The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, October 19, 1927, Page 2, Image 2

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Tiser Flowers !
Ate Get Chance :
pnlle Fight
TOI.r'.IMI, l Met. IN. ri)
MkVr Walker, wiM-kl'n ml.Vlh-;
Mflilll rhwwlptos). Itta) he Mwil
in 4of"iil hu. ilik' agabist Tajji-r
KVvaWra, ttmrula Nntrm from
whctti he ima h M Ctitcasn luat
larctnther accenting' to-the '
ItoOtU tuning lonimlMHMi.-
. lposltlon of the case was
lcftj.ln th hand of President j
Thomas ' K. Donahun, Conucetl-i
ul (Boxing roBuKIVWirr. After j
' mall Tot. V' J)'"1' taken, i
Honsjhue wlir make hlK decision, i
una,; If i -pni4 t found
! W"lf ToWd lo
det.&d lif fttJ wftniu. so diri
or U' iiiKAMiitfTfi-Sntt f- (
filtwd with the National
riatMii. , " !
iimnrgt In ' question j
called for return .bout within
se buy Is" 111 eWirt.rWalker ,
wniijthe title, t
The champions recogutcVii by.i
111 ijrommwwinn follow:
Itfavywetxht. One . Tminey.
, l.Jitht-heav.vwclRht.'jImniy' Slat
lery Middleweight. Mickey Walker.
welterweight. Joe Dundee
iJbthtwelght. Sammy Mnndell.
s rfeatherwetght. Benny Bass.
, lpntamweiehtv Hud Taylor.
' Flyweight.- vacant due so vol-,
umary retirement of Fidel .
Hnrba of California. .
Tile following , officers wri
elected: President. Thomas- K.
Iloijjfthlte of Connect lent, '
"lco-ireldeTft Paul Prehu of
Illiafiia. Thomas. A. Murphy of
fainda. Stanley .Isaacs, of lhl-
and. Thomas- W. Merer of .Mi.t.-
inf: . -
Secretary ' Treasurer Latrobo
Cogswell of Maryland.
Coblidge Has. o
9 -VT A J Jixi
,rew Aaaiuon
wjashim;tx. o,-t. is. tr.
F.I Prwslrtent Coolidfa Jia
ado Red a new .table mate for
his electric .hobby horse.
.Va Vlectric ' -vibrator, which
maaaHjaa.. miuv-lis and - reduces
toe jufillne. thas been installed
at the white house..
The president is said lo use
both exercising devices.
At the liberty
If capacity audiences for a run
of tvo-days iataaa ainyihinK. the
feature at the Uberty .Theatre.
"Th Better Way." should be
viewed by all the other If there
iTra anjv other screen entbuaiasta
tualt&t. 'for It wilt conclude Its
eniajtement here' with the last
Hbowtifc. ":.:
: UWfcthy TleViw and' Italph Ince.
havulje-leading role and' are
Kiv.fl exf-ellenf support - by a
tale ml east: Ince also directed
with the supervising cooperation
of Harry Cobn, general manager
of Columbia productions. - '
-.The : story concerns a poor
young stenographer who boys a
lucky hit of stork and wlua a
f ottos..- There is a thrill In it
from the first reel to the fianl,
a.nd' the. love Interest has been
cleverly sustained In a plot with
a decided O. Henry finish.
. " . .
ESPARTP. Calif.. Oct! 18. (U
PI- "Will the man who blew up
th safe' In my store please '.mail
back my .bank book and the
checks." J. V. Leithold. local
druggist, broadcast here recently.
The robbers look ll0 worth
of money and merchandise as
well as Ihe checks.
APPFTll F' YfillKf; M-f nirnh.'Tard'Tey "echired
J.1.!"1.11 IvWW'bent when , he was granted a die-
I y L 1 three times.-. Mrs. Yardley declar-
I J ed. Police ' were mystified by
I ' s 9 r'na,, bnrglarles -and so
I I' - "f 1 f wa 1 """" ' heard njyhub-and
I V , . P ! waa gamblliig. fouh he sras stay-
I sylKJ&M'4
It villi, have lo forrc . youraelf '
In eat. and iiivariatilv . get In-J
(tigeatlild. slUBsUh headlichea. I
und yim are Inning weight, ex-
eslve aridity is milling ' your .;
atnmnch. . i.
