The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, October 28, 1927, Page 3, Image 3

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, Vv Member ono uiore n?w
Kl ' c I j I r member was oiliinl to Ilia b tin
native of bcolland u tnler. j ,r f ,ul,ri, ycatcr.lay when
; . Ulneri Use Devices of "n K- Sulmu, Cstd Cur dealer
. Joined. '
uwn .reaiion
MAYOJt DUyALL i rvp a T H s
tiiii; i mpn tv utn i no
1411 ' ?
Tu Vlnll In 'ortliinil Mr. mill
Mm. J. J.. Keller lilnii lo leave
today on thu special, excursion
Forf.'IrN llonii. A Mr. Naglarito Portland to visit their son uml
UiiIiiiih fnrfolliid SC.ll lunula In Chiloquln i daoKlilor-lii-luw, Mr. lind Mm
H. P. Murphy of the O. K. Truna
fir company.
Ax I ii i i -u 1 1 ii h nml
musical program was furnished yesterday nfler IicIiik arrested for Paul Keller,
ill I lie feature cntorliilnmcnt al j piuisnssliiii of iihiiiiiiIiIii.
ttan mi'i'imi; in the Comiiituidory 1 11 .tin hing ' '
Ul1 r HIil LlAil Funeral, arrangements lor tho
, " late llinujj Wallers will be d-
Council Oust. Wi( . Who '"""'l' T "'
"i inumi-r ul in" win
I. en rouiK (rum Idaho. Frh-nds
may rail lit Ilia' Karl Whltrork
Funeral lliapie, Pine Avonuo ul I
,,Hlxth. .
Attempted to Hold
Job for Hubby
Underwood s Pharmacy5
.V'. t...
1 ; tr
IN'IMANAI'OI.IH, ftld., Oct." 27.
ill') - - "Muvnrless" Indiana: Hi
tmluy wan helped front a illl"niiiiii
bhlrli threatened pO'eisrupt mi
linn., m lies Hcgln' Store.- municipal guvcrini)l rut I re I y
!12'J South llli. Auv. 2-2t
when ih" city pnemlt mot sud
; onaiiiinotisly declared tho office.
.Hopper rni. i. In Hi" illume rwrni i Confined in 1 Hum' Mrs.
. (if MuMlltllr lllltlf Wflllne.llUV live. I If........ f 'Itl!.!...-.. ..t Uk..i.lii-il'ii
Mug. Joo I-awson wan the urlnf-! Music house luia been tuuflned. In !
7 Ipnl in Iho instrumental prngrum, her home tor Inn nftiil airriral Mulorn Tu .ili-ilfunl Khcrlfl i
In nhli'h ii pluyud' "! rul uo- duya buIIitIiik Willi n arvcro'rnlil. ; l'1! Hawlilim iimiunii lo Med-; aant.
imunl luairuiiii'illa. Willi of lila ; '. I fnril yoipnliiy urivrannii wlirrr , hX ',,,, union. f'tlie Ciiimll
own trnallon. " I IKi'lurllon en Coal. IHeaia , l' trainartnl Inn lnn.. rlnn-il to luke uilveiOune of a
One prU..V H., vttt of , ana HaU at Jitmharfa.-Al. I . . Imllana wl,IH. r4rovidM
rlil,,,,.. ,lln.l..l by ralhwlMl. .' ' ll. , Mr,. ( h.. ! -oum-ll .hall f tb ;.n. U-.
i.-ti. i.ih .m.u i.,.ii n.i: I liny la ruttirulin fo h.'r homo lii Hon lin y nxlnt. I luudo K. N. it-
In iiiiUoii m wh-ii rf iinn i.. i u' , roriintiif loony anr iinlln f ,f ."" nrenii, i.j -i-
U.. I...H I'lH.ll.M
.in,.. ..i t... i... Iny of K'inna flly, Knniu. wnna'iil fpw Ihv na n hiiimi at ilia polnld uutor pro aamanod a h
iiiuiii ul uti i ,iuui.ui,u
I'livnll will h rhoneli Nov. .
t'ndur lha oun-tl ."tton, -Mr.
