The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, October 14, 1927, Page 2, Image 2

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Sh"ock Punch Harrington Has Big
"Chance As Possible Headliher In
S Klamath King; To Fight Here,l8th
Theie's More to a Grid Game Tliaii FoqUm11i :...
Ftt Right
Made Right'
known he
the tun a "Kim. k Punch
bur 4ihm tin opportunity of a
ltfottae Marina- him tn the face.
; lrti 1 e Bu ron . tua 1 1 h m her .
U optnly m renin for a home
lAva "natural,' a Klamath
ftRhifV who will take Iht-ltt all nn
and (io will' be a'fhatn event
attrulfton. Thahny pwmnwr
' ha Ivotud .vrMUe field"
tut a pe -ii.a. .
Httiunin, tin V ft lit
Mike )!' In the eml-indui of
lb x1nt canfaeh i to b4
taa.d . here cvtoNr 1 sv, t fy
titv-M Punch
Tti-4' Klamath liiflttm po.eitw.
all Mr attribute which an to
ma k tap a box office attraction.
KlnjNie fact he i a member
of til' tribe, of KUmath lend
volorj; and wcond he ha what
ivnf . run will walk mile ani
pay dollar to i-e, a treat punch
In fitter hand.
Thr toMRh Indian lit a writer-
t wight He ha the couraRe of a t
Trojjhi and U ambttlour. If he
could, only combine hi nftiinK
power with aelf defenxe. he'd he
a worM-beater. No livtuR ri filter
of bis weijtht could take "Shock
Punch'1 left hook on the button
and feoialn tan dint. 1
KtKtili I Ike tfMM?
But Harrinstoa K a riuKRer. '
pure and simple. He fiftbta low
and weave 'in Jack Itetupeey
tyle;. At litre Dwnpwj, h. lck i
Hit ii r HmHntHoti
thr Ml'Hty to spar, tn (vino fur main rrent .and . m-nii-wlndup.
an DpqstPK and then Mp over hU ' Tliry arr. n-tlss to nay. Ilar
Ueadljl hooka and upperruta. A ' rinmon and Starker. ' "
Channel Swum j
Ja Fast Time
By Fair 'Diver
y r
l,OKT)O.V. Oct. 14. (riday)
(L'PlU-Mr. Iry Gill oi Sheffield.
Ks(.,!iram th Eniclifh channel
todayltn It honra. $ mlnutea, the
Kxctaaaie Telegraph announced.
Khtientered the water at-:ll
a. m.jjliunMjT at Cape Gria Net
and fllUhed at 12:20 this morn
l&g afl Shakeapeare Cliff. Dover.
-Mr, (ill) ta the iwcond EnK
Uh. wnman within the week to
rtalm a channel Tictory. .
Mr. : GUI enconntered rouich
water Tor only three honra. .- For
tka toM boar, the ne was calm.
then trame the three-hour battle
aeainsl hith rotliri(t ware and a
tronf wiDd.
A aiaddealy en th- watera had
becoiae' turbulent, they became
wltj ajraiu. TIu real of the
KWlmlfwatt aci-ompluthed -under
perteca rondillonf.
W hjpa she touched ehore. abe
aaid. PI cannot stand." and wa
axe!stf up the heach by her man
alter and trainer.- ,
floafmen - who , eecoried her
acroi-f prepared an afttdarit to
provejauthentlcity of the Ceat.-
Atjjthe Pine Tree
To lost at he front In war
time 'fr an experience Ihit mikht
be reirded aa decidedly, aeriou.
In furl it nearly reuim fatally
for Oforne Sidney and Charlie
Mnrriiy.' co-stara of th
Klrm iKational comedy, t
1,01 ai;
the front." at the Pine Tre j
tht-atrtf to Da y. I
TheUnmorouf side of 'the hie !
Know '(pi one that mast be reck-:
Khow -yr on.
oned With,
who partici
in rct a 101 ot tnoa
cipated in the conflict I
prefer , to remember only those :
phanesMhat wero humorous. '
And audienrrs will ncrenm with '
mlrth'kit the antic of the two
comedy star who itet badlv '
tuDRled, In the meshes of . the i
advancing Mu -wot He forcea dur- 1
Inn tn World War.
At the Orpheus
The (prolific pen of Peter B
Kyne baa provided Huot Gibson
with Mother tbrillinic screen re- j
l.lcle i"."A Hero on Horseback"!
the film version of his popular I
fhort story entitled "llread I'pon
the Waters." ' Thiit I'Blversal-:
Jewel; Western has been booked i
for presentation at the Orpheus I
theater today, filmed under the
direction of liel- Andrews. ,ihe I
pictum will unquestionably up- j
pou I sxrouptly to old and new ad-1
mlrersi of the dashing rowbov t
film star. The a Includes Kd
ward Davis. y:ihlv0eVlalr, Kddle
llenrq .and lxn Mason.
i - ...
l.O.f AStiEI.KS. Oct. IS. (C I
P. 1 lW mneb credit cannot be'.
Mlvenjituth Klder. ' darinr avla-;
trit, tijtt apt. Georxe llnldeman.
ro-plli. for safely landing their
plnnejat sen. Art Gobel. winner
nf thn trans-Parittr air derby
from linkland tn Hawaii declared
from Ikskland tn Hawaii
here jonlchl.
