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Schwartz Another
Fight Closer To,
Flyweight Crown
r w .
f'orporiil Issjr Scbwtrti of Nw
York won a ten-round derision
orrr Tllas Hodrlduc. of Mi-tico.
al rU. Nlrholaa' gymnasium last
Bight in lh aecond round of a
serins of flyweight rumination
8h warts took srTrn of the
rounds. , :
Tn corporal'i Ylrlorjr rat ll Ira j
Mm to catwr tb third elimination
tu b held soon. Ha must con
tend yet with about alx topnolrh
cm who stand between him and
tha crown recontljr abdicated by
Fidel LaBarba.
cliedules- ef. the "Western Elemn$i$$-
Pittsburg Loses
First To Yanks
i Coattaad from Fauja One)
lha IMrates, was ineffective
against tha basiling Yanks, and
wan rellered by John Miljua in
tha sixth Inntnic, after all the
New York run making waa over
for the day.
' Walta Hoyt. the blonde young
right hander of the Hugmen, was
credited with tha victory, al- I
though a clatter of Pirate, bats !
and base hits drove him from
tha box in the eighth.
The National league champions
sewed their final run oft the
veteran rookie, Wiley Moore, who
tradged to the mound to relieve
Hoyt with two men on base.
, Cighting mad now. the Pirates
began to cut viciously at the of
ferings of the name New York re
lief pitcher, but getting tha Yan
kees out of tight spots has been
Olllarala tel. Aashra Uratw tlaal. Male Or. laaloa ft. 111'. aianlw.4 MSlMt..a tta. aim. I . laal..
OCTtllIKH !vaaa Uirlm tatraa . Uaa I -. laalra . M... .Uni U llll.mrm- lull. Ia DM.
I at al "I at al at al
S B...!.? Gmttr na.rr Umt-w rwrtallla I- .taarl.a InIn III a!!! Ialla.ia l.aaaa
si. Maryw Urlar. laaa- waila 4 alwvaSa I aa. t alll. un-. laal" na4a rii 4 1
oc-maKR t m mf u n ml u m)
aHiar n. MUM Dnm awms U aaarlra I. Aaavlra r.l ! amnio r-allmaa I. una
, . . orvsa Ifcra. Ca. Jlaal. t l. Aaalr' I' a. I ll(, M.iimii. .iia.i H-n.
OCTOBM mt . m mt mt ., ., i .) a
IS raallaaa1 Uaaaa Drat.r Oa-a Ca.allla tVW -Ilia Iala Uw Uiaaaala tmUm ilra
oia. Clah Cat. aim Calaraa I . alaalar ll. iwk. Or, taat.a tta.iwir la-htMi. u -mimi
.1 Opra Dale a - al al al al al al
301 Bare1 Drlvff 1'al. aprtaaa Parilaas I . lMilia4 .aul. rilU I.m ,
. Calls. I'tafc . Iaa . Iaa Umk. aiale I'allUrala ilrra.a w ailaiaa in.'. knk.l.- II. Uim
OCTOBER mt mf mf .t .1 .1 . .1
U Aasvlea F. Clla. Iaa lilv jifarlia Certaltu I- larlr ll Vila amine r..r..lh l
cnvKKailcai Maalaaa VI. Aaarra iao(M4 I al. aalr
al el Oara Uale Oaaa Dale Oara Hala Opra llalr ' al al Oara Dale al
BMiir tanraa aaallle "ailly '-aaaa
aE-KT Iisim CaL Mia 1 HI. Iislra IU)lu Orre.a C-ImihI tela I alll-raht tiaa. Ilra.rr
. at al at al al al at al
13 Bkale- GaMra Drav SaefiaWa I'-aaaaa S Aaa-tn raU A Ha Hrraalry l"aj llaaaa IWa
.avkubsebT Suamfare- Va4ana V. Maalaaa U.ka Weak, aieir l . i "III.
.1 at Oara Dale al al al al 'dm law al , Oal
IB Fah, AH, H. CalUaa Bane f-rilaa U Aaarlaa rla Alia I. laarlaa
SOVBKBKB Calaraaa V. u"
Oara Dal Oara Dal al Oara Uale Oara Dal - al al
34 Deava arallle S. I CHr
T- W lar4 rrUay.
vpiaf larlae rirei iraal aaat 4 a v. aaaie star.
Vaaaee atlar Kaveaaa 81
ralaraae Calrrw wraaa Calaaaaa
Aairira aa .a. M al Calaraaa
aerlaaa. .
