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The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath'
Vol. 4, No. 289.- Frico Five Cent
(Every Morning Except Monday)
1 Hunter ILiridbiergh F"nf 1 F1 ' Coal MineRtion . ! Commission's Right
W""S1 i sa w ST
r mas w ay;
To Cabin
Mace Redmond None the
Wore for Experience; 'and Joe' Zimmerman, arrived Into.
H. Lewi Still Lot ""'' " Klamalh Kail. wllh
: llio professed Intention of i lylliK ;
. ' 'around the city for eevrral days
Lost in the Pokcgama ' ucfor continuing their Jouru-y '
. country for two days and lo Mrdford.
Li u d j 'J I" Iho I-nkovlrw raids III of
one night, Macs Redmond, ,m.od M1K, 0 Connor on I
244 Last Main (tract, wan-
dered onto a lonely cabin
18 mile, from hi. camp yes-;
terday, at 3 p. m., talked to
iL. Ailaftiskuiha 4
(I.. -..-..- .J ;
the .remote, retreat, and
toon wa. on hi. way back,
to Klamath Falls, unharm
-J W J U U.
, ' , . ...
pour, oi wanting wunoui
' In lit! niroulhm another hun
' ler. Ilirry lwls. -waa nporlcd
In be in eaiitern Klamath
hear llatty. Il had not tMn
Iwratwl al a lato hour lam night,
and If no tarorahle news la ri
r el red this ' morning Hhur
rlCf llswklna will organlte a
party and Inaltlula a romiire
henslre aearch.
Lewis has been Inst allien Prl
da) tho alierltfa office was told.
On that day, tccoatpaulrd by W. P1
Duney.Mid another companion,
lwl started out ou
huul. .
deer I
THo rMtratn
Coming to noddle mauntnln th. j
trio agreed lo separal
in skirt the -west aid' of ihi ,
mountain and the other two war- :
In go over the top and around the :
south aide. j
lwls failed to appear at lh '
ptearrllH'd meeting place. Tho
t men built firm, fired guns j
and combed tho hills aearchlnii
for Iho lost man but lo no arall. ,
Feerful Ibat the hllumd has aus-'
(Conllnucd oa laigo elgtit) i
Recognition Of
Hawaii's Rights
Asked Of Davis
WABIIINGTON. Oct. 17. 'il'IM
--liovemnr Farrlngton and dele
gate Victor Houston, ot Ha
waii today visited Becretary of
Labor Davis. Although primar
ily courtesy call, the gorortior
look Iho opportunity 'lo request
a continued polliy of full recog
nition of rlghta of llawall'a Amor
lean rltlxens uf oriental ances
try, especially lu Imtnegratlon
The govornor Indicated he had
sought to safeguard I ho rlghta
of those citizens lo enter the
Vnltid Ktntes without unneces
sary obstacles. He said there was
now a belter altitude on the par',
of Pacific coast Inspectors thun
formerly, hut added thjit a gen
eral walchftilnees toward the
situation would continue.
Milton Budlong '
To Get Divorce
NHWPOUT. II. I., Oct. 17. UV
-rAfl absolute divorce for Mlllon
1. Iludlong of New York and
Newport will be granted by Judge
Herbert Carpenter of the superior
court in a rescript to bo handed
down Inter, ho nnnouneud hi the
conclusion of testimony today.
tin mild that hn would rule
th nt Mrs. Josslo Margaret llud
Inng ahoulit receive no alimony
nfler toduy.
"I'm loo human."
That's the answer Harry
W. Poole, local theatre man
4 gavo n Herald reporlor who
asked hint whnt he brought
back from a recent door
hunt of several dnys, spent
with n party of Mentis In '
Modoc county. , .
It is nppnieiit thai no
deer are to he found In thai
section for already at least 4
O five hunters Inve been ask-
od whnt luck they hncl ovor
- ihe week-end while huntlnit
In Hint vicinity. Not olio
report of n deer being 0
brought from thai section
Inis been turned In.
