The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, October 25, 1927, Page 8, Image 8

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SENATE'S NEW fM'Nary Enroute For Washington, . '
COMBINE WILL ! Will Discuss Farm Legislation
SAl.KM, Oil. Kl. 1.41 fulled from Snleiu to I'-riluiid fur pur-
" ' " ! Slates Senator MeNsry left Salem past of an- all-year channel Is
Western Republican! at mum ludny anil will leave, nnotfier '"Issue. I have rollecled
: lorlland loniplil for Washlnaiun. ' ilata ivuulvo lo toiuiuerce and
for tho next eoiigreiwlonal sea- 'showing the value, of a clear
!slon. supping enroot at SI. P.nil river.
1 'and Chicago to thresh cut furru "A so.'u as congress convenes
j WASHINGTON'. Oct. H. (.11 Ughilntlon posslbllltlea with farm a hearing .will he hold on the
With the purposes of oue of lt organisations In those cities. , I'matlUa rapids and tho Deschutes
Attempting to Iron
Out Difference
mvoibcrs vigorously challenged by
Defer leaving here today Sen- j pr-'Jeeu."
Kelnllve to an eiiort starieu
(Governor XlcMullen of Nebraska, iaior. l Nary mentioned a num- Relative to an effort starte.
"..h r ber of Issues that will have his ! by the Salem -chamber of com
tnc'senatoa new combine of r reaches Wah-'mere, to have Ike Sliver free
western independent republicans ,'""'"n mh,n ","" , Ka, dtatrlrt r, ,nto . ,.
TO -railed logeliirr today in an , , k !5,.nau,r-Ml.Xary
at.eaipt to remove ... difference. ; I I. ;'ta" since a government' park ropre-
on tarin legislation, east.' said t-euator Mi .ar . . . reported adverse-
Th. Nebraska's .Hack cm-l-earHer than I had hoped HlMm ml.
bodied In a statement laaued at le.u-e of uncertainly a. to the(' .
Lincoln was directed at Senator form farm legislation Is to taae. v ,
g-jvernruent would
i-ni with the state
leu. la Jeopardising the uecesa of tlona in St. Paul and t hlrago. At- " ' ., k
the repebllcan party In the com- Iter my arrival In Washington, j " I""
Ing . political campaign and the ; propose to hold a series of con-: . , T
agricultural program as well br-ferences with farm leaders, rep-1 Kppl finiljnieniS
nronarand ted move resentat ves of farm orgamia-,
Jtorah of Idaho, a leader In the ; Before going on to VVashlnRtiin. ! ",,,,re- ' " 1
western bloc. who. said McMul-l will enter wlih farm crgawlsa-""I ' " ,
leu. la Jeopardlilng the success of tlona in St. Paul and Chicago. At-
Now Slowing Up
leavy cattle shipments during
a "widely propaganutteu more , resentences or larm oraai
to gain control of western dele- J Hons, business men and advisers
galea to the national convention. ; of life administrations. . These
; The farm states he declared, j inferences will pertain tj farm
. , 1 .( nul.lAi. tr . i XI V. ...... t t V, .. f
. obtain the legislation they desire ,omt measure that will bo safe."1- month are slackening
than they have been In years an4 satisfactory to the business and the beef movement out of
and "to accept seriously the pro- nnj arm interesta of the country Klamath county Is virtually at an
Siam which Senator Borah seemsjW e adopted lulo law. ' sni tor this vear. officials of
to be heading would mean throw- -. nave . number of importrnhe Soutll0rB '.acin announced
lnt his chance away." - matters, awaitibc my .atUnUori . . Z
Cltlag what he termed Borah 'a mBen reach Washington; .Ob ; on(iaT. --j
record at Indifference" to Krl-,of thesis the demand In P;rt- SUton carloads of beef are
cultural needs, Mr. UcMulIcn pre-, laai t;r , 35 foot channel. This scheduled to go south this week-
dieted that should the Idihosn , wlu ,3, up with the board , and, there will be a few scattered
be successful. It would be at the ot engineers so that they ; shipments during early Xovem-' of uttpport which- nor- ,ean determine the matter before .'ber. It was stated. Eight cars
mnlly wonliTbe thrown to former uresa meets. - -ot ca",w r8 fnel11 f'S0
Governor 1-owdcn or some other, .. 8nan ,aka np w,n' the see-j In over the O. C. B., this week,
western candidate '"loyal to they, of war ,he question of a officials of that-line said. -
cause of agriculture", with a ta,y 'aviation base at Astoria for1 While figures on the total'shir
suiting division of opposition and ,aMnai defense. - j mcnts of beef caunol be divulged
a possible opportunity for the' ..Vth the secretary of agrl- br railroad officials, the move
republican reactionaries to die- caq,Bre am going to take up''mpn, ,hls 'r" n" been
tate the nomination ot their
t. t m .Atf.nPMe tram.
