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The Klamath News
The Klamath News
Official Paper
1 County of Klamath
The Klamath News
Official Paper "
.County of Klamath
r. Vol; 4, No. 279. Price Five Centa
(Every Morning Except Monday)
K.F. Trio
Tried In
Testimony Federal Under
Cover Men Introduced
At Trial of Justice of
i Peace and Two Others.
TvHtiinuiiy by which the
- fodurnl Kovcrnrnwit hopes
to c'unvit't Justice vt the
JVueu W. IS. Hni'iiea, Klam
ath mnKlMtrutc: A. I),
btrt. owner of the Smoke
cljjltr store, und L. I). Kice.
on tho chai'Ko of conspiracy
to violittft the federal pro
hibition law was Introduced
this . afternoon in federal
court in Medford. accordiiiK
to Ion (f distance communica
tlon to the Klamath tyws.
The I'nltrd Biatna basee It ra'
aluioat tntlrely on tha (testimony
of four men, three under rover
frdarnl opornllKc" II. W. A Ill
son. Jinn II. IH.oiify and Cyrn
A. lerr and one federal prohi
bition agent. I.. O. Shirley.
Than meu told of liivettlga
tlum carried on prior , to the
Knw Year' mtd which resulted
In tho arrest of tho three men
In too Htnoka on Malu lreol lie
lpn Fourth and Klfih iwi"
They luld of how they had pur
ched liquor from J. Miller and
: (Cottttauetl oa l'L" Helen)
Flashy Looking
Planes Are Now
Modejn Flying
ATLAnWC.TY. N. J.. Oct.
..'-. IM'.l-t-AlKratt manufactur
ers already ara following tbn lead
ofi stilnfnohlla makers and em
ploying bright rolorn. luxurlona
tiphoUtory nd other Irapplnc
nnt WMiehllal to mwhanlcil por
lormaura lu order to Intermit wo
n)0, Without wboa aupporl no
Iniuatry can auocted. Tbla atalo
tn)nt ra Diade today by William
p.! MeCrnohro. Jr.. analntnnt aec
relary of commerro. In an nd
drca uvfora tb Atlantic City
chamber of commerce.
'To riifl tha fialldloui laaloa
of. women." JIK'racken aald. "atr
plinea am beajnnltm to b dreaa-
ed- up With luaurloua upboHtory.
flower vaaoa and tnnlty rawa.
T ucreel. avury proloet must
plcaxi lha women. It waa for
tbs women tbat automohllea were
painted Willi hrlKbl color. !
tiolitered Invlnhly and equipped
wllk coonlloea aecoaaortea.
The tpcikar doclnred that there
aro (Attn privately- owned planea
lu the t'nlted Hlatea. and that
vx-ontually they would b n pop
ular aa automohllea.
. Runaway Youths
' ; Sent Back Home
Two minor hoya. one 1 1 yvora
abd tho either 10. wore brought
lo pollen neadquarlora yeatorilay
from the Bout hern Pacific yard
after they had bent their way aa
tar aa tbla city. The parenta'of
oo of tho boya wefo Informed of
bin whnrnabouta and wired a
reply aaklng the officer to aend
him homo. "They gave their
name aa Willy Hteveinon and
Johnny l.eo. " i .
; :Jam llrndy win urroted ye
tctdny for drimkonn nnd I con
fined to Jail to awnlt a hearing
rmforo the police Judge tbla morn
lnl. ' . "
f Colin Tbulliundur-'wa arrested
Vr drunkeuoan on a aouthhound
.tiilil Tiioaduy evnnlng. Ho put
i)t 26 bull which wa forfeited
fji.k non-npponrnni'c. . Hall of S2S
furfeltcd from II. (!. Wrlghl
ivt non-appearance after ho wn
nrreated Tue'day at HI North
Klgblb street for driinkenua.
