The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, November 03, 1927, Page 6, Image 6

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Russia Is More Interested in ChinaThan!DivefsitTh:,t's Autumn, stye . pk Ame
Any Other Land; .Davis Says
Even the Women Adopt .
Resolutions on Far East
, The itiinl cviii Ik lu! rf :Ve
roTiinninisi-i and their nnenn-elons
--vtetnrMrers. ih- r Jant.. work
er riTid :rt:ill proier:v nwn(n
"T'-elr I ,vl i rr-- .v'-'r-il nMtv
. ...-. .ir-,. . f t h -
.V.cni! er of the Facility. Xaf VnU
rer-ity Plvinlty S'hool
WrltVn R tirri.iily fer TVie K'vr.-
tn NWs mm NPA f-'rei-.v
Mrwcc. . ' v-,..,, -
- s " vi Bukh-vr'--:o
t of ihcni have a -TrM
-h- cemmunl-'
h '5 n-w !ec and
driven und rground.
.--tte. of this the meniMer-h'p
'hit country.
Ti V sure, 'n- averag- -jea-
.- .'V-r i-M h sVnt
ve-ts In tho Fir Ei !,hu' to 111?
.- mmunl t r is a rni jrt a- r.b-
orbing aa ba-ebull or a wr!- bra grown to 70.00. The chief
dentlal election In the states, strength of this third group Up
The beadlinea carry tho latest !n the maws. It la Just because
newa from the Chinese front. In the tommuubl paTty baa had
very club there la a map of auch success with the peasantry
China. .that the military loaders be Kin to.
In the booh shops, of which 'fear It will swepo all before it.
there are hnndreda. one always iThey, therefore, drastically op
tlnda an entire section or shelf j noe It now.
devoted to recent book and i (.ovcrnnient's Attitude
Hon. fflMt of which were Ruw,an government In this revo- Cv
lfenea oy tne communist paiy. I iutioBmry struggle?
Howw-wlve iongn.tu.aie . vm-, Fjrs. of hM abr0Mled ,,,
Leaving the book shop. I vilt-jthe unJu8t trMtles. u ha, Eiren
ed a grocery atore. Over a big ; up , ,he sperla, property con.
display of vegetable, hung a large I c,l0Ilil. It has kept only a half
oruuaauy coioreu reu ln ,ne Chinese-Eastern
lliU .iirmn fuken tiy Mr. Hnvi-, tls putt of n crmil uf ,V, (KH ItUMltiiiii Mton.lliix
Itcudl tlvfcnM cvlt'brnfion tn lirixw. '
A Monument to Meade
New Trial Plea
Fully Revealed;
which was lettered in white wel
come to the Chinese revolution. I wj,1ng c g(vfl ,hls up
The same evening I attended Vhina has government
regular meeting cr me nouse-
railway. It claims to be even
government of the
What was
workers and peasants.
, wive. .oe o.r.r.. The Rua-ian government cate-
j jay surprise to hear those fihen lca ,hIlt of her
, ; .iter, talking .dl,flcu'-government offictaH have do
( Vj of houbold pass proIU!aD,a olk in china
, (resolution to send their greet-- r have arms and ,mm(1.
, tog. to the wife of the 'ormcr t.n tQ an Qf the armjes 0)
' president of China. Sun .t Sen.!tho ban1 Jt ha9 nQt
f he message congratulated her en(J Uj mora, upport
J on the triumph cf the revolution- the N.atlonallsu, Rus,jan of.
i r-v rn'- ficiiiU print out that Russia bcr-
, Juat why should de ctna ..In thl.ory wo
erase about Chin u the Chi- Justifled ta adopting a
ese! Ever since the invn ,.M r(rine. mna
. of Russia by the Mongols there
J ha. been an As atic .train n the on haTo eo
; people and an looTltsbte Interest faid ,n
. in Chinese affairs Add to this w haTe done th)s
ue ia ""'""l -Whon im.rir, wa, wlnnim-
mm mMm
, The statement In tt'laVh at
, torney nr llarrr F. Sinclair and
Allien 11, Pall announced their
.vtcrmliutlou to request a ml-
trinl In the Tcupit Dome j
j "Nona cf the counsel for the
, defecdoats had any knowledge of
' fr.formatlon of the matter set
, f irili In the affidavits sulimltteiW
' counsel for the government I
1 intil lato last nlctit. This morn- !