way to the top of Mount Hood, j o'h f".'
t . k. ,..t-.i I ing 50 carloads. Most of th
Utgly heavy with one single shlp-
chnire with little difficulty.
Toward other members of the The chu,f toniWr bn refused
bloc. Governor McMullen was-. . ,ho nr.
more kindly disposed. They. h)mc,er, ,na tg now , matter ' u,n ,"l "'"'" " nny
aaiu. nave demoastratea mat tney of fakllt np wlth thc sccrctary 1 out uy mis c.
ing SO carloads. Most of the
stock has been loaded at Chllo-
:Medford Dry Cop
! Facing Trial In
! Portland Courts
j Talent It Charged With
Manslaughter Follow-
1 ' ing Fatal Shooting
j MKPKOKIl. Ore..-0t.,, ,.
:P. A writ of habeas corpus
I rum causa. was served upon the
cln'ult court of Jackson county
tills morning, dlrecltsit IlfifllWns
fer of the trial of Terry . fral
enl. federal prohibition enforce
ment officer, lo the.-redyml, sunrl
at Portland. The wW t- Hon
ored by I'lreiilt Judge O. M. Cor
kin of ltkevlew. Ore., and the
case la now under Juris
diction. , ;" Mini
Talent waa iudicted by a Jack
son county grand Jury and
charged with Involuntary man
slaughter, as a result of the fatal
shooting ot .Mnnsford Zlinmerlee.
Trail rancher, during a moon
rhino raid on tho night of Sep
tember :s, Ztnimcrlcs died as
a result ot gun ahot wounds.
day later. In a last verbal state
ment, he accused Talent of fir
ing the fatal shot as Zlmmcrlee
fled. '
Talent, who appeared at the
short proceedings this mottling
was represented by I'nited Stales
District Alloruuy licurge Jivuncr.
who eyilAlueil the writ of habeas
corpus cunt eauxa. .an9 'staled
that If Jackson county desired,
a anotion asking that the rase
Ut'remanded here for trial, could
lie tiled In the federal court.
This not likely o ocntr The
cuulity will be represcntedln the
case by Assistant Attorney Gen
eral I.. A. Llljeqvist. who was
named stK-cial prosecutor.
The date of the trial. In a'l
probability, will be set when Tal
ent Is arraigned for pleading
next Monday in the federal
SAIsKM. t)ct. 114. (,! Three
Salem , women wvro Injured Hi
linlsey, Sunday night when an
autoiucebllu driven by Mlsa Nell
ThM'Iffti. caught its rear out
slds on a deep aliiuldcr
of the JWI Pacific highway and
sklddei" vlear around on the wet
I'avoimait lo laud In the ditch.
Mt H. if. Dyer had tu be
br.imlit to Iho Salem genernl hos
pital In lan ambulance. She Is
Hufferlni from shock and bruises,
Mri ibhV.v Thlelson Buffered a
badly " dlsed shoulder slid a
cut na. the head. Mrs, Sadie
SlciifaViiffcrvd nil Injured nrm
which luay bo broken."
(Continued from P-age One)
mnrcd that lo play for blngos
is. to gamble.
Councilman Klmer . Ilnlslgcr
-ost the sole dlseeutlntt vote In
I tie move tu abolish the blugu,
Oitlarlng tliar unless some sub
stitute Is made for the bingo,
the council might as well order
-art! room owners to stop their
games entirely.
