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    Iff- .- .rV,i
'I s
, The Klamath News
i . .
Published every morning exigent
ltshna Company at 103-12! South
i "rrr '"""'
1 nmHal .r vur of Kiamatk
. " " "n"" l-'T-
i Mu Orlertola
y !; Lna UKMBmia ......
v m si-scbutiox uvtks
hr carrier, asoath ...
MSII..M4 kr carrier. rr ftJVU
' ' Entsred ft! second class matter at
- ' the ' Destotflce at Kl.math Vails.
;ff 'Oregon. Novamber 15, 1SJ3,' undr i
. .. act of March 1, 1H7S. ...... .
Teteahoae i77
Mr her A lit Barraa Clrralatlaa
. t ' 'airicultnre and commerce, to
We read in novels of how:ho.m fin.aI ; dwi8ion
i. Tom Trowbridge played the
' last quarter against Siwastv
. , , - - . .
, wnn a uroKen snouiaer.
'We've always- wondered
n.hnt I.Myl . vmav, TAn.
ainv nitiu man a J v -
bridges Coach Was and Why
ha let him Dlav For such
'i things are Very Well in no
els, but very fHnerent in
real life.
. , . . ,
In a high School football ;
game in New Jersey the;
other day a player ''.T-J
taken out early in the game i Oklahoma Pair
because he hurt his back.
He pleaded to be aHowed to
go back m. Anally the j
COach sent him back and he :
8C0red the Winning touch-ience
wn. Later On It Was dlS-!to1
,-ered he had a broken
Lif e doesn t end With the j
Close Of the football season.
... . . .
though a great many foot-i
Violl enoehso aaam In tViinlr
-'it does. Incidents like this broncho TlAiui c""Mt al thf land they can select a Juhy in St" ' ' '
it does. lndento '"e this;rod?0 mui Cbnitcr htn ot 0kia-, ., whl!reas wc ,omP.LDY rnp- NAMrn v
. not only hurt the game, bjit , noma city. dapi-.-a:td his iast,tlmea ,BPIlt lvo wcek. .-le-i,,. UKY L-Uira INAMtD ,
leave young men cripples.
- . .....
should be shown about this. ,
. . . . .
" r t-t ftjrt ILAttltlO
Occasionally we near OI
college president who
""""knows just what a college
1; should be. Ernest Hatch
Wilkins, new nresident 0f The Evangelical Presiryterian . went to Orovllle. Earl W. Colei''0 "cant lots and finally fell,
. ,. ' in K . 1 church has refused a permit for!cnd Mrs. Mary Erskine pleaded I UDn. htm . a he stnmbled into,
pberhn, eeems to be e l,h, of tt, balldin here for lnd npntMi 5orrow for '- l"'?'-
fitted to carrv the workiih. rrthran,in- f r.-i. ... - , t as a case of mistaken Iden. ,
fnn tt.Viaro ' TTo rv PViureVi. !
ill Vino- left it ftpr2!i vpnrs '
. " .
01 splendid teacning. i
j"- In his i n a u g u r a tion I
t tVia Ohio Rrhool.
f. . !a "unethical" because or the!
Dr. Wilkins. among other ailplty c( beteen the
things, said: i princess snd her 27-year-old I
' "What shall it profit a!i,n'e- while it is understood
,, . ... .. . . i that former kaiser Wilhelm, as
college to add to its teach-1 chlef of the Hohellloller. bole. ;
inor staff a man Who has a h. HriinH in viv. hi. .nn.M '
fine voice, is a jiatural mix
er, plays golf in the eight
ies, is a tireless and eiiic
ient committeeman, a pro
ductive scholar, an idealist
in. life and work and can
not each? Teaching is the
soul of the enterprise. Unto
the teacher these other
qualities may well be ad
ded ; but teaching ability
must be there as the basic
quality of all."
It is refreshing in these
di.ys of educational frills to
be reminded that a college
staff should consist of
' , o
Winter is knocking at the
door. It is bringing with it
the threat of colds, a nuis
ance which is too common
and which is all the worse i
because it can largely be
The Cleanliness Institute
of New York, founded re-
-tlu Vv iho AaMnciation of ;
, ', ' - , r,.
American Soap and Glycer-;io
ine Producers, is spending a
half million dollar, during ;
the coming year to educate ,
the public to the advantages
of keeping clean.
i Soan does work wonders,
... ,
and If soap can reciuce tne
number of American colds
this year, more power to its
fveT"h-' with
! hands.
True health is cleanliness
' ar cleanse your lungs, ex-
crcise purify your blood.
Vtonn thinHnrr rrolomr
ttr Kdii'life and nlentv of warm
a47mkJ ,lle . "na P'eniy 01 warm,
i soapy Water shine Up the
.exterior. Those are good
; 1 UICM
I 0
, T I - ,
luriage yuesuon
i Crtt.lnmnilf Con
IVll.lVlllV.111, k'UUH
Secretary Davis expects the
i ......
