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The Klamath News
The Klamath News
(Officiul Paper y
" County of Klamath
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County, of Klamath
) Vol. 4; No. 30.r. Price Five Cents
(Every Morning Except Monday)
Loot Till
Of Local
Robbery Here Most
Daring on Record;
Escape With More
Than $500.
' Onu.of tho most diirinjr
robberies in I o till police an
tialx, evidently perpclrutetl
by men xkillvd in banditry,
wu Ktuk'cd before ."even
o'clock lust cvoninir, when
WhiUker'a Groceteria, nt
217 South Sixth, was rob
bed of more than JiiOO. In
currency and cah. ' Nearly '
$000 in checks wan left un-j
touched by the thieve, ac-j
cordini; tp police. I
Leaving no trace Ihul might;
load lo.lhelr apprehension, the.
robber entered the more through
a rear hall window while Mr. ,
nitd Mr. Whttaker and daughter .
were away frnm the alor fur
dinner. The atoro owner tett i
ally u l I to. They returned at!
7 u'rlork to find the hlK rah
till looted. The HI) had been;
left unite ked a the Whttaker. !
expected to return almrtly and '
i lose up (he duy'a buslnoas. j
Ofx-nccl U'lnilow
The tiilt-voa gained mtranrp by
... (Cfjutintiinl 4Mi l'ngt MUJ
Had Road Now In
Shape For Winter,
After enduring nn extremely i
bad and dangerous ro id for
month. (4hlloiiiin and Braymlll ;
resident are now driving over
an excellent road between the j
two rlllc. It reported her'
last nlKht. hy Arthur Prllaux.
. publisher of the Clilloiiiln Itn--vlew,
Work ba I lie; four-tulle road ,
was flnlahed I III" week. Prllaux
atuteit. hy (1. I. HlehllUin. The I
load l aurfat'cd with leva mnil. !
provldlim a mnooili rnUiL'd. and j
the grade la mild to fhe nnsiir
parnable. . !
S. P. To Put New :
4 Diners Into Use,
"Hlx new 774ieit ateel dining'
car, nntipptd with tho first
roller ' bearlnga In be uaed bv '
nny Pacific ronnt rallrond und
rotlll 40.qnn each, will b- !
placed III aervlce over the Caa-;
rnrio Una of the Southern 1'u-'
ciric during Decenihor."
Tli4a wua the nuiioiincvnient '.
from (leiicrnl Agent lloaenbaiim
of Ilia local Southern I'liclCIc
.tuff Hat night following a wire
from the Hun Frnurlaco office!
of tho company.' , . j
' "Tho new car." he mild, "are !
I lie finest and moat' cuatly ye; 1
built for aervlce In the wel. We j
nro trying nut tho roller bearing !
thoroughly In order to oaiunn :
continiiutico of wealern lenderahlp
In travel comfort anil aafety." I
Klulalicd I h roll li limit In Cuban
hinliugany, the luloiior docorn
lloii of the new fira will be")
typlcully wnatern In apirit, the;
golden poppy fiirnlahlng the
Ttioilf. ('hnlra nro to be upholnt
croilln Spunlah lenthur and t lie j
cum will aucuinmoduta .10 poron;
nt u all ling. ,
IIONN, nermany, Nov. -Nettled
by puhllclly, I'rtnro.'.
Vlclorln of HlniililihiMg-l.lipen
- fled into hiding. Tho former
Jilllaer'a aiter will return before
November; in, however, lo mnrry
Alexander Zoiilikoff, Ilia ITuaHinn
iiilvrnliirur who won her nfler u
whirlwind rourtahln on the niooij
III Imnka nf Ills Ithlnn. '
"We have found complete mp
plno," the rt-yenr-old Prince
t((ld the I'nlleil I'roaa In nn ex
atiiNlve niVrvlrw a few hour be
fore ahe depurted Krlilny. "Wh'
I'MU't the)' let II allille?" .