"It (kos skill to perf'
a feuK Ooehel' auld.
orm soch
Hurh a
In ml I rr
irii Is
Mi of
ilirrirult tusk under
t 111!
For rejenlti use News Class Ail.
clever and fanl hohor cau maud
oir ana annrpMiooi um.r ana
by uidnx ameMepi nud cum-ito
can weather a six round ao with
eae. r i
Hnrrinjelon'a chance t-nntea on
October 1 h, I It roii want to
kIvp him thr chum antt If h
hre p tn hi reputation In thr
fiphl with 4ilv. ho II be on hla
KftV up h ladder; If not, thru
l, liarou ill continue hi
Main Kvriit hhm!
? In tho meantime. Pep WehMer.
fai Tacoma welterwc lahl and
Kid Starkey. the fighting carpen
ter of Klamath, are tralulaK for
their tti.iin event of 10 round.
Starkey in round inp Into shape--he'
a) way In avod conditio ,
and is anxious to m-ore. an Im
pressive victory over the elusive
and clever colored fishier.
'And Webster: that Rentlrman
Jiiat smiles ftnia!ly when the
fight if mentioned and ad vis
the fan to "wait and see.
' Interest is hlch in the four
round preliminary between Kddt
rek, pride if the Southern
clflc, and tJimm. O'Neill. . who
yearned what he kiinw about the
FfBtle art Tit Rivr Inrt Uk w hile
a atableniate of Kldel La Barba.
former flyweiitht champion of the
worm. v
.X"ookSKOodUtK-ncy'r; por CTp Hermm Ruth
s, popU..r t,xht. rving ,rueorge nerraan ruui , -
r?!?.. ...!. ILit 'wiLui
Altogether th
- two of the most
era that ever
Klamath rinr will tlar in the
U. S. C. Ready To
Meet Stanford In
.Imnnrtont I loch
LOS ANGELES. Oct.-13. Ill'i
I ApiWH-DUJ MtlMiru Willi 1 11.
I ahowinjE made axainsl the Oreicon
! AKRiea last week. Coach Howard
Jonea of t. S. C. announced that
practically the tame linenp would
atari agaluM Stanford at Palo ;
Alto Saturday.
Before entraininK for the north
Jonea intimated that Don Wll-l
lianM. Trojan backfield etar who
has been out with minor lujuries.. '
would be hark in axtipa against
the Cardinals. ...
Ontaide of Williams
there is
j only Tom Wilcox oa the hospital :
I The absence of Wilcox may be
!a blow to the V. S. chances
j aa he is retarded by far the best
Itfdntei' on the ttquad. and was be
inn xroomed for l He
Wllrox Out
With WHoox out of the lineop ; evidence, of the It a be 's abil
the other ' puntra -hava bean . Xy to aurrive compatition. Lou
working overtime to perfect their I Genii mlRbt tell a Rreat Mory.
KM reporfu to toe cod-
laM Saturday' poor pnnt-
in ha canned Conch Jone no
little worry and he has had Jee
Hfbbs. M or ley Imr and Howard
Kllintt kickinff until their lees
are weary.
Indications are that Drury, Kl
liott and William M be' alt-
emated at quarterback,
tmeana that Jones pian a whirl
wind fampalrn centered abbu
the pivotal position. ,
'""Ruth now umpire? Meal."
The Babe Is getting so" polite he
: .nnloaius whan h al f tt I H ht rhfll.'
K - tr
V ,
MTV P yJ .:yv?s, t
To break a coM harmlessly oiirf tit a hurry try a Bayer1 Aspirin
tablet. And for beadaclie. . The action of Aspirin is very tflicient.
too. in cases of neuralgia, neuritis, even rheumatism and Inmrnco !
And there's no nfter effect; doctors- give 'Aspirin to children
j often infants. Whenever tlicre's pain, think of Aiiriu. The
. genuine Bayer Aspirin ha3 Bayer on the box and on every tablet.
I All drnpjists, with proven directions.
' '.''. e
j Physicians prescribe Bayer Aspirin;
. it, does NOT affect the heart
Atp'.ra U th trad bark ot Brr UABBfiCtitt nt Iaoaeikitldlt, vt lialk11cacid
k vws route H Vcr'S' -T' tV? ' - TtTT-rri , r t 4f"fvtn
SUSr WEAR TP.6' ib 06 TuO A 'Ji?T V--L 1 X" v ...
vMoeic. ci ritic rf'.iA,iciAioj -cur '. . ' a
PITS m ti .y "- capcck tRT pbc:-. , '
DUG AN V's ' V -ev ' s-iiP-
OUll VJrcaieSl 111
t'HK'AtJO. Ckt. 1.1. il'P.l
'"King" .till rHRn. thr kiUK
Herman Kuth. ruler of
IKimf run altiRRers may come
nd in but Kuth seems destined
. . K. ..1..11 hi.i.irr
to ao down in baseball history
as the Breatcst of them all.