President Coolldge confided to
one cf hi breakfast guost today
that he felt In butter health than
at any lime since ho entered the
Whlto House. '
The guest, who ' declined to
permit hi name to be used, was
one of the republican national
eoroniltteo men who breakfaated
with the president. He declared
Mr. Ccolldge added that ho ho
llared he wa withstanding the
vigor of presidential life heller
than any of his predci'ess':ra In
lk-cvnt' years, ,
Two Firemen Get
Ducking In Lake
As Boat Capsizes
Two firemen run olitvrrlim u
I Iik city liull slip yesterday
muriilnK. wet and bedraggled and
made their way luwnnl dry
, clothe. Everyone In Hi" build-
' log wu eager lu liciir why two
Uroim-n, nut on duty, nUiiuld b"
... .1
... ;
Thv story finally ratlin out. A
new du.k bout hnd been pur
' ian .1 and Imd lu bo tried uul.
Ho Oak llo kiik and Cliff Merer
uunched II In 1 .11 Wo Ewuumi
' tl u-..l....l ffll... ...Ill lllllK.I !tll I
I .. - -
feel from hor when II over
lurnyil. throwing both men Into
lb Water. They had lo awlin to
aboro and walk up lo the city
hall with their ilothi-a dripping
( wel. Needleia lo aay. the duck
. bont waa utiiuiecaiful a a try
'uul. .
Debt Reduction
Rather Than Tax
Cut, CalS Idea
W'AUIllVflXflV i ii r. il'Pi
Opposition to execeaslve tax re.
duct Ion and federal approprla-1
tlon for unnecessary objerla la
Indicated at tbe While House In
the atatemvnt that l'reldent C'ool-
t.lffe r.Ml. i.r the nubile'
debt is the predominant necessity :
confronting tbe t'nlled Hlates. !
tbe chief energy of the govern-
tn.nt should be deroled lo reduc-
I n -
Interest un the public debt runs
more than ITiO.ouO.bon a year.
ta the largest alnale Hem In
the expendllureiw of the govern
i ment., In 1931 It wa
OOV almost a billion dollars.
Deductions In principal hav
cut off the difference, but
every dollar1 paid In Interest Is a
non-productive dollar, gone for
ever, return, mo prcsiqeni oe
llcvea practical economy dictate
concentration on reduction of In
terest charge. One yar' In'er
est I larger than the lots! cost
est la larger tnon tne iowi ,
cf the most ...borate M
flood ccntrol project. !
Machine Crashes !
Into Lrocomotivc;
Apparently blinded by the un
low In the western klcs. a mot
...... ....ii..... .t . ha a J Okas
tl,;' White avenue, crashed lnto:" Julglna " composed of
'a Bouthern Pacific awllch en-! throe: and the other a pottto
gin. at a spur crossing on Oak;JKlS ! ot two.
latrwot at 5 p. m. yesterday. The teams are yet lo be e---
),,, M picked up by an unlccted. but. In order that they
known person and auppoaedly , may be trained for high grade
; rushed to a Klamath Fall hos- competition, they will be named
i.lial. However, hosolial authorl-
Ilea tald that be bad not been
I received for treatment. It was-and Mr. Hoxion win tpgoincr
believed at tbe time of the accl-, spend aevcral w-k In giving
!dent that he wa ufferlng from ! the boy tbe necessary prellml
. Inlernul Injurle. ' "r" training for tho big test.
Wline.. renortlng the accl-: Last year the Klamath potato
dent aald they observed Oka" ;
car alowly approaching the cros-1
sing. It slowed down even moro
and thin auddenly sneded tip
; arriving at the crossing Just In
itlmn lo be rammed by tho loco
' motive.
I The car was badly wrecked.
1 MKMPIIIS. Tenn., Oct. 5. t",
p) "The picture of sex-mad.
! hyatnrlrnl American youth which.
' popular mngnzlnea nnd novola
,givo Ihelr reader I greatly ex
i aggerated." tleorge F. Kearney j
lot Philadelphia told the play
I ground nnd recreation association J
of America In un address on tho
' "slow club" movomnnt today.
