The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, November 05, 1927, Page 5, Image 5

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8KATTI.K. W0l.. Nr. 4. 1 1
IM- (Jii nf Ihrco' teams thn!
llllVC II CflHiH'O lO Will lllU .
clllc (,'wtai conference champion
ship will bo rll nil nil I ii hiir to
Inorrotv wlM'ii I bo I ' it I v-m 1 1 y of
Washington mnl Htmiford t ill
um.Ii' nii'i't ou gridiron. ,
Wherever football fana gather
ed here tonight, imil tliry ailinc!
o Iw everywhere. It lh unl-
vrii uiliiliin I liul (tin count thiol your Murylmul won. It to 0
will l III llin grnp lit the team Three r four nf Y )' rcgulura
lull wlua. tuny he nut of I ho guru, with In-
l( Washington U ilii- .iiiumiit. ! Jrl- "d Olil KM may Iw pushotl
cr till' itllllir.-f of till) count rim- lo tlm limit to win.
ferciHe liiiniiKr ruining In Urn I'ii- llrown will attempt tu regiln
'irii' Northwest will bo CKcept. aome of It lut prvatlge by beat-
Football War To
Start Nov.
(rimlliiunl Krom Page I!) !
j defend tliulr coeih, Dr. Jink,
i Wllm. wlin huii bm n tnuilii Mio I
J hull of tuuutltiK nanuult from '
I Ohio Hlute ulmiml binauao ot thai
poor sIiiav.iik or thu hvuriot and ,
iiity. ... - I . ,
Afttir lupso of 9 year, liar-',
yard nil Pennsylvania resume
gridiron re I minus at rhllmlnl-' L'nltt'il
pilin. AlinnilKll uniliy iirrtion iiy
Purdue and Dnrtmuuth thrra laj
a general feeling In tho HH !
Hint Harvard discovered Itself',
mtniimi Indiana lt work and l
iimi'thliyt ot real (notbiill ti'uiii .
Yule ntel
Maryland at
Our Seventh7
i II Jinx train In
NVw Haven. I,aat
loiinlly lirliilit while
Hinnfonl would unlikely hi ihn
-riiviiiiil IiIkIi poalllon lor cllln-r
Multifont or the I'nlvnralty of
Hoiilhcrit California
The Cardials, roait champion
In l!t2i, were quoted aa l to
favorites over Wiiihliiginn. title
holder In IftSS. hut the crowds
or sport euthualaat that fllli'il
hotr lobhlea wore partlaun to
tlio defenders 'of I ho Pacific
.oriliweat ami wnger were few.
OiliU on the rilnt.t ibnugod
rrom III in ii Himford'a favor
whrn a atcndy rnln rell today nml
weather prognoHttiators said It
would nut renin nutll nlti'r
Wllll the 'field nimlily. It will
Iw a game In which tho piny nf
llio two IIiii-h iirolmbiy will
ride the Ismc, nml mi pupcr It
la a halr-aplttCiig ptohli'in In
different Into between tho com-
victory for; lug tlm hmlly battered Dartmouth
; tcuiu. iMirlnioillli Imii'I In aurh
' Kiiml atinin ultur llio Yalo dfiHt
' of luiil wni'k but Drown diKwn'i
1 look Kooil piiiiiikIi to atop At
ly Prank Ocity,
l'rcm Htaff 'omapaniliit
NEW YOltK. Nor. 4. Phil Hrott,
bfayywflaht rhaniplmt of (Irnat
riilialn. ui knoiknil nut In thn
flral riiunil by KuuUi llnuai-n of
Itarlnr. Wl., lunlnht while a
amnll rrnwdof fltfht fana boofil
mnl Jiiril.
On oilnul aftrr tho fight
Hlorliil Biott went dnwu from a
"rlKht Croat lo hla bund. Ho waa ,
up without i lount. but llanavn,
who la ono of tiro iroatnat "front-1
ruiiiii-ra" In thn boxlui Kama, wa.ii
ou top o hi in In an Inatuntl
Knut feinted and drove!
anotlior rlitlit to tho Jaw aud
Hi oil wont down again. i
Hla llmea In all, the Hrlllaher!
went .In III ranvaa tM'forv he'
finally derided to atay thero and '
the bout ratiio to an mil.
