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The Klamath- News
The Klamath News
Official Paper
. County of Klamath
The Klamath News
Official Paper .
. ..County of Klamath'
Vo. 4, No. 273. Price Five Cents
(Every Morning Except Monday)
To Talk
Counsel Both Sides
in Lakeview Stab
bing Case, Prepare
for Big Trial.
t lloth roHi!cutiun and do
ivnnv are niurshulllng their
forces in preparation for
what in expected to bo one
of tho moat spi-ctuculur
criminal trialti in the hiittory
of Lake county, when Lor
cna Trie key, noted roduo
performer, toes on trial on
u charge of murdering her
husband, "Slim" Harris, on
tho eve of the Lakeview
round-up early this month.
The trial, -which probably will
tie hold Uto in November or De
cember, I attracting natluii-wldv i
attention by reason ot tho prom-;
(Continued oa t'rnzo Hii) i
5,000 Watch Big ,
Carnival In Air
PORTLAND. Sept. !. (Cl'l
K. ' K. llalloagh. Chicago, and
1-osllo C. Miller. Des Moines, la..
received most the applause from
6.000 spectators who braved the
cold rain here Wednesday to wit
ness the clty'a air carnlvul.
The crowd let down umbrellas
ana attowea tne rain io soaa inio
suits and dresses to witness a
tartlllng match race between Hal
lough and V. W, "Speed" llol
inan. St. I'sul. which ltalluugh
on with an average speed of
117.01 miles an hour.
Karller In the iiy the specta
tors gave Miller a big hand for
winning tho class 11 derby from
Spokane- to Portland.
Twice defeated by Hnlman In
rrosa country races during the
paat two weeks, llallongh be
came rurklcss In tho 76 mile
natch race today, banking his
Plane at dangerous angles on
the I ti r us to win by a narrow
margin. "
A class preparing candld.tU-a
for naturalisation will open at
the Klamath county high school
October 4, Is was announced yes
terday by Dn Fisher, American
history teacher at the high school.
It la probable that an examina
tion course In Kngllsh will also
bo Initiated bualdus lliu rogulur
The class Is sponsored by the
city school board In collobora
.tlnn with tho American Legion.
The classes aro freo and all
candidates for cltlienslilp ul the
next naturalisation hour Ing are
urged to attend.
PORTLAND, Sept. 28. (UP)
Assorting that J. K. Whoolor.
former owner of tho Portland
Telegram, had failed to pay Inter
est on an outstanding gold note
Issue when It waa due May 1, last.
tho Lumberman a Trust company
filed sure- in circuit court hero
Wednesday to recover
from Wheeler.
Action was also Instlgnted to
forecloso on 3,620 shares of capi
tal stock of the Wheeler Timber
company of California, said to
have a par valuo of 13(2,000.
J-he attlt claims Wheeler gave
The stock as security on the gold
note issue negotiated lAst No
.NOOALKfl. Arls., Sept. 2s. (U
T') A complitlnt charging M. t.
Rhollenberger, Hants Cms ranch
er, with first degrno murder In
the death ot John Yoaa during an
alleged quarrel over a lariat Is
expected .by -county officers hero
tonight, .
Bchcllcinbnrger canto Into No
gales and surrendered himself to
the sheriff, dcclnrlhg he shot
Yoaa In self defense. The al
leged argument took place Sun
day near the roundup corrals at
Yegg Suspects In
Jail After Fight
With Guns, Bombs
ITKIIl.O, Colo., BepP 28. (U
I') Two men bellevou members
of a yegg quurtet which engaged
Colurudo Springs police In a two
hour buttle of revolver, lor
bombs and murhlne (una early
this morning, were raptured here
lute loduy.
." T u " ."
llevrd mi-mlier of the lluy Terrell i
gang of Okluhoma bank robbers. I
They were arrested when they j
drove up In front of garage '
here. Another man, George !
