The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 17, 1927, Page 4, Image 4

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TVia Iflomah Wnwrc! fathers, nd what was good '"""" "J"" ,n "' j 'r,f ''" "
n ' enough lor the fathers .ay i ,., ratriy Uv it !.
out of the courtynvd.
stlrrrd uncostly lu hi
mean In
'good enough for the sonsVat this when
' PBthllahjl ftVAn mnrnln tvrnt ,
... ... iuhen thov Kiicr-eeiler) ti the leaf on the floor
oay oy .a., ew,, , . - - .
PuLHshlng Company at to:-lM j management
1 found bit of; i begun u itrow cmd.
of the shed
lection as well aa
hide the, tuttoiiliig.
!"lf a man hud escaped from
pausing ,i'!cr he nun. I: ,i d been
moved rl.iscr to the firo. ' pla. cj roiiml his ueck he'd proh-
I't-cntlas couldu't have lly f th sumo way. Then
rtiiu or vim- nad cut i.ii.i v.-n mi mis. lou ttiuxt T iia- ri wnen i went uiii to m
South Fifth treat. Klamath It was not Vanity nor ob- o(vi,iy against Is." j have known . . . or . . . jr.uch I taicnda and uipticd hiui ui with
Peila, Oregon. Urinarv whirh ran-tpH trunrl i "I . . . r . . . ' thl ow' I of It long before. Or yon wouldn't' vine, I found Ihul the lioltl.-
f tha fui-m in,,n uru. ........ r.r
wore all th'
and tluit
. . liavi artwl
KiiBlith-, did y.!H li m n It r
farmnN in untff nf spipntifir i "ut
IIMU.I l.rww f fit. -I i.-li..,,.
ath Kalla aad Klamath Coaaty. I methods ill those days. The111Jin kin i ti,.t dheudful way?ijiid m
w...-..s. I best of farmers sincerely be- And ho?" ! Nothiim
hf wuy vou did. How, he brliiclnx
lt d itiiili! b-'whr he kin
frri t he towr."
lit vrl4hiillt
Kate Oltrrbrla ..
ujitm Zimmermaai ...
.City Biitor j lieved they could get out of:
viie Mm oiiijt nimi iac ou
RffertlvB April IS, 1027.
Prliroral by carrier, mo.. .83, has been nothing SllOlt 01
iMiiwd by carrier, year revolutionary, and the revo
lUveri by mail, j-ear...... &.oo lutionists have been the men
8Wrl.!loB. payable U advanco. and WOmen who for gencr-
Tony'i d.'lh w av -Mental,
not aonicthinit which ,n-
I tended for Prontlas. Tb other
vielded of its own volition, ihreo went nut out of the- '
The change on the farm hecaut after Pa.-nual and IhTVi first hulit from the high
neara 01 mv sum rrennsji iwijti nort.
tortured Indian, they i-nt out to 0;.,.sn't wvur iiu.Ji a collar
kmhen suilleii ronuiliiid
niirirttloiw III the T'11'. ouiled Willi tli. ones
. - . i . i ,..
l',l.r.d .. elau uons nau siuuoortiiy re
t- ttii iKMtotfica at Klamath sisted change and. impeded it sooner.
1-alU Oreion, November 15. i progress. ,
! J, ander act ot March J, 1S7S. 0
Tclr.hoae 877
! onto her khaki-clad knee.
Whafa curat i?" he asked.
' "A vegetable poison which oc
curs uporadlcally all over South
; America. Some natives mo It
to tip their blow-pipe darts in
ttt,,tinr "
' one informed in the history i The cid man looked sh-epih.
: of hnsinps unit rnmmorriill "I am . . . er . . . aahamed of
That epigrammatic dec
. l : : . .: , .1 l... nA
sllchieit. .Mendy a almple bit of rienence
addition, union f.n.ts luiead of ol ''hlld.
ninulieri. and Bfii-r. that a bit or I "'' "'B ' ihl. were th farla
very ordinary n-imonlnK. 1 ot tnv of the stone liiinim liniii oul-
dkllar n obvious ynihnl.
M n n l',,,!..ihly Imeniled lo a'vo
A;-esn t wvur sh.Ji a collar In hot " " ' ' Bone, cnurrcu In
which was
and the riiia
feel some-: . , v ,...,,. ,,.. hl.h clearly showed sIkiw of
what ashamed of yourself, as I j .. , 'some Oca;cncrutu form of uiilure
do of mj-sclf. for not r.-cognijiiiR " " worship. So when Tlnk- last
It was curart. ! auuveo nicmv.r...... ...... mur ki.inoiunK e.curreil liie i -rv In
Kllse helped the child lo crawl one of reawns for mv,adopt-. between wasn't hard to ;ui.ikiii-."
inir the rolo of my irleiu's ItlKits ti.i court was n. w d.'sert.'il.