trig tVe Washington Herald pul- '
lirhcd a arnK-UionuI forecast uf
: :n firl fhnt mi.-li nfrLlnvltv .mm wl-'i ltd .l-p .h,.v Livu
. ..... . . ... in w.ntv rinljih ulninsi like nn-
wi-uia oe aui.miiieu. counsel uiwk. r-r.'. inoinni gunies, - - - - h.. K..i - nml n rlr'i
... . . ...... . . . . Dnm In eves ami wast arc . briiwn. pntall cutis onn n ric.i
or in icarneu. in a.-ii.c. to ..tiiisn a:o as niu.n uiv- . .... .... , h. h.,. mrmtal revera
(111 in Olin uiM-niaiiiK
armliolo hlih, at b.-t. Is apt to . I'tid a Jollilne cape collar nt mink
10 uiaan 4L
I'li Ills linWr
lly IIKTBV SflirVt.Ell
SKA S-rvlre Writer
:i;V VOUK. lct. !. Ant-
tlun to this, t ha district attarncy ' r r:lr l:i cosiuiuliig us there is In
U now conducting a grand Juiy ipiix
Aim hit'roll
Aucs Williams
Miss Ann Ingt-rsnll lias one thai i Intrigiictl oao.
I:i as njei-r as any rostunie
I've stcti this season. Hofi, grac
The coal Itself wus of the nsw
kasha vnlla. rich, deep pile J'ut
i - wlllnwy gn-en kaslin with i with a lovely dull cast to It. In
brown lnt was aiiunai nigger
ml walsi arc . hrown. Pmsll cuff jinn
v - V ls 1 IU. C
:cr. and that this fact is being ;:v.iitn. famous thoroughfare 0f.,,r" coiniuin. i
In'ly published. The position of l.uious good-dressers, provrs. II. ! This dress had a Kent!., full- ' "
(ireerv and Jugo-Hlavla today
signed a commerce and naviga
tion treaty. Its special clause
on the Chinese empire and has " ," . . ,..,H President Coolidce and otV.-r u: p fi.mag.s frcn lo'!i
"therefore an especial economic inaeptna.nce sne accepiea Mow ond abovc the jIasoI1.Dix;n !!at. aUended the ceremonl.".
atako in what happens there and hel" ,rom France. It is con-, markinB tlu. nnri.mni! a, Washington uf n m:num. nt to C.enern!
.h. .dded fact that China is now celvable that Russia has as much r.eorKe Cordon Mea.Uv commaade; cf the viciori:m I nlon army at
ine ' . . . h right ts help the Chinese people the battle of (iettysburg. Inset, Is a clesc-up of the general's daugh-
. the most promising land m the M Vnnn did , Wp , Amer. . ter. Mi, H.-rua .Meade.
worm iot s i c w iui"- j -" , , .. i .. .
RykoT I . aim IVn-ixHii
naniflt moTemenU and you may
'' Kr-thn Rpprpt of the Chinese
' . IlykOT, president cf the.
order to get the point of enmmh-fara, explains the matter
Mf view of the government on this in this way:. j
" 1 ' - . . i I Va niMnl r"lIn- flit n ckif- '
mtPfttinn 1 IfllKea WHO me mu
r,9 i of th far eastern diTision. Mel-.preipn state Juat aa much aa
1 . ... s .u fJt-otit RHtnln ami wt hpIIPT that
r,v nikov; wiin rwarann, iuc ium.c , . - - -
AuthorAnd Actress Attempt New
routlicb for tha dofenso. which Coats with ennes. fur Isckets nes In tlio li.:nse comUIIHd Willi
was presented to Judge Slddons with fr.wt s. one-pln-e street a sIlKhtly Ushter skirt all Inl
In .h.-imhers in full, la that the dresses, nulla all naaacd mo tn oue piece WhlcO a.nievvil in
: pnWlntlon of the affidavits and iust a few blJcka walk. siuurl results unly perfect lull-
! of all the matters In connection I Rich black velvet fa ihloned orlng can. flap pockets, a panel
inpnivirn ttnti inn arriw-i vr alien inn ir n Hint I anar m m I'nvin lit uuitifiia uuii . t..-i , ... . ,, ...
- - " i, i i i ... i IllCIUCIe ironiier irN.iie arrnuav-
J publication mako a mistrial ne- llaker wear, an she leisurely shop- ""! r1" p"' " D"ul"1 , njem. mutual aafeguirding
cestary: and counsel for the de- ped for the last fancies for her l c braid. She wore gray I 1(riN,m(,n, manllng cattle dla
fendauts Joined with counsel for trousseau. The skirt was wiap- hosiery with a greonlsh cast Willi 8 lin 0f railway
the BoVernment In the request around and gore a slender line to her snakeskln slippers. Ul R gpWa agreement
for a mistrial." her youthful figure. The cost' Corns may be straight line and i regarding 'institution of rham-
' (was box cut and eitremely rule they may be full but I decided j ,rr, uf rommerro and banks.
