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tcocva. onv
me Klamath News
The Klamath News'
Offidnl Paper
County of Klamath
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath ;
Vol. 4, No. 3(i. Price Five Cents
(Every Morning Except Monday)
fTnC T n c f
Uao LUOl!
- I
As Blaze!
T" g o 4rfg J O 1
U COll UyOj
J I tj I
A M.-lJ.m.a
. i
Firemen Unable to!
Halt Flames; Chem-
ical Finally Used to
Cool Inferno.
NKW ROCHKl.l.i:, N. Y
)it. 31. (U.P.) Fire dc
purtments of throe citios to
liiRht liflilfssly battlt'd a
hpcctncular fire in a utorngo
tank flold, which dt'ntroyud
100,000 gallons f Kiisolino.
tin iii rdRi of Nf itii.ii.-iii' f
n.ldi nil:il nui'tlon. an rinlnslnn'j
til onn 4t,0uo.nlliin lank on j
apr0,d ... three. n..d tl.reaiened
eli-ven hi hern dimireriiiia prox-!
. . . , (
1 ' ... . .i... i
,, ,",." iV." ' ,,,.w i
raeed over fn,.,. Vonker. wl.h a
(('mitluunl ua o Hit)
vv v l 1
IIHThWnVS III lilinn
Shape, Is Report
While hlghwiya generally ore
I. ...... Ill l.. )..i..'tl m.ilfiplHl 1
heading south are warned la.T; J pi l. T
drlvo ramfnlly over the raclflcl
highway betwern Hediling and
..,?n.n,.Mr. Mr... Virginia ..,.,..
,h. of Ihe Triple A booth .at Hi";
,,u . .. .". . .
111. ...a.ta.f lt IliM It llttlWflV l.i '
under c.nalr.ictloi. and ha. been i
.no scene oi aevera. ean net-
tenia, ane .inieo. ; iron, inn tuio i.age expeiu-
Miiiotlata are still bring nl-! linn1 begun early Hiindny morn
lowed over the Itodwood' hlRhwav. ! lug,
lt wa rfiiorird. deWHe work I Wlov, lh. men to be lost,
underway on part, nf thai road. . .onrri,,,,, ,,,,, hpre Mon.
Mi Ke.ile paa Is atlll open. . .,,., . ,.,. ,,.- .
There la hut lltl
I how on Hi i :
1 ra-a at preent o..d moiorla.
lire driving over "easily without;
the ii.e of chains.
'Coyne Enlists
Added Boosters
"Klamath (itl.ena, Incorpnrat.
ed" exieiidl In.o another Klnm-
nth rominiinlly Inst night when
the foitndrr nf the new booster
orgnnltntlnn, Hob t'oyne, enlisted I
vthn iinnuiinoiis support of Fort
Klnmnth resldentsl n hla cause.
Tbe meeting was well attended
and all who came rmnuaed along
with Coyne over Hie potentiality
of the arheu.n to noil Klnmnth In
Southern California..
Coyne will ...eel with Chllnqttln
reslilcit In Interest them In his
"Klnmnth Cltlrens, Incorporated"!
and sometime this week will corf-1
ilui t similar meetings In Merrill i
iilnl Ket.o. M. II. Hi Ip. asanclnt-'
ed with Coyhe, Is assisting will.
Ihe meetings. must plrturesqun .residents.
At Fort last night the All)1 wn ,,,,.iar,,, ,y mem'
two 'men were guests of l.lnilsey , of ,,, ,., ,0 hav ,,on
Hlcemnrn, who acted ns ehnlrninn ! ,7 ,. nl(, wh,, prIIV,
of the meeting. (" : youthful n.nld,v she' was u red
- i))r ry siMinlurd roslilcnw of
HALLOWEEN FUN ! California, and for many yeara
' I AMflC ROVS I1M I w held In I.nter she
L.frU3 DKJIS 111 ,wnH ,,.,,,, ,, p,,rmd , ro.