Dyer, believed to be a third mem- j
ber of the. mum aped by the ga-!
rage while police wero taking I
Hcoit and casiah. I
Pollce nave chase but at a
cm-!1! ,h. r.ntu".11 ihn .ur.
rendered In the battle after po-
rendered In ... battle after po-
lice found the four attempting .
to crack a Jewelry store sufe at
Colorado Hprlngs, was Identified
late today as luuny Dunlels ot
(Continued on lge Five)
S. P. Given Right
To Square Track
The Southern I'ucKle will bo
granted permission to nioe th
spur track on south Sixth, nenrof some gangsters, has Issued a
tho Peoplo'e warehouse, to squoro
up proposed termluul sites lit that
section. It was decided at a spec
ial council meeting lust night,
called -to consider the rallroud
cuuipauy's requset..
Mayor Walters .announced,
there had been some talk that I
the reat Northern railroad ob-,
Jected to moving to track, but Mr. ;
Chrlstopherson. local represents-
I live of the (.real Northern, speak
ing In behalf of his railroad said: !
"Tho Great Northern has abao-j
lutely no objections to the pro
posed site or 'to moving tho I
track. I
Councilman llalnlger moved
that the Southern Pacific be ;
given the right to move the spur .
"I have absolutely no nbjec-
lilous." said Councilman Pelts,
i "but I do think the truck should .
be moved under the Jurisdiction !
of the city engineer and tho street
commissioner, and this should be
written In the agreement."
Ills request was compiled with
and the ordinance was passed
uuunlmouHly by the council..
KIMNIU'ltGll. Scotland, Sept.
28. (U.P.) Without a struggle, 1
....... T.!m.iltfa mnvln aiir.
today advanced a step toward nor j
divorce from Captain Alastaia
MacKlntosh. friend ot tho Prince
of Wales, and former niombcr of
tho urlstocrary ot Hollywood
Kho selected Scotland for her
salt becauso her . huabund la a
Scot, and together she and tho
captain selected tho method of
divorro approved by bigger and
bettor British circles.
They couldn't got alpng. so the
captain -registered at a fuvorllo
Brighton hotel with n blondo,
Miss Tnlmadgo being a brunette,
und forwarded to Miss Talmadge
the bl'.l that give proof ot his
Intidcnlty. '
AUSTIN. Texas, 8ept. 28. (UP)
Fresh evidence against Rebecca
Bradley Rogora,, alleged flro bug
and bank robber. Is planned by
tho atata Thursday morning In
her arson trial at Georgetown.
Though the enso was ostensibly
closed Wednosduy night and pre
paration of the judge's charge
begun, a new witnoss was sum
moned hero Into Wednesday night
to confront the defendant. The
testimony will be offered to
break down tho defense ot De
mentia Pracco offered today by
defenso exports.
P) William 8. Rrock and Ed -
and Kd-i
rive hese
ward F. Schloe, 'round
flyers, nre duo to an-
curly Thursday morning on tho
liner Korea Martt.
Officials of the N. Y. K. line,
owners of the ship, announced
Wednesday that the flyers and
their pintle, Prldo of Detroit will
be taken at once. to Crlssey field
at the presidio of Han Francisco.
It was behoved that they will
attempt to make
- non-stop
flight from the Oakland airport !.
to Detroit. I
Crime Is
Again An
Issue In
, o.. i
rOllCe Again OUtred,.
to Activity As Mur-
Jr. nf4 RnrnKiniri
e a"Q D2,mDln8
RoUSe Klim I OWI),
. -
nttr AC.CI ?i..,t oa
. L' "L ' . "7
(U.I .) Once again Chi-
ch.KO blushingly lays claim
M lhe titlc America's crimei.
Capital. Police are more
.... .gum. ... iemwlv ot the opportunlty toy,ilh . gre,t influence on the k took on an Intern a
at.tle now than they haverUlt California towns en route, completion of the highway. ls!week took on an lnterna-
been niiice Mayor "Bit; Bill"
Thompson was elected last
April when scores of po-
lice squads, amply armed
with machine Runs and
, I
other devices, roamed the
Evi-n State's Attorney Hobert
K. Crowe. Incensed at the tactics
scathing denunciation of terrorist :
methods and has promised pro-
in nun ii. iiiimw w uw rj . r iuc .
stand as state's witnesses
Wednefday newspaper head
lines tell n graphic story - of ;
graphic story - or;
crime here:
- Slayer Kills Kather of Four
Near Death Corner." . ;
"Two Homos Terrify Ilund-!