VltlkVlil A IVi W i
On Inspection
Fresh from if scries of sue
inalnl raids lu Lakorlcw, Federal
Prohlblllull Officers I,. U. Khlrlt;,
mid Terry Talent and Male Pro-
li Itjli luu Officera '. I.. Hickman
the charge of possession of one
ml ons-half giiilons, of moon
ciarcnco I' Hhlrley anld.
taenia nori.utiul am a i-hnfarM lit nna. 1
acaslon andrale of Intoxicating1,..., :n devi-liinmeiit ' of
Bnd , rmui in dtve opmtiit of
An sutomobile owned by o. (i. 1 trans-continental airwiiya,
it....... in,,,. mr .,f..rt i.v
federal aulhorlilea and will !
.old under Internal rerinue law
A number of small caoea orlgl
niitlng during rouud-up Hiuim,
, were dlrpoHcd of.
Delegation Will
Represent State
At Large Council
8AI.KM. Ore.. Oct. 17.-
tiqrrrnor I'Mteraon today -ap-.
minted a delegation of five mem-;
hers of Hie stale Icglnlalure to v
represent Oregon at the national :
: tjuncll of a t a I o legtMlamres, ,
' hlch greets in WnbirtRtuil. 1. C. I
Norembor 7. s and lor Hi pur-
Pow of attempting lo Intluance
cangitiis to repeal tho national
inherltirJtce tux law- Tile mem
bers of the delegation are Hena.
tor Isaac Hluplea, Portland, Itep-
rnseniailTO jonn 11. in.(hiii ,u
.iHMlinru, itenaior r rea r.uinie oi
Islnnd Cltr. Kcnitor K. W. Miller i
of (irnnts I'ass. nepresrnlattre j They are being groomed for
W. ('. North of Portland, and . martyrdom innoculation of dl
Krprescnlatlre It.. 8. Hamilton iJ'.scase Arms which may help man
I The president of the senate1
land Iho speaker of the house arej ,an"1" PS''-"1"- !
x-ofllco in em bar a. President Home of the number face cer
'Corhelt of the aenate will be un-aln death. The etporimenta are
j able to attend, and Senator nd-r ihe direction of the health
Ntnplcs will represent hi in. ;
The reaaon for tho opposition
lo the federil Inhurilanrc tax .
that It la considered nn Infringe-1
iiieui on stale rignis.
Butler Charges
All Candidates
Avoiding Issues
NKW YOUK, Oct. 17. tl'IM
Charges that lending presidential
candidates are trying lo "creep
up on Inn foremost office ol Hie I
nation without giving tho voters
an opportunity to luarn their real j
vlowa on the most profound prob
lems affecting the I'nltoit Htttos j
were made today by Nicholas M.
tluller. president of Columbia,
"Are we not entitled to ask
what niay bo Ihe altltudo and j
purpose of tlioso Indlvlduala. j
groups and Interests?" demanded .
Dr. Ilittler.
"Who" Is discussing them?"
Dr. Ilutler asked concerning fir
major problem facing the noxt
; ndmlnlslrallon:
1 nn iniu yi tit en time in iuw vti'
. forcement legislation.
Tho Fnrm Ilellef problem In
Its proper relationship to nn In
diistrlal system dominating tho '
commercial and flnnnclal world. ;
A definite attitude toward In- j
tornntlonal cooperation to estnh- (
Huh. protect and proservo Inter
national pencn.
Toward the proposul to amend
tho . constitution to bring each
yearly eleoted congress Into ses
sion within 00 dnys, making Its
labors respouslyo to tho public
opinion that controlled lis elec
tlecanse of tho fight card,
which will bo held In Legion !
hall tonight. Iho weekly Tuesday j
night drl I ol llio .Millonnl
fompiiny has benii sot ahead to
Wednesday night thin week. Cap
lulu Walter Abbey . nuuoiisced
last night. v
"The flRhts look pretty good,
and. Inasmuch as the floor Is
f ii U mi . we thought we'd postpone
H and go tv the fights."
v A m . I .
