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The Klamath News
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath
The Klamath News
Official Paper
.County of Klamath'
Vol. 4, N. 278.T- Price Five Centa
(Every Morning Except Monday)
Need For
Radio Is
r I t a it I
iseiegaiea irom
4 Over World Gather
in U. Si to Talk on
(U.P.) World wide confu.
tuon IhrcuU'iin radio broud-
casting uiiIpm Immciliute
plops arc tnkfii to conxcrvu
nnd iillocute channels' for:
various clnmu'R of arrvire, J
Secretary of Commerce j
Hoover told the Intvrnntion
nl radio tclt'Kraph convert
Uon at its opening here.
Previously Pri-Bldcut Coolldgc
wirncd ini. dili-gatoa from H
coun!rti"i that In the radio field .
l no most tninpn tn uereiopmeni : Tnr K)dy ol j,,),,, ei.per. d!
twlb at home and abroad lls In abli-d war veteran from t'lncln
(CoatlnurU on none elubl) nail, was found Tuemtny In the
Flood Climax Is
IJtllLY tU lVLUliltU
' 1 I
-Tbl climax at the period of ab-
normal preclpliatlon In southeast. ,
.m v..... A.b....... ul..
lihoma and Missouri waa believed
i ii hel today.
larmurs and riwlilinu alone
Hock Creek In tho aouthern iwr
tlcn of Independence. Kan., were
forced from th dr homes
the. Vrdlgrls r!er r-s.- tn more
' man 1i Iiiet, tne lllgneai pwini
terer recorded there. Hundreds '
of scn-s of land were being flood-!
e.1 hv the Klk. Kail and Cutler '
Cotfeyvllle. Kan., was prcpar-
Inn for an overflow of Iho Vetdl-.
grta. Other points reported the ,
water to be receding, however. I
Milner Is Head
Of State Order
II. It. Milner of this cliy wos ' features of the smoker, lliiasinnn .
eleeted temporary president olnil.l.. ;
the Htato Itnbblt Itreeder's asao-! Thla smoker, the first of th
elation which wee org inlicd dur-
lug the state fair when rabbit ;
breeders from various parts of ,
the atnte met at a bnnnuet In I
tialem. Mra. Katherlne Hayes of
of" tho new orgMiltallon. i
u ii..., u,l i hr, entries In the.
rabbit show al the fair on which 1
ho won two llrst prizes and one , Medlord. Ashland and llend posts
second prize. J. It. Stevenson : on behalf of the oca lcglon post,
took second prise In a largo class .Commander llussman Is the chalr
of New Zealand lied doen. K. II. 'man of the smoker committee and
r nil. n,l won first on a renrh ' nana wl be competed at the next
Silver doe. -
- On the return trip to Klamath
rails Milner alended a meeting
ot lb. .ssoclatlon at Jlend and
rnhblt show to bo held
November 10, 11 and IS
Judtre Says Drunk
Didn't Play Fair
Tho police Judgo figures this jmer Tahiti and co-navlgntnr of
drunk done him dirt. j the flfkht, snld here tonight.
And It nil came about when The hop from Seattle to Hon
U. Thomna. who waa arrested for Krniu-laco will be made late thla
being Inloxlcnled Monday night, week, ho said. Tho plane, a
received a death message during '1,1, Fokkur which was used In the
his hearing before Police Judgo i oorge II. Wllklns polar expedl
RaghnKcn yesterday morning. I tlon . 1s now being reconditioned
The mesMign advised Tlioniar : llt lnp plant of tho ollelng Air-
Hint his sinter had died and that i rnft cninniinv 111 Heallle.
111. . -ii. iu 1..111.1 in,..,,. . ........
lining kindly. Judge flnghagen
Immediately freed the jnun. who
promised to stay sober ttiorn - - -
forward. All this on tho strength
of tho death message.
Tho blow came when pnlle"
again arrested Thomas for drunk-
etinnNi, Tuesday artnrnoun. a few
hours after he hud been released.