:tion to be finally dispxwed of
uiuKt r. umi.. iniuKtf uurn
early next week alter a last
'meeting the three, cabinet of-!
;ficr. the secretaries of war.
? av ui ivuiiraB aumviii-
lug the bridge.
Recotumendalkvas from the 1
sruur enaineer corns iu reKani iu
1 me revised pisjis to nne struc- :
iture nave Tieen returned ny tne ;
secretaries tor certain additional
( tecnnicaf UllormatlOO, tne war
. ..... .. t
secretary indicated out he anil-,
:PWl m"UT ' l ln
1 Lh.n. ik- .hinet e.-,m n t
wtll it,i. fur,her delay. !
1 x innrt k.. h.n rnrrent thai
j A report has been current that I
the three secretaries expected toe time now. t
. . 1. ....... . 1-. 1 1 Xecsl Hiuher Tvor
u.:. iuubi w u. imi
,c,lon tut non(, 0 .,ne cablnet
trio had knowledge of its origin.
rr.A. T J f,na
M RodeO OipS j
NEW YortKi Xov. j, (AP)
Lonnie Honey- and Miss Klor-
Hughea of Ardmore. Okla..
were ln . possession of trophies
wc declared them to be',houl1 1uc"ton the Jurors in . Portland; Bessie C. Bunnell. Sac-
; best a u around cowboy and pn T7 "d ".ll" ,hem- Jhcn;?n,T?,.o:,..Jo K': . Pl!"a.n-f
: cowgirl to take part in the an
nual rodeo held ln Madison
" " , ' , i
The Bro Ts.reet hcp"tal
? . ,
"Smoky" Snyder of Klmber -
V. . C.. . Won the bareback
' feat ot wine c(- the fanovone in jjpw York.
'roping contest ilarle Gibson oi I
Havre. Mont., won the Ironcho '
ridine contest for women and
Bob Cros jy ot Kana, Ne
Hampshire,- won- the.. calf ropine 1
Cvent. " . i
I . ,
ini 1 T r
rhurrh Rpfnsps
.r. ... Ji.i.
WprMitlO- T?ii-AC,:lemCnCy to nr"rnTllle- O-i
TT CUUllIg XVI ICO father and his consort, who did
BONN. Germany. Nov. 3. AP)
Princess Victoria Schambura- i
UDPe- sixty-three-year-old sister !
iof the former Kaiser, and Alex-
ander Zouhkofr, young Russian
The church regards the mafch
, - ,
to the marriage.
: I The Idea of letter golf Is o word .nothe
' and do it In par, a given number
,7 cw. !
U Too ran change only one
letter at a time.
3 Yon must bare complete
i sura, in common usuafre. iot
, n . .
words and ab.
i brevtattons don't count,
; The order of letters cannot
c,eanEIks To Stage
Armistice Hop
Johu W. (.lover. Vh, .man tf
the local Klka entortaiiuuont ram-
1 mltee. innonnml last night that
" W Kik. social
Uor Klk" pu,y w'" h ,h Arm'8'
(lp l(BC, Wodnsda ,-,,.
' Inn. November 9. in the. Elks
"ipie. '
Tll ts the third of Iho winter
Klka social dances and promises
to he one of th largest affairs
of lha tall. Th nnvt daunt -f ir
i thl ono will bo Wednesday Nov.
Mt " u" ThankKlius
daneo. (.lover said.
i The Klka temple will ho re -
decorated for thin affair and all
:lltinn members are especinlly
t ital KlacKburn a
furnish the music.
vt J 1 Ti
I IN Cefl I Of -Setter
TllrV JvcffirM T'rtlfl
sjjo-va.a X.VSU
(Continued from rage One)
eaau me aewsoaiiers is uol nn in-
lenifteni cituen ana ne protwniy
is not iu 10 oe ou a jury.
neneea to place tne selection
"i tue juij uiure 111 me llanos 01
.1.- 1 1.. -1. - 1 .
me conn ami lase out 01 me
""""" ol V,B -ri
ought not be Dermitted to throw
Jfy all intelligent persons.
wnirn l wnat tuey ao most 01
" ou most oijBM,nt and slain ws his first Tic-
siiieu .ura. nenneii, ao uiscov-
First we ought to place more' rfl, ,ne miiru(.ri , ord ,
!po'r ln he hands of jury coni.WOT up hl, crlm.
missions so that they could niuke
up the panels with a higher type
of citiben thnn we have now. '
! There should be fewer exemp--
?a" noum lewer e"mi'
- - J- j
highly Intelligent cltlien.
