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.i);-i !:
The Klamath ews
Official Paper
County of Klamath
Two Sections
Ten Pages
Vol. 4. No. 28(1. Price Five Cents
(Every Morning Except Monday)
Klamath New
Ship Captain Tells
Of Amazing Rescue;
Plane Meets Storm
Ruth Elder and Captain Haldeman Extreme
ly Fatigued When Picked Up in Mono
plane Bobbing on Bosom of Broad At
lantic Ocean at 10:30 a. m.
(Il C.WT.tIV (.UKM, Coniniuiulrr iif H. K. Iterrndt-orlit I
13. (By radio to the United fresa Copyright, 1927 by
United Press) Miss Ruth Elder and her navigator, Capt.
George Haldeman, landed alongside our tanker at 10i30
a. m. today after flying for fivo hour with no oil pres.
ure In their motor.
Their monoplane "American Girl" had encountorcd
a severe storm during Wednesday night. Heavy winds
buffetted them from 7 p. m. Wednesday until 2 a. m.
The slurin caused the plan l
lip b.owa off Hit rouro.
Ilnlh Mlu Klder unit Capiat
llaldouian m extremely In
guod by th arduous Journey, but
-a, aped Injury when their lan
Imded on th water.
I'tane tnr
While w wero trying lo Ink).
I lie "American tllrl" pi sue aboard
on of lis gasoline lunks explod
ed ink and the pun hurnod State Highway Commit
up. The whom plane burned up
and nothing was sated.
W IntPnd tn land lh crew uf
th alrplann at th Aiorc Snl-'
iirdly morning (
The fnreiolng dispatch In thP
Culled Presa fcom Camaln Uoos i
nf the IMilch tanker Itarondrerul. i
clear up Hi mystery of the re- j
ru. of .Miss Kldux and Haldeman. ; inaininery in moium non "M(C meetlng. TIiIh meeting was
In th terse language "f III I bring th Jo'j to the point of,ie ((rB, held sinrp lll. hanl
inarlnnr, It revea'a as nothing j lulling contracts. Wt-atli.Tly has s-umr,l full
rlo can. thn details nf a great This wss the message late yes- r.n,r!() ,B() r0irol of Tho KUin
rruo on lh high sens, of terday of Iwo members of the rommprral gorvho Inc..
great pllollng teat and of su-! commission Judge Robert w-1 which Is the oraaulsallon.. In
DM lortltud. r of HmhI nd C, KVPop'W ;.nrKV nt IBB Jilmcl oiiitoiIoii of
l-'ly m Hours ; (iuies of Medfurd who accoin- lh tll,(l). Men's Credit
Fnr ! hours, Jrom Hi lime I panleil William Clmnillcr. dlvl-l A nnnilier of problems of vital
they left Roosevelt field at 6:04 lon engineer In charge of Klam- ,ifr.,, the credit grantors of
p. m. Tuesday until I p. m. Wed-i alh slat highway on a survey K,ninln cnnniy were d.lsrused.
nestlay. th 13-yoar-old girl and "f tn propoaen impravemeni.
her pilot eiu ounlered almost p.r-1 The throe i major projects are
feet flying wcalhor. Apparently the grading of the notorious
they had nothing lo fenr. Their . IH-vll's (lardPn section of the
engine was working sinoollily and Klamath Knlls-Iikevl.w high
the weather was the answer to extending from Illy west
their priyers. """ m",,"" U!,k ",llnl':
All Ihe world knew was Hint ! surfacing of the Klamaih Palls-
lh plan "Amerlcsn Clr!" had
btvn sighted by Ihe steamer Am
erlean Hanker at W:h p. m.
Tuesday night, some ado miles
off I ho Allnntlc roast.
Then, for l hour .(or until
th breaking of the storm which
Capt. C.oos described! they flew
an and on .urosa th ocean which
many believed unconquerable ut
this season. '
ldil Condition.
All that was accomplished un
der nearly Ideal rondllloiis.
Hut It ii l It Klder and tieorge
lluldemnn. two lonely souls nut 1
lu limitless space, went on' nnd I
nn for 15 and a half hours more,
until at 10:S0 a. m. ' Thursday
I hey hit the son alongside the
nmnted Dutch skipper mid his
I'nlll then, not a Word from
them, not a ship of loll In I lie
steamer lanes which they hud do
llbernlely chosen, had seen them.
