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Test Case : of , California j
f j v Gambling Law Is
i Failure
J (I' P.) In a derision written
land handed down today by Judge
i 1J. A. Cashin. of the district court
j Of. appeals, the proposed certlfl
; cnte form of race horse betting
j was dellared to be Illegal,
j -The case, which was In the
nature of a test of the
! gambling law, was brought by
1 James S. McDonsIc, who hsd ap
i plied to the higher court for re-
f lease In habeas corpus proceed-
i lngs, following
Superior Judge!
jGeorge H. Buck's refusal to act
j Irf he case. -
! The proceedings grew out of ,
a. ''test" race which was held al
'Tanforan race track August it.
j McDonald contributed $10 to
the understanding that he was to
i receive a percentage of the race
Winnings it bis selection von the
At the conclusion of the race
McDonald was arrested
charged j
with violation of the state gamb-jnew postal facilities. When An
ting law. Following his convic- gelina has a birthday all Edwin
tioa by a Redwood City court, he
appealed to the court of appeals,
f Vnose decision today concurred
with the lower court's ruling.
' it Is expected that McDonald
wilt appeal to the state supreme j
' court.
j Heeney Moves Step Nearer
pETROIT. Mich., Oct. I.(D
t P) Scaling the first barrier in .
j hit effort to establish himself
j as- a contender for ' Gen Tun
i ney's heavyweight crown. Tom1
Heeney of New Zealand tonight
' gained a narrow decision over
! Johnny Risko of Cleveland.
! The Buckeye baker boy was
unable to cope with smashing
force of the foreigner's left
hud blows, but he stayed on his
'tost and made a valiant attempt
to return the punishment Heeney
inflicted. , i t
Heeney, however, showed that
he was smart, as well as rugged. '
He stepped inside Risko's round
house blows and time and again
saved himself by backing away
while one of Risko's haymakers
' was approaching.
rB,v eliminating Risko, the
daiighty New . Zealand fighter
won for himself . the right to
meet Jack Sharker in' the elimi
nation tournament. Risko had
Braves Unable To
Find Manage.
NEW YORK, Oct. it, (VP)
The Boston Braves are having
difficulty In finding a successor
to Davy Bancroft as manager.
Tris Speaker, AVade Killefer,
Jack Dunn of Baltimore and
Walter Johnson have been men
tioned as probable pilots, but
for one reason or another each
of them has declined to under
take the task of raising the Hub's
National league club from the
Judge Emil Furhs, president
of the Braves, sold Bancroft to"
Brnoklyn with the Idea that ob-
taining a manager would lie easy.
The fact that the majors tried) The next tltne Wilson flung,
eight now pilots ln 1927. and .himself at Scott's end the big ,
that three and possibly four of:
the newcomers are considered
failures and are due to be re
placed has had a somewhat
dampening effect upon the am
bitions of candidates for the
Boston Job.
COVINA, Calif., Oct. 26. (VP)
Mrs. E. L. Carter, Denver Colo.,
was crushed to death on a high
way near here late today when
a heavily laden truck skidded and
pinned her against her car as
she was changing a tire. Her
traveling companion. Mrs. B. D.
Smith, -vas uninjured.
uv& To.
t . V
i'rft , saaT.a
iDeaf Mutes Hee
To Stage Boxing
Match For Fans!
The ' Klamath Fllsv sporting j
fraternity has ail opportunity to
ply host to pair o( prise fight-
era whose names are known all I
over the nation. They're In town j
now and want to fight the rest ,
la tip to the promote. '
These, two lliovs, who. live In j
. Salt Lake dry, ar ' "Dummy?
I Itowau and "Silent" Rowan, both i
'deaf mutea. and "they've Just '
i come here from Los Angeles tor
a brief stay. Aa exhibition box
Ung has been their forte for the
'past 10 yv&rs or so. the two
brothers want to stag.? their one
act tight show In a Klamath
Falls, ring.
