The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, November 09, 1927, Page 2, Image 2

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' ' " . '
Plans for Re-Staging of
Chmpionthip Bout
1 1
PIOW Underway
11 i. .1 . 1iiJ.1..i r v 1.4(1
Jw Dundee ami Aw HnUkim-;
battle tea round or lews, for t hi
welterweight r hampionhip f
the world.
t 'n i ain Sets St relinner. hvd
of I he slate m hi roiiinilsMon. I
taktuK his definite stand
vlnce the deba le that followed
the eanrelllnie or tti fiaht lust
Thursday, announced tonittht ;
Hint in event the principals would 1
follow a plau proposed at a con- j
ference Sunday then the liundee-
Hud kins evtnt mould be' n-ela"-,
ed here thin month. j
If these forfeit are posted, j
Streltuiter stated, the 1 ijht will
1m hssM doMll rff.irl nf f'ltV .
i . i-i 1 1 i t !
StrelinetT announced he had
received letter from Governor;
Y..U.1R. in hl.h the chief
executive expressed confidence in i
. . .... . i attempts to have the nnftcetMs of
minion to handle the situation.', ' ,. ....
and a&su red the bi e m le ra that
he would not Interfen-wUh their
rnni4iiil it Itia rat
Strllnirr also .t.i.Hl be bl
Iteen in cotnmunit at ion with
Chairman .Louis Almcren of the
commission at San Oiepo. and
that Almicren told htm to pro
ceed as his judgment , dictated,
- The head of the commission
ha been unable to reach Com
'luiasioner Truaaa; at Sau FYan
rfuro, but tUated be was confi
dent Truang would concur.
IVinald and Dundee declared
toniicht they would be able to
raise the required amounts.
Their attorney at the same time
aaid City Prosecutor Lickley
"didn't hare a chance to atop
the nw proposed enconnter."
Uckley earlier in the day said
"lmudee and Iludkins will never
ineet -in Lo Aapeles.' ,
i ronsitline and finishes soughr
NEW II AVKN. Conn., Not. . : th, njnnction after Wolheira an
trPI Bruce ldwell. mainstay 'nnlinc,d hc woul(i nIlnerto a
of the Yaln Kthall eleren. t-l beauty operation in -hop of
nlitht was declared inMicihle for a,hteyiiie a "Ja. lc Itemrwe nose"
tlie rei of the s.-a-.n- riium. lld a -j,,i,n Bam'm profile."
Action lrriiitr Cadwell from 1 The producers ureucd that Wol
further playfnc was taken by helm's homely features had
the Vale Vniversity Athletic as-, bronchi his nue-s in motion
sociallion. - , picture? and they would he fi
The action nf the athletic as- ranclally injured If Wblheim
aoclalion followed publication of chanped his face. j
a report in a Providence. It. I.. '. ; f
newsnainr that I'aldwell had
played on the Hmwn 1'ffirersity
freshman eleyen tn lS:t.
According: to Yale athletic re
gulations. Caldwell was Ineligible.
to play on the Tarsity eleven.
Inasmuch as it was his first year.
' i ne josh or ( aldweii wa ro-
rarded as a severe blow to th-
Blue's chances of victory araiur
Princeton Saturday, and aicuin-t
Harvard a we-k from Saturday.
He was Vale's hope for all Amer
ican honors this year.
XKW HAVK.V. Conn.., Nov. S.
(jT) An official report after the
conference of Yale athletic offi
cials find endRil was thai Brme
, 1.. ,, . u J .
i, :.,.Br,bI,,,h"'k"h"!,!
eliKlbillty had been tiuestfoned
would not play In any more Yale
football games. Question as to
CaMwoll'u ..liulkllliu 1 1
on the claim that he had played
freshman root hall at Brown uni-
verslty in 1923. :
. ;
BUFFALO. X. Y.t Nov. 9. i V
P Harry Fuller, of Niafr.ira
Falls, 1;4, won dec ision over"
Failor Freedman. of fhltao,
3 5 4, In a six round bout
Freed m tin look a count of nine
tn the second and third round. j
Bought Her
j Wr
XI: i
IV GLORIOUS to Iwvc no more
dteat i faulty eliniiinition. Ar.d to
know there cm be no o))cne To prr
epiritinf, and no nct d to check tt. I
never uc wiuioui me canny
Jax:e-r -
Eddie Shea Wins
! Bout With M'Lean
CHICAGO. Nov. S. tlP- Ktl
dte Shea", 1ST. Chii-ftan. scorn-d a
i if holt n knot bout mt-r $ieart
' Alel.ean. J 21. St. I'.ml. in the aec-
nml r mi nl of their scheduled 1-
round (Mint l White City arena
lat nij:ht
j . Sh Nil the iH;htiii(t throuvh-
out, mid twice In th opening
. i .nti.t fto ri the si iui fictu-
ipr i,h H,,,,rl riKh' !o lh l,,ft
I Wolcott l-amtMrd. .:!. tht-
i - Hjio. lost an eiKht-vound de, iou
lo "Kerf" Milan. lS. California.