Whether the dentil message
was merely a form nf Interven-
lion by friends, or strictly valid, I nt the Pacific Livestock Kxposl
Juilgn ftnghngen will never know. I tlon held annually nt Portland,
hut hex avowed last night that. , according lo C. A. Henderson,
Thomna won't get out ngnln even coiinly nm lcullurlsl, yesterday.
U two sisters succumb. A booth which will real urn po-
Mia. Illiinch Turner waa given ' liitoea. fnriige rmpa, gln nnd
n:Jnll sentence Tuesday of 60 llvcstiu k, dnlry, sheep nnd pmiltr.v
days when she could not meet a vi lli n-presenl Kliiinnlh.
JlOO fin lifter being iirresled It Is pliinned to sind the prud
fur possession of llciunr. Twenty nets for the booth to Portland
five (t'lllain bills, was forfeited by 11I1011I October 21.
I H. Collins when ho fulled lo np-j Kxlillills have heen tnken to
penr before tlio police Judge, for j Iho slnle tnlr for the Kin mil t It
n hearing, lie was til-rested forlioiilh for the. past three years,
dniiikx'iinuss.,. , 1 but ntmti wore tultvu III la your.,
Levine Cleared
Roman Ruins But
Hit Amidst Pigs
. ItOMK. Oil. 4. Il'l'l Charles
l.evluc's till planx Culimilttn. bid
ly damaged In a filial lislr-rals-hil
adventure which ended lu n
barnyard after n atruggla to keep
out tumbling Into on extensive
ollcitlun, of lloinuil ruin., la IIVo-
ly to fly no move this aide ol
lliv I'lilted Htatca.
Hut tin owner
After ordering the Columbia1
dismantled mid imwi. iiitrj
huil ten nt lila hotel jere and
laufihrd heartily In describing to
I Culled Press IIiii events of
three houra previous, when ho
trl.-d to drop a preaim for I'rl.,...
Milliliter llrullo Mussolini's
' (t'outlnuml an Pilar Kour)
Colorado Storms
il wr
Liainj L V IClimS
liKN'VKIt. Oi l. . I IT I
IKarly winter snowatorma In the
mounlatna of t'olurailo already
barn cluliueU one life and
searchers are hunting: for a sec-
I mid tnsn w ho lost hla way whllo
alruacllna throuah heavy drifts
,, y, Klbrrt.
..nniy i-ens reg.on near
r.aies pars, lerpi-r nsu isnen in
! a mudlKile and died of uno.ure '
iii alter hla automobile had
stalled In a blind. n bllnard. 1
K ,Uo ,rlpd , .
Sunday tn climb Ml. Kllierl. :
nut U-sdvllle, waa atill mlnalng.
The belief that Mather died
; while battling heavy snow which
covereu me ll.ns-iooi peas.
I was mounting as uo trace uf hlin
'Was fuund.
ihiun iuim
lime iNovemDer
t . . j
The Klanintli Kalla po.t of the!
'niiirli'sii lclnii will stave a!
smoker Wednesday evening Nov.
! In the lealim biilldlng tn honor '
of mate Coinhinuder tloorgn K.
l-'ve of Kugeiie. was tho an-;
nouncement of A. II. Ilusamnn.
rommander of the local poet Inat ;
A program of music which will
Ini-lndo llnl Hlnrkbiirn and Ilia
lliind. Harry Toole's vaudeville,;
.mi . i.nnnnot will bo the main i
lull (ctlvllles of the American
u.gon. will be for l.eglon men
oniy. whether members of this
not or not. and admittance will
im gained only on the preecnta-!
"'l K. Cell Is extending the of-
fil ial I ii vt tul Inn to Htale Com i
mender Love and the Hosehurg.
meeting or tne poai. ipciouer is. i
j. . -" . V.Vwv
. INC. W r AvlT MVir
KAN rilANCISCO, Oct. 4. I U
! Rml
lTho flight of Kliigsfordi
I Bmlth nnd his crew across the
Iflc to Australia will start
thin two weeks. llllam A.