IS AgainSt
Sea Hops
Colonel Believe Aircraft
Not Yet Sufficiently
" ' j rvnrh the Argentine capital In
WASHINGTON. Oct. 17. "loir Hrcguel plane. N'ungesaer.
(U.P.) Colonel Churle A.1''"1'- "" the motor.
Lindbergh in oppo,.d to . tJZn'vt'ZZ
further tlllllH-fHeiinic Blunt tUmU. Senegal; thence across
flights at tho present ataifc
of action development.
"The immediato future of
nm'iitlnn In 4 Viitt rnnnlrv i
rnflior than further iiir
tiuns-occanic air
: he said.
pped off lo hao,
luncheon with lrealdent I'oondR-:
: while' nrout by . olnne from
1 Itlchmond. Vlrglnln. lo Italii
' more. He appeared at the White
: House hollos and wearing the
'same blue ault which he had on
i when he arrived back in this
country after his Sew York lo
Paris flight. Ha was accompin
' led to the lunc heon l- Assistant
h (Continued on I'auv Five)
Little Monkeys
To Be Martyred .
-For Human Race
NKW YOUK, Oct. 17. (VP-
At V liiurcl i-araer uuapitai nere ,
20 Jablierlng Utile nioukcvs of
the Jungle are being nmi'd
the attention of learned
I flvhl ai'.Brtl Itnffl., ntfnlnut lit.
deparlnicnt. and attaches admit
,., ,here ta nn no,e fur on
who will bo choson for the disease
, rtm t course.
For others, a future of the
shut-in la Inevitable. These will.
I have Jhe germs putt, into their
i healthy Mood, but later will be
l rea leu by every remedy Kuown
lo science-. Koine, undoubtedly,
will bo crippled and maimed.
It Mil I I
r . . 1 1 i
I A X ' I V if 1 'ill .Xl .-aw'-WT' r - .II 1 I
m-iwu r av vs.
U LiCaVC 1 VI . . sr 1
Buenos Aires'btriKe IS
HID UK JANLItll). On. -17.
It'l'l- Dleuilotine Costesi and J
Le 'llrlx. French trans-Atlantic
uvlators wlio have flown
miles In less than a weekY wll! King Tncsday morning for
HunoH Aire. . '
They art confident Ibcy will
iho Atinntic 'to Natal, israzii;
Uovutt llfn vl I hi n nlrnliihim vnl
u " aA l-9 l,rlJr
ptirlll.,10 Mu rtB Jan-.
:.., . raliuau,
ii.u.i m,L, . T....n,i ;
traffic " ftlahl after the French landed, Votes taken resulted In the terprtse. . . Judge Campbells decision was given wiin nis cus
' land crashed In flumi-s at Camp . flnul decision that the airlke j Itural precincts, outside of Al-i tory incisrveness and finality. He pointed out that it was
a Alfnnso. would be carried out as ached- taroont. are not affected. i j- ' :
, rw nt
Silveirn. and l.leutcnauis Sllva
and Mennaliarreto were killed,
Tnin-jirtiiig lluln-u K. . t.
Itedflcld la spending several days'
transacting business lu Klamath
Falls from his home in l.akcrlew. '
Levine Blushes Deep
Red As Reporters Ask
Pertinent Questions
NKW VOIiK,. Oct. I
.( IT).
.iurcs a
l.evlne began
liorni'cumlns day by blithely ac
cepting a law suit summons and
ended Justus nonchalantly by up
setting a mtislciil comcfly press
ugents' plans.
It was a dny crowdetl with
eraburrashmenls and triumphs for !
the trans-Atlantic air ras-
senger. The little uian who has
kept the world gasping by his
antics ever since ho started his
flight with Clarence Chamberlln
to (icrmnny had an offlclul wel
come in the rain storm. .
Just as he was stepping from
uboafd the Marnm official wel-
coining bout, to the battery for
an auto procession to city hall, a
summons server tapped him on.
