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The Klamath
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath
The, Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath' 1
Vol. 4, No. 285. Trice Five Ccnta
(Every Morning Except Monday)
L. A. Cop
And Self
Wife and Child Murder
ed ; Mother-inLaw Es
capes Gun Is Dis
charged Twice. ending ilia ralld'a life
nthl bin own lloyhuck U sild to
have made an attempt to kill hla
mother in-law. Mra. Fred Hen
ilrhka. Inn nli" fled in safety
through Hie kli'hen door an two
bullets Imbedded themselves In
I ho wall. .
Tho wife. Mm. I.llllan llHthoik.
ami Ihn child. William llclliuck.
tied Inathnlly. Iteyliuck died at
Georgia Street hospital two hour
.lifter l lie iritgedy
An unaiicccaaful attempt In
liarn hla wife ilrup p 'inline ill
force proceeding wan given by
police a till reason for llir
According In III" mother-in-law,
lleybink came to visit the child
unit the fumlly van silting In the
front room. Iteybttrk anil hi.
wife hud an nrm unique when ahe
tnlil him aha hail apon. liir law
yer' fees pari nr some mnnrv hi
contributed tuihe aupport of ihe
Hhorlly uflnrward Mr. Urn
drhka li'ft Hit room nml a mo
ment Inter heard the alini which
killed Mm. Ilcyhmk. When Mm.
Hendricks rushed acrnamlng Into
I ho rim iu llollmrk ran afler her.
firing twice. When ahe escaped
lin turned ih sun on I be rlillil.
then on himself,
Daring Flights -.
Magnificent But
Hardly Aviation
LONDON. Oct. II. tI'i -I-onl
Thomaon, air tnlnlater In the
Macilonuttl Inliiir governmotit.
mill llio pasalon fur flying over
Hie Ailiintlr "maRnlfli'ent but n"t
ulnilnn " .
"It In Biiim-tliliig like HT'nln
Rttlclilo to embark upon an At
laplle UlKht wtlhciil prnprr rnre
mill iirepnrtillon. No punenger
abuuld go on n flight over the Al
Iniitle wlillu ntlntlun bua nut
made mifflrlent, pniuren t.i aafe--ly
get ovor the humlreita of mil'
of attter," anya the former nlr
mlnlater. "I am nitalnat leglitu
I Inn prnhlhliflig Atlnnlle flying.
Pitt aittneihlng abnuld hn done to
plop hnt la 'nlr nulrlile.'
, "It aeptna to too to tip a quea
lion cn wlilih coneerteil ni-tlon
roll lil Ire takuti by Ihn airmen
Tanker Winifred
Hits Rock Reef
HAN KltANCISCO, Oct. '!. -(tMM-The
oil tanker Winifred
O'Klnncll. Yokohama In San
I'edrn, went on the rocks nt
I'oliit Argnello Innlghl, the sec
ond ship lo ground there In Iho
Inai three dnya.
Tho firs. SOS call wna very In
distinct and all that waa picked
up hy the Keilornl Telegrnph
company waa that a ship wns
aground til Point Argnello.
. Han Frnnelaco ind bay district
rnilln hroadrnsilng atallons sign-'
ed off In clear the nir and a
second wireless from the ship in
illcnrtd thai nllhoiiKh hard
ngrOund, II wna getting off wlih
nut nld and would proceed lo
Hnn Pedro.
Tho other ship to' ground on
tlioap rorka, which hnvo been tho
arena of nuny fumoua wrecks,
wa tho Keekoskeo, which went
on Iho ro'eka Hundny.
cost ol' lions ct T
I1HND. Qre., Oct. 12. (II
IM Women had Ihelr linlr
bohlieirin hnrber shops here
Wednesday rfor SO centa hnf
they had to wait i long tlma 4)
0 for n vacant chair.
Tho reaaon waa that Jour-
neymou harbors declared a e
Hlrlkn when Iho master bar-
hers ilenlilod lo rediico Iho
prlco of women's and rhlld-
fen'a hnlrcuta from 78 lo
no cents.