(Continued on Page Hlx)
ri ri n!. t
IvlVcr Jl V IlC IS
I n 4 Hf.nv.riA : "
i rOperiy lrienaCej
YORK Pa Sent 28 (VP) ! coniession imi no paruci-,
rhiw p.ay.,fgPwi; !' ni.fcnes,PteO ' robbery of five
I aiiu uruKVQ UN Blue mil:, uiuar I
,mnrd c0dorus creek which
throunh Yolk Into a
.... r fir. iiiruinuint in rf...
mrov the business section of the'
. u,u
1110 iiiiit.'a nun ui'uav dhiuhv ,
which rose hundreds of feet
above tho surface of the streamy
fought Tallantly on the. top of .
a small dam near the edge of I . . .. .
tho residential section and abovojluer oanu,lr-
warehonsos and business build -
ings which line the creek.
The flnmes terrorized many of
1 110 60.000 residents. Hastily 1
ik.u 1...1.. .. . ..HA .
Throngs packed the streets. Po-'
iiCo and firemen succeeded In
itremcn surceeaca in
allaying fears and scattering tho
Nearly 100 Calif ornians Will Be
Here Today For Big Highway Meet
With Klamath Citizens Tonight
The biggest highway meeting: Into California last spring, will
ever held lu Klamath Kalis Is. arrive during the afternoon to
scheduled for the Pelican Cafe- day and will spend' the night
banquet rotm this evening at ' bore. They are headqua.tering
(j:30 when nearly 200 California '
oral buslnesi Tnen convoeate ;
us early completion of the :
mportant highway project
roiifroiitlng this basin at present .
the Klamutli Falls-Weed road. !
According to word from Carl
helps of the Weed chamber of!
commerce yesterday, about 90 ; 75 reservations had been made
Callfornlans from Sacramento, j by local business men for the
Kan Francisco and the northern i banquet and with only about 2 5
part of the state, will visit this more plates available, it was ex
clty by auto caravan late today, 1 pected that Klamath' Falls will
for the banquet being given In ' have full representative at the
their, honor and In the Interests j banquet by this evening,
of tho highway by the Klamath I H. I). Mortenson, prominent
county chamber of commerce. j Klamath lumberman, has been
The Callfornlans had previous- j named as chairman of the ban-
ly planned to make the trip In !
special train, but later decided!
D" '' !
to learn the attitude of the vari-ieaid
ous sections on the . highway J
is in the nature of a return visit
rovla out ot ,n excursion j
made by Klamatb business men i
Bandit's Remark j
Stung Policemen
. .If. . ..- ... I- .1 40 IT
r j nmiD jiuiiid iinii.iiin
I I . . I, , I. a SllnitiiO
iimutu wi iia . i ...o . . ' " '
- major crime wave that has ter -
rorlzed residents or this city aiir-!of
rorlzed residents of this city dur-lot
"'g tne pasi lour u. ... a-
Prently at a standstill here to-,
Although the two bandits
! hose daring theft of the 173,-,
800 bureau of power and light !
I payroll Monday Inaugurated tuo
'series ot crimes continued at :
large, two other men are In Jail i
re,ult ot ler holdups.
George Kelson. 27, of St.
nni. I. hilil fMltnirtnv n
,.. .
np 1,1,(1 oeen nere only
implicated a partner known
aa "Joe.
Slllnlt bT o'son s scathing j-e-
murit, o rcsu iu uld nennpapom j
that the chief of police said he
hd the crime situation well
! hand and decided it would be a
! good time to get busy," authori-
, ... v. .. .... i I .... m..a .-,,, i,
.7 h.,.. i?,. I
1 (il.ENDALE. Calf., Sept. 2 S.
J(P) A suddenly shifting wind
j afternoon Is believed to have
stopped a bruBh fire which lor;
n limn threntt.ncit tn heenme a
serious contragratlon with acoroaj
'of fino homes as fuel in the Sun-!
