The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 18, 1927, Page 9, Image 9

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    1'IIfi Kf.AMATH mWH
TritirliM aumo of tlm imiai
dllllinll (trades m ih Hlirr ,V.
tjJu niniiwalii.. rlly oiriiiaL f
f'alrfi"lil. Holauo manly, la.i
,rk ilniv a ww Hudson ,uM.r.
all In I li' Talma ri'Rliui via Nairn.
Kinnl.i ami Aulmtii, ami Yom'iiilix
Vnllry aver Hi Tlnttn m.. and
rriiu 11, dlaluur of II I mi!.... M
t, Imura. arrorillna In ord re
11 ml by llint.i.n
lil.irlliuloia d.r Northern (all-
.licompaiil.-d by Mar.hal Ktloln
I'" "T, JiiM K. Krellns, iinnrl.
man. Hill!,,, II. .rrl.,,. ,lr(.
in-ill ftiin (r.,r of H.iluno
lr; rt H Jilikfoi.l. .,im.ili.,n
ml llmljon Kui-s ,.i,.r ,l( lhltl
lla.lll.-l. ..f, Kalrfl,.,
HiornliiK nl Mill, driving ,, ,..
Hi- dl.iiiiiiv lo Inline I.y war of
MarrmiiFiuu ,, Aol.iirn In I.1..I.
I -nr.
ruin Tulmr tin. roil 1 1.
by Imik Hi. Hudson par-
iy -r l In. Kliia.liury grail.- m
Mlnilfii. Nevada, llrldg.-iurl, Mono
j lake, out III- Tl.ira pa.a In Vok
lull- Valley. Hi r-liirn trip Imlng
mail- via the It ok rial ami
I 'r."l urnili. i.i Oakiliilc, Him .
' ami rulrn-lil.
I With l h- eii'cptiim i,f iir,.
i "liorar-ahm turns" on ih- Kluga-
1 burr. Tioga mid lug link rial
grad.- Hip mlrr. trip wua mad
In l.ltc li gear. II ra reported by
link ford. ho anld:
"Th rim, wi mud-
.pulillr offl.lul. ,,t Knlilleld and
, Holauo .(iiiiily. Inillnit. d Hie .-n- i
.itl..iml p-rfurmum-- of the new
IIii.Imiu .uper-ai n iihi w.i. .
lull loud, ilila inr ulilii.ui ally
iii"i linnli ul .hang. whatsoever, !
Ir:iv...d over aoin- of t he sir. p-at
hills In California in lilaih x-nr.
averaged 117 mll.-a to Ihn gallon
of (a.. .line and ud uo oil or wa-l-r.
In aom- parla of Hi- nioun
, i!i." Ih- gradient ran a high aa
iH -r r-nl, and jinly for aafvty
j were we -d lo alilfl rrom high
on anni- of lh alinrp liirna.
'Pioneer Trial '.
Still Best Road
j Smokliiat la tulioo In all na
; tlnnnl forests of California, ex
, cept Ihose of Ihn High Hlerra re
gion and above 7500 fee I altitude.
Smoking also la permitted In Im
I lrovrd rompa and plar-a of huli-lltiilon.
IT J t v.
fi J to die; . while
you're Jrivin. But
when your United
States Roycl Cord
Balloons take a par
ticularly tough bump
r.:iJ you stick fast
to the it's nat
ure! to lean out and
thout"Attaboy,Tirc". ,
I.cyaLCo'rU Bal
loons take 'em all as
they come big and
lniletl Siatr
I-.OYAL CURD Dalloon
Iittle.Thcy arc strong
end dependable
made of Latex-treated
Web Cord and
Sprayed Rubber.
They established
the flat tread prin
ciple two years ago.
Notice how other
tires arc coming
'round to it today.
The 'details are
worthlearning. Come
in anytime.
624 Klamath Phone 780
United States Tires arc Good Tires
Studebaker's Certified
1925 'Sta'ndard Six Studebaker Duplex Touring $758.00
" " . .. " '
1927 Chevrolet Landau Sedan, run 3000 miles, $630.00
1926 Oldsmobile Delux Coupe .....$675.00
' 1925 Hudson Coach, new Duco and recondi--
tioned ..$700.0C
1 923 Buick Roadster, new Duco.
Compare These, Prices With
Portland Newspapers.
Dunham Auto Go.