The flapptir yie. Kearney I
I'snld, I being' laughed out ot i
nioilern life. 'Modern youth Is I
not neurotic, merely bewildered
by energy, he declared. . j
i VANCOUVER. Wash.. Oct. B.
'( U.P.I Floyd (ilotr.bneh. former
j "perfect husband" of Madame
Mnrnuorlte Nlntxonaiier. grand op
era atnr, ha embarked on a now i
marital venturu. It waa learned '
I hern Wednesday night.
atotzlmotv nnd Mr. Mildred A.
tinsel, of New York and South
America, were married here by
Itev. I.ulher lhH-k. pastor of lb
' Kngllsb Liitherun church.
While (llolsbnch wu on III
j honeymoon with Madame Mutzen-K
liner she declcred he wa tno
("perfect husband."' Later alio
least him aside with the remark
Jthat idle "bad lifted iilm from
I the gutter, now be could go
(ilotzhach w:i recently tried
hern for forgery. Tho Jury ill
uttreed nnd ho wn rclonseil.
Pinf Acf c
r V
JLJg Qll
Pirie Tax!
. I i. i
IT - 1 I -L!I! I
i iirtocr interests iviodiiizc
p Ai,.mri n
rorces in Vliempi lO
Lower Tithe On fine
A flat reduction of 25
icr cent in tuxen on private
ly owned timberlundH of
Klainntli county.
brief, that U the Koaliuf tuo..k.; .me f them
of llirue Umber Holders 01
Klamath County, two of
j who;! this ' afternoon ap-:
iicaivd before u member; of
Ik., I, 1' .,..11111 lifiiil'.l
of equalization and asked i
! that their cotention and ar-
. , ,
lf,uini.iip . v-.- :
I consideration. I
The two timbermen were
K. Moore. Bend, represent-.
illK the Shevlin-Hlxon
her company, and It. V.
right, Portland, reprc-l
k- Ai-,
;.ena. Mich. ,
The two Umbermcn were It.:
! Moore. Ilend. representing the,
'phevlln - lllxun Lumber company j
, and II. V. Wright. 1'ortland. rep-!
resenting it. f.. t.w -nrisi. Aipooa. ,
Michigan. -(Continued
on page elgbf)
County To Enter
Two Club Teams
' Omi agalii will the pb-k of
J Klamath youth be entered In
1 open county club competition at
'the liiternulloniil Livestock F.x-
foreourf of Nowln-
'lXIH their skill
)n (li k MginK , ,,,. .
canny ability to selnct nnd grade
polatoo-Je revealod at the great
farm products allow In Portland.
"Ves." smiled . County Club
leader Frank W Sexton, "we're
hoping to make a good hhowlng
at the big ahow next month.
We'll aend two teams; one a live-
in tne near imure.
County Agent C. A. Henderson
Judging team missed, by a
lonely point flml place.
I Jr- i IV' Bll u on wr i
Movie Film
t KtfU Vmttf tort.- ft. (IMKl
Kdlson'a original dream when lie
nvi ut.-il Hie motion picture is
' about to coma truw after a quur-
ter of a century of deuf and
dumb drama.
Th fox Produ.-lng corporation
coiitlrmed to tne l ulled i-reaa 10-
ifuy rmnun , u u ,0 prortU,.,,
rull-lcnglli Ulkli.g film.
Work upon the flrat one. with
Uloorgo O'llrlen in the loading
role, lm been authorlied. after
a number of eaay chair aklrm
labe by the beat uilllda of Fox.
Not erery motion picture alar
hua the voice you love to hear,
i Home of them ure ruueou. aomo
u,, . ., n o( .he beat of
111 U U I IIIJ VI JI.W7Ml. I.Heetiefi
tbem ha no voice at all. That
la Itaymond Crlfflth. who kpeak
In a hoarse whisper. Success of
the speaking film, many fear,
would shake op the present allgu -
ment of lar and force an In-
flux of legitimate actor bo
'Know nuineiuiua duuhi w
lill- mrm-n.