'tit Imiwi-i'ii I ho lorntlon'1" Klimmlli i'lrdiiy lookliiK j Immii of Mia. Illiilni. Koiilliwull
'of lllo two linlla
ovor ilix illy. Din wlfii will ur-
Two ItiHlt'iitiiftitat ' lot rod ticrtl r,T' ' "M l,r", "' n""1"1 fr,"n Hird II. ('. I.uuo wax flnrrt
Wfri annii'Wlint In llic rhiirdrter w""". immmu-. iirm ; "vjaiu in ,in jumuo conn ycmi-r- i".i. " -
iinm i inr uiotimai ,iiuy for anuedliiK.
.if tli. .ilitir. lull Mtliiiii-iiiihlv Hiift Ol'lUH HM'ir
In I.iiik. Mr,Um,whi)lwn.!"' ""' 1 """ " B1""ul - .
nrrinl with Hi. Ilulnlitor Molorl (l""r" h"" '" ""' , !nt.. m
, I. .,, ..,!, ' ... , .r,.ty Hllk
ii ml hiililn hi. Mii.onlc affiliation'
with tlln.xow loila No. !,;
mm-:h.I, imnKgi u:h iiki.ii
, A lurffi' ronrourhd of frli.'tida i
mitlnrrfil at tljft Mulln Community
ltal, yi.nterday nfliirnoon, lo pay;
iht-lr la.t nupirla at the hler o?
II,I11J ll.-iiii .-ii tin; I". ... ., ... .. .. ..
ayor and cy, r . ;
at th arrvlrf, In thi rourMi of.
which reriml l.ymnx wtn- ren-i
il'irrtl ly lh rholr wblr-h con'-!
atr.tcd 'of Mpiulanii K. K. Kara'!
moil, ('hnrlca Maup.n. K. 1A
Htiilih. A - W. Mnrkan.. The!
many, floral- ufforlnaa lioro mum
li'.stlinuny of tht -slccm In nhkh
lio win hi'ltl hi thu community.
The wlllM'arcrn were A. K. Ktrcel.
Frank Hulouifftk. Charlpa, HpirdNly
ChnrloH Muupen. I!.' (". Hloiit and
K.'.M. Hammond. KoUowinx lht
dr.'a- at nti In retain i-ontrol of the tlly Kov-
I rciniiol I'.-T. A. M ill Mi-ot Ili'Kln a Hioro; Homo a. low a. crnnixut waa thwarted. Too roun
Tim Inlilal moellna of tha I'.-T. l "l. SS Koiith 7i Adv. SS-lit , rontl tilled ahw had never ban
A. of Kri'ntont d hool will ho( , Ii ruily appointed. .
anil normully w'nlil have "
. ... I ... , I. u I....I....H . wa u I .
ou.led o that Duvuli'a Intention , l the-hall, the remain.
Books For
j Kiddies
Adventure Fairy Tale's
Educational Poetry
40c to $2.50
were borne lo Malin emelry
mid Ittld ' lo 1 rHt In tbe f imily;. j
hint. The ntrvicon wer under tlio
i.lnctson of I. A. Towey.
looo r ;
Copies popular
..... . . ii i
The Book ..You Want
75 cents
...1. t.. ....i.. ........., in! l-alj's I'or I'oHIiiihI Amona .
l,,...l,..r. nl ll,l aaiwcmtlnn' are!,l",", ,,r'' ,"v',", l'"rt '. CALLES REVOKES
The rnnerul ar-rrlrpa of the late j
from whore he ram lo ihl.
