The Klamath news. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1923-1942, September 16, 1927, Page 4, Image 4

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TllP Klimflfll NPW!" BANKERS LOAN TO'0 ' strange story of I derided to aband'n h-r In their! unusual persona you occasionally! whum Ihe gods supposedly . f. How In many wuvs. and when ready on Hie sacrificial slnnn end
slWj AklUlliaul JltWS CERMANY - Premiss. I'"- nt up the ncnunter. Ihe went on. "A high-1 selected for Hii occasion was a the execution was about lo Hike the tudcu.-iK hu.l Juki Ml lilm
Published every moraine except
Monday by Th KUmath Nein 1
In a month German con- .,..,.., V1 ....
... n.uu.,. i uf..i. -
Publishing Company at 10M!j;lc," ! "Merely this." Vllmk innmd.
Bouin Fifth street. Klamath 000,000 frorn ' American "The tlrst quest lor gold, and
Fails, ttretoB. 'bitnkers. And' in addition I10 "' mlnd th '" '"' tm-
-" " , to tnese loans, the Reichs-
Offlrlai of CH of obtained in the 8ame
j alh Falls and Klamath County.'
period bank credits total-
mallon they had gained. Which ly IiiIcIIIkciK, cultured Hum whu1 baby, thu scniuf one of Ihe lfsht-1 ntuce ii una a Htiu, mum ihuu :i h.aln work on the child, when
brings us to the second and mora has gone completely wrong. Ilejer skinned Indian families Mho lie rould atomnrh. II.' darird j fortunately fur him llutulaKo
important quest, the on which waa nullc suspicious of IVrnlira f hid been the chief's worst enc j forward, knocked in of the'uml mine cf la In priests derided
concerns Prentiss and H'Alhen-. at firm, but when ha learned nites. .V child Just uliout ns; iMiosts down--he was huskv then ihnl the sucrlleitn hud badly Jolt-
i that Hie other's mission a pure-j old as Tlnky was ul the lime. and solrrd tho hnliy In hl eii the omens no llml the llh.n
ine tnni-iouia negiitr to found ly an one. treated ' "Premiss was a scientist, who unna. wna no longer fiivontliln. Cmtse-
Nate tNtrrbela , City Editor $25,000,000, and the
.np Zimmerman Adr. mi J Gold Discount' bank t obtain- m ' tra
cd $30,000,000 in bankTinky
Mfertlve April 15, 1027.
HellveeVd. by carrier, mo. $ ,U
portant, waa the attempt of ' monoicnouMy. iu iisicueu aconnun very cordially, and Ihoy lie
Limey Polta. l'a-iqimle llranta. I'5' ,,10",'n, " continued, came Bond frienda. Scrma ho b
and Detto Cicerone. Throe roRuea "' ' ," ,al,, Nm""' many timoa bo- tho ne'er-do-well ami of an ex
worklnn tnitether. they believed ,or 'h,,, P,"l,l aren't ln-rellint PorliiKiieae fninlly. and
with reason that they could r- '''"" Hut they have havlnit on lo llrnill In escape
eaallv net many thouaanda of dol-1 b'B "vl' ,n ,nw, "" mlna Inireat after commlttlnn a mur-
you by kldnaplim !,or n,Mny aenerauona anu nuuir- iifr. nun nfn a civil riiKlnrer and
at waa why Limey l"r h8v t""fr n' of Ihe numeroua othor thinaa until he
had alcailfiially miria'ntMl Hint i "Of rourac, they caimht htm nu.'iiliy hn and lliv child were
It wua a luul il:tn for an inch-i luiuiiMlliiinly: h waa I'liudemnrd i thrown Imp piiarn lo await a
rolcKlat lo Inlerfere In locnl pol-'to bo ancrlflred ul once, fur Ills: mo r fiivm'iililo nioinenl.
IHra. Hut rioaplie hla blllernoa, I violent act hud oulraaed evcrl " won't bother ynu with Ilia
hewaa at heurt a very decent cod they poaaoaand. lln waa al-! (('iiilnuril on I'mr Klir)
In the tree waiting for youj,n" POeaaiona which n-mulned. Uot luo Iron bio naiiln and had
i.. k. i- "If you remember your hirlor-'to leave one m re .