O'llrlen' Voice ;ool
O linen a voice ta a good one.
Hill even with Jiim, and a few
.ho.en aupportera. Fox
l not ready to let every actor
lulk rich! out of the firm.
Hop Closes As
Seaplane Falls
1.ISIION. Oct i. t C I The
Cermau Junkeni seaplane (j-SI,
whlch atarted to Lisbon from
AniHteritunt enrquto to New York ; sinking of the submarine S
by way of the Azure and New-. a collision wtlh the steamer
foundTund, was forced down nt, of Home" ' In . 1925 have
Hauta I'rux tuduy at 7 p. m.
although the plane waa damaged
in landing the crew eacupeo wi.o-
out Injuries.
The Junker plune started
' ""n"T
many. Htippo.tly
Tetny frem -Nordefne.v MsmrT--"" -e. - -
ea coast of oer -
I.illle Iilllenx, Viennese metres,
The plane landed near Amster -
dam after a brief flight.'
The plane Is piloted by Fred -
eric Loose, who commanded the
recent trans-Atlnntic ; attempt of
two Jnnkers land ' planea that!
were forced by bad weather to.
turn back. With blin are a co-j
pilot, a relief ptiot-navigatur. ana
a mechanic.
'v ...k-,:TT. x ,, - Pi -
Two minor earthquake were felt
v.. .
hi-iP thlK nfternoon. Of the two.
tin MH-nnri. at 1:14 d. m. wa?
the unarper.
tteporta irom r.i e-eniro. "raw-
ley ana taiexico innicniea mai
the shocks were felt there, out
that no damago wa doue
The Other Way, Al
of Talking
Under Way
The Idea (a Ihnl In irof.fl file.
lure, l here urn pulntu of dra-
umtic luteiiaiiy where nonu would
Imi disconcerted" or Ntirprlsed to
h.-ur the word bundled about by j
hero, heroine and villain. j
The first full length talked la I
aiaieu to ourat uiiu apeven ot i
th! dramatic momenta when
llpnadlng among babltuea of tha !
cathedral of the motion picture j
I l the boiling point. Instead
"'''"g dUlurblng, the Fox boat i
minds hope. It will aeem like the I
most natural thing In the world.
for tha handsome .Mr. O'llrlen m'l'LKLiil, (Jet. 5. One UlUIjik-; won second
breute huskily but clearly, "on-; jnninif. in which their de- Icooklng exhibit. .
band that little g rl," etc. . . . ,
. . , . ,.. ifenwe cracked witle open,
There U atill aome turmoil In: ... , . '
the Fox outfit about the atory to; tost tl,e Pittsburgh I'irateS
be Immortalized by flashing Into
noise and action almollaneoMly. i
"l b probabllltlo are It will
be -The IMlar 1-rlneeW the j
picture rights of which were re-1
!c - nuy acquire a ior rox oy .
To transmit tbe occasional
j.w.u ui m mi
...wu..w. .mv luiricusin iiiui.
the producers will employ the
movietone equipment, whlcn
baa successfully reproduced.
apeechea by the pope, the Prince
of Walea. King Ceorge. Marshal ;
Foch and other aubJiM-t.
Relatives of 33
Dead Sailors Sue
U. S. Government
WASH1NUTONV Oct. 5. tllM'
-llelativea of the S3 naval offl-
cer and enlisted men lost In the ,
il in
claims against the government for
,aamages totalling 11.825.000.
Th their eUini, on ,he
, ' "' .
;!'ttol',!h,," - ,n'l,c?n,ply",f w"h
Inturnatioual i marilliuff rules of
j J.,., , .""
: '"llly' '
I : " ' ... -'
1 U SiatlctlPfl '
1 s-'v v
Ujffl Qll 4TO r TIJ11
...ti. ,. ".licatlon by any who were pre-
- .epresemai.on. e
made by tbe Inited States to
Cuba against the augar control
bill. .Igned today by Pnsident
. . ' . . , , . . . .
