no ad
vantag with thn rein which ac
companied It. Only a light street
covering of slush denoted win
ter's first attempt lo become es
tablished in the"clty.
. " The weather changed shortly
before midnight when tempera
lures which have hung around
the freetlng point for the past
few nights, lies m rising.
Drunken Driver
Hits Two Autos
Despite emphatic dHclorntlon
that ho hadu's taken a drink for
three yesrs,- pyollr lust night
locked up John LeMiier. charged
Willi driving while drunk. His
arroat followed collision with I wo
midlines, both of which wnro
dnmnged, near th Intersection of
Kast Main and Sixth.
l.eMuer. according to eye wit
nesses, was weaving down Sixth
street and first crashed Into 'a
Pantlar sedsn, owner's nsmn un
known. This collision, police
slated, failed lo hnll l.eMuer,
who continued down th street.
, II mad lit I la heatlwny, how
ever. heforn crashing Inla Hoy
Anlvlk'a nutnninlille, lindly tin lu
nging It. Thn alleged drnnknn
driver's mnchlne, a Ford ol sev
eral, years' duration, failed to
withstand thn shock nf th lust
crash and fell by th rn:itlsltlo,
virtually demolished.
- Non was Injured In Ih series
of crashes. . '
Believe Drowning
Followed Plunge
P01ITI.AN1V, 'ov. 11. (f P)--Pnsslhlllty
..that ). II. Manning nf
llend lost his Ufa when his truck
plunged into lhe Handy rlvnr near
"Trouldnln wns being considered
, by coiinly authorities her lo.
i night,
Th truck wns found Inte Fri
day, half submerged In Ih water
apparently II had gone over the
bank dtirlnj Ih previous-night.
Nn trace of Manning has been
; found.
Manning left fiend a few days
ngo ni was to have returned
Friday. Vnlll recently he was In
business with n .cousin, ('. T.
Manning of Llnnton, Oregon.
'VJ,VV 1
County Court Devotes Sat
urday Session to High'
way Proposal
lload projects, fuur In number, ;
bol.1 tlio attention of tilt Klsinath
rounly courly cstrrdiiy In a ses
sion marked by th rnjsrtlon of
nu prnpoad, new road becauso of j
ihay 4fumn sought by two
i) in survey,
Th project blocked by the
'damage rlslina was that Involving I
a road from tlio l.kvlcw high-1
way to nn Intersection with th
old Fort Klntnalh road. Cknrlcw
Klierlclli naked IIJ.Oixi fur a
right of wny arrows his land,
while It. II. Ilunncll sought $4000
for the privilege.
V. D. Miller received tho hid
on th 1 .unite 1 1 valley road which
will run from the Yonna Vnlley
market road across Ijingell valley
to Turner lint Springs. Ills hid
was 111. HI'S
A delegation was present to
sen what would he done In re- j
New Pacific Hop
May Become Race
Between Flyers
j 8 AN FI1ANCISCO, Nov. 1 1. If
1 1' I With rain showering the Ps
jclfle canut tonight snd storms ro
I ported at sa. Captain Frederick
I A. (.Ilea again pomponed his
flight to Honolulu the tint leg
M his proposed flight to Aus-
' When sdvlaed by weather fore-
, cantors that lo attempt to span
w Hili-iiift i. eM,M
lie. "ra 8,0
-lhe 1427
: Francisco and
bo tirmfiy,us, can;.!
llles announced he would,
I would
the Mr Monday, providing
lhe weather permitted.
with the announcement of C. I.
l. Ultn that t he ' "Southern
glnnt trl-motored Fokkr
monoplnno pilnttid
by Captain,
Klnuford rlmllh. would leave
Santa Monica tomorrow for 8an
Frsnelsco If weather rondltlons
Mm. refused to say whether
Captain Smith had 'set t definite
date for his takeoff for Honolulu,
which Is also to lie th first leg
of his flight la Australia, hut In
timated th start would be mdo
within a fortnight. I.Im Is a
I member ot th Fokker's crew.
Clothes Torn Off
In Search of $10
Speed nf a local .policeman In
nnswerlng a hurry-up call Inst
night, probably saved an Indian
buck the humility of going to
th pollro station minus every
garment that carried a pocket.