Ihlan hail only fcliaht edae tn
th ,m,lt
Ticket Holders
To Launch Suit
To Recover Cash
i I.OS AXOKl.KS. Xov.'S iir
j-" Sci'klnB a r'(!iitl fr the money
dey paid tn (N the Jne lundet
' A.-e lln.lklns trellerweiahl rham
l.inhl' fleht whtih r.iile1 li m
lermltye. a crur if ticket hntd
!er Tueiul.iy enitri . suit liere
gainst the t:ite atliteiie rommiK-
sioo ami Hit k lioualrt. pntmuter.
Attorney rnon
Itaniili-n an-
The rnniplainl. HamllU'B
!"7a - , '
. i iiumvia mv riitmi v .....
muneration and will oppose any
M-i of
Pick Donald's "fistic folly
' ed ove to charity.
I While Donald 'a name is In-
flle' ln ,h endni.
state athletic commission Is the
main offender. Hamilton said.
Movie Star Can't
Alter Ugly Face
l.OS AXUKLKS. Not. S. i TP);
Louis Wolheim the svreen and
staee star noted for his homely
face, must he contented with hU
battered nose for at least a
YhUe loncer, arcorilins lo a de
rision handed down by superior
Jadce t;ates. .
In ftrantinie a temporary in-.
junction restraining the actor
from undersoinif any operation
'which would altet the contour of
face. Jndre, Cat ruled thai
j John t'onsidine and Howard
rluahen. producr& and holders
of Wolheim's contract, ownetl
what 'mas practically an equity'
', M,
nose. ' ' r " 1
At the Liberty
Wi,dinjt up a' phenomenally
,,....r.uufi antra.,awn.., , r
,Ml ,,,,... -The
Palace of Pleasure" will have Its
final showing torluy. This (tirea
local fans thir last chance to see
thi rcmantio- adventnr" story
In which Btty Compson and Kd
mund I-owf itlay lit the leads.
The productiom waa directed by
Em met t Flynn and in addition
to the principals It features
Henry Kolker. H.trrey Clark.
Nina Kamann. Francia McDon
ald and other. The picture is
adapted from the play of old
Llakon. "l-ta -Montez " which haa
international pr.senta-
HKXVKII. Nov. f8.- (TP
Oeorne Manley. penver llrh '
heavy weicht, won over Jake Kl!-.
raine. I.o?t Ans'des neero In
glow lft-mund Imut thero tonlehr.
Manley wa rautiousf throttRb-.
out and Kilraine was too clnmsy;
to make the fiftht fn throat in?
from a spectator' standpoint.
Freedom for
Ten Cents!
rvecping mc oysiem oo iean
There Are No Body Odors
A )nt of people who never have to take
a laxative eat a candy cascaret now
and then. Do you knnw why?
rhey have found that r.iscara sweet
ens the whole syeTn hnnRS an im
n.acularv f person that means every
thing, ft prevent hodi!y chemistrf
frm ever in.ikiti one unconsciously
ottVmive to others. And what a perfect
rek'::hitor of tii boeK!
hlts et:V'.-t the hrirn f the bowels.
Mi rural cm! It-nve a o?tihtf that the
blood mu-f carry off :,-mih the pores.
How much bctcr '.- c- tame the ays
tem, and cai:--e tlie bemris to expel
cvcryihirtj? by nrn:-I mnwulnr con
traction! To avntr!:itj: r; the cleaner,
awerter conditio J." is irdtys
a holcsome cor dition 1' maitt s the
ne rf Hfodnrnnis fjtu'e uunccarjr
in fanutry or July Men andjvjinen
whose yt-jirs b?e brought on sit'KiiV
ticM oh. n find t!iat a ca secret only
once a week alt I he tonic rheyiicedi-d,
C'ierara it splendid for children, too,
and they love the taste of tbm candy
laxative which every lrutture l"V for
lUcaoUic. " rJ
Team Captain Has
Honor Sportsmen
- tie rgiti vu I'tilverttv ha a
rnndidiiie " fur the ttivilitt .il All
AmiTti an t ti'vi n who alreab hf
cl1tiln( a poJitoti m the All
Atnerlran honor rojl of xporiM-
He is Claude tlirss'iy, vai:tlti
anil oenttT of the1 blue and uray .
team. '
Saturday (.'i:ii!v ted htn elev
en to a nilnnK 27 to 3 vtr
tory ov. r l-afaette.