Machado. officials here Intimated
The legislation Is regarded as
! Cbhn Pbl'm- l -
. , . j. ii i hi,.!.. tr.,t auwar
!'",'" , ....
1 It Is regarded
move on t
the part of the Cuban aorern-
w -
s known the court la
jexpresaioaa tin oj
exports from Cuba.
: 7ITn7i7TTi
Pi i f o h li i-rt
Beaten In
1st -Game
Get More
Unstead in
Hits, 1
mir i neifi n i i n
Inning; Both Pitchers!
Knocked from Box.
. ,
t?-ii.r.-o pim n r-r I
..... 4
tne victory :n
the opening
1 Ql7 M-.rll
game of the
. . ..w Yr.rk
''e,ti, and th-. w Yor
Yankees, hustling for all
tney were Worth, took ad
vantage of every opportun
ity and won, 5 to A.
Two Pittsburgh errors
helped the American league j
champions to three unearn-jFor
cd runs in the third inning, I
after which the Corsairs
' never could catch tjp. jcasea under treatment In the vht-
. Played before the Urgent ioua states, he total for tbe week
j throng that ever witnessed a ball ended last Saturday waa CSS
I game in Forbes field this open- compared with (41 for tbe prev
'ing contest provided world series lous week. ,
tnrina aplenty. nut oasenan '
blch waa far from world cbam-
ploushlp calibre.
! Remy Kremer. who started for j
I (Conilwoed on Pajro Two)
Ilnmnk IT!l. rTv
, A$t -a.u
Mfii" I InPtl TAflflV
- ' w " 1 j
iviamain county uign
school board, composed
three members of the
i i
. three members of the county
i court, county treaaurer and
nty srhool superintendent, met.,
' ed. to consider-matter of Im-
1 portance to the people of Klam-
:ath county who support the
jacbool district by taxation, and
i nishlng pupil for attendance.
I Followlnc the meetfna no
statement' was given out for pub-
lent. Inasmuch as the important
feature of the meeting wa, the
be.nlM .he hleh ..honl ve.r
opening ti tne nign acnoot year,
which opening had been delayed!
, because of quarantine. It is be-i
ueved that school will not open
, .j ..
today as many had expected; If
-such had been the wish of e
!00"d woW bar. been an-
nninrcfl in in n 11 ni ir
Th con's rmwer. In
health matters are paramount to
any other body In the count )v
and this fact wtvt probably estab-
luhed at last nighfa meeting, for
Jt is known the court is asree-
able to openrns the high school
next week If health conditions
(continue clear. Patrons of the
school have reason to think that
1 ""L,
4 th. he. hi. Vt, t-.t nteht were
1 tho health reports last night were
extremely encouraging.
tnree quarantine casea remain in,
the entire county, and these are
'only waiting for proper time to
clape in order that release may!
ibe made In a regular manner, aa
;-the patient are in fine shape.
Australian Hop 1
Planned By Pair!
SEATTLE. Oct. B. (VP) The Standard Oil company of j
Failure of motor parts to arrive Indiana and the Hoynl Dutch
on schedule kept uie three-mot-: Shell Oil company, through their;
ored Fokker monoplane. In , subsidiaries, are enrrylug on tho
which Captain Klngsford Smith. ' fight. The Midwest Refining j
Australian, nnd three fellow j company, n Stundnrd subsidiary,
countrymen will attempt n one-' has just purchased 115 gallons
stop flight from Oukland, Call- In this territory, and both side i
fonila to Australia. on the huvo slashed the gasoline price
ground here Wednesday night. from 18 to Id cents a gallon. '
"We', will" get away for Oak-1 The acquisition ot the A. A. i
bind Saturday '.. morning sure," Vicker chain wns rt-gnrdod as
Captain Smith predicted.
The Australians' single stop
on the flight which they propose
to start this month will be on the
Hawaiian Islands.
In the absence of Mrs. A. II.!
(irlrflth, praminent local rlnbwo
man, thieve today entered her
apartment nnd atole more thnnlsitfe in tho harbor here We.!