"Second, the actual selection
should be concentrated more In j
the hands of the Judge. He
if counsel on either side know 1
of any reason why a Juror should ,
not terTe. let them state It to the!
j"11 "nd.,et him aC,Err on tt"anf",0J TurnerMd-j
Ithe Judges part would be cor- desto; W. H. Ogden. Sacramenlq: I
by hlgner ,he 8an,FD c N.vcu porand. Mrs,
- - , Th. H A , , ..... ..,,
rHn n rtCcrcTCP
xruJJ Llut'R 1
f SACItAME-VTO, Kov.' 3.
f SACRAMENTO, Nor. 3. (P)
Federal Judge A F. St Sure, pre-!
jsidlng In the United Slates dis-
t trict court yesterday, extended
I not expect to run afoul of the
Mann Act when they eloped and ,
Knrh was sentenced to two
years Imprisonment by Judge St'
Sure and then granted probation.
Cole will have to provide for the
three children he deserted In
Brownsville, the court ordered.
o prMe.ts M (hs
general pnbllc are welcome j at
Klamath Valley hospital, where
the comfort of the sick U the
first emdertion.
f,. ., ; . I .. ,1 .,1 ..4I.I-. I. n
'morning paper proposition nl
I ways. Use the News
I ' i mi t f '
I fp KMovri.SftrA.i'rA gerriM' f'r iMr.Tftrice, THeRe's ) lt ( th' SftMe thimg cftn If thocts th" rcasom
SO l KIM0A UKe AL&erfT- M$ TH' CRACKCRS - THeY J i. 7x&f"7 ' 8 6W0 O TM' SWISS ( GU22 - W icMOUS 5
BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES " ? ? ? ? " ' By Martin
1 XJuS :tYf8m A.YSoT
!- rrCa-t m M 4
i . - .. -. .
K" "" Janitor U
Convicted of Killing
Two Women ' '
I pntutn scales rcsuiicu. inuiiioru)
BROOKLYN, N. V.. Nov.. S. (I'ito keep the scales accurate being
pi Lddwlui- ILilrorscn Lee. a
j Brooklyn rooming housq: Mnitor.
. ... -ui, ..f fii
jnmrdor today when a Jttryf lojtally
cloarrd up at loaat to of New
Yoak'a tofno mvterle. were "-
J - He wna pfU-ttll.v eonvkted'1 """,u er ",,,ll' 'rllhted. It!
f mirdorlnj! Mrn. Seluia taraen,M re,',,"ll bii Mrvey
I nounett lnt July 10, but also had " ,,u,,0 yostorduy. rTlcers,
he.n In, 1 1.-1,1 anuther Stilled. I
....... ... - -.
I HrowiH'll, his landlady.
j Lee's trisl hnd extended over
(three weeks. He was arrested:
taller pieces or hitman notiie had
l,''" discovered In various parts
of ,hf olty in a iwrk. a theitre.
j In a manhole and gullies. Kroni
It the first he maintained ignorance
iof both crimes and during the
I lt-ll nni'nr mrtHa rn mlmUvInn .
i ill"' ' ivi mane tin aiiiuiiiuil 111
.-li - . . j i . i .
-ine siaie conienuen nan
- fn-.i..,,,,, foP landladies, which I
: m.i)ir.,l
Itself toward
wr.s not tried for killing
wi - , . .w.
jhr(.ed W11S t'Tnpvnl in a base-1''""
1 .1.1 1.1. .1...
. Ul alleged. Io
, . ...
At the Hotels
W1LLARD R. E. Chadwiek.
C. Brant Harris. Portland; T. B.
Sumner, Everett, Wash., J. It.
Scott, E. A. Collier. Salem; H.
II. Oakleaf. Mrs. Julia V. Ward,
SuoiMy. W. B. Cole. C. A. Ills. H
W. Edmlston. J.' Murchese. Port-
land: M. Kellogg. T. Walker
i IN $50,000 SUIT
I POUTLANn. Ore.. Nov. S. (A.
suit for S50.00U ttencrul and
1 $3500 Hnecinl damn com in frderul
I court t'odnr atfitnst CaptJin 'A.
! court Today amlnst CapMIn A.
mirgnmirr or the proninitinn
euit.r.euieni uiiii ami uepuiy i .
-S. -Marshal Arthur Johnson.
Assault and battery and false.
trespass are charged. According,
to Srhenk, the offlrers In search: 1
of alleged . bootleggers. ' chased
him from his own home, across
tlty and house numbers.
Standard Dyers
and ' Cleaners
"For Better Appearance"
' Odorleaa Cleaning
One-Da Service
Expert Dyeing
1409 Esplanade St
Phone 825
Potato Scales
In Adiueimpnt
(Continued from Page) One)
(righted Ibo weighting apparatus
it was atntod.