Tmld second officer of tho l'n Ion
r -f,riiii!,niirn " " t..........
: postal nuthorltlca today for the
tlli-ra lo carry 1,500 pieces of
; ini,.di Htules uiiiil to the si opt
j ,,nR their route. . -
. '
AK,K,rn Fnp CUOW
I "
K lam 11 til county Is to be retire-1
senled this year for the first time I
Rebels Is
Death of Red General
llMI 1 RAJ... "honor tncni witn ai
111 VUm iviuwiiy ill
ArmV Ranks. CcIICSil"l'1' u'K ,n U bishop' house.
1; l lThn o-ovi-rnmnnt tn. !
-i .t ...t,... : l
uuy iiiijiuuii.t-u ttiiti ivfoiner 01 Jonn ana narien w
jliopi'H will be a'vitul blow ;!'. who founded iha Methodist
inKuinHt 11 HerioUH' McNicu,M
Iirnty rvrnu in tH'iuimii
of Ocilfial Francisco StT-
i Kerranu. one of the three prct
' dcutlnl In neL year's
' election, wa. alleged to be a lend
er In the rebellion, and was re.
giiriled as the government's
strongest opponent.
! ticm-rul Juae Alvarez, chief of
.staff of I'ri-alil-nt falles. an-
uouuted offl.-lally that Kcrrano
had been executed, with hla en
tire muff of 14. at ( ui-mwaca
MmUy n,urllnK.
The announcement IniiirnteH
that aents of the government
acted promptly and sternly after ,
Sunday's mutiny of troops In the
Mexico city gnrriion. :
' I'.illi-i S-eki !
Ilefure news of iho execullon
hud renched the government, but
houra alter the time of the nn-,
nouiiced piinlalimeut of the al-',rnii Vllll,.H u.
Baatri (i,.Iu.r. Uerr iu and
Ueneral Artiulfii Ooini-i a the
(i'diiilnuril on pnjfe rlutit)
p, A we owj c vnc Trv
ci mm i ire rv r- rx- T- c
POItTI.AXn, Oct. i. (ITI
Airplanes on sklls wilt replace
the Atakun hunky and malaniotc
Just as tho automobile has tnken
tho place of the horse In trnns
tiortstlon. Civile f. Wslin. Vice-
president of tho Yukon Airways ,
and Kxplurutlon Co.. Ltd., U"
Wann, who has bvvn vinhlnr
rplatlvvs hrri. plunn In It-are
noon for Iho north country with
the urn-en nt tne ttiknn. wnicii
Is hnlll like the plane Colonel
l.lndlx-rgh flew to Pails,
"Trips whlih now tnki dog
teams from 13 to H days tn
cover we will be able to make In
four and one-hilf hours," Wann
uao While
The company will u
.in ri..
north to Mayo. K.-no and li;iwson,.ler, .Philadelphia southpaw light -
south to Skagway. and- eat in
Allln and KuRlnec-r. n. V. - J-'-,
1 :
! JA He:. ASM4
Mulled lr-H
art- th 20 outstanding Christian
women of the 20 centuries since
The Washington National rath-i-dral
haa taken upon Itaelf the
alinoat Impossible laak of choos
ing these 2tf women, and will
Wudowa In a special chapel now
iH.iiiiliir the new cathedrnl
'where Woodrow Wllaon It
j burled.
I I'ocotiontas, Indian prlnceaa.
) who married John Kolfe. la one ;
ol. 20: ""epreaen a tno
17th tainturr. hunanna UMtry,
.... . ... .
u.;; y.n w. i
headed by yueen JIary of Kim-
llud because she refuaed to alve
up her Anxllrun r;iltti. represents
I .1.. Irth unt..rv an.t In., t-.f lr.'
the ISth.
j Others are as follows: '
I Twentieth century - - J u I I
Kmery, who estnbliahed the wo-i
Irish Would Oust
aft fm ar
llays irom Movies
XKW YOIIK. Oct. 4. (ITI i
The removiil df Will II. Hays
. .. .. .k.
