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Two Schools Patch
Up 22-Year Quarrel
Harvard and Pennsylvania Will Mix Again'
, After Long Breach Caused By Foatbfell
- Fight; Both Teams Held Mediocre
When These Two Perform!
Jj It's Always Scull-Duggery
NKW YORK, Nor. I. iV.P.) I lor the occasion of a "Wis throe"
In ronKratulrltng each other ' engagement.
. I A Harvard team rl to the
Pacific coast tu 1919. since when
j io4HiNiii piaers srouna lain-
bridge nave been reluctaut to
, cross more than the campus.
learnt mvrt at Franklin (ield
Saturday, make no mention of
- the canite of the break which fol-
Odds Held Out for Ace.!
Who Fights Dundee
Thursday Night
upon resumption of football
, latioiiK after a breach of 22 yearn,
alumni and undergraduates of
Harvard and Pennsylvania, whose
LOS ANtlKl.KS. Nov. 1. tUM
: Ace Hudklus. the challeugcr '
will he favored to win over Joe
: Duudee. defender, when they
Their reluctance to cross oppos- ! rigley field Thursdav
ing goal line has become mark-i n,sl" ,rt bo-ltle 1 rounds for
ed in recent year, but thl year weiterweignt championship
" lowed the last victory of the red team secnis able to find tta way , 01 me worm,
and blue In 1905. labont. Odds which held slightly for
Somewhere, no doubt, there la Both Penn and Harvard have i Hudklna since the announcement
an old grad who wat a it rid Iron 1 been playing indifferent football'0' "e title bout remained the
martyr that day. and who still -thus far. although It must be me tonight with the fight but
. ilea r a upon his person the evi-jsald that the red and blue ha s hour away,
dence that he was bitten tinder loot played up to Its ability., Prediction that Dundee money
the pile. wbllu the crimson probably : onld some In tram the Kast
Or perhaps some now corpul-' not capable of better football J"" Preceding the match proved
ent and weallhv alumnus till than It showed acalnst Indiana ' snu spring fireei. mis
weara upon a pudgy finger the I last week.
very algnet ring which made its ! Penn was beaten by Penn
mark that November afternoon j Slate, by Chicago ud by tho
, 22 yeara ago. Navy, and yet the Harvard A. A.
At any rate, following two. News quotes "a famous football
I" T . - ,
1 I J fl 1.1-3
i ...
TEAM NOV." 5.J Slippery Roads
irirh' and 'Swedes' Will
Tangle At South Bend ; ,
Both Unbeaten
critic" as saying that Coach
Young has the best team that
has worn the red and blue in
several years.
Harvard !otl to Purdue
successive Penn victories, the
universities severed football re
lations and severed them ejotte
'as emphatically as did Harvard
and Princeton a year ago.
This week marks the rosump-1 Dartmouth, but defeated Holy r
tion of those relations and of ajCro&s aud Indiana. The crimson
football rivalry which dates back has done well on alternate Sat
to 1SS1. The red and blue of urdays, and Is dne for an off
V. of P. replaces the orange and 'day against Penn.
black of Nassau on Harvard's Probably Young's youngsters
I Angeles gambling raeeea. record
ed the challenger a lft-S and lu
some rases a favorite. It's the Vrvtber act that count tbeMe davs. You know, like
Both boxers finiftbed their j the Waner brother in baseball. Tile brother act In football this
strenuous training arlnd todav.year Is the one belnt; put tn hv Paul Scull, runtimes, and Foiwvii
aud both imuannH ih.,n..i... Scull, end. for the I'nlverslty of Pennxylvaiila l'ot 'all team
fit. Tomorrow they will Indulge
In light workouts.
Promoter Dirk Donald said to-
aB(1 iJilcat ho.expecocd the attendance
to exceed 4V.ui. . ,
Brothers Panl and Folwell are slurrln-t offensively andletunslvely
for Penn in all gam s this year.
It is significant that Harvard
goes to Kranklin field for the
first game. Crimson teams are
will "win by a margin of two
touchdowns, but there will be
mote to the game than footbill.