Earla Nclcon, Alleged Mur
dercr of 20 Women, j
in Jury's Handt
' i
' WINNIPKtl, Man.. Nov. If
P (--After plea by ricfeu"'
counsel lo "think well before jrou '
' Kl'llll a, Intiutlc ) till- scaffold." I
llu Jury hearing the ruae o' ,
' Knrln .Ncltuu, acruwd nf Strang
, ling 2il women, wa locked up In-1
night mid will decide his fate'
! following the judge' charge!
tomorrow. , j
I The defense Htippnrted Km con-
Icutlvn thut Nelson Ih tiian liy ;
i iiroiliiilnx t'ullforulu record to
I allow he had been confined In an!
.'BHyluiu (or Inwnne In that mate, j
Canaillun iroHerutor. however,
i Introduced leMlinorty oT Ur. A. T.
(CuullnueU on I'axe I
r Sewer System In
Chiloquin Soon
- Work on an Improvement
which the cltixen of Clillmiuln
have looked forward to fur man j
niontha, ilia new aewer flyMcni.
will be runinieiicid Motidny. It
wua anuoiinerd here yentcrday.
I.orcni eomtiany of thla elty hold
the eoulrart for the project.
The new aewer lyatem. which. ,
will aervlce about 900 people lu
that part of the rcaervutlon city;
lying eaat of the railroad .right ,
nt way. will roat (I 7. lad. t-xclua-1
Ire of (he rock work. Thla later j
pbuae of conatrucilon. together
wlih tncldcntula. la expected" to
run the roat of the Improvement
I atntcd. !
City Knglneer Carrett of chll
i ouuln haa compli ied ariT .r
: tjio project and t lie Lorem ram
1 puny haa equipment on the arenti
t of eonatrurtlon ready for the
work lo atnrt full blaat .Monday.
The Job will lie completed eoina
time around the flrat of the year.
It la believed.
Balloon Flyer
Is Lost In Air
lli;!XKVILlK. III.. Nov. 4. (I'j
l'--Io(tt lo his airplane escnr:. j
Captain llatwthurne C. tlray wa 1
belli ved tonight to he Htunewhcro
over Northern Kentucky ln the :
frro halluon In which lie was at-'
tentptlng to cfttahllxli a world al
iunde record. , (
Bcott field officials bid not
heard from Cray lulu tonight, hut
four airplane pilots who escorted,
the balloon had lauded and tele-!
j; run I u-d that I hey lost Cray lu
the clouds. Two ofjhe airmen
came down at lleudersun and two
at Madlsonville, Ky. They lasr
mw Cray's balloon, the message
said, when It was over the Ohio!
river. I
Cray was seeking to break .
tho altitude record of 3121 j
feet. He succeeded In ascending j
eight miles on another occasion I
till t ba d t o deuce it tl in a pn ru -chute
nnd the record claim wai
not allowed.
Sergeant js Death
Slated For Probej
8AV ritANCISCO. Nov. (,Ti !
Police here were conducting ! j
rigid Invcatlgntlon today Into thei
d in III of Sergeant Allen Collin.
no, of the iirmy'a Alcnlrax disciplinary-
barrack gurrlann. Ill
hndy wa found lying nn the idu-
walk In front nf a Coliimlm.i ave-4
title hotel vurlytudny with nut k j
broken, jkull fractured nnd urni !
Ijntterod. w
It wua believed ha wu either!
thrown or fell ouf of a fourth
atory window. w j
Aiilhorltiea were Inclined lo
lii-llir that Collin wna the vic
tim of thieve.
ACTOR'S estate;
I .OS ANtlKI.KS. .1v. 4
tl'lM I
Knit fur i 1 llllA " iiiriihtiH
the i
ealnio of the Into Itudolph Vnl-1
eiiiino, acreen uctor, wu tiiKen
under ndvineincnt to tiny lifter
tcHtimnny wua henril hy Municipal
.lildgn Hun.
The' pliilntlff. I.. W. Ui-l'.cnon,
Keek Die amount from S. II. 111
miiu, executor of the film nhelk'
eatntn. Itolleuaon clnlm the rum
eaiiiin. ( iioiieu.oii cinint t lie euini
I due for aervlcw lo Vnleiitlno
in rent einte tyiiiiHixctum.
