The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, October 05, 1927, Page 4, Image 4

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T Klamath News in ,bout thc f"nl',5', that
ICv IVlamam "C"S proportion we mmy avert
. . . . the danger of which the in-
PaMlabew err Borstal irpt . ,
hr T.. Klaaaifc K.-t cr'se of 'Vorce nd tie-
FallttBiag Crr t lMM cree of marriagw. is only
ftoata firtk wmi, KJaauU c symptom. Whatever can
ralla, Orscoa. be done in the hofme or by
1 ' my other educative influ-
7V"P"; K1r mce outride of th home, to
HI rail awd Klamatfc Coast. , , . . , , .
r keep before us trav fact that
OanMi Cits Krfttar except as we maintain the
mm tiawmu A Jr. M(i family intact the outlook is
-" ' "" a dark one this is worth
ttwcpamox rates . , .
dome. No nation can con
Kffectrra April IS, l2T. . , ,
IMlnH b, rwrrter. ,r. jo. greatness is based on an en
unirered bf auii. rear a.oo during family relation.
tuanaptluas psvjaUe la adraara. , O
EBtarea at seed clw .attar
at Iba puftofaca at Kiiaitl
ralla Oragoa. Xareaaber IS.
I2t. aider act ot Marca J. 1IT.
Tctrthoaa T7
Messber Aadlt Buon Csrralalioa
Periodically we are great
ly disturbed by the news
inav i-a r ja:i-! nc lauiug
off and that divorces are on
k. i j ,u
the increase. And then on
the heels of this news there
tome numerous1 declarations
. . -i -
as to how serious this evil
in. and even more numerous
fcUKKestlons as to tow It
inav be speedily checked.
. . ,,- .
Jo intelligent man or wo- who will five any
thought to the Problem
needs to be tpld how ser-
ious it is. It menaces prac -
tically everything we hold
dear in our social order. It
. , .. r
touches not only the lives Ol
thoee immediately implica-
...... .
ted; it involves somehow
the Very foundations of SO-
Cietv. It means that in
tomething fundamental to
our social welfare and hap-
pineKI We are not succeed-'
ing as we ought to.
" . ... .....
Nor will any intelligent
man or woman close his ear
. J -
to any of the many sugges-
tions -which will presently
be given as to how the solu-
Uon of this problem must
be approached to be effec-
tive. ' We shall be told that r
it ought to be made more
,1. , . .
difficult to get married, and
less easy to get a divorce.
We shall be told that the
problem is not merely an
economic one. although it is I
that too in part; they will
ay that it is individual in
M far as anything can be
individual; and they will
tell us that it is also a social
In the meantime there
pre 'those who have given
much thought not merely to
the present situation, but to
the historical aspect of it
iilxo, and the conclusions of
them' thinkers may be
worthy of consideration.
They will tell u that the
family is the basic unit of
civilization; that where any
community or nation has
clung to this basic family
unit, its progress has not
been endangered, and
where the integrity of the
family unit was assailed,
there decay was inevitable.
The historical signifi
cance may be clear to every.
ne; but more dear even
lhan that is the logic of it.
It is within this little group
that he ideals are developed
which are so necessary to
human progress and per
manence; and it is through
Ihis group that these ideals
are maintained. When for
any reason the integrity of
this group is threatened, we
are told, then all civilization
h threatened, for, it can not
be too often repeated, the
family is the unit on which
the whole structure of civ
ilization is built.
In -proportion as we can
Iring ourselves to realize
the importance of this fact;
J in proportion as we can
j keep wit the theories of this
' it that, or fads of one kind
or iinotlier from our ihink-j
Washington. xt. . r
rmiitm Coolidga- retards the
tariff dltpate be toe tailed
States mud r'naaee B coafiaed
strictly to the r of the
Preitra discrimlnatkn agalnv.
Americas food. :
While tae amount of A at erica a
roaawit inrolnrd a? prctaaMy ao
store than 1 '. ia a total
roaimerre of I !.. . the
prrsidtat was rrresBtcd today
at tbe White House a f -elite
that the priaciple in enotlon t
. . - .... ,
U'asMagtoa gownnaeat walcn !
nad it hard to rvcosnir PrrBra
action oa tb tartfll rorloB with ;
iJw loot M(jBrtEJ. ,,i,hip t.
tfa tb two uinn and thr i
fact that tbtr frr Barratlr aaao.
rtatrd ia irzt.