country. Ho wua nreoinpanted on
ll.r piano oy uowaru rat. - . , ' . . hind i.i.luy a... II., -eli-wi. Anna I
The fomman.lery HuPl-r nub'ed lo bo pr,,nt at this meet-. )( j;,,.,, un . (!r.mKl.r
la a UfW addltlnu l,o Ih.' Ottalll- and Charlotte Itailln-on. :
mitlona in Ihla rlty that .onvene,. - . l. . .. " r ' 1 ' f I'reiilduiit I'allea haa lifted tin- dentlal mortuary of I. A.-Towey,
around the dlnliir' . tatil ', ond u''"m''.f" !C-'T . , J"?. I'rooi UIIimiiiIii Ijou k Huff ' aoverninunt emliamo on purrhai".-: 'e .venna at Kluht. Ilev. Mr,
holds lis menlliiKS on, "".:,'"'"'' J , 1,7. .n rf.. Yi. i ' so. ' a hti.lni. vlHlior In the -liv!f American nooda which He or- Allison, offlrlatliiev Interment
.ml fourth Wedmnilny evi ulimi, "u 11 "sk o s a urnay. on. " . yeiiierdnv from III. homu at Clill-' der.l acverul nioulha ' anor : will, follow In the Oddfellow
i- i
H 1
r-..n a w" ft C
tmOAriijU Wll j. J. K,,lia KVn a,.(. Wii he heid ihhl 4
MKXICO CITY. Oct. 27. (lr Mifteruoon nt S:S0 ut tho rcl-
,..f tho month at :3o . p. ni. ''" a"1- '"'( "
U.I.I.I. Ti.nit.ln. Hfi. nlltrlhtt. In Hi. SdV. 27-81,
KnlRhta Templar are ellslhli In
attentl and all members of the, .
Iocr.1 eommsii.lery and visitors At III, V red
aro Invited lo be pre.eiil at lhe:.e ' l'iron motored lo Illy Wedne,.
fuiiriloits. . ay where ho apent two days
' Clintlr. V. Iirlaroll Is pre.l.leni vlalllnK school..
f.n.1 il l T.l'li,. .'rtlirV nt ttt. . . .
I,... ).,!. elul. The Aleulil rVom llulh-s Mrs.
i (ioo.1 V.Ut
I The emtnrso was prorratmed reaietery. ' ,
llollowInK a dispute over Mcxl-1 i ; 1 ;
. jio-s attempt lo buy several air-' KNTKIIH I'l.KA OK t.l ll.TV
- tnder now planes In' the irhlied States. I'OU ri.AND. Oct.' 27. (Jf)-
Koiith 7th St.
Adv. 2K-1I
MioppliiK I'roin III) Mrs. J. A.
Parker. Mr.. H. rilia Hell and Mr.
Kl vd Clotzhach. divorced hus-
days. mid they plau to remain ' hand of Mme Matsenauer. op?ra I
Home tftno. . 'singer, this afternoon entered al
'. ' .. ' plea of Builty of fornery. was !
''uiuiicol ae HU.imj ly aentenred to five years In .prlcn
. . - ,, . .-
it... :;';... '
'"" t' ,' -I1 -ov
50c to $12.50
Reserve Ycur Copy Now
' November isf
, We Offer
Best 6ook .
i i ."ini"-i ...... .1 it ii i t-iHMiHciu jiii ri".-"i "7 kpntvnmi io live yesra in .pnon
aopper la .orved promptly at "'"". n.-o Audrey llradbury. and Mrs. Jsme. Dlrhy .ere shop-1 pi.rmnnent wave apeclallst. ueand immediately paroled to hi.
:3o and the seuloo la.ta lor .- " ... pnn in mo rny wcunc.uay irom wees rniy siarnos noioruuy. .. , aUorney , James F. Alexander of
jil.l an hour. tin. prosram .helna I AHamont arhool yesterday. Ih-Ii.s:
.,..,... .t Hiiini... .J con lined ai ber home with III-
as In.lrurtlve. : ! I n9,H-
' .is m I From IiII.muIii Mr. and Mrs.
IlearSt l aPerS 10 i"y li'lf'i'ba,her of CHIIo.mln
. T J T I 'nro visitors In Klanialh Kit I la
rlOat HOnd ISSUC ; yesterday. slu.pi.l.iK and .vl.ltlns
' VOItTI.ANl). Oet. ?7. Tl'P
An Issttu of :n. lino. ooo first
mnrtRSKO and collateral Intere."
per rent setlal IhiikIs la Ih.