This excess acid sours your !
. fonil. turns It Into sour bile and :
, foul gases, end you 1 are con. ;
stanlly nervous and npaet. ;
' Thousands i of people credit
their good health and young. up. i
pvitlte to Pape's Dinpeiiyin. it
disnilri-s the acids and sweetens 1
the stotnsrh so yon call eat any--I
thing ymr want. That's why C,
nvilliou parkages are. sold every
year. Chew one or two of the:
taMeia after meals, and you will
never hav indigeatlon, or he
All drug stores "have "rape's ;
Dlupepaln. Adv. ' j
Laugh on Pop
llere K. P.. ?SHp" Madluan.
St. Mary'a coach. whoe team
ga Stanford a . t-n aurprlac
beatlnn early fWltlettohcr.' Madt
aan la a protege of Knute Korknc
at Notre likmeiC HI team wa
undefeated I art aeaaon.
Speaker. .Will ,
' Go To Braves
- w . - . . -
The Xew .York Telegnuu aaya In
a copyriebted article that Trta
Speaker, forunr Clcvelanil man
ager and Washlnutnu alar.' will
be made nvmaser of tha Boaton
nrnvw. ' to '.tleeee.V1 fiv lion-
wa. .released
' An official announcement of
th appointment . of Speaker, th
article said, will be made this
week by Jmlje Emit Puchs. presi
dent of the Braves.
Speaker has been given hia
release' by joe Washington rlnb.
with' which he signed-last win
ter after hts release from the
Cleveland Indians.
If he is made manager of the
Boston Braves, he' will return w
the city in which he became fam
ous as a rtval'.-in- popularity to
Hill Carrigau, - uuMiafter of-,the
Ked Sox and hat former boas.
Actor Menjou
' In Hospital
" LOS ANtOWjESV Oef.' 1. il.
P.) -Adolph Menjou,' film star.
; removed to a'hospitnt-'for obaer
' ration of stoMacb "t rouble, was
reported to lie resting comfortab;
' ly tonight.
The actor's condition is not
: serious, according to bis physic
lan. who said 'lie dirt not think
' an operation would be' necessary.
f LONDON. ' Oct. IS. (Pi One
. of the nueerest of queer British
societies Is that of the "Plying
'Golfers." -Five 'toembers-wbonr-
vide their attention between golf-
Ing and flying, comprise Its per
sonnel. The first meeting of the
'club Is 10 he held at .HraitcaBter.
Norfolk. The Tive' inenibers. will
(ly in light airplanes lOO.mlles to
'the course. pla" a Totind.' and fly
: back. "' " ' " -'.
Capt. W. llordoft Aston, has out
lined an ambitious 'vpS-ograninie
- for the club' for' the Immediate
; future. The members will hold
'a 36 mptrh. nine holes to be
played In England. . Scotland.
Walea and Ireland.
1 ' ' ' r ' '
j Ayilh a yearning to gambling
"- and no money with whinh to ful
'j. fill the desire. Arnold Vardley
;ore. ' TOifr boui w, robber!
ing out all night stud then raiigh't
him leaving the bW' with a pil'
Ifw full of loot, r- ' ' . '' '
M ItKK.t MAN Klf.LKI) "
EPIlKKA. Calif.. Oct. XS.'ijP)
Kenjannn Peterson. 4. Helo. ms
night from injuries received when
he was. struck by a falling tree
r In the, woods of the Little , River
Redwood Lumber company - 20
1 miles north of here.V He. .lit our-'
vlved by a brother itt Oregon..
BEhvikiO 0V?i VTU v ' ' '
ate v ' ". 'It" '.
1. 1-
"We I elleve lite flneel unare
aallou of vaudeville talent tbat
lias ever at..Mired in Klnmnth
Kalla U at the Pine Treo thea-
ler toilay."' the Pine Tree
i miuacemi'iit. A miwt entniutas-
lie aatltence anr.wea ineir aihtjt.
al of every number laal ulRhl
and the uiilveranl comment
, that eai h uet
was better than roll nil nout ai me i.rKtnii nun iikc irui nnuMnein mm mm mn
(tie. The- four ,J"t lbK when Starkey- hnrke Itervd llnrrlitKton tlm and aa-aln
: N'ossokofr. doiiif
' Knaaian dantlng. are Itrace -r-
: titled, and I lit. acl. a well a.
that of the Florentine trto are a
... ' .1.. . : . 'ivin iqw . mm tto iimni ...