It wai eBiphasiard iB the W'htte
Ho"w M.lPi.BM,a. .ppaD.iT j
diwd to bnaK the di-uMioa ;
of the taiitf qaeation with rraB
OOWB to jt4 umput lermi. that ;
the Wahinr.:on (Vrtmfct has
Blade and ia aulcac bo com- .
pliillt wlntt ,BT ntr o doty .
rraaoe ai charge spoa ood I
JJ-S.-, I
initio iint the I'tuicj sti- ,
l"olTj ...
Intton forernmrnt wa makinf ,
complaint at thu time oi ,
the fact that certain American
auricoltaral product are culud-
ed from FreBch miarkei.. ai-
thonch it wai id. Inlerw.lE
nfornla,10B to ,0., cBnrti,B I.
in the hands of the arrlcaltare
d'rt5n,tat, department later
it waa said that the Aawiai
there was bo tndirition aa. to
mh " '",BJ, tor
omaha Lady Norfolk, a'.g-
blood amoax tha satloa'a ban.'.
Iodar COBUIiaei to ,dd Klory ,
her reiral brow, by reittrta;rin
Sa tor " maaj coa-
"o ha, acn.r-d the
alias of Babe Rata. Is rer.rwd
in rood condition, aad orlials
t x.iion.1 Ew Ur,r, :
ciatioa. coBdactins the e layinf
contest here said there is no
of a break.
f '
a. .
1MB IllI.K
1 Tlie of letter ..lf in
to rhanite one word lo another
and do It in par. a Riven number
of strokes. Tlius to rhanee I OW
Tt) IIKX. In three strokes, I'UW,
2 Voa rait rrianje onlr one
lelter at a time.
:l You mat hare a rorjiplete
won), of ff mi m on v.nage for
eat h Jiinp. SlanK it onls anil ab
hretutlbns don't count.
4 Tbe onler of tellers rannot
lie f linneil.
The aolution la printed on
m 8.
Stop Skin Itching
Use healing liquid Zcmo
St'i tiTjrr. ing aSout uch skin tp-.
l.k-t tt Ecztina. For a dean, smooth,
heiiUiiyfekinjpilyZm. It penetrates,
toot bra and quickly relieves itchmt;.
In must cam it brinirt relief from
lii'jtclirs. Bk-rnisite., Pimples and other
skin irritatioiia that are dangcrctn if
neglected. L Zcmo day or nig) t.
Jl d.-s not aUow. 33c. 60l, and Jl'X).
foreskin irritations
fy Junius
Trar tumfciht
Krvm a Kaa pjtfwr: "Thr
other Bict a Tartta r:tli'S
Bailed a rrtoltcr frvm andrr hu
pillow aad hlaard aasv at what
be thoatht A a barclar la the
room. lnet icittoa rTuri-d that
he had b.t a hole thrvuKh his
on troahers haartaK a a rhair.
All that sated him from kllltat
himself aaa thai he hsd rt-morid
his t routers ahca be went U
bd -
- o
He: "!u )oa ksow mhy (Iris
aaik borne?"
She: "No. I doa't.
Il "Come ta. h-1 po r id
les "
Jifennr: ' 1 d:da'l bring an e
mte fjr heiae aje-at yestetdsy.
becaave ma too bjy to a rite
Teac-her: Thva hy d:da't
yoar father write one."
Johnny: "Shucks, he's Bo Food
making rlcox-i. Ma ratcht-s him
vrrry time, aa- yoa'r smarter
thaa she it "
S!rh'r: "Why is t-aby cry.
Narbe I. a next room: "lie
Mother: 'Well, jlrc h-tn bat
be waata."
. Ti batty boU lod 'r
aiutber: "Why dwln't jou (!)
him what he wanted T"
Nnrwr: "l did. It was a bee.".
It is bo compliment u be told
that yoi eat B more than a
bird- A bird, yoa kcwa. ruts a
peck at a time.
The fellow who said, "ftretity
is the sonl.of wit." woald sare
Set a big lanch oat i'f the pr-sent
one-piece batbin; fatts. vvaMs'l
Jade !Jadry tf NoTff.
fators trijl EarrLifs Fome o!
them are already t.-o great a
-ETa-y banband admitti bin wtfe
shows-d attend Jadsmtnt when
she. picked him cct.