1928 City
May Hold
Old Mark
Budget Committee to
Trim Estimates to
Figure - Near That
W'hili! vuriou depart-
mt'titM have iihki'd for ap
proximately $120,000 with
which to operate the city of
Klumath Fulls during 19LB.
lhi.t Hum will be trimin-u
considerably until in the fi-
liala llfuroM tho city OlldtfCl
wifl 1)0 but little hjjfhcr '
than that for 191!7.- which
watt $102.!00 for U'.y total
voluntary levy, it wan indi-;
cated Bt a meetinjf of the ;
budget committee y ester-1
day. " . - I
AT fho It'tiiM nt Die Rinral
funil wtre diccufned ycHterday at
the tToiiri meutlus ( the coin
nt It (. A f'W w i t. Iut
many i r left at tin- nrlnlnal
mark for th prsicnu nlthuuKi
theritn mi dntibt thnt manr will
he rut Inter, it wan stated.
I'idlt-t lttrrt't
The total figures for the polire "
ft4iutlnuiil on I'nue Four)'
i Police FablVfori
ur j i w ri it
wanted in aouin
i in. -ll I o police found quick
serrlte from their
cnitorjM In Klamath Kails yester
day when upon rerefpt of a war
rant from the California elty
local police stepped out and In a
few minutes nabbed J. F. Keeling
wanted In Sacramento on rlnrgo
of desertion.
Police Chief Keith Ambrose
found the nu.n In a local room
ing house and p la red hi m Under
arrest. Keeling will wutt an
officer from Sacramento to esort
him Lack to ttint city. It Is al
leged the' man his full til to pro
vide for lite support or a minor
child. No wife was men t loafed
In the Sacramento police order,
neeaug is saiu to nave neeu mg itepanmen; touny wnen nt Hon'n views and President Cool
here for sometime and wan form-, Farmer Trust and Savings bank jdKf feels that this figure should
erly employed lu a local garage, i closed its doji. ij. held to.
! 1 ' I
..., 7
A aerbn of daylight partle In
which children or grade actionl
age pnrtlclputed during the. pnit
week, will end three of the older
glrlt before the Juvenile, court
next Tueiduy morning, following
npprchffixlnu of the culprlta yea
Icrilay. The partlea pomnienceil on
llullowc'en night when the home
of Mra. I'eurl Martin, Seventh
nnd High Mrcot. waa entered
and IcM lu dlaoriler. The glrla
dreaded up 111 Mra. Martln'V -
rlothe. nllering them to fit, went awniu out.
into' the cellar and brought out .' The trio will go before th"
pri'trve and fruit, lighted a couniy couri. which ll a Juve
flrn In the fireplace, and had nlle court, for a preliminary
great fun. '
Mince Momiay mxlii aeveral ol
the glrla have been wearing aonif
of the clothe to achool. and
purtle were held every after-
,.l,,...l m .riln. in
' .....
Thiiraduv John .Miirtlu dlacnver-
.,l the romlitlon of the Jioue until the nw ha been xettlcd
"'" n he went up to eo If every-;rtid reaponaiblllty lor the afralr
y'" '" ,ri"-r lr"- M"ti;-niieiy fixed-. , -
Sailor Arrested
For Flag Insult
VKXK'B, Nor. f-r-H'.IM-Arr-KH
for "ltimiltlni;', the
Italian Mot; and a dWarhntrnt uf
Italian Infantry, an Aniuritaa bpb
mnn wan julk-d today.
Captain IVtron, hlf Ku-
alnetT c;lau nnd Chief Mate
.Call her of the ehippinc board
gteauuT la4.lM.'tte were aittlnx In
rnfe when a portion nf
in fa ii try regiment . panned
the regUnental colon.
nhor-rr1riT n rt.e and i-aluto,
I Oft leers of the
refiWent in
was "dellber
hImIimI his altltune
'y iuitmg ,
tialther wa arrested withy
name! iHador 1'ayer, de-
latter wnt wleiiouured but 'freed
' . The Ajtierlcan chief nule. ac
cording to police, i
drunk ond had "not
tld he was
noticed the
flag. As soon as his Attention
was directed to it. hojrerer, he
a rone and saluted.
