The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 27, 1927, Page 8, Image 8

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ETA Drown Where Airplanes Lost, They Worv Bandits Get Cas
ou uruwn r r And Escape Afl
As Flood
k .at -.-S V . 1 t 1
! co-ed suspected McAdoo's Action
!.. OF ARSON. TRIED n V . . i .
ipe Aiicr ' i uiusea ino fient
Gagging Lmployes; ,i - t.,
4 Countries of Europe
Suffer Losses from
High Water; Towns
VIENNA, Sept 26. (U.
P.) More than 50 persons
have ' been drowned, ancl j
more casualties are feared, j
in disastrous floods over a
large area around the Tyrol, j
embracing portions of Aus-j
tria,, Germany, Switzerland
and Italy. j
Tremendous cloudbursts ,
and a 'warm suell that caus- j
td snow to melt in the '
mountains, are responsible. !
Vhe floods are the worst In J
m. I No loss hazardous than flying across the water the trims. At-
years. .. . Inntle vovbrc and return to Newport, 15. I., ef tho little sloop Prim-
A bridge over the river Elsack rose iv. whose craw is shown hre at the end of the trip. Their sail
In. the Trentlno district ot Italy ; to England and hack, a distance ot 42te miles, was replete with high
collapsed under a women's train ', adventure and danger. In tho center is Frederick Lrthrop Amos,
and' 15 workers were drowned. I wealthy owner ot the vessel: in front (left to right) are Kra-icis La
i . v . lh 1 Farre and Tom Shirwin. aud In' back. Jack r.lsh:p and Warwick
tank, "perished . also when th?
HlUtiKTOWN, Tex., Soul. M.
urson trial o, Mrs.
Iletxcca Honors, the Inlvoratly
of Teu Krudiiute who la also
chin toil' w ith holding up and
roUliltiK a hank of fl.uuu, began
lod.iv after Judge Cooper over
run d a motion for couttnuance.
I'ollcc million, today an.i emaueu j, Rotter l charged with
with ;S5.0UI In envh wore still ' setting (ire to a Turn lit building
ut iarso late tonight. l Kouiul liock. Texas, on le-
AuMinritiea are also seeking cemhrr 10. litl. the duy before
the ruhhery of the Hilda Hank
1' I -Twit "rubber ball" bandits
who held up the bureau nt IIkUI ,
and power offices, near Central
Tlia MrAdoo
the Democratic
and the Smith
Hept. St.. (VIM
withdrawal from
prvstdentlnl raro
booster- meeting
: two other men. bellcvcit to have
' been confe-derutes of the gunmen,
who kldnnped Fred KImliall. 60,
t one-armed watchutun of the bur
i cau. as he wus ou his way to
' wark.
at (Igdeti. IHnb, both dosigned
to bo Imuortanl political avvnts,
failed to stir serious rlpplea here
In tho IVmocratlc prvalduntla)
Kenalor Klotcber, Dvmocral,
Florida. oUserred, "I don't think
the meeting should bo taken too
seriously." and hla thought was
ro-echoed by other Democrats
who aald tho Ogden mcotlng was
Mrs. Honors' de'scrlp-; without authority from (iorernor
Inquired what the, Smith or those permitted to
for which she was arrestee.
llefore tho building wus (Ired.
which Is uonr the bank, a girl
lion hud
Their every move Indicating j bankers would do In case of tiro. ('IK'ak tor him. Smith la re pre
carefully formulated plans the j sented as staying aloof, for the
two bundlts gagged three of-'rw 1 J 1 if moment, from any special raovs-
liL'Ur VUIUirai nUa menta in his bentl.. though soma
No' Plan For yyVSLT
.While there I a disposition
I'lilf. AtHF.I.I'lllA. Sept. 3D. to discount the Importance of the
tl'.l". i "1 have no plan tor re-1 Ogdeo meeting, soma Democrats
organisation of tho uavy, Admiral not to be classed aa unfriendly
T. I. .MiicCruder told tho I'tilted 1 ,u BmMi auggsated that tho
collansa of .the bridge carried ,
the hose into the river.
Only the engineer ot the train j
was able to leap to safety. .
Two railway men, several other
workers and one woman were i
drowned at tie village of Schann. i SEATTLE. Sept. St. (CP) ,
where water had reached the sec- i Australian aviators will brave the
ond stary ' of honsee. i vagarious weather of the Pacific
Six persona were drowned at 1 ocean during the' month of Or
Chemaltt. j tober to duplicate the United
Town Submerged States army's flight from the
The town ot Hamsberg In the j Pacific roast to Honolulu. H
Zlller valley la totally submerged, j was learned from Captain Kings
. Inhabitants are living In npper i ford Smith, one ot the airmen,
stories and on roofs of houses, i today.