The resumption of gridiron re-
not extensive travelers, and or-jlatleu means a lot to the. alumni
dimrlly leave Cambridge only 'of the two uaiversitics.
Spider Kelly Succumbs Suddenly
Famous Trainer Was Benefactor
Yanks Will Buy;
Oakland Players
If Price Drops
SOl'TIt IIKND. lud . Nov.
tlPl A football season might .
well It called Just Olio iioiue- j
coming after nnotlier were II
not for Just such home-eoinltiR
affnlrs as K. K. Hock no nml his
Irish plan to hold nt South Uriid
The Noire Dalne eleven, ten- !
i erully speaking, is a travelling,;
. oan ciuu. wun two or tnree trips
to the Kast auuually and a Christ
mas taunt out to California but If
i a game with Minnesota on Cartlnr
field Is mure than a "home" T
game. ,'j
To dale neither the Irish nor jt
the (lophers have been defeated. 'v!
Howcvir. a stubborn Imllsna ' J
Irani held the Minnesota steam- 'V
ru'Iore to a tie, only to fall be- t
lor.' Hockne's eleven the follow-!
Ing Saturday ,
Hut comparison of scores mean ' J,
nothing In this annual game be- jj
tsevn the lrlh and the Swedes. V
It will be remeinbered thai If
Noli-e Dame gave Duck Spvars M
uieu n 30 to 7 defeat Inst yea
stars', but that the price wan
too sleep.
t.ary and Ucesr were reported
soltl to the White Sox last Aug
ust, but the announcement was
premature. It Is understood that 1 " . without effort.
Chicago has drouwtl all aegotlu- "rr meant a brukeu
lions for tho two nlsvers. , Whlley Collins. Notre
With l.atierl and Kornlg. both : ,,l, h" H:itnrdny spe
yoiingnters. delivering in fino I so nutttts reducing a
style for the Uiiikees. the plan , Tech tornudo to a
is to buv !.arv ami Itsese for bn-eie. I
Jupe:may wet .your face. and
make you dangerous to travel
upon, but 'P. O. .Landry has
automobile insurance that
covers all possible accidents.
Public Liability
Property Damage
Insurance Department
..' 'ROCHESTEK. Minn.. Nov. 1. j ' He sent Tim McUrath.
Baseball's Diplomat To
Get Leadership of
American League
NKW YOltK. Nov. I. (CP)
The .Yankees waut I.yn Uirry and
.Jimmy Heese. sensatioual . In-
fielders of the Oakland rlub of
he Pacific Coast league, but
hey don't want them a
price quoted by Oakland
Kd Barrow, business maua
of the Yankees, said today tha
i. Jacob Kuppert. of m,s 8,rmberg.l'.rl.n ra
the world s champions, was iu- , oow nn Al,vlay lhu i;mr,
trreslel tn the two eoist learu-. shepherd Co Mu:'lr Store. 2-2'
i . Jaw Cor '? j
Dume full- 'V
Mnt ulKiut J
Insure title with
pea erf
D1".192 delivery If Oakland will! Without doubt the possibility,! - I '
' ,h' '; come down on Its original gtiola- ', ,,"!'n between Herbert J..;! A 1 i i
'"v'-1 n..n J.M-sttng. known as "bone crush- - 4jsi4'sa ..
lry Is s s.hortMop and lleese ' ,B "erh" of Minnesota and '1 XJL ILk3 LX sfl e I . 1. Jsx
... .hi.. iMaviuia. - - . ...
the Itockne "earns" will attract
umro pvvlr than rtn be packed
In the 2T.,oV) eri i at fa
"" Try News Classified Ads for Res
(VP) Patrick Curtin. known . partner thruuzhout bis vears u
profgssionally as "Spider" Kelly, i . , . . . ,
Sied here today foUowIng an bo,""t Xnlutr- to mwt lb
operation. Kelly met Joe Cans I tTao" ,rain wn,, ro11 ot bill?
for tl.s. lightweight title in 1X99! big enough to choke an ox. and
and loL He retired from the! when the bova came home each i President of the Clcvelaud In
.3 jra
CIHCAtiO. Nov.