I noticed tha.1 he retii-ed It except for four soldiers, hmulilv
take It off. and of course I took , valtlnt; to take them off to the
pains lo find cut why. 1 saw IbV chief's upurlmcnt for the
tattooed circle round it. and,Vilak slretclied his luim gaunt
iK'servnl how his neck twitched arms, and yawned,
nervously there whenever II "I don't know what nnyb)dy
hrouftlit the razor near. Si I' es. is milnn to do, but I. per-
Ret It. All of them were kineu . ,.klie ime tha,t of l'orto Wrde "111"""!'-' inslilon
in a manner. Nanny, w hich '3U wittaout a tllstiact tx-ason. found in the fire,
a chemist fnonia teei sou.e-; ..., nltf .nKv mciislou ilmt he :
lif in the country has not;
always been the idyllic ex- built vast
iatence country-hungry city ; industrial
er- T
an-! J
curarl T
Coats, Dresses,
Individuality and Style
1 Coats $22.50 up
Dresses $12.50 up
I Hats $ 1.95 up
The heel is the vogue '
I present in hosiery. y
I r Come to us for the very
i ? ' newest of the novelties, c
ifslTF THE HARVEST lf business and commercial , "I am . . . er . . . ashameu m felt sure mat tne anusuat sen- .ally. am roinit to bed. I'm
ln "IT. " - I ; o ,f I myself." he stammered. ' MiouM . sitivrnrsy aroe l.ersuse the ,,.; Krlt rn ,ml om, we r,
TOUR v .development. It IS a State-, hiv( rccogntlod rt at onej . . .nerve hurt taiftt-re.1 tme llstlm-t iwj or three busy days ahead net-
' . nient of fact, abvions and 'yes ... er ... at once. Unly shock and the rollcir was thus tiujc ready to make a trek hack
iiThe farmer knows that indisputable. I poison cf Irs kind in existence- an uiiconscioos n-sftre of pra- .iitluuel iis I'ueo Sl)
Qualify and service have ? --; ;h.-; -. , . ;
j-. . . . - - - - - a . . iiiuiiiiiimii i t r r 1 1 v
same time nss no eucci on,j;
nerves . . .Er . . . no effect, j.
fnllra hll'A nirTnrprl IT IjniVlTVIth thpie honHmaiH oHi-pe-'- . . . , . . . ......
..... , . . .. 1 son can feel all pain arntely
me;' new iarmer cainiui : using, greater institutions : ,r , . acutely . . . and yet can
remember the. struggle have been built in far less not make move to get
n'cfiintr nnturp and thp rlavftitlmo nnH at far Ipca er,t Ashamed of myself . .
. . ' ashamed. How did the curarl
ov-eun-up to sun-aown ton Advertising brings buyers fel ,nt0 ,hetr BlooJ7- jl
once the lotof the men and, and quality; service and ad-j "Thorns. There were a number t
women on the farm. The vantageous price keep them, t ot thorns in that thu-ket ho j ?
modern farm is an unlike J One can point to several , XTony waa'iued "which
its antecedents as the mod- j automobile manufacturers : were smeared with it. They had ; T
ern factory is unlike its pro-! who owe their exceptional '"en prepared this way on he;
totype and as the modern! success not to building a j ZZ2?t T. happened' '
city home is unlike the home better car, but to using more to be Tony instead whs brushed i$
of two decades ago. . and better advertising than against them when Limey struck t
,jPn the farm today are j their competitors. And sev- It', nlu've,'
found the automobile, trac- eral " manufacturers have killed, too. Lncky for rrentiss
tcr, telephone, electric lights ' learned too late that success that he went to town as seldom J
and power, milking ma-jin this huge industry de-i" he did' T!"a'' why ' T.t
.. . .. j , , , you wear a rain-coat as a sllRttt
chines, harvesting and ' pends upon more than mak-. protection, for I imasined that
planting machinery per ling a good car. i there was something of the sort.
forming several operations I It is significant that the ' tb0"sh .aidB' kn,ow, laM 1
,. , . . ,. , , :and that s why 1 burned the
simultaneously, the radio, makers of those products ,hlcket. The fingers of the idol J
the household comforts andl whose copyrighted names .are coated with the same poiscn.
conveniences of the city are synonymous with the And 80 are the
little points on
ring when yon
press a spring ana release inem.
advertisers. 1 Which, of course, makes it a
hpttpr mniiao. ' fearfully dangerous weapon.
a i: j j .-x ,, . u AiDentara s
ituuic, miu ceii itnauie snu prouuet liseu nave an oeen
recreation. The prodigal , large - scale
ari.. wouldn't know thp nlrl ! ATnkincr a
farm if he returned today ( trap" wasn't enough "Jiist'T,, worsnipers' began .lowly
after an absence of two de-1 a few illustrations are the ! :
cades. i Kodak, Victrola, Uneeda
...True it is that some farm- j Biscuit, Pianola, Steinway,
ers still employ primitive j Cocoa Cola, Keds and Par-,
methods of agriculture, and ker Pen. Advertising help- i
refuse or are unable to : ed these products make a '
emancipate themselves from 'name for themselves. ':'
their slavery to the soil by! In every business and
udopting labor-saving de-, community there is some j
vices. And it is just as true i far-seeing and enterprising
that agriculturists as a class j manufacturer or merchant
have been slow to adopt , who raises his product and
modern methods. j business name above the
The time is not long past : common level by making ,
when "newfangled notions" ! advertising work for him.
were exceedingly distrusted o
on the farm. The "old way" j When the mercury soars
was good enough for the ;a lot of us get sore.
