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Vol. 4, No. 288 Trice Five CcnU
(Every Morning Except Monday)
il A.
Those Long, Sleek Lines Are Put There to Delude Us, But They Make Attractive Autos.
S'l 1
, It; ISllAI I. kl.Klk'
Hck-ure Kdllor, NKA Hon Ice
wrilcal Hum. for liorlinnlal Hues
accentuate the Idva f a laug. iuv!
body. . " ,
Yet romfurt ln't overlooked.
In fact, II In pure of Ilia designer's j
main thought when h bulUn (n
his mMul body. Hi' muat consider ,
hood r.oin, room. sestwid'n
and door width. " '
Kvin th Interior trimmings of i
lha body hay lo bo considered!
; ut no much for appearance.
far lh tvimfoat of the passengers ;
As Norihrup put It: .'
"Ornate rlotb patterns, htl-
Tho automobile body t'Jese days
la gelling much attention. If
not more, at tho power plant
llMlf. '
Vat while tha engine haa reach
ed tha point cf efficiency' wjiera
II la practically taken for jtniuted
tha entire car Hoelf atlll has to
jnnftt tha npprulalng Vye and ex
acting taatM of tho buytr.
TbM tastes, Iba inunw's turer
baa dUcovcrod. tare turned tholr
J..."..,u,,.rl,i ....., I.,... I... hllh.r
nearaaea of lha rr. but lo 111 r- - ''. " ' :
r.-U for .ha Omfnrl of th. " , .ZS I
luusaaaara. Anil ao lha manurnc- 1 r
turnr baa eallej In tha body dt
Igni-r, anj tha bud designer baa
i f.
oroa- -
nMiaMrJaraBrJLln I
! Reserve Power ck Turn io Slow Feed, Quick
i in Open Throttle LeaveCar Track- pickllp On Hills
' Many, mutoriala who have
learned tha valuable lesson that
I'usstng another car wlihoal
. anticipating the approach of an
: oncoming vehicle la a altuation lo l Urlvina: In th street car tracts
' which many conscientious driver , results In unnecessary tire wear.
! find hteruselves. More speed la I atlll find themselves indulging
needed to get by In safetyT- In thl practice when trying to
But bow to get It? 'get ahead In the traffic stream,
t It ed h. ., h . : W hen caught n auch a predica-
: If you renomber that ernn though
tho accelerator pedal la all the
mc.nt there la a way iif coming
out with 'ihe leant arooont of
way down to the floor there may i
grinding the, tires agalnat .the
called upon bin beat raourra to
furnUh a body that would be both
highly attractive and coiulortnUJf . i
Tie enda to which the designer,
haa goua ar. no better brnught out I
than In the talk or A. K North- j
rup. promlneut b Hly dealaner. at
lha recent aaml-annunl meeting of j
th rlik-lety of Automotive Kngl
liwra In It hn einihn:i.'d the,
troy tha rattfulneaa of the Inter-1
lor. ajlmpln tailored deaign. on I
the contrary, tend to nocourng.' j
relaiallnn and reatfulniia."
H--;J :
1 1 jive you ever lioticed that af
ter ehlftlng to aerend gear on a'
hill the car oucuia to be unuaual
ly alow although you are feeding ,
a lot of gaa and the englno ix
working energetically? If no,
keep in mind the (act that the
car will pick up quicker on a bill
If gaa i fed more alowly whan
In aecflnd. Hasty feeding eacoar-
age the clutch to slip. It -Is
17,690 DODGE i
HKTKDIT. Oct.. 16. Uodgu i
' llrothera oKldala report contln-,
. --.II- ri. ... - . i
uc m .uuuf-e lor greater ' .. . . . , . . j . ., . , . . . , , . , . .
' a need iH"i iuil iiuiuu ui Kiauumij iittiu wbn lur IDe oel OK clUlCn-
I nr.' i..k.. .k t . forcing the wheels out of the on. Picture -the car daalrlng-to.
!.h, ?-?r dirn, V . lrck"" The Mn,e " PP- o'l back while tho engine de
?Z T, , donot a""" ,ha, -ben driving In a rut. It mean. lppa greater power by rea.oa of
. tha Utrcttla. Is wide open . , saving in tiro sldewall "wear. lower gear combination. Tha
(Ufa IU aumu uin ur Jkl t- . .,
; time you are In such a predica- T .
rer.h.VJi .u.. Z - .T " . engine ta lively, the clutch Htea
i ' . - -The gasoline albt machine will, lht experienced driver ahlft to
; clutch I torn between two foreoa.
I When the car Is alow and tha
The Newark. Jf. J.. safety cnun-
;be next. Drop In a coin, provld- "ond before they are for.-ed to.
ed you havil tEe 'right - change. , '
and get a gallon. With the devel- : PRODrCTIOX I.CKE.8K9 .