. I'alarslr Trlk rrn Omaa Ac
Blra aa ev. sa al "MTtlaaS.
alra llaaa rraaa 4aalllrra Call
rala . . sa al caAraaa,
ttataia eraa anaiarra 4 all
trala M llrr. A al l.aa Aaarlrw.
I lak laalra rrMa tlanall aa
llr.. II al Mwawlala. .
V V Y-inlrc rnrkv ' CHARLF.E ROBERTS
il aV, i BESTS E. H. TIKI
iuier rirsi uami
I'lrrsiirinin. r.. Oct. ...
( l'. I'. I - Tile New Yol k Yankees
ware n tilulily )uliliuil limuli.
iflliwliiK tlu'lr vutiury la Hi"
,nHnllta aaitle Imlicv,
hll ilrcaainit alter lit" hi'f. 1 ,.,M ,l(lVV
'Thai lelliiw Krvnicr hiuhi
In III" I'inl fmniii u( tlii ai'iul
fi'b. lif I hx rre-'lili'lU'a i'll
i lllclil .il llli lt;i ilia II l( Hint
I I'niiiiipy rliil. r I Itiilii ru ilc-
r.'.iip.l K II I'lkr iii inn! I
t'MMtll fl hl.t I.IHW
tla rliintl M
i' li tin. m.iit It uf
Ihivi- bivn oft,' thw -MalM' aalil. ; l t1 f t. )lt . A ah.tI
i"at least he Ulil uot nut ety ,!,., r, w. t Snilili lv a lr
jnill.h im the ball. Miljua louk- ,,,.,., r , . 3 , s ,i
ril iiri'lty (ihhI In llii-re. ihuuali " 1MKht will
, i The r.t of the Yaukwa ai'in ! y Jft,.k i,ri11(;
i In the same iiiiwhI as lli "llnlii " j ,,.,, r ,,, ,,rM tllithi.
laud they are' iiitifliliuit of roucul- Tw ...a,,!, ,,.,lini u, .
'Ing tmuurrow. ! il.ivil. miv for Hi iiiw fllglit
I In the IMruii. camp a snUlt i.t tu ,,. ,,, ,llK
ileiiirmliiatlon prevailed 1 r... . .
"Wo ontlilt thi Yunkmv. ul
; In llililnga 11 lilt at thu
1 right I Inio wiiuhl have uhunt thu
: ball gauie," Tuul Yauir huIiI.
"VVII take thorn tumnrptw."
I mule Hiialt and Miller Hug
Iglua, mauusi'" f the I'lrul.'n uiul
i Yankee reaiK'Cllvel . were mi
1 willing to dlsiuaa the gnuie
i frei'ly.
! "We are not illmniiriiKed over
j our defeat." Ituah aatil. "Krvnier
1 was troulileil with Ills aiire kneu
'and off form. We nnthlt the
i Yankees and jihoultl bent them
use I
PLAY BY PLAY REPORT j Clever Baseball Fan Slips One
OF YESTERDAY'S GAME Over On "The Boys" and Leaves
Pine Tree Theater With Money
j tomorrow. '
"An error In the third Inning
threw Kreiucr out of Ills uttUle,
.mt that la part if a baeeball
same and must ba accented. "
llugxlna said his team had pcr-
fuiuied well.
' "1 believe that we rin beat
, theiu lomurrow. We have the
jump on them ami Kulth la hilling."
INI)KI'KNIi:.NI'K. Kaa . Oi l 6.
il'i'l Wllh lift. villi urres "t '"1 111
liinila in 1 his vleliiliy llueiled tiller
lite YerdtgrlH liver let! IIH liallka
Tueadu... ettiirta weri1 nimle t.i
nltthl to I'titniiutn the lo.n. i;.t.
innicH :irieit irii.;, l-I.e.'Miii 1.1
1 illn.oiio.
Till flood riai'lli-il III. 1 r i"l til
lliiy 111 It feet thtee IlirlleH .-ibove
lliil-ntal. The elver leaving lla
b'ink at .1- feet aliova inirnuit.