Before the end of the present
seaon It seemed au impossibility
for anyone to break the record
ot SS homers which Kuth had
set in 121.
Experts flsnrd that 1921 was
the high point of Kuth's slucclut
career and that, wun lime laxuia
Its yearly toll, there was no way
for the Bambino. to no except
r,dulle down the ladder
. Now ,u yfX la(Pr
Ilabe Kuth is far from a younit
man. as bcsermi! anea ko. ne
the rerord by knoikinic
0 home-runs Into the far-reaches
of arious baseball park.
It was the --unexpected, the
thins which Kuth delictus is. the
hlM which baf. made him th
greatest drkwinc card baseball
! hat ever seen.
For a. time Lou. a teammate of
the Itabe. kept pace with Uuth.
and jomcttmea. even -ret the pace.
Then Ruth swung Into hU stride
and from then on It was a ques
tion of how many hdme-runr.
nf h vmiiri hit inri nni who
would lead the American league
in number of homers.
Kuth went Into the cloting'Su
days of the season. 17 home-runs
behind his record. It didn't
seem possible that he could beat
the record.
Beside, breaking the horne-rnn
record. Ruth haa vindicated the
I tl ii IT IT! fT I tt Cfk
o n e I Rupert.
'nt. th. Vn...i.d tn Wn(n-
- - );.
'0&f" t
l-C AD
him a thr yiar
coiitTact a!
." Pr annum.
tLr .
coat the Yankees
Sl.ouv each. Hut
worth It.
The New York club . will n.ak..
something like S2.000.00u
siason; anil most of that will,
no doubt, be due to itabe Uuth
and his home-runs.
At the Liberty
Larry Semon and lKrothy.
Dwau ouce attain display . their
talents together tn "Spuda." the
new I'Mbe feature comedy at the
Liberty theatre today. .1
Larry and lorothy. as most of
the world knows, are h unban d
and wife. It was immediately
after the cmuplctiin of "TUc
Wizard of 01" that Larry per-
suaded the fair and charmlnc
Mls Itwau to be his partner for
life, aud aim. that time, these
two will 'be rememhered for their
work together an the .screen.
riXflXXATI. Oct. 1 1. Jpj
(leorge Itenius. '"king of bootleg
ger." who shot hw wife ta daath
a wM-k ago today, will bv in1i.t
cd ffir first degree mnrdeat-:uor-row.
it wpa nnnounct-d from the
oftif of f'otinty
County Prosecutor
''baric P. Taft Urflay.
The I Iain
llion ronnty grand Jury cumpletd
th" Investigation today.
at a Boyle-Dayton pump
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oline. You'll get good gas
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tOS ANnr.I.r.S, SIKlftsnlsPAte.
flllPKM.".. 217 R. t;iilr.l Av..
fDHTI ANt, I0 W n.hlOItsn l
IAN DIWl. 1.1)0 third St. -SAN
I R ANCISC.O. Sil llovsrdSt.
fctAl TLt, 1224 Tint A. he.
At swcAJfe
6C0 Tv) TO
irishman pepped
up 0yER BiG CAME
sihim p:m.. imi . u,t u.
l l rr ii,irao. mi- .inn-;,
ursriiftii in uiilvcrxlty
Hit thrni'Mi'V at the stotltin.' J5
Notre. ."Mirm football players.
with school's roachinc and ttaln-
''r;iiia stutf. leir.todiy for naltl-
inoie anil the came wtth Navy.
Kwy member of the aquad
o:ii'h lturknn hi ft ulnnneri tn '
WM ,v11,hl. ,,, (here..,,,, , tu. .4k. recovre.1 cm-
were no injuries such as r
handlrappliiK other teams In the
t . :
For reaulta use Newa Claaa Ada.
nt; it
ci- -J- over
Ainl.itootlicrjJotlnsfjuiteio .
I well a Kayser jjlove.
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I.AUIKV l!i:.lV-T(.WK.MS
Met nnliy IIIiIk-
Zr ( ' , Brakes
k i
No car of 2 wheel over
No car of 4 wheel over
All sizcH, but only one RTadu,
the best RAYBESTOS used. .
Prepare for snfr driving now, at ut'ently rrrlnccil prlcca.
Ho. lllh St. anil City Limits, Opposlto nth Ht. Lhr. Co.
I ' I.'
' On
The: Golden , Rule - -
N. B. Drew.
HcM'3lcAC or
tree t.eJkoeS':;, uitio rjcTor-Fj
a cr.'(AC? Hop-c
Hartz To Recover
t rom Had Injuries
. . ,
,rr,r Hart; nnl! . i a
rtrlver, prnhahly will r-ovur (1.1
the serious Injuries lis rmrlvrii
at the lto kinithnni spcedusy nt
Suleni. N II.. yesterday when III"
machine oertninrd. Manx. hn
tn i hnaplial hew with n
...i . ev...U4i.t .,..-.
s. Iniis:ie?s this moraine. iMttnl
elticlnls antinu'nccil.
Me who dicers la't--I.UH
Iilcarhor sent.
No. iih North Till
..$ 8.00
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