, h. ,urr.- a ..... ( the
n,nl, i, jnmn,!,.,! a petition
tu,A wlth (h() Kederal Trade
,.,,,,. ,r ,, American-
irih vtellanea committee and
irUIll 111. Ilirillll- a llll Ul 1 lir
uther nuanciated Irish organizn- tobcr 11, officiuls indiacted lo
tions, for anion nt the com- night.'
inUalon'a meeting here Oct. 10. Yarrow's arrest followed the
Tho petition charges the or- discovery of the girl'a body be
auntzntloii Kuvs developed to neaih a bridge Kundny. tihe had
control and regulate the motion
: nlcture Industry is. in reality, a
' trust and forma
a monoply In
, It assulla the
( lilonk-buylug scheme , ns "lillad.
... .... ... ...Iri i,. n,.,,,. inj.ih.ui.
of illHirlhutlon and exhibition.
"The methods In vogue." said ,
J. 1. Coiighlln, secretary of the
vigilance committee, "are coor-
live and vlolulo the Sherman
untl-trust laws. We propose to
go to tne iiottoni ot tnis trust
"t the conference of Mr. Hays
with til commUnion 10 daya
henr will bo no pink tea party."
Tho pptltlon waa prepared by
William Maintnti St-nhury. a Nw
York layir who haa . written
BHreml book a on the film Indus-
PIII1.ADKI.PII1A. Pa.. Oct. 4.
ll'Pl Matt .Adglc, Philadelphia
heavyweight, won a ten-round
decision over King Solomon, Pan-
nnin neura. Inatn slit. Lew Tend-
weignt. Rnocavu out
I'nt Haley
Now for a Little Sleight of
I men's auxiliary, an Kolsrooal
church organization deroted to)
'the extension of the Kingdom
of (lod
Nineteenth century Harriett;
Klurr Cannon, who for 3S con
secutive years wa Mother 8upe-
rlor of the community of St. t
jinry. the firt Kpicopi reiig-i
Fourteenth Anne of Bohemia
wife of llfcuard the 2nd of Knit
hind: lath St. Kllzabcth of Hun-;
Kiiry; 1 2ih Ht. Irene of Con-I
aianlluople: 11th St. Margaret:
loihi Ht. Kdlth of Walton: th !
St. EthelRlva: lh St. Frldes-!
wme.v ,td-m. inia.: a-w ,
uenorifv; tin ri. i rmauim; tin
... , -j in....,
ni, icu'iii, ru ai. ruijipiun, 1 , uhhuiiiu.c xsvmuv
2nd 8(. Oceiia; it st.jBuHh'at the helm, i being'
of nohia i. io -
sare tne uvea or many 01 ner
buaband a subjects, includlnr the ;
poet inaucer. hi. eriaeswiae;
.il I he fminiter tit OxfnrA rnt
lege. Bt. Helena was the mo.ther
of Conatantlne the Creat. tit.
I'hoebe was the first demoness of
the C'brUtlan church. -
Confessed Killer
"T T m 1
now racing lnai
W'OOI Hint Y. N. J.. Oct. 4. (I
I'l Cieorge Yarrow. 37. who haa ;
...... f... ... il,. I.-.,!.. I m.,,.l.., I
cnnfessi-d to the brutal murder f
...ininn. u u. u.u, ........ . ,
of Itosc Sarlo. 1 S-year-old Sunday ;
schuol teacher, will be brought !
before the Gloucester county .
Krund lurr. for Indictment. Oc-!
been shot three times and strnn-
clcd wllb balling wire. i arrow
confessed he hud killed her alter ,
iulilnii her. ,
.. WhJ..f r, i.Hmi Wft.WBW
...iu..i th. t h..,t ih.t Vnri-nwr
mlght have killed his wife nnd j
two small children two years ago.