CITY'S HOOSEGOWll'ifi "r beloved IHHh to
J her own people.
Two ami.ll ' boys of the slnj Afler hor release by the flpnn
thfit lsiiipnsod to bn In bed by birds, Anno beenmo Iho bride of
,11 o'clock, were ushen-d through1,, tribal chleflnin. und her denlh
the rear door of Ihe pollro sliilloiij WBB mourned ns the passing of
Inst nlghi; hnndeuffed .together. 1 11,0 Inst veslngo of Ihe old tribal
'Wo ain't done nolliln',," they
liotl. siild. looking at the police
Willi wide, frlghtoned eyes.
After n short leelure aboin
souping windows so near the n
lliu sliillnn, the lads were al
lowed Iogo their way.
The usual llitllnwo'en pranks
worn pulled by the youngsters
between dusk and 10 o'clock, but
Inter- In the evening tlin older Noltr-d Ccm potato on their menu
boys were Imsy, and many t ill-1 yesterday lit I heir weekly lunch,
lens nwoko this morning lo find I e"n. and slurled the publicity for
nlmnst Immnviililo olijecls ninny ' "n pnlnln in Portland. Tho snck
blocks from wl.ein they were '. "f Netted (lems for tills luncheon
Inst night. . I ,vn" dnnaled by Henry Hemnn.
Kvery hnrrel, post and gala' Other potntoes ,nre In be sent
that rouhl be discovered wort; In Sail, I,os Angeles,
rolled Inlo'thc streets, mid left BneiiiDientn ,nnd posslhly other
for chvs lo hit. Any wagon thtitfrttlns fo he served bilked and
could ho p.oved wns moved. Ily I on their luncheon menu
7:30 Insti. night there wns not n
eMnro window on Main street thnt
had not been well-marked with
sonn and cadloa. -1
a V .at. aB-t-ft.
decent act
Chorus Cirls and Eight
Mon Stand Trial
In. Loi Angeles
I') The-i nsl of "Hot Mamas,"
lllr(,wu, .i,,,,,. W,,., ,,-
M-jir-il ill I In1 I Villi' Theater I
lien', must nt lo Irlnl for !
"indium oiHMurn" mi uv.
a. Juiiue Hum-ei wake mini I
";'" , , l
f. ....... ..... ll.n 17 ...m-,,- !'! '
,,i,i., m,.n .i ..n,., mi
linvr date ill (run art on h charge t
nf "vagrancy and lewdiinaa."
Til" two I rln. nf I lie 3S mem-.
hers of tlm ram resulted from i
ihelr arrant on two on.ecntlvo .
nlitlita. They wrt flmt mken I
liili .Mittiiflv u-hn iiiitlm rnliloit
Ih- KollLa thter Inm Thura-1
day nlaht and bimkcl the entire
Z r. r:t;
,,.,, pri)(,i:ii.
Krlilny nlalit the niemliera wore '
raiirrinied when thoy preaonlrd '
.... aa-ne .ho. On orr.aU.
,B,r""' ' "B" , '""If'
were preferred nanlnal them. Tlil
rharRii den.nnda a tiltyalral exa.n- j
I "r"''1'"" Hoi." Bl.i.l.r.1
,lni iiiine.l rniiairterable mention j
j through branding a a hnnx the
Kiiinappn.K Miory o. nen.pie ;
Mel'lienon. aided III brl..Kl..K .hi
2 Sm7m -!
, iieriicii ine iiriMiuriioii an ine
mimt Indneent "he had ever aevn."
. 1
ilimrUUS OIU'K 111
l i . w I w I ," i . .
Mud At 1 Uk 11(0 lLmaed JvenbTlli on" f'e "
' , ,. , , .. , . ' ' ",lm" T - ,. "
,vy rf,i J p. ,, jr a,. "ir
Pr f""r ,"l,k huM!n ov!, he director, luncheon In . th-
I la A t.l..MH ..t .
erealed conal'.lerable alarm among
irtenilN wnen lliev fallen lo re-:
meet Ihe hunters . at Morrill.
