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    The Klamath News
The Klamath News
Official Paper
County of Klamath
The Klamath Nstts ;
Official Paper
.County of Klamath' '"
Vol. 4, No. 272 Trice Five
.For Spud
Digging' of 750 Car
loads to Start Next
Week; Some Ship
ments Already.
With Bcvcrnl carload al
ready (hipped into the mar
kets of California where
their popularity has grown
HHtoumlinu'ly tuxt, the big
harvest of Klamath county
potatoes will be fully
launched the first of next
"week when a aniall army
of men and womA will en
ter tho Klamath npud fields
for digging.
That tho pilnlo harvest will
l.a ful'.y underway next week waa
learned (rum County Agent C. A.
Henderson yeMerduy. who lnU"l
that ih county y l-lt thin yoir
will bo "SO carloads, produced
on the vast area of S.0U0 acre.
Our Week Knrly
Til' apml harvest thin year
rinni'i about a nk curlier than
usual, due to advanced coudltlona,
llrti(lTin slid, ami will be tbn
mom satisfactory ever experienc
ed here. The yhllt are. expect
ed to bo particularly good, with
the continued high quality which
baa made the Klamath miutl a
favorite with western donlers.
Tbn heavy movement ( spuria
to California and thn ewt will
not a.nrt for nuollicr two weeks.
he atnteil. A hulf ilnli'tl cura I
(Continued on P"' eight)
.Rail Men Here To
Inspect New Span
T-i Inspect dolalla relative to
rnnairueilon of llio now tinnt
Northern briditn across I.nwe
Kwatinn, a project which wiib
launched morn tbun a week ago,
but which will era under full
headway tod.iy. A. J. Wltehell,
rhlcf enrlnoor of Mir Oregon
Trunk, Charles Marl, thai lliio
li tnl counsel, anil Kenneth lluu
aef. rnllrnail contractor, worn In
thia clly yeaterdny.
Thn men spent Iho dily on
Great Nnrthern busliieia ly, thla
city, rhlefly I hit ronorinlng the
bridge. All Ibrea relumed north
lull night.
llauscr, who wild bla brother,
la . building tho llcnd-Chnniiiult
intension, returned to Chemniilt.
whero ho an 1. 1 yesterday, mil
'work la progressing speedily,
tilpel la now being laid aoulh
from lb end of tbu Shevlln-lllxon
lino Into lleml, and rrewa are
busy all alonx bc survey on
grado ronatrurtlon.
Ilauaer brothers hold the con
tract for eonsiruerlng the brlilRe.
I.OR AN'CiKI.KS, Sept. 2". I"
P 1'. f Vnletitlne, 28, tnil
HoDiiIrs "kid apeeder" anil aon
of thn Into John K. Vnlentlnn,
president of thn Wella-Kargo Kx
preaa company, nvcordlng to a
probation report, waa fined $200
on a drunken driving charge
Tho report, nuhmlttcd by Aa
nlalant rrohnllon Officer J. Win
gurd., alleged Valentino apent
eight mnntha In Kan Quentln pen
itentiary Jiilo mllla In 1923 fcr
drunken driving. It la naaerled
that young Vulenllnn nt Hint
tiuin drove hia machine. Into a
parked nutnmoblln In Han Jo.o.
Injuring a girl occupant ao anr
"toitaly that ampulullon of her lug
waa nnceaanry. A aelt lenient la
an Id lo hiivu been niado out of
TtATTt.F! A INN, Ml. Hood,
Sept. 27. (U.l'.J Tired and
hunitry from moro tiuin two days
wiimlerlng In Iho While river
tllHlrlet, southeast of Ml. Hood,
Ferdinand M. Kruso. was neir
t'Xliniistlon when hfl waa found
on thn bank of Iho While river
lule Tunailny.
Kruan dlanpponred while on a
hunting trip Holiday. Ilrt wna
tracked by Georgo lilvcf!y, vete-
rrnn resident of this illnlilct, and
when ho -na roll ml by Calvcrly
a bo as without bat ot Coat.