The idea underlying these k,,, .... tm.,i i .0ia, :'. ycu'll recall that tho thtnal "In thla manner, drifting from
Itrliverrd he carrier year e'30 borrowings is the creation ! to cause you to hsve an accident ! h,,l mol ot wa" V. t'.uld , wilder apol-to w ilder aut. he
IN-llverl.l h. -., soo'of new weal'h in Germanv 'or aomethlnic of the sort and tryj'r aueh eJiormous quaniltlea that came by accident uihiii hla place
IMiterld by mail, year 8.00 01 new weaun in Oerman , Spnnlllrdl, wno, , ww Wllvh belonrs to HulalaaOH. IU
(iulMcrkjithHia payable la advance. ty the use.f of long-time dsr'..ntlj ' lh trlo a!"iir wouldn't credit their,; was a rlever fellow, waa D'AI-
' ' ' "A ' '"""""'money borrowed abroad, plana, but didn't block them.
at th poaloftiee at Klamath
ratla .Orefoa, November IS.
I S.23. nder act ot Marcil 3, 187.
j Telrphoae H7T
eyes. Walla of the noblea' noua- j Ueiuurn. very clever. And H
ea literally covered with it. didn't take hint limit In, find out
great vusea. and even furniture j about all the gold Ilutiitugna hud (
main 01 11. alien 11 inu iura nure qr iu miiao luiuaeii mo null-
hnvil'a chief udviaer ao that hn
CMld set libout geltlng It.' To
"When Tlnky dlaappeared the
needed, however, to meet rflrst ,me " WM ,n ""' no
reparations,' not by wealth:,.. . ,.'i.k 1..1 . Ui the un."
'erotol in r.ura1,n. K., K 1 !- k. a t I e ''! tt toward the chief.
1 ........ nla m1hcutttl airn ntt Ihelila ihl he tit'cun nlavinv tinti.
money borrowed in the ica 1 .rM learn-(;BrH .., w- ,n ,hut ,,.
United States. 'h'y rh"d. " 1PrrTyrI"! iu with Hatalago. this afternoon. -As I've often .aid. . king or
1 'On the road to rurnaas laves. . .
1 omH c: : 1 1 j il.i . 1 In a arent atone baaement of If. chief ia nothlnc but a different
Hrntve Jiadit Ruma rifmUtiaa' oumc ji na ui. lei 3 iiuiu niMi wnen tney were untortunata en- , , . , , . . , . ,: , ,. ,
Memner Auau IMireaa lircniauoa , : , . , ,,, :U gold. A tremendoua amount variety of ward politician. Ilatala-
- - - I. -.Germany borrowings are ough to meet four mounted gen-, n.m.nti .neciiiv ie.-ev.,i .h. w.
I .... AnrntMm VhA Vlli'k thflt nlnfa 1 r -
SAFER PLANES NEEDED very wise indeed, as they
jdarmes who watch that place
i pretty closely 'pust because it Is
led flowers, all that sort of thingll Ignatlon beraues he wuan't too
pnnhlo hep nonnltf fn rlnvnl. - L" billow much It's worth. I couldn't . secure on hla throne. Ho had
1 I ---- r' j-w - suco a niirn tor rruufcs ,uu ,
Crofes-seas flying has be- op home resources and in-! .mugg.ers. and they had to .?JaZ::: :. LrZZV'"'VZ
t ome kind of world-mania.
The Successful Lindbergh
flight jand the publicity and
acclaim given it inflamed
the imagination of aviators
and landlubbers the world
over. I That carefully plan
ned expedition was follow
ed by 'attempts' in machines
poorly! adapted for long over
water! trips, and without
those , careful preparations
that ajre vital in such haz
ardous undertakings. The
mounting death lists from
this yhase of flying has
marred an otherwise glori-
ous sifnmer for aviation. .
Those agonizing myster
ies oi planes disappearing
with heir pilots and pas
sengers in mid-ocean have
convinced the public that
dustries and thus provide j" " ""
, , : I, . . , !tovget rid of the c
.ii j . i.., ig'ld mines a few miles away i among those nullvea hero who
pelted al last . ,,. ,, ; .