-l r: i,;
n. w .ter. Starkey-a IM cracked aaaluar)
The Plte Jre. la oftvrtn ,noul,,.r aui ,ir.k.;
K-ollowin thia vaudeville pre,enr
tation. Majlne'a niualcal playera
wtll be preacntrd Thurwtay and
Friday. Thia troupe conaNta of
seven" playera who offer a ver
satile proursm of nttialr. ane-
lall.luic In the llRht Ijri
lions. And on Saturday
Kranciat-v.-a aweet VOK-..J
tenor. Maurice C.nnaky. will an-
pear for -thre- performaiicea.
nun wu wnarevec .ne o'H"i.iii.u
and radio la known, tinnaky'a
appearance here will la? a retil
Joy to nnialc lovers.
Million Bones
.Vnr Rail 'Ta&Sim
f Ul UttU iCaill
' : ;
CI.WKI.ANIrH..-Oct. It
i . "."'J;', "I '
chase of the Cleveland h seball
club at a aum approximately 1-
000.. are .....ler way Alva
way. Alva
teroup of
iini.uej . i.e.... ... ,u .
Cleveland financiers, said today.
At tlie Pine Tree
Headed 'by "The NosaokOflS
famous Huss la a. dancers the pro-
a K a Uiiia Tr a rPsSjbskffMt
crura at the Pine Tree Theatre
last times today consisting of'
five excellent variety offering!
should prove real treat thli
Weduesday. . ' . '-.
'"Ditzy Haud" the almost hu-.
man horse start, th show off '
and Gerald and Hoag who act as
the animat Impersonators oat
arranged their offering in very (
novel ' and entertaining manner. .
Their comedy steps keep th
audience In roars of laughter
from atart to finish.
ticorge Bradley, a young
comedian who specialties In Heb .
rew monologues and stories la a
likeable youns - fellow with a
pleasing personality. ,
' ' The Florentine' TrlO who fea
ture harmony songs ore- --wall
balahceVl 'T b g I to g DreieDUtiOn.
with repertoire that 'should:
appeal to all. ' '
- Boh While who stands In
vaudeville today as one of 'th'
greatest bird imitators and sif-'
fleurs U a gifted younr fellow
who" presents his different stunts
in a somewhat differehf manner. ;
A continual line of smart patter j
runs through his act. ' '
The act featuring the Pour 1
NossokoffS Is a distinct hoveKy .
Insomuch as double addagto daae-
ing is executed nt the one tin
by on of the men handling both!
girls. 'A novel and difficult on-'
dertaking. Remarkable and ;
g-raceful Interpretations that sup j
ply a thrill long to be remember-
ed. Russian Apache and other j
international numbers-' are - 1'a-j
eluded In their stirring 'repet-;
tolre. 1
For result nsa New Tbtsa Ads. .
Add Scalp
How many carefully coiffured
: beuda can stand the teat o( ye
only Inchea away, and rereal not
a speck of dniidrti((? How many
women can warm tn the dunce,
and know their hair will have
no taint for the partner who
. holds them close? ,
Nc one ran be sure who has
' acid sculp.
H you even suspect this acid
j condition of tho scalp. It Is time'
for l),iiidi;rlne. This scientific:
'preparation will netttrnllie any i
acidity: and dissolve all dun
druff If there is any. And It
always gives the hair Itaolf' a
lovely softness and sheen. II will '
save better, hold a wave longer, '
and behave better alt the timet
If you Jus. occasionally apply I
few drops of Dandcrlne. Try t
It! Every drugstore has this per- j
feci conditioner of the scalp and !
; hair, and a thirty-five rent pot-'
'tie lasts for weeks. Adr. .'
AfK.i:- - t
WfenMESDAY. OCTfthfeU IS, 1927.
