The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 18, 1927, Page 6, Image 6

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Judge Says Bad j mur laot ! Dry Leader May
Laws Should Go subject of row ( Get Worse 0it
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CHICAGO. Sept. IT. (TV-Crop '
IMHANAFULIS. ina. Sept. 17 (fom Cauda that ... eou-
land litigation, both Bader tor-I tAPl Because of publUhed let- rar lo b sf ami!, trary to bullUh prediction, whkh !
Inlted Stair aid reaper for ""H -; -r "'"-'' so -The plan approai-Bed Palm- Bad Beea circulated gar sharp
law was Breed at a patriotic 'IIT? A,Ur"" Ceaeral Vai tempt to lanuear tba Indiana dl from th dirMUw of rrea, .etback to wheat price today. An '
Btlil lut M r wVr: I euprm court. Attorney C.neral u'n flwm her. ' Important' unofficial report la-
of th highest court of Illinois, IMk CUllom today fllM a mulloa with TB BOJ of ,h officer lay 2f M WiB,tp,g ult ,h. yield
nprm Jostle Fiord F. Thomp-j Tk . rerommeadatUs ta that the court to Increase th sen i nJ ,h. Pl". h!ca loaded of vheat this aoa la the
,:B. 'the slate Itker enter into a com-' teoc Imposed la tba contempt ! we " r worn
. "W heir leech or smlllfies. iraaiM with the nmaanl kilcuHnl lei- E S. Shnsuker. u. 1 " wrcgi
tWta. Jatla Totapaoa aald. !k bailding of a dika acrose . perlnteadeat of th Indiana nail-!
Canadian pralrl province would
total ooly (.. 04 bunhrti lee
.1 . , . . . than tb latest gorerumenl stl
frxaklai of th aa-okibltioa ! Malheur lake, or la lie of tkat ; aalcoa league, and two league at- " ... pan mMe.
amendment. Th frsmer of tb ntr lato lluralloa with th to"- ; torneyt. "
.x. ...... . j. ' . ,u r.. i .j darla Ktk yaar lUt
rij. w. .i. ..iu.!k... i.v. .....ii. . I ,f. .v. i ...i .. Opaacd oupa foaad la tk
rasldratUI clctora. bat tbo pro- ,Uk oa Marck 1!. Hi, ia wkkk ! aeaiaat Dr. Shamaker. whlcb car- W7!.k,f "f J " '- and oata 1-4 10 14(1 711c oH
T.. i J TTL . .. v . j cato tkat tb flyvra probably
I t.:.. .. . ..a 1 l.w ..i . ..... bad nowa
rioalac qnotattoaa na whrat
jrara fccary i J-4c to I l-4c a-t :
lovar: cora 1 1-f to 1 l-tr dnwa I
"Ta laftar and aptrit of tht:rta property ky tb awamp art.iof-f:: aad asked tba court to'
1 C.l. A . , I TV. . .4. .K- I .. .1.. . '..
end la atl state a to Monollana. ; proclamation. . ' tba acairar "now appvara 'd-;MT ,lr tioii here reported
V "No one 1 alarmed aboat tkkt; Tb atat is la daaiter of loa-! equate kerauae of corrapt de- thl, h , lh0
aUriratioa. No oae coatead'taC Ue Uada entirely becauae of ""da ty kia. the aald Sknmak- MTJ nrtn who mifht th
Uut borauae of thU tke roasli-jtke paaiiaf away of competent er. to earraptly ianueare a d" OM reported a hvio craaked
tlol m Is the acrap keap. Thr tlaxaf. all of wbom are aoWjdaloa faTorabie to him la tkia ' , ,h lnnt mlt- n of
Torage cter wko arced kU cob-'aged, aad bersaae of what b'" l'alrad.le
ftreaamaa la rat for atrtoreat kaowa legally aa Uckea. or ae-! Letter poMirtied kero today A aaral pUne flylar three aer-
mMBr-uw ua aetay in aaaertiag me ..... .0. oa. left fcere tkt moratnx for
on laeir rowra. - ... , ,
4 ... n.