Hie back. He had a subpoenal
for a civil suit against l.evlne
for a bill of S220.
This (lid not
seem lo depress
il.evluc. for he chatted away xwlth
'Mayor Walker, his wife and
Investigations Whew
LW.WY Agitators Bring
- Labor Situation Crisis
in Colorado
Oct. 17. (U.P.)
3.0U0 coal miners are ex.
pectud to go
on 'strike
Thp number renresentu uea wuoin me r. uaiu
nV. . V. chaiiKlng the boundarta.. a new
half the miners in this sec- ; precinct Hillside precinct, east
lion. l.AV.W. meetiniTM wereof town lu Dixon addition, and
held toniirht in Walscnburg. '8dJ"C0Ut ant ha been included ,
" Voitee Maitland"1 ,he cUJ ,UmT,1
Aguilar, lultec Maitlana, . divided, one being call-
Sopris and Cedar Mill.
uld Un,ll demand. lor a wage i
age ;
rise and snorter work days are
adjusted. .
There was to disorder at tnc
meetings. nerui a oilirers gusru
ed the gathering places, and
zens wno nan mreaieaea tiu-
(Continued on paffe eight)
danj:hter. und told of his ambl-
lions to establish a trans-Atlantic
fUtiHeiieor service within two
)enrs. of his Kuropeuti escapades
and his uVllrht in
home. "
Uvlne gave the ImpruHston that
he was timid, considerate and
conservative business man, and
then blushed when questioners
put embarrassing queries.
111,1 ,, A,.nr in Warsaw.
that vou were a Jew?" he was
."No. never." he said. "It was
mlsiiiternreted. 1 said I was" an
American. 1 was . born on St.
Patrick's day in New F.ngland.
That doesn't mean I'm an Irish -
i He explained Ills arguments
with his French pilots, a fight
on the boulevards ot Paris and
his failure to make a' westward
; rrosslng of the Atlantic. Qne
of the trouble which marked his
Kuropenn stay was" his fault
I said.
I W X1 ft I t
City Advised
About 4500 registered voters of
Klamath Falls and also of Alia-'
mont preclncl, must re-reglster I
If Ihey d' not, their role at the'
. Miy primaries next aprlng, wilt -'not
be honored, and they would
I hare to be sworn la to take ad-
vantage of their rote franchise.
I the county clerk 'a office ao-j
' j nounced yesterday. . '
Colo.,! Precinct boundaries lu the city I
Some 'hare been changed. Instead of j
1 1 precincts, aa oi oia, mere are .
now 13. Alito Altntunnl nrecinct I
has Wn dlrldnd in ha'.f. ;
Ilesldea tly Lew precincts ad-'
ded within the city, limits by
led Aliumont und the ottier tn-
"Xhla la lust to helo the rot
.. .... . th ,..
Connty Clerk '. K. DeLap
exolained. "It becomes neeea-
Mry , chattK9 the bonndarlea b-
cauiwr the city was growing so
We had to hare more
precincts. Haring changed It. It I
Is now necessary to hare erery
registered rater re-reglster. We j
lieed their co-operation."
Ruth And Lilli
Make Great Hit
v N In Azores City
I. I .T,- JTZOrVS, .Cl. I t, UP
1 ......
itutn tiuer ana t.iiu
; Viennese actress, brought
..-' l.v ...., Ii. thtu cltv. from
the ends of the earth by their
, ,
love for adventure and aviation.
trdny had captu.ed the hearts cl
the population. ' '
Madame Dillebs. waiting for
favorable weather to hop-off for
e inuea !iaiea as as pass-
In the Junkers plane IV
1 1 230 visited illss- Elder thin
morning mid chatted with her
, over their respfctive flights.
j The Vionnose actresj motored
;tlircugh 'the city today enjoying j
! the sunshine and l:oklng most.
