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The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath
Three Sections
14 Pages
Vol. 4. No. 282 I'rlco Five CenU
(Every Morning Except Monday V
... . . -
1 -4 . . '-.r:
Half Million Road
Program iUnder Way
.With Call
Work Will Be Rushed
frojects; Surfacing of Klamath Section' anquiahcd nm, hi. Mir.
aye C 11 J W L A i JL JO t conquerors of the Stanford Cur-
vf tw i irr ecu m itgiiuujr. ixcu u
Local County Court.
With an obtrusive legal technicality swept away,
and with still tome good weather remaining in the rapid
ly aging year of 1927, the county court late yesterday
wung inio ine aouu,uw couniy roaa ouuaing program.
w " - "
wllk a inn nil nnviiliui lk.
.... . -- r- -
' much action In the prosecution of the improvement rat-',)ls
Ified by the roirri at the tpecial'road bond election held
June 26. ' -
Vint anikforrniiHil sn I lie ail
terttbinjt for bhla fur wile r road '
liuaili cifreuitlii( a-UI.IMM. :
Tliee butllla, Mlilrll will prolNlhly
brli nmny bidden. Hill lir Mild
t a rourt smlin VelneU. 1
Motember ii, at lo o'rlork.
Illvnlllnar llila actkia of llir
Kinil In tiiiuortaarr was tlir le
rNlon of the comt to ailn-rllae
for bids of a numlier of ronil'
wbkli ronie under Hip roateur
lion proaram.
The Mldlsnd-l'alor sertlnn of
the Klamath Fillt-Werd lilali
way. a atrttrh of road arrosa
lower Klamath marsh, will he
surfaced. .When completed the
mad will mean (be flnlshlnx of
Orrsou's link of the Important
liilcr-slste hlxhway.
firwIlMa ,ullioriel
(trading of the Keno-Wordeu
road. This S'.'ctlon of highway
will be eight milrs long, and
(CvntlaiHsi on I'stfe. HU)
Russell Sc6tt
Hangs Himself
In Prison Cell
i iiiiauu. vv.. o. in i-i...-
ell Bcolt. once a millionaire
bridge builder, tonight hanged
hlms..lf in his cell at the count
Jnll. thus defeating the efltirla
of the state of Illinois to take his'
life for the shooting of a drug
clerk during holdup In 121.
(iron, who on tnrtio dlfferunt
occasions narrowly avoided nelag ,
occuted on the gallows, took his,
own IKe tonight In whit apnar-,
nil. mna a . i, ,1 ,! n .1 .... . I, . n I
e..- lh f ri.o eoa.!"1"" for ,S d ,n h,ch 10
Hcolt has been a spectacular '
mIuh.. ., .In.n ,h lmn k.
was nrrested for shooting Joseph
Maurer to death In the holdup of
a loop drug store.
rirst 1'iesuieti i.unty ;
When he was first arraigned In
' :
a Chicago rourt, ho entered
plot of ' guilty. It was short
fter Nathan leopolri and Itlch
srd l.oeb had escaped the gallows
by s plea of guilty and he hoped
also to escape the death- penalty.
Hut the Judge who heard his
plea Immediately sentenced Hrott
BcotC. attorney knelt before 1
iho bench anil In a stirring ad-
merry and a chance to change
Iho plea from "guilty" to "not r
guilty." i '
Tho request was granted and I
Keott stood trial on his plea of
"(lot guilty."
SAN r'HANClHCO. Oct. .-ii '-j nj,.a, ihetrlgguf sevorul times, i
P. (--(lovorntncnl officers hhnlll iho'Vcnnnn missod fire.. .He
prohibiten -tne snowing or ine
Tuniioy-Ilempsey fight films here
will not be Interfered with, and
Ilia (lira will nut be allowed
.be shown, as a result of Kedon
Judge rmnx H. Kerrigan's ru-
.fusal today to Issito an Injunction j
ordering the olucers. lt return ,
the films.
Jack J. Moore, local hooking
agent for thu theaters, surrender. , lCOO-foot luvul of the .Mammoth
d himself to the government mine at Mammoth, run. Ins night '
whn he lenrntHl of the wnrrnnt hy nn cxplodon nnd fire In the
sworn to by Leslie O, Cirver, niuln tunnel, 2H miners were led ,
agent of the department t.f Jus- sufely through jin opening Into -tlco.