Local Guard Unit
Drilling With a
Full Membership
The Nntlonul (iuard nrgnnlra
t Ion known aa lluttary I). I4!lth
('oust Artillery now roiniiletely
oriinnlacd In Klnmulll Falls held
i Hie flint drill of the regiment
Tueaday night at thn Valerana
Memorial building, with a full
Ilultery II la In command of
Captain Waller W. Abbey who la
aaslsteri by l.lotilenatila VtinVac
lor and Caae. Tho ornanliutlon
will haro onn flrat sergeant, six
aaritennta, 10 corpornla, 14- prl
nun flrat rlaaa, and 29 prlvatea.
Thrao appollitmenia will be made
About November 1, Klrat Serg
eant Lambert, detached enllatcd
ryen'a lint, will be alatloned in
tli la titr for nl leant a year to
aialal with Iho InMruetlona or I lie
organization. Twlco quarterly
Major C. W. Waller. O. A. '..
Inatructnr for tho rexlmenl, will
make vL-.Ha.
Tbn slate of Oregon h-ia Bl
utiita of thn National Gnurd and
bua bebl tho highest ratlnx in
percentaxo In the I'uited Klatea
for aeverul yrara for which due
rreilll la given General Goprgo A.
White, tho adjutant general of
Orcxoti. for bla uniirinx efforta.
(I'untluui-d on pugo rliilil)
Highway Booth Is
Newly Decorated
Kl.iniath rouuty'a ahow win
dow for tho eyea of homoseckors
from all over thn United Klatea
who travel thn raelflc highway
tbn Aahland Junction booth
yeaterdny received a rompleto
renovation and a freab, new dla
pluy of agricultural products
from I lila aertlon.
Thn produce, Including prize
xrnlna and liny, natural grusaoa.
tfnil vixetiiblea of except lonol
iUiillty and ajio, waa taken over
to thn hlKhway booth by I'. A.
llendermm. county axenl, nud
Wray Lawrence. uaafHtniit county
agent, who huve kept the booth
aiipplied with produca which
tempta tho acttler towards Klum
aih. "
Thn two men removed most of
Id produce from I he booth.
mako room for Iho new ex
hibita and pronounced the illxpliiy
tho beat they linva ever had In
I lie booth.
Accordlnc to K.JTl. I.ucaa, who
la niuliilnlnrd by" thu Klamath
county chniuber of commerce, nt
the booth to Rlvn luformalion on
Klamnlb to tonrlata, reported
Unit about 4.000 have vlalted
and rcglatered there llila past
Schools To Open
Monday Morning
The county achoola aa well aa
tho rlly achoola will open Mon
day morning, October 3, accord
ing to a report mnde by Krod
I'eleraon. county acbool superin
tendent, ' yeatorday upon advlao
from Dr. (I. 8. Newaom, county
ln-nll h officer.
IVIeraon auya that nil school
premlaea aro being made aa aan
Itary aa poaallilo, and the teach
era hnvo been Inatructed to keep
a careful cheek on the lllnoaa of
puplla, Innneilliitoly excluding any
child allowing any aliment.
Tli city achoola will open
their doora Monday morning, ac
cording to on announcement
mndn by J. Percy W'olla, city
aupurlntundenl, yeaterdny follow
ing a meeting of tho city achool
board held Mondny night at Fre
mont acbool, when Dr. , Newaom
adrlaed that tbo achoola could
now bo opened wlih aufcly.
KI.I.KNSIUIUO, Wash., Sept.
27 P) A qundruplo slaying with
a possible aiuleldo pact angle stir
red the 111 t lo mining town of
Itnslyn todny.
Wm. Gorman, CO, Itoslyn eonl
miner for 20 yenra. shot Ills wife
anil two children, Irene, 13, and
Dllly, 11, drowned the family dog
III a wash tub nnd then poison
ed himself. .
Tbo trngndy wna discovered
when n loiter conlulnliig ..iio for
funeral expenaea and revealing
llio thn slaying pinna, wna re
ceived by Dun MoKonn, engineer
of mine number eight tit' Hualyn,
llM lllllSK Al Tll(ll(li:i
TRNnt-KTON, Hnpl. 27. (P)
Thu payment of n 15 per cent
dividend on nil claims of deposi
tors In thn defunct Klrat National
bnnk of IMlot Rack lip to nnd
Including September IS baa been
ordered J'y V. II. MeCulloch, pro-
slilltig JiiiIro of the Umatilla
county circuit court,
Mob Cop
Who Beat
Aged Man
Officer Is Forced to
Run for Shelter Fol
lowing Arrest for
Picking' Flower.