McCarthy Bldg. 118 No. 7th St.'
i?27 W NEA ServS V& Ja en Lucien Burmon
Vilak paused an instant while
the droning of the priests took
oh 'a sharper, ungry note. "The
rest you can probably guess. The
night when we came to warn
l'rentiss of an attnek. he hur
ried out to put the baby down
i when he found It along the road.
! "I am quite sure he wouldn't
have done tnls unless be were
fairly desperate. lint after you
, slop to consider it a moment. It
doesn't seem such a desperate
undertaking at that The dead
baby was annroximarelv Tit.kv'a
a stony part of the cellar . .,i ., ,, ..... iiu...i,;
where It would be absolutely,,, and of VvrJ. flnc al)orKlne
u. iivm malice mmiii-is. """iStOCk Was in
neu i unnoiincea my uians to .... nliL.
g.-neral app..'alance
Tlnky. dark. Ile-
nooa tne luzenaa. ne reaiited ,i,i,. i, ,.ij ,i,i
nf,tenurse that It would drown
ed where it was. and went out
to, bring II to the tower.
.''"It wa then that D'Albenlara
and a few of his men who were
able to reach the house before
the. water struck them, caught
him, baring first killed the dog
vhlch was carried off by the tor
rent. His captors started on
T lli him toward the jungle. Tint
they had been on the way only
fl day when the baby, who had
been nulle sickly over since Its
first terrific Journey, died. This
was a' contingency on which
D'Allientnra hadn't reckoned."
t I " in beginning to understand."
Kllse said. "That's why Tlnkyj gourd rattles. "How did he
discrepancies by declaring them
the work of time and travel.
Though it was unlikely that he
would have to do any explain
ing, for though llaialagos and
the prlcsis who were his friends
undoubtedly knew the difference,
the general public wouldn't be
permitted lo know. So he had
the child Bioh-n In the same
fitshlon as the guns. For obvious
reusons, Tlnky was well tak.'n
care of on his trip and so didn't
suffer the III effects the other
poor youngster did."
The angry chant became u
dance. The priests began to h ap
up and down, shaking great
So you will
SURVEYS show tnt
the'people of the Pa
cific Northwest use a
greater proportion of
high -grade coffees than these of
other sections in the United States.
They prove that in the Pacific
Northwest there is a definite taste
and a decided preference for the
disappeared, Isn't It
"Ye. Up lo this lime, you
hadn't entered his affairs, except
for him to steal your rifles which
er , . . steal him and the guns?"
the old man asked. "There were
no footprints.'
Merely by getting some of his
ha nei'd.-d badly and to send you men who were expert tree-climb-j
a. nolo or two wnrnlng you not ' crs like those chaps we saw back ;
to, try to help Prentiss. I roal-jln the jungle. If you remember I
ly think he liked yon very much. 'there were trees by the shed j
lint seeing all his hopes of gain- where the guns were kept and
lng part of the vast gold supply j trees shading the spot whero Tin- !
of Ratalag,oa going glimmering ky was lying. Tbey merely fol- '
unless he brought hack a live lowed along the strip of woods :
bahy for the sacrifice, he nat- which led to the road, let them- ;
lirslry thought of Tlnky, whom selves down by vines or leather
chsore had throwp in hi way ropes which some ot thoto In-1
I'm i it - 1 '
urn ' vjuiuerrar
At rj
Tenuity H f ,r rrA
Qrttn JtfMt
Santford & Co.
426 Main Street tb3
Delivery Service
Do you realize our store is as near you as your
phone? You can phone us your order and pay
our dcliverynian at yoiur home. Wc guaran
tee both the quality and price to be satisfac
tory. If for any reason ycu are not satisfied
with the merchandise we send you wc will take
it back ad refund your money.
10 lbs. Pure Cane Sugar e75
25 lbs. Pure Cane Sugar $1 .75
6 Large Bars Crystal White Soap 25
Large Can Carnation Milk .............. X0
Large Can Bordens Milk X 0
2 Packages Camel Cigarettes 25
2 Packages Chesterfield Cigarettes 25
M-J-B Coffee, lb .48
Golden West Coffee, lb. 48
Fancy Coffee, in bulk, lb. ...... . . . 38
5 lb. Tin Fancy Peanut Butter $1.20
Large Can Fancy Red Salmon .30
'. . .
Full pound Liptons Yellow Label Tea ... . .90
Full gallon Tea Garden Syrup J $1.20
Wz lbs. net Fancy Graham Crackers ..... ,70
6 Large Boxes Diamond Matches ....... 25
Gallon Size Fancy Italian Prunes 45
Gallon Size Fancy Egg Plums .45