Despised Man J
To Give Tale
Of War Nurse
lly llulpli flclnicii j
I'iiIikiI Press Hinff Correspondent
. PARIS. Oi l 13. Tho world's '
mint mnn, Cnriciii llw '
Inn Qulcn. emaciated at f.ll. with I
a IiuiiiiIkiI look In lil ayiii. may
-II to I lie rnuria hla nlory thai
ho 1m UiniH-rnt of the bftrayal of
Nurso Killtll Cuvell. I
1 Ihi lawyer, CJnlen believes, '
Iiiib diverted him, Mulire llenrl
lini-iiiiiii, ' announced Wednesday
hu lis begun effnrta In ohtilu j
1 proaldrnilul grace either on New ,
Yonr'a dnv or July 1 1 - llastllle
, I'm.
i At the kAinn limp, ihn league
lor Ihr rights of num. convinced ;
i Hint n miscarriage of Justice
'sent (juli'it In iHlmni fur 20 ypiira
, lor Ihn liuiriiyiil of MUa favvll,
hu begun a in in pp. I mi to froc. j
; lilm. The league charg,a QiiIpu j
was tmatlly condemned. ilniltl
i (iiullniHil on fuMcv right)
Five Die
In Storm
Cyclone Hits Small Far
ming Community in
Dell, Arkansas
y DKI.I.. Ark.. Oct. IS.-ir.P I
; Vim peraona aro known dead. 38
are Injured, and la Imlldtnga are
damaged to the fXtent of ITiO.-
' nun. (iillnwltig a cyi'lnuo which
iwepl over thla amnll firming
coniuiiinlty tmluy.
I Tho Identified dend are; 1. IV
, Winn. 0. Jiiallee of peace: Mra.
t U. I'. Winn, 811. hla wile: AuhiIii
Hardin, farmer: Mra. John Har
din, hla alHter ln law An un-
j Identified 11 year-old hoy nlao
' waa killed.
Klre broko out after the cy-
i rtnne apent Itaeir. but waa i-heek-
; ed by heavy ralnfa.l.
geirchlng pari lea, were digging
about the ilebrli tonight aeeklng
bmllea. '
! The twlatof rnuaed grent dam
age, to many homea, carried away
the roof of the achonl houan and
crippled communication llnea
leading Into the town.
Political Pot Is
Roiling Hard On
Klamath Project
Wfth Hie Klamath Irrlgnllon
Dlatrlct directorate election
loaa than one month nwoy. one
mull la nlready aerlnualy eonlem
plallng loasiiiK hla but Into the
He la Judge II. II. Folaom. Mid
land district, who aaplriv to sne
ered It. E. Ilnidlitiry. Henley, as
director of the dlatrlct and whose
formal announcement will be
made within tho next few dnya.
Ilrndbury's sent at Iho dlrect
or'a table Is Iho only offii nt
Isaue. It wns learned today. Old
fartloua and political cleivngoa
aro tuklhg form In the uaunl wny
and ttnlesB llrnilhury iTeclinca to
run at the lust moment, (he elec
tion should he Interesting and
The election la scheduled for
November 8.
Judge FolHom, n former Alaska.
Jurist, la the owner of 3H0 ncrea
of fine land In the Mldliitid dl.v
Hie. and la recrtgiilaed ns one of
the foremost rltl.cna on the
Klnmalh project.
Vets Lay Plans I
For Armistice I
Plnns for Armistice day artlvl-'
I ties were laid Inst night at a
j meeting of Veterans of Foreign
' Wars, In the basement of the
. county court house.
' Definite mid final decision to
hold two dunces, In two hulls, on
i Armlatli o liny wna reached by
; Iho vela and appropriate com
nillteea named (o handle nrrnnge
' menta.
It la hoped that rncelptn from
I lie dnni i'S will go fur Inwarda
defraying Iho expenan of Iho con
venilon of vela which will be
: hold hero host j enr.
Two well known Klnmalh ii i-
gnna were nd nil I led aa hnnor.iry
; memhera of tho vela. Thoy nro
Dr. T. t Campbell and Dewoy
Powell, i
Silence of Atlantic Cloaks Fate of Plane
G. Haldeman
Captured Rebels :
Arrive At Jalapa
I MKXICO CITY. Oct. li. !.,
' ii i ii, Am. V..K..I.
coinprlalng a majority of the Co-
'meg-Almada group which aur-
Irendered after the dlsaairona
! rebel defeat In the ..... of Ver.
; Cruz, have arrived a. Jalapa. c
cording to the new.pnpcr Gralico.
Ainny oiucera, uie ompnicn to
! .. .. .
... . . .. .....
tun llrallro a.iya. iin-ut tney mil
! . l.
rnh,iii..n ,h..v i..r. ihe
; capital tl-n days ago.
The officers ire uuoled by the
anvlne lliev wero
informed by their superior, to
pursue Genera
who had led
liohcrto IVJndo
,. .. .....
levipu HI i'Ut
Their first knowledge that Ibey
Ihemaelvea were rebels came
when they sighted government
acouting plauea.
aatjjaA'i'aatMw a-v
Group Awaits
j First Word of
t Yankee Plane
I.K IIOl'ltCKTv AlllimOMB.