,,,.,, f),r KHIimtn F,,m
It seems that the nun had
lu.nii i no line lino nisi t.M
; far and struck a soft spot whle!i
; mired ll.elr ear. They worked In
'villi, in awi ine ven.cie oui oi
- - -
un. niiiiinme aim nnniiy werv
nircen in .pen., inn ingni nnwn
In ''"'k muntry. Willi help,
,h"v frF'' cr Monday mpm
8(l "'nrled home.
L, In Ihe party were Dr. Mnnaey.
Ills aon
Thomas, and Dr. Fred
nit Joe Illck. both of
Famous Indian
Woman Is Dead
WIM.OWS, A'n:i, Oct. 31.
(P.P.) Wlerd wiilllitKa of
mourners for Anno Drown dlod
away today, and an Inrilnn
n.onnd was being 'prepared for
4lin body of one, of California's i
Tho Portland cl.i.mber nf corn-
""'fee featured the Klamath
ns Kliuunth potntoes. Informa
tion on Ihe potntoes has linen
sent nut la jiiany cities further
Jar (Li 11 e
P t o TTiJ-
rUtS U P;
Flan for
Farm Aid:
C-nt...... ( A !
p' . V... -
mic i upuDt.D
tion of Farm Board
and Funds.
W AiIII Vf'Tn V fli-l H
I U. I .) secroitir) 01 pri-
cuHtire Jltrdintt htlR dl'Vfcl-
,., ,., ,...;, ,r ,,in ,
oped it farm relief phin.
U'lilrh lip bnlii'Vo will mini-
Which llO bclifVO will mini.
n,j.e price flllftuiltiollH and
P '-!
culture prosperity.
lie proposes to create a
f -ivni bo'ird backed bv a
J . . A
, . ,
volving Htablll'ntioll fund.
"Thero llold ho n f irm
iKxird roni.Uti.iK of nen
who nnd-rmiind ..Krl. ami
who aro aynipailutle tn iia prob-
li-ma." Jnnllno anl.l. "Thl hoarjl
umiiiiiivii un nv mt
Kne" Keetle To
lfl 1 SlIKPfl I flflMV
j force
":"V,..' '.. V" . .
alruetlrn pine beetle which In
.',m,'sr "' rommt "- ro"n'" i
The entire - himlni' nf the I
meat tug la to he duvn-d lo a
diacuaalon of (ho pine beetle prob
lem on the reservation and I..
... Arnold. ..perlntende... of ,l.e !
reaf.rvution. Incelher- will, other
Indian nmeoiia. uaa Deen invneii '
10 nt.end the session
With ibp roservalion offlclaH
there will nlo he Inmhcfmen
f-, 11,1. .i..n,. in,..,,,.!.. 1
Kimball, who recently pniajo.t out ,
the immensity of the pine beetlr
, -. ... .
inrnuce in iininlil, lo in
,r, of , chamber.
ThroiMih the conferences on th":1" "", rp "'c l'",nl" K,rl ""' fired.
plno beetle meniire the chamber j killed. The shooting of Tom Calloway
knpea to-oblnlu a rnncerted nc- Police took little stock In the terminated a long family feud
tlon and Influence which will jslatemenl and said they would which had Its start in a back
lend to a definite checking of the i take no action unless requested fence argument over the posses-
artivliles of the destructive piwt.iby the. Seattle authorities
... j . ...
They Never Fumble ! I
I -4 . .n i l l I
Eugene Blue ,
Laws Draw
student. Fife
Jnivertity Oregon Coun
cil Out ta Lift Ban
on Sunday Activity .
El'OKNK, Ore., Oct. 31.
1 i An .n.; l "hlu'i.