Uifayeite. I:i the mtdt of a
drii that already had covered
'1m yard. Mtf'.crNl u tn.lury.
A ho u t Jo take 1 1 me i u I . Ca )
Tain ('.iiratt dii kiverej he had
a In ady e haunted his ouota for
the half.
"I cunt uUtud the. uvtialty
tor excesjeive time out." (thran
told Umpire C. J. McCarthy aud
motion-'d for lay lo reainne.
( overheard him. Kindt a
he h j(I one more time out left
for hi-4 i n el'on. he n.iid:
'I'll ink' time out lor 1-afayelto.
charge it to t.e.-rtietown..
Bantam Champion !
Wins Fight With
Cleveland Boxer
l.OS ANt.KI.KS. Nov. tl'lM
Hud Taylor. KiuiamweiKht vham
piou. won a I - rgu&d docmioa
(roin Johnny Farr of Cleveland
here tonight.
Although Hud proved too cacet
for his opponent. Knrr fouKht
back all the way and both scrip
pera received an ovation when
they left the rins.
Taylor took the Jirst. third,
fifth. seventh, eight, ninth aud
tenth round.
farr captured the fourth and
sixth und the second was even.
At the Pine Tree
Leading the five act bUI at
the Pine Tree theatre today t
Chris and Fannie Irwin and com
pany in a snappy rvuetio -of
comedy sons and dance that(
should tickle the palate of var
iety fans.
The Raid Headed Romeo and
his Julfftte ts the title of The
Irwin efferina and there is not a
dull moment all the tfme ther
occupy the rrs:rum. Number fol
lows number in quik snrcesion
and there is much to lautth at
when Chris holds f-nh.
Comedy predominates in -1h( '
offerings uf 'Copeland and Carlo
and 'Flip and Flapper. "The for
mer a character offering "with
souk and daoct and th- 'lattri1
an elousated comedian and a
dainty "niifi In a cure skit that is
replete with laughs.
Leslie and Martin In Little 1
Miss Melody are a youos and
likeable couple with a versatile
presentation of variety tilts chock-
ful of entertainment.
Clarence Warner with an aero
ha tic apecialty starta proceedings
in a peppy manner.
One of the most nmuj-in com
edies of the year 1 featured on
the screen. Ir is Fip l-t-4Ts"
and stars fieorpe O'Brien.
For Hale old papers. Call at
Klamath News. i
Dorit Ignore
Acid Scalp!
; 4m
T' r-j0'm-
We have nil been too clone to
people w hoe Lair had n nitlce-,
able odor. It In due to an a Id
ifty that sonp and water are f,iw-lerle-n
to prt-vt-iii. You may not
havrt cid w alp. Or you- rmcy '
, have Ji and not know it. f f tit
( dandruf f nhoiifd miike yon aus
plrioii.-, mid hair that "string."
fs n ure siati.
When hair Im- a dull, "dNid"
Jnok fitier curllnn ; snirt the wave'
Is nil out a ffw hourrt after use
of tlie iron It Is time to use.
Iiandrlne. Jiit n few drops of
'his hlthly trtentific preparation,
will rheek aridity, und Rive ymir
hair such lovely softness th:it
drensinK it ill n d'li(rht. It,
will Hiranvie e;iily, nnd flH.v an
you a rr rind It. Kvery partifle
of scale will be (Unsolved. It ,
makes nn iimnxlntr difference.
And for only thlrty-flvc cents, I
your drnjrulsr will givo you a ;
howle of Damlerlno that will Iuh! '
for weokHl Adv.
v.. .
L-.l.-,M).l , iNUV i'.Mlil'.K i, UKj.
The Glenns, Three of Them,
Are Mountaineer Stars "
. I . ,
Pena uuy ' li.'. vo h r Scull brothers, but West Virginia Wu l"t
!linn brothers, and. for good m.-iMin-, a .third t.rcnn. oho is, not
a bioiher of the oihcr. alto lu Us kfleld. Albeit tllcnn. left
and Murshall tllonn. venter, aru hroihers. and play reKiilarlr at
hal(-ba k .ind mat T. rbacK. re.pei luily, r the M iiiuinlneer.t.