' lilVKRrflDK. Calif.. Nov. 2. and girlish on her. A rich fox ( the other day nothing ou earth I f
(U.P.I Sacramento was select- neckpiece tucked its head over can lie smarter than such a rape j ' Anything you wish to sail? Or
! cd as the 19 US convention city IhT right shoulder. Her black coat us I saw on Miss Agues VI. I lo tmyt Tell nil Klamath Palls
for the California Farm Bureau fell 'lint had only a few horizon-, Itnins. I'trliape It was the elite about II In the economical, ef
federation at Its final 1527 ses- tul tucks not even a bunding to llltlo fur i-.ipe collar lhal over-1 flclent way through, a IlllU
ssan lKwrt'Tailny. '-:,. v .leiact from Its smart lines. ' 'hung the rape of the cant that Class Ad ths Klnmatb New.
Russian ambassador to
NK'.V YOriK, Nov. 2. An society, to the other.
-...;i,i . n,.i. u.:ra moiieni secretary marnaae' r. a v o niainiains
' eritabifhment V a u
s separate
Loon ' in
r'hina. I
. - ,. tin. u tn r-hln tn lha I'h nma nil iKlsppn lleliorlrK M lam lan
Zitncherrthe foreu m.n-not to the British. Any other j Loon, author, and Frances Coo..- ?T,1;$&m
ister. and with Bukhatln of the stoe of affair, won. d be Just !llch. ai.tre!1, , , .r.J,lr
Communist Internationale. All(wrcng as if Chiang-Kai-Shek or , Uay.s Xcw Vork American. i ou, a carc(,r ,(,, hindrance.
hee sou roes state that Russia the Shanghai authorities sought
wants to help the Chinese people; to maae u responsioie .or ...e
"and to mako China safe for the jbehavicr of our representative.
h - Thlnene
Three Clasee in China
Bukharln sums up the present
situation in China In till way:
"There are Jhree social class
Van Loon, author of "The-i,i. , .,i..i,. fn, n,. ..n.
story of mankind", srfys he does, A, lh(re , no Bharing of tnA
not remember tho date on which mnie. ,here ,, likewise no shar
he and Miss (;oodn. h. who at-, inK f ,nne- or property,
tamed stardom In "Come out of- srh n,,)riatlon as may be
the kitchen", a few years ago. between them can only be
were married by Rabbi Lew;., through mutual agreement.
"wniiV. .r lines lie remeiUOer "It In nn avnarlm.n.1 t
y. in London.
"We are made responsible for
the fact that Borodin. 'a' citizen
of the Soviet Union, was partici
pating ln the events in China.
i i x-amps in China, three organ isea , . u .n.r.Bui ,c n,y .,lerI. ,nP ceremony too i,nnI1 qnoted by the American
national center. The first and are attributed to the activity of place, although ho identified it , ,,.,. .. lt work(1 , ,,
i --most reactionary is the camp of:B:rodin. I must say that Boio- was Miss Ooodrich s native tow i wa)., W(.n aild KOO(, lf
ii the northern army, with Chang- din was not our representative n Xcw Jersey. well we'll try It some other
" Tso-LIn at IU head. This camp In China and has received no an- The author Indicated their way."
ll la' entirely In the service of the thority from the government of union followed a t liree year van Loon, n native of Holland
il Imperialists and thinks of no 're- j the Soviet Union, so that our gov- courtship in which he and Miss aai tt , ornoi, Kr!.rtP.te. hail bc.
il forms' but one. that of founding ernment is not responsible for Goodrich made the terms of married twice beforo. first to
!: new dynasty by crowning mo- the actions of Borodin. their unwritten imrriaire bond. the former Eliza Hodwlch of Lon-
i. ment this camp is obviously ap-l "It Is knewn to us that Chang-; Among its stipulations are: don and later to the former
li preaching ita downfall." Tso-LIn l as military adviser Neither assumes the slightest Helen CrUwcll. Miss Goodrich
l! The second group is that of the ; an Englishman named Setton. I obligation, either as regards per-- wa, divorced from Robert Ames.
'' liberal property owners. Buk-!do not believe that British ad-; man. nee of affection, time or actor. In 1923. .
II Kii. ,h. if China had!iser Is working witn une energ
had great landed estates similar : to .waken the sympathies of the
.' -iT- n. ... . u n,,M . Chinese for Russia. In spite of.