DENVER, Sept. 27.
(U. P.) With cries of
"throw him in the lake,"
and "lynch" him" a mob of
50 liitfh Kchool xtudcnt-H
chased L. C. Knapp, a park
policeman, into a house to
day after the officer was
alleged to have beaten a
72-year-old man for pick
ing h frost-bitten flower in
the, park.
The aged man, Y. II. Trimmer,
a florin!, told - police be hud
stopped In the park to -look at a
bed of dahlias. They bad been
frozen, bo aalil. and he picked
one to compare It with others In
hia greenhouse.
knot kill Hint Ibntn
Knupu saw him pick the
flower and nrrcated him. When
Trimmer remonstrated ha Bald
Knnpp knocked him down. Trim
mer'a aon who hid been waiting
in their aulninoblli) came to his
father's nlil. unit llkuwl-e was
knocked down.
Angered by what they dei Inred
wua an unwarranted attack. Co
(Continued on mi;c eight)
Maniac Needed a
Private Cemetery
ST. I'AIL. Minn.. Sept. 27. (IT
1') A funlj.itic atory of inimical
murder, done by a man who
hoaateil he needed a private grave
yard In which to bury' bla vic
tims, wna told to pollen today.
The tale of murder was told
by Art "Wlcky" Hanson, under
arrest charged with killing James
llarrett. an automobile loan fi
nancier. Hanson ernfensed that he bad
ahot llarrett In aelf-rtnfense, but
that art waa an incidental detail
to tho chain of crlmea of which
llanaca accused Ilarretl. ,
llarrett he sulci, had shot and
killed five men and flvo women
over a period of IS piontha. Ilia
victims. Hanson aald. Included
Mra. llarrett, her sister. Lillian
Kooser, and two St. 1'anl p; Ik-omen.
Sprouting His Wings
;j.h mm nyn i i i rr ' "Vpi'm " 'r'tTJ-Tifi, mr "
- - V '''' JSSy r- M
. m ' ' I I I r" ial'
The annual skirmish ovr tlm-1
her vuluatlona between ioadfug
Umber owners in Klamath county i
nnd the county board of oqitall-'
zatton now In aeaslon. waa foro-,
abaduwed yeaterday when eight i
big timber companlea filed po-!
I ll Ions for lower taxi s wllh the I
board. . ;
Tho artuil skirmish, an event I
which the board thla year atated
they aought to avoid by holding .
a no-ellng wllh the tlinbermen I
Inst aprlng. In which inning waa,
uiacuaaea, ia acueuuieo lor eu-,
ueadiiy, October G. when the
hoard will again meet with rrp-4
resentatlvea of the timber con-:
At the October 5 session, the
tlmbcrmen will lay their objec
tlona to exlating valuatluua on )
their hejvy boldlnga In thisj
county nnd an attompt will be.
initdo to rearh eiiultuhlc aprec
ment. the board indicated Tues-J
day. j
Those whose petitions object-:
States Won't G o jMine Dynamited
Into Power Fight In Strike Area
DKNVKH, Colo.. Sept.
1 (r
I') - Utah and New Mexico repre-!le
acntutlvea at the seven atato Colo
lado river conference definitely
refused late today to be drawn
Into tho power controversy of. Th(J blaat atroyei ,hrce
Arizona. Nevada and ( alifornla. t,arKe transformers feeding light
Ari.oim. e-.r..u u. n
a settlement of the power quoa-
lion on Principle, of power H-1
Vision WO.CU WOUIU ,.e Bi,..,.., f ,
to her border In other ProJ-'cordinC , m
e.ts had iH-ked IHah and New, ghcrirf Ejrt CuagneilbailRhi of
...ex,.-.. .. ..,., .,,-,, m..u
II. S. MiCliiskey. Arizona com-;
nilsiToner. Insisted lUs state
would not nulla a power aelllc
mcnt on the lower Colorado river
which would Incorporate one prin
ciple of division and Inter nogo- j
t(M .Willi l'oh- (tiMl Ne w Mexico?'
on another bupla.