' ,nn atljtilnltig mine and brought j
Harry lltirke. a Los Angeles to tho surfaeo iinhurmi d.
man, wttose warrant wna sworn ! Several flruinen who sjtighl to i
to ill the sume time a'a Monro's, j remove barrels of .oil from i
Is oxpucled to surrender Monday. : storehouse. l' the portul' of lhe
He Is alleged In he the prlnclpiil mine, were severely, hut lint nir- j
"eiinenlriiliii'" In Hie entire mill- : lously burned by Ihn explosion n(.
ler. , . - jollier till bitrres - . , r
For Bids
on County Highway
. .
..! f.w .!
T 7" fjy 1
K. sH I f1A
Two Guilty of Two Minor
Count; One Guilty of
One Misdemeanor
MKIIKOIUI. tire.. Oct. . or,
- A Jury In, the federal court
this morning returned a verdict !
of guilty on two couitts of tho
charging conspiracy;
(to violate the national prohlbl-' in the first quarter when
lion art agnnst W. D llarnea, ' ran 10 yards around -St.
Iiistlce of tho peace of Kluuiath ! Mary s led end to the 1 yard
Kails, and furmer Klamath roun- ne. It. IJougliery vent over tor
I iy aherlff and A. II. Lambert, j the touchdown. Kvans' kick for
son of a Klumalh Falls counril-; Pol" tailed.
man. They were guilty of main-; The second touchdown came In
tattling a nuisance and posses- ! second quarter when Oottg
slon of liquor. I.. II. Hire, co-j"' made. five yards through the
detendanl. was found guilty on ; 8"" " sud then three more
lone count, maintaining s nuU- touchdown. Ilr. jken-
ance. There were IS counts In ! 'Wgo eonrcrtert.
' the 'Indictment, alleging sale and
- -
posession on it coniits. ,
J"" Kvanaon and Jack Miller. I
previously convicted bootleggers.
entered pleas of guilty to similar
charges. They ware
, "rc '"'Inmetto university defeated the
Tho htnoke, a .0rcon norma ..-hool football:
hav used
'Klamath Kails resort owned by
resort owneo . :
rlicre llarnos antt -
l.nniDert. sun wuere narnos ami
."oro ""il'l0)'" l'Wrk' " i
"t IJ"ratlons lor lliotr ;
l'v"'-""' ;
The court granted a motion
motion for a new trial in
. II. a ...a .if 'll.rnM.
Hire and
liamui n. I
Tho government contended that
the three convicted men knew of
the operations of Miller . and
; Kvnnsun.
Young Divorcee ...
-rv - . r
uymg: uesuit oi
Mrs. Mary Kennedy, pretty SS-1
Je"r1.u1!1 ; dlv,0,; " " 'T"1!
ho""1 .". .,0,",l!ht P.T' "L'1 1
nnd officials sought Martin lltirke
30. as the result' of 'a "love
shooting" hern late lodny. Mrs.'
I Konnctly suffered a bullet wound
' ... ......
According to Mrs. Kennedy's
! mother nnd a sister who were
with her at the time of the
I shooting, they word walking to
j their home when Kults drovo up I
'in his car, leaped out and with-i
' out a word, opened fire. When
Mrs. Kennedy fell, Knits placed'
the tilstnl' to ills own head and 1
,hen jumped into his motor car
nnj if,. ,
WUPiUtKr UL LitArt 1
HALT LAKK CITY, I'tnh, Oct. ;
I.' tU.P.) After having been j
tripped for four hours on the!
s; - ,!
(IV V. H.-venty-flvr thou
nhoudng upertutori inw thy Cull
ferula Uvur provt theinjiiilveti
(llnl. 13 too. today. !
In the first, second und third
quartrra Ihe fk-iqn waged their
battle against lh Saints In the'
shadow uf Iho latter goat posts,
practically all the lime.
The surprise of the game was
inn WIJ in wnicn i-siiiurina m uy-
posedly untried line gave
. . . . . .
uaei iorwjrn wan as goou h
. ..
'' '
faptftln Larry llettencourl of
HnU nhed throuKh the
! California forward wall in all-'
lAmt rlean style duflnK the flnl
few playa of ea h half, but was
... .ir-i ..-i., ,h.. i,. i.
lerlnit of the II. ir line. Ilett.n-
rwl " wrlously Injured In
to.. ..,. .III. Klni.fnr.1
fliir. iio MrnVn-
In the fourth-quarter lletten-'
rourt was called Into the back-'
r-..m hi. ..,.(,. ,.
field from his tenter position
and ran with the bull in rain
, , -.h ... ,h,
near Ml. U.K.