Just now they are familiarising
themselves with the local fight
Isituatlon and looking np Clen
LeRaron, matchmaker, and the
American ' Legion, seeking a
chance to put on their exhibition
Rowan, one of the I
most spectacular of the old-time j
fighters, has fought such men as j
Bob Fltisimmons. Jim Flynn.
Jack Johnson and others, and
with his brother will put on a:
de-lreal show If the opportunity is i
fBERLIN. -Oft. 26. (A.P.I
"Say it with flowers" will be
made easier by the adoption of
.will have to do is to walk Into ,
the nearest telegraph office, fill j
up a form marked BU I for bou
quet) and pay according to
schednle tor the flowers, together '
with an extra -charge tor delivery
,hy special messenger.
By Beating Risko
compelled 'consideration of him-
seuf by the great showing he
made against Tuuney more than
two rears ago. ' The Sharkey-:
Heeney fight will take place in
New York next month.
The fight tonight was disap
pointing to the 17.000 persons
who crowded Into Detroit's new
arena, the Olympia. to witness It. .styled colored heavyweight cham-j
The crowd largely was with P'011 of the world. He is a suc-j
Risko. Part of Its disappoint- cessor to thai gallant lineage, j
ment waa due to the fact thst-lt Peter Jackson. Sam t.ungf:rd. Joel
failed to realise - that -heavy- Walcott. Joe Jeannette. Jack I
weights do not fight as fast as .Johnson nud Harry Wills. )
the smaller feilowj fev know that George Godfrey ;
Heeney's attack was" confined ' not George Codfrey. Neither Is
to short but vicious Jabs. They lle ""'ee Hawaiians.
shook Risko at times, but at "Mt rea' name is Fcab. sie !
others he absorbed them without FeaD Sylvester Williams."
apparent damage to himself. Somehow you can Judge a man I
Heeney won seven rounds, withlc,er listening to bim talk. Feab
the second, third and ninth go- I Sylvester Williams, you gather af
ing to the Clevelander. In the ,er conversation, is nu mug. He:
second. Risko loosened a pair of we" mannered and dangerous-
prominent-molars and-Heeney ran ' Intelligent. j
away from him the rest of the I Xo,,r- ln this Tnnneyesque era.
round. ; this writer has always contended
. ' that brains and boxing are dull t
Vile r-air-, t Prr
wtX- y
NEW. HAVEN. Conn., Oct. 26.
(U.P.) Stew Scott, Y'ale left
end. will see the Army-Navy his choice of words, selection of
game at the expense of "Light- : the proper utensils at dinner and
honse" Harry Wilson, captain customer of the conservative
and halfback of the Army eleven, j tailor he all so evidently pafron-
Wlth tbo ball In Army's pos- ties,
session during a tense moment "I was born in Mobile, Ala.,
of last Saturday's game, Scott! sir. A fino cluntry. sir. A great
tapped Wilson on the shoulder 'city. I was born on Jan. 25,
and said:
uet you two tickets to theiine biggest baby nne ever clin
Army-Navy game you don't make !sec, so I guess It was Just natural
yard around my end next time j
,'yu try." ;
"Bet." replied Wilson. i
Yale end nailed him for a loss ;
ot one yam. tncm. r?ur ny knockouts, in i:i-' i
"Don't forget those Army-'l knocked out Bill Tate In eight.
Navy tlrkcts." Scott reminded Battling Jones In six and K. O.
him. Godan In two.
"Thi.-n I led with my chin
"Fl'LI, BOItH"- F.WOHKII ' against Jack Renault," he grln
BY WOMEN OF HF.RMN ned widely, "and was clipped In
!the llth round."
BERLIN. Oct. 20. (A. P.) In the next three years he flat
Women will wesr their hair long- tened Fred Fulton. Tnt Jackion.
cr in Berlin this season, the new avenged a defeat by Renault In
style being the "full bobb" If the (eight rounds, outpointed Marty
forecase of the Ladles Hulrdress-' Burke twice and rcok Sully Morn
ing association ot Crcatcr Berlin gomery. Tiny Herman und Bob
Is accurate. The "full bobb" per-
mits additional locks at the back. ' "My favorite punch, sir, Is a
-r-- left hook. I stand like this.