Starkey Breaks Right Hand
nth Round of Fight; Pep,
r , Webster Is Awarded, Dec lSlOn
' ' "- -'-.'.? . v - '
Pe,. VI.,er. colore.! w.-lt, .
weiKhl of Ta.o..m.V,,h..
r.wunled th'e dclalot, over KJ '
Turkey. Kl.aa.lh : Kalla. . lb. i
ninth round of a ..hed.-ed 10-
' ". wemw mp .u.
i ne eufl rain auaueuiy. ma'
.- wera iuli:idK around fn
the center of th. rlus. 8tarky
- ,-.-r;t:Would..Make Her
The flcht wan ubotit 'aven ml
... ... . .,. ,..v.. ..,
to the end. with Starkey moatly-i
the nucreaaor. and with Webaier i " .Mcr.-eU t.lellic. the, Lon- n-aTrieu at si. aiary-ic-i-irane iney
tlelni: u the Klunnth alusKer : l"n atonocrapher who awrled went atralitht to Croydon aer
In cllnchira " '"he awain the Kunllah channel drome wb.-re a apeclal nitn-hlne
The ncuni'a offeuae waa nlnioit fter aeveu iiuaucceaaful at- waa awaltlna thciu. '
imurcanuble. StJrkev', atixiotia toltotniita, Intenda to no ttiniusn
w .m,' iW, w
n.,rtiu,l, ih rtlnr...! luiv In aliiv
in. 1. in '
u hf Uh v,.batr
,,.,, fut OV(.r Sinrk.Vu i
eye. Neither boy wo. kmk-ked j
loa n and there were few blow. .
thai otaKKered. sl" want to rntuitc ra.-t the
The upt of the nlBht wua the aiiann which the hoax of lir
te. hnleal knockoni acred by l"r"thy Loean. who clulnied hc
Mike llalv. Pelican City, over wum the channel and later ad
WMlhur lluvrliirma. Cl.ti.aWii tn- m'tted ahc.-did not. caat npon
'"- kbthu: a h nr.-f.rMP.
man ,,arrl,011 4wuir.ui.
. ... .......
uaiiv in tne aixin roiinu nc
hail hiin
one' for a count of uin;
, ,.,, .,, ,hr)),. ,
" , .
. , , .,,, .,.. ,h
show was a aljabing four-roudd
draw between Kddie le-k. south
ern Pacific, and Jimmy - O'Neil.
Los Angeles.
The xiwo Junior lightweights
1 sinned awar at each other lor
. , ,,. , nnni., jr.-
wm mkt) B t re.m,,cn.
Harrington defeat upset toe
dope bucket.' The Indian wis, Jaw.
ia u xJ-il-a.a-..u usinil 1... i . .. i .. ..j i i i i
' , t. :'
tersaU, Ti
tlA..r.-.l .tr...t favorite over
Th' PH cat. f ly '"''
f '"M '"" i-mJ
" "J k 7 bV b ,
a ti.-bt ani n. 1. h
-. ...........
iiw iui.
tho h
lutereat m nslita w areu ny
re V-rtiwd praeut.
I1! I U
lllle tSrigmer
. 'i .... ..
IA)XIHX.- Mel. IS. cl'IM
!.ON'IH)N," 'Mel. IS. il'P)
rill her threat to do It '
V She left London Tueadliy to
S t 'l' :rlNei where abe
' " "''
" tb lren.e of numeroua wit-
chaniiMwtmmcn. ami alan to
vlndluit9 her own atatement tha:
' alii. Hr, iKa .llffl..,.li
- - - -
fust blat, Waek.
In view iOf Hie temperature of
tho ale' ami the wilier, experts
bellcvo her altempt must full.
' A titmll STAHT
.1 OKKtiON CITT. Oct. I. H Pi
Cutting teeth apparnntly lan'l
going to be a nulaance to little
Donald Louis Kyllo. son of Mr.
and Mrs. Pvter Kyllo of Canby.
Donald possessed two front teeth
when he .waa horn and hv the
time he wa five days old two
. .
, more teeth appeared on the lower
The cigarette preferred by
experienced smokers
lit the remarkable growing popur
: larity of the cigarette, many brands
f have bid for favqjy but Camel con
tinues to lead by billionSw
"Quality put it therd quality keeps
it there T r .
Will Rogers Is
I.O A Nil ELKS. Mel. JlH. t'
, p. I Will Unftcr. cowboy humor.