Itlrgels, center of list year's
freshtnun aqusd, pleased the spec
tators with the way he played
opposite the veteran lletlencoun.
Occasional flashes of brllllanee
were all that constituted Die
Saints' offense, while St. llnry s
had the ball. 'most of the time
was spent In futile effort to peue-
true the Hear line or to round
the ends. '
California's first touchdown
,ivtll mrTTF liriwie
r ILtnmi I t c wii-io
sr s w.x.
SAI.EM. Oct.
8. -t A.P. I-Wll-1
,nam hor,, :8 , t,,y. ncorlnr .
. ...,.v,, .n ,h nMi '
quarter, and another In the soc-
ond A(r h hj noTmal n
brnred. while Ilia Ik-arcats, ap-
p.trtnlly winded by four almost
i unobstructed "dashes dow-n the ;
field, slowed down and failed to I
- v--r - e-r
In Series
ing Miljut Throw
Bal Away in Ninth In
ning, Letting in Run. .
v,.w Ynrk Oct. ft A.IM
... .
he last RturtU Of a Qazea i
" ;
.. .1 ..r n.(u '
cuu witu .; y
. t
IjlllC'h I'illltOK 1'ntTlli to
an :
" j ,. v
'"Klunouit flimnx t o d a y
when a wild pitch by long
John SIlllUS in the ninth in-.
. ,-,. ,. , .,
bUHCH full. Ifuve the JCW
Voile Yankee the winning
. .. .j.
, un anU ,nC worla 8 cnam-
pionHhip with a record-
equalling streak of four
. . . '
micce!Uve triumphs. '
..,.,. ,.,,.. ..., t th
Mlljus made a gift ot in
fourth and flniil game to ine
Anierirnn leugue champions. ;
spnlllng a courngeous comeback ;
by the lluccatieera and wrecking
an othnrwlse sensational relief
pitching performance. Tne score Jmrdn ol ,he eol ,,,, ,hn ,h,
was i to 3, r. - ,.sfs me ended.
Itelleving 'the bespeelaeled Cr- .
men tttti alter tne tanaee at".
rente had cracked to hnln
Pirates tie the score and ofrset
the lead prorliied by llabe Ituth's
i ' v ft;nttnuei on I 'age Kle
Rebels Encircled
Rv I Qrtra ArmV nf
mJJ UUl Ibb. a. wa.
Federal Troopers
.MKXIt'O CITY. Oct. 8. IL'.P.I
Ten thousand fcdcnil soWlers art1
completing, an encircling move-
ment around the rebels in vera application oi leaerai reserve ircpcat., ,nt! j.year-old b3nk ex-f,.-
. r 1 J Aim Alrares. hnn k fMntlj. The demurrer al- ... . . , , '
v , h w. ,
chief of staff to President Calles, .
announced tontgnt. -
A majority of the rebels are
poor Mount I'eroote, In a neavtiy
wooded country wliHh is difficult
of access, Alrares wild.
Progress of the feder
ral troops
was made difficult because of the
.nvi. i,nt..r tt.n eonntrv.
and It wis possible that contact .
with tho revolutionists would not
be established for sovernl days,
The general situation In tne roun-
try remained onrh tngetl. -Alrares
said, and no bulletin' was
J Issued tonlKlit. .
What Price Coal !
-q"V .
i x&s " ,.. 'TONS w
"-el ! ----aj.jjaaper nB7- f
u;?'0 '"d, ;
Hard, But Tie
'. KI.'CBNK. . October . op
Orriton flaahrd brilliantly In
jrrh(ad play and der-eptlun.
whllv Idaho waa euilly bril
liant In power p!nK and .Ine-
lu a KauiH whlrh bat
tled - icrlnily, back and forth
throushout four quarter and
ended In a 0 to 0 tie.
On-nna bad a flai-hy pamlna;
attack, fit and decnptlva- bark
fluid formation and deceptive
runner, but a line which did not
mraiiure up to the behemoth for
awrda of the Vandal. . Idaho had
a half tine, a wonder nluncer in
- '
Klrhl.nlk. but little, la dep.