330. OOU In Jewels, she told po -
lice. ' '
The article taken Included a
tlO.Oill) necklaco belonging to
Mis Dolorei iionzngnn. 15. The
rtirmlmler of the ems were own -
tea oy .vir. ana .Mr, t.riiiiin, aim
their daughter. Mrs., H:;; Q.
; Mounts,
i MeentV
Miss (lonzugiiu 1 Mr.
S4 Prizes Won by
Club Girls And
Boys At Exhibit
lo tbo face of atrong compe
tition from every aertlon of tho
Mate, Klamath county club boy
and girl annexed four prlzea at
the state fair In Halem lat week.
it waa announced late yenlerday!
' by Frank W. Kexton. county club.
i"anr. on hi return from the
. luir.
Jerry Khorl. on of Mr., and
Mr"- -. Hhort.-iieniey. won'
third prize In , the garden ex-:
hlblt. ,.
Dorothy Durant. daughter of i
1 "lo";.r and Mr. A I
, Iniraut,
prize in
Anna llurnett, Midland, daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. II. .
nett. carried off t fourth prize ;
houora In the third division
tbo canning exhibit.
(Continued on l'ago Hlx)
Disease Decline
Seen By Reports
From Many States!
WASHI.NOON. Oct. 5. (UP)
tbe second conaecntiw week.jzalo Ivtcobar numbering
rep" lo he public beaiih er-:
vice Indicate tt HliRht decllm In
tha nnmhor r.f Infantlla naralvxf
..n..,.i,. i..,. i.
cluded Illinois, SO cases as against
It! Ih. orevious week: lalllornla
46 against 43: New Jersey 33
against 37: Oregon 30 against
31: West Virginia 32. against IX
land New York outside New York
Cltv 20 aaainst IS. Iudiuna.
which reported no canes for the
!wevk ending September 21, bad
IS under treatment last week
i . .
- 'dine from. 87- to 79 cases: Ohio i
from 96 to S7; Pennsylvania from ,
42 to 3S and Mlwonrt from 23-
tt -3A'. tlthwe states -helnAd rtr-
count for the total decline of
six casea.
; f
f,2IQHI2 Bank
Sues J. Wheeler i
POItTlANK. Oct. 5. ll'P)
I 1 IL'TZo . h h mi
. ' ... ...
: " . '"Z. -..rJ
lne "Oriianu ie.eBram. a
,. , , N,".!tlon. Attacking It aa-lmmoral.
,y l"'"w ' nmornia -a . . .i.u.
! )m .--..-
-it has four promissory notes exe-
. ' , ' . .,,,,
, .....:,,,,.!
1 " ... . 1
on (too share of capital to
nock In
paiVy of
. i, a u- ,iui. i i.niue Mkmnunr i i
Wheeler as security.
It Is the second Hitit filed
against Wheeler in the circuit
court here In a week, tin Sep-temlK-r
23 the Lumberman's
Trnst company started proceed-1'
' inns to recover
; Mm and foreclose ou 3.6 20 shrtn!.
capita, stock in the Wbeoler
i Timber company of California.
i . ' '
l.utte.i rnivb nini
: -"-- " J'
WAK 1IN J O I A 1 to
j .
DENVER. Oct. S. (UP) Tho
j price ot gasoline In Colorado.
Wyoming and New Mexico may
drop to new low levels as a r.ult
of a new trade struggle of large ,
proportions for control .of .the,
Kocky Mountain area. I
the first step in the Standard's1
buttle for gallonage w hl.ll the,
Shell organization hnd obtained
by cutting into the field through
the Roxuna Petroleum company.
' -iirnr,.i. whi..h eivei. br'of commons, that all. yelled
CTr.i. crurtAMCD 'classifies a a mail robber- be
S 1 LAM ;nilw sh bruke Into the National
SAFE IN HARBOR bank'. posUl box and ..threw
j away .'.n.oiio In checks. '. i
ASTORIA. Ore.. Oct. 5. (I'Pli
-The steam schooner lli.rbnra '
- - c, after being at the men-
of n
rough sea for many hours, wu
jdny night.