Th copper Was r il'.ed V a lo
cal garugo. whero in tho rear
part nf tho repair shop he found
an Indian woman reviling her In
toxicated' spouse and busily rip
ping off Hi unresisting redskin's;
clothing In nil attempt to find i
tin which she claimed the man i
lied taken from her.' -
Tho two woro hauled lo tho;
linosegow to await a henrlng be
fora Ilia pollen Jitdgo Monday
morning nn churgos nf drunken
ess nnd brawling.
pair wern Ion drunk to tell their
they wore docketed as
I Mr. and Mrs. John Do.
NEW YORK, Nov. 12. (IIP)
President Conlldgo, at his desk In
Washington, today pressed n hut-1
tort nnd thereby rntiscd flags to I
unfurl In .New York, fnrmnllyj
opening for nss the US.oon.nonj
vehicular tunnel under th 1 1 ml- i
son river. j
Motorists who for years have!
been forced to use th tedious
fnrrys to cross from ' New York
Into Jersey City or vice versr.,
ore, now provided n 9,250 foot
tuho through which t-i drive.
Tho tunnel was sinned seven
years sso nntl Is considered one
nf tho major engineering fonts of
the country,
u r y Lr a w
Is Called
By Borah
Wants G.O.P.
" 1
dowtl Before '1928
rrCBlOentiai rvftCC
aO Va. O If 1 f
san l DC iiauway.
'.., i .
M.W ORK, Nov. 12.
( A. P.) Senator lioratl of
Idaho, called ton trht lor a
' ,
nn.. m. "ii ii.t 1H..-.V
dential campaign on
prohibition question
and I
law enforcement.
Kxpiaining that he would
not assume to advise the!
demo.rnt)l. ho aimed bit dc-1
mand chiefly at the repub
liinns. who lie asuerted,
should take n stand for rig-1
id enforcement of the 18th
"It Is my
Idaho senator
contention " thel"'1,B wl,'n of tho county which seriously Injured In the ar.'o
i i. wer encouraging. From. Do-, mobile racos held at' the stale
divlared in a, t.,a:, .
speech nt Cnmogle
lhe supreme nolllli-al problem In j
'.he f nlled glatea toduy Is ol
telle to law the Integrity nf
he fnlted Rlatea today Is olied -
j constitutional government.
I "I contend that the highest
I duty renting upon a pollllcil
j (Continued oa Iako t-1
m ar m W
i Mail Tram Leaps
,iTrack, Carryini;
. ' - . '
trew mio mver
(M Two men
vVov. IS
killed when the fast tireat
Northern msll train . No.- S7.
westliound. left the rail on the
other side of Nysck lat today
nnd plunged Into the middle fork
of the .-lntheail rlvnr. Knslneer
. v. lank. Whltfish. Montana.
viiiod and Dmluibly the fire-
mani, jamM Joy. II was reporteil
Tho coroner here was sum -
moneri lo the areno. Tho train
was lat with Its crew trying
to make up for lost time, though
th sum report declared the fast,
mail was not travelling miirh
faster than Its ordlmry speed.
Few details had been received
hore ni,out th wrok.
of Chicago gamblers
' CHICAGO, Nov. 12 il l')
Ths truro supposed to exist In
rhli'Brn'tt enhtfland wan broken
abruptly today by a bomb oxplo-:
in which warn police they
"In for another gang war.','
The Incident In Itself wa,
trifling, hut the result may b
at iL'jsfwIinlniln aa vrna lh flrat
l-i,f i.f,,! n fUifnrn'm hfr war
- four fum ko.
Today'n Iminb wan Urvtd at
lhe i)rPrir o I i . a mmth midn
I ...nkl.... I... t A.. rmrm
of Its nccnpanls was hurt.
i The present outbreak of gang
Kattttn started when several of
'the city's must powerful gangs
" . .
husiuess lo lhe operation Of
asmhllng house. The city was
divided off Into illKtrlrts. and
each gnng was supposed to con-
: .
i Land Owners In
Favor Of Scheme
Put Up By Coyne
Klamath Citizens, Incorporated.,'
met veaterday afternoon ot the.
chamber of commerce rooms andnf Los Angeles, wss killed, and
: listened to reports "from the out-.
, nam m irsci ti u.- cm w. ,i.
; land owners arc Interested and.