Yarrow's mother-in-law' had told
police he . was responsible for:
their mysterious disappearance.:
i),,rnn raid the body of a o-
, found in a thicket, socn af
ter the disappearance, wns not
t nf thl? missjUK wife,
ItKIHIlNU. Calf.. Oct. 4. (ITHme growm oi me temperence
A new coal district located in 1 movement in Germany.
Shnsta comity about 15 miles "The effort is now directed to -
north of lllg Bend between the ward the Itiechstng to obtain a
pit and McCloud rivers, has been
discovered by Jerry Jones, Chlco
Jones reported he found sev-
erul good veins ol oiiuminom
! coal in the n-glon and Intends t.rvVt.ELR QLMSTEAD
work his find to determine
Don Bush
Of! Pirate
Yankees Lose Pea
nock; World Series
to Start TodaV! First
n - -
Oame imporiani. I
,,,,.. (. .
--- . '
. :Vi i;m..n;t;,tn rkn-..a
t int0 the 1927 world;rarIey Un limber
u" ie ctcai ui a. wnve j
0f confidence.
Tne New york vanke Ument
the possible loss of Ilerble Pen-
and feel far differently about the
forthcoming fray than thfy did
"d,?ya5- . . , '
Hay Kremer. stocky 200-pound
right bander, upon whom the IM-!
I rates will depend for victory
In t ha ll.imtv.rfnn nnonln i
game. Is fit and ready to start
baffling Yankee batsmen about
1:30 Wednesday afternoon. j
)M-ner Important
Th. ...Hu...
The furtive-eved gentlemen
' .u....-.u u
who fix the official bettin odds
in the corridors of the Old Korl
Pitt hotel will lay you no better:
than S Jo 10 against tho chances !
ot the Pirates In IhU first con- on other real and personal prop-, Kbool wheB the oup ' was or
test. And baseball experts fromiertyin thla county. . KanjIed and plans made for ett-:
far and near are agreed that In J The hearing has been post-: kU)n mMttns. .
thla Instance the club which wins poned becao-e W. T. Ie, county t Uon Fisher, teacher af the high
the opening game will win the ' assessor, and C. R. Uel-ip. coun-. ,cnooi . who will instructs thfl
worm, cnampionsnip oi
The latest reason tor a switch
"i""'"" irum m. luiwi-
, can lengue cnampions la tne tact ;
i i.KkM ANY RifAV (fiOfII
; SAN FKAXriSCO, Oct. 4. (V
'. P) Prohibition in Auwrk-a haa
- beu n Inspiration to the world,
and derma ny, commonly thouKht
' ot as --an extremely alcoholic
: country, may soon follow In her
I footsteps, believes Dr. K. H. Ot
' to Metis, foremost temperence
' leader In Germany.
Dr. Mella, while on a recent
vtfit to San FrnneiKCo. told, ol )
locat( option law. permitted heiof,hg Klamath Falls Oratorio ; Ashland-Klamath Falls highway
various communities to decide for j guVlety which sponsored the local on the other side of .McCollum's. .
.themselves whether they ant I rtm mi.i.h ltuth Akerx.Mill.
strong drink." I)r. Melts said,
..i.ur. v.ierdiiv nrceil
-- , ...,; n-,' 1 .1-1.1 'port to' eontestauts. who. If It Idto the city where he reported -POllTLAM)
Oct. 4. J ; wm ,he Mutf ,,,. wt, the accident to Marlon Barne:
Contending their Indictments " " . , ..!. i - i :- -v-
charging misapplication
of Nn -
tional bank funds do not state
facts . sufficient to constitute a
i crime, J. E. Wheeler, . former
1 publisher jot the Portland Tele-1
; gram, and Kmery Olmstead. for
mer president of the Northwest
ern hank filed demurrers here
I Tuesday.