Sixth and Oak Streets
Chrytler Captures Buffalo
i Statue; Won for First
; Time in Fifteen Years
' of Competition
In the colk'ction of trophlen
whlrh hare tipfii yvnn In Kurop
by rhrvitlrr earn, one of unusual !
appi'oprlatenoita'haH recent It born
arlflod In Poland, accord In k to
iidvlcpn Jim! received by Jamoa
, Howie, Io-al ('hrynl.T rtuU-r. , j
The trophy. whlh U a flne
oxjmple of aritrUir modctlinn. rep
r?fnt a lUon. the animal famil
iar to Amfrlranii a the buffalo,
whlth within the memory of
many Ktlll living roamed the
WHutitrn pla'na of thin continent
In hrdn numbering million.
; For firiHon yearn the Anto
mnblle t-lub of Poland ban offered
Ibis trophy to any l''um of throe
rurit whkh run Id ffnUli it Nix
day roh.ihillty run without InVur
r!iiK iMMialtlrn or 'black marks."
but until thU year none of .the
rompittlnR automohilea have been
nblf to I'omply with the difficult
rond (lions. It remained fortluoe
('hrylT "7V' "to lift the , prize
no Intimutely bhsoi-luted with
: American hurkicroundH in, a rom
piftltfon which InclucUid teams
itf (Irveu wtII known ujoycun
and Amrii-jn muka. ' .., ,
(iirfonity ha often been srous-!
ed by the offer of a ataluette
w hb-h Hcemed so InconicrtiouR
with Kuropean matters. Htudpnts
of natural history explain, how-,
ever, thai the bison, now associa- j
tc-d exclusively with' America, was
once, as common In Kurope as1
nntil a hilf century ao ft was
, in our own west. The fate of the
species was the same In both
continents, although extinction by
advancing civilization wat murh
later and fur more rapid on th'si
'"side of the Atlantic. , 1
I Caesar mentions the hlxon as
nbou'hdlug along with the now
(equally extinct auroch, or wild
ox. In the forests of (iermany
and Hclgium. Kven as late as
the Middle Ages it was still a fa
miliar sight farther east In Eu
rope, and It Is still found rn a
wild state In the Caucasus,' al-
though Its appearance Is very
' rare. A few herd are also kept
in captivity In Lit nun ta and oth
er northern countries, but these
.jiire small and are steadily dwind
' ling.
; The Automobile club of Pohind
'used the bison tt a symljilKor
strength and endurance, which
are the qualities assoclatqil wjth'
the animal where It Is knyyfij;ln
Kurope. The donors of the tro-j
phy considered that the same
.qualities, were indispensable' to
any car which could hope to win;
their prize under the difficult
conditions they Imposed. The
trials lust over a period of six
days, and a distance of 2400 hll
ometers about 1500 miles is
covered over all possible kinds
'of roads jind country. Speed and
hill-TllmhlnK contests are Includ
ed In the six-day lirogrum. J
The hufralo trophy Was won
this year for the first lime since
It was offered, fifteen years ago
by a of three stock Chrys
ler touring cars completing,) the
entire six-day test without) Incur
ring any penalties. 'In addition,
the throe Chryslers won a jirle
offered by the Polls minister)- of
public works for cars finlyhjyr
In the host mechancal condition,
while a fourth Chrysler, Includ
ed In a team of six enrs entered
by the army of Poland, took a
prlxo offered by the army.tQ..inv
rar driven by an army olflNr
and finishing without any bud
Rusted Auto Rims
Cause Tire Damage
When the rims become badly
rusted, rough particles of the
rust and scale act like sandpaper
on the Inner tube, resulting In a
worn spot and a premature blow
out. Hy coating tho rim with
aluminum paint occasionally this
can he prevented.
Protection against the soaring
rays of the sun can best be given
by keeping the and fenders
well polished. . The brighter-.they
are the more heat they reflect,
and the loss they absorb. The
hood ran sometime be shielded
by raising one side of it. If using
the curtains to protect the uphol
stery of the closed carr pull them
nil the way down. A haHfaded
shade Is no asset to- the car. i
Thf Old Oregon trull Is the most
popular route to the Pacific coast
throughout the Middle Kast, ac
cording to 8. C. .Mitchell, who has.
Just returned to Portland from an
extensive tour of that section of'
the country. Mitchell agrees with ;
this sentiment. After having
driven ovef 6.r.M0 miles of high-
ways since July 2, this Portlund
motorist feels he should have a
good basis for his opinion.