"""" ""(
I Inn or nasslntr. 1
- . -
Itfiln lexm hud an .n..1i.rr..nltv
'to acore. laano carrying ine oau
to Oreiton'a two-yard line In ithe
Wood quarter and the Wed foots
to score. Idaho carrying the ball
" . " V ."." . ...7.
yard mark just before the final
hiatle. ' After Klrshii-nlk. giant
Vandal full back, had prored that
he waa the only one on the Idaho
eleven WBO couiu cu.i.m,
mukr galn, bf plunging. Red
Jacohy, Idaho quarter, elected to
r"T the ball himself on the
las' down and waS. stopped In
tt,'lrCE .
Oregon a chance to score came
when llervl Ilodcen. the Wehfoot '
capl,ni aVed . fumble on
,aho's 18 yard line. A 14 yard!
p,,, n(J , succession of bucks '
bri)urht the ball up to within H i
Emery Olmstead
' A iwsl' UKnnlni- Tft
. iJlU TT IlCClCl lO
Attack Charges
ri)1tfiC.NlVOct. t. - il'ft.y -
'Ar"m,n on ""
wicOBicwi loriuer pruniui-ui ui tuo
net' Northwestorn . National
and J. 12. Whocler. former
publisher of the Portland Tele-
gram., will be. heard in federal
ronrt here Monday,
The men are charged with mis-
- -
leges the indictments fill to state
sotticieni iucis to constitute a
crime. ;
. - t
KTItlKK K.ur.l9
AiD'" : T T.T
(U.P.) The coal strike In the;
southwestern district: Including
the Htstes of Kansas. Missouri.
Arkansas and Oklahoma, was end-;
ed tod iy when operators and min-;
ers ratified an agreement ! by
wnicn toe wage scate oi '
1 IS to cuii.t.iue i u c i c . u u . i
the strike Is set lied by arbi
tration:. -
: t
-s V 1 fv i.
5. . i.
C.t.NOX CITV. .'ol.i., et. H.
(t I') 4iie r Ilie bent known
M-rsonullti(M In I lie day's
ni-ws tonight sat on her perch
unniliiilful of the national In-u-reMt
ami the intemeelionul
s4iuUible. slie preclpltaled by
laying rnjes la as many
AltlMuirJi the battle of the
rjtK threateniil to tnra Into
the balUr of the age. what
with Mitonsors of Omaha's
"llnbr Itutli" and Nanon City's
ljdy eikyllne" slioaling d
flanci at each otlter. "Iuly
Skyline," a little While lxg
liorn hi n, went to shvp at sun
down, holiling la her breast tile
IhougtU uf a day's work well
done.- '-'
The Uoria IbHlwrs. owners
of "Lady Skilne howera-r.
avowed In nntson that trsnaha
may "squawk ami sqaawk and
uiuawk" but that "laidy Sky
line's" record so far OBltlls
tiiuees the ow s-t by "llabe
Itlilh" that she b ssml of
lengthy honors.
Late Regrets
Wrack Guilty
. Bank Gambler
Al ltOIIA, 111.. Oct. 8. I A.P.)
While John Ksser. young presi
dent of the Aurora Trust and
Savings bank, la? in -jail today.
the gambling urge
, which caused hlnj o ,jleui end
thereby bllghuthe progress of
quarter ccntnry. auaitors worked"
over the closed institution's
books and found Indications that
the collections would run nearer
S2.v.UOtf than the original esti
mate of tinu.OOtt.
"I tried to clean up the stock
In the market and It cleaned me."
h() was
ecutive. Wracked with remorse
Ith self-pity.!
tilled t Kai rittia nf httl
wife and three children and of
self destruction.
Will Help
Kseer promised- to -turn over
. n(. bank. ,,
was found that In his name In
Aurora there was real estate ap-
lj(id t .j
' . k
00.000. Ksser also
bond of 1100.000.
Hh. h,.li ...,!.n, a rl m , 1 1 t'fi
1 tnilt tne speeulatlons had passed
the quarter trtillion mark and
might reach S359.00O. but the
bank's, new head. II. P. Alsthuler,
ana otners ussurea. ton tne .u..
loss would be met ana tne oaua
reopened as soon as the exact
figures' of the loot has been
-iRadio Listeners
i near -competing
Singers On Air
POIITLANH, t)ct. 8. ift Kin
laiisis III tne mute nnisiua o.