: I'arla. Oet. 1J. I'Thuradayl 1 1'
I'l At the firat glow, of diwn
' today a pmall group of aviation
enihUHlAPtM and aevcral automo
bllea filled wlih theater patrona
'who had driven eut from !aria
gntherid here to await the arrival
of Ruth Kliler and George Halde
man In the Iranx-Atlantlc niono
' plane American Olri ,
Te beacon lighta on the fly
ing field blinked out at t:3 .
m. and at that hour there waa
no- newa to Indicate thai the
Amerir-in Girl had completed
i even the ocean .part of her voy
Thcre.a a allcht fog 'lint n
uffhlent to'prevent a trnfe land
, ..... i,i-p:,bm,,,"
r t iaiit t-v pATern
L1n 1 1 JUU 1 "
'-. CTA DTm TnnAV
5 1 Af 1 UU A Y
SAINTI.OIIS Sengnl. Africa.
r i .V V ,lS . Oe
anu jonepn I nnx. wno maae a
.. ...
.. .. . . .
;.672-ni e non-stop li ght from
...... ...
K.',...K Th,,.,
Ing. .
After a thorough inspection ol
lh mnlnr nf Ihelr Ih.-
inane. uie
flyers, .aid they were ready for
the adventure.
-.,... ... ....
I Hi nirir ill nnvw ui'iiiii ill-
' i..hj.iii.hii- fit,, i t
iiiug. lint a late arrival at Saint
i liuia upset schedule, liiln
' caused another
'Al Is Angling
Ruth Elder
yJ?eace Petition
Jo Turned liOWn
London. o.t. ird-.p.)
General Yen Hai-8hen. war lord
of llw Shanal province, hav asked
conservative northerners for
peace, hut Cieneral Chang To-
Lin. umhaUeng. d leader among
ll northern chief ha. refused.
i ... ... i.i j. .u
i--iiriiui m i tiu iifu
.. .. . .. .. -
me nony aian.
Th- .r,i.nrn .... -ii' 1
not consent to . nnlM. v.nlapoke of the excellent condition i
reatorea the national flag and
ouat.t all conimunista operating
With the soul hern armies, the
dispatch adds. .. ..
! The northernera are advancing uaaociaiion. mra . ""';i
,, .,.. .I.iie slate snnerintendent ' of .
uii n eiiuin .auu mu.c b...u.u -
rfi-i.. ii, r.n .h. eki...
, Hankow railway. General Chang's i
son. Chang 8u-Llnng. flanked the !
Rli.inaltea. rjpturing many prison-1
era and war material.
I Pair Defiant
j As Trial Date
Draws Nearer
. i:, (fl'i Retiming dptpctlre
permliwlon to photograph or fin
jserprlnt them In their Cflla. Mra.
I Margaml Lilliendabl and U illln
Doarh malntalnpd a dpflant at-
j Otude today and lent freah '
' atrcnatb to rimora that the f
tata'a eaje rbamlng thn liB;
the murder of Dr. William Lll-!
Ilendnhl la weaker than baa been
T'n Morutor Loula llepetto did '
not comment on a retort thai '
(rontlaacd tm Fav Konr)
Health Progress
Of County Group
I old in Reports
At a meeting nf of the Klam
ath ('nunljr Health aaaoelatlon in
'the library club rooma veaterday
lafiernonn after ibe luncheon at
the chamber of commerce, far
ther reports were given concern-
! Ing the health work, of the county
and what haa been accomplished.
A reKrt of the year'a work
waa given by Mra. W. If. Robert
aon, chairman. .Mm. Z. J. Pow
ell gave a report of ibe edtiem-
tlonal committee, followed by an
open disenrsion led by ilra. Sadie;
of the State Tuberculosis assocla-j
Hon. A nursing committee re-'
port waa given by Mra. Hurt
llawklna. and a short talk on
lachool health work waa given by
Mlsa Helen fanfield. city mime. :
!The yearly re porta were given by :
Miaa l.ydla Krlcke and Mlsa
'llaiel McClellan. Mrs. Ada Par-'
sena, president of th Bonanza,
'onnt of Ihelr vort Id regard to
heallh. Mrs. Dunbjr closed the .
- .ht. - ... "Th.
Prncrfrii and
At the annual luncheon of the
health association In conjunction '
with the chamber of commerce:
i fru.n Wednesday noon. Mrs. ,
"nb.r gave a ..Ik on Indus-
" ..... ..
iSnnnnrt ni liAn.ih vr.iir " hr
i r i ii : i ii ! ill ii inn iommuniv."uM . - i i.. . i.