. - . Boon daae at
"s tain., twpt. JT. kail. Maaie by 1'owell and lit..
orbarra. 17-ia I
I to I If! 71 SC oil 1 ul
ft the Hunday after- V.
at Stale Line itna-e I!
eat tbroateaa him if he obey nate'a legal rigkt.
u raarpoiatment mandate. tar r,,.
What tkey eoVriie; . bad kV! ""T""!? " j court.
, E. Wataoa aad Arthur R. Itobln-
WaKblnetnii n r.n.p
;a ana w. Miuirr ia aa at-, MK bot Bn thlBfc H
;lesed attempt to Influence the poble tkat It could hate gone
o tar laiaaa- Ureacr aaggeua
. .. .ii i.. i JT ... u. i tered lato by th baUdlag of a. ...i, . . . " """- ureacr aaggeau
..r11 U "? ,B,,Urlidik. the .tat. would hare title'. So'k fU' "'" may haee
thTahailow poroo. of he' ,or """"" of rt Tred th. flyem
. .t M-Af VfllvA .arliLeS an m Kla
eu-goreraiac-peopie to c boo- ' V - ...... . . report fcr HIS think. tht th plane ltht have
iwee tyranny ana - - , i nieare ot jee r narnn. at- been flows by army mm 4 1
honor our father who defied CT,,,BrU tmTp?m , , ,0' itorne 'for the league. wUI be. A tke only plan taking off LJ jr-
Wfc7 reg, a. opproa- "-I ' ' Ped Cxtober S. d both me. from the haute f le efpp t" P"r,")r
' - xr oat oa boni antll tkat date wtrb - poatoo. Biwner akto r comionawe is tb month
rtainra. . , ,. wkea, npeala probably will he .rooted the povubllllT tkat th JalU ahoald also harmontar
irm toe courwr ot aia -) tiled' Ihaa eJuUh. th other plan, could bar kw from Sas TUI
TeatigaiioB uijewTix iraTBJa attorney cited for cos- Pedro.. .. -
oer th country by automobile. trmfti WM r,aitted. . '
unisg me aipaariu oi tne ai-. . For safe old saner. . Call at
At the Hotels
... . IJ.C W ' M..' .
amiin: i. w. Aunrey tM-;-itk. . u.ih... i.v.
rhieo; Varion Eeld. Dr. Molae . ,. Uke. aad aot a'
Iam Srm K.v.h 17. ta tlM
Motoe. Iowa: LaDoaao Bennett. . . .
Kaa fnnrl- itofr. r.b The matter TO befor th
Kraactaoo; L"'o. WlUon. Med- ",U! UbI "
ford: Mr. and Mr. W. C. Joka-.W'" but the,
aoB and child. Newark. N. J.:rbo" to becaaae
C. D. Thorn. Chlloquia: T. , tne "Pcnae. The matter cam;
Ga anions. Chlloquin: W. V: before tke hoard is th form of a ;
llitrkell. Ewausa Camp: J. Brow-! redoetloa fram LJIieTiat and
Blag. Sas FTmnctaco: J. F. New-'A- Capper, thea tte eaglaeer.
hold. Medford:fA. M. William. ih were made a committee to.
IrtUad: R Y. Arthur. Ban ' report to tke board. They ree-:
Francisco: W. D. Drocha. Algo- ommesdod s compromiae tor the
ma:- ' Jian Statboposkx. Al- reaaou that tke goreraaeat caa
gom: C L. "London. Algom; not be aued except by special act
Frank Black. Sledford; Theodore -of congress.- -'
Bperoa, Algoma: G. Boyle, Ten- "
BBS. Calif: T. W. Vollmaa. Lak Lake O' tke Woods: CnaB-
O the Wood:' Dongbu Keew and T Voatgomery. 8a Francisco: .
. , Dr. Delrey. Saa FrascUco.
THE A.NSWER " . j WILLAKD D. Denseky. 8a ;
Her is Ui aolutioa to the FraBciaro; . W. D. - McC'llnttx k. :
Cbiro; A S. Roatbaam; Xed-
, ford: Bert Croft. Portlaad: A.j
; hi. Steinberg. Sas Fraaclaro; U ',
K. Smith. Sa Francisco; Leoa '
! B. Walker, Sn'FraaHaco:""W. J. !