(I'outlnunl on lnt Four)
Junkers Seaplane
Hops For Azores
I.ISnoX. Oct. 14. tl'P) Thenro exceptionally large while
t.,n'k.r. n.H.IA took off I others aro Just as poor. The
at :14 i.-rn. today, presumably
for tho Aiorcs," on lt flight to
New York.
Tho plan carries a pilot, a
navigator, two mochunlrs and the
Vlnnesa artrcas. I. Ill Dlllens.
Krediirick I-noso Is Ihe pilot.
' I
4) , r'l.yiUlH. U'CKV . i I
fiKW YORK, Oct. 13. HI
. P) when Ilnlh K.lder and
tlmirga Haldeman ended
their New York-Purls flight
with a tremendous splash
near a squat Dutch nil tank-
4) er somewhere off the const
a -' L- n iinniirnnllv
cashed, III on their radlcil
decision to follow tenmshlp
lanes Insteiid nf Iho shorter
"great circle mule" across 4)
4) III Atlantic.
4 Tho obscure oil lanker,
llnrendrecht. w a 1 1 o w I ng
ft, slowly from Rotterdam. Ho)-
land, to nnytnwn, Texas.
, . i, n m inn .
w was one oi min in,.,, ... -
a p.a,i. hi., nnd samll. nlv-
4) Ing between the old
4) nnd the now.
To Be Let !
MeXrViTriPer Centage-Of
Proposed Projects
Havlnc oiTirlally announced
their endorsement of tlirw major ,
highway prolei-u of Klamath, the
stale highway commission of Ore-1
gon Is losing nn lime In (!
errni seBiiiPU! ...
t'allfnrnln highway; and resur
facing of Iho Kin math Pslls-Keno
sertlnn nf the Aililnnii-Klamath
Kails highway. -
In order thnt work may b;-
undertaken Ihe first thing next I
spring, bids are now being ad-
(Continued on I'sge Kit)
Potato Yield In
Klamath Will Be
Biggest Record
lu the full swing of thn great
est hnrfest nf polnloea In the
history of southern Oregon.
Klnmnth spud growers In the
nggrepiln will have reallred o
i gross profit of ut least ln.ooi)
when tho lat Inhnr Is sold.
Klght hundred ear will lie
harvested as against about 4 25
lust year.
I "Th I9S7 potato harvest Is
(strange In ono feature particu
larly," said Wray -Ijiwrence. ns
Ulstnnt county agent and a recog-
Ired potato expert. "It Is pecu
liar In lhat some of th yields
experienced grower Is realising
wonderful yields while Iho "first
year" man Is paying dearly for
tho mistakes ha made during the
growing period."
Mr. Lawrence said that there
wore some , Individual yields
which. If they were chucked,
would probably equal last yenr's
record of S00 sucks lo 111 aero.
"There Is one small field which
Is averaging from 300 lo 350
sacks to in acre aim otner iiems
4jnr looking us good.".
Reports from Iho potato fields
4) Indl.utn that growers nrs prefer-
4) ring lo hold their product for the
: lime being rather than sell asjho
spuds aro laken from Iho ground.
A ! ' '
Veteran Screen
Star Is Called;
j SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct.
13. C.P.I Heart trouh'o to
.day ciuiKe.t tne nea.n oi iiiguie
Mnck. 41. veteran st igc and
screen emnedlan. nt his homo
... ,
: her. Mnck's best known work;
i"H "i"
screen was, donn in
"tlreed. ' "Tho merry widow
Large Premium
List Offered
At Spud Show
Willi th "f Kl'iiiialli'
second minimi (icilaln show less
limn u incmih awuy. kuiioiiiic.
nienl was mail today tiy County
Agent ('. A. Henderson of III
pri'inluiu llt and nf rules gov
erning competition In th bin
!pud rarulval.
i Mb.Tl cal prims -Haled hc-
low will ho offered In thn ex
'hllillora of thn best potatoes.
J Competent and prominent uu
llhorltlrs nn pmulo growing will
act as Judges.
I Till, .how will he li-ld In
jKlumulli November . '. and In.
Money realised from the cihllill
I will comprise th nucleus of a
fund lo slugo th 1H2R show.