Police Frustrate !
Plan For Crimes
I. OS ANtll.KH. Oct, S4. I IT I
Arrest uf Kay Yeoman, long
ought In connection with lllc
murder of Iho aged grocers III
holdups here, ami three members
ot his ulleaed crime, ring tonight ,
Is believed by police to have,
frustrated a lung Hal ot content
pluled crimes In l.os Angeles and
Uenvur. I
Plnlts of the crimes, containing '
inluulo details and, dales were
Hilld by t'hlef of Deleellves ller-j
man-nine to have -been found
011 Y eo in rill. 1
Cllnn deelured Ibt lUf Included
two -robberies uud two murders'
here and tho murder ot guards!
ami payroll clerks ot II10 Denver
cuh comapny at licnvor. In Hie
l)i liver rssu a S4l.uup payroll
wus to liave becu snuglit.
The throe men lukeu wlthi'
1 co man were Idrullfled by po
lice lis t'lnlr (M-iyton, Joe Jack-'
sou and Jack Allen. Police snv
they are former t'hlcngo gunmen. 1
San Fruliclscn'a bel
popular priced hotel
ill Powell HI. be
tween tleary tuid t'.
Km 1 ell - lu Him heart
of Iho Ihralrlitil dis
trict and close to all
down town aislvltles.
Itiiniilng Icewaler lu
every room.. Your
aiilo chivked nl dour
like . baggage. Our
dining runni In con.
uectloii serves .break
fast 35 cents, lunch
du cents and dinner
81) cents.
Kvery Hcck.eud I lie football luletil if
the coiisl are seen In action III Sun
Krsmls.u and Palo Alto, t'ollcge and
"scml-pri!" games. The .best . roles
sb mil talent In Iho country "choose lu
play" In llils district.
The fainou"HeiV' llrniiKe and Kr
lile Neveis lll be seen here with an
nil slur I en in In liecetnber, and lleiiny
Kilediiian will niiikn Ills Initial west
ern appearance at Hie same lime,
limine Wilson, former Husky slur,
and 'Tut" luilnyv along with oilier
lialloiiullr knuttu slurs, will be fiutur
eil in H.iudiir games ul Kwlng Kleld.
lliick" Muller's services are also be
ing soiiglil. So spend our week-ends
In San r'laiiclsio and see good foul
bnll gumes.
'Meet Mo at the Manx" Football Team Headquarters
Try News Classified Ads for Results
want to see "effective farm Jegis- of ,Krl.ul,ure.
lation enacted.
In addition to Borah, the-
Kroup includes Norris of Neb-
Two carloads of bulls went out
b i. rvi... if t trntwvuwt I
. ' to the Sprgue Klver country
harbor Improvements aro waiting , . " ,. . .
for me in Washington. These
over the week-end with one car
raska. its choice for the presl- , . ' ",'r .. of this stock arriving here from
d.ncy; Nye and Frasier of North l" ' , j ' S Rim last night. ,
llsknls an.l-rtmnkhn.rl r.t " ' '
present tne "e, .0 '"'" Tou mU, find Rlamatb Vgl-ay
eoglceers as bases for -their re-htap,.,f a moun commodious
pons- roBsr. : hotuot up-lf-d4ta la all particu-
' GIRL IS PUZZLING, enirg of the - Willamette river. Urs. i
roilTLANU. Oct. !4. () Lc
land Rosener Jr.. 16. son of a
wealthy San Francisco man, for
whom a coast-wide search bad
been made since he disappeared
a week axr. lias been found
working in a mlno- at Carson
City, Nev. Word f this effect
was received today by tile police
llmv mreny llini-v
4t day b you use
your teeth?
Ihl you ever U' ,: '. '
think of I li a t? V'..
Olve them Just one-halt the raro
they deserve and thoy will
serve you well.
Have au examination of your
teeth and learn Ilia truib.
Open Evenings
Nitrous Oxide Cas
"Ih-ntMrr With a Written
tiojirentec" '
hi ti.VllM.W lil.lKJ., Oth M.1IX
j 'i PORTLAND, Oct. 14. W) I
Officers are much puttied over
the continued absence ot Alice !