harming in her flying clothes, i
Miss Elder: her famous sweater
and pins fours being In the
wash again borrowed the Purls
gown of Mrs. George Muckay, her
, hostess
j9, Klder and licorgo W.
nellnldcman, her c3-pilot on their
i hazardous. trans-Atlantic venture, I
j were the guests of the British :
c.niiul at tea this ufternoon. They J
! expect to sail for Lisbon abonrd this city November S. 9 und 10.
i the Portuguese mall boat Lima at ,va (ii nnteil permission by the
.midnight. . eily rounv att night to have
I The crew of Hie.Junkers plaue ,he ,lllrKj11B spM.e ,n front of
:D-1230 held up by a storm for she frn)er SU. of Fulls Mrrcan
Hhe past two days, have received ti:e COmpany to park farm uin
! weather reports indicating ne "chinnry. such as potato diggers,
i possibility of their Hiking off to-, during the show.
night, liefuellng ct their plane, A rs'0i,lllon w, ,,aMv; t the
jbas been g-lng on and all P"-: eouncll meeting ordering the my
;parntlons tir the resumption or ,,., , w,,,,,,,, on linurove
thelr flight to tho Cnlted States ,, nIlil No lia anthorit-
naio been completed.
Swift TrialTs
Called By Court
, . !
WASHINGTON. Oct. 17. fvPl
1 Tho suprvnie ourt today ordcretl :
! that the entire rPord lu tho np-
penl of Swift & OompnTty nnd
1 other piirkers, involvltiR Import
ant phanos of thoir flKht lo not
' it ship the dooree under whirl,
t thoy iifirvod to. conflnn thom
nelvtn t thi mont pack Inn InduH
' try, lit hruuKht np from the court
-of ttpponlH ' of the district of
1 Cohimblu.
( It dccldfd thnt ,this .slum hi bo
( dniit no that It could pits upviii
! tho , cnxe on lt mo Hn fustoad
on Ihe qiiPNtlons asked. Tin
en Van vt for hearlnn on tho
first TuoMduy of January.
, ,
Formation of two scout patrols
with Keith Itiironlch ns lender of
one nnd Hilly Klllott as lender
lof the other, was completed last
: night at n meeting of scout troop
rto. n. j
Three candidates for Ilia , Hoy
Scout Court of honor will lnf In
troduced Wim Troop S, Henry
Ijnynux, scoutmaster, announced.
To Re-Locate Roads
Upheld By
Farm Community Will Carry Case Up to
State "Supreme Court for Final Action;
Judge Campbell Clearly Explains Stand'.
- on Important Case. . ,-... -.. r
Bonanza lost its highway case in circuit court late
yesterday, but will carry the lawsuit to the state supreme
court on appeal. f
Almost from the very opening of the case, the little
farm community, 26 miles east of Klamath Falls, appear
ej to be doomed to failure. But testimony was taken,
and at the clce of iu case. Judge J.U. Campbell, ruling
" """ "T.u -
"on u,"'","c" "
question or juanc... power
: Night School At
Klamath Hi To Be
Started Tonight
Starting thbi evening. Might
scliool will be hnlit at the Klnm
ath County hipb school every
Tuesday and Thursday frum -7:15
to 9:15 p." m. There will be
in Amnrinnlratdm com
mercial subjects and., possibly:
the dc
economli-s. depending on
tie demand- for this latter- sub-
' , .
I A small enroninciii' ictr win i.
charged to students taking short-
hanrt Blld typing. Other coarse
niiiv tin nrcstiiized If the dnmnd
ik tin. t snrficienilv great ' latlon of Jndlelul lo executive
" l " nmieaii greu..
Students of high school age areloer. He aeall not wim 10
nof el,(5,,e for ni(,ht wbtm - allegations of the .'arm commuu-
,-, , ra, wnero the student y. but with the legal principle
has to work during the day. and
In in.h instuncM llie ' StllllHIll
must be passed upou by the
The night school was made pos
sible by the actions of . school
district No. 1 and the county hig'u
school board. A need was felt for
a school for those not able to
attend day school.