Arguments on the demurrers
will be heard next Monday. The
I new legnl phase delays the nr-
I ralgnment of the twb men
was to have been today.
DKNVKIl, Oct. 4. (CP) With
foundations laid for a probable
j early agreement on the water, and
t power questions Incident to the
I Colorado river controversy, the
! seven stales conference has ro
i cessed until Nocember 7.
Although no derinlte settle
ment wns .reachet Ither on water
or power, spokesmen for delega
tions from all river basin states
admitted tho belligerent states
were "so close together an agree
ment Is Imminent In the near
ashIjTof vanzetti
PLYMOl'TII. England, Oct. 4.
Il'l'l Lulgln Vnniettl, arriving
on the .Mouretnnla today with the
nshes of her brother, Iliulolomeo.
nnd of Nlcnln Sacco. declared that
she Intended to take them across
ranee direct to ltnly.
She ndded that she had heen
asked hy llrillsh labor men lo
display" them, hut had refused.
During tho trnns-Atlnnllc voy
nge. the lislica, wrapped In brown
pnper, were slowed In the pur
suer's snfu as ."valuables."
Cowboy Dies From
Injured Sustained
WhenJIorse Fell
William l)onie, well known res
Ident of the ISly district, dledj
early Tueaday morning from In-
j Jnrlea received when bla bora
fell upon blm about mld-afler
, noon Monday, according to
1 here yesterday.
Dome wax finally InJ
I white separating a bold of cat-
! tie on the A urns Lundy
runnlnr horse ateuned Into
badger bole aud fell, plnnln
i t skull r
to the ground. The man i
was fractured and he received:
: other serious injuries. j
Me Is- survived by bis wife!
i"d " mM "n- The rln,,D",
are at the tan mtioca "nera.
Home. arranKftnenin ir i i-
. . . . . .
oerRi in uv uuiiu iwuc ul uv.ww,
Mified at a speciaf "election-
Taxes Postponed
Thebe.rlnf u protest, by , Rosaman of the state stt-k-imaih
rauniT timber lreme court.
owners, scheduled for today, ha.; Action 01 me -,
po.tponed Indefinitely, mem-1 un th " bond ,wu'
bera of the board of equaliiatlon '" at f a lujuoetlon suit
uer initiated by James Drlecoll of
wbo were to have conducted ;',"" ..7 . ... '
bearing, said yeelerday. M.math falls. In h't
Th hpnrine data WHS fixed
last -week after a number of pe-j
tltions were received by the board
from the various timber conipan- j
les with holdings In Klamath. .11 th. tM.lllli.ns nro-
Virtually all the petitions pro-
teated assessments on timber of;
the several companies on grounds
that timber taxes are not eqult-;
able with assessment ' valuations :
i ly cerk, two of the board mem-:
. bers. go to Madford-as federal
. court witnesses toaay.
State "Audition
Dates Reversed
1 7:30 at the high, school until
The state tryouts. in the At-, nert February, when the examl-water-Kent
national vocal com: Baltolw tor cititen.Hhlp will , bo
petition iu which two Klamath ' nel(1 . . . . '
Kails singeres are entered, have; '.
been reversed, accordlug to wires;
received here yesterday by Lynn
P. Sabln, and th men will sing
ut station KCiW. Porlluud. Sntur-
day evening of this week, while:
the women contestants will broud -
cast Sundiiy eveuiug.
It was previously announced
,,y ose , rhuree 0f the stute
I COntpst that the women would
1 BnK Saturday evening next. .
I m. xi.rioria oiHs nreslilenL
j n0oway aud Howard C.raham
j that the radio public of this city
..... .,, lhir .un -
i ' ....... rr..m
1 1IHI1I1I11I IWUIW. ....... .,v.
Wailio listeners will decide the
I winners.