N - - - -
iti Mult i:.i'i.uin.i)
Same Price
ior over 35 year
2S "" tor 2S
Guaranteed Pure
Ftrat InnliiK Yanks t outside. Ball twp, high, inside.
r 1. - . . . .... .. v.-.- ' Hall three, hiith Koenic scored
kee dugout: Kremer walked out when Meuscl got a base on balls. This fan had his dire "loaded" the next time up: one dollar snys
to box. " ;Tne bases were still filled. wind before his trusting brother l.n f.rjlulg gets a Texas, leaguer:
Combs np: Combs knocked out I liicrl up: Ruth scored when ; fans knew what It was a abont. who has ts cetitu that says Krcni-
Wiley Moore'arola all dnrinr tha ' '-"""o" -'. rignt 10 , n, u pockeii-d a nut piece 01 er went i-e aiiovaeu om 1.1 me
Ji7 season and he checked tha Ko"' up: Bill one. high: uranmam. , cnange. m.T ..
" ' "" , " foul, strike one. Strike two call-: Dngan up: Ball one. outride. , Here's what happeircd: And so on -and he never lo.t.
eager ouccansera just one run ., hls was a sweeping curve ' Foul, strike one. Ball two. C.i-h-, av bv plav account direct' Wat there a reu..n? There
' i .on outside of plate. koenig rig scored on a double steal and ; (ronl the hasaball field of the was. and some suspicious fan J mi)rnln
--- -- o. , world series was being receivcu . unaiiv tnscoven-a it.
The losers outhit the winners Rnth up: Crowd gave him a Smith let Traynor s throw go I IB,.a(l,r OUu several Bilniiiea u.ually rlaiied '
In this loosely played affair, big hand. Ruth singled sharply throng hhim. Koul. strike two. ln' ' Tr ' "" " rr' ' " '"' 1 ',1' ,,,
making nine hits while tha Yanks to' right. 'There was no stolen base, only . "Pastor was receiving the from too time he telegnpii I11-
conld garner but alx. I Gehrig np: Kremer kept '-m errcr for the catcher. Dugan P'" 'm the telrgnph In.tru-1 strtim.nt clicked off Its message,
Babe Ruth greeted with a wild '"rowing to first to keep Babe lined out 10 Barnhart. ments. transcribing them on the uutll the announcer finally,
outburst of enthusiasm aa ha'':loe " ,h b- srlk '-! Three runs, one hit and two 1 typewriter uud handing them to bawled out the dope,
avir-ilt T- v.1. ITZ.t. ... swung. Ball one. high, inside. 1 errors. ilhe who bellowed forth lo you get it yet?
...I.. 7 V " ,w0- nl'tn: Smith threw to Thlril lulling I'iraU-a : each and every salient move dur- Why. the clever fan was ap- ;
Thii tint but RuU BO' bark 10 Kremer up: Strike one. called', i ing the entire game. ),,' paremly an ex telegraph i.perutur !
ftew iorg nits. bag. Foul, strike two. Bail strike two. Ball one. outside. Alnollg the ,Teral hundred and could trnnslale the cmfiialng !
'.With Tryone of the
xaos present on eds for a home ' -tieusei ap: roni. sinne i. sr0Q
ran from th Babe's bir black i1" wld- L. Winer up
bat. Ruth cracked oat three in-i l. w" "1 cnrT .n o" cui to.Meusel.
(IT. -Al rtmi rr port i.t itiHtslne
rr u nmn'h nuuih in ai:nv
Ms-xUnn tr(tM Mild tit hnvn t tii
ril jicvrriil ImnUn'.l uf ilirtr
trltirt iiiiiii, mir lhnu!itii( PmPuk
itiul Yii(ul I i1 ih lit of nutlt rti !
Arifouu put nil nnl iti llii'm
j ft'tint hv rumltiK lHru fr Hh'Ii
uunuul rtiUKluui. t'ervumnH-r.
Tho rliiinlit wtll toittt' d an m
NKW VOUK. U.I. 6. lllM--t
ltt-(ori nalllnic at noon luinorm- MiOV WINS
for Aiinapi'lU, the Jaiwnmr (rit?-;
Ink hlpH Iwate anU A-nina will: SAN KllAiSt'lst'O. im. r 1 1',
hv vUltt'tl by tht mmb'rii nf lltrl.i Johnny look ihv
iU-f)tnv coiuuiltti Tl.urnduy j .nton from 1'nblo Pniio lit ti It-ti-
rouml ftr.ltt hiTo loitiKht.