! Koul
After thn fnurih knorkilown
Hrott rlulrhed hla (rnln and at
iinnilfil lo claim ho had born
fniilell, but I he claim waa ao pal
pably riillruloua that liula Malt
nnlla. thn refiree, paid no at
leullon to It and adrlaed Phil to
nL tin. l'llh an nvnrMilnii a!
The-other bin oaalcrn lennn ri,mc,aco. Scott did ao. only to
have raay pli klnica. fornell playa so ,lown frnm , , ,look
the! 81. llonartnturu at Ithara. I'i- fiu.ii 0 uui jnw.
neit .., bii at iwiiiHiiein. Thl) Kimll.hniaa eluiiK to hla
the Army farea KrankllB and . tight-topa. hut atruKKlvd once
Marahall at Weal Point, tho Nav nior0 , f,.ul M n counl of
takea on Weat VlrKlnla Wealeyan nln.
at Antmpolla ami Krocue !' j .The alxth and final knockdown
poaed Ohio Wclornn at Syra-; ,, ,, ,, for tou had no
r'""- .rhnnce lo get up and waa
drugged lo hla corner and aprlnkl-
Mumtera, Dnrllnoillh'a atmnatlonal
New York t'nltrvrKlty'a undo-1
featrd hut lied eleven nny find '
a louah foe III rarneg'. Tech. ;
Oeorgetuwa,. the eaat'a leading
acnrlng team, plain Lafayette at
Wanhlnglon. Kordbam and Holy I
Criiua tangle In I heir annual ihm !
at New York. . - 1
... Lmijont tise dots
nrnllTo alraunih of the Slontnrd
uii.t Vnlil wioti forward vallr.
! Thn Cardluala Will lo hare an
eilg In the barkfleld. Hut 'he
, deieptlvriieaa or lliolr- playa t
t dependable .upon tho aprcd wl'h
; wblrh they oro eteruted and :i
net gridiron may npaut tboeraf:-
ed with water.
The final count waa tolled orer
Phil 3 inlniitra and JS eeronila
after the tlifht alartod. II mien
left the rill- without a urrotch.
hnring hern bit" only a couple o;
llmea at tho very atari of tho
lound. l
reparation ot their prominent The awlft demlne of the llriil.h
roaih. fsienu "Pop" Warner. rbnmplou. ully rllmluaicd
, Until ti'uma went Ihrousn (; Jilm from any fjirlhcr ennalilera
linl drills til la after noon and art) linn aa fnr a Teg III. k.iril'a
iiauy in erery way Mr tno vitally heavyweight ellmliiatlnn
lit eriv.
Ill the
l-"iin-kt Wlna
fu one nf thn' fnatrat and malt
allrrlng right between blrt men
aeen in a (lur.l. n ring In ninny
a day. In l,nmi.kl, )0 of Aber
deen, Wnaliliigtnn, won dtvldedly'
your shoes need
ril ing them to us. If it i '
NEW SHOES, we have!
them at irices that BEAT
liuvortunt ronton!.
I Aildltloiiul aeata have been In-
nailed In the amillum and up
prntlmntely 4 fi . ( i U pcraon.i nre
txitited lo he In the atinda.
. 1h aupreiimry of the Culten
It.r of Wanhlnglon llunklc I
, i iieiur ,-Mirinweai una aeaaou l I from Vale Okun, Jenlnh heavy
: Pl.t queatioiied. With the e.'ep i wc ght nf New York. 13.
! ll'ui of f. 8. C, the lhil.-i nnve Lornxkl ateadlly piled up nn
Hot mot dnreat and their r-roril ! advanliige orer Okun. and In Ills
U mnrn perreet beraime their goal i rminh round had the JewMi
, I inn haa nwt heeli rrnaaed In a : heavyweight nut on hla feet. The
conference game. bell saved Yule from a knoek-
' 1 down. Tbo New Yorker hung on
FAMOUS JOCKEY IS. ' '!". taking lot
Dl II rn'firc rn a r-v mun Puuiaiimcut at llio bands of
KULLL) Vtt TRACK the wIllliTS Waahlnctonl.n.