I..""" ' ho l-t.lvor.1ty of Or.-1
liy the student coinii'll of the in
f - - - ;
urn" uml me "iinnm, .im'ii i
,lw openen on nunoay nignt, ana
In itrim th.'il li'finlii rmirlu nf tllf !
M-bol he open all day Sunday. ..-;
The cnuni'll aluo paed a roao-1
lullon favoring rcKUlnlliin of all
friniacli'. Tlp ai'tlon waa the
Id.-nta of the roll.-KO durlns a',l
' "IZ'l
rr.itay or the arrenu ur ba atti-
Portland Pair I
Avow innocence
I'OKTI.AND. Oct. 31
of not guilty to rhargea of ,
.. .. , . ,
flying aittonal bank funds
r made In federal court here
loduy by Kmcry Olmatead. for -
iii. r rrealdei.t of theNorthweat-("ottgood
em National bunk, and J. E
.... , ,
Wheeler, former p.,bllher of the
I'ortland Telegram. Their trial
will start January 50.
In being granted alinoat three
, the men won
m"n '.ctory over me
guvernment. 1.
I'nlted states At - Inilmed, ttpcyi.anilovjiilnftn.m xt U t.pndon.nd
lint the Judge grant-'the
uert of the defer.s8;0f the newspapers
' - '
POItTI.ANn. Or, 1.A P.l
' """7' " .', h ,
commissioner. Seattle.
""""J "kmhti, .T-n.i.c.
ttnin po.ico nern louay no ovneveo .
inai J imi u a. i-ennrr waa kuui .
. . . . ,, . . i . .
of killing Sylvia ('.nines.
i""..r urei, . -
me .im.u. ...iiiivK, -.1
, ICieil.
vlcted. lie said he had four .
esses who would Identify i noi to shoot," Mra. Calloway
ler as the m-n about the!slolr(. "but he took aim and
II... ,1... On. .1.1.. I... -
'Mellon Puts
! Up Plan For
Big Tax Cut
Secretary of Treasury
Seeks Slash Under
$225,000,000 ;
I'.) Tax not to
P. I Tax redurt.ot, not to exceed 1
liM.0.00.000 wa, proposed to
i'loune ways ana meana com-;
' mili.-. todar hv Serretarir of the
'Trciaury Mellon -
le I2!S.AO0.a00 & dlatrlb-
uieo d Mouon into nve major
redactions, including
liiwerlns the rate on corpor
ate 'income laxoa one and one-;
ate .income taxca one and one-, . U.P.)-,Marriage in five- I
3in? a' I'oTof r.'tenue'oryear allotments, renewable
npproximaieiy $136)00,000. ,
Amending provialona of 'he.auch period, was suggested
lrmlt torporatlona wlthlj . Superior ' Judge
"-"- . ;Brnel a. the. cure for the
English t lapper
fWlrfQil rkrinlror
lj)NIX)N. Oct. 31. (U.P.)
FoTy cocktails a day "without j
turning a hair" is the new all-1
rU,,h both for flappera i
confirmed drinkers. i
j .to anonymous Kngllsh girl '
aoclal standlnK" turned i
thejlrlck. " ' j
Hitherto. 1! to 15 cocktnllj a
oay, COBHlaeTeii a ry j
rcapectable average for the cner-i
jgetlr flapper, but the Itev. W. O. j
0- Phapcolt's assertion that he;
;hai met a 1 "-year-old girl who
ho.nled abe could gel outside of
4tf ,h8m breakfast
Und breakfast, has caught the
news and editorial colunip.-i
blazon her
fl IARRFI 'fiVFB TflY ' br- ,Mler of ,ne noy Scou 1 fa0lS what every employe of the.. Call- j wrong side of t(ie street when
VunRixrj. u t crv i j i - , compaig,, whose workers last ! fornia.oregon Power companr ! It crashed Into Mrs. Brown's ma
LED TO SHOOTING, ,nlht banqueted In the chamber ,wea wm be the biggest, snap- chine. It was claimed In the po-
1.08 ANGEI.KS. Oct 31. (CP ) j
" V r- i
"In cold blood." Mrs. Madge Cnl-
, ....... n ...