Covcrnor George II. Dcrn of
I'nth answered that his repro
scntntlvxea were not empowered
to enter into any power compact
and that hia state had no desire
to take sides In the triangular
controversy over power now raK
Ing among California. Ariiona
and Nevada delegations.
Tho Ypterana of Foreign Warn
will meet in thfl courthouse thin
evening for iniriatlon rite ami
n regular business session. Quurt
ermnster Charles Larson an
nounced yesterday.
In addition to other work, tho
vetR will lohlKlif rompleto the
program of their winter artlvl-
ties, It wan stated. All members
are urged to attend tho meeting.
Ing to valuations wcro filed yea
terday are: Hhevlln-lllion, the
lay llrothera, It. N. Day, the
Yawkey Timber company, Oah
koah 1'fmber company. Long-Bell,
Weyerhiieuacr and It. E. Gil
christ, The Hat Include! virtually
every concern with heavy hold
ings in the county, It waa point
ed out.
While the plea of each petition
waa not available yeaterday, one
waa that the valuation! placed
on atandlng timber in thia county
are not In accord with those
placed on the balance of real
and personal property In the
county and that therefore the a
aeaamenta are unfair.
Tuesday waa the last day for
filing of petitions or objectiona
In any form, wllh the board. At
the meeting of the court with
tlmbcrmen last spring, all tim
ber In the county waa zoned,
providing for claaaillcaUon of
tbn timber according to its avail
ability with reference to con
structed or projected railways.
CENTER VILLE. 11.. Sept. 27.
! 1 ' U k IAn- tn-J -ak 4
,owa coa, tMia for lh0 Unt
time tonight with the exploalon
of a quantity of dynamite at the
Winifred mine near Mystic, in
l-i ,...
, powcr , the m,ne operan
wlth non-union labor, plunging
tha plt lnto d.rkneM.
Appan008e county, has rushed a
"1 .. . . H.,..
to tbo Winifred mine and doub
led guards at No. 30. Uarfleld
and Seymour mines, all In tho
near vicinity of the Winifred
,.. . K
Death of their t.'ny 11-day old
Infant. Opat Susie, Tuesday night
coming close upon the demise of
a ma 11 son, John Dale, the
Gohl.sworthy family, residing In
the Altamont district were grief
tftrfr-ken last night.
The infant's death waft a de
cided shock to tho family, com
ing as tt did on the eve of the
funeral of tho small son who died
only a day or two before.
Instead of the funeral for the
hoy, the grieving family will to
day hold a double funeral for
their two children. The services
will be held nt 1:30 this after-
! noon
; home
t the.Whitlock Funeral
Friends are Invited to at-
'tend the graves! do servleen tn the
j Llnkville cemetery at 2 p. m.
Will Seek
New Trial
For King
Lawyer Who Defend
ed Freed Mother
Turns Attention to
BENTON, III., Sept. 27.
(U.P.) The same attorney
who defended Mrs. Elsie
Sweetin when she was . re
tried and acquitted on a
charge of being an accom
plice to her husband's mur
der, will seek a retrial for;
Charlie Birger, the machine
gun king of Little Egypt in
the southern Illinois bad
lands. Tt. K. Smith has resumed work
on the appeal of hia notorious
client, who has been sentenced to
hang for the murder of Mayor
Joe Adams of West City. III.
Smith will keep one of bis as
sociates who helped so ably in
the Sweetin etrlal.
The defiant gang leader has
'broken the silence he has main
tained for months, and has Im
plicated some of his former fol
lowers in unsolved crimes, of
which ho had often been accused
Including about a score of mur
ders fa Utile Egypt.
Blrger's followers destered him
at his trial. Art Newman, his
former lieutenant, made a con
fession Implicating Birger in the
murder of Adams, the murders
of Lory Price, a highway patrol
man and his wife, and others.
v ( V3tJnJ PSthititJ ,
Loading of Beef
To Complete Film
The loading of cattle at Chllo
quln Is to complete the Harvest
tour film which was taken last
week by L. L. Hendricks of
Currins drug store, when the
harvest caravan motored through
out the Klamath valley, visiting
ranches to view harvesting in
progress. i
Hendricks and Lynn Sabin ot
tho chamber ot commerce went
to Chllnquin yesterday afternoon
and filmed the cattle which were
being shipped by Llndsey Slsc
more. prealdtst of the Fort
Klamath community club, and
several Fort Klamath cattle men.