Caither to'd the huiio story to
the American consul who Inter
vened on the sen ui an's behalf
without success. j
Kinmotsburg. la., Nov. 4. (I
P) The fifth Northern
bunk to close within
. .
wns taken over , by the sta
Cruel Hallowe'en Prank
' watt iinniedlatelv summoned from
, her summer homo at Luke o' thol
WiMiit where nil1 has been spend-
lug the pant few week.
; -' When Keith AmbroM. chief (if
poll.e, went up to the limine to'
, Invent iKMte he discovered pre par-1
auom tor another party, .nut ,no
oiib present. He waited, and
aoon all the children arrived, j
After iiuoailoiilng, all but the
three ringleader were allowed j
, to go, lint warrunta for th ar-1
reat of tllejte
three have ,been
hearing Tueaday. Whether th
cuipriia win ue piaceii in me
handj of atate authorillea de-i
peml upon the outcome of thi
hearing at that time. t
Saiiii,. lt ihu nffatiillli HIIH.'
ren have Iwx-n vithhalri from mill-
: Mention at the reiiuent of police. !
U.S. Planes Will
Bombard Rebels
MAXACl'A. Nor I'. tlM'.)
U'lth tl.a nrrlv.l ..f (lia ilr mm.
aon, bombing and transportation
plunca will he untn to augment
the ifun-ea of 1'nlttd Stales mar
in erf and .McuraKUitn iruardn In a
fomhlncd drive to extorminan?
the rt-beW
I .
Almost dally akirmlsha
reported lietween the joint
nils t.f murines and guards and
lie bt
btiI followers of
auaWtiia'avo.' -
AideM by plams. the mnrln.s
are sending out patrols daily to
obtain definite new a concerning
ine iwo niinniu AUiunrnu at tu
tors believed to liuve been shot j
down a month ago by rebels. j
These patrols, however, have j
been meeting atrone forces - of '
rebels who have fought the Am-
erlcan doggedly. Only after
they suffer heavy losses. accord-
tug to' word reaching Managua,
do the rebels retire.
Although. It w is at first r-
ported tlrnt the rebels numbered
only a hemirul, lateat etimate
indicate thnt about l.unu armed
men are ..neratlnc under aevernl
roliol leader
. :
Th,t flK,lre ,or ,ax ''Wuetlon aet
i"' Surr-'r'" Mel10'' ".000.-
0n repreaent the adniiniatra-1
000 repreaent the adniiniatra-
y ermont!
D;j. R II
Lfm, IXaJLI ,
learned A Wiy By
PJ., n !
w.,, o6s
ST. A LEAN'S, Vt,, Nov. 4.
if r t.' . . .
I i w.i . i r i uiii repurui re-
(.:.., v j : n 1Vl
" tu " . u u r ' " I
tternpon, it waH evident
that Vermont 'was in the :
. '
(r ,. . f t ll i .e .1 i-lj atnmi tH '
her history.
Flood waters continued'
to rise rather than abate,
and reports of further
oc continued to come in up
to, a late hour. '
Ilydru-electric dams aud br1dn-,
aa were carried away by the force
;of the
i were ranroau
rack B.
farm buildings.
f ' 1
Snirea of cattle were carried i
away hy the wlrlinK watern. J
foutainin 2 ca" wa" swe in" 1
,iu tjie rufninK torrent.
' .All ID INirKIICfW
Few communities have electric
',lnt and tho terror of darkness
was added to the terror of flood
as night came,
(ovinnucil Ml Fajte hour)
; . ( , .
; ArCHS iVttrQCtS
ShnW AttPlltinn
OUTLANl). Nor. A. (4
fudging has v been finished at i
the Pacific International Live-;
stock Exposition, attention wa j
I ebneentrated to'd ay on the stock;
actions at the. arena. !
Prinee William of Sweden herot
today on a lecture tour, was a
j - " - " km..
' the afternoon wn to be .spent
tV H'e ""' vlaltor In viewing I
'(he blooded fltock and the mat-,
! Inee of the home show.
I The O. M. l'lummer prlxe.