.. . ..... . i. .
oi nne uuuies u iu me
set canyon district ot Verdugoi
i hills.
You Never Can Tell
in various local hotels.
Arriving nere tney win ue mei
by 'the greetera' committee of
the Klamatn cnamuer 01 com-
mcrro, who will direct them to
reserved accomodations In the
various hotels.
Up to last night, more than
quot, at which local speakers s
well as Callfornlans will speak
to be one of the outstand-j
Ing Items on the Klamath chain-1
oer program lor mis year.
Is hoped to clinch California's
completion of the highway proj -
ect. .
Klamath Highway
Work AHthonzed;w:favc.
n.i I T I , x-r Cm. B IC D 1
imee iu iujvi.i. in mi u. -.
K I.'.. II- .nn .ll K. mAvr.
a,u .nii. ii,iuii ... -
tlsed for letting at the meeting
the state highway commission i
the state highway commission i
,on uciooer , n was .,
at Wedtiesday a meeting of the 1
commission here.
The road over the 'Devil s ,
Garden." an eight-mile lava ridge .
between Bly and the Lake county
line on the. Klamath Falls to j
Lnkevlew highway, the Klamath j
Falls, to Keno section of the ;
'Klamath Falls to Ashland high-1
,way and the Klamath Falls to i
' MArrlll mHlnn if Thi rtnlln to I
- - v."" .".-"..: . r'..
ujmornia nignway win oe re -
i - ...
I 1 " ot Ine resonating oi "is,
Klamath Falls-Keno sector. P-1
i proximately 13 miles, and the
Klamatn halls-Merrill streicn. ."all.-KlAV-Klll alrafnh
m w w xav
here yesterday
from Connty
Judge Godard.
rho returned
with other members ot the court
from the highway commission
' n. .ml I ti a. In Pnrttnnfl. vnsterdav.
MEDFORD, Sept. 28. (JP)
Walter Lundmark, IS,, arrested
on a -forgery charge, was paroled
-to his father. Nels Lundmark of
Oregon City yesterday. The
youth, according to tne aumori
' Ilea.. atlemDted to nasa a check
upon a local merchant. The
. .... i t..A . k- Mn.i
inr itucwm ..(
that his son waa Irresponsible ow
lug to an accident.
Week To
Be Topic;
Of Labor
Departmental Session
of A. F. of L. Con
vention Now Under
way. LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28.
P.) Departmental
Dcsaiuua iHeuiuiiiBijr iu wic j
American Federation of La-
bor convention here next i
tional aspect as they opened;
here today.
Prnr-ticallv the
program of the building
jtrades division, first to get
LrM - riL.air r HvntoH tr,
underway,, was devoted to
addresses by representatives
of European labor.
illiam Green of
president of
the A. F. of L... was an early !
' . . . I. . I I I
uy iiie (Auguim ui vuiciiiub
I. - I .. .1 1. 1 ... , ,1..'UI' B
nun unit J. 1 r:" UIU uiui . J in
city. i
Honor Flve-Dny Week
w)lile therB are rumorg tnat
federa,,on , wia ,dv0.
cate a nrfMlar working week
for ( abor. nothing definite
(Continued on Page Five)
z .a ,
UaiClJ Vi wains
I. -'
An overhead, crossing at . the
. intersection of The l)allea-cail-
Uorni. highway with the Southern
' - .-- . -
Ber Lamm's Mill, where three
men were killed last Sunday, was
Pmm-nrfpd i,v rforoner, iurr
, wnlcn investigated
! ... .
i tragray yesterufliy.
Because the crossHig Is con-j
stdered highly dangerous to mot-
orlsts and because the Jury felt
such a plan I: the only means of
avoiding future accidents of serl
ous nature, the group advised
that steps bs taken to insure
such a crossing at this point.