!, ' " . . ' ""
" ...-...-.
same was true from Langell val-!,he
Morrill and Malin wore repre-,
srnted at tho meeting and while
no solicitation has been made In
those localities men who reslda.
tl. - .... . i
i"""! I
" s " luoi ...v
eecjlr eoauiuinltlas-tk mode t,
once.. The word from Chlinquln
was that the plan Is generally
accepted and the shme was tru'day, officials said.
from ort Klamath.
8evernl tilks'Were made as to
how to proceed to Ilnisn the wors
before applying for a chirter an.1
a motion prevailed to select Rev.
Thomas. Joel T. . Ward and
Walter West as a . committee
wit h power lo continue the so -
', Helling In th city snd to super-'
!' the work of those who are
doing the rsnvsslng In the oulsld.-
points. - ,
: Boh Coyne, whoso tilan it
was present and mvlowed ih
possibilities of such an orgsnlsa-!
Hon nt the snme time oulllnln-:
his plan In detail for those who
had not before attended a meet-
Offices on Main street were
(Continued on Pogo Five) .
Those Merry Milkmaids
line flu activities to Its ova dls-
Hut about 10 dava ago Dolled :
were riven their first Indication i
of an Impending Ran: war wlienjclflc highway last night while on J
members of one of the gambling ; hl way from Klamutb Falls to .
"syndicates" Invaded the lerrl-. his home In Hollywood. Bob,
lory of a rival gang. In retaliation ,
thrnn VAmlnir hrntHO In thn ft la .
I riff nf thrt nftpmUn mantl Vprp'raat Aattnta aalllnsr amnalirM !
ItomlK-d. went over ft SO foot bank a half,
With thin warning, Thief of t mile north of Hornbrook. Hn
Pollra MIcharl HuKhea ordered jHatftaiited only minor head bruise;
..II a.n 1.1 1 - In th. slll fc. .. i. I. . L.JI. '
to draw up a truce. Terms of the
agreement were reliably reported ;
to have been drawn up. and the !
gambling palaces were duo to
After this morning s nc
ot the preset ciun. ungues an-
nnuneed the gambling lid is on
to stay.
I Racing Driver
. Killed In Bad
mm i r I i wheels. Fortunately nts injuries'
iVlaCnine WreCK'were confined to several heavy j
bumps on the head as his car ,
I'lldEXIX, Arlt,. Nov. 1!. (tj;went over. , "
Pi Frankle Boyle, race -driver
Hob Itnttee, of I'hoenlx, was
mil luua;.
nnvle drlvln-r the Peoria i
P".ai. ownea or nam i -aimer. ,
oi i-eoria. crnsnea to aeatn wnen ,
car r,uput45d from the ;
' .....
,irat - K aiiir ruiunj; u.i-r ii. ,
,. He wis warming the car
,.r the time trial, when the
i itk .
, np for
- accident happened on
man's curv" -TJil makes
. " -
;i..n. ...o ...c. ......
.in mi 1-ui.v.
-riir,rr TnsovireTr trad' 'prerf -
:011,y, been "outlawed" while at-.
temnting soee d test earlier in the!
. nrnsee was hurt In the ten '
mile race when his car left the i
tracg at tne same turn. He I
expected to recover.
j In all. six machines were
I wrecked before the afternoon's
j racing program finished. N-
: others were injured.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 12. (yp)
A sharp earthquake, estimated to
, have . occurred about 4,700 miles
font Washington, direction tin-
known, .was registered early to-I
night, on th aelsmognph of
Ceorgetown I nlverslty. Director
Tondorr saut tne tremors uegan
st 5:18 n, m.. and lasted more
I than aa hour. .. . j
! as car turns
' Originator of Local Land '
' Selling Scheme Hits '
! Embankment !
' .
VltKKA. Calif.. Nov. '11
(Special) --Crowded from the Pa
Coyne, who has been la Klamath .
for u.vgji-nl wss.lra nrvanlvlnv a
-"iZ ZtLT" "7" J""1' !
there was fog which probably
caused the ofher machine to
crowd him off the highway.
Coyne says when be hit. the
..u u. ui. ,
..c. "7,?le0.'0 ng.nt
his wheel as be felt the car
slipping but the side of bis Mar-
mon ear was constructed so close the track," was the tribute of one gaunt rider of the
to the wheel his hand was forced ; . '
from the whe; grip and he lost U e" ri",t,e- . .
control. The car turned over Twelve jurors, hard riders aI, let the tears flow, un
thrce time wrecking tho top. ashamed, and even the judge's eyes were moist then
windshield snd breaking three ; . A. Jptmnri. rlnfpnsp nttnrriPv mrlp "lihrt? r
II ased 6!s two spare Wheels
and repaired another so that he
could proceed to Dunsmulr where
he remained last night.