'coveted among the boy' and"1 llle cnaniner oi couuuerce
! r. ,.,,, mt.mbe..,, went to ,hefroom.
Wellington ale demon.tratlon ! Mi I
. ., . , ; , ,
( . ..,
score of SS point. Oregon was ! trie company, will conduct the ', realdonts of the Fort Klamath
swond with ST'i point while j classes which will he held Tues-; region, greatly fncllltatlng traos
ftah ran a close third with ST. I day. Wednesday. Thurday and porlatlon of proilnct from that
DortiK Down and Helen Hand ' Friday aftern.K,,... Kach day: vast agricultural and livestock
cf Portland were mimed a the i ' P i"ent pl,ae sei tlmK j
highest scoring girls' team. , TO"k!"K- ' h " .ar.t. ut
In Jersey showmanship. Rob-;
1...11 ..r ,.. nr. took
first and C.ertrude Hell also at
judging aivisiun. ine iviin
jly teniiT from wasningion iuok ,
jthe first award with Multnomah
(county second. Opal Webber of
,e himiTadi,;
t Adams county hud th
i vldual scortv with A
Portland second.
! Slight Temblor
IS Felt On CoaSt
1.03 ANCKI.KS, Nov. 4. I VP I
lt Dumage from the earthquake
i felt today along a greater por
tion of the Southern California!
const line and In so mo Instances
far out to . sea. we slight, n
complete chock, showed tonight.
The temblor,1 In three distinct
j shock, reached a fur north a
I Snllna and onth to Lo Angeles.
a liner 12U mile north of here
: reported a severe disturbance off
! Point Arguello.
j Th disturbance apparently
centered In Santa Maxla wher"
j plate glass window were broken.
; wulls In buildings cracked and
chimneys, wero shaken down. Na
i'tlve there said it wa the most
severe quake felt there alnce
lintiR. Six shock were reperted
there. I
In I.ompoc, Snlltll Hnrhtirn
county, two buildings wore par-
tliilly wrecked. Snntn nnrbarn, : found In the gi filled kitchen nine feet nimve - mo ,imnue
center of the 1JI25 enrthquuke. ; nf the woinnn's home today. ocean,
reported temblor but no damage, j Mrs. Angus. :il-yenr-olil dlv-j Hoist Merr. the pilot who re
Snn Joaiinlii - valley reported j orcee, had given Helen. 9. and eently revealed the plane destt
l slight earth .trembling without Charlotte. T. sleeping poilon he- nation wa New York, snid two
jsubseniient dnninge. foro carrying Ihein Into the kit-, French steamers had refused te
tn l.os Angele a few clock chen. Financial and domestic ; give, their positions while llrit-
i were slopped but the. blow wns.worrie canned the triple killing.
not generally noticed.
After Five Months Of In-
faced for
he busiest session that
h county grand Jury ha
for sometime, due to the
furl Hint
fire month have
1 MW'a r
body laat m
the , Inquisitorial
met, Im facing that;
l""Jy next Monday, according to
Olatrlct Attorney Wllliant imn-
can yesterday. .
While uuahle to furnlnh a com-j
plte llxt of th c-aiw m Ik;1
pro red. partly Ixtrauite many are'
of necret nature until after tbeyj
hare been pans?! upon, and b-1
cause the llt a unflniahed !
(1'onllnneU oa pegr efgjit)
D,. J
VAIUlllj 5 JJUU&Cl
. .
ftin,if aa M
14 ILiri- llillllCll.
i " - - I'lCCl OUUII
At the fit of it. for. hcoming
hav-!,pr1es o( ry mettinKt
j day the county court win fix a
,date for, the Initial meeting of
the county btidKet committee, ap- :
ponled Wedneaday. acvordloK to
i ounty judKe Fred R.
Coildard i
The budeety committee, 'on
R,ni P 'ivhiinr tJ-rank
., il(ormack and J. A. ur-
don har. been placed, at
recommendation of tbe court.