. Atwater Kent foundation anditlou
contests, representing nine ctues
;of Oregon, met In competition
; over rnttlo station Kti W here to -
nleht to determine, who shoulfl
....... -
be eligible to compete for nation -
al honors In the sectional contest
to ne neto in u ri.ini.,. '"
, November.
lilwt bur. seleeledt
I njnners sik .""'" " "
Hr4ll Xnie n.week.l
i KM hi i listeners will vot.vt thei
kmcfltof thejudition nhtt'-e'tto-'lnl
I Judging oommlttees will, r.oirsiler
tnewboiiotng. ut-vramo atmtence
fciitsfj per. cent HiBht Inithe
i final deAslon.. ;
I . Partli lpn'nts In the aiulltlon
-, i-., .
jtiark, Portland.
. Th.o nuilllion for girls will he
netti over Ktj tomorrow nigni.
MAY'S LAN01NI1. N, J.. Oct.
8. (CP. I A tight to obtnln
hail for Mrs. Murgaret Lltlien
tlnhl and Willis Bench. Jointly
Hndlctod fur tho murder of the
former's husband. Ir. Wtllam
lr. Wtllam
the first step
Llim-ntluhl. will be
Mondnv In New Jersey's' latest
j murder mystery.--. - -
- - - - - -
at .
I I.. Marble Cooks linker: H.-II Hov
Corvnllls; Kobert .MeKnlijht. Eu- ' '" l"'e function-' the million mark .n'orning ra
genes Howard tlraham. Klnmnlh """ hl' ;"" P-rhietlJ- today' nn es.ln.nte complefed here todnv
! Falls; Charles Jamos. Marshfleldi ." '-f""1 h I nlverslty ,.,f lie-! by Snm A. secretary of
I Munie- Clark HosebuV:t Edward J"' v , , K -,-" H'l "
!.....L -k - i: PliMing Infellliieiit fnotbnlN tlie piirlnn t.f the present school
Alleged Slayer Of
M.Zimmeflee Taken
On Bench Warrant
Involuntary Manslaughter Set Forth in
Charge Issued By Jackson County Grand
'Jury Following Investigation Into Alleg
ed Fatal Shooting.
MEDFORD, Oct. 8. ( A.P.) Terry A. Talent., '22, ,
federal prohibition enforcement officer, waa indicted, late
this afternoon by a grand jury under the 'direction .
Assistant Attorney Ceneral Liljeqvist, appointed by 'tne '
governor to conduct the investigation in he death. Yfei-,:
nesday night, September 29, of Mansford Zimmerlee dur
ing the progress of a moonshine raid. "
. The trne bill charges, Involute-
Modern Building Will Be
Erected Here; to Serve
. . r i x '
need tor Long lime
: ' ' ''
An isolation hospital which
will meet all needs of Klamath
in .; will be .-on-
structed at the rnnnty poor farm.
It was dennltely" derided at a-
meeting of city and rouuty au-'
thorttle this afternoon. Tho
rou.'y.. ,e
clerk ..was. , lnntmcted -ot
advertise for bids.
Whether or not weuther coi)
ditlons will give sufficient lee
waytor erection of the building
this "year is yet to be seen. But
weather conditions or not, the
coiinty conrt Is determined to let
the contract In order that work
may begin the first thing next
spring if Inclleinent weather in
tervenes this full. .
V" ;'.""" cul,n:, wl" '-
-7iii-it ill gii-c -.iiintiuitmH mi -u.-
n" hm'a
It Will W btlUl.
on tho unit plan, each unit tvtnc:
constructed a demand manifest.-.
Mrs. Holloway
Will Sing From
j KGW Tonight
Tonlgnt oeiwen i:.u sna .:..o.
the rnditw of the city
Ill be
tuned In for Kr.W at Portland
when Mrs. Bert Holloway. popn-
, jsr. ,,, , ,h.
clty will
l.ocnl people
either send In
are urged
wires tir write;
j letters, voting , for tlleir;avorlte. .
I In order thnt'Mrs. Holloway will
Livingston .of, the local. Western
Cnloir has hrruiiKcd to kep the
office open. Auyone wishing to
write may do' so. since it was
announced Inst nlsht that vot-.vt
did not have to be into KI.W
Mnrr Tuesday.