Traffic haa been suspended on The flyers from the Antipodes
the .Zlller railway; the road be-! will use a three-motored Fokkee
tweea MaVal and Innsbruck U J monoplane, similar In ruauy re
nadsr water, and cellars In a por-: specta to the airship used by
tlonlot Innsbruck are submerged. I Lieutenants Lester J. Maitland
Street ears are not running. Two I and Albert Hegenbergcr in thair
bridges have been destroyed near successful right.
Innsbruck involving the drowning j The plane was to have been
of taro workmen and 1,000 feet used by Captain George Wiikins
of neighboring railway tracks on his projected polar expedi
tion which failed to materialise.
It Is being reconstructed for
Austrialian Aviators To Attempt
Pacific Hop To Honolulu In October
ftrials with rubber balls, then
J hound them securely before
. plundering the open sjfes and
j vaults of SSS.Utio In 110 and T-
'hills. They escapid In a wuIU'.ik
' automobile.
Tho victims. Ceorge Yesstl.
: cashier: S. K. Arthur, avtiusler.
' aud Clen Broeknuy, u.'l-.tnnl
, paymaster, were released by
: Milton Kishel, anothor cashier,
who arrived for work 10 mluutes
The pair of gunmen who con- jmino urllele in
fronted the three officials in thujthu nary was
, water-power oiricvs, fun-eel rub-tkan a summary of reeommen
her Uills into the mouths ofdstlon made by Secretary IH'nby
their rictjns then pulled an at- n 123."
tsched string through their teeth ! Asked whether he could for-:
and wound it urouud tho men's j mulato a plun for the nivy's r-n,,',t'-
oritanliatliin, the admiral said: j
MeaawhTj K'mball. thewatch-j -i might bo nble to do that In!
man. was on his way to work v,-m I'had several men helping
when .two men forced him to nie ailj uothlng else to do for '
enter. their autonmbilo and drove several months." I
h!m to the isolated section near; Macllruder said his principal
Midwlek country cltth. hold- criticism of the navy wis the
prisoner for tin hour ,,, t, that of former Secretary
Pcnly.v namely, that it la too
highly centralised.
Press when Informed that Secre
tary Wilbur had ordered him to
submit his plan to the njvy de
part ment.
MacCrnder explained (he mag-
rhleh he criticised
'very little more
New Yorker still haa many Im
portant hurdles to surmount,
such as aoulbern Antl-Hmlth
sentiment. The Mc Adoo with
drawal at first was Viewed by
many Democrat as - at least
"putting It up to Smith" lo
follow McAdoo'a course and there
by to remove a second source of
party differences..
N. th st. Phone 1516. ti-lt
roil results use Maw Class Ads.
- ' - j.. t i
were torn up.
. Towns Flooded .
Damage In the Italian Tyrol
district has been made worse by
the melting of snow, causing the
l rivet; Adda to overflow between
Mordegno and Sondrlo, flooding
several towns.
- Ocollce-Sondrio railway is In
terrupted and grave damage has
been done In the upper Trentio
where the river Isarco destroyed
Che railway between Fortesta sod
i. I'Lan (Mli'-r llopn
If th? flight to the fliwaliau
Islamls Is successful the Austral
lens will fry for new laurels b
flying to their native country,
according to Smith. The second
hop from th? Hawaiian Islands to
Austria will depend a great deal
on the condition of tho Hawai
ian (lying fields for a take off
In such a heavily laden plane.
-Mariners ot thla region were
skeptical when told of the Aus
tralian's plans. They ral.l the
weather over the Pacific during
the month of October Is often
stormy snd .the winter winds
begin to blow in that month.
But Smith and his comrades
will hop. off (nr Honolulu from
the Ean Francisco bay region
Wife Of Bandit .
Must Go To Pen;
i CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Sept. 36. j
;HT The wife of Harman
I Parker, lute Oklahoma bandit,
must serve from two to four years
: In prison because she was with
! her husnund when, by her own t
admission, he shot and killed
cross ocean flight and Smith is ana iney may i:na ncuer w earner
supervising this work. I conditions prevailing.
(Continued from Page cme)
Continued from Tiitte One)
; were fighting. There he shot the
i bullet which proved fats! to his
Meszaselva. Traffic between For- sten-father. Charles Van A'der-
tetza and the Brenner Pass In j welt, 38.
1he Alps is interrupted and traf-1 The lad, Jerome Cornell, was
flc between the Tremtion and being held on an open charge.
Austria and Germany is being di-j His C'onfosion
verted f way of Sanradldo aud ' The boy's written confession,
Kpltlal. - I given freely to the police here
Strikes Lombarrty i was as follows:
The Valtellina region In Lorn-. "This morning when I awoke
bardy, Italy, has suffered great-; my brother Charlie pot up.
ly. The river Adda flood has . washed and dressed and I re-
caused nine deaths.