Physician (to rirb patient:
Yoa re all rsn down. I sng
get that job lay off golf for a
Huso :u' rle'.li.v
o.ny it', Voj
l'l'T Vt ?
fiVT.V- - MY
M-stAt .'
1 J
.-7 il
Jj) S f 4
tl i. ;
r . t tl'.i to A
c vi r-t.v. v,
ttVKlt)', .ll-.',
Vj'.t N,1! t ft.'V
ntJ f.ovi
vi it. . i'V '
i"d , f.' ftt-..
yi'-.- r.i. ."
in-v i .v" . iv'v
t -,',tt in'
-li. Ai;' i t"'.
a good r.t t ;
Ijjb and tbe aorld U'i
iaitb ;tin; tsiille aai yta're Jw-t
a C!it '
.- o - -
I! dt-u-.anc Hoccings yoa
are a art and IB faivr of Al
smith lor rreslJ'-al- j
I Life l Ike a liryrle-
moling. r ioa !l lull.
Arcam'at norr irvted tat
(Be tlitnc. tt su-a Bra fooll
iu lda.'se la it.
, o :
( She: "Sir. r-tmitc VLnr arm "
j II- "1 caa t. I! i.ia'1 ariin-1
: t! "
j .- i
Siiltr-un: "Tutt a'e l really
' annli HJ. but there being
little . L,p oft here I will k!I
It to iui f r t:
Catomer: "Can t oa break J
off snotlx r lltrie chip tui let a:e ,
bate It lor Jltf.
o i
j Muset isn't ttrot'ilB;. but It t
it very B..'a la f alias bills :
,Lcvinc Lands In 1
Barnyard, Report
(w.lMtcl tnm I'aci Hh j
fat ton on iUe Ma.-hon.r a!
Ita. una
With Lc..n en ih r-luiVV
frre:. zzih-a-aui in K jn.r.-ai
R il. Hlarfaliflr. arj Pria;f
Lotus fVrdinand of JvsrV-a
"If it m-crf tot fur Itn-h-lif
f" mirarohici il!ttinif. f"d
all b Ut-tl no." U'4rr .i!il
Hv J.r1Wtl t InnOc a. un
d r riot iAlU .11,1 Th,
p!.o'. with oar v1 Jt l.:nd::s
hrr! it LiT-d. the p-nt:: r
fr.tPf J in aa! ti rnjln
rrit 'tied, as mr" daitja.-J th.iu
rarlv fpirti iii(li'at1
j H l nrh 1 i ' f o Cr-r. bi d lit ! 1 i-
' tran-A.Uuttr it trn;'i"l
wi:h difrtsulti--. M thoujM
n.t?tap aji r3ii to a r pjucr in
Ik yaKIIn d '
LaTire tbr rntrplno A.rtittr:
the plan had mil d'fli
ratiy In rj'-anus tht t.-n-ioa
t'l t'hn !rr. ihoch It
a lMdt-4 only with tbrt-; tn'1
and a Pina!l Utit eh)i Tr.r Xmhv
M-ivo!iol IlinrhHfft anVt fO
land irarnvd-at'T. U;t he rfji:'d
not. Home fauioas mlns of tti
are cf the Cccjm wr? prrnd
blow hira, aad had no diir
to Impale the O'uniTrta uj?a a
cucWh - :tlLe f'.vi
tvH.tCP,t f ftr.-lN V'. te
CMC iU Oi M"-1 -
"V tuWi
r watle and fl "
fc:"c o vcu Itlt'iv,
tii- "ot i:niM'
11. I"A t. tll' "t
' , Tf i .-I'.t ti-..'i 'i '.i . .- tut ,
I -.VJ',- "J.O. -MM" "I"' 'iil'AH )
I ; '
" . .'if " I
Silver Plane
Wli n ( ! f'hatln A. t.tntl-
lr ua Mi Eailonal tur. cilfUi
prri r.irJ hitu tth a vilk ara
rhiiii ar J lh; tiny KiutipUliV.
tva.l- i-f otfrUns .ivr. XI ix3
Uut-T t I St. tun U bMibfi tbe
I l )a fv'y i-t avi .
rt'iuorul toluwn ur W try tu
'park it on the vrumbliii; pirtKt
( of a i-o:pI?.