toaay. io.ay hi 111-
. . rri
no ren "acini trim ui i uuhim
Christian, charged wiih the mr-l"
-wnen i nrisiian urew nis re-
wnen i nristian urew nis re-.
volver my husband begged him
-Inn n hll.l'a In. Mil U-n trin
Five Year;Y
Marriages. , J!'
By Judge
I '.-I 01! D1 '
1. "l J rV-' - ' n:
Would Decrease Di
r a. r i
vorce; Pres
tract Unfair.
' y ' j
trJ x.or.,r.r. o, I
wo aiiulub, uti. oi.
or avoidable at the end of
divorce evil..
Iturnell offered hla opinion
h. , . ...h . debate j
- i
jnere lon.gnt oeiween juage eu
(Llndaey of Denver and Itabbi L.
I. Newman of San Francisco on j
the queation of "Companionate',
Marriage.- j
In outlining bis Dlun. Judge .
Ilurnell stated the present mar
CoaUnuel oa laa Six)
, .
DAV Cnilf HrlVO
f nn.kal f rr1ox
' '
When a banquet for drive
worker, becomes so enthusiastic
ill Ml luuse Mr:y:ui duusci iutj iuuic
are about to-floltctt. either the
Ifause Irf aa xeent.onaliy Kaon
or 1,10 CUIiew CXirvuiv,y "tIUIlh
anil In llilu raaa t haft r-ftfna jaTfla
11.. .. . a ..1 .. .
i weak, according to It.'
H. Dun-1
ioi commerce rooms.
The meeting to launch the last
summpr and .hen" poj.ned for'.'
half of a fund drive begun lasl
!' months, was attended by 30
. . . iio. M . ..,'
jofa buSinclw
ess and professional
111 wdav work In the
, men w-ho w
. . . , , u
...... "... . ... .m .m-
' , . . ' " . Z.i."."!
kcoui movement, minnar stated.
H. .,.n-o ih.l
tne worgers
,nAn,.AiDa. .rt,...nH i ikn,i
over S500 toward the scout fund.
so enthusiastic were they
their "proposition."
The 400 persons who will wlth-!for
In the next few days be asked
to subscribe to the Boy Scouts
aro those, it was pointed out
who have not been given an op -
portunlty to help with the budget
for the year ending June 1. 1928.!
Those who volunteered to act
as solicitors at the drive, tn at
tendance at the meeting, were:
Walter Ileane, J. J. Miller, J.
I.. Klrhey. C. A. Hnyden. S. It.
Kerry, Ct 8. Kosenbniim. George
J. Walton. Fred Fleet, O. E. Rae.
I). J. Zumwalt. E. I). Reeder, O.
W. Splker. Fred Murphy. C. C.
Colvin Arthur VII,on. Rev I).
. iiaiKiii, "ii nuusiou, . i.
Drew, Andrew Collier, Lee Jacobs
fl. f: S.ehh.ns. ne Rnrn.rH Rm'
Francis Olds, Dr., Warren Hunt..
Fred Glover, Oscar Peyton, Geo.
Cunning, 1). A. Kenyon, Jim
Kerns,' Harry Hill. Fred Hamm.
Harry Poole, H. O. Newell, Glen
Kent. Tom Walters T.nrrv Ft
gerald. W. E. Lamm and R. H.
w J "
HinraffeQ LtOVer
t'11 ti' i n IP
s Kills bin, oelt
' . .
"OAKLAND. Calif.. Oct. 31.