All rulrli's must ho grown by
tho exhibitor; all III till a are the
property nf the potato ihow. aud
entries must coiu-M uf not 'less
than HO pounds of i'uminpri-iul
Advlsoiy committee of the
show Includes J. W. Ki-rnn. Klum
alh all, i hull num. (ilpn Ki'nt.
Ilrui Dennis, Furrel llllyard. t.
A. Henderson, John P.
lukc. II.
D. Newell and I.. I', Knbln of
Klsmuih Kails: Jcso Jnlmoon or
Spring Laku: J. I.. pope, and
Jim Stevenson of Merrill:- J. II.
(Iraltiiii nf I'Itiii tlrove: F. A.
llngnn iiid John Itehi-r of .Malln.
oseph llcsstg of t'h!loftiln ; Johu
Turner of I.uiikcII Vallpy: S. P
(t'ollllnuiil on l'nj I'our)
Collections To 1
Be Raised Here
Last night in Hip bnmiuet room
of the Pelican Cnfp. the board of
jlrw.loril of The IIiikIiipss Men's
('redlt Iluraau ln-ld an enihiislas-i
nut . yH Biul ii. an for the
rltnilnntion lf Koine nf tliA cviln
uf the prrdJI nyniiTn wore nlno
ll vim ntfrrrtl by lite honrtl
thnt mm Htp nliouM bt liiketi
In mine the eoHerttnit (htci nliij?
or Klamath Kail, and in thin
rnntitTtlnii some of tho prenetit
city ontinan. came up for roa
MdorAtlnn. The proKont hoard of dirctori
of the I'redlt Unn-.tu consists of
nlnn nirtnborn, and It wus do-
litnil thai Ihn hnnnl It mii III hm
lncnaf.ed o 1.1. Six now dirr-
lorn wore clortrd. and nftir the
elot llnn It wan ncnftl. to hold
i.A ..! mMin. vv.i v ...
iiIiir. October 2fl.
VIKN'Vl, (kl. UI- (IM.)
Tin Tl(i(rurn KfiiKi(nljt
rorrcp4iMlftil In II e I ic r d
HjiIiii lu Iiiir lttir'tl (lutt
IVinrcMi llofiim of I turn an la
lin-i clofHil wllli num. IWu-K-MMiit
m liw uiirt inrml KH
ilil-4l-rnni to lifr liil- fHltM-r,
King Fr)llnHUl.
Tin Urinrmlf rHirn. Hm
palth U uiironrinurit liy It
I'lillrtl .Tt4 nn any otlu
mmiuy uMrHtlnic In- rfnirul
fr.urM', but lit putiiM-niioM
ln-ri lui i'HuwhI n profound
. tnJtl pdlliU'Ml, illplmnnt
Iv nml MKlnl nrnntlitn wim
muwi'tl b Hip prlnirci lup
inrpt in 'ItumnuU. the corrv
IMinilni (, nlttsoMcti, Imb
pnhiU out, riffM cRftorflilt
Iimk Im n lmMMf I on urttn
Htft4iiiii-ti llimuieti ItummilM.
i wm of i I u I ri lie cm rt a p
nifiii, In rtiilmw. raifi la him
IIiioukIi prlVHlr Miurcott. k
IVIiictnn llfiuin. oftpn nien
Ilimi nn n propW-tiv brlilo
ir llir I'rlmr of Wtttm. tourrI
IIh In I Id I KUtm liia rr
wllli lirr iiioiImy, Vucrn )lxrU.
Stir U rriirnl-H mm on of tin
mo't nitrurtlro prinriio of
t -:uroM, but itutinx br
Aincrirun tour lr mother
Iit. ffW opportunltLW to
ntrit iuiik mn of Iwr own
I'lTTSIirilOII. Oct. 13 .rr
lresl(lenl and Mrs. f'oolldae '
hoard their sneclal train. left
kr it ln so n m for Vah -
Ington They are scheduled tn f
In Washington early Prl-
Deer Slaughtered By
-Hundreds- hi Klamath
How many deer hare been
.hot? Frankly I don't know.
exactly: I can only gueo. and
lhat guess would be between sow
nnd COO In Klamath."
This wss tho reply yesterday of
District Camo Warden M. 1.
Dsrnes lo a question propounded
by a Klamath News reporter.