MAYWOOU. III.. Oct. 4. tlT)
Anthouy Vackcy. Italian war
; ace and airplane designer, was
killed today when a new plane
he wns testing crashed ou Check
erboard field.
Yackey was. In a Yackey mono
plane. Shortly after he took off
from Checkerboard field a wing
of the machine cruntoiea ami me pplipd ,,, invention to
plane crashed. , h,.r h(,.ld llai prrato, the dead;
He wns one of the best known rifj jinuppeared. -avlutlon
men In this section, j nrr dandruff device, she salrf.
He was president Df the Yackey led to another Invention for
Aircraft corporation. At one denning seeds which In turn led
time he was an uir mall pilot to the building lip of the $3,000.
and wu one of Colonel bind- 000 business of the Warren Seed
berth's Instructor. , company of which her husband, U
- ' has the right Idea when It come
TORONTO. Out.. Oct. 4. lT)in meeting places for river con-
Construction work throughout : r(.rtinces. sccordlng to some ol
the city Involving mure than S20- lni, delegates present today at tho
000,000 will hall Wednesday BPV1MI tti.s parley,
when 8,0110 workmen go on strike (iovernor Hunt suggested tin
following the refusal of the gen
eral contractor's association to
abrogate and agreement with lite
Toronto branch of the Amalga
mated Carpenters of Canada.
The menace of ft huge labor
strike comes as the result of de
mands by Hie International
llrotherhood of Carpenters thai ; condiments. " '
tho Toronto brunch sever Its ron-i W. 11. Wallace, water commta
nectlons wllh the Ainnlgiiniaied sinner nf I'tah, sighed as he ob
Carpenters which Is not "Lend ns not Into temp
aled with the American Kcd"r-1 tntlon. and I move we meet tn
lion ot Labor, Han Francisco." , . .
llVldllldlU o
R5ad plan
aBy Court!
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Oiaie supreme vuurt
Concurs in Opinion
of Circuit Judge A."
. . .
L. Leavitt.
SALEM Oct. 4. (U.P.)-
Klamath -ountv ra.d
t j : . citnn nnn
several weeks ao, to-
F-r f
It lltlirP CltlZCnS
x - , 0. j
1 .ftmrTlPnCe StUOV
The first meeting of the Klam
ath naturalisation class for th
winter months waa held .- - last
.1.1.1 . th. Klnmutti i-ntintV hteb
i. rcDortcd that there was a
, r muod attendance.. He also-
jsald anyone desiring to study In
'i order tu ubtala i ItUunsblp ,pa-
1 Pers
ilt be weheim In tho.
-lla.. . . . ... ...
Classes , will be ,' held every
Tuesday and Thursday tilght -at
-, -v "fj " J
UnC DCCr ISaggea
With Automobile
i A large deer waa brought In'
on tne 8je 0f a t.ur Monday
; evening, but unlike most of Its
! fellow creatures It had not been
brought down by a hunter's bul-
j let. Instead Its life ended when
It was struck by a car on the
O'llallorau. who wax driving .;
the car. accidentally strnca ina
! deer while it was "ossing thn
breaklug Its ' back.
.Ioailed It on his car and brought
1 n-Hnllnran was allowed to kje -'
j - ,
: the deer, being a licensed hunter.
and anyway the law' doesn't fort -
I bid getting game In season wnai r
au automobile If the .driver
do It. : i- ..
Oddities in the
Day's News
(Cnitcd Press)
CHIC AtSO Mrs. Henry . R.
Warren had dandruff and a flna
comb wouldu't work. 80 she at
tached her vacuum cleaner to .1
president. .....
DBNVKH (iovernor (ieorge W
P. "Hell No" Hunt of Arltona.
confi-rence should reconvene In
Nogiiles, Ailronn, Just north ot
the Mcxleuii border.
"Nognles Is n dellKhtful place,"
he snld. giving several enemle.a
of Ihc Volstead act the wlnkV
"They hsve . good hotels there.'
, nice food.
nnd, oh, hoy, sii.b