T..U I)L.. : shift one step and wham let's
kuo Kneumatic, huv i. in the beiiy;
1 ! InintD ' Jao1' fiharKer arned a close
iLIling JOIu IS . decision over the favorite punch
J Qfr Uolri!on, lli,fht ,n Bo,,on- h"t said
iUU OlOp rain afterwards that "nobody ever
nulled me as hard as this guy
St. Jacobs Oil stops any pnin, , Godfrey. " which is no faint pr.ile
and rheumatism Is pain only. ! If you kmw yonr Sharkey.
Not one case In fifty requires' Godfrey Is Inclined "to fatten
Internal treatment. Stop drug-1 m, h. m, timm.
glng! Itub soothing, penetrating
sore, stiff, aching Joints, and re-' . ' " """-'"-lief
conies Instantlv. St. Jacobs besl :ng Is 2iU and he
Oil is a harmless rheumatism !' a1 fet one Inch. That makes
liniment, which never disappoints, I him look like a mountainous
and cannot burn the skin. 'chocolate sundae.
Limber lip! Quit complaining! Every time Godfrey gets In li
Oct a small trial bottle of old,
honest. Rt.
Jacobs Oil at any
drug store, and
you'll be free
In Just a moment
from rheumatic
miln. .fimna.. an1 llflna,, ,
Don't "iTnffer! ltitilef " ,n'.
St. Jacobs Oil Is Just as good for
sciatica, neuralgia. lumbago,
backache, pralns. adv. ,
Fisuc World Sees New Black Menace in Godfrey'
, ' ' ' V
'ew CV-1P6S7 i?S laMssr
.NEW TORK. lOct. 8S. Plc-
ture a man, a huge bulk of al
man with skin like cocoa that!
has had an extra dash of cream j
.added, a chest as round as a keg i
of beer, and a head, a head like 1
n e'
a chocolate Easter etc
That man
is Goergo Godfrey.
"e ' I111
merry I
gentleman wun
rollicking dls-
position, a wide Ivory smile, ut-
tcrly unlike anything resembling !
a "black menace." j
Today he is a potential box or-1
fiie attraction, lie Is the self-!
(Combinations. Th.s wriler likes
his fighters in the raw. He
en who can catch and
i throw punches with equal alacrity
i and who bleed nice and easily,
'. Intelligence In all and any form.
.and wishes George Godfrey
wculd not be so painstaking In
1901 and my mammy says I was
that I turned to boxing for a I i v-
Ing. :
"I began my career In 1919 j
when I knocked out bildle Jainl-t
son In one round. ,1 had four.
contents in 1!I22 and won nil :.f i
Dougherty, quaintly termed the
'rlna someone auks to know when
,h. lll,,nn l lnr tin. The
last two times the only thing to
go up were the pantaloons of the
opposition,. They described
' PPlle parabola and flopped on
I canvas with great eclat still
'enclosing the customary portion
ikTUe boo?? r , :
ouefcoiMNv Atc3(oey 11 1 s i--vV ' .
'gUCkl MEW ACE fi, I. - jl 1 1 v'
.- an
! of the anatomy that ordinarily be -
longed on the corner stool.
C i ' """"!
""ocseu jionio .nunn. ior- -"i'"-.. .
mcr football star, for a field goal I Others maintain (ho two gen-
in the fourth, and ousted Jluiitlenien he knocked down had
Moloney's chin while the opening hinges for knees anyway ,0ml that
! gong echoes were still ringing.
This writer hears condictinK
' Ilk i
suits rny
A n - w
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Nationol Joy Smoke. Throw back the lid
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j . ' ll
: I I
5"M" '
reports about Mr. C.jdfrcy. Some
:Mr. liodircy would prooaniy ue
doing the right thing by himself
no other tobacco is like it!
r "- '-'' . , . .. . ,, ,.,"'" " '-..':;,- ' . V
Football Teams
Of East Out To
Recover Losses
j The Vle-Ditrtmuiilli gnmn S itur-,
day muy not ufforMlie thrills (,
I halt a ttoien olhrr giimi's In'
(which tli:fiHti'il eluvehi will try!
j to bent bark along the uriiUrpn
! trail I lijtt wei-k.