,.1,1.1, I "l"ir uiikiiiiij m.iiiiiT win. i'iui'hii,;, iifu ,uu.,riaiiit'. iiiia
means for navihtr off both ; , , . 1 ... 'I'm half inclined not to take youiblnod In" them aand certainly
ror5potine fnrai.. .1.. .mK.n,ln, tll.M loseeenner. u a nune 100 uiucn o. roou .... .-.aiuran,.
: r " , - 'harm, this gold. Killed too tunny : they bitterly rearnted having n
loans. The period Of Ger-, Falling in this scheme. Limey, pfople.. I mongrel like llatalagoa over,
many's financial 8Ubservi. ''" tne otnBr h,"i lde1 him t0 j The hideous painted priests be-; them. So Haulages begun ay,
ence to other nation? wiir"C"L" J J " 'gan a droning chant. "You know Istenmtlcally wiping them out. 1
ence IC Otner nations W 111 , mnch bo)der experiment, which. ; ,n archeologlat. He al And D Albentara curried hla
be greatly Curtailed, in their ; If aucceasful. he believed would jalw,y, .peclallied in lma archo-: favor hy helping him. !
opinion, by temporary ap- be tr mor lucr"t,re: ,nat waologv. Some years ago he got Into j "Well ... 1 remarked before
nlicatiort of fnreio-n fnnrla fn ' lo tdnap Jrou ndthat trouble with tho museum. 1 thnt IVAlbentnar. after he found
P'lcation Of Toreign I funds to : threaten yon until you gave them n,mi.mtK.r. ,nd resigned un-'lhat Prentlas wasn't gnld-hun.;
the development Of German ;any pmount of money they chose d(,r B C(1U1 of .,nda, e toid gry. became friendly. I'rohadly
resources, and inrlimrrv. lo ask for.
Rut there ape alar, ontfinp- "Was that the . .
me about it today, (lot foolish ; quite glad to e another white
- oc" lover seme woman, and sold a lot j man, particularly an Intelligent
... -. ' , , , icnslon." the old man mil tin u red. 0f the museum property whlrh'ono. He Invited Prentiss to see
uies oa linance wno noia "(be soldiers . . . yea . . . soldiers he had discovered to gratify her, one of his executions, which wis
that the present process Can . . . captured us on, the way tolta!,te for mo-ey. No need going, a perveralon of tho old Inca pruc
not lonir endure, and that i Vlllapa!" .'into details. lice cf human sacrifice.
-r-iacuy. ui course, inat ex- '-nut the errect of It was mat, rrentiss went. in
perlment was a failure, to. Mean-. he waa pretty swiftly dropped by. -- 1
while the two Italians, who. most of his friends and acquaint-' MBBBBVaBaVBaMBSaanal
ne er-do-wells themselves. wereances and. embittered, went off to
when the end is reached fi
nancial collapse is inevit
able In their opinion the
onlv escaDe for Germnnv : 1 arally on good terms with thejsouth America agnln. Intending
omy escape lor uermany IS , Mt.eT0.1,en, of th pop-'never to return to the slates, lie
10 increase ner exports SO.ulatlon. had heard vague rn-;Sooa resumed his explorations
she can repay her loans jmors about some of the Indians and researches and was working
While her credit is good ' D'Aloe,ara' ""P. and catch-. In the eastern parts of Teru when
m. . f . . , ' Ing the poor drunken fellow we he heard vague reports that
mat Uermany IS going to saved that night you don't, there were Interesting old Inca
her own rescue is evident !now about that Incident. Ellsel ruins eff In this direction. So
man is paying too great a I from the recent IVance-Ger-1 '""ured him to see what he after some considerable wander-
priceffor the conquest of j man commercia treaty de-i ZJ
the ar over the seas, and a signed to aid both nations "Then, discouraged by the My arrived and found D AIben-
mute ! general demand for
restriction of ' these mad
pambles;wjth .,fqg and wind.
and sea has resulted.
The"" American Bar asso
ciation' urges that legal re
strictions be applied to les-'
ten ttke lists of missing and
dead, v There is a movement j
in CaVir.da to stop the ad
venturous from risking their
liveft in this needless fash
ion. One large aircraft cor- j
poration refuses to build
plane for trans - oceanic j
nighti. ; j
Allithe laws in the world
woulii not prevent an avi
ator from hopping off for
lands 5eyond the sea, if that
hopp&ig off promised fame
and fprtune and a real con
tribution to the science of
aviatui or commerce. But
the knowledge on the sub
ject accumulated to date
through glorious and tragic
experience should be suffi
cientl'to convince all that
trans-oceanic flying is a
thing of the future for
p'.ano with a longer flying
range than those of today.