Impinani rulatlonalilp of opiMur- ;' eninuaiuaiic rrom i , -v- 1 . w J T . 7 opment of uch m oeawiea taaki Automobile production for
anca and comfTirl on I dlncloaed i ,,,llp ,ld ,he aanlor lln of j rli.ntiil line, net; acreniuulil anil vertical Hun 'oh-cnnxl lii'thew two mili1 (.ignH f he j automobile driving for women. iColl)d be ptxcci fll out-of-the-way August Incraaoed 14 per cent over
tho aya In which beo ora uc-l'lxea. TjUI paaaenger, rommi-r-1 nlmrrn .(pp TIU.. xte Hie lung wlrxlim., the wlilo nuiMlajc, the-aceilng fenlen and other lini-a i Jhe iaona are given once a week i piea or for use In the early that of Julr. or 8 per cent Aver
compllahe.1. ' la cor and Irurk dellverlea to rnuar Hie eve lo imv.l from front to rear . y for five weeks, followed by a road j morning. ' The devl.-e has . been 'August of last year. More t'm
ruatoniern nyaeuiera. incimuna i 1 : ; I , 1 ' (patented and motorists are hoping "100,000 motor ears were manu-
around tha paasenfer. Tot often
lha Job Is at on i, I In the reverse
order by making an attractive de
alga and then aiiii'nlng the puaif-
to wear a small atyllsta shoe, but
being nuneii-d Into an automobile
body by aboe-hura nietboda la en
tirely different.
Until lor raengcra cuniuier njru.-..-.. .....u...m , . . r
"Kinerlenca liaa shown." h-j export snipmcuta. lor inn imir i .. . v "a ' " . n - - :Rf
said, -that pda.ei.ger comfort d.-jweek. ended July so u.- anaaian aci Dring x Argenuna Duy$ , iriexican uiy na , i
manda that the body be totttlt i for the four weeks faded - Rrt,J Develnmrienl a A lna Frnm II. S. ramnaitm fnr Pavi'nor
August 17 wero 17.175 and Mr; j J, " ,
nirti'lio' t-ur'iviit exporr'ahliH' The development of hlhwaya In Crowing linpcr'nnce of South '', Torreon. Mexico. Is conducting .
menu have been showing rapid anmla haa been going ruplilly America as n market fur' f nltcd n extensive street paring cam-,
yagers Into It. Increase, auch ahlpmenta for juiyjaneao aa a rraun or ine wnra maira nHimuwun "n""" , -iiuign. anu u is saiu mill wuiuu
"Milady asav endure Jlacomfnrl being -,4 1 1, fnr Augual 1.7V7 and , started umler the , unadiau high- slioti n py tigun s recenu re-i ,hort ,me every tltett n ,he
.V i n ..vii.v. .k... ...,i u i. ........ t i-.i.n , wava. art or ISIS l.nt year i rrom nuenoe Ainu. uv-
! test for licenses.
" J.i... in . a 1 1 i .. .
ri..i. i. . ihn-i total of HJ.6i3.ooO wua spent on lug the month of June, a total of ' . . "
for tl!r.H months ended JunW-" " provlnct,! l,lKb- liSS American automobiles were . report . received . by the atlonal
Jn. 1S7. net Income available ways, w i in .u....- i.i...r..., ...... ........ -, . - ' "
How to make room fir tho pas- for dividends amounted to fa,
OUU was spent on the -malnien- pared with 111 car a from Euro- jhaa been under way lor soma
StOCk"- Bn IHiprOVCini'ni Ol I.Vdl t pi-Ull lliuiiuia.iui.-n. . ... nuu .hii .wftn-.. u a wm
th.. or roaas, ana same inontii oniy v i.iuirup nue ii.iru wii-cwi iv ivkhiicv w
oengera and atlll not reveal a;oj').:i with preferware
1 . 1. .. kin. I- ih. I . JL I . f...
... ul. h.i. .u.i-,.r ii., rVi n.n was UMd for the construction of imnli were imported, as against put In cement sidewalks, so that
. ,",m..J'',:'!..V! ' IVS.ZI. """I r,dtl . A"-,': ! dlt -t,.. received ' .ardlng to the report rtffetved b, r,erT.i .ion of thVclty will ha'v. ,
.L. ik). L, ih. nrlvea. i a i -1 i by th Nation il Automobile club.llbe Mtlonal Aniomoblle club. . sidewalks as well as pavement.
may make the car low, tne ariver ,fir dividends were reported In I ; -
. . . .).. i.i. . . .y. . . . " - .
ana prhithiivii nif . . .... excisa CI io caver-uiv-1
their seats and atratch their 1 id-nd requirements on tho prefer-!
cimfortably. wHillo dours are wlj- (,., uaek for such two months,
ened to let tb ocrui4nta go In or.rloil ol $977,083. . j
nut with ease. , j Aa at Aug'uirl 31. 1:7. enr-
Hhiort fhamls, Iamk l.lnea -., wero renorrad to be
Hut now cornea the demund f"ri)n ,.,rl., 0f II7.noo.uoo. of wbk-h ',
Get Our Prices
and TF.i'.MK rx-fore you buy
-our naed car. Our can; are
guaranteed' 'to be u repre.