During the tour Hendricks
took pictures of harvesting at
the ranches, whore stops were
made. The films will be shown
at a later date on the screen at
Currins drug store.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 27. (UP)
Speak eaalcs, used to trap pro
hibition law violators cannot be
maintained at the expense of the
Federal Government, comptroller
General McCarl ruled today.
The ruling denied payment ot
$4,973 to A. Bruce Bielaski. for
mer federal undercover man, as
expenses for operating the famous
"bridge whist" on 44th street,
New York. . - .
For some time the club was
maintained by the New York
prohibition office, liquor was sold
over the bar and evidence col
lected against wholesale liquor
dealers. The Investment totaled
7,:14, but when the club was
closed It brought only til, 290.
Norrla George was arrested
yesterday on South Sixth street
tor operating a car while under
the Influence of liquor. He will
be given a henrlng before Lem
Gnghagen, police Judge, thia
Three "drunks" wero arrested
Monday: Jim Skylcr was arrested
In Hot Springs and fined $25
or 12 days In Jail, unable to pay
hia flno he was committed to
jnili.Joe Devtno was arrested at
tho Lakeside hotel and his (26
ball forfeited for non-appearance
beforo the Judge; F. Palley was
arrested on Main street and fined
120 or 10 days tn Jail. He was
committed to Jail since he had
no money to pay hia flue..
Youth Who Killed
Step-Father Will
Probably Go Free
OAKLAND, Sept. 27. (UP)
A verdict of justifiable homicide
waa returned late tonight by a
coroner's jury jvhich heard the
evidence In the case of the mur
der of Charles Van Alderwelt by
his stepson, Jerome Cornell, Jr.,
aged 12.
Although county authorities
had not fully determined whether
or not there wonld be chargea
pressed against the ladj In the
face of the findings of the coro
ner's Jury, it was generally be
lieved that he will he freed.
Jerome shot and killed hia step
father when the latter was chok
ing his mother dnrlng an alter
cation early yesterday morning.
Although he was depressed In
the detention ward ot the Berk
eley Jail today, the boy aald he
waa sorry be killed hia father bat
that if be faced the aituatlon
again, he would bare to pursue
the same course.
The tragedy has brought Je
rome Cornell, Sr.. of Oakland,
again in close touch-with his son
from whom be had been separ
ated for more than a year. The
father visited his son frequently
in the Jail and remained with him
throughout the inquest.
Admiral Says He
Can't Help Navy
WASHINGTON. Sept. 27. (UP).
Rear Admiral MacGruderr com
mandant ot the Philadelphia navy
yard, has no plana for reorganis
ing the navy or the nary depart
ment, he advised secretary of the
navy Wilbur today, as both
President Coolidge and the secre
tary took issue .with his criti
cisms. Wilbur has ordered the admiral
to submit "fully and In detail"
hta plan for reorganization after
MacGruder published a magazine
article' criticising the navy for
extra vangane.
The secretary refused to dis
cuss MacGruder's message but In
dicated the Incident was not
Tk'ifi.T Ttre-aftrmlrai won't hff dis
pleasure of his superiors by pub
lishing bla criticism without first
submitting the article to the de
partment. Monday. Secretary
Wilbur said his would be "over
looked," but ordered MacGruder
to state his ideas. .
Intimation of reprimand or
court martial for the admiral
has been dispelled. The con
troversy is certain to be taken
up In congress, possibly with a
full investigation by a Joint com
mittee. Rich Scion May
Be On Escapade
NEW YORK. Sept. 27. (U.P.)
Richard J. Reynolds, object of
a nation-wide search for 12 days,
is now believed to be "hiding
ont" in St. Louis, on a youthful
Tuesday afternoon's offer from
a New York tenderloin habitue,
now ia St. Louis, to sell Infor
mation as to the whereabouts of
the 21-year-old president of the
Reynolds Aalrwaya corporation,
and heir to the Reynolds tobacco
fortune, has load Val O'Farrell.
head of a New York detective
agency to thla belief.
"The St. Louia Informer la not
under arrest," O'Farrell said.
"However, the Hargrave detec
tive agency In that city haa him
under surveillance, hoping he
will lead them to Roynolds."