; TnBe wno
henrd Howard
, (.rilhnm ,,,, niKn, from
hB ,, rtprt ,, np ha,
: ,pUn,rt rUullrt. , wiu , ,ne
. . , ., L, .
contest, nun u its voice i-jtine
!, . ..
j n,,1)!lrpnt ,,,. ,hn Tey
towns will support the Klamath
Falls contestants since no other.
contestants frt.m southern Ore-
,,,, r,Jrrx
vmi ITe, DnrVWCC '
f " ,.
t KKTItolT. Mich.. Oct. S.--iV
ll'.l tuitte KOCKUes toomatl inn
rlsh play In Ihe last
three periods. They made rings ; school census figures to solum
nrmind their less nglle and les population as given In the IM
expiTienced, and there und 11120 general census.
was never n niomeni when the
Issue was tn donht. , i TIII.VI. I' W.IV
...j I- MKHKOIII)'. Oct. S. ipv- Henr.
Pl.AXK KALI. KATAI, '1?iiB of testimony In lh trial -In
KANSAS CITY. Knns., Otl. S. fednrnl toiirt here of the 1 In.
I t'Pi Thonuts II Mnnmnt. Kan- dlnn girls charged with setitn
sfis City
Knns., sintleni ni the
Hweeney Flying school, trhed
t(i his denth In an nlrplnn-' whtl"
flying at an ultiitide ' of ' nhoni
t f'H) feel
Inte totlity.
lury atanstaugtiler. bs-neh war
rant was Issued for the arret of . .
Talent aud lib. ball (fint at'
KHlil. Tile grand Jury heard .RC
tllsnn ami spent three daya
hcorlng the t.-stliuony. Ther
also vWtr,l I lie seem- of tlie. '
'shooting. '
lnrtng the' progress of the
moonshine raid, the testimony
i showed, sionsford zimmerlee w.w
1 " member of the rnlding pailv
;two Rnnnil o( evidence. wicn
, he returned, he was confroiue'l
bv Talent. After Talent nad un-.' .
i,,,unied his official position ui.t
' hi mission. Zimmerlee ri IIS
-at statement, given vertmtiy at
!ic hospital said that Talent ha.V
(Contluued oa I'sgo 8ta
A I rceC
Hard Game to
U.S.C. Eleven
Oct. S. iTl The Trojan war
horse of Joe I'nlverslty of South
ern California, shoved oft bis
feet bv the stubborn, charging
tlregt.u Agricultural - College .
Heaver for three periods of to
day's game, set himself fin the
last quarter ond rammed a 13
to 12 vfctory across the line. -
Displaying a comeback that,
thrilled the crowded stands. Ho
ward Jones' Huskies smashed th
Orvgon line to pieces In a march
that curried tho ball approximate
ly "0 yards to the O. A. C. 4 4
ard line, lost it there on downs.
recovered It on a llenver fumble
. . . .u.
V . ' . ? . IT.
med it across for the. winning
ton.-htlown.. ' c '':"
t'as lntereeHei ' "'
Snnnilers of Troy. Intercepted
Maples' puss In the first nnarter
on tho I'. S. C. 8T yard line.
pussca and bucks intermtngll"io "
shove the pigskin tn about O. Ai'
rU n;-
C.'a 7 yard, string and Elliot
; From then on the mlddlo.' oT
Ihe third period, the Trojan horse
' was making a hard Job' of hold- .
Ing what he could. ' It was very
little.' Then - Uobbiiis -blocked
Drury's punt, hung lo th hall
I ttud scored a llenuer touchtlown.
O. A. C. failed to convert.'-
Karly in the fourth period Kl-
: II. ill fumbled an 1'. S. ('. pass,
Li. mm grabbed. It nntl put Ore-
: Ron abend with n touchtlown.
The Heaver failed lo convert and,
the score stt.otl -O. A. C 1-, ri.
t 7. , ....
Then Troy sinned Its .pojadi
r ' " ' ,' " JI '" ,
,f .0 .yards and .he game
' lurkwl away In the S, (,. Iwkei
by " Hl" va,nl """e"1 n lo :
SALEM. Ore., Oct. 8. PV
Oi-egnti's popnlatiiin h'ts pnssci -
census with the - ration of tn
fire to the dormlntory on ihe
Klnmnlh Indlnn reservutum. whs
osipoiied this morning by ,fed-
; ?rnl Judge Bean itnlll Mnnitnf .