. lal and ex-mnjur of llevorly Kill
ol, ,,,, N,.w Y..rk. Hi.Mm
! ro ,",, "
1 ""a Atf I
I J1"". J'"- H
, .'.iturnla,
I.UNDON'. Oct. 11 (,pi One ut ,
lite flrat wedilltiR ever'
eaten In the air am .-onmimed
aome th?uaanda of feel uhove the I
KnKllah rhunnel. when t h.iu-:
;nionera Mary I..aln. of l.nn. i
.don, and a youna American, t'ar-
loa Smart, of New Orxcnnt. were
in the r;il)ln wua a table act tor
two. A wulu-r horered dla.-reot-
near. The love rctiaal cmialat.
ell nf ovalera. an Ice.t aomi. a
chicken fhuffle. and peachea
hr.,sl , In brandy; old wlnea to
Hr. ,,, .
With tha oyatera the pair icot
.RANrtEI, in '
"The Outlaw
A powerful drumu
with a rnilrnml back
"jfrotind and the loy
' alty of a jrrent do(t as
the absorbing: theme.
well over lh. comity of Knit. The i-olutlim H H"iivnla. Tliry ljil
aw ,, ovr .he XX
8f. Valery laomed up with (lie 1(,v bllllMH, ,m u I,, llouri.;!. .
rlil.k.-il and they nibbled' the .
neai b.w aa the wua , Tor reaulia uaa Nawa Claaa Ada.
I, -...l.i.if.-rr :. ii. 'i I il. aaaaaMia- ,
Waited Long for This
?v .
B V "
I SCARCHID o hag time (or any
leal icluf liuu. my l.ul auio-inUutk-a.
ta-n. NrunRiuiitJlivVa)utilniva Ilia
poitona InUi myprrplr.i!ion until I ti ll
Itka ovoldlna pe-'P1- l'm steiai
now. Jtiai IhruuuS .K-cvinnal u ol
VISAI.IA, t:llf.. Oct. IS. it;
l'l--llarolrt U Oliver ailed police.
ini-8 (or I J nu 3 damage lor fnlse
nirast, I. ut the Jury Imprtaoncd
hi 111 without sufflcl-ni rauae or
' . ' a .r-.-i a. .i "n,
No car of 2 wheel over $. 8.00
No car of 4 wheel over 12.50
All nii: ea. but only one jrrade. ;
tho bet-r-RAYBESTOS used.
Iiruire for safe driving now, ( RreaUljr redacnl prices-
Mo. Otli W. anil flly Limits, OppoaU tub tit. Lbr. Co.
1 all cigamiet mere as good at Camet
you. wouldn't hear anything about
special ircatmcnu to make clgctrcltcg
good for the throat. Nothing takct th
t Pfacc of choice lobaccot. , '
W .V
Ogin. Inrid .nJ Ppn
Ffw. from Any TlUnt
All tha trick laxatives In the
worlil can't tempt people who
understand, thn properlloa of cas
rum. A hunJrril dlfforciil drug will
purge; ilia iiownla, buv a little
uatural i-iuw-sra piirlliea Ihe aya.
tenr clear through. -Cleanse even
the pore of your akin. Hen
der peraplrullun as Itiolfnaaltn
as so much dew) .
Your s-randpareata tank "snlta"
sul alowly waabml owny th nu-'
eoua membrane with the waste I'
allnri'al oils are better, but they
leave ihn coating- tliat vpur blood
Mil then carry oil llitoiigh th
pores. Hut when you caa.orlio
the ayateiri, you get rid of all th
poison by noiual uiuaculor nc '
lion of th lowla.
Don't get In the nubll rf tak-,
Ing inrdlrln for ronatlpatlnn
i)r even lor autulntoiiratluo. If
rnu hilv III hnhll, stop II. A
rundv raacaret la a delightful
form in which In lak cancan;
children love them and thn taata
tempts mnat irrwwn-upa to take
"more." And what a oomlorl to
snow you are In that clean,
wholesome condition that does
away with any need'ot decider-
auta, even in warmest weaiiasr.
Tr. , rMcurot tonltbt! All dro
glats. 10c and SB. '
hj.jj jiu 11 ai'suw.i j , inaii
i.' )'
- r