Newsom. county health officer,
of Klamath county, and told of;
ora 01 uie neauu uim mre
, ..." ...-. ....
l"" Jeeu i'nirj.
jiiirecior 01 ine niaie
sehoola. were Introduced. Miss
Mildred Lucas, apprano. sang tnoJ
vor"' numoers. inonpu. oy
Mrs. E. S. Veatrh at tho piano.
Tho officers elected at the .
luncheon for this year are: Mrs. )
W. II. Robertson, president: I
Hurry Hill, vice-president: Mrs-.;
D. A. Clark, secretary; E. M. j
Rubb, treasurer; J nines Swanson.
chairman of finance committee: .
Mrs. C. P." Mason, chairman of
nursing committee: Mrs. D. M.
Clemens, chairman of educational'
; A..n.H.ltAA. M,. Blpnaal UiKm
v.,.M...,..r. 'irewe. producer-director, and ms
'chairman of suppy. committee; , ,., nm
and Miss Helen Canfleld, chair-
man of publicity.
Normalcy Again
KulcS In Mexico
..,,,. i
...,.....,... . .. ...
(C.P. I -Normalcy agnin prevails
In liiion nml t. now rroltt
"...i V... iH.m. fi..r
.h i 1 1 ... .r nn..." .tiomni
the failure of Gomo attempt,
Alvnro Ohregon. presidentUl can-
hi..- j,... ,j ,, hla .-viv.i
dldate. declared upon his rVtal
'" wiiiij ......
"Recaiise the men who headed :
l.he outbreak were, military lend-j
era and attempted to gain con-;
trol of the country by violence.
it waa necessary for the govern-.
ment to lake harsh measures."
fin said. "Hut with, the'.urej
of the Gomes, uprising, which
tailed for lack of popular sup-1
' port, we do pot look tor any
! new revolt." , . j
I in iiisciiiwiuK ilia iiuiiiiii.1 imi.i-
' palgn. Ohregon declared ho would ,
i "respect .he right, of Amerlr.n. '
In our repnhlle and will expec. : their son and Mls Until Elder
the rights of Mexicans shnll also will succeed on their truis-.U-be
respected." Ho .aid that the innlir flight J. J. linldemun and
Mexlcnn goverument would pro- his wife were slightly anxious
eel the Interest, of tho laborer, over lack of reports of the plane's
hu. at the same time protect progress tonight,
ejpllnl. 1 "We are only hoping and prny-
Hero for llio birth of his ev-
enlh child. Ohregon la nccompan-
led by a number of prominent,
; Mexicans. Among them are Gov-
lernnr Fauato TopntM-of the .tale
; of Aonora and (lellvtiil Francisco!
j Mnnso ot Ortli. .luilllury com-
I mandor of the wost coaatv ...
France PrepJfg
Great Welcome For
Daring Americans
Plane Has Sufficient Fuel to Remain in Air
for 44, Hours; One Hour Overdue in
Paris at Last Reports from European :
Capital; Weather Good Near England.
NEW YORK. Oct. li
! fif htinf with death at sea, Ruth Elder, the 23-vear-oJd
prize. winning- beauty, at 5:04 p. m. today was 24 hours
j on ' New Terk, whence
j" -
American GirL" . -If
"her flight with Captain George Haldeman was
uninterrupted by the tragic
before her, Miss Elder had
or w
Mayor- Is
Executive Head of In-
dianapoi. Gets 30 Days
or Corrupt Practices
' -
" INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Oct. 12.
tl'Pl Mayor John L. Duvall of
Indianapolla was brought into
eon" today and formally sen-',
fenced to 30 days. in Jail and
'line of Slioo for violation of the
' State Corrupt Practices act. '.
formally pronounced by the courts
in litigation over alleged politi-
cat corriiDtlon In Indiana
,,.,. ., J.-. v.
the sentence of tbeprivilego of
holdlne. office until November,
This was equivalent to
forcing his resignation
; But the mayor f'V
id PP-rtlt Intended ,
, . ,Mi ,.,!i .v..
not obliged to real jin. until the
. . .
-"ate supreme court had passed
upon the lower court decision.
.Near Trinl Dciilol
Immediately . before sentence
v9 parsed by special Judge Cas-
f. ohiH.v nnrnll'. .nnn,.