I Itoltism or siwo Neaie
I spot-tor Lawsuit ot Modford to re
turn hero for a recheck o( the
conferred on C. A. Henderson,
, ',,n,, '"'
! Vhll ttUthorllloa wcr IIH
: oondurtlnis thoir InvostlKnilou of
'rnM,fi. l'h.llt,l,7 Ihut tho !
Fust Is Hif Kv
Heavy Stonns
(I'ontlntieil from I'tigc Ouc)
Sl, hiRh wn, ltf ,.,,,, , ,h.
;uind streets that lioals were 1 1" " Identification of Iho wo-
' 1M1, by .lolu. m, flr.,nn to!"""1 hy her alleged vlctluis.
i t . in i.
rosrue stranded families.
Iteports of a dam break
M,m,,ir couM no, be verified
"nlcu owing to dlsrnpltou of telephone
M,s'aud telegraph wires.
tilllilren. Hub- Hafts
At New Lebanon, N. Y-. pnr-
wor tori'd lo " riltl"
ana rowooais 10 oring in-ir
' children home from school In
Flapper Fanny Says:
fa u nt orr.
0't.- mr Nu umncc mc
When Uiey siieak of a woman
j being; nn'l.iiforiiml, it means
slie- on a rwrty line.
heart Klamntb Falls Dally
8 a. m. (except Sunday) for
Mem Wed. Fri.
New Reduced Rates now In
Terminal Stage'
15 Halo St. Phone 900
four foot . of water. Livestock
was ahandcd on hill lops.
Floods m iioosi.k tied up west
j hound traffic oh III lloslon mill
Maine railroad, and villagers im
pressed alarm at a report lilt
Iho dam at Wentpomt had weak
ened. Wilier mitt iitu.v Ilia first
I flimr 1st I l.i. k k'nll. nhil-t
factory and ulrf empluyos were
rvacuiHl In rowbouts. ,
Addln. to the stormy condi
tions, five, Itu-bes of uow fell
over most of the' Allegheny and!
Wyoming routines In- New York.
. . '
Flapper Bandit
Held For Theft
1.08 ANRKI.KS, Nor. St. (I'lM
Complnluta chnoslnit the rob.
! hery ot a theatre and a drug
store were Insued bore , today
rgalnst IUtty Hurst, alius Hetty
w;,o";ta ,M?': ";'
.she Is held iu lis litis, Tex., with
j three ether alleged members of
. ,lca Angeles bandit gang.
Other cnmplatnta will be sworn
The arrest of Miss Hurst clns
ed a long chapter In the city's
crime annals, police, said. She
was asserted to have been the
"flapper-lHindlt" leader In a long
scries of hold-ups perpetrated by
the group arrested In Texas.
for this pump when vou
huv vniir ..Liline. It
acnes vou in a Jllfy. Jut a few
seconds on are on your wsy
DovlcDayton pumps are seen
rate, more dependable, faster act
ing and easier lo operate. . "
Their beauty of deaign Improve".
J the appearance of your station.
More Boylc-Dayrons are sold on
the Coast than any oiher kind.
You'll prefer thcin, too.
Order tour pump and tank from
any Boyle-Dayton factory branch,
littcd below, or see your oU conv
1 OS ANT.BLES, BS0S.nls P A.
' lIKHNtX. 117 8. Omrsi Avs.
POHll-ANO.SIO Ws-lilnst St.
StAT TUB, U t-M. Pins St.
11 1 N 1
We'll Sav So Rv Small
1'OIITI.A.NH, tire., Nuy, S, (A.eUra, and ulher rltlin for Work
I'l Arraaied ns eunflileiico niiiii, I ln( crooked curd sumo similar
Arthur II. CuIIIik, I'sul Uounin- Hi Unit whoroiy Ihey are rharmut
Ich wnd Kilwurd lluiuo were : with fleocltm ' thnu 1U men
Identified hy (.olleo today throush , out of sums running from 13. UO
finger pi'luls ns hnvlnir reriiritxi. lo Id. til).. ' '
TO Mgf T0 BMKl
Aral rcnicnibcr, too. that
when you am through,
there are no failures, no re
buking!, because cvcrythins
cornel from the oven tighc
and evenly niaed. Try the
famous Calumet Biscuit
Recipe. Of course, every
body will want mora pf
thca but you won't mind
because they tin be mode
" ; in a Jiffy. '
Ma esma
t .
'WITT" fTfTMT"") 1? "TMn"5
St. '
In Every Style
You will find many styles in the new
est leather combinations at the
Buster Brown Shoe Store
I in i liter Pacific roust clllos. they
wu sulil to he nu I ml In Reulllii,
l.'it Aiiii'lea, (inklauil. Ksu I'run-
IMS i'.-!,
ksvii . m
dtfl fliMtt an.
MHHia. -will Milks
ntt Mitilr.
; be changed.
The eolation
butlrng0 0.
not only into" court,'
It printed ' on