2 .
Your Choice of 50 New
Fall Frocks
Values to $19.85 '
And still the $9.89 dress sale gains in popular
ity every Saturday new ones, much higher
priced, are taken : from regualr stock and
marked to sell for only $9.89. ..They are
frocks that are a complement to any ward
robe suitable for every purpose in crepes,
satins and combinations of nho ce fabrics.
Neatly trimmed with trimmings Chit add dis
tinctiveness and charm to every garment The
duplicates of which could not 'be had at dou-,
bJe this price,. Come early and take your
choice. " . :, .. . '
A Surprise That's Different
Values Galore Savings
for Everybody
Women's Footwear
A apeclal lot of footwear grouped together to Mil at this special prtea.
Value to 14. JS ar Included. In strap, tie, pump and oxford. Tbla
prlc I only mad poaslble by these sboca being broken alias la our rf ular
lock. If a MlacttoD U Bad early you are aura to (lad a dlrabl styl .
Id tba correct alia.
Miiees' PUid Hoao,
75c value. 2 for
A TSc value la mbue plaid ho.' This la undoubted
ly the greateet'air-tlal of the ' day. " Marked at thia
ptke for only one' day1 selling. . Color are brown,
blue, green and orange. ' .Site 7 to H- j'
Holeproof '
A' sbear end beautiful stocking In the
newest of Uirhadea. holeproof needs no
explanation" to It quality. It'a a hose
for everybody and at thl price everybody
111 ,1" : - . ' . ' ,
cau very easily hare two or Jhrco pair.
Linen Handkerchiefs,
8 for
All linen hemstitched handker
cblefa In plain white. Supply your
needa at thia Saturday surprise In
merchandise values.
Bow Ties,
2 for . .i
Men there' dozens of colors and
pattern to choose from two of
these claaay bow tie for only . 89c
Regular 60c values.
Men' Sweaters
Small sizes '.
Bradley sweater In coat and
slip-on styles. All wool and wool
mixed. Values to 15.00. You'll
find dandy school sweater forthe
kiddle at a genuine earing. . ' ,
Dress Materials
1008 Main
Shoes and Shoes Repairing
-J- I
ri.MI.ICt) HACK TltAl K. Ital-
tlmore Nor. 4. (IT) Karl Snnde
una of the eniiiilry's leading Joe-!
key, waa ruled off tho track to-1
ilny. hla I. nil go taken up and,
rhargc ot foul In the I'Iniloco til-,
turlty referred to. thn Maryland
rnciug ronimlealon.
. lilillng W. MJerrorda1 Man!
()' War flllv. broiiKht hla !
inounl In Ihlnl, but wa dla
iiuulltleil. The ruling nf the
r.un.nn nu.v .lint pmiu lu itt-W WttS a
nettgruin statue a r.ugene K.
I Jne sixth went to limakl by
an even wider margin, and thn
crowd began to call for a knock
out. In Okun'a comer Jimmy
Johnmmi waa working frantical
ly orer hla man and shouting; ad
mire with machlnc-Bun-IIko rapid
ity, Yale liiuac to trade pinches
In tho seventh, on hla manager's
mlvlre, and while-ho held hla
own In the flint part of the
round. Iimnkl's punches had
'axen loo much nut of him. It
session of fierce
4 vda.
' 52 Incbea wide. Plains and
chock In a beautiful array of new
patterns. Absolutely fast C o I o r.
Select your gingham needs front
thia color fust group.
Les Sailing and His Country. Boy
Hal Blackburn and His Band
' will provide' the music-
November 11th" '
at the
Altamont and Winter Garden
Specials That Count
Pork Roast, lb. ..20c
Beef Roast, lb 12J? to 18c
Lard, 2 lbs. 25c
4 Bacon Squares, lb ....20c
Steaks, lb. .. '., !...23c
Hams, half or whole, lb. .-..25c
Small Hams, lb. 1....28c.