Walters, 14-year otd Hood River j
girt -who disappeared trim . her 1
home a week ago
All clues have been run down, j
AH theories of the officers have :
been tried out and still tbey are '
no closer to locating tho girl.- ," j
Inei Frederick, 16, the Wal-:
ters' girl's companion who was j
Injured when she fell from a mov- ;
Ing train at Cascade Locks early j
last week, is In the Hood River j
general hospital recovering from ,
the amputation ot three tbes.
For results use News Class Ada. f
Tier la the solution to the
LETTER COLF punle on page 4.
usc j less
S chilling
For goodness' sake, use 'j less of
Schilling Mustard! That goodness is
maintained by eliminating all b-" and
all bland oil - Schilling Mustard is
all mustard none but the flavor- 1
making and zeitful parts of mustard. .
iking Powder
Ltesi. - , cay sV- () .4.v
Dollar Day
Visit the Pacific Interna
tional Live Stock.
Exposition , .
to Portland and Return
Going trip to be made on Special Train leaving Klamath Falls,
Oct. 28. Return portion good on any train in coaches only, ar
riving Klamath Falls prior to midnight, November 1.
' ' Lvr Klainath Falls'. ....i,,. . i.7:4"u.m. .
. Algoma 8:0:1
Modoc Point 8:115 ' -
Chiloquin ....'...'.!.... :........8::0 ')
' Hne Kidge 8:3-1 1
Kirk 8:52
Ar. Portland 6: 15 p. ni.
On your return, if you winn, use tho Mpcutly Couch' Train Ifiiving rurtlund
on Sunday and Tui'sdny ut, 10:00 n. m.. nrrivinK Klamuth Falls 8:23 p. m.
Atk any Southern Pr.cifie Representative for Further Information
Southern Pacific
J. J. MILLER, D. F. & P. A. A. S. ROSENBAUM, Central Agent
Phone 709
i9 SPicex,
3 1 Extract
Eleventh and High
With Christ After
The Lost
7::iO Ki-rry Evening
K. It. Mulholland, I'astor
i. n. rii.ri-i;Li,K,
ChniK-l Cur Evnng' HA
Sermon Subjects This
Mondnj- God's "Mr Hon"
You Are Sleeping on the Job
Tuesday K e a t h e r I n g the
Devil's Nest The Moiling
Season ot the church.
Wednesday Pulling on the
Marking Straps, You Old
Sinner, Turn Around.
TlmrMlny F I a. h 1 1 n ft tho
Devil With Klre A Hal
lowe'en Tarty at the church,
I A -bushel of fun nod plenty
ot rellKion I.
Friday Get Off the Fence
You Are Nobody (Joins No
Where After Nothing.
Kneelnl Jluslc Kvei-y ifflit.
Don't tnlns a single service.
Wnlch tills iurp for
oilier nnnoiinrenieiits.
Here We Go Again
BILL -i-
may prove WORTHLESS
NEITHER your deed nor abstract
of title is proof that title to your
real estate it sound. They arc merely
evidence that property has been con.
veyed, BUT
Issued through us by the
Title and Trust Company
guarantee that your title is good. If
some defect is disclosed this company
will defend the title in court at its own
expense, and in case of loss thc policy
assures relief.
Sit St.UV PllOSK 100
Here We Go Again
It's the second Social Dance of Elkdom,
Old BILL? and it i L a DANDY!
Wednesday Night, Oct. 26,
i' -i ... i
Furnishing their Superior Music.
Visiting Eks In Klamath '
You must be present. Also guests of any
Klk are welcome.
': . . ,.
This' is a' Social1 Dance "worth while.
. . f r . ... r ' j
All the newest styles in celebrated Red Ball
Band Rubbers Rubber Pacs and Boots All
Red Ball Band Rubbers are guaranteed to give
satis fa'ctory wear.
Slickers and Rain Coate in short, medium,
and full lengths Light, medium and heavy
weight Coats and Pants Alligator make
M-r-r-H -H -H-t-H ,