Many wWl known l ulled Suil' : M Coy tiKk Hirn of tin- ti n
naval uTf it-lulu and promln'iit T)i nn ty wiIk)iIv.
ptTMom were amonn tin llluu Al (.rarlu uf I'ortlmiiJ. tlt'Tfatr-t
ho vUlteU the otirhort'tl i M(ikty iHirnnr by a tlTlnliin ttt
today 'tud watched the 'i.U'. a avvut. 4
Hlv iiq xliihitlon of Japutif!' - ...
fenvtriR. Jul-Jllu. uud wrttaiiini; For rrnmlta mo Nowa (Mntm Ada.,
Howiird R. Perrin
Designs and Plana
i llnpka ItlOk. I'truaa ntvl
Klamath Printing
for all mill and camp forms,
ono leaf systems, billing
sheets and uftire stationery,
522 Klamatfi Ave.
Phono 1282
Un'n'.wf si . 3
- - n . I " - J I UT WiriUI UUIIUiru Uim "Ultl tlllliaiaiT- hit- l"Ulll-iii(l
a, -rJhTiVj0,!,, Xu'frtteh? Ball two. ouuide. Kremer got a k,, fans , OBe sn wgs.jmobte of clicks Into Kngli.h a. :
Somi ' aftaV no-r rik? si I .rSTrnlVl " " , ' ..y '.a coiHd the operator ;
L. Waner f lied :
I'll bet SO cents Kuth singles hlm.-. lt
II wan. "nil? v.- Waivars ;i.m..e .hnae.t a lark uf
jwunc on uayi commt.A(l t his fast enrre.
sy w ent to i-aszcri a no
be ball. The ollnlal
Mlljus. wanned up In the box
gleaj. two of which led directly to , Harnnan up: .iieuset oropp.-u ,-slIed strike across the heart tit '. gut a two Use lilt In the left
Yankee, runs. .long fly on the run. . I Bsrnhsrt s fly but Kremer held ',, rlale . field fence. .
' Lou Gehrig, snd only to the T"' ZU"'.' ""W.grr un- Strike one '' k, 'V y"; ,.V. "a', D"" u"! Trnor "'nl "v"
Bae tn the realm of swat, like- he PlurW warded p as th.!t.,M"rtk. two S i 1 1 M rl'L'L'r, on S.Hka one MtQ 'alk Kr' m"r "n'1 M."":r
wise was baffled a, far as homers Tanker's took the Held snd the 'weedlng InJ. , J. i. '"T" Wan?r sSA Z l n l'.', "hr .?
went, bur hi. lucky tripla In the borne folk. gar. Wane, a big wanee. Kremer scored on P., htfh.rn JusTsi Ktf . " i" Z - J lie TI-
urai lunina, wiin Knin on nrsf ' " e.. - . naner siiikic iu renu'r, ta ir . it. Wnner ntit I ' - WallaW s I .1 .-. ..-r.7..- ..i ... L i-.
i. j . . . .. . I L Wmtr in; Hnll one. Inside, h . . I i , . ... . . .. ."'
uata-, uruTc in ue rirsi lew I ora I . r. . , , " ' ' .
arore 'this waa a wide curre. ball two. Wan-r's second hit.
Tony Laraari and Mark Koenig L!? 2iZ "VH'L, I
T rlT "?" ThisV.,-. f."b,ll onl'whtrced Hi WITl i Jnd "" W InTin saer.f.ced. Smith" to
lion which stood like a stonewall ; ,he inside corner. L. Waner w j to Konig. Barnhart going to wrVk T trike one .ailed "irantham. lzu ti golii,! to third,
against the assault of the pirates, hit by a pitched ball which struck 'third, . ' Ball two outside Wright- tiled ! .' CoUten up: Ball one high. Hall
also proved their right to places i nim oa tha shirt. i Traynor up: Ball one. outside. , ( omtw itarnhart going to i I wo. outside. Strike one. called. I
in "murderers' tow" by checking I Barnhart upr Strike one. ! Traynor forced Wright, Koenis;,hlrj 'ln, calch It was a Hall three, outside. I olllnu walk
in with a two , bagger apiece. ! UD- "arnhart lined out to to Laueri. jsacrlflce fly. : k1. tn lurth pitch being out-i
This waa the extent of Yankee i Ru'n- . . ! One run, two hits, one error. Traynor ud: Koul. strike one. ' side. i
. ? . TS il i ourtn inning lankees: I Foul, strike two. Combs made! Hoyt up: Htrtko one swung.
Do Well i. i. .n,'r. .1. '!?! Collln "P: Ball cne. low. out-; a fin. ,.a,ch of Tra)nor's short , Koul strike two. Hall one out-
1. , tk. " : " ""-. mn.i- uur. . i ne. i fiv. one run, throe nits, no er- sioe. noyi nu mm a nouoie
..uw...,iubM crowa was iranuc. r. aner was a curre on the outside, t.'ol- rors. play. Wright to Cnititham to
m m itiimii trail, me oroin- nu ine iirsi nan pitrnea. 'lins sent up a high fly to 1..
era Paul and Lloyd Waner, they, I - Wright up: The Yankee Infield Waster.
too, ably justified their pres-! came In. , w right scored. L. j Hoyt up: Koul, strike one.
eoce In the world series of 19S7.