' Walker. San Frasrisco. Mr. and;
1 Mr. E. F. Vila. Medford.- Mi
H. Aime. kledford: Mr. ajfd Mra. :
. Geo. F. Volkmaa. Saa Fraaciwo: ;
. F. L. Crnrera. Toco ma: Roy 11. ;
S.kefrel. Portland; Gene and Mr.
jC G. Morton. Saa Fraacisco;
!f. A. Le Valley. Saa Fraarisco: :
jit. W. Nile. Salem; W. S. NleryJ
. Portland: H. II. Carta aad wile.!
ILo Angele; A. A. Kell. Port-:
(land: C. F. Cluuarten. Saa Fraa-.
! clKoo: C. Ilillhouaer aad wife.
Red Bluff; Alaa Hay. Longriew;f
j Mr. and Mr. I. Kastmaa. Imer-;
aeaa. Calif; Mr. aad Mr. L. W. ;
! Knight. Iaernes. California. ;
st citlxeas of the country, and pr reault as New CUs A4.iKUmarh Xwl
the. .rideae taaKatea tnat
IXTTER COLF paxxie on page 4.
(2 JJL
r-1 i Idie
"To Serve Humanity fytter
OOKS, like days, are long or short, ac
cording to what you put into them.
Giovonni Papini.
22 Tear of .Satlefylag; Kerrlr
Lady Attradaal
Uh th comnlexioa and the m.
uu of th far.
Tlula the Klad Wc Make
They Look runtl!
-IV-.llrtry Wu , WrlllrB
Sugamaa Bldg. ith and Main
fkpen Erewlag
To Thoie Who Helped U Mke a Succct. of Our
Oregon Product Booth nd Merchant' Aderti.
ing Booth at the Klmth County Fair We Wih
to Thank You:
Cliiu.le 1I Furniture Co., KtunU'.ti Fall - Voiitag Slot Wok.
I'urtlnml Colunitila Knlttina Mill., l'ortlan.1 M II. Ilmu. hul.h
er, Medi.itil - Acme Klutiiriua t'u . I'.wilaad -- U ('ulloa Lumtwr
Co.. Ki-no William l.uml.r . t'ull-uuin - K C. Atkins Co.,
I'ortUnd - kluiugumery Vid " . Portland- Hperry Flour Co .
ISirtland t'roeu ll.iur Co. poriland lienno food Co, Port,
laud -Chan. II KUion. (- N'He' r.xid Co, Alpine Milk.
Portland I'urtlan.l Ml. t' . I'.TtlaB.I N l Nally'a Portland -Ited
Anchor l.utirlcailng ml. ro liier Drue Mlllisg Co.
lan C. Freeninn. I'tc, (ie M( Am i , Portland - l.oa Kabla.
rW'y. 0. of C Klamath Fall Hearer Portland Cement Co, Port
land. HI.MTII 1IIJ
MuKt Inn-Mck'a Smre-l.llirriy tiro, ery Mr Jrnkln. Fka. lle
laA Wool lluter - Klamaih C. Abtr. t Co-- Job llouatoa
llllln llanlatar t o tiomllle Wo l-o Villi Store Heilbron-
ner ft Ilea loa lleaitty Htiop - The Woman Stir.'-t;rey noe
handsi.-b 8lmp-P4la.e Marr. Klamath llardaar to Mai
New Ntand - Mnln Neva K.xiniuln Hith Si llaiery - llnrry Caah
Gorreo-Jack Frol Klioe Mn.p Klamath Fe'r liayp Msrpby'a
Wl Store Army Good-. I!ej.l.ilarei Hoo( Clajr - Amerlraa N.
Itonal llank-Palla llnhery I'ala.e ir.iuiy Hhop John C French
llee Heitln--Klamath Hpoitlna tioi'd Co.- Klamath KMblag Kom
puny Kapllol Kleenrm - Hhaw-liertrant Lumber Co - Mwaa Ijika
l.utnlxr Co -S!tih Hi. l.umlH r Co - I'lg lUiatn Lumber t o 1 jik.
aide I.Ulntier Co - KeaiiDj Ik.t Co .Stanley k Wu- kle-ajv..a
Hank and Trual Co. Join Century tlrotrrjr llill'a Closer Khip -Th
Wide Kho, Inc. -haw M. lie siationrry Klu.p t'lty Creamety
Metropolitan llakery Th Mat SHnp-Polly fckopp
Klamath Hln Co Patterson's Calm smre-Frank Mil-. Situ
Painter Currln' lru Co - Frank Kan- K. l. Trulote p. K. O.