i "It Rrrat lo ve i jst a
SAt KM, Oct "U'l A
r I l.t.lU of t'te o'.ata- .It
UTti c Stii!'i f f r lr.t litre
l,-t n.nUi tvt Mf.rd n ton.
i!u ! j jentn i Jufy itmt failnn I
,tl5r tiC ft Viir'rd im-
. b-:1-. of ttiJ ty piub'hiti n cf
f it 'tr 7 !i ' ita f il mrtl a
T fro a ot rat r i'attrr'aia
t;:-t t!. alt on-, pt-urtal rp-
-.HI K Tll.l Ks
t- a .h t eMiri- '!ir ht-art-ra't
tharili ai aprtriaf :n t.
I ;. ma nr f ria-nd. and tsp.fil!r
t-i tie i;;tarra and .'..nif n of
W'Mta.rrafi f-w tte b--auiif il fU-ral
vti r:nr and klndneaa and nym
Iiithy RiTt-a il'jrinic onr rei- nt
1 N-r aw.m!!. and death of tL-
!.t( Anna Itutliff
1 1 1 1 S I'KIA JE.SVKN A N D
Cant Blame Him
toil :. L .''.rtt -f.-ri"
C:J 5eS Va V0 .,!
I'tt CitCt t'iM '(' oi't. .
t.P I'", U(E.- I
They're At
HVt'.r.M, I A')."o3
Tnf.tS Tt
. rtoL" cti'
VltT .' 6. e V-" i7 Z .'
iwtmy vvw rv t'
VV-ls,.; .too ! I
VrjT nf,9V t;ft.l4
MWTf V'iCtof';.'.,
i '.- : i . i .
v ' v. C : -
Those Lawless Mexicans
' .in-.t -r.i
rt 'ii-rs t t
5l IMC ( Wt
L cjfji .(; I
- ML
-- I !
for Lindy
," e"H tSt A
: A' 1
i - " -';i, i' j(
VUXlll A .V l.artt?.
Krnoitvto: t I.;s-.aa. Ta
-nui . M:n to la'r. Ta
Ta-'on.a. J '7
E ruwrll .'y
T JiHir, I'ltrtUntl
M.-iaford. U A J'rlc Kuittnr
N Mthiv, San Kiai;.tM; A. II
!:ndrj. rori!i.!. M?r A M
TiiiA. iv.i t!jnd. II W. lUtn
ttln. Ktaiii-v.j. Mr. K. M
JtEf, ('."l it?'. tin. Mf. tuil.r
Krof f. A ;it;i JloU-rt M- ri )ud. W ll Kimh
burn. V.-t'l'iud. I! I Mamlltoa.
TVr frn'l . ; J J HivUff. Oak'
laist!. Ikwuslb la-V. !.-It Alt.;
Ueorpe W E:laa: .I. t hirt.: Carl t
t:nn. r. Kti-r.. II H WI h. ;
'43 Kriiii-lwfi. V. F l'tfrin.
.a Kraa-i!ba-. Ii K .w r-U.l
AlUiarr. C V Ca-a. Alba nr.
A. I.. Ilun and a.I-. (.rarr
!iiah' Irt.-ij Ina, SaT'Cto
T 11 You. II. t-ra'tlr. 1' J KoI-
I unacimr. ; K. (irrinttcn.
Sacniinrnt; V Kart irh.
lund. trt-aa. A orr, I,niniuii
f M Vail mine, Tu'o. j
Altt AIK-- Xr and Mr I '
f'uados. (Trarrut t !U; Oliver '
Hrmoa. rei-ent t itv; . ..tjjB prfdoce'r
i.i:ke. lunMuuir. I.ina Card H;a. mart
tCcT HP'VJiAtl tel fVjRI'J
" "VUtO.'S
Jt Again
It- I v:.'J A t'Af
V.vrv -t-.ti.R-j. , I 7 ;
Vi.;lt, t ' It '
Vt'.T .- T'..,s T
V.v.x y-,'.n -
v-.a r.-.r?'..,y -- ri J
e'- ti'; st.t 1n' r.r. 'J.iN' j -f . , o t.
-i ' .