Paul Waner punched out three
of Pittsburgh's nine hits and his
I Waner oa his sacrifice fly to Hoyt flied out to P. Waner.
tombs, f. Waner going to third! Combs up: Ball one, high, in-
oa me caicn. ,de. ttill two. outside
kid brother I inrrf th. i..n 1 oitiae ut, can-: mer was tnrow a lot ot curtes
man .1. . . i . J d' Strike two. .wung. Ponl. ,he Yankees. Ball three, out
man, waa erer a thron ln the Ball one. hiah in.w. Trtmnr .u. ...i.. n,j
side of the two Yankee twirlers. , filed out to Roth. j fc.rt" took Combs line smash after
It was a bold attempt by Paul One run. no hits, no errors. I a long ran.
Waner to catch or trap a Texas Wecnod Inn big Yankees fa runs, no hits, no errors,
leaguer from Loo Gehrig's bat I-aucri np: Ball one. high. fourth Inning I1llbnrgh
ln'the yery first Inning which 1 B,u ,wo' iaMe- Strike one. j Oiantham np: (irantham went
gave the American learne cham- ,wu: . s,.rike "" cut to Gehrig unassisted.
nlons their on. timi mr,in frl '"ea lor another, curve Harris up: Bsll one. inside.
- lauen seni up a man ioui 10
Tl"ory- I Traynor.
Babe Ruth had singled .harp- Dngan up: Ball one. high,
ly to right field the crescendo Ball two. Koul. strike one. Du
of cheers which followed the gan sent np a tflgh one to Grant
rrack ot the bat dying down when .barn.
it was seen thst for ouce the Collins up: Strike one. called,
hall woa .i , ., ' Ball one. bll two. ball three.
uita. vuiiius taiiiij on iuiiiiu
ball. low.
Hoyt up:
SI Mil tuning Yankees: llnrris. I
Laaierl up: Koul strike one: : No runs, one lilt, no errors.
I-aiterl tried to bunt and the Sixth inning plrntea. j
crowd gave him the laugh a lie '. Ormtham up: Hull one high.
fanlffft t tin hall Itall nn nnl-'Hall tWO. lOW OUtnlde. Ball three
Kre"iside. strike two swung. This ' outside. Strike one called. Strike
was a fast ball outside. Im rl i fCOBilnuitl on rnga buj
the stands.
Gehrig drove a hit which was
little more than a pop fly Into
abort right field. Paul Waner.
who had backed against the wall
on' watch for a long fly. came
dashing in at full speed, and full
speed for Psul Is some speed,
Mlsara Rath Scorer)
Koenig threw out Harris at first
Gehrig saving Koenig from a
wild throw by a nice catch.
Smith up: Smith sent up a
high fly to Collins w-ho took the
ball in front of the plate.
No rnns. no hits., no errors.
Kirth Inning Yankee
Koenig np: Koul. strife? orb.
' Bull one. inside and high. Koenig
u . r l. . . ii i " . .... ...
w.c , Koi a iwo-nas nit io rignt
Hall two, wide
taking a third
Hall one, low. outside, strike i Ruth uo: Hull one. hiiih.
two. foul. Ball two. ball three. ! Grantham fjok Ruth's groundor
lowlnslde. Kremer s curve break-; and lx al Babe to tho big. Koc
tng wide. Grantham threw out nig went to third, it was no sac
Hoyt st first. This was the first , rlfice.
I assist of the game. ; Gehrig up: Koenig scored on
! No runs, no hits, no erors. . Gehrig's sacrifice fly to V. Waner.
, Second Inning Pittsburgh , .Meusel up: Slrlke one, called.
I Rraitihim im- Ctrla.. ,.lt ...... . ....... ... ........