"Tho slaughter this year has used to catch 10 and 15 pound;
been terrible. particularly of trout regularly. Now the trout)
lllacktuln deer." he continued, average two and three pounds. (
Marvin Cross of Bly has counted ,T1 ume situation holds true;
tin mule deer lhat beenlwtth deer. All the migniflcenti
shot In eastern Klamath and
have been hauled by his store,
Vud the worst of It Is that
mrwt of the deer have been shot
by people In other partn of thin
tMato and I'nllfomia; huntera who
' rnn.o in hern m ith their own food.
j with enough Rflwolln lo take
He Won't Be Happy Till He
Red Skins
Of Votesi..i; r ,r, t
ts ,i WJ-,. C
Klamath., Modoc. Faror-
CQ, inaiani V.llin, .jay I
They Were "Gyped"
Oct. 1U. (U.P.) An In- ! Klamath basin country I one of
,. . , . . thn best natural habitats for th-)
tlian war, a difcrcnt kmdr(,.t UIle blrd ln ,he we.t tatil
Of an Indi'in wnr a war Of hare been Increaslnx. Today quail
hnlloU wan declared . by
the Piute and Shohone
tribes at a pow-wow at Fort
M.Tlntm.t In iha Af a lhniir '
; desert Thursday when 300
delegates to the - palaerfornla quall ,n(1 th plumed or
voted to urge all membern ! mountain quail. Valley qu.ll.;
nf (Wir frihpu .from exer- "t the two. are morel
2 1L JiVm r in. hoi 1 '"" Mountain quail. If !
cwing the right of the bal-. p0Mlble, ,h8 .portiest of Jhe
'ot- ... jte. "
It was the outcrowt i of 'a Bag limit In this district la
..."";,..,.. h...i- m N..'.laht bird, or birds insir
vnda la.t year In which the
dian claim- liiey were "gyped. ;
Cattle and sheep were promised
the Redskin. In return for their
fotes. they claim, but although
they voted "right," they were
douhlecrossed and the cattle and
thecp were given to the Klamath
and Modoc Indians instead of th .
Shoshone and Piute. !
And o. the tribal Red men who
for hundreds of years fought '
with arrows and spears, today :
'gathered on the hot. lonely desert
and sdonled the most efficient;
lot modern wessons of warfare
Uhe hnvrott I
tilven Sample TUllots
In th election last year, sam-
(Continued oa Page lire) ;
u. j '
; them out agalu. TUer tage tne
tA nf ist-n
cre.m of our wild life and leave
nothing but their thanks behind,
..jS dTOr; i know oT no
iceptlonaily targe deer fhot this
year: I mean the great old boys
, that we used to get. Its the same
old story: ' Before 'fishermen
swarmed to Diamond Tke they'
o'u bucks have been giilea on.
and they're Just knocking over
""- rontparatltreiy. young ant -
' t
Ttnrnc foresees the neeesnity ,
of ahortonlnK th season or ram j
' limit, or making It lawful to
' shoot -deer only on certain day.
Gets It
Saturday A.M.'
I Klamath olmrnds Baturday morn-
Irk, one half hour before suorlsi ,
when, the quail season opens for,
, , diiy,
ins season is open irviu
IS to Oct. 31, both dates In
clnslre: it opens on a Saturday
and closes on a Monday.
Uecanse of open winters the
past five years and because the
shooting U one of the major nlm
rod sports In the basin country. I
In other sections of the stale.
horde of hunters bare virtually!
exterminated the bird. . ,
I Two specie 01 quail aoounu;
, In Klamath, the calley or Call-i
ln-leen consecutive days.
Sportsmen Will
Meet-Monday Eve
To Discuss Feed
Second of the three annual
Klamath Sportsmen's astoclatioo t
"feeds." the venison barbecue.'
will be held October zz at tne
Crooked Creek Sat'flery. j
Plana for nbserrinr the unloue .
.nn dellebiful custom will be
m.rf. inrt. nirht meet-
In. of the sportsmen's assocla-
tlon In the chamber of commerce ,
a meeting, by the way. to I
which every member of the osso-
clntlon Is urged to attend.
... . . .,
.ga,.h hST'f eeds t,hTCl,U
stages three "M. 'rout
ioose fer Becau'w of fh ahun -
!?.'.V?nH..J Vs.!-.r
." ... .u.
a trn inn. in mil Dro nahlltiv ft
. attention. in an prooanmiy .
member or members of the
eg-;"" " , .. " ,
t .