Sunday's accident in which Al
lan Nordeen, William Ferguson
and Leo White, loggers, were in
stantly killed, was pronounced
"unavoidable" ul the Inquest held
at Whitlock s yesterday, the coun-
j tr coroner,
Earl Whitlock. re-
x(rtmKD , , i,ih nrf.
rocated the overhead crossing
were W. W. Baldwin, C. L. Riley,
A. B. Collins, Perry O. DeLap.
W. J. Kennett aud J. E. Meagher.
'GENEVA, Sept. 28. (UP)
The league oi nations entered
the movie game t6day.
The league council at its con
cluding session, accepted the ot
ter of Premier Benito Mussolini
to create at Rome, under its au
spices, an luternational educa
tional moving picture institute,
dedicated to the study and appli
cation ot movies in all branches
of education, Industry and mod-
ern life.
Mussolini hopes the institute
will become a sort of Internation
al Will Hays In its own movie
field. w
HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 28. ,j(UP)
Movlo land Is preparing tonight
tor the wedding ot two ot Its
celebrities. Norma Shearer, screen
star, and li ving tl., film
"wizard," tomorrow.
Tho couple filed notice of "In
tent to marry' lato last week
under the new California "gin i
marriage" law requiring that at
least tlireo days elapse between riioENIX. Arlx Sept. 2S. U
the declaration ot Intent and the., Dasc piltent for a com.
issuing oi ine license.
PARIS, Kept. 28. (UP) Mln-
(Ister of War Palnlev has an-1
: nounced that. Bennett J. Doty, ofj
I Memphis, Tenn., haB been par- j
idoned after serving ix months
Of nn eight year sentence Imposed
for desertion from tho French
Foreign Legion while stationed In
Syria. The announcement was
made In a letter to Charles
i Campbell, lawyer representing
iDoty's family.
With the need for an Isolation
hospital here becoming more ap-1
parent daily to Klamath health
uthorittes. -s concrete plans for
such an Institution were laid be-
fore the city council In apeclal
session last night, by the county
court. .
The plans for the structnre to
house patients . with contagious
diseases, entail construction of a
19.000 building, to which ad
ditions can be made as the need
for added space Is felt.
Two wings of the hospital,
under the plan talked last night,
would be built first. These
would Include two wards for men
and women, with kitchen, closets
and other details, in between and
corridor the full length of the28.(U.P.) Being joint
Tne countT court -will provide
hilt the funds for such a struc-
". hlcn w,,ld, tw located
ouU1,,e ,h ci" ,,n"U aad WOuld TT, , oT
serve the entire county, and the.ard J. Reynolds, 21-year-oM
city the balance.
The council wIM meet with the
court Saturday afternoon to dis
cuss financing of the work.
Negro Is Victim
. Of Knife Attack
Condition of John McKinney.
oleal negro . who waa seriously
stabbed during an early-morning
brawl In a cluster of negro
. ImnfOTlll
The negro Is alleged to have
been stabbed by Jesse Stlnson.
another negro, about 7 a. m.
yesterday, following an alterca
tion between the two. .
That the smaller negro, who late Elbert H. Gary, grew akiraj
recelved the gashes, some of t ed tonight as conferences of civic
them serious, had put op a figlt ' and educational leaden failed to
with furniture for ,hia weapon, I settle it strike ot Su whit atu
was apparent from the condition j dents who have refused to attemd
f lu tti)ia.t ii i iiuiu iiiv lu.uiiivu
f the cabin In which they
ifooght powwh0 arrellte1 stin-
I son later, said. ' McKinney, how-
for-Bd .0 do hla flaht-I.K
, 7 7 : ,. ,
, ' ""J1
. . .
i iuci.uuv - w
I local hospiul by police, of
whom the nero had inquired if
! ka "srfil Mrnftior a Ala " At ttlA
time his chances for recovery
PPrea siigm, omcers eamiuea.
A long hunting knife was
found at the -back ot Stinson's
neck, where he had hidden- it, ;
by police. Stlnson was removed
to the county Jail last night.
CARSON CITY, Nev., Sept. 28.
(U.P.) Allen Bruce and James
A. Smith appeared In federal
court here today and pleaded
guilty to a charge of mail rob
bery. Sentence waa not imposed
by the court.