Baseball's most
diplomat. Krnest
1. tlP
S. Barnard.
re ago and had been J was able to "show
a trsiuer since. His home was
In San Fraicisco.
Kelly started his fighting ca-
diaus. is to be elected to bead
the American league Wednesdav
SAN FRA.sriSCO, Nov. 1. (U
P) Spider Kifiy, who died at
Keenest er. Mint., today, 'will' be
remembered by the wide world is
one of the greatest boxers, train
ers and seconds of the ring, bnt
reer in tne cluos arouna tne bay unless dtssention develops unex-
arstrici. ne rose steadily until
in 1S he foutlit Joe Cans 2:.
gruelling rounds for the
pectedly among eight club own
er Whn Will malm lha -hnla
light-. .11 1 1 , 1
weight championship .on lost one .-T- k. -."Z
' ( retire, there was no scarring
aroand'to locate a new president.
of the real ring battles-of light
weight history.
Twenty-five years uo. he r-
-To thousands of sportsmen who i tired from the ring and with Tim
seen lean times, ne win .Met; rath started his career, as a
De rememoerea as a aeaeiactor. : trainer. Some of the fighters
neiiy -Dana-rolled
outers for 30 vears and
ent little Of M Tnrtnmv kb ! .)... . L - ...... . . . . Wltn
- j i j i hi, n iir- Aiicn r u joe i nomas. . , .
When the Ninety-Firs, division . For many years Kelly owned .JZJT ft
was retnrninr from Franc. ki. !. i ,he 0,,,c' h " Seld for 34
i - ' " iuc . i .oi 1 v uni n 11 II II
innassumiug grievance expert who
' had curbed the quarreling In-
4w r..d 1 T bronT: w'eVe uSrV ' """M
.d probably sVrke, Young CT?tZZ' '
ly learned that the boys had not
caught up with a pay day for
some time and most of them were
without funds.
was a rendevous for the
Relatives announced that he
will be buried here. -
j Of
Bruce Caldwell.
and sessation ot the
gridiron, might hare
from a story book. V
Caldwell's parents are poor aud
toil daily in a cotton factory to
send llruce to college.. He wanted
quit Yale last spring, and
to work so that his mother
Hagen And Gene
Still In Game
At Cedar Crest
DALLAS. Tex.. Nov. 1. (UPi
Two great golf professional
remained in the professional
Colters association nationaL4our
namcnt tonight by the "skin of
tbeir teeth." and one was out by
the same margin.
Walter Hagen. champion of, to
DrOS for the Inst I lira VHN anH '
' " fill 1U KUI
four times winner of the event might rest
now oeing run orf over the Cedar But she pleaded with him to
Crest country club course here. '.finish his studies this year. Now
shot a poor round this morning he's one of Yale's gri-atext foot
against Young Ja. k Farrell, of I ball heroes.
tllenns Head. N. Y.. and found!
himself 4 down at lunch. Sun- i American pro from Flushing. N.
lng this afternoon, "the Haig" j Y.. came to the isth tee In th
was not his sensational self on : last round with hi, opponent,
lha outward nine, but played young J. C. Curley. of Maribor
Jnst the golf necessary to win. lough, Mass.. holding a 1 up ad
He defeated the 21-vear-ol.l I vantage
pr 3 f1"1 2' 1 j By Slaylgn great golf Saren
Little. t,ene Saraxeu. Italo-j won the malrh. 1 np in 37 hole?.
Sure of Himself Now!
no one has been talked
to succeed him hut Barnard '
and according to reliable infor
mation be will be elected without
Simultaneously, it was ex
pected that announcement wosl.l
be made of aale of the Indians
to a syndicate headed by Alva
Bradley, who was negotiating for
the club and intended to become
Nov."P) president. The Indians have been,
Yale halfback. ;owned bv Mr5- J"" C. Donn :
eastern : ,""-e ner husband died in 122.
liarnam was made salaried
president of the rlnb at that,
time, but had directed the team
vice-president since 1910. i
So Clean Inside, No Fear
of Perspiration Offense,
However Over-Heated
One, h rn,u r. j.ll. i. II,. on,,
fill pr..-rtl. In ei.oirM M ott
lMatl, In the i.Mrk.t h.iuI.I r.