: , ui ine iiuioiu ... ,
have been easy t organise a rev- .u.. i ,"."""
olutionary peasantry. But In ! to accuse the Bntish and t ham
China land ownership Is much berlain with the fact that Mr.
more widely spread. According ! Setton is adviser to Chang-Tso-
n i V. Mlllrarv Lin."
to me nuBbiaus, ?u.m unn-i . , ;
leaders as Chang Kal Shek, Feng Rkov went on to point out .
and Tan Shen Shi deserted the that the greatest poof that Ku-
communist cause to protect pro- j l I" not interfering in the in
perty "This block is at present ; ternal affairs of China Is that;
the strongest among the camps . "he ha, no troops there. ' Russia
which are at war. Its forces will ' f" stronger position for
rontinue to grow in the Immed- d"e not need to have rmle.
late future," says Bukharln. but r,1:' ar" Meni-i by
he believes this group is begin- "- ' -. i?U themselves.
nln. la .h-w ll. rem I hnnH In To- C.C S.1VS.
..line ll 11 . oiicei amc uiai a"
a government Russia miy have '
k"Pt her "official" hands clear
of Intervention In Chinese poll- i
lies, this Ir cer:ainly n'-t true of
Practice Only
Vfc tit
it - t
prlsals against the agrarian ele
- Bents ln China and against the
" W id
ihe Communist Internationale. In
Here Is the solution to the the next article. I will shiw some
of the policies and acts which the
Conimunl'.t Internationale hni fol
lowed in China as uilmitt- d by
Russians here.
LETTER GOLF puzzle on page 4.
ii H-LAil
Si PAT 5
Van Loon and his present wife,
the Americin rays, have individ
ual earning capacities, a parti
cular circle of friends and de
finite though different artistic
Once a week -or perhaps- leas
often. Van Loon says he calls
Miss Goodrich on the telephone.
In a typical conversation ho ln-
I quires as to her health nml her
engagements for tho evening. If
lie hus nono they ko out to din
ner together: If she Is occupied
ho Loon cheerily accepts the
nation with a "well, nil right."
.-imm!ng up tho relation, tho
, author snys, according to. thi
i American:
' litre wo are: Two natural
people, working at our own ex-
! pertinent. We are educated, so
i hnf been very liuppy.
. Weil, uliy not?"
Van Lniin, who is 45. Inili'ntcd
In I ho newspaper ln'ervlew that
he ii ml Mifs fiondrlrli. wlio'ls S
lier llilrliis. hove been able to
restrain romunce from deparlltig.
MKDFORD. Nov. 2. (AI')Th
, plnn.-er eliy of .Iiu-ksonvlMn. Is
I holding ii city election today, Tho
only contest Is fir councilman.;
.Charles Larson, sveertnry of the
chamber 'if commerce Is running
ngitlnnt Km 1 1 lirili and iiscar
... " : Knox. Olieti Is ninnlne on
I.e-ailPn (onch Ilnwnril Jones , "clvi, -in,soiiielhin" nl ilfnrm
- '
Senator Borah of Idaho today
i called upon the St. Louis furm L
j conference to name its canditlale
...r i.i.rii.i.-iii. niier i.-ai.iin in... ,..,, , fM, . .....t . i ' . J
it had adopted . re,oltlon cen- , , Sotl!(r Callfornl, ',. .in- ... 'e,l..liz0 i,n ,l, orlcai
soring his view -n aKrlcuIiure. b.,M .. a:..lil,,,, ,. l(luP1(, 'K,i. f ,i. niciiires,,,,,. ,Wn.
, -in push ni.:ii .uui.i- -,-..H H,,,,!,, r.unons Kprlni "n, y" forward iiMlin.iiially. -
I oai-! into ill" lii-iii tar enougn so K,ar , ,...i.
I inn iir .no nun-., in inn rii-i. (c;,i.:iy ,-M,r
r-enaior noian ueciareci, ill bucks plniy
nave somcining to say.
llorali's tin-)
gives iho Trojan '" ,no t"',1,n h,a lilniids livo
of iraliilnir. The " ",""'," .ne mrgen in
nuts and
sprinter will not be used In ree. """"' w"'c n,rK P
"I hono no friend of aerletil- Iniur vn... h..c , . M. " 'rl
ture will be misled." that hi. leg. might be Injured. "o.c, ,hey tr.c.
"We that live to please
must please to live,,
... so spoke Samuel Johnson when he opened a London
theatre some century and a half ago. Today it is even
truer of the people who advertise to you.
Whether merchants or manufacturers whether they
advertise hats or harness, powder-puffs or plows the
permanent success of every advertiser who uses these
pages rests squarely upon his ability to please you.
The goods he advertises muot hq rirjr.l. They musi
meet your approval in open compariacri. They ..nisi
please you ,in utility, design, quality, value and service.
If they don't, you won't buy. And if you won't buy,
the advertiser can't live. .
That's why advertised merchandise must be good
merchandise and that's why there is protection, true
economy and real satisfaction in reading the advertise
ments and being guidded by them.
i , a . , ,.
Advertising guides you to rrcducta that please.
Read it rsgur.rly.