The city of Chiarenna is
threatened by the rising of the
river Mera. which his brokeu
its batiks and destroyed several
Palace CoIIaimcs
Torrents have broken their
banks near Sondrlo.
la I palsce In tho
collapsed, the foundations of th.?
prefects palace have been weak
ened and the entire city may be
Inundated, it Is feared.
Khlne Brraks Banks
Eight persons . have been
drowned in the Swiss cantons '
of Qberland and Grizons through
the Rhine breaking Its banks
near Its source. Several railways
have been Interrupted snd bridges
and communications have been!
destroyed. Floods have broken
the batik on the Lichtensteln side.
Flooded rivers, rising In the
Bavarian Alps, In Germany, have:
rsrrled the water n u,e rTer
Paar to Its highest point since
1880,, and . the water still Is
mained In bed until I looked at
my watch. It was after seven.
Then my sister came in am!
said she couldn't pass the livins
room and I asked her why, and
she said. "My mother and step
father are fighting."
"Just then mother screamed.
crossing, is believed, as the foot
brakes were all but completolv
worn out.
Prior to the accident the men
had started for Klamath FalU
from Chiloqnln in a borrowed
car, snd had wrecked it at liar
clay Springs, Coroner Earl Whit
lock who examined the bodies
and wree-ksgej stated there was
evidence .the men had been
An Inquest is to he conducted
by the coroner at 3 o'clock Wed
nesday afternoon.
J Ini? him
' before throwing him into a field.
Adding lo the gencrall confu
sion Ui police circles here tonight,
following a week-end of bandits-y.
were f'irther lawless but lesser
activitiis whii h followed close
upon the heels ot the "rubber
ball" tl eft.
Two gunmen sauntered into J
branch ot the Citizen's Trust and
Savings bank shortly l,efore clos
ing time and escaped with nfore
than $ii They made their
ge'.a'vay in a wailing automobile.
Another pair of bandits entered
an apartment house and. after J lieputy Sheriff Art Osbourno at
asking to be shown an apartment.! pine Bluffs. Wyomiug. last Aug. ;
held up Mrs. Anna Collins, pro-; is.
prietress and took two diamond Mrs. Barker pleaded guilty lo
rings valued at 83.000. i day to a technical charge of aid-
1 f Ing her husband escrtpo. Th?
REFORT 5,000 DIE I Judge In sentencing her said he
PPrtlti TIDAI W rv ' ",n lenient because a
I' KUIVl IIUAL VYAViVwire naturally would be expected
LONDON; Sept. 26.- t V P. . when ho -as fleeing a crime.
An Exchinge telegrnp Hon . Kollowlng the Wyoming shoot-i
Kong dispatch quotes advices ( Barker c6mmltted suicide af
from Yeungkong. 150 miles ; u'l. him Ks,,. .ft..e
southwest of Hong Kong, that ( wounded In a gun batllo with
S.ooii people were killed there detective..
Sept. 20 by a tidal wave and) Mr,. narkr was captured In!
typhoon. 1 the Osark mountnlns and brought .
Twenty thousand homes were irk to rheyenne where she con-'
damaged and 400 river Junks f,.,sc.d that her. husbsnd killed'
land sampans were destroyed, the Oshnrne
Shoe Repairing
While You Wait I
1 Iff Hi, Hlxlh St.
PlHine 1007 !
dispatch irtlds. Ltamage is eHtl
mitcd at fl.000.0U0.
I for results use News C ass Ada.
The provlnc- I got up and put on my slippers
vicinity has and sheepskin coat. My gun was i
in half. I put it together and put;
a .22 caliber short In and opened
the living room door and I saw
Mr. Van with his bands around
my mother's throat choking her.
He called me a dog and told me
to get out. I said I wouldn't and
shot him. Then I went to my
room and remained there. Later
I heard him monn and holier for
sir. I then walked out on the
front porch and stayed there un
til tho pollco came."
Mother Took Hliimo
When poiico first arrived on
the scene Mrs. Van Alderwclt
insisted that she, not the boy, had
fired the shot but when tho lad'
story seemed so Htralglit-forward
las to win police belief, she ad-
' i milted that ho had shot her hus-
Here is the solution to the' Van Alderwelt had berated his
l,ETTEfl GOLF pussle on page 4. , . ? ",' ,lk P"llte
r I said, because she did not have
dinner ready In tinio lo suit him
I The bullet penetrated Van Ald
welt's left side, entered the heart.
I He walked to the sink after he
was shot, took a drink of water
and then swooned Into uncon-!
sclouHncss from which he did not '
P.aron Sai:o Intimated his belief
that invitations to a conference
of Japanese. .Ameriean and Brit
lib would be l.'-mod
1 r-
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&i(uuaiij s I lilting
LONDON, 8ept. 28. (CP)
1 Baron Salto, arriving at Knh.
: irom the recent unsuccessful
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Oeneva declared he would reeom
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