Hearst puhlicatlona, lnrnrHirnted.
which own. IJie outalandlns raiil
lal alock of five Hearst newn
papers on tho Pacific Coast will
their homo nl Illy.
.rw Cent
Jn.t III at lice Healn's Kloro.
139 Koiith "lit. Adv..2S-it
t)pcn eveninKs by appolnt-
I'hnne 125S tor
To SM'ud Wcek-Knil In I'ort.
la in I 8yd Kvans, Frank Irs
with frlenda. ' linn ond Krcd Applrsale arc Mnttt street.
leavliiK Unlay oil the specsll ex-! . '
Coats. Ilrtssws eumton lor Ton land and will . tim-n
Tortland.' It . was - announced
that be bad made co:d the fS.-
ooo obtained on a fonted chock .
Mn-t rVlday afternoon The boarlnr the name of. Mm. II. D. (
FrlcndsMp club will meet at the I Inman. wealthy Portland Vldow
homo of Mrs. Charles Stcmwell y whom he had been empliyed j
this afternoon at ber home on chauffeur. Ololibaen was
'ii-eiu recently on tne-cnarge ana '
. " , ,lho Jury disagreed. ' ' .., j
laanlrrn This Is 1 : : - :
Lantern i 10 laciiuaie u proper nana-
Rrdnrtlnn on
... rttcltr-' . . . irur" -"""Lr "" wm.&il8?
.'.' .almon with whlto sauce, friend I jj.jJ depaTtment,
K.'lurns Kan ljiiHiuernde-Katurday. Oct. 29, .halibut, scalloped oyators mnA
Miss Veuella llnuner has returned I 'u P. in.. Olrne whool. 01. ne. ! clam chowder on the menu. Alto
to Ihla city after spcmllnc the ' Oregon. Adv. 21. a ,e uj olucr itood Ihlnpt
past two months In Han Francis. .... (o including roast pork with
co. Khe hua attain taken uo her I l"l'c'l IH-nllmue IHsIrM i,,v,.j .Im,. Veal rotlela. can-
HnlT'T'ci.moaov!il''l,lo.- ' Ucsuty J-P". I died parsnips, hiked cabbage and
niunn ci vooipan). iu.ctuiiiiii James Stewart, agent for the ,.,.,. n .
, . . ., , state Isnd board, and Charles K., mwW between six and sow-p,
Hertlie-' , , blicklln. usslslaut efiglueer. atv!p. . 8S5 miu street.-eimoslre
I3.0U mile of fell nnd velvet r'ved in the city yosterday from : cour, hourc. ,adv.
hats al lleo llcgln'a Store. 12Hjlho north lo lirspeet the Fort j .....
H.-uth 7th Hl.--Adv. 2S-2I Klumulh . country.
be offered tomorrow, according to
announcement hero by llnlsey,
"Pail of till' proceeds of Iho
Issue' l to be used In acquiring;1
the entire capltul slock of tho
I'n.t-lnlelllgencer company, pub-i
Usher of Die Reattle Posl-lnlel- i
llreurcr. tho ntiunuiieement said.
The rorporntton owns rspllnl '
alorK, exiTpl the dlr"lnra iiiiall-
4 fylbg bnt., of the San r"rin
Cisco Kvaialner, Xan for Palo Alto, California, in com--t'all
and Post, the l.os AiikiIci pauy with Jack llenefiel. grnd
r ' Kxamlner, Angelea Herald : unte manager, where they will
Slid Oakland Pnsl-Kii'iuirer. w-nrk on advance publicity and
. fu rainy days, $15.00
t x i.i rfTi . i.-?..:rr-. r it '-tu; l . r ? .
Modern W.hmIiiicii To lit A
, ... ... is j ii. . i lame delegation of Modern Wood-:
In I'nlo Alio Fred West of o, Furs .Mwlo Nr-.V ..,.,.,...,., of Southern Ore
Klamath Falls, chslminn of t lac. f ready lo wear .furs, collars for I " , ' . ' , "T
finance rommiltrc at Ibe I'nl-'; "ale. Low prices. Old f urs ; 7 , ' , . ' ', " ' ' ,, j
veralty of Oregon, lelt yesterday
ford. Ashland and Klamath Falls 1
at the battalion meeting of the i
uniform ranks of Foresters-and a 1
I'cytoo. Itclnio Mr. and Mrs. r'ass adoption nt Merrill Saturday
bought. Offices 337 Main street
Phcne 95. Adv: It.