Duck Disease
Still Exists""'
Although deata toil from the
; mysterious duck disease of Tule
i and ,owcr Kl4mn !ak- Is not
, or
malady still exists, according to
hunters returning from the bird
paradises of the Klamath basin.
Particularly Is this so in the
i south end of Tule lake where the
stench from decomposed duck
I carcasses Is pronounced in somo
plarra and where hunters ro-
ported seeing a number of ducks;
too sick to fly and yet still able
to swim. ' -
i . In all nrnhnhllltVv... tho bird
j disease will pa: away, a mystery
V the end. However, investiga-
tor and observers re Inclined to
believe that a certain chemical ,
I AAiinlllAa In iho -.tnT In nlflMt
have found out that It' 1, not
. communicable, that sick birds re-
' cover In fresh water and that j rrBcn wrsBU,uu eistn. ui.,(mnru .huw -h - j
ith. birds appear to die only In1' ' h a bomb had Denver, and Rabbi Iul I. New
I certain section, ot the lake. o't the school man on the subject of com pan-
building. Police were preparing , tonate mnrrnges, scheduled to be
Despute the Inroads made by ; o ,lrch the ,urronnalnlt country . held here Oct. 22. failed today.
;the disease far greater than the ; f(ir na bombera wnPn word wa, neprcsentatives of tho organl-
jnumers gunsiu ue , . ,
jthore appears to be as many birds
in ine luie inse uaiuni
tlme as any other time In the pet '
three year. ;
koonca f I WalciA,,1, ' ,atally ,nJur, 'hen
VLtUSC j lJ. TT alSII ; crushed beneath the rock and
Of Taking Grain
Accused by A J M 11 n n I ng,
ivilliimiii inruir, 01 bivhiih" i "
sacks ot grain, C. ' L. Walsh,
! Klamath Kalis, wis arrested yes
I terday and Immediately brought
; before Justice of the Peace W.
B. Barnes for arraignment
Walsh i
I was set at Sftoo which
promptly raised.
Walsh steadfastly
tnnocense. He said he had n
1 stolen tn grain, that a man Had
given him the grain as part pay-; Tcry n,,P Pn ,e done,
ment for the car and that he j or ,1, finite Informiitloti will
(Walsh! had accepted the grain be nlituined by the commltlee con
and sold It to -Martin Brothers CeTnlng the sixe of lots, and dls
mlll for ? 14. , ' j tunc residences must he built
Whether or "not the case will , from the property line. Th
com up before, hearing or be, Portland ordinance Is belnit used
adjusted out of . the rrLnlnul ns a model fur Ihe toning ordl
courta will be. decided this week. nance of this city. "
Ruth Elder Is Safe;
Plane Lands In Sea
q., Um q( m Amerlcan
Cheated By Good Fortune and Amazing
Skill of Pilot in Landing Plane in Waters
of Atlantic Ocean.
' . I
U ll.ll.PH XWWI.V.S, I nltc! 1'rtw hlaff -Hmponl-iil )
PARIS, OcL 13. Safe aboard a Dutch oil tanker
after one of the most amazing rescue in the history of
RU,H Elder and Cearre Haldeman toniaht were
steaming westward somewhere between Lands End, Eng
tana, ana tnc nzorea.
' The monoplane "American Girl" in which Miss El-
. , u ,
nd Haldeman set out
an attempt to span tne Atlantic, lanoeo. at sea wusy am-
,iae the Dutch tanker Barendrecht with a broken oil line.
. . , : A Iew nourl ,ater, when J he
, , ,, I world-practically had itlvea up,.
B i ' ; "
1 AllTA I O hope for the beautiful avlatrlx
Route Is
1V U I V X O
Bonanza vs. State High
way Commirsion Case
Up for Trial Monday
Can the protest of a small
farm community upset the plan.
of a state hiahwar commission?
- This question will Be answer:
here ln circuit court next week
when the now famnna Bonama
highway case cornea oaiore juoge ,
. J. C. Campbell, Oregon City. ;
It It a case which has ex-
H.!i through'on, the
qnestlons the
! Affidavit of prejudice.
filed by the plaintiff against '
'Judee A. U. Leavitt led to' the
,i,me. at Judee CsmDbeir
-i-.-- - -
"i'.a.L hial.wav commission
i h.d built the Klamath Falls-
ljikevisw hiahwar from Klamath
i Kalis 2d miles east to Bonanza.