O'Farrell explained that a man
came to the St. Louia agency
Tuesday and offered to tell where
Reynolds was for $3,000.
' DENVER. Colo., Sept. 27. (U
P) J. H. Young was too proud
to work ao his wife had to earn
their living, she testified In di
vorce court here today.
"Everytimo I told him to get
a Job" Mrs. Young said, "he de
clined because ho said It would
hurt his social standing."
Mrs. Young was allowed her
preliminary decree. The two were
married In 1926 at Sacramento,
California. .
SEATTLE, Sept. 27. (AP)
Trlbuto to the persistence ot the
modern bond salesman as having
played an important part in post
war economic reconstruction was
paid today by Pliny Jewell of
Boston, retiring president of the
Investment Bankers Association
of America, In an address before
the organisation's sixteenth an
nual convention here, .
Morning Except Mondr?)
Row Ove:'
Bonds 0
BankNou Settled
"iai .
Dividend Provide for
Release of $25,CC0
Security Held Cy
County Treasurer.
. .. is
One of the longest single
financial fights to grow out
of the liquidation of the
First State &. Savings bank,
defunct since January 28,
1922, involving the bank,
five gurety companies and
Klamath county, closed
peacefully yesterday in a
manner which ' probably
avoided a law suit.' - .
This ia accordlnc to Roy L.
Orem, state banking oXIela! who
la In charge of liquidation and
who yesterday . announced -that
the bank and surety companlea
aad divided the 2S,000 Hem
which the county has held Ia
municipal bonds since the bank
closed Its doors.
Gave MaaMpal Bead .
The fight dates back to when
the surety companies bonded the
bank as protection for county de
posit!, to the, extent of $17S,i0,
. (Coatlaacal eat Pace 1vr) .
Suicidal Death,
Coroner's Wcrd
Paul Ebner, 55, ex-prospector
and night watchman who was
found dead la a dugout on hia
place fiaar CXaevnt wvemte-, aios
day afternoon, took hi own life.
inis- was cne-Teraicr- mar .sugar
Af ClMMMsa Cal H,kl.l.l.
lowing a post mortem performed
on the body yeaterday.
The post mortem disclosed only
one bullet wound In the man's
virtually' decomposed body, the
coroner stated, this being located
at the left aide of neck.
The bullet penetrated complete
ly through the base of the neck.
It was said. Powder burns
Identified the bullet wonnd. The
fact that the man had been dead
at least two weeks before kla
body - waa found In a care be
neath the garage Monday, mad
the post mortem particularly dif
ficult. Oddities in the
Day's News i
(raited Pre) :
GILMER. Tex.. Sept. 27. (O.
P.) After abruptly changing has
plea from not guilty to galHy.
Dewltt Osborne, waa sentenced
today to one year la the state
prison on charges of violating" the
atate anti-mask law.
He was tried In connection
with the flogging ot two families
living on his ranch. Hta plea of
guilty, made thla afternoon, came
as a surprise to court attaches, j
DENVER. Colo., Sept 27. (V.
P.) Three months ago George n.
Besser, superintendent of the civ
ic center here, nlared It gold
fish In a smalt pool at the center;
Today the fish had to be trans-,
fnrred to a larger lake in one
of the city's parks.
They had spawned and Increas
ed their number to 200.000- Bea
ser said. : r ,.
DECATUR. 111., Sept. 27. (U.
P.) The program waa marvel
ous, Francis McFarlla, of Tor
onto wrote directors ot WJDL,
the Decatur broadcaatlng station.
"Ot all the Thursday night pro
grams WJUb was tne most var
ied. Interesting and by far the
dourest and moat perfect," his
letter said. '
"Thanks for the compliment,"
the WJBL directors returned. "It
happens, however, that w didn't
broadcast that Bight. ,
BELGRADE, Sept. 17. (U.P.)
Minister of Law Administra
tion Angelovltch waa almoat com
pelled to doa the traditional bar
rel to roach hi home when
thieves took hi elothes through
the open window ot hia railway
train compartment enroute from
Zagreb to Belgrade, -
The minister woke to find him
self without array and was com
pelled to remain In hi berth
until railway atatloa police e
lalued a suit ot clothes for hlia.