The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, October 15, 1927, Page 6, Image 6

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Vennice Tells
Of New Era In
7 j-; K. F. Business
'1"'m throat" methods In busi
ness In particular and In torn
munlty llfn In general are a (bins
. of the pout. The old days of
bitter , commercial antagonism
ha boon supplanted by co-op-ctutlon.
. This was Ibe message before
notary luncheon yesterday of E.
W. Vannlea, prominent Klamath
Kails oarchunu. 1
Mr. Vaiuilca -pointed out that
lb dominant note in business of
today was to lvo better acnice
rather than to (title competition.
Ilo referred u the building of
the new union high achool ax
symbolic" of the new era. This
groU community project Involr
Ing expenditure of a great sum
of money, la being erected on
the old battlefield of comtnuuity
strife namely the Mot Spring
courthouse aite.
Alumni To Meet
Hi School Today
The first football game of the
season tor Klamath County High
school will be waged this after
noon at the fair grounds at U30
, between the high school team and
-The lineup on the high school
team la as follows:
- Loft end. Harold Olson: left
tackle, t'has. Ueace; loft gnard.
Lee J'ruitt: center. Joe Wright: '
right guard. Klrhard Robustelll;
right tackle. Calrlo Kaney: right
end. George McMillan: quarter
back. Jack Orell: fullback. Way
ne. Whitney; right half. Howard .
Pruitt: left half. Credo Robustel
ll; ubatltutes. ends. Waldea I'PP
'and Tom Rlllott: halfbacks. Dick
Magulre. Kldon Baker. Lorln Us
bourne, Prank McCormlck.
Laborite Council
Has Serious Work
' (Cowtlaaed from Page One)
steps when they meet at ritta
bnrgb on NoTember 14, to open
their fight to limit the powers
ot courts of equity In the is
suance ot such injunctions.
The executive council will also
carry on the federation's efforts
In behalf of the shorter work day
and the shorter work week, such
action baring been urged in a
report at the closing session here
today. '
In defense of the plan the re
port of the shorter work day com
mittee, read by John Harding of
the. International Typographical
I'nion. declared, "It has been said
that, the shorter work day re
duces the rolume of production.
Thai ta not true. The reduction
of the dally hours ot labor bar
been accompanied by a most ma
terial Increase In the rolume of
Co-ed Killed In
Crash Of Autos
SAUNAS. Calif.. Oct.- 14. (A.
P.) One University of Southern
California girl studeot is dead,
two others arc badly Injured and
two men are bein held In the
Monterey county jail here on ibe
possibility of their beinj: hit and
rna driver an the result of an
automobile accident which oc
curred at 3 a. m. today on the
highway 12 mil1 south of here.
The dead rirl is Evelyn Vantchn.
Lot Angeles, thought to be rela
tive of John Vaughn, wealthy
southern California real estate
operator. The two injured girls
brought to a hospital suffering
from numerous ruts and bruises
are Lucy O'Brasspy of Los An
geles and Klnie Taylor of Sin
Iigo. The two men held on sus
picion are Karl Komi and Jack
latnlHrton, both of San Jose.
They were driving a car regis
ter in the name of Odelia Lane
praf. San Jose.
The three girl were members
of a party driving to Palo Alto
to attend the Sunford-L. S. C.
game tomorrow.
.Neither of tlie two injured
girls was able to give a coherent
account of the accident, which
was apparently without eye wit
nesses. Fobs and Lambert mi after being
held In Jail hero hp vera I hours
were released aftr District At
torney Albert K. Warth took
scatvmeiits from Mint Tiylor and
Miss O'llranney, absolving tlicra.
Frsh Apple Cider, per gallon 50c'
This offer good during demonstration only. ' 6 can limit.
large can PET milk free with each 2 lbs. Folger's Coffee
PACKAGE COOKIES, 5 packages 25c, one additional
package for lc
NEW RUN MACARONI, 6 pounds 50c, one additional
pound ... lc
NEW RUN SPAGHETTI, 3 pounds 45c, one additional
pound ., lc
MATCHES, regular 5c box, one additional box lc
MIXING BOWL SET, 1 eight inch bowl, 1 seven inch
bowl, 1 six inch bowl, 1 five inch bowl all for 75 cents.