1;." .hi
- ,1''" " 1
motion was denied. This enab-
. r-... l..i . tSA
(Conilnued on Inge Four)
''. . i .
fpriprr iWlfllCn
Turns Out To Re
Vorv Tmnorf aoi
' CI J xllllfCllCll,
HOLLYWOOD, Oct. t. (VP);
Humors of the collapse of
another of Hollywood's
pertert ,
nimaneea" which came with news '
f MMrallon of Kilu Ch ;
. . . '
the couple tonight.
"Incompatibility." Carewe said
on location at Saugus. "There!
are no other parties concerned i
,n ,he m"',' M trouine
i'ba. nes graauaiiy neen growing
irse ana nns at last reacnea
g Cimn;i There will ne a set-
lrmrM 01 of court."
... .... .. . .
mat is penecuy true. .urs. ;
' orcwe 8nl" lnB 10 rewe a"m(' ;
h whcn of her hits-
n ,., ut(.n,ent ..w. Just :
Biartmem. e m
,,,., tothar. Yea.
ot course 1 will get both the
children "
Wor1 of ,he marltl r(, UtM
rllni(, tnm nttmnt. friends of
16 cowpe when WBS learned ;
thnt VarfVe hod moved to the :
iyWOod Athletic club. !
w-vi w .
Taj CI S rarcHlS
Frankly Worried
LAKELAND, Fla., Oct. 12. U
) Although still ronfldent that
mg thnt .hey will go through
the. storms safely and If there
la anyone who tan. George will
make It." Mrs.; Hnlilcman suld
with teirs In her eyea.
The Huldem.ins also were dls -
turned over unfavorable weather
report, which they were shown.
(U.P.) Flyini to U-r or
she had departed for Paris in
fata which befell four planes
travelled about 2,400 miles.
I Another l.ZOft mile of foxmf
' ai-ean atri
cean atretched before her and
h coaat: front thiiire it
00 mile to Parla and
celebration for which
French have already pra-
Nothing haa been aeen of the
avlalora alnce liW.IS last night
when the liner American flanker
aighted the plane 560 miles off
the Atlantic coaai. '
Nearly 100 ahipa are in The
path of the American Girl hut
the plane's wlrelem has only i
25-mlle sending radius and corrf
munirallon. therefore, might not
have been posnlhle. ' Kurthennore.
although the machine, a apeck In
i (Conlinueit on Tagc Five) ,
' P J pl ff
utailU 1VUIC1 VJ 1
Through County
John F. Malley. Grand Gxalteil
Ruler of the Benevolent and Pro-
tectlve Order of Klks of the L.
S.. will paaa through Klamath,
r ail, next Monday ., a. m on
- --
O. Iel.ap. vice president of lh9
Orecon state Fllt
"regon btate fciga
last night.
Grand Exalted Ruler Malley l
only visiting the . larger Rika
lodges such as Portland, thru-
nt,r th. a,.M n.i .
, I
" " ,Z iTV.
on an unique reception for the
. visitor of Klhdoni. Its chief exe
j entire, by meeting the train with
ja larce delegation of Klks from
( the Klamath lodge and presenting
.Malley with ducks', geese and
: a large picture of Crater Luke: -
,vu,p wired M" ; I'"lte ,he
new district deputy grand exulted
ruler of Oregon South In Salem
last night to perfect (he pinna.
and he contemplates accompany-
nK ''alley to Portland that niorn-
I r lnll 1. ... 1.. . . ...
", ','.., , , , -
rn " t wr M
IriHD In WrtOPlf
Six Are Injured
OUKG0N CITY". Ore., Oct. 12.
ii pi Four trainmen war. u,l
j,iredt ow perhap. tMr, whea
,n empty passenger train. travel
nl between Portland and
gene left the track near
late tonight. . .
The engineer. Bert Swallia
Portland, was the most seriously
injured He was burneil hv nil
" ,K , k k , ,1
Irnm the engine which exploded.:
Mlke ;,... fireman. C. R.
Smith and Fred Koenun, brake
men, were also injured.
Cause of the wreck wns not,'
vU.un I I... .........I. ..
reporle(, oven rar, iMn .,.
engine loft the trrick
' ' ' '""' n
....... .....
Oct. 13. I5:S0 A. SI.) (l'
P The Le Bonrget air-
drome wireless station thia
morning picked up a mes- s r
sage beginning "American" a .
which then failed.
Officials belli veil the niea-
sage may have been a prac- o
Ileal Joke. ,
Shortly before 4 A. M.,
the officials announced they
hnd ruelve.1 no newa cn.
periling tho progress of the
t Ruth Elder trana-Atluntlc
flight unless the broken
' niesa'igo might be cdusld-
o ered such.