Scorning to slow up and take i Koui .trik. . ii!i . " " . , ' mr.V
ti.. 1..11 - . t.. i. . , a roui, strike two. Hall one, two. swung. Kali two. ojtside.
the ball on the first bound. Paul j high. Ball two. wide. This was i Hull three, outside fed
dove for it and missed. The ball a slow speed cuive. Ball three. Meu.el nothing hut curves Veu
sped onto the distant fence, and ; It was outside. Grantham got std sent up a high fly to Wruth.
while other Pirates In the neigh- a base on balls, the fourth pitch One run. hit. nu errors!
borhood were chasing It. about, i BelnK Inside. Firth Inning PlttalmiKh
Ruth raced all the way borne with ! ,,aTrls up: Strike one, tailed. Kremer up: Strike one. called,
tho first run ' onl' hln' ln,ld- Harris Hell one. outside. Slrike two.
PITTtiiii'Hfitt Oct s ppi .h,t into dou,,lc Dla- Larzcrl I called, his was a low curve and
t. Vii.7. V u . iook nis grounner. touciiea Kremer kicked.
Possibility of showers tomorrow I Grantham and then threw out ! Kremer fanned
was forecast by the local weather Harris at first. I.azznrl and i
bureau, which deserved compli- ; Lazzcrl claiming (irantham ur-'
menu for arranging clear skies posely bumped him.
and moderate temperatures for Smith up: Smith went out,
today's game. It probably will ' Iozg?rl to Gehrig.
be cooler tomorrow, tb predlc- No IV no hits, no errors.
.. IH t Third Inning Yankees
llon """' , The crowd booed l.azzeri as he
.came to the bench.
HKRIKH STATISTICS f embs up: Hall one. outside.
KOHUKB F1KLD. Pittsburgh. 1 Strike one called. This was a
Oct. 6. (VP) Statistics on first I low rurve. Grantham threw out
world series game' I Combs at first, taking his high,
Attendance 41,467. .hopper near second
llecelnts XIR! 477 Koenig up:. Grantham fum-.j
iwrtipta ,182,477. blpd Koenigs grounder and theft
Advisory council s share I27. km. -.. , 'l
Ruth up: Kuth singled Into I
right. Koenig going to third. It
was Ruth's second hit.
Gehrig up: Ball one. Inside.'
Ball two, inside. Low. strike
on, called. Hall thru.e hlgb and
-1 -V wA.i I
-jrCGFS , '& 'ft i
' - i
Care of Babies
Clubs' share 162,042. 18.
Players' share 193,063. 27.
You. too.
can have
: Use ' J:
To read The Klamath Newa
day after day Is to keep thorough-
ly Informed on happenings of inv
inside. Gehrig got a base on
U 1 1 1. f tl.
anetaar. Ik. .v.. ia """: ' ""I
" -"" ",the bases are filled.
wall aa In Klamath Falls and! Meusel up: Strike one, swung.
Vicinity. This was a fast curve. Ball one.
at ail
Dealer. U
I Thin balvv haX nvr hud u
j day- tcWnffl and n.-ver a cros
or rrctfull Mpfll that lustfd mi
! hour. And wIihi do you niippour
l re pjnil)lf for thU hoHltliy.
! hftppy condition? Not flirt, tor he
1 hut oaten JiiKt abtviit anythltiK
and !verythlnt( child could tut.
.Not drug, for kt hm not Jn-un
i doivd wtth optatfH; h ban never
'had,, a drop of parforlr. Nor
' ha hla ttfnfllhle mother ,
! made him taitt rastor oil. Yi-t
! hla nerve are sound and hi
! Utile bowel h are Mrong; and
, when he do 01 mrm the leajtt
'a !..-. - i, ' I mil r. I
,r-ortH or llkoiy to ib- hln moth
t linn him hH Hereiie afculn tn
1 tvn or fifteen mlntituH.
! The necret of thin romplefe
, freedom from the many and
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More than 3300
PreSerred Shareholders
Dependable Service to
Customer 5 Dividends
for Shareholder
Customers of The California Oregon Power Company
in homes and factories used 293,000,000 kilowatt hours of
electrical energy last year. i
More than 3,000 preferred shareholders receive dividends
regularly by check every three months. The capital supplied
by investors in the Company's preferred shares goes directly
into permanent, useful public utility properties.
The confidence of our thousands of customers' rests on
their knowledge of the fact that dependable service is fur
nished at reasonable rates.
The investment confidence of more than 3,000 share
holders is merited by the fact that -dividends
always arrive regularly, by check,
on the due date.
A copy of this 16-page book, describ
ing and illustrating the properties of The
California Oregon Power Company, will
be sent to you on request, together with
complete information about investment
in the Company's preferred shares.
The California Oregon Power Company
Mcdford, Grants Paii.Roscburg. Klamath Hdls-Orcgon
. Yreka. Durumuir -California