Additional measuring cup lc
Cabbage lb. IV2C Bunch Vegetables 5c Additional
bunch ...:r... lc
Lettuce head 5c Klamath Pullet eggs, 6 dozen $1.80
1 additional dozen lc
Red Heavy Hens and Fryers, per pound , 35c
1927 bulk Dates lb. 15c 1927 soft shell Walnuts, lb. 45c
Donna Castile Soap, 6 bars 50c, one additional bar lc'
Palmolive Soap, 6 bars 50c, one additional bar lc .
P & G Naptha Soap, 6 bars 25c, one additional bar lc
LEMONS, regular dozen 35c, additional dozen lc
. 1927 Pop Corn 10c .
All orders amounting to $1.00 or over delivered
without extra .charge.
Public Market
- Phone 169 and 191 "PAY CASH IT PAYS" Sixth St. t Walnut
Club To Present
I Lively Play At
Library Tonight
"Deacon Dubbs" s clever and
lively three-aij comedy will be
presented tonight by the Jolly
Neighbors club at the city library
" With a cast of Klamath ritl
tens who hare labored lone and
I effectively to make the play a
' snceees, the comedy rives promise
of being one of the best amateur
performances ever staged In
Klamath Falls.
Supplementing the play will be
several songs by a mixed quartet
composed of Mrs. W. S. Tuter
bsugh. Miss Dorothy Wematt.
Rev. V. K. Allison and I. J.
lfagen. The quartet will be ac
companied on the piano by Mrs.
TVillard Johnson.
Other additional features will
Include a Spanish Dance by Car
men Terkins and a Charleston
dance by Doris and I-adona
At the Hotels
At the Liberty
"When a Man's a Man." ii
showing at the Liberty theater
An Ideal cast has been chosen
to portray the well-known char
acters in the book, with John
Howcth heading the list as the
"Honorable Patches. Other char
actors portrayed are June Mar
Iowa, Kdward llearne, Arthur
lloyt, Charles Malles, Ray Thom
son Marguerite de la Motle.
Robert Kraser, Forest ltobinson
and Klltaboih Rhodes. Oeorgo
lla.-xatunrne handles with his
usual desterlty the role of Ya
vapai Jon. the rnttla rustler, and
Fred Stanton plays hla accom
plice., When you have freight for
taftevrrw rail Klamuth Falls.
Itkeview Stage I.inss, rare City
Transfer Co. I'hon ,33. 11-61
VILLIARD Mr. and Mrs. E.
L. Kelzer, Theo. H. Conrades.
San rancisco; Mrs. J. I'onlsen.
Portland: Mr. and Mm. Paul C.
Bates, Howard C. Bell. Port
land: V. K. Allliuin Lrland;
Kverett Harphan and wife, Ku
gent: Vic Williams. Ban Fran
cisco: C. It. Itirhmond. Port
land; W. I. TVmby. Meilford; Al
Frveman. Oakland: C W. Cos,
Baker; E. F. Collins. linker; I.
J. Jurand, Portland: (has. I.
Agadorf. San Francisco: J. 1.
Ki.-r. Portland: M. II. Katz. Ran
Francisco; Jay llirsch. Son Fran
cisco; W. J. Campbell. Ofkosh,
Wis: Df;l Towle. 0,kosli. Wis;
1,. K. Smith, Kd Morgan. Kprague
I River; C. K. Swan. Portland; A.
JR. Coi. Portland; lien). M. Col
' Ins. Salem: . Wilson, Portland:
J. W. Shea. Fan Fr-nlco; K.
C. I.iedy, 8t Paul; W. G. Ide.
Portland; F. W. Graham. Seattle
Iestcr F. Wilson. Sacramento:
J. L. Fuller, Portland; A. Stern,
Called to an Ashland hfwpifil
by tho serious Illness of his
brother. Arthur Hawkins. Sheriff
Hurt Hawkins left yesterday for
the Rogue lllver valley com
munity. The sheriff's brother submit
ted to a serious operation and
according to a long distance re
port yesterday, had suffered
in: ;
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