Mrs. Bruce, arrested as an ac
comnllca in the case, was dis
charged on the recommendation!1' dead.
of the government.
The robbery took place a year
ago on a, mall car conveying a
$30,000 pay roll ot the Weatwood
box factory.
LOS ANGELES. Sept. 28. (P)
The Evening Express after ex -
nminlng a physician's report of
the condition of Marion Mack,
flying film uctresa who emerged
Monday , with the story that shelep8. Each player on the squad
had been lost five days In Death j y,i be Insured for 12,000. .
i . ii ......... ...... .. ...... r t-
ons subsea aand waste has lost! 'VANCOUVER. Wash. Many
Its sting at least for movie! goijiera at the Vancouver bar
folk, i racks here will have to live en'
For the actress who told a-runned salmon and tapioca pud-
thrilling story of buttling desert I
sun, wind, wildcats and coyotes j
before she and her pilot came out
ot the valley in the troublesome!
plane In which they entered, yes-;
terday was found to be sif fer-
ing only from three blisters on
her toes.
blnatton 1 1 iw-li4ndlng-trplano,
automobile, and boat, which may
also bs used as a submarine,
was obtained bv Joseoh A. Cnnles
of phoenix, today.
caplcs. a former army aviator,
designed the craft, which lie be-
lives will hav a landing speed
of 15 miles per hour or about SOjHe was among the first .to be
miles an hour alower than pres-1 mentioned as possible, successor
eiit planes. to Wood, but talk lapsed when U
Tho wings are built parnllel j was understood McCoy's Nlcara
to the body Instead of at right j guan assignment would require
angles and may be folded down j hta presence there tor several
when not In e. I months, possibly a J-ear. .
Taking A
r ' ;
Young Reynolds Said
He Needed , Rest,
When Officers Located-Him.
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Sept.
... a
heir to a ?u,uuu,uuu ior-
tune is not always such a
pleasure, according-io Rich
heir to the tobacco million
who was "found" Wednes
day night in St. Louis after
a search of 12 days.
"I wanfed vacation, I wanted
to. live life for a few blUsfnl
young- man of 21 should live It,"
the young New Yorker declared.
Young Reynolds was unable to '
understand "what all the fast
was about" , -.!
(Continued ow Pace Five)
White Students '
In Color Strike
GARY, Ind.,'Sept. !8. (CP.)
This magic city of steel, fiumded
Um than 90 .mm . 1. hw . .Su
ikiii . uu ua.o
classes with colo
Emeraou high acl
vuiureu b i uuruia
hooL - .
The revolting student protest
f 1. Mb.. -.-.
"- -;
I "l
i . ... ,
siK negroes were enrolled in
, Rmerson at the tail opentns
.T s 4aa Jk
Monday 12 more negroes report
ed to lasses, tud the atudent
revolt began. .. ..
The strike was planned during
the noon hour Monday. Mem
bers of the football squad and
class leaders led the mob ot 800
white students, which walked out
in the middle ot afternoon class
periods. ....
Oddities in the
Day's News -
(United Jreaa)
28. (UP) Frank Canton. -7,
known as the "one man army"
Canton, picturesque Oklaiom-
an and pioneer - ot the west,
earned the name of the "one
man army- when as adjutaut
general of Oklahoma ' refused io
nail nut. tnn militia to seme
strikes and riots but settled the
mutiny single uuuuru. ,
CORVALLIS.. Ore. Tho .Ore-
gop. Agricultural college's foot-
; .,, ,m m be T,lned at $S.
00when lt leaves here October,
5 . iay the ' University : of
southern California at Loa Ahgr
cllnctr for several weeks, Major C.
ji, Tuylor told police Wednesday
night when lie reported that
three boves ot false, teeth had
been stolen front tho army post
dpntal shop.
In numerous cases th teeth
had been measured and were
ready for Installation and It will
be several weeks before they' can
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28.' (U.
j P.) General Frank McCoy ra
1 nmnna 20 oersons whose names
have been advanced aa possible
governor of tho Philippines.
McCoy was a close friend nt
the late General Ionard Wood.
-.3-. - r; --vr '