Veal Shoulder Roast, lb. 20c
Best Link Sausage in Town
US Main Street
Phone 619
Onro Okun went down In ono
knee, but he waa up without a
count. . . .
The Aberdeen hoy punished
Okun severely In the eighth, and
Yalo scarcely was ahlo to staR
ger lo his corner when It was
over. "
so. X
Ttf SirtH. C. W. HAMMOND
(Special Correspondence)
X'otwIthKtandlng the rnthci nn
fnvornliln worn her the Mills Addi
tion I". T. A.'s miscellaneous stile
beld on tho evening of October
II. wns a sorlnl -nml flnniii-lnl
sueeess. Klfty-thrao dollars came
from thu uuctlcn of various do
nated commodities. $7.00 from
the candy booth. 118.00 from cof
fee and pie nml !.00 from in
itiation rocs or new "members.
James 'lnnull, auctioneer, kept
the crowd in good humor and
kept the bidding lively. v
Tho teachers of tho .Mills Ad
dition Cnngregiilionnl Hiinday
School rulaeri f 10.00 and tele
graphed an order for flowcne for
1 it t to Allc Coin's fiinciiil.
Mrs. Van Itlper took the Mills
Addition school census last week.
Thero has been a auhatantlal In
erenno iu the achool population
over Inst year.
Three tennis consisting ot Mrs.
Jumbo Towels, -2
for .n
- "Jumbo the grctt." Tho extra
. large d o ti b I e thread towel that
serves ajl pnrpxiaos. A'tt.OO value.
Woof Tweeda,
Per Yd
Abunutlftil aasorlment or 6 Inrh
wool tweeds in plaid and plnln
weaves. Tweeds aro popular this
' srasnn tor making all kinds of
semi-roruiol dresses.' At this price
1 every ono may select enough tor at :
.least ono garment.
Night nil Morning to keep
thrtn Clean, Clear an J Healthy
Writ for Free "Eye Cart"
or "By Beauty" Hook
M.riMC H. s. . OWSImCU.
2 Yda.
A tip-lop lingerie cloth that
makes striking articles that are al
ways needed. All colors. Striped
patterns. Look at the price again
thafa It there Isn't any mistake
Its Just a Golden Rule surprise.
E. I.. French aud Mrs. Tdwards,
Mis. Dixon anil Mrs. Hock, Mrs.
Ilendara and Mrs. Jones ntado a ,
houso to house ranvaa of Mill .
Addition -In the -Interest of the 1
I'ongrcgatiunnl Sunday school.
Hcverand Uryant ha' taken
chargo ot the Sunday achool dur
ing Iter. Cole'a agseneo. .,
. 'Alt', and 'Mrs. 8. It. Borry and '
family apent tho week-end , , in j
Yreka, visiting Mr. Herry'a par-i
ents. They returned Sunday cro
nlng. ' , -- i , j
' Flunk Oscnrsun met with a.
rnlnful accident on Wednesday.'
Whllo handling some largo pieces
of green timbers one of them foil I
striking him squnrely across both j
foot, crushing them. Mr. Oscar-;
son will be unable to roturn , to
work for o nuinth cr slg weeks. '.
' Mr. nnW Mrs. E. L. French were :
among tlyis who left on tho spe
cial train Kililny for Portland to
Attend tho Llrestock Exposition. ,
- Tho small daughter of Mr. and ;
Mrs. J. N. Stiles who hns boen
sufferln rrom aa attack ot ty-.
phold fever Is recororthg .rapidly ,
from nor recent illness..
Lunch Sets ....
High grade imported all linen
lunch set ot a superior quality.
3xt cloths with four napklas to
match. By the ; way iu nearly
Thanksgiving and one of tho seia
would niako a welcome gift.
.Linen Toweling,
4 Yda.
All linen glass toweling at a great
saving. You .will be surprised at
the fine quality in this piece tor
the price come and sco It today."
Outing Flannel,
4 Yda.
Striped outing In many colors.
Thoose your, winter needs' during
this Saturday surprise event aa U
means a aavlng to you.
Kiddies' Sleeper,
AH agte ..