They're from Elkins. w. Va. Planus t;tenn. from Hnilthricld. Pa.,
is the ittlrd Glenn. He's lievn. Injured a lot this enmn. but fills
a ,b. k-Ileld bet reitulaily aluiu with, the other t:luiiu, w.l.,n In
CAM RKIIKIK. Mass.. Nov. . .
iPPi- Harturd's football failures
or I'.); have led to the 'Crimson
adopting . a somewhat easier
hedule for lHSf.
Brown Cnivemty und the lo
0 fi?. n. ;. ner.oi.ti tiKmm
' ,,':. ' I
', .. V i-
.WiUid v
hie ten teams. Purduv and In-diiuia.-
have been dropped.
T Army hu bten" added lo
Hie llur,ard achiMlule. whlcit
otherwise' la nut as difficult as
this seisou'a.
, All the Crimiuin'a JS2S names
will be played at 1'ainbrldKe n
cept the name with Yule.
I For results use New Claaa Ada.1
keeps right on delivering
Camel ljolds the leadershijp
because it delivers complete
smoking pleasure tliat
. 8PKKANK. W'a.b.. Nov. It t V,
Pi.JVouaa St i ttil ins of. (Icimlu.
won a, at round dmi.ton 4ivvr
Annus Httvder. t'uiinillun haiivy.
welalit. lifre loulKlil. ,"
HtribltnK knocked Hud'r down
for tt seven count In tlie first
round and otitclased tio t'uliu
' dlnti from then on.
HMd llVI I, Ithsl I.TS
' Al New York- New Y'ork Yau
keen. l'tt,( ChtciiKo tteant. ti.
.At New York New York
tiluuu. ' .9, , Provldeti Steam.
1 Hollers, ti.'
One day laal' WKKIv wa heard
u lirliilii CITIXKN W Ibis COM-
Ml'NITY whom you all know,
cullltiK duwn ANOTIIKll 'man
whom you nUknow for UlllVINi;
too FAST pa.t the PHKMONT
t.UAMM Vlt school, u lid wn. WON-
1 K 1 1 how many of the HKST o(
us ni'CIIT to be CAI.I.KII HOWN
for j the aunie OKPKNAK. When
we stop to ItKAI.IZK that there
a:.- hundreils of CHII.IMIKN at
tcmlliia our' SCHOOLS
and that th.vSr nre uol as itood
Jl iH'.KS of Iho SI'KKI) nf a ear
us we flltOWNPPS. then It. be
comes our lil'TY not tn SAIL
by without TIIINKINt: nut to
drive SI.OWi.Y ai.d he KKAHY
for any KMKUUKNCY.
MOllAI.: niieiklnit of "kiiIw''
wa have something luierrntlnK
for you tills week in a lilrUe
.N a r r I a a u a perfuirie at 1100
-.-star nurti co.
GamePs platform;
Just "the thniK ftr lining your. ,apud cfllnra:
. $12.50 per 1,000 Feet
10 off' on lots of fi.OOO ffet or moro.
. '. Drive' out niul.' wljife H.liwta.'
; Pelican Bay Lumber Co.
i .
W.vj'Al T.I i ..
'i uk pacific Tlli phone
f -1
. i.i ; .. s 1 .
If all cigarettes were as good as Camel
you wouldn't hear anything about
special. treatments to. male cigarettes,
good for the throaU othlng takes the .
' .. place of choice tobaccos.
. Pelican City .. ' s '
pebble dropped in a placid
pool lends circling waves' to the farthest
bank-so coysismtt use of telephone tcf
vice broadens and strengthens the .circle
nf friendly contacts. There's feeling and
pfrsonality in a telephone ctmversttton
making il the ideal means of keeping in
uVtch with friends and family in nearby
or distant placcs.i ... .; , ... ,
' "j ' Frecitcnily throughout the year
thoughts' go out lo odicrs on holidays,
birlhda or other da- of greeting. Call
thetn, and to your thought! by ttlrphont. '
' Your telephone service extends to
over 70.000 cities and towns throughout
the United States 10 any telephone in
Great Britain, and now to Mexico Cty
and other important points in Mexico.
To the bountjtiei of tlx nation and bryonj
from yvur ttlrpont
and Telfgrapii Company
' ; ..i.a, . .... ,
-f. .. i -..-il ,.i