I.eft Klamath Yesterday
late yesterday afternoon, after
---- -,"". " -
" " ""-tpnvateiy ownea u m nr in norm-;
nal e,,,te campaign, Coyne Wt:crn Klamath county Is expected!
Kutmnth Falls inten.linr lr drlr. .. -. .
to Hollywood, his home city. No r
-Hh -J-l "e" ;
,w - -
irar a. be aa taking hite vtater
muatiiM i,i .itt.
i . ;
- ytrj IVar I Ylif Ac
"V saJ.'v io
Klano I Qrrvinor
Student Crashes
I.OS ANOELES. Nov. 1J yp)
One man was fatally injured andithe Klamath Falls meetings and;
another probably so as the result ' It is expected some agreement
' of airplane enssh near an 'will be reached this week what j
airport at the outskirts of the j Part of the costs of patrolling j
;dtv this afternoon. One of the will lie born by the fnlted ;
men died while both were being
taken to a hospital.
The dead man was identified ,
as AI Proctor. 2S. pilots who
was teaching the art of piloting
' to Elwln Baker, 23. tho second
j vlulm. The student flyer was
found internally Injured and
i was unconscious when brought
, to the hospital. .
m j j T.. J-i.
I XC1IU1UTC lJUUgCl :vlor of the Fremont National
To Reach Council i,orra-!-- -
; The 195S city budget commit-' LOOkS TO T&Hff
tee. - despite earlier prediction, -r 17 T 1 r
i that the amounts sought by varl-i JT Or 1" arlTl Keliet '
ons rannirlnar departments would , . I
be slashed heavily, will submit a! NEW' YORK. Nov. 12. (UP)
tentative budget -to the council : Gradual adjustment of tho tarlf(i
i Monday night,,-showing but to .equalize benefits to farmers!
. ... u.,k......o., ...
. This became evident at a meet-
: lng ot the budget committee yes -
terday when the cost and allow -
ances program for the city sis
, virtually completed. Finishing
touches will be put on the budget
; Monday afternoon In tlmo for the
ytentatlvo finance map to reach
no conncu .vionnay evening. seating tne national tnaiisirint 1 1 a bandit Joyriding with her
I The summary nf the voluntary conference board and the U. S. j boy friends and sat .in the auto
jlevy amounts to $R1,S46. Tho In- j chamber of commerce, has been I mobile and kept a lookout for pb-
voluntary levy which was worked .awaited by President Coolldge ; llc0 wnle her heK,a rompan
! out yostcrdny afternoon at the; and others for guidance In farm tlons robbed -a grocery stor of
I meeting of the committee. wns're,ef legislation. I between 950 and 10n. ;
practlcolly unchanged. Tho mtm1-t l.eglsaltlon "of the llcNnry- l,'.
iclpal Interest fund which wasi'langen type"- was rejected by
JM2.500 last 'year wns held'suf- i the commission as "injurious In
: Orient for next year: the bond Jin 1,,nK run to tho Interests of
sinking fund was raised from ' agriculture and setting a dnnger
iSSO.OOO to $.15,000; the library oils precedent."t
W'as granted a 6 per cent incrensa
on the public library fund which
, win bring It from J8500 to,
j $9000. The paving assessments;
ion city property was left at j
. $TS0. the amount fired last year.!
; The cemetery fund nf $2500;
I nnd. tho Isolation hospital fund:
! of $2500 were added lo the vol-
; tintary levy as well as $1000 for
! dump ground fund.
I DETROIT. Nov. 12., (API
Charles B. Knightly, 55, national -
ly known confidence man. was ar -
.rested here today after It was
' learned h had launched pro-
! Jects ent.illinr Investments of
i more than a million dollars while
jnoslng as n pfrsonal represents -
'tlvo of t'ie Ditpont Inlerest and
i the General .Motors corr. jrat!on.
Crowd Is
Y T ,
as Jury s
Reads "Not Guilty"
.. ' "
Vrrli-f T PnniilarWilh I slrsviour pMsukossa .
, PUIJ .