A children's heavy sleeping gar
ment for only 9c. They are well
made aud of a good quality material.
Wise mothers will not pass up thh
opportunity to tupply lor winter
89 c
Crib Blankets,
All colors
Size 30xti). The little HU.VNY
ESMOND bl.-nk-t is soft, fluffy, and
warm. In pleating color' und pat
terns. . Douud etlites.
Cashmere Socks'
3 Pair
C o o d weight, lii grade Mcn'i
Crtshmere Books in-dark - may only.
They regularly sell tor 35c a pair.
Women's Sweat
ers, New Styles..
Ilradley sweaters in the newer,
stylet . and colors.. Kve.ry wonjan
needs a sweater they are so handy
to sllpvm and step out-of-doors in.
Vslues to, SS Oi'. All sires.
Men's O'Coats, Small sizes,
V5S. $4.9
A Avl taBUIIt nM'1N Bs AMmiMiMtMtlvTlkAtlllK I
I. IIIWJ IMtl III I ' f I I! 3 IIT.I Ifjl W4,.i I rjfll I IfiVTI I rolled edge. Thia la an nda lt r
, linahkiilihlihltlilthHilil . - L
KLAMATH jJ Va FALLS ' . , 3 . ,
; .... See Windows r
rrr-..rrra 1 ' ' i I ' 1 1 1 " - - 1 , 1 i lillluiainu
r . . ':, . V . " . ' ; '
Toilet Soap, v on.
Box of 12 ..........:..OJ7C
A highly perfumed toilet oap ot
a very good quality. Thia Is a 'regu
lar 11.20 value, but Jf yon choose
box we sacrifice them for only o i.
Felt Slipper, V Oft,.
Men. ; . Oe7C
Men's felt allpper at m give-away
price. Heavy felt upper with pad
ded aole. - Comfortable styles. Kow
only S9e. - - ;
.1 .... T ....
uniy six ot toeae ueaumui pillows
are left and Just to make a eleoat -
up they go for 83c. Medium ait.
First here first tarred at this price.
89 c
Cloves -
These are all much higher priced
gloves, bnt are of broken soa. so
we offer them at this price. All
,sfre will be fonnd except 7i4. A
color for every costume.
. Men's Overalls,
220-denira ..........
Trlpple .tkebed. reecforccd. cut
on a lorge model and in either high
or low wick Jien to .buy theso.
i veralU ii chcapar than laiin'Jerine '
. - a,
XhVls 89 C u
Tut on a $1.50 shirt next Btindav ffi
r"rnlng lhat Vill only cost you S9d ' . K,: 'i
this Saturday.- In ail sires, colors P
.. aad many patterns. Collar attached.
Kiddies . 0ra J
-Kovrralls OUC
Made by I,evl Strauss thf widely
known overall maker. In blue with
red trimmlcgs-button down front .
and in ages trout 1 to .
Men's ' -
Hats .......:..
A dre-s hat tor only $3.89 good
teir in either snap brim or
The pardonable pride of Klam-'
a(h Valcy hospital Is the effl-.
dent service rendered humcal.y ;
tlitongh a well .quipped inaiuu-lion.
, ; No matter what you want
: '' ' ; to payno matter for what
' r , purpose you need the car
7 we can Bhow you one that
- , will adequately fill the bilL
Look at these Headlinen .
Dodgo 1927 Touring $700.00
v Ituick 1924 Touring 450.00
i- Ford 1927 Coupe .. 450.00
" Dodgo 1925" Coupe 625.00
". 525 Klamath - Phone 212
Located on South 6th Just Outside City Limits
A Comody drama full or pep and mystery. A Laugh a Minute.
Plenty of Heat , "
To keep you dry and comfy, ...
ADULTS, 35c ! KIDDIES, 15c
For sale old
Klnmtttli Rett's,
ts. fall a!
Substantial prizes will be given to Hie I-udiet; who are win
nuri In our Ladlos' Nnll Ilriving Crntest. Hammers to be
held iu the lett band. ' Alt ladies wishing to participate bring
yntii- hammer, whirti will lie. your llrk"t of uilitiUsion.;