All those Interested tu attend
ing should be present at the first
meeting tonight at 7:13 at' the
high school building.
Street Space Is
Given By Council
Fy Spud Exhibit
The potato! show, to .be held in
,I1R ,hp police Judge ti return
the sum of 6 7 7 . MS and In credit
the sum to K. House. K. M. Dale.
8. I.. Thompson. K. I'. Jones,
McManus and A. A. Itellman.
An onlinance was passed to the
second reading fixing a lee for
making a connecilnn wilh all
trunk line sewers within the city
llmlis. and authorizing the plumb
ing inspector to remove all con
nections for which no Tee has
been paid, ami provided a peu
alty for the violation the or
dinance. The fee has been fixed
nt S!5 and there Is a Slnu fine or
50 days in jail for violation.
The ordinance declaring the
change In the boundary lines of
the city wards was passed.
Twenty-one building permits
were granted, aggregating un
amount ot (20,riHu. The police
Judge was Instructed to have a
street light installed on the hill
between Sixth nnd Seventh
streets. A request nf C. L. Dohlis
to operate rooming house at
lilOB .Main street was referred
to the iHillce committee.
HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 17. ll'P
Theft of valuables .estimated
at more than !2,r,ni) from the
home of Lois Weber.' motion
picture director, "was reported lo
police here today. ,
The fonrt. as a Judiciary bod)'.
he isolated out, has no power
ever such a, body as the stale
highway leSaruiiHsion an execn
tlve b.Kly-unleHs fraud could be
shown In the allegations., He ei
plslned that Ike stale legislature
had expressly conferred upon the
rominirston power lo locate or
re-lornte roads as ii saw lit. sub
ject, ouly to the word of the
legislature. " T
4'uuimfcw.iou Has Power w'
At- matter of fact, he told.
piaiuiin. m '-ri "-.
;K - u - a n ism in in iocs
The burden of Judgi -camp-
bell's decision was to lay stress
upoti.the com mission's powers. I
was puirly a qui-stlon'of the re-
involved. .
. .-.ii.. ...
the case. ,
-f"dRO Campbell practU-
Jl told
the It.munza citizens that their
(Cosrtlnucd on pane-ellit
, Olmstead Fight ;
U. Indictments
PORTLAND, Ore.. Oct. 17. t)
Attorneys for Kniery Oliustuad
snd J. E. Wheeler under federal
indictment charged w ith violating
the national hanking liws
through alleged check kiting this
afternoon opened u court" flglrt
against, the Indictments. ' They
contend that none of the counts
charge a "crime.
Olmstead's counsel charged
that the hoard of directors of
the Northwestern Nnlinnal Hank,
and not Olmstead.-who was preef- '
dent of. Ihe bank, was respondhlw
for' the acceptance of checks in
volved In the. cuse.
Potato Market
; Remains Quiet
: PORTLAND. Ore., Oct. 17. (JPl
ah lines of country dressed
I meats and live poultry were mov
ing In a normal way at steady
prices in today's early wholesale
trade. Dealers report receipts of
the past week well cleaned Till
nud new receipts this niornitig
were light In volume.
The poiatu market remains
rather quiet with local slocks not
yet showing. I'. ii. number 1.
Yakima netted tlenis were selling
(steady around SI. 75 per sack
with eonililiintton grade offering
from 1.6u to xl. (15.
HOLLYWOOD. ' Oct. 17.
l CP 1 -Reports thill she was
lo seek a divorce from her
hnsband-inaniiger. OH Hong.
were declared "silly" by
Olld:i tli'iiy. fumed shimmy
dancer hue today. '
"Why. I have never even
ciintenirhitetl d I v o r r lug e
him." she lil. "It's a silly
Arrival here of Miss
Ortiy's attorney. William
Shaughnoasy, Is said to be
the ground for ihe rnmiir.
The star explained he had S
come here to arrange her
i '
' ' ' .' '" ' "l