Oscar Peyton recently returned vntng. The meeting will be
llev.n..... ..I ih.. ll.r.i si. 1.11 . ' . .1 !...,. : Irom O 10 days" triD through the''" " oamiuei aim.
rations, lurarnornled. and Its game with Stanford on Saturday. I Willamette, valley and north to i social hour. Una! plans will be I
proseiil suhMldlsrles and those of I I'ort Angeles and Seattle.. They j wdo, by .,Ui members - at he ,
Iho Post-liiielllgencer - cotnpuny Ttctu. lion on Coals. Uressta L"",ll 11,6 ,rl" by ,"",r- 'regular meeting of the Klamath
fur Ihn nnrlml Jnnnarv 1 to and llala :.l llarnharl'. Adv. i I rails iodKO this . evearng. :
Heuteniher II of Ihla year weru ! If.
120.041.632. It was declared. I
Net liicoinu amounted to Jit.-' leaves lir Ntockt.m Joe t'p.
Cos. 313, the announcement said, ton left on, tho afternoon train
- yesterday for Stockton. California.
, I'l.Kltk IHKS HI'IIIIKM.Y ,' I plans to return Sunday and
' . I will drlvo back a new truck for
. PO'ltTI.A.VI). Ore.. Oct. 17. (if)' . . . i i
Miss (iertriide Ohcrg, 21. clerk
In the stationery department at
Olds. Wortmsn and King, was
(rnk-n III whllo at work today
land died before medical attention
(could be given. . r r
- Visitor .From Ne.v Vork Mrs.
Ilayden t. Do ko and small
duughler, Miss Anna Hello, have
arrived in the rlty In visit at the
home of Mrs. Iniko'a sister, Mrs.
A. J. Lyle. Mr. Duke will join
his family here within a few
Tonight is lie Last '
Showing of i
"BEAU v;
Tha best tolling mystery
story of this generation..
What a Picture I '
What a Cait! I
, Everything! .
At Tho
TiiiiIkIiI wo dhow for thr ,
liwt (tain
"The Trunk
Mystery" ;
An in n s I ii g story ol
mystory, speed anil drams.
" "-''
.-' V ' 'ft
Coming . Saturday
l r
For Klamath Falls ' Farm or City ;
property Good ,1.60 acre farm J
near Du Boise, Idaho. All. im-
' ' . '. ' . - .'.,'; ,t v. i
proved, under water and free from i
.... . , . . ..... u , ..7 ;
encumbrances, 5 room house and
good farm buildings: Ideal potato .
.V . I . .
land.' .
Slater Investment Co.
115 S. 7th street" Phone 688
7' i Monev to Loan on
' . . t . :i - 7t'f
' . ..-" ..-' . . . '. . . -, .
.-- ' V.I I . I . . I A
improved rroperty -....,, ' . .
for Boys ,
il J;l t '
I . ' J - - .-
Soft oil, tanned boots that
do -not rub the . he sis.
Boots that fit that wear.
Keep, the boy' feet dry
. this rainy weather.
See our Boots, with Knife
: ' FREE! ,'
. '
More lemon in Schilling Extract
! h.i more any. other
Ac tualiy three times the a m o :i
' by government pure food
t 'V.'e.f"i re d
And, still,, i s cost, is no greater than most others,
. '.Vno t does it contain anything except true, pure lei
essence and dissolving spirit. Surely it is the part of
: ' f ' - -i ,- ' ' v ' "c 1 V ' i i ' 'u
economy and safety always to insist on Schilling extracts.
'. ; . . ' . .-.-. , v :. "i ' ;' : -
P.'Sr-Tkeztrjs similar money's w'o'rSk in$chilttng's Vynilla.
r i
G il 1
Coffee Tea
1 n
i9 Spices"
ag2 "