! The vessel, loiuleil with I.3B0.-
Olio fei-t of lumber, left Oroys,
i lluibor. Washington, for San
' Fron. Nco Tuesday night. Soon
' after she departed her keel was
broken In t und her rudder
wna disabled by high waves. She!
sent a distress cull and was '
picked up t(l mile off this city. I
Of Rebels
latg '
Surviving Leaders
rnunrlaid . Rv , Federal
Forces; Reprisals of In
surgents Expected. .- -
' ' . " i , "' . .
U.I) Generals ArnulM
Gomez and Hector Almadn.
M i i i ..i .'
chief survivtnu rebel lead-.,
em in the Mexican itrmy re-
' bellton, have been . ftur-
rounded by federal .force
j in the state of Vera Crtt-,
' ...... .....1 nM ttfifini Wn.
j nouncement tonight by Gen
eral Alvarez,: . President
Ca Lt fori""' under
command of General Con- .
30rjo infantrymen and cv-
alrymen anticipate a batr
: tie almost momentarily, the
' chief of staff's antfounce
i ment said. f -'
i t.eueral -. Jesu - M. Agnh-,re '
j with I. SOU men, la expected to
Join Kseobar. both generals hav-
lug haeteued to Vera Crux . in
: parsnlt of the rebela. , '
Predictions here are that" a,-,.
bloody battle would be -the- r
i suit ot a meeting between; the .
loyal bus and the -force of Gomel
(t'ontiauarU oa l'age Srvr):r .
Argument Causes
Labor Disrujiijn
.CJ'r-z'-. ..
I' TILACKPOOL Kngfand. Oct; ,5.
. I t'.f.f Two . hardbolled mbiir -
leader nearly came to blow or.r
the birth control question tU..lo
Itritlsh labor -today.
A. J. Cook, secretary of ,the
! miners' federatiou
wanted to ,ln-
'corporale.a plank in tne puny-
icorporale a plank
; . i.hoe member ".
7 " . I:;" "h -n. kl.
. e-
: wtaraeklnc. oooosed Cook" mo-
gates. i
i hek him out." ther yelled.
..Th(.y ,., mz,e me In ithe
house of commons, .ud yon can't
muzzle me here," retorted Jon.
"You are tbe fool of the- boil. ,
toot, waving ois net.
"Come ouuide." Invlteil Jones.
Willing . bunds prevented a
clash ax the two men movWuVro
ward each other. ..' -
Wbeu order bud been reaiorod.
? from'tne chairman ruled that Im-aue
of the conflict of the btrtft
1. principle with re.igiou. cent.
victions. -tne propoaai io mc.woe
ln ,ue pitttfortu was out A ot
order. - -" V
Oddities in the
Day's News,!'.
(lulled Proas)
I U.P.) Luverno Dale, 18. Uni
versity of Minnesota freshman,
wa arrested for speeding, - City
Judge Hall fined him (IS,. ,.i
"Your honor," replied . Fresh
man Dale following the Imposing
of tho fine, -"I haven't 2fl, but
I'll tell you what I'll do. -I'll
give you 1U ensh nnd you can -have
the car."
Judge Hnll took the cose under
consideration. ' '
ESCANAIIA. Mich.. Oct. J.
(CP. Authorities are wonder
ing what to make ot the case- oC
lo-year-old Ellen Minor, who
Sh admitted tilling roe man.
carefully opening all tho lVtr,
i and tbrowlug them away when
she fulled to nnn tne pretty r -
turn she was seeking.
. WltONU til.ASH .
SIOUX CITY. lu.. Oct. . '
I U.P.
." Mis Wllmur Craves. 2?,
wna loo tired to reach np for
it he light when she went to the
lulhroom for a glass of water,
She drank a poisonous antiseptic)
solution. Her. condition I crtt.
leal. ' ,