From that point It was assumed
What the state would eventually
! build on to Loreax mill and ou
Order Investigation
! La i,t year the commission or -
'dered an Investigation , of the
. rou,n- f tBe highway. State
engineers submitted a report to
the commission holding that th
.tate hil.nw,y !hould be re-routed
(Contlnued on I'm ice rive)
Boulder Crashes
Through Roof of
School; 1 Killed
IS. (l:P A huge rock, hurled
50 feet (nto the air by the blast -
lug of a roadway under Improve -
I ment. crashed through th roof
of a
village school at Everett
j 7'J,e- tod"y
j k,"e1 aaa
One pupil was,
more than a score ';
; "J""
Panic-stricken as the broken
timbers and pieces of stone
i h ho wo red the class room, moat
i ' PP" hc '"Christian Temperance Union of
door and windows. Reports
, received that the school had been
namalea oy b,a , ,ho roHd -
Mary Russell. 11. whose father
Harry, was killed In a mine ex -
, plosion . at Kvertetterlllo , last
' . falling timbers. She died within
minutes. '
; 2011C Committee
Considers Move
Further outlining and dlngram-
Ing of districts was accomplished
at a meeting of tho inning com -
nilltie held in the council ch im -
hers Inst night. The ordinance
has not been completed and until
finished, giving the committee
' aomething definite to work on.
. .
Girl Break, Death
, D ..n uu 1 i
from Roosevelt Md, L .1.. in
jand her co-pilot, Commander Rerf-
volsa of Le Bourget Airdrome,
receiving the following messagit
.Igned "Ruth Klder"
Landed by S. S. Barendreeht
lib broken oil line.s Both Hal
deman and I O. K." '
Koel Abuaf (inse .
The telegram, whii'h Renvoi
raid had been sent by the Dutch
government at 3 p. m., cam
about 4 4 hours after the Ameri
can Girl had left Roosevelt Field
Tor Paris. . -
It came when the plane'a fuet
supply should have
been ep
bausted, when the eager Parrs
; inrongs wnieu naa jammea into
j 1 Kourget airdrome to give tn
, .dventuroue girl a treniendoa.t
o....un, u mnn me
moth field, certalnjhat the Bionrf-
plane had gone tk tragic way ot
the Whlu! fiU- Eainf Raphe.,
fir John ( arllng and Old C.lory.
l.eglonn0lre, had remained at Lo
nourget -stm hopeful of good
, news.
Details lacking
, Fui details of the rescue had
'not yet been received. Here was
a land plane, with wheels for
pontoons, aud the avUiica ex-
' pert of France -wondered by
j what miracle it occupants had
: been raved. ,.
! Twice before have aviator
been recned on Ihe Atlantic.
Harry Hawker, the Englishman;.
- who was Ilrst to attempt a trans-
, Atlantic flight, was missing a
! week before word of his safety
j was received: ( ommander Fran,
; cisco de Pinedo, the Italian four-
continent nyer recently was res-
, cuea oik me Azores.
j The tankers Radio sending
I radius Is a scant 100 miles, and
! .Miss Klder's precious mesntga
: message had to be relayed Iff
ithe British steamer Bayano whoso,
sending radius Is 350 miles.
I Ruth's single simple message '
' told little, yet It revealed much. '
It disclosed that the bane' of
nil aviators a broken oil line
, ha(j thwarted Ruth in her do-
; (Continued nn dig Kmir) .
; . . .
; fir r m fT f7!1
if .Kj. X U. T ctllS
To Stop Debate
j An attempt by
the Women's
; Portland to stop the debate be-
' xation appealed to J. R. Ellison, .
n charge of advance arrango-
ments, to stop-the event. .
Klllson answered that because
, there have been so many request
for seits he could not accedd to
the request. '
: f,
Yesterday niornliiK at the
county tax office a man re- '
qcsted lo know 1iow much
his taxes woud amount t
o on lo acres of timber land
011 th Dead Indian road.
, When asked wheru the .
, land wns located h replied,
1 "Well. I don't know exictly,
but somewhere between here 4
; and the roust."
The second hulf of the
tuxes' are due by November
5. and not many have paid 4
yet. Between now and the
time set, J7.000.non In taxes
e must be collected. The office
requests, that all who have
not.pald. do so 'as early as 4
possible. '.
and "Who Gets mapped."