Society Ixummond Print Shop Klth St. Cleaners Troy Lun4iy
Public Market - M.irlln Pro Flour Mill - Klamath l Siorkt
Iir. Gt hle and liohle-- II. P lillier Palm Mjop- lUrnbarC -J.
R flodc Tallnr--l'ndrrood' Pharmacy ll i.trr lliusn Sit
tore -llom.rd Transportation Co.- Knilument Al-o.y Peyton
Wood Co. lUlln Furniture Co- II utn 4 Jelrr Hanoa, lUr
br Kbop Kinaer Sewing Ma. hlne Co - Goodyear hhoe llrpalr Shop
- Ksl t llaby Hhop-'SiinM-t t;rocery - Nelon I ae.J cr -Mowle
Motor Co. II. Ii. Kinlih. Taler-Cblpa pifgr - Mob Ittan's Amo Top,
Shop-Klamaih Fall Creamery- Karl Whlllm Ar, lw If
Cleaner Southern Dregoa brre- New Cite laundry . F. tlrff
bam Carl Shurert Klamath Prlnlinc Co Mill Implement Steer
Keenan Plumbing Co. Jolmaon tiaraae ;re.a lantern Cate-terla-
The Swan. Conlertioaery Vilon Abura.t t o Imperial
Garglloiel Wlllard lluainraa folleae- Kutniiiire Krbange
Orr Tailor Shop Mr. Campb.-ll, lliniatllrhing Vmiag' Trns
jer PIitkIv Wlgaly Klamath l Work.- . M ll.-tor Blue
llrtd- K Superman Itoy Call' Cd t ar 11 i.loter Jewelry
Store -orirude' Millinery Store Klr.t Naii..nal Hank Votdu!(
Furniture Stor-Star lru Co Sanitary Market-Gun btor-
lrni Co. H-llmnn . Heal K.tate Co. Italdsin Hotel -Cr.ler
Garage lllatt rimolalerlng Shop -Klwirlr Shop- chllcote 4 Smith
Stone' Ch Store--Golden Rule S'.nrw- Kite It Amlck May
King Sllnon Sludlo-J. F. Clee.
Tatsraoata 4Q
PrzraATa at 6ra
1 For reentt oae Newa CI Ad, t
IlllllllllinillH if
Notice to Stockholders
This Association is the owner of gas and oil lease
hold rights on approximately 2,700 acres of land, in the
vicinity of Dairy, Oregon. Payment at the rate of twenty
five cents (25c) per acre must be made to the owners of '
this land by October I, 1927, in order to maintain the
validity of these leases. The association has no funds.
r r
If it is your desire that these leases be saved to the Asso
ciation, you may contribute to a fund for such purpose,
making payment at The American National Bank,
Klamath Falls, Oregon, by September 29,': 1 92 7.
' ; : ' West Coast Oil & Gas Association.
Whatever is fashionable in new
creations leads the parade
to the Women's Store
,. i .
As versatile a group of Frocks as you've yet seen The
new arrivals that use Crepe Back Satin, Flat Crepe and
v Canton so effectively Box pleats, bandings, bows, drap
ings, these are a few of the charming new trimming fea
turesLight colored facings at neck and wrists form
' " ' discreet decorations.
Black is stressed but blues, greens, wines,
tans and browns are destined to be popular.
' " '
JaPlayund Pcni&iade
The Sweater Type Frocks are much in style1 a sort of
survival of the summer mode is the only way.that the
sweater type frock can be exolained. It is of liryht. re-
silieiit weave ierwv In n nnmkne of e..,1 . f)n
y - j j ... ..m.i.ui jg iiuvL-i weaves. w..
and.tWorpiece types Tlie upper part is a variety of
sweater. The skirt in becoming pleats. . Many are the
'color combinations in popular Fall tones.
" "i i - -
New-Style Slip-On Sweaters are Here
in Wonderful Variety
. .1
Iiulit ' n I S ' t.
?sw.nlMff AM
I : Value
-Truth' hi Advertising ,