Avfation has proved that
it can. be done at great risk.
Now jet it go to work on
land o evolve planes that
will eliminate the risk.
in turning the balance of !,ark of Ihelr schemes I tara here.
ij. r,. , Ho get money from Ellse. theyl "D'Alhentara was cne of thoie
... American loans . to Ger-L
man industries and finan
cial institutions are based
upon the confidence of the
American bankers in the re
covery of Germany and in
the fixed determination of
the German people to pre
serve peace with her neigh
bors at all cost.
leave Klamath I nil 1II
H a. in. crcit Sun, lay) for
Mon. W'r.1. KH.
I itir.i,i,ii.i, .a ll.l.l
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P.Rcla 0PFC',e.L
Whatever became of the
old-fashioned farmer who
hoofed it to town? Ask
Horice Dunhp.
Fishermen will take a
chance, even if there is a
sign saying, "Xo Fishing
Here-" It may have been
put up by a fisherman.
-o '
When history repeats it
self it sometimes makes
more noise than it did the
first time, , , .
The mind of a nincrle.
I track kind shnulrl earetr fail
i lights to avoid rear-end col-1
j Knons. '
Yoil can't- pntinnna V. a I
men who take up tickets in
the movies that marriage
makes two people one.
3 Wsi?" hi
UHCcR.$Tp.Mt A
Ti lull Li C
"St pretest
MeiTneR coouo '
TtlL ew HI5, I
irTinul I
I wJfiftrf. HORT &KiRTS
i over, HeRe
AM 60 OM
Wet PWNl
l:' 'i
1 1 sA , i
10: -v
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1 ,i2'-h . JX)
tmpit's -we
FiRe cc
A .
oti, tcrtvicr inc.
Stealing Opal's Stuff
By Martin
Attempts have been made: on
the lift tit Kllse Marberry. ao
American girl owning consider-1
nble prtperty near the little town
of Porto Verde, In west central i
Ilrnzll. fr she hat escaped harm
due to the shrewdness of her
cnnaln ftud protector. Vilak, whs
with his friend, Lincoln Nun-
nally, up elderly American chem
ixl. Is trying to learn the reason
for thejstronge enmity for Ellse.
Living near Porto Verde Is one
Caylnrd; Prentiss, a strange and
. forbidding character, who has
evinced a hatred for Kllse.
Tlnkri Kllae'a two-year-old or
phaned nephew, la kidnaped. A
native reports Prentiss has been
seen with the baby. The trail
leads Into the Jungle.
CallimjtV nVeplaltM l.a n.n.JL
Hon Vllsk organite In pursuit.
Native trackers ra: Itifnred .- or J
desert. Treachery breaks out.
Their while frlenjs ar fever
victims apd ; are left with a
friendly tribe.
- Kllse, VUak'-and N'unnallr fin
ally emerge from tim Innri
Prnaentlr thev rnma n h ,.
skirts of a atrffnge dty, resemb
ling old Inca civilisation. Here
they are made "prisoners. They
discover they are In the power
of Carlos D'Albentara, whom they
had known as an engineer back
In Porto Verde.
The raler of the city decides
to marry Kllse and lo put' Vllak
and Nannally to death. .They are
to bo itortured at the feast of
Rayml. as are Ellse's nephew
and Prentiss, who are prisoners
alto. A friendly Indian slips a
dagger to Vilak, who cntg his
bonds, then proceeds to awe the
natives by walking through fire.
D'Albentara 1 killed. Vllak starts
i. I
ruTsVo KX f , cv ura ov,.. i o ittAMV-o . To Oo . Mri Ml A. oot, -W . J , , . f, i -ilrj f-l
- !'-. uvitNiM in t j i I i i, ii i .r.. sl I s . f'- ,i.n ' r 'i i, n
y "w . f i tr -v. V'-sbsui wiii -v 'A ,-. i -i eve - .:u
, , i n it 1 1 sj i nn t-i rn sTirsBrTTiJnraajBjBjBji i i '
i i x. i ii ' r- v5-r' iiiV. i i . r -v: i ' l "O il . i ii i
By Cratic
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