Roaeo vueen omiies in victory, wiuie
Idolizing Crowd Goes Mad With Joy
LAKEVIEW, Ore.. Nov.
nieht was ttatmfied and nanny that Iren Tri.Wv hnH
; been acquitted of thc'murder'of "Smilin Slim" Harri,
' hor pnmmnn law hitahonrf - - . '
I CmI"0n laW Bu"0an'. - ' .
j To those who 8at through the long, tense hour Of
mc iun luum uiuma, mere
outsome it was a verdict they wanted and expected.
"She played her like a
death" plea in his closing argument of the jury today.
i IJberty Or (.allow
1.. ' t . 1 T1
M lrp I'aTrlll f fir
Alamain liniOer
ic t: i.r,cio,f
113 1UI11. ITAVIlUaj
Complete fire protection
j Jnona oi aoiiar. -una
ii amnrpn 11 a mtwiinK ui
. forMtrT ot UclzU'
In Bend Monday, following apr. .
wi arrwnKru i. hiwiur
! ts?llZsalKf ,T
i ' . . . ..
ino qtieaiion oi unancing ein -
eie m ii" porinrn.
, Klama
, tQ
: tlmhermen stated here yesterday I
prior to leaving for Bend to at-
, ,end he nc!re
' Othr flofnil. e
Other details of the fire pro-
tective worx were irona out at
State forest service, the state
forestry department and the tlm-
bcr owners themselves.
I .' Ahong others. Jack Kimball
will attend the Bend conclavo
: from this city. Others expected
j to be there include Deputy State
Fire Marshal King, Cronemlller.
McDanlcls and Brundage. Port -
I land. It. L. Fromme. Bend, super-)
! Tiaor ot the Deschutes National
forest and Gilbert Brovn, unper-
mouuractnrors ny lowering ag0 jerome McEnlry was burted
some Industrial tariffs, creation .her, today.
Of a federal farm board to aid! The boy died a few hours afte!-
1 in farm price stabilisation, and.ra, tne poimm which. Oist
! other measures were recommend-! January made his slstor so illl
ed tonight by the business men's j sae wa near death.
, commission on agriculture thru' . .-,,.
: Its chairman, Charles Nagel.
The report, mado after a year'i,corchK tonigM for a pretty
, study by the commission, repre -
PORTLAND, Nov. 12. (UP).
Preparations fur lighting , tho
j I'asco-Snlt Lake section of Iho
transcontinental airmail route are
under way, the Pnrtlnnd office
of the department of commerce'
,..,! today.
Th, , (he last nnllghtcd link
; of the route.
j An endeavor Is being made to
.,, ,( landing fle'tli south of
j Iturley, Iduho. tvum with
: telephones. The com,! .', of
moiintnlnons rhnrnet , ; d -, l
; ty of pilots demands tho.: i..1o
the minute weather report.i b
I available ,
12. (U.P.) Lakeview .to
cuuiu nave uecn no oilier ,
thoroughbred clean around
' "Mum Trlckey ask, me to tell
'von" Jetmore oaM "to he-leva
hearts to do to. hut II yon ean'r.
la to th "'"
"Anything but Imprisonment.
Six months more in grey walls .
fo'.'with only smiling Sllm's haunt-
iDg lace lor companionship will
drive her Insane.- - ;
..-h. ,k, m. . K.n... th.
hne anged me to fell you that
. . . .
t,l , ' "
i " D,e "
; i (toatlnucil on Fsgp Six)
ItTfe fete Will .
Speak Here Soon
o. -FTato. socretarv of -the
Oergon Retail Merchant's osso-
elation, who has been a popular
speaker In this city, will address
local business men at a dtuiar;
to be held afthe Pelican Cafe
Tuesday evenlnir nnder thn in-
pices of the Klamath Commercial
Service. '
It was originally planned to
hold the dinner Monday evening.
i but Tate had to spenk at a meet-
lng In Medford on that cvenlDC
so It was postponed until Tuesday
evening. Tate arrived In th city
1 Inst night. ,,
Oddities in tht
Day's News '-k
. (United rress) :
PASADENA. Calif.. Nor. fit.
tl'P) Victim of ant . . poison
which nearly took the Hre f of
his little- sister, several months'
1 bobbed hole bandit who engaged
Avoid the .
Po3tof fice Rush
Do Your - "" - ,
Christmas Shopping
Early ' 1