The West seemed to be more In- '
forested In the Kast this summer
than the other wjy around, Mitch
ell says. He bases his opinion on :
ttis fact that traffic east bound
was much heavier than west j
bound travel, and has been all '
summer, Recording to whut he
learneU along the route.
"It is peculiar how word will
get around concerning roads."
Mitchell soys. "Kverywhere we
went we heard that the Old Ore
gon trail was the best route to
take out to the coast. Most of
our Informants had never driven ;
to the Pacific. We found, after
having traveled three trunk high
ways thut they wore right."
Mitchell's trip Is a good exam
ple of what the motorist can ex- ,
pert on a long d is lance drive vt'.Wx
a modern automobile, he declares. :
He drove a Chrysler "50" sedan. ;
It? having his car put in good or- s
d4r beforstJirting, Mitchell was
able 'to complete his vacation
journey-without once having to
nuke a mechanical adjustment.
He reports an average of 19
miles'to the gallon. He used 28 ,
quarts of oil. This made an aver
age i cost of 1.1 cents per r-'le for
fuel. Mitcholl was accompanied
by bin wife ami two children.
SO,'- Ktetvca
CO"'" , VW
New Process Used
In Oiling of Road
Alameda county officials are -using
a new process In the oiling
of the Niles canyon road, between
Nilea and Sunol. reports the Cali
fornia State Automobile associa
tion. The oil dries quickly and
the roadbed Is ready for use with
in two or three hours after treat
ment. It is stated." The effect Is
that of 'an oil-bound macadam
Where the work Is under way,
the Niles canyon road is closed ;
daily between K a. m. and 5 p. ni..
but the road Is opened for week;
end traffic, according to the asso
ciation touring bureau. It is be- .
Ing kept open at night. The work
Is expected to be finished o!
and until then motorists will find .
n good alternate roqte via Mission ,
San Jose. 0
: I
The rout per apeedomeler xmlle j
ta what actually count, and the!
initial com or a tire la hr no
means the best test. at-cordiiiK to
Ilex Hlutl or the Western Auto i
"Pply compnuy, distributors ot I
Western Giant and Wear-well ;
Urea. The mllence delivered hy
the tire la based entirely upon !
th' materia la built into the tire.;
and the speedometer will reveal '
the quality or these materials.
1 I I 1 III -...n
I I - I 111 TYve- . TaS
I lit
11 1 1.
I I 1 1-111 'a.
' - (o
111 il 1 1 .r,lS
I I I II 'I 1 r Antla-
I M kest
.1 1: I 1 I 1
s 1 a rx v
7- .10
.-tonii - a B 1 1
tt P.
A. A-
Its sl" '
" wire.
. net
t v- . -nit"
. iA,. i..- n. . iicmr w.
rv 1 - riViv. 1' mu5"
As s Adz -
W sa . nCC
1 rrt
the ".Yiat&"
4 l&i -
1 V
1 11
1 I
One. of a aeries of educa
tionaf advertisements, ex
plainini: why the N F. V
C;xlycar All-Weather Bal
lmn is the World's Greatest
Tire. ,
Phone 2TU
1 ; tt ,
1027 Hudson ' Sedan,
li:, ,like new.
1925 Essex Coach, new
'" paint, $400.00
1925 Ford Coupe, $325
1925 Olds Six Coach,
1923 Ford Coupe, $275
Acme Motor
. Phone 680
-" i .
Cash, Terms or Trade
Sept. 10 to 25, inclusive Bearing Adjusted
4-cylinder Cars, $4.50 6-Cylinder Cars, $6.50
Tars Callort r.ip and Llellrerod
Q.H Oil, (illK l.HIMi W HIII(J K.WIMl
Open 84 Hours Kvcry ny
Ho. Old HI. anil ( Ity Limits, OpMmlte Olh HI. Mir. Co.
- y ...... .
. ... -and Smooth Running
y "The quietest balloon I ever used." So one car owner
told us about the NEW Goodyear All-Weather Balloon.
And this tire IS quiet quiet and smooth running. It
rides on its sturdy shoulder ribs with no objectionable -rumble,
vibration, or loss of power.
Eighty treads were actually made up and tested in
road service before this tread "was adopted because it
jvas quiet, yet had traction, Safety and long wear. -
WhofTirir vnn f?ria tinw nt nnf enn nAn.ltrnoi
NEW balloon tire. Let us explain. vhy it is the .World's
Greatest Tire.
Acme Motor Co.
Phone 680
-A Corner 6th & Oak
.515 Kin ninth Ave.