(U.P.) Enraged because . she
spurned his lovo, Elroy Sylvestor
tonight shot and killed Evelvn
King. 23, and then committed
suicide by turning the gun upon i
The shooting, which took place
In the driveway of tho .girl's
home, wa at he climax to a love
quarrel. Sylvester's first shot
entered tho g!rl's breast,, and j a blow with a golf club wielded
ahe fell mortally wounded, i by Ills 12-year-old son was ac-. NEW YORK Sidney Perlow
Placing the gun lo his head. 8i- i ridental, the coroner's office an-' celebrated 1.1s 13th birthday Mon
venter pulled the trigged and a'nounced tonight that an Inquest day in an unusual manner.!et ' went crashing Into his j would not be held over the body ; Although he Is only 4 feet .1
brain. Death wns Instantaneous. of Hen Wesley; wenlthy elnhmnn. j Inches tall and weights S5 pound
Hearing tho shots', the girl's! Wesley tell dead on tho Fox i he attacked a big would-be ban
father rushed from the and j Hills Country club course here'dlt who Invaded his father's
found his daughter and Sylvester i Immediately after the wooden store. , ! ,
lying In a pool of blood In tho rlub struck, him nn the back o(; Tackling the man, who brand
driveway. The girl was rushed the neck, .tn internal hemorrhage ; lshed a cigarette case made to
to the Oakland, emergency tins- followed the blow. It was snld. (resemble a pistol, Sidney wrested
pita!, hut efforts to stem the Tbe sportsman was instructing . the cuse from hlmv threw It In
flow of blood from the wound his son In the proper manner of, his face and then chased him
proved futile, and sho died half ' making a golf etroke when the down the atreet.
an hour later, ' accident occurred. Police captured the bandit. .'.'
Fall Left Him With,
Detire to Start j
Bis Blazes I
llltlM)KI.VN. N. Y., Oct. l
(11') A . menially twisted
young injin with a "desire
for excitement," cleared up the
mystery of the Methodist Epis- I
copal huspllal fire thl after- :
"l!"'!4. ."'?!,,?.n
of hi reronl aa a pyronuutiai'.
Tne conreaslon came from Lr
neat Khodea, aged 24, who. traced"
hi- nMHillir nr.. tn . aat flea tn !
! a bad fall 20 years ago which :
left him mentally unbalanced..
Fire tweet the Internes saaex
.j,,,!,, ,w0 operatlona. A S
pound baby girl wa. born daring
nd . pedemrian feu
dead of - heart failnre Induced I
oy excitement. - .the coal fields of Lafayette
Rhodea, who told Inveatigatora 1 .
in detail of hia act. fought the ? nd Rav counties sprung un
flames side by aide with other j here today when 700 reg
fcPltaJ .?,KPl;.e"- "e WM ular union miners forcibly
charged with araon. . I ,
I placed a small piece of
sua", under, a bureau m the.,,nion workmen from enter-
i hoanltal bulldina.'
bosDltol bulldlnK." Ilbodes aa d. '
, ..and Tated until
the bureau
canght fire. Tan I walked out!
and went downstairs.
Rnod -was never
a(ter (tie fall and does
lo school
l after Oie fall anil dnea not know
h , - ,i n.,ri
- jthe last geveral years, he has I
i started five fires, he told police.!
I One surgeon, who was perform-j
i operation when the alarm
.. ,ounded hut the wlndow3!.
- to keep out the smoke and con-i
tinued his delicate work. Another,
,.k. .,,., .. ,, .,h.,
moYt4 him to the ground tloor;
j an(, procwded
1 HlflriS UllQ6rW3V '
- u- -
f - . arM 4B rSaB. nv-c aTB
X UL VUUvU UHIii",' v ,,u"a
1 i . , ' erw a. i i
Tickcts are now on sale for
nlest. mos noectacular electrical
j ball ever given by the Phase Ite -
nations club, an all-employe ' or-
1 gan.xation
xh. dan(, which will
1 ne oanr. win
gven on Thanksgiving night In
the lnr gronnd exhibit building.
ma ru i r .rnnnn evnintr nniininr
: - --
,ne tnlra """' "" Dy
. th- .i,iin
For the past two years thei
, . J .1 '
mont pavlllion. but on both occa-
. slons ft was necessary to- turn i
I away late arrivals by the score
lal of space, and th,8 tlme
,,he clft, ha5 decjd(.d to SPe that
there ,8 ,, (or a. .