Ostendorf Motor Col
SIS K la anal h Ave. Plmae 1T7S
IKjdge and Graham Brothers
S - Dealer - ' '.
; It will stabillxe gasoline prices. factured In August.
Brakes Relined
No car of 2 wheel over ..... 1.. 8.00,
No car of 4 wheel over ............ 12.50
." All size.;,' but only one grade, - .
V the. best RAY8ESTOS used. . ; '
lrrai-c for safe driving sow, at tcmMy reduced anrirra.i
OMb tu. and CHy Limits. Osaaoolta nth St. Lbr. Co.
Jot Economical Transportation
shorter bodli-s. and t lernfore the
necessity of shorter chassis. Here,
forced to adapt an ultra llv.' yet body I a short
rhastls. the'di'ilgner has revealed
Ma genius.
This Is ainmrent by tho e of
cheat Hues. Cheat lines dj Just
what the wor.l Implies I ley ,
make people believe they aro gel- j
ting something thpy aren't acln-
1 1 1,(00,000 was ro-h and
5.500.00(1 mnrketalila ae-
ciirlllea with current liabilities of
uLout ,18.000.000. '
Tho truck division is doing the
greatest hunliit-as In Its history,
with ahlpmenta fur July amount
ing to 3.&S7 vehicles, for August.
4,134. nnd for September in ex
cess tir 5,000 and with orders on
hand In excess of 2,300. Tha var
ious plunhi of the truck division
at Detroit, Kvnnxvlllc, Htocklon
and Toronto are operating at
capacity and production la being
mnlnlulned at record levels.
cheat lines niuk.t us belle we
are getting a long, low, aluek and
attractive car, while It Is no long,
er than lha atubby automobile on
the same chassis without such
cheat lines. . l. , , .
CMcat lines, generally, run horl- Dimple Kemedy for
tontally lo effect mis tenginy ap
liearanre. Tho windows am made
longer than they aro high. I'unel
lrrg la widened and run Iq k long
Hut across tho length ol tile bxly,
tlui fenders nra mado long and
sweeping to accanluuta their
Vertical IJnea Taboo
Tho color daalgn, toi. helps.
Every effort Is man to concent
Your Old Car Made
We Know How !
U'o are now located In our
tin new building and nro pro
pared to tnka cure of your
.ar second la mine In Ilia
Vitit Our New Plant.
(let ottr prices on making your
old car llko new You'll ha
turprtsed at thn quality of
work nnd Iho reasonable
632 Walnut
Slipping Fan Belt
If the fan hell Is slipping a
little and thera are no tnola with
which lo rulsn tho pulley. It Is a
good plan to sn nil paper the In
side of the belt. This cleans off
any grease .that might cause It
to slip and given It belter trac
tion on tho pulleys.
This Car
haa been carefully
checked and recon
dltloncd where
peceary '
K : ill
vMotor - r'
y Radiator p
vRcar Axle
v Transmission ;
v Starting'
V Lighting
v Ignition
waasaassasaaassawa i BsswasaasaawawaawawawaweaawawawaaassB, S B ,W
' 1 v Upholstery
; ' ' V'- " - I vFendert
7- y.- v Finish " .
iLaMkyiflJi - l 7
1 ijkLj-- x
Expert Workmanship
' Genuine Parts
.. "... ... . ' i-
When we recondition a usttd car, the
work is done by experts to the regular
factory standards of precision and excellences-using
genuine parts.
Then we attach a red "O. K." tag to the
radiator showing exactly what units of
' the body and chassis have been put in
first class condition. ' ', '
You Itriofv the quality of our recondi
' tioned cars just as surely as you know
the quality of our new cars. ' "
If you are going to buy a used car. come
to our salesrooms. You will find the car
you want at the price you want to pay.
Have Your Broken Automo
bile Clais Replaced Quickly
While You Wait
NOTE: Bee Hobby Ryan about
Cur pet and Kubber Mat for your
oar. - .
Locke Motor Go.
W. R. LOCKE. Manager
522 South 6th St.
A Brillidtlt New Line of Can
' America discovered the value of this brilliant ncv '
car with a swiftness only rivaled by the car 7
itself. Everything about it appeals to the mood -
of the hour.. . . . . .
Its amazing pick-up from 0 to 25 miles thru gears
in less tban 7 seconds! Its effortless mastery of t
distance at a mile a minute! Its tim, streamline '
, . beauty finished in the smartest colors. . ;
The way it grips the road at sharp turns cushions
passengers over rough roads travels in "high" up
steep grades! ' "
. ' Its economy at the curb 17 feet of parking space
suffice! Its economy on the road 25 miles per
. t . gallon at 25 miles per hour! '
lcvcr have Dodge Brothers sold a sedan so low i .
in price so high in ..
Value so thoroughly in
tune with the taste and
spirit of the time.
And our purchase plan
ui'.' interest you as much
as the tar itself.
Turn In mi DihIkv llioilior Dopnlill Hour of Mn.r
vrry Friilnr K"t iif 1 1
TOLIMIUA rilAIN . . . k.
Dodge Broth