I.- oi.Mlrl.-r. .1.
It's no Irl.-k i , , ., , ,
hOHele. ' !c..i. ;l ll.inuM will
n. i.u. a Intl.- nutiirul
liurnies me ft.m c-l.
lesnsn -ven
Baseball men are inclined lo ad-
mit that Barnard knows ss much ,
about their "business" as any i
'of them. He has done every-'
thing in the managerial line from
selling tickets at the park to ,
i settling the Ban Johnson Judge
Land is fight a few years ago'
when a break seemed certain. i
Barnard was a member 'and a!
leading spirit 'of the Johnson
, Landi conciliation committee. He
has succeeded at various times in
: the difficult Job of remaining
friendly with everybody duritir
intra-leugue disagreements.
Barnard once was sporting edl-
tor of a Columbus. Ohio, paper
i and the columns of his page wero
I used freely n the Interest of the
j American association nnd the i
, American league, which Barnard i
charged the National league was
' trying to "swallow np "
Ho .Hi sl.-o president of the
;old Western association aud
coach of the Otterliein college ;
football team. He Is 5S ours
i old.
. n. n 1
"ANYTHINQ that gets results, was all
the thought lever gave to laxatives. i,5
those days my perspiration was so scid,
it used tu rot my clothes. Then a doctor
tipped me of! to liiosc wonderful little
it-raiMraitjii :ik ri-
orrt nuivi- hm n much Uiwr T,.- nUi.
nciiiiM-u why warn unit
mr-Mihrniir mI.-mk wtlh th- want
matt, r: .M,n rnl oIIh nr. (r.-nil. r
hut th-y Is-hvi h.. low. w(,h '
rilin of iHtlNonn for llic IIomI t, ( fir.
j-.... v smri7.i' ui.. yMl-ni,
iu i an iiH- liniiH hr Nvrmsl
K yon hnvt. th- h-tlttt or i.iktnic
m-dlr iiiP for roiintlimHon, r vi n
fr Hiiioliii.iiftfloii. tt,j tt. Kor a
ftiiidy '-KsriiM f. h d.Htchtf.,1 f,,rn.
in Hlilrh to ink- rsHf-sra; -hllflrtti
lov th-ny. and Ih- Mm- la-mptn
imt uroHti-uiift tu bv. nir "
And mIihi n rrnnfttrt to know von
mrr in tjmi .-h im. w hol-foni- rontli
tlon tbHt docn ttwhy with unv nt.d
of d ordoranlri, vf-n In warment
wfcthr! Try n fummrtt tonlsrht
mm how you fl ni-xt dny. and for
nayn hiit! Wllh tht ktn frftnh j Al
Hud fmnrnnt. All druHKi-M. 10c 1?.'.
UI1U ?,'.
' l AVHTI.V. Tux.. Nov 1 il'Pi '
, Instruction In golf for women
! will soon lie a purl of the regu-
'Mr nliynlelnl training for girls
m i no I nlversliy of Texas.
An instruction conrce. &() hv
250 fe,.t, is being laid out on the
"The golf lnlrurllon is no;
intended for recreation purposes
except ss rerrestlon becomes n
by-product of the class work." ac
cording to lr. V. K. Bruce, head
of the pliyslclol education do-'
vitss nirnmoerg-t.arison ta-f
l"e L "'"P'gy Ihe Karl I
Mode for one purpose
to promote pleasure
Camel is attuned to the mood
of the smoker who seeks plea
sures father than panaceas
Offered as a cheer not as a cure.
If all cigarettes were as good at Camel
you wouldn't hear anything about
special treatments to mala! ctgarette$
good for . the throat. Nothing take the
place of choice tobaccos.
0 IW. ft, J. ftsraeMt Tobmcs
C . WlaMoaeSal a, N. C,
innepnoru co. Music (store. 3-2t '