' .. .
!. . n0"f. wno "euoe '81 e" ?
' I
....' ... ... ,.
"R." ""J ih.!
, . ' , j
Itself to better last year s record.!
Drunken Driver
- 1 ' TW
Welcomes x rison
SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. .11. -
III D K,,,V..l,II...H.rn
: drvpr wno w,Med to 0 to Ja
I . 1 1 v. . ... i. i. jM...
so he miht be an object ilosson
to others who drive automobiles
while Intoxicated, got his wish
here today when he was sen
tenced to serve from one to ten
years on a charge -of man
slaughter. Charles Borgensson was the
. .
I driTor- was ed ot r"n"
jning down and fatally Injuring;
Charles Malloy. 70, September 9. j
I Borgensson pleaded guilty and i
-would not ask for probation.
"' oll'n't know I hit the old
!" ne m- "Tnnt ta wh'r 1
, , .
" W Imprisonment, proves I
nn "ample to others. I will feel.
llnnl 1 nave nl,la m aeD m va"
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31. (CP) ; condition resulted from over lu--Convlnced
that his death from ! dulgence In holiday cider.
700 Union
Men Keep
Off Job
Started UVer ,
$2.50 Difference in
WaKe Sc&leS May
- '
.Ask Federal Aid.
' J
, . "" ' "atf'
t rvivr.TAV t - A
.,. ,:: .
3! -(U.P.)-Open jarfare
i proniDitea zov inaepciiaent
in? the mines.
I'ocal authorities, fearing that
oraer couia not oe eniorcea,
i telephoned to Kansas City, aak-
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' William A. Shreeve told authorl-
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f One of the most damaging city.
traffic accidents tor several week.
attracted a big crowd to the cor-.
S ner of Ninth and Pine late yes
terday afternoon where, aceord-
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driven y
' Br a-ai..l.
The cab, belonging to the Hur-
ry Taxi , company, was on tbo
lice report, Tne woman declared
iahe was unable t avoid the col-
Hsion on -this account. ....
Both cars were smashed up.
! the womau's Tehlcle being badly-
j damaged, according to the policed, i
: . ,
' Strangler Will ;
WINNIPEG. Man., Oct. 31. (U
P)--An Insanity defense. It wa
Indicated will be advanced tor
Karle Nelson, who goeaoa trial
Tuesday for murder of one of 1
(women he is alleged to havo
strangled to death.
Relatives of Nelson from S4
ranctaco were In Winnipeg and
it was reported the defense would
, . 11 . ,, "!
j fendant had escaped from an in
; sane asylum In California.
i 1 1. ' ' 1 . k - .
1 " Otisuu ' ttMCftCU lu UBin
stranEied and ,,aikcd " '
: a dozen cities In a-arlons parts
!' the ITnited States. He was
"""""U """"MS vuuuov-
tion w,h the death of Mrs. Emily.
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Oddities in the
Day's News j
(mited r-rese) '
MT. CARROLL. Oct. 31. (UP)
Insertion of a rubber" tube in
the throat of 3-year-old Raymond
Martin after he apparently was
dead from strnngnlntton enabled
me lilliu lu uieuiuu n.i
hp probaMv wl , ,.,,
the child to breathe again and
j LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31 For
looking on Hallowe'en rider whsay"
i it was hard, 101 men and yfeiO-
j nuuieu weiu hiiuihucu nrir,wii;
; on charges of Intoxication'.
: Ninety of the men and uil ni
: the women told the court tholr
- ' , err
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