; go into nession In the near fu
(ture with members of the county
colirt i0 determine the sum need-
,ed to operate county dpariiueuLt
In ID28.
v.lWiijKer Jiis-- yexred. In. tWn
eiiDiMitv, before. .MeCormuck.
ex-eounty coiumfsaioiter. fa high
ly familiar with the work, aud
CnritAn ( h n fx nr ifin't d bud-
Keteer -hrouKh arvlre on the city
budget committee
it was point-
: ed out.
The regular meeting day for
the county hereafter will be Sat
urday. Judge (ioddard said.
Copco To Provide
Cooking Advisor.
An electric range demonstra-
tlon aud cooking school will be
next wek under the
ansnlcea of the California Oregon
Power comiwny. und will ne neui
v .
rene Kerr. cooKlllg ex-
, ,h -n,,k. ei.
- " -
Th power company ha started
' to deal extensively in electrical
merchandise to introduce labor
the home.
ow what large
1 possibilities can be realized with
! an electric range.
Rail Firms Deny
Merger Charges
' (A. ChariM thi.l tholi- nlnn fn
,lnlfT ,Mr nlee". J011" coutroi
o( the Uurlington railroad Is 1! -
legal, made by the Milwaukee
line, were denied point blank to-
day by the tireat Northern and
j Northern Pacific railway lu the
linlficatltin hearing before the In-. group a thrill, fired four shot
terstate Commerce CommtHafon. 'from hi revolver. The fourth
Attorney for the rullroiuU struck Mra. Nicklit In the left
made the denial In answer to a arm and passed Into her chest,
motion 6y the Milwaukee ch:n g-' Tally must face a charge of
lug that the proposal lo vest con-' assault with' a dendly weapon
trol of the llurliiiglnu In the new when the condition of Mr. Nlck
rood, the Ureal Northern Puctfli , ti I determined,
w-as illegal -and (Asking the coin-! T v .
mission to dismiss the merger ap-
HKNVKIt. Colo., Nov. 4. ll'Pl
The bodies of Mrs,- Kdlia C
Angus and tier two children wore
I it wu believed.
Fall Said
Co-Defendant in Tea
pot Dome Scandal
Suffers Serious Ner
vous Breakdown.
- , - ; -
w r, '
(IJ.p.) Albert B. Fall, for-
. -... . . -
mer secretary of the inter
ior and co-aelenaant witn
Harry Sinclair in, the tea-
. J
oil conspiracy
trial, w in a
critical con-
dition. Dr. J. Kilroy
' physician,
to-'night. .
announced .'o
Buffered a, breakdown
early today and waa put to bed.
Dr. KUrmy la constantly In o-
1 t.triiH-ly HerltHia v
( The paystcian wia too iormer
; Interior secretary baa a conge-
tlnn In hla right lung, which he
characterised as "extremely aert
ous" for a person of Fall's age.
Kail, who is nearly C years of
age. has ben complaining of Ill
ness ever since coming to -Washington
for his recent trial.' ;
He had planned lo leave today
for his Now Mexico . ranch but
Mr. Kilroy warned Uutt-any-wtr
I i . ... ivar' '- f1 'P.
Ranchers To Ask s
New Road Today
Among the business which will
'confront the county court at Its
; meeting today will be consldera
' lion of a petition to he present
ed by a group of Kort' Klamath
K ranchers, seeking a road Into. the
Klamath marsh country.
-The petition was. completed,
this week. The road sought by
' the ranchers would begin on the.
highway "at a point several miles'
; north of Fort Klamath, to pro
fit an easterly direction
ncroR Wood river to the Mum:
otn maran district.
j - sucn a roan, rancnera tiecinr-
en yeier. wuihu oe wi
: material benefit to virtually all
Oddities in thej
Days News
(United rrcss)
1 V
LOS ANOELKS. Nov. 4. tl".
I Jack Tally wa guilty ,
onduct unbecoming an officer
when In a frivolous mood, la-
shot and perhniw tatully wouncU,
,,rt yin. Au,.e Nlrklltxv
i indav 4n
dismissing him from the aervicjj.
: The shooting, occurred when
Tally, whose patrol wagon had
broken down, wa riding to l.os
Angele ' with Mrs. Nlcklitx
mirtv. Tallv. anxious to give the
IIOUTA. faynl ' tsliiud. Aiores,
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