Army, ColHt'li. tjiKaynllc,
t'e mylviiilu. tlnrvtud and Nuvy
sr.' a fi-w of. tho i'alrit ti'snia
I which l try to- regain some
I of Ihrlr lost presllgi'. . ,
The powerful Army tvum.
.'which howuil HI' maul
! four points. iCIII lie plltml iikiiIiih:
! urj'T!:T,x Unn c",v""
1 nt Wrsl .Point. ,
iiiii'kiicii, cnui-niiii ny i.-nii
i !nnvcly,' fortniir mentor . of lh"
Mvllefiiiite nradi'iiiy, national'.. , t v ,.,., . tu
t chuntptons, is one of the fcurprle
i teams of the year. AIIIiouhIi
I held to n acnrelrsa lie by I'.cnevu,
j rtncknelt beat the strong lVnn
: tato letm ami diKposeil of its
other foes In short outer.
Cornell, beaten by 1'rlttroton
last week, faces Columbia nt
j Ithaca In another mime that
I promise to tinnUh n real sii'iii;
I gle. ('nliimblii lost to t'ulKitlr.
l;t to 7. but ha made progress
( since thut defeat urn! Is unl to
I give" Itolile's men plenty ut
'J'oor old Harvard, overwhelm
ed by Purdue and Dartmouth,
faring another one of those rough
mldwestern teams In Indlunu.
The HiHislers were good enough
to hold Minnesota to n 14-14 tie
anii .otre name to a ls-s score-
I which Is bad news to a team Ihit
j was beaien ls-0 by Purdue.
' WAI.I.A WAI.LA. Wash . Oct.
' U'.P.I Shot down hy M tr-
and Notre Dame to a 19-6 score-
hal James Smith after he had
killed Charles Mnrkham. railroad
sectlou foreman. Manuel Lopes.
Mexican. Is In a critical ion-
dltlon here tonight,
j ' -
: If he gave up boxing and link
In Washing.
Time, my dear rlassmiies,
'nl;no will tell.
satisfying tobacco-body that you've been
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That's Prince Albert. Men. I'm here to say will suit you and your pipe, ' too.
J Dartmouth star
II VMIXI It, N. II., !l. U1U
(t'l'l INithnoiitli luia iiiiihIi
IimivIi Tcns ctuvlxty Ms
foolltnll tcuiit. .
illin t'olc, Ihillna, 'I'i'vnt,
m livtril hnrlMiiililll Imhuiim"
"iliire no Hit's lii'it'." lie
Imtuglit lili row HiM,v nil It liim
mil tin llio flrnt tint of pruo
tUt' ln roilt- tlio aiiHsl ilnsn
In the rMil iind il. hi liil hlni
.1 -out.lili while It: u-Hit'ivil.
t'olo In It NUllHlltllle lltrklo
cii lite tiirll ami In iihh-IciI
tu play niEitlimt 'nli.
! . , .et.. '
for army match
, y
! NKW YOltK. Oct. ill (i;.l'.
ii comiiliilD sell-oul. Kil llurrow,
himlneii iiuiniiKer nf the Ysu
keiH. Ittm Hiinouiii'etl nil of the
7il.nu0 setts haw heen sold.
Tlio crowd will murk a new
.fnotlmtl ntliMiiliiui-e
New Yotk city.
record "f
The pnrdonnlila prlae of Klnm
ulh Valley hosiilUl Is vha efll
clenl scrvlro rendered humanity
tlnougti well equipped Install
lien.' ...
1 su-J-.-i m' " i umiinu :
I waaasMstseBtsttttiMSK
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Why You Should See
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You'll fi-el the chills creeping
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