1 a.-r: loa fowrll. Jak ll.-rnolil;
;j f tatdarll and l!e Wsriie
Walton aad ile. I a Anstl'"
) W Wnld. roilland
! f V Kterelt. lan.lM-soe nt
: rtu r a ho has done tooM rMi
aotk In ibis city. ba returned
Iroiu a trip up and doaii th"
'.xtatt ahere he hjd beeu liirestl-
) Callug sblub. Bd gi"o uif
' .!.. f.,r thla rlltr.ate . He Is ar
' itr-tint to make thl ll I I
' ueadTuarters aad e'.pt' ,u d'
totr ntBsiderable lluie llil UH '
I to msklng nket.his tor rtildrrin
, roes alio bate pln lor laullf- I
S tug their grounds in the sprlnji 1
clear Weather is
expected for came
i - -
' rrnMt'!:ii. ' ''
t'ltar tkles. warm puntlllDi', a,
"t. mier.tlure ol T dertc Kali
,i,n!iit a if promised It I J'1
p id v-ilMvdy when llii- lli'l
rme ol ihe sorlj ierlt- !n
W S lln.liiiita. olilt'lal fore
ta-lrr. tie. Utv a hrxh pri'iure
area - bating nollilrg to da it la
the eitltemenl of the nation's
U.ebll jn. thoulil bi:i;i the
talre-t of fair tx-lober aeatlier
, for the otebrr
JfaSour Stomach;
'Phillipi Milk of MafticsU"
Better than 8oU
ln!rit f brr-a(t-f taWr
a little "lhillii f I a t'f MaR
rtia" tn f.'.T ah tme tr in
kite ViioD or ur. a - id. K
Kt- aia. h. aud " 1 1 cjtu lu
tan. I.
'r fifty ,t"nutna "I'hll-
lli- Vila of Mar !)'' lern
prt-pfri.M-d l y phtt-lan lH-a:iM-it
iv rtt m.- t!ir'e ttmi- a murh
a Id in tht- nit-mat a as a aaturat.
cj tail Mi in of iH-nate .f
mi t... 1-.;.UK Hie Inrna h ii-M
and f.- fr.-m all It Bfu-
triJitta td ft-rmm it l'n lu thi
and iCO'l urj.f thr
urint ate fri n Itc !;
( P'4rt;:nc M ida. It In
irit ,UMint t-i tak (htn on. la
!nmt up a "Pit ill..- " Ta rt
r.ip rrr.t and fl!i-ciit bfttNra.
jnr tlruKMoro "MUk uf ,MjC
ne-tla" haa l- n the T H Ui
t-red Trade Mark of The fharlr
II I'hllllna t hemlral " . and
harls II rail-
Ad t
CjtW, wZui'Cly .-. liteft JO, j.
l.rei" We Ct.
ft i' TROTH.
' -s.
orr Ve-'wTT rr at vtzt.
, "oo V'f"V
; ci T ctf 't ia
I I . ..' . . ' I O A at' aMAf J i tv I
I Saa.
to.r.ttUal Wl .l a raa-a.a,,.
...t, h aa mbmmW .
,.r.Ml tlvoaif-a sal..
.rra ss-fas a... I saesataBasM sjsf
ftAJbl U. AIK(MN
"T'iral "
Ly World Crtate.t
Mtior Caarh Sytttm
San Francisco
$1 1.60
Round Trip $26.30
Similar low fares lo l Aiigflos,
etery t rl t'os.t ctlv, Sutbwtwt '
p.ilut lo t.l I'sto A greal. r
p)oiiitle roirii'nv ah"Bies yiftir
fil. olieis be-' lerinlatl fa-Ill-ties.
I'liasl cvarhes. Iwgasga prt-1
I r r I I n lailitidu il rerliaiug
rhaira, ntttv !. allidoea.
lit"i iurN jri stilted
l-ate tor ililitml. i-ttMnet-tlnf
lor i lll'K . ! NtMl III. I'.KIk
HINti. Hl UltNtlwtt.
ItttltNlll. I.IIH
!t. IHI t.". IMIUIMV, tL
Ill t. M. I and V. M.
Terminal Stajni
UIA Mtln M.
1'lH'tte DfHI
ror rt-.uUt u N'eaa i'laaa Ada.
rilCT rWlMti
r-' t .. -t' octfvM'r;
'V !.., TNAtl.rrrri 1
t .-i
By Martin
.'V "l o
t P AM' -ieAAll 'IM
jVj. o W t(.tl
By Crane